Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on December 13, 1972 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1972
Page 4
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Supplier* Can't Divert Reserve* to State ESTHERYILLE DAILY NEWS, WED., DEC. 13, 1972 P0£ e 4 Fuel Shortages Hit Several Iowa Industries * T.i.yx IVUKI mciunimnim im: 'A. iibviauiu- rKunnw it ru-- St_ ae.'vi-rte? V.eaiK;f;ai'- afar cltir: IIIF i. Tni'.iir ni sunmier ax - XHL:T mausi-' f>nu-r;s;; - Hft'Ms: r. .at-: rn tm:r -t- ^."i e-i. 'JWK ij-i'.-lueir Q' Wait WHaa • >'- r .i.. a lief 14yitK"r f.Lit tit wauc tuners-OS »eam\sta; v.-'ucr a' na cusiair.'. -! PTW : r: vcnisr usatirif fue. if i »•-;- in: ~ ufhai'.' iiigrr. t:»i: i Tsra :e. :&:;>*-': a; av ••- v-:*ir ' : a; - .'i v.-auiar ". •.•ipraai.-.* r::t :t: avr •»- MT-'»-! •jf •>;. - 'at- ai.. TTK p:>- fiainrj* e .Y '-cut'vt at:: n>e: v. manti.'.' m>. 5im tna: refusec u sunij.'.- mil. Mcuiwnijt. -jtn. jtoaer: fte; v,tj TI "ert'vi £ reaort V.*;6- tusoi'; L-air mt.iar lue. sup- n.u-i ai ttt amount a lue. cvj-iittais it lowt. inv.x hammer at!ir:a.5.jar. 1'ntimiar Mauris Vex Nasr-tint stLir sxau af5icia.s have ai«t;i taic a; rearei>enteit.'vi;£ af MJim Jut. aamaarue; trie; car: ::um;>: wxr lasy £ request ID 'ufc- oi re&ervei t-_. i-jwt i j-triainart. • L-iaai iawi aTidustriei mvi repartee c riartagt uT Jut- al tii: p.-yptnfc. stir suits af. r ~ tnc tui rs.«sr. ::'js«p.icii n •"teumwi.. Piedfiejc tad Masac City ataaus* a? prapsae shortage*. A Car-Tii spake sirac Hi e trip., ayes- «re-e .sis c£f at'jaus.{: a? trs fat. sharts^e. te'inneaa?;- industry J af Fares; City reparttc i: hac enough p.-apaiK: as, n&ac' is. i&st passii*];. mroagr. Tnar^tej. Trie firm has cinfcsaici L_a; oc-ftr parts af laws tru:'k. auct s.jggts:i'jriS. i g-ive JS ef/' rit '.aid. A.^iaagr. s'^tas officials haver *s«r. »'->.' J:JT ? cne week v> dte- ••\x*:i.'ir c-.s-? tra.: i.i-.c af vei-ap a p^iX: w aJieviaie knra's f-jfel shanage, •J"<e chairman saia, "»Vre j-s: .•wi maV-ir^g airy rieaajiay . . .'" B-aj had ashes iwins la re(5 B ce hi a: ii. .homes at nig*n or Mher. -j-ie/re a»3y: u> stai- rnore L-iSiaiior., cover windaws nith siorn windows or pias'ic: V.eep furnace fflters clean and '.las* off unused rooms. The gene mar aiso recom- menae-d dosLig fireplace dampers when no: ir. use, apply wea- therscripping, rtnwe obstructions from roid air returns and ho: air rur.s asd use a humidifier. He ais-o recommended closing draperies to keep heat U cdiinsjor-d Brenda Rolfson Baptized Sunday Ssrvaea '-it r.wtfsar. uiwr. ssai%nt?T '!«*r. am ten. -:.a.ian: Eat'i-tn v.^t ai:p:.:-.^: 'axes.. 1 , '-jyjtik-jr- v-an ht-.aa: l<£n. r.xK.ic 'jrhfruar-.-r ML*. arc l«tr&.'t-'jT wmmairKst a: * SUmier ir :nv :r tiurn*. f'.r aft aww guvxi iiv. ?-at:u»r arc Mr*. V»r? it.' -i'ucir. aiit Iit'i'ic, 'drt. ICn. ?.: ! - it H*'un.. Lslmr.-viii*-, Mr. arc . l»ivr Heruti anc I*WK!ii. arc Ittr. anc SCrt. ax. '^fcner - : r. '.•raer.i r i?vr. K_'. ax 1/ r •• •^ar-THr <£. '•iraaueV, arw^rayc W ai3<a-f r .-oij«gt 'Jarii-tTiat '. ^ r : * : t savjraay trv»sruT6' a: •a:-:'.: r .'it>. Thf« "iwt. .*lati? Skai- •-vau ; a Wtiaarf Eruaem «ho KM: ptr". it the caa«rt ariair. ax Wj-t. ;x Laaflfe, r J«iO- x.!.. *rt 5>xiaa.» afa;rr»XK ^ut«* ir. itKr L~_r-:f: S-aifsce narat. Mit; Kira Jorttad*nained tat circte iii her horrie Tnrusday afttrxxiri. Serving tae Caristniai ixivt, were Alice Amdahl, .Adeiia Waiaesi, »w» 5haaeho, and UyrHi Osrier. I«Crs. %'ernie JacosKE errter- R-iiied the '.ir'-ie fa her home Tntrbday «i-er>iag. Twelve quests were prei,ex aad one gue-t, I»trs. Vietie> A. }VV3ML Mrs. Cbet -jsderb'jr.- gave the Bihile study. Mrs. ?jarrjai'>e Borchers in charg* of the Sunday School Pro- grarr. scheduled for .Sun. Dec. 17ti, at ~.:Vs p.m. Practices will be field Wednesday evening from 7;S0 until and on Saturday from 1:50-4:00 p.m. Colleen Nielsen, student in Mason City, was a week-end guest in the parental Herhie Nielsen home. Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Skattebo were Sunday afternoon g-uests in the Carl Lamb home in Estherville. ResJdents of this area who drove to Forest City Saturday night to attend the annual Waldorf College Christmas Concert were: Pastor and Mrs. P. L. Mork, Larry Gjerde, Jeff Felkey, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Saal and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clare Skattebo, Steven, David and Mary. Justy Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Oner Gjerde, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rose, Pastor and Mrs. Erling Hanson. The Sauls, Skattebos and Hansons had young people in the concert choir. The Waldorf concert choir has scheduled an afternoon or evening appearance March 18th at Rural Immanuel Church, with the morning concert at Fairmont. Farmers felt the foe; pinch, as well. A iciog, wes seas-cr. delayed the harvest this fall and winter and an unexpected se- ere cold spell left grain elevators without the fye! they rjeedted to dry grain. Same elevators operate oc ac inter ruptable basis — which means they mast often switch aa a standby fuel when residential requirements for natural gas are high. Norman Still, director of m err. be r relatkns for the Tarmtrs Grain Dealers Association of Iowa, said fewer than one-fourth of the electors are equipped to dry grain without natural gas. Last week temperatures averaged 23 degrees below normal and State Climatologist Paul Waite said this month could develop into one ol the "worst Decembers in the 20th upper Mississippi River — upon which Iowa grain dealers depend for barge movement of grain. Movement of barges has slowed to a few miles daily in the past week. The cold has also affected industry in Iowa — which depends an a constant supply of fuel. Service estimated that 14 per cent of the com crop aad 5 per cent <rf the soybeans remained E the fields. Secretary of Agriculture-elect Robert Lcunsberry said that as long as there aren't strong winds, the com should withstand the weather, but said about 3 per cent of the bean crop wouid be losu The crop service had predicted record crops with 1,201,750,000 bushels of corn and 22',435,000 bushels of beans. Although elevators appear to be on their way to getting the piles of wet grain dried, they are confronted with another difficulty — transporting the grain to market. Van Nostrand said the shortage of boxcars has been a basic problem each harvest season because railroads can't keep in SALE STARTS AT 12 NOON A & V LUNCH WAGON ON GROUND use year round equipment that FREE COFFEE is used for only six or seven An underwater pipeline in the present harbor of Cyprus feeds wine from the island's grapes to tankers anchored offshore. Checks to iSursing Homes DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) A new payment system under which state welfare checks go to nursing homes rather than patients goes into effect Jan. 1, according to State Social Services Commissioner James Gillman. He said Tuesday that the plan would encourage rehabilitation of pursing home patients and eliminate unequal welfare payments to the homes. The commissioner said a fee level for each home of not more than S10.43 per patient per day will be established. Closing Out Farm SALE As I have sold my farm, I will hold a closing out sale at the farm located 1 mile west, ! .i mile south, 1 mile west and 1V2 miles south of Gillett Grove. Saturday, December 16 century" for being so cold so early. Waite said the Des Moines area, which normally has only three subzero days during December, has already had five such days. He said that from Dec. 2-7 temperatures fluctuated 60 degrees in some areas. However, temperatures warmed enough Monday for scores of elevators to have natural gas service resumed. But utility firms warned that service could be curtailed again if temperatures drop. The Iowa Crop Reporting CHRISTMAS weeks. He added that the three primary railroads which serve Iowa — Rock Island, Milwaukee and Chicago and Northwestern — are in a precarious financial position and economically can't provide any more service than they currently are. Van Nostrand said he thought the rail lines were doing the best possible job they can under the circumstances. Another strain occurs with the big demand to export grain and the cars must transport the grain to the gulf. The early cold froze the Special Holiday Season Wig Sale The Super gift that gives back his weekends: ^ A MCCULLOCH RR " MINI MAC. TRADE IN YOUR OLD WIG ON A NEW CAPLESS AND GET '5.00 OFF Fri. Dec. 15th ft Sat., Dec. 16th Hotel Gardston Estherville Friday ~=~l l ^rM."