Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on January 2, 1948 · Page 4
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
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Friday, January 2, 1948
Page 4
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PACK FOUR l^E REDWOOD JOURNAL, UKIAH, CALIFORNIA FRIDAY, JANUARY 2, 1948 ^Mng, Marriage «f Yttuug. Cftutfu Is Announced MFormal B^^'mtjon ChSrlotte'tcJ Vericl},''k/b &ltvy .S Jrifoi'Sonora, /(Vas m^dj!,, by, Judge onft-Mrs. Benjamin C. Jones nt a "receptl°'\ Siven at their LaHe-' poS" home on Christmas eve, ' The bctfothal wjsis revealed on a Tfilrror oVor the hreplace, easily: seen from,the front door*. The mlr-: rort was' transformed' to heart- shi&e with evergreen boughs and looked like a frosted^ window on wh|ch the two names might have! l^eeii etched by ' yourijf ba'Kds, "ChaTlotte and Vernon" Tjhe whole house was in, gi^ attire in honor of the yd'ung cou- ' pic), the tops of the bookcases, arid top oil the mantel decorated with evergreens, silver pine cones, white miniature angels, silver candelabra and white candles, making a beautiful scene beneath the mirror reflecting the engagement. A beautiful silver-tip Christmas tree completed the decorations in tile spacious living room. Ghrist- ra'as wreaths, wi-ought iron candelabra, cat tails and ornaments in re& and green madb glad the guests greeted m the reception hall-and grouped about the table in; the dining *oom for refreshments. Tllprp -{/^re a hundred and flfty carnation corsage. In: ^e. receivlrig Ime with the'hdsls''v^ere the' gaged eouplp and MA. Rtiby Oun- nirigham 'oi Ultlah, ^ ^Jrs. • X,j ^i. Hamilton; Mrsj-Jack'tBradyi Mrs. Melvin Prathfcfi 'ana "Uiar lota Miller of t.hlt«»>ort.' >~ Gwen Jone's; sister of th? bride- to-be, was a ihatirtAlng'yidaitlon fo the festive, tJOard.o^fer''which. sUfe presided with" the assistanpe of Mrs Edwafd Gaddy arid-"MJSs M^ry Jean>FitteJ^on. ' I'h^ brfde'-blect a ^radt^Atd of Stwhfens College iiS* 6bl(iThbia, •Missouri, and lanow a studem'Dj Stanford University with gradu;- ation and art A.B.-degrefe'111-'psy­ chology to be cc<iferred-on her in March, 3&48 Dunlavy is f.?;e son of Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Dunlavy;one-ofitne-Old California families, and his-father { is superinterident of the high school In Sonora. •• • • • While m Stanford )ie was a sponsor aiRnoiHtiHaliduriiig his graduate ytar and wlis a 'Tneftibdv of the Ahii^rlcan Society of Engineers. Burmg' the wijr he s^tved four years'as a "^first lieutenaat Wltii- the'7th Airmy;--'with"-S^vUiife m France and Germany, • "i:^-^ WOMEN'S SOCIM. AND CLUB NEWS i tael Joi •A^SmfUg -aass ViSstftic- Hon te& 'Visitors lroftr*Colfe«*^re: enieftaitt^ 'al dtoSr al W 3>ikln TO BE MARRIED IN THE SUMMER pr and Mrs A 'Call of 420 Sout^i Spring" stfceV'have an- ndUncedi^he .enlgBgeinefrtt of their, daughter Joyce to Ernest Banker.; Although the wedding is expected to- takd place some time in the. Slimmer, no deflnitedate has been set. "Banker is the son of Mvs. Herb C66hrane, and member rf one of Uk"iah*s well-known families. He gVbduated from high sciiool here and attended Junior College in S&lnta Rosa. August 12, 1943, found him a cnjdet m the flymg sciiool at Tulare, with bis application for pilot training complete, and his e.irly assignment as wing supply officer. In October, 1044, he was commissioned second lieutenant and became' the pilot and navigator on an