Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on January 2, 1948 · Page 3
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 2, 1948
Page 3
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K :^IDAY, JANUARY 2. 1948 mfSPA'^GH DEMOCRAT. tJKlAH. GALUfORNIA PA0H THRWIil JO, 20, 30, 40, 60 \'EARS AGO u».x.'-«.* Two Men Met Sudden l^eath Nprth of Laytbnville TEM YEAHS AGO • Jan. 7, 1838 The home of D. E. Hotell. at Cold Creek' Was totally destroyed bj!,.flrc Thursday. The. home was buUt'by San Watlenburg about 40 ryear* «go, and was a well known il*ndmork. 'wilUam Schramm, formerly of -Port'Bragg, was arrested by federal ."igents at Wildwood Thursday and ..will be taken to Sacramento •to-face oh investigation on suspicion of. attempting to extort $1000 from E. E, Yoder of Scotia. Ted Walter Miller, 1938's first 'bt[by; was born to Mr. and Mrs. WWtcr MlUer. of North Odk street, (JTciah, January';! at 10:15 ?AT*i will receive a large number of ••'gilts ^ offered by Ukiah iiierchanta fof.'.Mic first New Y6ar baby. Ed Goriion and wife returned to Point Arena home Sunday , an extended visit to the state of Washington. The"- contract for the Point Arcni^high school was awarded A\ to'A. d Lightford of Upper Lake, ^ho bid:$52,0d?. This sum will be supplemented by $25,994 of fed- wpl /unds.; ; ;; Jllarlo Venturi and Miss Elvira Vlprengo Of CalpeHa were mar- tied • Saturday m'orning at 10 O'clock. .yMi's''. Richard Mazzoni under- want a major operation at Stan^ lord Lane hospital Wednesday. •^^(UJseppef Geccaralli, one of the best known vineyardists of Ukiah •^^Uey,'died Monday at his home ijear Talmage. • •^j ^Plans for enlargement and improvement of the Howard hospital I ot'WiUiis include air conditioning 1 and-an additional wing. 'jWlneteen thirty-eight got oft to t>il>anner start in Mendocino county,' New Year eve being one of the njrW^est and : gayest celebrations that.old timers c^n remember. The io^fops crowd threw caution to the Wlllds-and shouted and whistled i ttftiii^shreiked.'a warm welcome'to the.ibo^ncing baby of 1938. appointed assistant ' trainmaster and will make his headquarters at that place. He will have charge ol the train service north'of Ukiah. The Point Arena Record • has moved into Judge Kingren's building. This being the center of town the editor can now keep his eye on everybody. George .Schniitt, Ukiah poultry fancier, will ship some ot, the finest Leghorns in California to tlie Los Angeles show the latter pari of this week. ' • Roy Milhe, rising yoUng 'merchant of Talmage, has gone to San Francisco where |he will be .married Saturday to a young lady resident of the city. The couple will take a horieymoon^ trip to Los Angeles. ; , Mr. and Mrs. Ben Edwards entertained a number of friends at a New Year dinner. A'marriage licehse was issued this weelc^o Fred Breed and Anna •Waarn, both of Fort Bragg. The county will start to work this week on the,Greenwood road improvement, wliich will include the building of three new bridges and reducing the grades north and south of Greenwood. W. • A. Klinke and wife came down from Potter Valley Thursday, JJr. Klinke going on to Alpine to resume his work with the j lumber company. BiUie Bcfcd made E flying visit to the city Wednesday, took' dinner with his parents and got bade home the same night. F. C, Albertson has purchased the Powell estate hops of 200 bales and the Ed Howell hops of 225 bales. Patrons of Harry Siems' thii st resort were, treated to a bear meat barbecue or. Christmas. TWEMTY YEARS AGO Jan. 7. 1928 T^,A 'meeting was held Thursday evinmg at- which negotiations ^tre'had-relative to acquiring a municipal airport. The site being cbn'SldBi-ed is"20 acres east of the te. highway and a little south the rodeo grounds. Two'Ukiah friends of Gavjn SIpNab, who played- with him when they were boys, will share injhls. $800,000 estate, according to iytWab'S will filed for probate in StiM TVancisco January 6. The mwi ^re Carl Purdy, famous floriculturist of Ukiah and George AuUe'of Albion. •Announcement is made this Week of the formation of the Mannon ii Brazier law firm. Mr. Bra- ii0r, the junior member of ,the firm, has been, engaged in the practice