The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 1, 1896 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1896
Page 3
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THK lUfil'UtoLlCAX. AL30NA, IOWA, WICDNKSDAV. AflllL 1. lg^ Foundry and Machine Shop, MULLICA& OHNSTEDT, Props gf ANIAUBS AROUSED AIULLIOA & OlINMTttDT, Altfoml, IMWK. Not Necessary! arv to send your money east to get a , you get you will never know at what factory it e and L when yon should need repairs yon may eabletogettliein. It, also, is not necessary to think about the freight, lor— W1NKEL PA YS THE FREIGHT. Notary Public.. J. B. "W Loan Agent. Manages Farms for Non-Residents, Says FavoHto Hcincdy Never Falls In Rheumatism And Kidney Complaints. Dr. W. T. Uilclirist. druggist, of Wiin- on, Iowa, said, In spunking of Dr. David (cMiniHly'H Favorite RnmiHly of Hoiiclout, a Y : ''It novel- fails the dircc- kius tire followed when taken for kidney Iseasc, liver and urinary troubles, rlieu- miism and dyspepsia. DR. DAVID KENNEDY'S FAVORITE REMEDY s also a spec!lie for the sickness peculiar ,o women. It builds up and pnrilios the )lood, and restores the glow ot health to jaleand sallow cheeks." Hundreds of men and women with that run down' 1 condition, unable, to work, have recovered .health and strength through this remarkable, remedy. It, pur- ilies the blood, stirs the liver and kidneys to a healthy action. In cases ot rheumatism, kidney, liver and urinary troubles.)! is a well known speci'-'c. For sale by Du. L. A. SHEKTZ, Pharmacist. Algona. at one dollar a bottle or six bottles for live dollars. —aprn^ LOVE AND ADVENTURE ACTION OF CONFERENCE COMMITTEE CAUSES A SENSATION. Are the Most Striking Characteristics of Our New Story .... The Bancroft Insurance Agency, J. A. ERECH, Proprietor. The most easy and liberal terms, CorreBpondence solicited. Will write Insurance anywhere in Kossuth counts NEW LESTER ._ murtu^m Rigged with any Clangs. Simple, Strong and no Breakage If your agent does not keep it, write us QA1LE MFG. CO., AIvBIOK, MICH. PLOWS, HARROWS, CULTIVATORS RAKES AND PLANTERS. Commotita at tiie I'copte on ica Echoed in iho 1'reSU— Matabelo Outbreak in Afric* Said to HAve Been Started l>y Boet-8. NEW YORK, March 28.—A dispatch from Madrid to The World says: The news that the conference committee of the American congress has agreed upon the senate resolution granting helliger- ent rights to the Cubans, caused a sensation in Madrid. The very angry comments of the peojCe were echoed in the press, which ngiflh declares that the sooner America defines her intentions, the better for all concerned. Ihe newspapers say the ministers are showing less optimism and intimated that they are pushing naval and military preparations and have instructed General Weyler to act energetically befbre the rainy season begins in May. ITotent Against Intervention. The convention of representatives of the four Republican parties, now formally joined as the Republican union, adopted, before adjourning, resolutions protesting against any foreign intervention in Cuba, or any modification of Spain's sovereign rights in the West Indies, but the resolutions condemn the olouial policy of all the Spanish mm- tsrs since 1876; censure the present abinet for not having carried out the eforrns voted by all the Spanish pares for Cuba and Porto Rico, and de- ounce the legislation which allowed 8 003 young soldiers to escape service n Onba last year by paying $300 each. CHEERS FOR tOM REED. Coiventlart B*thn»!ftW!« the 1\TAn JPtoin Main*. BOSTON, Match 28.—A larger and tnore enthusiastic lody of prominent Republicans has seldom met at a state convention here thuii was gathered at By STANLEY J. WEYMAN, AUTHOR OF " fl Gentleman ol France," THIS IS ONE OF MR. W^YMAN'S BEST STORIES. MATABELE MASSACRES. Killed BfflffiKi & ' VJ* •.-,Vi' IT WIMi BEGIfl SOOJl. Horse high, bull and chicken tight. A man and boy can moko from 4Oto 60 rods a day. Over 5O styles. I Illustrated Catalogue Free K1TSELWIAM BROTHERS ierlindan. Harris'6tian.