A-20 bomber, one of thbse' planes with three men'-r pjiat-t)avigator,'glinner and b&jib. -Miss Call has been a student ini thb' Brigham Young University at HJOVO, Utah; for the past two years. She has enjoyed the holi- dalys at home with her parents'^and bit. Hance. Holiday Wedding In 3cnta Rosa Home iPf.the many weddings taking place during the holidays, one of intei-est to Ukuh is that of Ernest U^uhaus and Sherrie Sharp, that fopk place, at? the home of the gitoprn's- parents, Mr. and' Mrs ,]E^est Neiibaus of Santa liosp, De>. tiefaber 3tf.. •• '•>. • C-.^he bme looked very lovely-in diisty rose taHleur of advance spring lashion, with which . she .•\yor14; 'a dainty corsage of white frfeezias and carnations. Mr. and ])^(S. Harold Hull of U:;mh stood yfXih the copple. Mrs. Hull and Neuhaus are brother and sister, •f^ A family dinner followed the Wedding; after which the newly.^feds left for San Francisco; From there they will go to Plsmo Beach for a visit with the bride's parents. Before returning, to their new hoine in Stockton the aouple will itqp'm Carmel-by-the-Sea, that romantic Bohemian village where artists and authors paint and write those stories of footprints m the sand. Alex Tregonings ^ Ai^ liiiiiiiM'Hests "'iit *«tid'' Mrs'/A'IeJif'Til'iiining sa&f«b^"» family and sevepl friends. Those present to enjo^ the affaiuv^rj Mrs. S. H. T-regoning, moyi'er-of the group from Fort iJragg, with liier was Mvs^ J. P. Byrnes; Mr. and Mrs. William Tregomog-, Vicky and Ann Tregonmg of Fort Bragg; Paul Tregoning and Miss-, Katkr erine Noble of Santa Rosa, and Dr. and Mrsi' J'ames Massengill', Nancy and Pamela'Massengill of Ukiah. B ountif ul , 0n ri^tma s For Indians of District One of '^he ^e^u^iful Christmas paftie? was for the Indian pepple and> chUdren of the Catholic' Missions of the Ukiah district, gi,ven at the Alberfenum ^Tuesday,' fee'- cemlaer 23. ' • The stage of the auditorium waip banked with tdys and goodies and many anxious fa £es awaited the moment -when their names were called to receive the prjfesents, candy and cookies. i .'. •Three reels of moving xiictures Were shown 'and th'j«jiu^l^ly. erf joyed. Ti^is part of the program : preceded distribution of gift^. Sisters Mary Elizabeth and'Sis­ ter >M.; Ruflna, who are • t^achei-s of Religious; Classes in "the Albei*- t.inumi were responsible for the paity, as they 'Wfr^ the oi \eS to make the Anal arfengem'enls folr the'-Indian Christmas. .;. ' :r • \ - 'Th^y say they o\v:e '4 e^rd oj thanks to the. many firms vin San Francisco tax their gfeneroUS donations of Christmas candy and toys. And 10 the arohbishop t }»ey.'«'x- press gratitude for his check which made 'pos.siblB the Indian Christmas feast. •' . • • artisti ioni'd Ing'qluaint .Dutch scenes on'each She'feaVB'fli'Sse'ifcfptJisr etcJilags'lo the girls for "fei'eSentation'VQ Mrsi Jensen, which delighted-the'lady. p't^atdians who 'were pieserirat thp aihhV 'fionorihg Mi-;' and"jiirs! Jensen'"were Mrs.' PeSirl Bijrkeiri Trfrrcnce Sw^iridell and the 'gfrls present Were 'Missiis • Patty^^owii, Jacqueline • Douglas; Francme Douglas; Jane-Goudge,-Lois Barker; Ncloyne Smith, G&rna 'Lou Jordan; Margie-Neesei-Joatt Crawford, Jo Ann Hamilton; Betty Swindell; Pat Roberts, and Roberta Anderson; aiid Rqberta Marshall, house guest oi the Barkers.' ^ After a delightful visit around the dinner table, the group ad- Dourned to the Masonic; Hall for their class of instruction. FAMILY CHRISTMAS AT gysgn HpME ! One ' of - the notable ^gatherings in Ukfah for" "Christmas was at Ihe home- 6f Mr.'