- 7 P\M. ~* Saturday - 10 A.M. - 3 P.M. • Super lightweight — just 6.9 lbs." • Super pww — cuts a 6" log in 5 seconds • Super maneuverable. One hand control between cuts • Super toeful at home or camping STALL'S FARM & HOME 17'il Eott Central Avernje aw a FREE GIFT To Any Woman Attending Sale! To show you the new look and feel of the capless wig — we are offering a free gift just to look plus this fantastic trade in sale! 700 WIGS TO CHOOSE FROM. DIRECT FROM IMPORTERS! Your Wig will be Styled Free of Charge FELLOWS! *2 OFF ON ANY WIG In leiu of trade in Here's A Perfect Xmas Gift For Mother, Wife, Or Sweetheart Plus A Free Gift For You And Her - With Purchase. $5.00 Discount For All Men. (No Trade-in Necessary.) Gift Wrapped Free 3 TRACTORS & ACCESSORIES 1969 John Deere 4020 Diesel with W.F. 3 pt. hitch, dual box hyd. outlets, all season cab, heater, flotation front tires, long axles and 16.9x38 8 ply tires. A-l condition; 1960 John Deere 630 gas with factory' power steering and rolla-matic; 1961 Massey Ferguson 35 with Twin Draulic manure loader and snow bucket; M & W hub duals with 18.4x34 tires, for 4020; 3 sets rear wheel weights for 4020 and others; Base weights and 3 slabs for 4020 front weights; 4 John Deere high pressure hyd cylinders; 1 John Deere low pressure hyd. cylinder; ' AUGERS AND ELEVATORS Snowco 8 in. force feed 50 ft auger with fold down hopper and PTO drive; 6 in. 16 ft auger with 2 h.p. electric motor and transports; 5 inch portable auger; John Deere 50 ft elevator, 16 in. wide: Koyker 20 ft portable truck elevator; 24 ft bale conveyor with electric motor; Meyers 36' elevator, 16" wide. 55 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK 29 HEAD OF HEREFORD CATTLE 14 Hereford stock cows, pasture bred to a Hereford bull, since June 26; 15 Hereford steer and heifer spring calves; All cows will be Bangs tested; 26 HEAD OF SHEEP 14 yearling to solid mouth ewes, bredtoSuffolk buck; 6 Ewe lambs; 5 Buck lambs; Purebred 2 year old Suffolk buck; Buck turned with ewes on November 1. FENCING, GATES, BUILDINGS Approx. 50 wooden fence posts; Approx. 150 steel fence posts; 60 rods 36 in. woven wire; 80 rods 32 in. woven wire; Assorted size fanrtgatesjfiajrtS lM-odder housW; — —**• *• FEEDING EQUIPMENT Bodensteiner Blender feed wagon with boom auger, 1 ton cap.; Butler 5 ton bulk feed bin; 500 lb. platform scale; SHOP TOOLS OK 250 Amp. electric welder, complete; Oxygen Acetylene welder with cutting and brazing tips; Iron bending machine; Wheel cutting down jig; 1-4, 3-8 and 1-2 electric drills; MISCELLANEOUS EQUIPMENT 18 in. Aeration fan with electric motor; Plastic water pipe; 4 Automatic gas regulators, singles and doubles; FARM MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT CATTLE & HOG EQUIPMENT HAY AND STRAW WAGONS, TRAILERS & SPREADERS SPECIAL EQUIPMENT 1963 GMC PICKUP % ton pickup with V-6 engine, 4 speed transmission and Omaha Standard combination stock and grain rack with roof. ALVIE E. TRIPP, Owner WEBB, Phone 838-3120 NORVIN OLSON, Spencer, Phone 262-5535 JIM HARVEY, Ayrshire, Phone 426-2480 - AUCTIONEERS SGT. STRIPES ... FOREVER by Bill Howrillo Ze^ f wi z ^ CA&Z The •sfxi' i tmcf, /Aft*. inev t ^A /e. | -^>&F - • - "vie nzetot 7>*C&. O-S?B THE BORN LOSER by Art Sansom SIDE GLANCES by Gill Fox rLUBS FOR WOWEMZ, he- I WOULDN'T WTW A. [TW6NTV-FC0T CARNIVAL by Dick Turner "We'll get to your compulsion to rearrange furniture, Mre. Thompson, aa soon as you settle down!" WINTHROP by Dick Covolli WHEN 44X1 CONSIDER THE 1 BILLIONS/MP BILLIONS OF SNOWFLAKES THAT THE BADGE GUYS by Bowen & Schwarz \m i/ itu, \M, TW •«! u( >#t on 'How about letting us use the oar a couple timet a week?" "All the other parents are doing ft!"

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