-Frlnt.6r. A Practical Device lor using Rubber-faced Type iu the School-room. Interest a child and it will learn and revneinbe 1 )' what it learns. Give a teacher the means wherewith good, Interesting subject-matter may be placed before pupils and learning will follow natur- a A GOOD AGENT (one experienced in school supplies, unemployed or ex-teacher preferred) wanted for 1 KOSSUTH COUNTY. Exclusive territory and splendid terms to good man. Write at once to A.HARRIS fS©N, A DiiTerenco. "Your daughter plays the piano?" It was the man in the purple necktie speaking. The man with the red chin whiskers looked thoughtfully out of the car window. "Works," he replied, after a thoughtful pause; "works is the word I. would suggest." And the man in the purple necktie murmured that oftener it was that way. —N. Y. Recorder. Unduly Suspicious. "Here is a remarkable article," said Senator Sorghum's wife. "It describes a taaii who lived for some time without any brain." "I wish," said the senator, impressively, "that you would turn your attention in other directions. These jokes about members of the greatest legislative body in the world are getting- to be as undignified and offensive as they are stupid."—Washington Star. The Genius. An individual summoned from the shade To do one task with more than mortal But S doomed in every other work.essayed Every \Vhlte Person In FiUfonsl and Mutilated. BULUWAYO, Matabele, March 30. Captain Gifford, leading a rescue force, eft here on Thursday and succeeded in escuiug 88 whites who had gone into Laager, at Inseza. This was not effected until after repelling an attack by a force of well armed Matabeles and inflicting upon them a heavy loss. The loss suffered by Gifford's forces in the engagement was one killed and six wounded. Captain Spreckley, who repulsed a strong force of Matabeles on Thursday, inflicting a heavy loss upon them, has returned to Buluwayo bringing with him a large number of prisoners. He brings the disastrous that all the whites in the Filibusi district Have Been Massacred by the Natives including Messrs. Eentley. Edkins, Baragwanath and Carpenter. The corpses of all those killed were horribly mutilated and their faces were burned almost beyond recognition. The native police, who are known to have incited the uprising, have been disarmed and several Matabele spies have been arrested. The enemy is reported to be massing only thirty miles distant from hero and the' keenest anxiety is felt at the outlook and attack upon the town is now hourly expected. _ BURGHERS WOULD FIGHT. Want Permission to Take. Up Arms Against the Mfttabeles. MEFEKING, Cape Colony, March 30.— Five thousand pounds of arms and ammunition have been dispatched from here to Buluwayo under the escort ot the Bechuanaland police. There is the keenest anxiety throughout the Transvaal as to the fate of the unprotected Boers and their families in Matabeleland. Many burghers are re- nuostiug the government to grant them permission to go to the assistance ol their threatened countrymen. THOMAS D. HEED. Mus'.c hall to elect four delegates at large and their alternates to attend the national convention at St. Lotus m Of the 2,002 delegates entitled to a seat in the convention, 1,851 were in attendance, full of enthusiasm for Hon. Thomas B. Reed as candidate for president of the United States. Every delegate had in his buttouholo a Reed button, bearing a picture of their favorite with a background of the national colors and every time the name of the Maine statesman was uttered, cheers burst from the throats of the vast crowd that filled the convention hall. The platform, after pledging Massachusetts for the Republican nominee, declares for reciprocity and protection, and against silver agitation and state banks. The financial plank is as follows: Opposed to Free Coinage. We are entirely opposed to the free and unlimited coinage of silver and to any change in the existing gold standard except by international agreement. Bach dollar mu* be kept as good as every other dollar. The credit of the United States must be maintained at the highest point, so that it cannot be questioned anywhere, either at home or abroad. Every promise must be rigidly kept, and every obligation redeemable in coin must be paid in gold. After the adoption of the resolutions the convention proceeded to elect de ; e- sates to the St. Louis convention with the following result: Senator Henry Cabot Lodge of Nahant; W. T. Murray- Crane of Dalton; Ebon S. Draper ot Hopedale and Curtis Guild. Jr., ot Bcs- ton They were chosen by acclamation. for monthly pains in the sides, hips, bick, neck, shoulders, he;id and limbs. These pains are symptoms ot dangerous derangements peculiar To women. McKlree's Wine of Carrlm corrects these cVinin^ements, cures V/iiite.