?'and Wrs. Elmer Busch. They entertainea tneir sons and daughters and their families at' dinner Christmas evening; later gathering about the tree for gifts and "you remember the time!'- tales 'equally divided 'be tv/een young and old; Those present werji Senator, and Mrs. Burt Biischi'/Gail and Joyce Busph from Lake county,- District Attorney and Mrs.-Jairies B. Busch, Jimjnie, Janice; Jiidy and - Bill Busch of tjkiah,' and <Mr. and' Mrs. Claude Weaver of-San Francisco, CJiristmas day found the James Bosches in: Nnpa for festivities' With Mrs. Busoh's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. lytason, and her brother-ii)-law and sister, Mr. and Mi's. "Charles'Moff'it' % RecBfl+ |pide ,erri $i Sf ^o *n Npw 4t Hsfrv) Ta^ rj^K'X jnawied Mi;, ^^ld Mr«. J. P. Mahan ajto now aX home qn ',349- J«i}es stWt.ylChft]; wei;^ matriod by Ju^ga LUbum Gibso;a atljjHBjhotns of. ft*?, so* t^I», JJfa^T-Lemnnri,, 6ecerobf r 16. at 9" b«autUurcaqdl^ij{fhl'ceremony. —Photo by Johns $tudip Jpb's Paughters Go To Santa Rosa Pance A.number of Jobs Daughters of Ukiah motol'ed to Santa Rosi, Saturday, December 27, to attend the ipiSta}lation of officers in Bethel § 'on the occasion of Sue Strong ng installed honor queen and tSarmen riollmg ^worth, retiring /rbm that oifice. • The installation of Jobs Daughters is always an imposing 5ind iBipressive affair of great for- jhaHty; and this was equal to ail t *4~ bea^JtifLvl traditions of t.^e birdtr.; • • •'• ' .After the installation there was a ^'^arice at the Santa Rosa hotel, w .jicl} fiir (i ,ish ,ed mijch plpifisure t^ftK the "good music that lasted , u.n'lil a late hour; T ^oge going to S ^'ia Rosa frorii Ukiah -JV 'ere Mr. mi'Ws. B. H." barker, Mrs. Jaclc 6'oiidge, Mrs.' Edith Beck, Miss Sfinc Cfbudge,' Mls.s"Xpis Sarlt^r, Fred Taylor, George Wildberger, J,ules Ltgier, Corke'y Lower, Wal- liai 'e^ Mitchell, Jjimes Aiihford "arid Roir'arid Clark''Beck-• M 'K and Mrs. Brazier ; •S^oe Rose Bowl Football »» Mr. apcl ^>'5;.Ij'ymg SfB^^r are l-eported having a woiiderful time on lheir'h6liday vacation, stopping ^t Bejrkgley for a visit with their (ion, Myron Brazier, for Christmas. •They are rjovy in Los Angeles, thP Quests of' their' son-ii-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Pred Vann. •(f-'Uh \Vhpm they will attend tho pig game and see Uie tournament pf roses in the Pasadena Bowl. Holiday Season Is Occasiori For Party lOfi^ of th?;siiifirt .pa ^-ties of the holiday season-Vis ; at the home of • Dr^ and'.Ml'S..- L. rQi J'MCl?^l!rei- at their home on tlie grounds of the Mendocino State - Hospital, 'December .28; •.,..•,..» : Cocktails and hors de duevres occupied a pleasant hour before, the buffet: supper was- served Those to enjoy the hospitality of the McKeever's were: Doctors and Mesdames David Williams; G. Goodstone, R. Brankamp, yft. Schramm and their sons. Gene 'Schramm from the University'Of Califorhia at' Berkeley, and Ted Schramm, from the University 'of Louisville, Kentucky; Dr. -RUth Green, Dr. P. KiVig and Dr. - R. Gorman and Leon • Standley, all residents living on the ground:^ of the hospitals ' Guests from Ukiah were Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Zbiboff, Dr! arid Mrs; Jarnes'B. Massengill; Mr.'and Mrs. ^i-thur Schildep, and. :a | Mary and Martha Mannpn.'- Mrs. Ai- J. Peterson of Lopg Beach is expected for New 'Year's week at'the J. B.'Gooka home."