of law Iwre for the'past 10 years, associated with the firm ot Mannon & Mannon. John T. Trader, a member of one of the county's foremost pib- nete families, died at his Ukiah hotaie January 5: He was the son of William Trader, head of one of the first families to settle in Anderson valley, where he was born ia 1863. * MlSii Myrtle Ruddick of Ukiah i^'Plannmg a trip across the continent, down the coast to South America, across to Africa and isjapds of that continent. From thbre she will go up the coast to thfe Red Sea and the Mediterranean and a tour of all the countries of Europe. jf^A government dredger has st'hrt- W work at Noyo, dredging cut the mouth of the river. Oscar Ruuska, pioneer woodsman of Fort Bragg, was killed in- itly the morning of January 2, hen struck by a steel cable, •frcd Faulkenberg of Areata has been s engaged as secretary of Ufciah:: chamber of commerce at a salary of $250 a month. . ; THIRTY YEARS AGO Jsn. 4, 1918 '•M.' S; Brown of Modesto invested' .$12,000. in coast property this week when he purchased George Taylor's 75 acres, the old Peterson place at Inglenook, of 12 acres jjnd. Pete Hogans' ranch at Cleon, of 120 acres. .The. diphtheria scare at Willits has about blown over, although thiB small children are still in q.uararitine. .William Mitchell of Branscomb, Who was indicted by the grand Jury on a,charge of assault to com- Rlit murder, was dismissed by Judge-'White on the motion of his attorney that the grand jury in- dibtin^nt was made with insuffi- •.•(Bht evidence. .Douglas Walker, \ prosptrous sjieep rancher of Potter Va'ley, and Mrs. Hattie Elaine Elizafcsth •Taylor Collins of Ukiah, and L, Walker Levreau and Mrs. Hat^e Walker Levreau, both of Ukiah. i ;Were shai-ried at the h"me of Mr. ' and Mrs. John Gibson of Santa RoSa 'Monday aftei-noon in double wedding ceremony. Tim Dacey of WiUits has been FORTY YEARS AGO Jan. 3, 1908 A Wedding of much interest occurred in this city Sunday when Miss Louise Ames, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. S, Ames, and Doctor Albert J. Atkins of San Francisco were united in marriage. • • ' On Friday of last week Mrs. Mary Ann York, widow oit tlie late R. H. York of, Yorkville, died from an attack of la grippfe. Barnes Paine, .well •kfiown in Ukiah where he lived for a number of years, was shot [and killed at Yerington, 'Nei/ada, op Christmas day. ' Mrs. Cornelia , White,'; deputy county clerk, issued 26 marirage licenses during the month of December. ' The big 30-foot dam on the Van Arsdale ranch in Walktr valley went out Thursday night of last week during .the storm. It made quite a nice reseryoir,. covering ai>oiit'15 acres, which is how destroyed. • ' Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cooley came tip" frdSn Santa THokd Sunday and went to Potter Valley Monday to attend the funeral of John Day, an biatime friend. The money in tlie county treasury at this time amounts to $31,510. Besides this sum there is $59,000 loaned to the banks. The treasurer has just collected the interest on this money for one quarter and it amounts to $368.75. Walter Hargrave, principal of the Covelb school', was in Ukiah for tiie New Year and will remain for the n^iceting Monday of the board of ediication of which he is a member. * FIFTY YEARS AGO Jan, 7, 18S8 At Boonville, stage robbers and football are ifhe principle topics of conversation by the Whittling Club. In a football game on New Year day at Point Arena, between the home boys and Fort Bragg, Point Arena' won by a score of 14 to 4 and are noW champions of the coast and threaten to soon come over and wipe up the earth with Ukiah. Thursday evening of last week, as the Ukiah stage was going down an incline two miles south of Willits two masked men stepped into the road and ordered the driver to halt. The driver was making up for lost time and tried to stop the horses, but finding that he could not, lay the whip to them and went down the hill on the run. At Willits he informed 'Constable D. L. Sawyers and Marshal Bl. K Endicott of what had happened and he also told them that he recognized the voices and said that the men were E. L. Davis and'J. M. Davis, who live on the Muir