-5an'lf:illii)Kot the Womb. reli 'ves Sunnr-saetl Menstruation and Hooding, quiets the nerves and brings happiness to afflicted wom-iii. For Sale »\y OJSE 1> Tealera ixt K A HOTTI.E. ~~GREAT r _SALE RAILROAD MORTON IS THEIR MAN. New the York Kepublica'B Indorse Governor for President. NEW YOBK, March 25.—The attempt to secure the New .York state delegation for McKinley failed, and the convention instructed its delegates to work for Morton. The delegates at large are ahomas O. Platt, Warner Miller, Chauncey M. Depew and Edward Lauterbach. The electors at large are General Benjamin F. Tracey of New York and Edward B. Butler of Buffalo. The platform declares for protection, favors reciprocity, denounces the agitation in favor of frea coinage and declares for the gold standard, and indorses the presidential candidacy of Governor Morton. ^^^___ DINED HIS CHILDREN DA11BLING JN ART- BROOKLYN WENT DRY. Every Saloon Ti B litly Closed by the Balnea I-,aw. NEW YOBK, March 80.—The Raines law went into force in Brooklyn Sunday. Every saloonkeeper within the jurisdiction of the police was notified that failure to strictly comply with the new law would result in prompt prose- oution. That they complied was everywhere apparent. Everything was tightly closed, the blinds being drawn, and in cases where panels obstructed a view of the bar from the street, these were thrown open. Never in its history has Brooklyn experienced such a dry Sunday. Restaurants and clubs were just as dry as the saloons. FORMED A STEEL TRUST. LANDS! Southern 'Minnesota, In the Fertile Minnesota Valley. These rich prairie lands are dark loam =oil iml are very productive Tins part of M nmUtui^v.'ll s«uli-d and lias school ho s * and cluirehes. These lauds arc located nourTiiK IOWA COLONY, "earTaun- ton Minn., a bright new town and hrst- & local OMB for all kinds of business. IJhio.Joint hay grows In abundance on the upland prairie. mnUiiiK it a lino stock countrv. \Vn are willing Hi"*' choice p ai- rl" ami* on vnrv nasy te.rms at prices • ngins from 87.30 to 813.50 per acre. One- f th cash 'and i> per cent interest, titles o-rtVct and no payment the.second yean Two years to make second »aymonv and the crops will pay for the M. \\* .ie- bate round trip fare to purchasers of 160 acres over the Northwestern Line. 50,000 Acres of Fine Selected Lands At $ 1 O to $ 1 3 Per Acre. 100 CHOICE IMPROVED FARMS for sale on easy terms at 814 to 817 per acre within VA to 5 miles of E. R. towns also several section farms and 13 sections ot wUdland. We also have some finely p improved farms near R. R. stations at from §10 to 618 per acre ou eusy terms. G. F. HOLLO WAY, Agt. BANCROFT. IOWA. To represent us in cities and towns, soliciting orders for our iiiffh irnitlo and complete line ot Ormimontul Slmibs, Trees, Hardy Hoses, etc. Also, men to work oountry trade. on sale of our flimOUS NOHTHKim GROWN SEED POTATOES, and luU Hno Nursery Stock. Apply tvt oiice._stating L. I... fll The inter Ocean Is the Mot of the West and Has the largest C «lll«»W"WP*»^W««BWW>~— -•. BV . DAILY (wttbPiit Sunday) ........ >.»,.,.,. J4.JO per (wUh5wnaay)..- ....... ><"•• ..... $6,00 per Weekly Inter Ocean- $ J 33A-R" 1 " .......... ' .............. ,.....,,,,.... '" ALL THE NEWS ANO THB BEST OF CURRENT LITERATURE, «**-»-• »*"••- - ^vv^f l 'v^'^("V !1 ^ ! «'vvv'y The 'Weekly Inter Ocean As a Family Paper Is N»t EweHea by Any. ^HSHHFSf $$^¥^$3* M Similar Occupation. Papa (busy with liis accounts) — I wish yon wouldn't rea4 aloud, Rachel. You disturb me, Miss Rachel—This is tie morning 1 puper, papa. I'm reading "Notes on °papa—So ani I, child, a»d I've got, some here that are awfully hard to 'collect.