-"' MARILYN BROWN IS FETED AT SHOWER . Miss Marilyn Brown was the •honoree at a bridal shower given by Miss Donna 'Ward at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Don Ward of West Mill street, December 23. Marilyn Will become the bride of James Smith' on; th6 first ^of February. The evening was started with 'the playing of charades, arid, these Ifd'. to*^ tfce^'dinijiifjf' i'ddih "Where everything was, all in white; with white chrj^santhemumg, narcfss'us and white candl^'makingia Idvely Wackg^-ound' for the many beau(i- •fuliy -wi-a^pert..packages: " ' • After a delicious 'feast that 'included a - very del. JiouS -Hawaiian dish (pirieap^le'pie)''tlte' guest" of honor opened her many gifts. ' Those present'to participate m the deJightful ei/ent '\yere.' Mrs. Cay t.<Ae, mbther of the guest of hottbi-; Mr^.'Ellen '\Yard and Miss "Beverly #ai;d,'mother' aiid sis't'e'r of the'hostess; M'aify Arigelo,"'Pat Glelow, Marjf Ellen Hovey, Margery Jones, .Viola Lucchesl, Mary Lott Maguire, Ethel >feese, fiub- 'bles Griffin, Mary June Scanlon, •Phyllis, Garvey^ LoisRijberts and Beverly Brannan. jHas Family dt Home ' ' For Holidoy Vacation - ^lyi);. q,pd,J«[r.s. (lsorgQ,*W.,p,i^yis •liaye as th% iipusegui'ils for the hpVdsiys {Jiejr<,.sbns-iii -la3*'; -wd daughters, Mr. ijnd Mrs. Robert L. J'bnes bf'paklandjtanci'Mc.-and '^i-s. J, H. G'illey dnd'th'ei'r son :^9hald of •Willi's. Mrs. Ffaijces parxish is also at hoirie with'her daiighter, iiirs. p^yis. RIDING DOWN TO THE EAST-WEST SAME Couple Announce Their Engagement 'ChrifefmaB ha?'been''a month of romance in Ukiah. with many coiipI^''|tetting''rna'rrfed'ah(i'others announcing their engagements. This morning^ nfews tells of the ehgagement of Miss Catol Brown to Marston Gilette, with no im- •m^diate date set for the wedding.^ Miss Brown is a member of one of Ukiah's' pioneer families, being the granddaughter of H. A. Rawles of this city, and: on her father's: side of the house she is the granddaughter of Mrs. A. W. Hampton 'of Redding. She is one of the most popular young v/omen in'the Ukiah high school, being a member of the class of June, 1948. ' Gillette is the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C; Gillette, Well 'kn&ihi In Uiiiah. He is riow a seaman ftrs'l class in the Navy and is stationed at San Diego. He has been at home for Christmas, having obtained iO-day leave of ^abs0noe and an engage ^Tient ring slihul- tancioiisly. • UKIAH PEOPLE ARB HONQUJLU BOUND' i It 's after Christmas and Ifew Vears and they are still trekking, With Mr. and Mrs. Louis M; Hidreth and Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Al- )ertson Honolulu oound, leaving rare January 17 to ship aboard lh6 fa.S. Matsonia, sailing "from Los Angeles January 19. :'^ • Tlie Hildreths have a son; James B. Hildrieth, living at Pearl Harbor. He IS Is lieutenant commander on IheU.S.S. George, a destroyer escort-; ; Mr. and Mrs. Hildreth and Mr. :and Mrs. Albertsori will liave then- headquarters at the Royal Hawaiian while in the Islands. • Mr.'and Mrs;'Art' Bradley pr^ rnotdring doWn to "San-.Francisob for the East-West game arid will join Mrs. Bradley's sistets and their husbands; Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Tuomaia, and: Mr. and Mrs,: Wrn. Hanlon of Berkeley at the stadium. College Instructor Visits Old Home Place !" l^ri apd Mrs^.Cbvles Tyson of the Blue Lgkes district were hojsts afAmnec on" Christmas day, having among their guests Mr. and Mr."