ranch. Sawyers and Endicott went to the scene of the attempted holdup and tracked the men to the ranch. They, watched them'closely for a day and beiiiff satisfied that they were the men wanted sent word to J. M. Standley of the Weils Fargo .bmpany. When Standley arrived in WHlits hie accompanied-Sawyers and Endicott to the ranch, where they arrested E,,L. Davis. J. M. Davis had by tbis time become suspicious and skipped put. JStandely went to Boonville where J. M. Davis had a .claim and' arrested him that night in town.' Charles Lawson and Miss Allie Rawles were married at Boonville last week. The appointment, of Henry Smith, as sheriil is conceded, to be a good one. He is an old resident of this county and a successful business man. Walter Woodward, captain of the Point Arena football team, •fractured his shoulder while playing at Fort Bragg on Christmas. Mrs. Ida Upp, popular teacher of Willits, is the guest of county superintendent and Mrs. Rhodes this week. Mrs. L. G. Foster Loses Her Mother Word came to Mrs. iJeaton G. Foster Saturday, Decenjber 27, of the passing of her 87-year-old mother, Mrs. Isabelle Rains Drew. No details were Siven in the telegram of notification, but it is presumed a heart ailment was the cause of death. Mrs. Drew.suffered a severe heart attack earlier in the month and was placed in an oxygen tent in a Redding hospital. Mrs. Foster spent a number of- days with hei. mother then, returning to Ukiah for the holidays, considering her mother out of danger. Mr. and Mrs. Leaton Foster left for the Drew home at Gas Point, Shasta county, near Cottonwood, Saturday afternoon, to join other members of the family and friends in paying final respects to ihis well-loved poineer woman. Isabelle Rains was bom. in Shasta county, California, April 1, 1860. She and the late James Simpson Drew were married in Shasta county in 1888. They bought and homesteaded mining land and established a home at Gas Point. , ^ Mr. Drew employejjl a great number of Chinese laborers during the early mining days, to pan gold from his rich acres, and the ranch is yet criss-crossed with old ditches, deep gorges and rocks, piled neatly by those Chinese. The property was stocked with the best of horses, cattle and hogs. In addition, Mr. Drew ovimed and operated a general merchandise store at Roaring River,, near Gas Point; had a blacksmith shop, was active in politics, studied law and was sought, miles around, for legal advice, during those hectic pioneer days. There was a constant flow of visitors to the Drew home. They were made welcome by Mr. and Mrs. Drew, treated as guests, and seldom left without a gift of a ham, bacon, fruit, or some delicacy from the well-filled Drew storage rooms. Mr. Drew died over 37 years ago, June 28, 19)0, leaving on the Seven-Thirty Club To Meef January Eighth The Seven-Thirty Club will have its first meeting of the New Year on January 8 at the Presbyterian church. Many plans will be made at that time to start the year's work. A good attendance is expected. NEW YEAR'S DAY AT HOUSE OF GARNER House of Garner has been selected as the place for one of the New Year's day parties for a no- host dinner. Among those who will attend are Messrs. and Mesdames Paul Hansen, John Kinsler, Chap Williams, Dave Spencer, Harley Hayes, Walter Bucholz, Ed Oden, Don Ward, Don Nassle, Dick Schwarm, Torrence Swindell, Don Crawford, Pete Richardson, M. E. Basel and J. F. Bingham, Mrs. Douglas Williams, Norman Furman and James Williams. FLIES FROM ROCHESTER. N.Y. Mrs. Lena Green arrived from Rochester, N. Y., to visit her daughter, Dr. R-jth Green, the violin playing member of the Mendocino State Hospital staff. Mrs. Gre^n flew in, timing her flight for arrival here Christmas morning. This is the second nice surprise Dr. Green has received this month. It will be remembered she won the radio at the Seven- Thirty Club dinner. shoulders of his wife the many problems of rural life and the rearing of their children. All this she fulfilled to the utmost of her ability. She won the respect of those who knew her, for her kindly, cheerful. Christian spirit and great diligence. Surviving this pioneer couple are Mrs. Lena Drew Taylor, v/ho