—Chicago Tribune. {» Buslwcss. you, made a leap-year proposal to Jack yet? Ethel—Yes, indeed, Helen—What did he say? Ethel—He sent me a beautiful prmt- circular saying that be. reserved, the to reject any and »H Hd?. — Gigantic Combination of Leading Man- ufaoturerg, FITTSBURG, March 30, —A gigantic industrial combination went through the preliminary stage of formation and was practically effected at a meeting of Bteel producers held in New York last •week, Another meeting will be held in Fittsburg soon f or the arrangement of details. It is proposed to regulate the production of steel to actual require, mentB by methods similar to those used by the rail pool. Not much in. formation will be given for publication but is learned from one of the attendants at the meeting that at the start the billets will> fixed at f#> per ton, and will be changed according to price changes of raw materials. Fending completion of the combination, steel producers have withdrawn from the market and will make no new con? tracts. , .. a *v.~ Nearly the entire production of the United States was represented at the New York meeting embracing capital of several hundred millions of dollars. Among the prominent firms present were Carnegie Steel company, Jones * SShlin, Illinois Stee} company, " itesworth Steel company, Johnston 4 company a»4 Cambria Works, Rumored Difference* in the Harrison Family Must He Smoothed Over. INDIANAPOLIS, March 80. — Sunday •was made the occasion of an auspicious event at tho home of ex-President Harrison in this city. It was the last Sunday prior to his marriage with Mrs. Dimmick and he celebrated the occasion by giving a dinner to his son, Russell Harrison and wife, his daughter, Mrs. McKee, and the latter's two children. It was a family affair and was considered as a significant announcement that whatever differences may have existed between the ex-president and his children ou account of his approaching nuptials have at last been smoothed .over. General Harrison and his retinue will leave this city in a day or two for New York to prepare for the marriage. Mrs McKee and children, and Russell Harrison and the latter's wife, will accompany him ,,,.o I.. I,. MAY*'. CO., Nurserymen, Florists and Seedsmen, _ 20-2!) ST. PAUL, MINN. ARRIVAL anil DEPARTURE of TRAINS OHICAGU. MILWAUKEE AND ST. PACL, LOUAI., TllAIN BAST. No. 2 passenger 10:47 am 4 passenger 70 freight carries passengers No. NO. "I'D il'OIKIlt Utti 1 ID-3 i*«»w"f*'»»B»"" No. 01 freight carries passengers QOIN« WKST. No. i passenger No. 3 pas u '»nt,'er No. 71 frtvolit carries passengers... No. 93 rroteht canies prssengers... 6 ;04 8:20 p m 2:05 p m . 9 :08 a m . 4 :24 p m fl :40 p m .12 :06a in Chicago. & Northwestern R»y» OOINO NORTH AND WEST, Passenger 8:l3 Passenger.: Freia 't Freight GOING SOUTH AND BAST. Passenger 3 s26 p Ul 9 :30 a m I -.33 p m 3 -.05 p m BRITISH LION WINCES. .. Passeagers arrive In Chicago 7 a. m- ana 6 a. in .Arrive In Das MoinesT :50 aaa 11:30 p FreBS Atrald of Another Tail Scene. fcONPON, March SO,—A Paris dispatch to The Daily News asks: "Are we to have a tail-twisting foreign minister m the person of M, Bourgeois? It almost appears so. The colonials are already rejoicing at the prospect of fun. M. Berthelot's only fault is the stain of the original sin inherited from his predecessors. The fatal mistake of French policy has been the perpetual nagging to The Chronicle from Paris says: "M. Bertheiot, in an in. terview, admitted that he had resigned on account of differences With his colleagues on foreign policy, but he d olinesto specify. It is generally mitted ^haCaWiough M. Bertheiot was made a. scapegoat for the recent inenae, Sg note to* England, M. Bourgeois was the real author-" Arbitral*)* *»»• os, $arch ae.-Tfce house on labor decided to report . *<wtol engaged m KtUe$ »ad Sixty Entombed. WELLINGTON, N. Z., March 38,—A terrible explosion of fire damp has taken Place m a mine at Brun»erton. ^i persons were killed outright an,4 are entombed, with no hope of being TRAPS WABK-w l&S£r~ w DESIGN PATEMTfi , l^r*W^ COPYRIGHTS, etc. yor Information and tree H« U 4*^,^!&*£. HUNN & CO.. 861 BROADWAY, NSW YOBK. Oldest bureau tor jecur 1 "-™*" 1 Every patent taken put by W Is the pubU? 16 JJUUWJ Uf i^uunvv » f cicutific ^ ^^f l l(^tf l ^f^^ff^^^^r^~^r i "~~~Tr m 7 f RftlSB YB6BTABUSS; " H " 1 *'' 1 " 1M

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