!, ©ean Morrison and their daughters, ^"Hamona and Claire, 'Mrs. Ida Phillips of Berkeley, Mr. and Mrs. Loren "Phillips and their daughlfers Lynda and Nancy of Fbmona. "Ehiyps spent his childhood in the Blue Lakes district and wyf 'glad to get back and see the old 'hoine place after many years' absence, is now fieadbf theagrl- 'cuitlire departrneilt • of Mt. San Antonio Colleee in'Poinona. Miss Rosit|U!p;^<Biii>%if)n ' Is Hostit^^s at Dinner 1 Mi?s $psalie:pib§9ii,,ytras. host^ at dihhef Thiiv;sday evening • at her homci.! a{ .7,^0. :',T?^ei,'-Smith street. ^er 'table decorations w-era simple, being red candles knd bev- i-ies on the White lineri cover; niost ieffective and beautiful. Favors, for the guests were Iiphd made crocheted doilies 'tor 'the Indies and initialed.linen handkerchiefs for the' men. Guests were Meissrs. and Mesdames Richard Mazzoni, Frank McTague, William Hildreth, J. E. Layman, F. Bricar- ^lli. Miss Gioyahrta Bricarelli," J. E.' Layinan and F. M. Gibspi). Mr. and Mrs.F. H. Sten have moved from Ukiah to a ranch near Healdsburg..Their address is Route 1, Box 150. .' Suoday Evife Party For Baptis+ Young Grpup The Senior Young Group of the Baptist church have been gather-: ing about the .firesides of the members after church on Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. James B- Cooke were the hosts ^n December 28! and had about 33 to participate m the many plans for the church.' The evenings are devoted to group singing and a few games, after which refreshments are served. Frances Brown was chairman of the refreshment committee and With the. assistance of her hostess arid^ other. helpers, served a delicious buffet supper. Glen Higginson was master of ceremonies for the evening. FIRST PLANE RID^ 10 SAN FRANCISCp It's nothing at all—flying to y.ariciscp. , • All. the' ?api£. Dick .KUntera,>10- year-old son of Mrs. M..E. Basel, is' ah, excited young man at' the thought of his first flight to Sari Franciscoand back via an aJEr planeto spend f rqrn Monday iiiot-riing to Friday with his grand- rnothel*,: liirs'.' Steive Kentera • of Hi'vera'street. It's not all the ^yay up in the stratosphere' but it's flying rather high for a young 'fpller.'" Happy Landing. Redwood Rooin Seats, Np-Host pinner Party : The .Redwood Room at the Palace JHotel'has been rejsery^d for a ho-hbst dinner on- New -Year's eye; The time set is fjr 8 p.rn. Those to start the New Year evening celebratioris there are Messrs. and iyiesdames Sam Hay, Jr., Francis Sanchez, Leor.ard Nix, George Parducci, Stan .ey Lance, John Kinsler, George HengeVeld, ^i^nneth Jones, Mrs, ,vlarian Reed Ji aijd Craig Bosworth. TRAVEL SOMETIMES IS WORTH PRLQE . It^awas. worth the'price, ijusj for the ., (!l\ange ..In rations, if fo"r no! other • rpdson, • states -Mrs; Robert; Clark about the trip to Ketchikan,' Alaska that shu and Mr. Clot": havfe-just completed. Tfjey • had; tnoose, elk ana deer, tiot juRt i>i\ dindry longhorn and' tferetord beef'.not to mention the shrimp- halibut,'salmon'-and'clams.