lived with her mother; Charles, John, Frank and Wiliam Drew; Mrs. iJean Drew Riggins, Mrs. Fern Dale Drew Foster, and a number of grandchildren. This wreck of an Inter-Cily truck and ancient Cadillac sedan on December 23, three miles north of Laytonville. took the lives of Marshall Bowles and Carl Gustafson, employees of the Miller Wood JProducts of Jackson valley, and sent Marvin Soper to the Willits "hospital, critically injured. Robert Dickson, driver oi the truck, was unmjured. —Photo by White Christmas Seals MERRY CHRISTMAS ... Your Protection Agoinst Tuberculosis LATE SEAL SALE RETURNS Contributions of $8,583 have blen received by the Mendocino County Tuberculosis Association since the 1947 Christmas Seal Sale, opened November 24, Mr.'i. Robert Frohn, county chaii-man, announced this week. Late returns from those wlio forgot to,send their checks when they received. their seals, in the mail a month ago,' are expected to raise- the. total to $8,000. While the people oif the county have-been generous in their support of the, seal sale; a one hundred per cent response is'neces­ sary if the association is to carry out the tuberciilosis program planned for the year. It will be a great help if everyone who ha.? not sent in his returns will do no without delay. , Pointing out that the association depends enti.vely on seal sale receipts to support its program, Mrs. Frohn said that the projects of the association include a county-wide x-ray screening program and general health promotion tor hospital facilities and clinics. "With the interest and generous support shown by the people of this county," she said, "the association expects to make great progress in 1948 against a disease which kills 53,000 Americans a year, 29 of which deaths occurred in Mendocino county. EDWIN R. BROOKS PASSES Funeral services for Edwin R. Brooks, father o£ Elmer W. Brooks pt Fort Bragg, were held Wednesday afternoon from the Eggen & Porter Funeral Home at Sebastopol with burial in the family plot in Alexander valley. Mr. Brooks died December 28, at the age of 88. He was a resident of Sonoma county 84 years. BUYS DH, ROBERTS' BUSINESS Dr. John H. Brenning, San Francisco optician, will take over the business of Dr. C. E. Roberts in the Odd Fellows building ,on East Standley street, January 2. Dr. Roberts, who established his business in Ukiah in 1930, will retire from practice to his Talmage and engage in poultry raising, specializing in.turkeys.' ROD & GON MEET MONDAY ,The next regular .meeting of the Ukiah Rod & Gun Cluij will be held Monday evenings'January 6, at 8 o'clock in the city hall, At the last meeting it was voted to change the meeting to thp' first Monday. of the month. .TJhe color fihn', "Realm of the Wild,".will be shown'. - - • Drives Stolen Bus Into Officers' Arms Approximately 10,000 civilians are still employed at military installations in the Sacramento area. ENTERTAIN INFORMALLY Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gilley of Willits with their mother, Mrs. Geo. Davis were hosts at informal open house Christmas-Eye and Christmas, having callers drop in ail during the evening to exchange greetings and good wishes. WILLITS FEARS EPIDEMICS An epidiimic of chickenpox of severe nature h reported at Willits, with a mild form of diphtheria also in evidence in a number of families. VISIT PARENTS HERE Mr. and Mrs. Marion Swim and their family arrived from Napa for holiday vacation yith their parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Swim and their grandmother, Mrs. Nellie Sanford. BUY - SELL - TRADE THROUGH THE CLASSIFIED COLUMNS Daniel Delmur Dorman, piloting a Greyhound bus, arrived hastily in Ukiah Friday morning at 5:09 o'clock and remained over the week end as a guest of the city, while Eureka authorities were preparing to "extradite" him. Daniel was whiling away the time the night before around the Greyhound station and obeyed nn impulse to take off for the south, v/hich he did at 11:30, without leave from the Greyhound management. Ukiah Police Officers Simpson and Thomas caught first sight of Dan and the IDUS in the early morning hours, just as he was tu-rning into Stephenson street from State at a few minutes after 5 o'clock. When he came so near missing the street that he took out the street light .standard they decided he. was a stranger and not used to our ways. • The bus pulled up at the Standard station when the officers drove up, and Mr. Dormafi told the inquisitors that he was driving a special, and Vi ^iien the officers mentioned the broken light po!?;. said he had noticed that and would havia to. make a report on it.. • >•>.