- ••••'•< ; They ?tppp^& in Portland to visit Mrj. iClark'?. sgn .apd (iig yilp, Mr. and Mrs. James Crowell. "They Went on to Seattle, leaving there December 22 for Alask'a. The trij^ from there on is described as being of magnificent setting, wlih thjf boat weaving ih and out between many small islands covered'with giant frees. ' • ' v '- > : Their stay in Ketchikan with their daugnter, Mrs. A. C. Scott and their son, Lawrance G. Clark, was a pleasant one, thougil the days ended at about 4 p.m. Most people forget that Ketchikan IS on the Japanese current and that the climate IS more or less pleasant the year around, haiVng about the same climate as Portland, Oregon, even as to.rainfall. Although the Cl'arks are glad to •^•^ home, they say they always en- the Alaska trip better' than afl pf the other trips they take. V/'EBERS HAVE FINE FAMILY CHRISTMAS Mr," and Mrs. Joseph ^Weber have had a fine Christmas with raemberg of bpth families,arrivmg, for the hplidays here. There werg 23 seated around the Chiristmas table for a perfect family meal. Mi's. John Greeott, mother, from Santa Rosa, Mr. and Mrs; Wesley Greeott, Betty arid Eddie Greeott, M)'. and Mrs. W. J. Cuneo and Vr'Hliam Cuneo of Oakland, Mr. a'nd Mrs. John Van Dyke of Santa it'osa, M"r.' and",Airs; J. Clarerie'e t'eiciano, Rene*, Juliann, ' John, Mjcl ^ael and Adrienne Felciano. of Santa pqsa, all relatives of Mrs .Weber: and Mr. aim Mrs. W. P Chahdlfer of Hamilton Field to represent the Weber family. - Christmas Party At Newhall Ranch One: of the outstanding Christmas celebrations that was staged iri Round valley for the holiday season was the party giv«i by Mr. and'iMrs. George Newhall at the home ranph ^gyitu^day, Decemb* 20, when aU' emplQ.yee5 and- thel^^ wives were InvUecl'tQ•participate, m the hpsp^ta\itjf' of tjie^ew-' halls. * " ' K , , The home was beautifully deco- rateU.':wilh the' traditionW oma- menti'and the four Christmas trees adorning the optsidi^ bn.d inside, of : the..:home ^yere ab][aze .with multi-colored lights "that turned theplace into a mjystic fairyland; :About 40 persons' were present to, enjoy the hospitality of the •Newhalls- at their eighth annual party, to which all employees of the Newhall ranches wej'er invited, :Following cocktails a sumptuous turkey'dinner .'With all the trim-' mmgB was served; after which the assemblage repaired to the rumpus room; where dancing'>*tas enjoyed into ihe weesmall Hours. At the banquet, talks were given by Mr. and Mrs.. Kcwhall, stressing the coopei;ata[on they had enjoyed in the pas|; years from; their employes, after 'vyhich V/al•ter Ryan, foreman:of the home ranch," ana Sussidll prockett, fore- ihaii of t^e Wuii ^'rps valley rapch, 'expressed ' their appreciation of the fine conditions under, which they are working.' Ack Scares-and His'Boys of Covelo furnished 'the 'tqe-tinglmg music that helped to inake ihe party- a grimd success. •Mr. and 'Mrs.'William I?reeman •and Mr. - and- -Mrs:- Jerry 'Gole Of Ukiah were among the- gufests. \TOW that croch'et:«atton'i«avail4bl«again'in'larger quSntitierfyoli ii'nf\ y% iiuik? thp lace tablecloth yo« piahhed.'WttJted m-^rtpaVafeJi^uarw; ist put" together in diagonal rows to 5orm a pointed edge, thiiJcloth wakW ah uiiuwally beautiful xovering for yout table. A «firecttw leaflet fojt GOVERNOR'S LADY TABLECLOTHniay bp. obtained by,iendmf ritaiiipod, gelf-addressed eiivelope to the Needlework Departmei^t pf tbil paper, requesting Leaflet No. 7622. EYERYIQPyS HOME AT RALPH HOeANS Evei.'ybody's^:-.hoine ;f "3? v ghriat' mas at the Ralph llogan's/"They caipe trekkmg irr•.frpm*atf'dlrec- tionsi, giving a good rep;;esenta- tion i ,>f the colleges on Ihc west coast. Jackyln Hogan and "her fiance, Robert Dame arrived-from Palo Alto where'they are graduate studeiits at Stanford University. Ralph' liogaii' came from Eugen?;, Oregon, where he is enrolled 'aiVthe' iJjilyersit^ of Oreigbn, D(>n- aRI is''1iiefe froWi '"^ah^ Francisco, cbraing-fropfi Bt;; Mary''s' Utiiveisity. Th¥ Stafford feprS^enta'tiyes ^oin- 'ed 4 'grbuj) of'-Stanford" siudeiits, at BqIip''Ciialet Monday'fqp^'a big ski Mqdi|ori' Pqyi» F^^^ ''''''Y\§(t\4: For Christmas ^J^r^j^^djyirs.-. Alliijg ip^v|s;were deii4litiiilly 'su5pr]sei|,with a visit froratlieiF son ,• IJadisori, -"who flffw ill from Corpus Christi, Texas just to spend ChristnaaS day With his family. JJavis is a'Tadio'tecn- nician "S/C in the U. S. NaVy, stationed at Corpiis Christi. Jle is through with his - territi in • the Navy in April, ^ and 'WiH coiii.e h'')itie at that tim'e for a fe'w rnonths biifpre enrolling, iii tlie University' of Galifbrnia. T9 EA:ST-WEST GAME l^r. and Mrs. Qeorge Portlock and their sons BilUe and Bobbie are driviing down to Sail Francisco for the East-Wiest gam'e. They will be accompanied by Mj:. and Mrs. Earl Eby, who-plan lo visit friends arid j-elaUves. HOLIDAY A T HOME WITH PARENTS (Holiday at'home "with one's :tam- ily i§ always one'cf .the'joys of Christmas and'tfadNey^ Year. Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Roberts' have had their sons and daughters and relatives v/ith them as h^useguests and running m and out during the 'we^Jc. Among them were Mr. and Mrs. Kennetti Hall, Vernon, Archie and Kenneth Haft of Santa Barbara; Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Griffin, 'Mj-:-.; Emma Broadway and Mr, ana!lVi .'s. Harold Roberts. One day Mrs. -aoberts cooked a delectable turkey dinner, for which she is quite famoUs,-:and had the entire group assembled. UKIAH MAN MARRIED IN LA§ VEGAS Word - has- just been - received that K. J. McKenzie of 2!l6 South State street and Miss Edith Chapman of Southgate, outlying residential district of Los Angeles, were married 'in Las^egas in the Little Church of the West at 3 p.m.- on Christmab day, with Rev. F: G-.' Carpenter officiating.' • •'-The young couple are no\y honeymooning at th^a Hotel Last Frontier in Las Vegas. McKenzie IS the' son of Mrs. Jane McKenzie and is well known here, having been in the painting business for some time. The couple pla^i to mi^ke their home in Ukiah. Thad~Dashielt Rites Held qt Middletown 'fynpral v^eryipes .for Tbad Dash^ lell of Mi'daletown, a native of Potter Valley, wefe held December 27 irom the Middletown Community- church, yritb intec^entr in the Middletown. Cemetery, Mr, Dashiell died December 23 at the age of 79 "and, la suTVivp4 by his wife, Mrs. Anna Dashiell. Togethge • they had . operated a ran'ch near Middletbwn U'ntil aTjout a year ago, when the condition, of his health forced him to retire. Daughter's Betrothal Has Been Announced , Mr. and Mw; Frank T. Maguire have announced the corning mar-r riage of their daughter, Mary Lou, to John Eroest Mason of Santa Rosa. Although June will likely be the marriage month for the couple, no deftnite plans have been made. Miss' Maguire graduated from Ukiah hi^h school with the class of 1946 and has been employed by the Bank of America and Mendocino county m the auditor's office since then. ' Maspn, better known as 'vJ ^ck,'' IS the; son of Mr. and Mrs. John P, Mason of Ukiah. tie attended public school here as well as in Sgnta Rosa; Hp i? a'graduate of high school and of Saiita Rosa JuruO|r College. He w^s a member of Ukiah's police force and during the war served, in the pacific area with the Marine Corps. He is now With "The Flower Shop" in Santa Rosa. Wedding Anpiversary Celebrated with Djnner .There is no more beautiful decoration for a'party than i formal table fora lestive occasom, such-as the dinner given Friday, December"- 26,' by 'Mr;''and' ''Mi's.' ' Hfenty Spiirr im c'elebration of'their 14tri weSding anniversary. ":' ' ' Those preseht 'to- enjoy tha evening witli the Spurrs were Judge and 'Mrs; Lilbui -ii' GibsdiijMr.'