•••->• ••• •• • Dorman WRS taken to the Greyhound station and introduced to the regular driver, who had never seen him bpfore^ and said so, and Dorman then began to admit things, among them the fact that he had taken the bus at Eureka without asking permission, and vas headed for Santa Rosa. Dorman was found to be carrying a new ,38 Smith & Wesson pistol, and this is being held against him. The gun itself, the police have learned, was stolen from a Eureka home. H. J. Parker, regional manager foi' the Greyhound Lines, came up from Santa Rosa to investigate the matter and said he would get in touch with the Humjjoldt county authorities .and have a complaint issued i'or Doi-man. Although admittedly his first experience at the wheel of a passenger bus, Dorman made exceptionally good time from Eureka to Ukiah and probably would have The Election Year Dawn Comes Up Like Thunder til Their Nighties, but Wide Awake Two wide-eyed Ladles of Fashion show you the latest in nightdress for 2-year-olds. They are Pam Coughlin and Connie. Bromilow of San Bernardino, Calif., modeling at ArrowhRad Springs, Calif. ; Ticklers By George "Why cftn't I smoke your pipe. Pop? You' ' ' with my train." re playing DATE HANDBAG S MALL handbags, specially for dress-up occasions, are in vogue. You can make this ruffle-trimmed bag from only a half yard of faille or bengaline. Trim it with a bright button. A direction leaflet for making this RUFFLE-TOPPED HANDBAG may be obtained by sending a stamped, EcU -addressed envelope to the Needlework Department of tlus paper, requesting Leaflet No. E 353. NEW MEMBER POLICE FORCE Robert A. Amundsen, recently from San Francisco, will take up his duties as a member of Police Chief Viarengo's force on January 1. Mr. end Mrs. Amundsen and their 6-year-old son are domiciled on Helen avenue. He is a navy veteran with four years of peacetime service and three years of war and was chief bpatswt-in mate when discharged. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hagans spent Christmas at Stockton with their son-in-law and daughter, Dr. and Mrs. R. B. Toller, returning to TIkiah Friday night. Dr. Toller is superintendent of the Stockton State Hospital. made Santa Rosa, except that the electric light standard was in the way. NORTH HOLLYWOOD GUESTS- Mr,, and Mrs. Patten Lewis and their son Malcolm arrived froin North Hollywood for a visit with Mrs. Lewis' parents, Mr. and t/lis. Harold Pauli of 108 N. Hortense. "• 40a8 TO MEET AT WILLITS Mendocino Voi '.Lire No. 912i 40&8, has a date to meet at Willlfs on January 10 and plans are being made for a dinner and a good time 'for all. The Ukiah sub-group, 652'd or composite group will hold a meet- • ing for the purpose of organizing. The meeting will be in Memorial' hall at 8 o'clock, January 5. Mr. and Mrs. Swan Sjoberg, spent Christmas week at the home , of their daughter in San Francisco. They al-'o visited at San Jose and Redwood City. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gilgen. have enjoyed the Christmas holidays with Mr, and Mrs. Ray Parker at their home in Sah. Leandro. Mary Ethel Oliver home to San Francisco for holidays with par- . ents and friends. She teaches English here. Lives with Mrs. J. L^ Charlton at 754 North Oak street Night police were called to investigate an accident on Wejt Standley street just after n. dnight Thursday when Roy Higginson missed the bridge after the turn aj. the end of the stn.vft; damage slight. Golden State Hotel SAN FRANCISCO'S Powell Street at EUi* In the Hub — But Out of the Hub-bub Choice of Outside-Inside Rooms -.: WITH BATH :— Single $2.00 — Double «2.50 —: WITHOUT BAtH :— Sinsle $1.50 — Doubl* $2.00 Lem Shlbley

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