^and H^js.' Harold- BruRtifr, IJ^r. and Mr^. t. L. Whitmqre, and Miss Eloise-Spiirr. ' • • •; ..r-, M OTOR TO VALLEJO TQ FAMILY DirsiNER' ^. ,Ij(Ir?,. Paw,^ Afnd ?rsorii apd her soil Paul iiad' a.ii 'en^'oyabiej visit With Wrs, . i|^ders.pp^9 soh^in -law and daughter, Mr. and WJis.' Gejie Marcheschi at their lioiiiie |n Yal -r lejo. Mr. and .Mrs. Jack Woods of .ftedwobd valley and their daiigri- tiBr Siiarop jfoih ^d the party Christ, nias 'eveninjB[, -ieriding that much mbi'e 'joy to the"farrii!y gathering. - EN-TEHTAlil AT PINN^ ' Mr; and 5\iris. Carrql". Weeks were hosts at dinner on Christrnas evening, having as their guests, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. En /Ajr, Joyce and Eddie Enzler and Christine Weeks, daughter of tlie household. Hoilister was, named for Col W. W. Hoilister, one of the early ranchers in the state. TWELFTH BIRTHDAY^ CELEBRATED ^ Virginia Guntly was the honored guest at a party given by her mother, Mrs. Charles Guntly and her sister Dorothy at the Guntly home December,27, the occaslqn of her 12th birthday. : Refreshments'v/ere served from a white cover with a centerpieca of jonquils and the decorations were carried out m. the yellow.and green with the Christmas .-rq_d. Games were played m which Japice' Busch, Joan • McLmtock, Saralu Guntly and Betty George came out winners. Some, of ^iiQ little girls walked the light <: fantastic 'vyith thgir.- folk dancing.. • •- < : Those to enjoy the ' ocqaston were Betty George, Joan' Mctfn- tock, "iiiurleen Shepherd, Saralu Guntly, .,Marie. ,Smgley, Janic6 Busch, Mane and Virginia GUntly .i • Those invited aqd unable • to JSLt^'i tend were Stella: Martin'eUi,.V |i(}5 ginia Stnc^cl^r, Shirley- pi.cjiwiq»- and Laurel ^'in Guntly, - r r c orreilsi for %\e($xidty comes ftcwlng. dovjn the bj^b linef,,*? 'i »fl|9 }9fi <S! | ^ultc:«oweiar -:2t :i!0,000 volts. I |f surges into sii^'st^tio^ii^^Iii ju endiess stainpeile of electrical ho.jrsvppnyer. There it « con: verted, transformed and switctied into qur wi^sjptea'd bution networic, tamed and usajble. . ; At 240 to 2400 volts it ruijs gw^t fljptqjrs^ IQ shbip ^^^W factonies; 6gelca,tts itciigafioa t|uinps--.tu{as,wheels of ioj^iuk try "every whef^^^ ' At i'ld'fights ^1 energizes and runs dodu »i;i}Vn?erp_ij|,cilfli?R^^^^ '. JFroiii pne ei}fi of it? vast Intercppoected syistenj to the othM tli^^ Copipany is buildii|g new giant substations vc^ii ?n%ging pfe,,ent jufitallauonsj are mqviiig as fast ^ ^omplicat^ switching e^i^ipr p^PQt aijd biatJfs, p| teansf (jrniMjs fan foi^^, r^gy,' ||jiYftp^ apd iujitalifi. . What we are doing represents su cxppadjture pf mose than Sixty itfiliion Dollars-f60,OQ,0,opp for the construc- tioh and improvement of substations that •will control and handle the 1,000,000 additiopal horsepower Idestipeii for discributioo tliroughout Northern and Cehtfal Cr, Uf'prnia. «lXW-t>|I 550 ft.lLLlON DOUAR CONSTj^UCTIQN PROGRAM 1,00 .6 ,000 i ^DDITtONAL HORSEPOWER

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