Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 5, 1957 · Page 12
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1957
Page 12
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Bulder Turns to Homes for Retirement Living By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (* - The accent in America is on youth, and most of us fuel that as a nation we treat our elders rather shamefully. We neglect them. We take them Iran Quake Called Worst Since 1949 TEHRAN Ifl — Official sources say the earthquake in north Iran was the world's most devastating since Aid te.ims still were unable to reach many of the 100 villages reported destroyed Tuesday. But a government spokesman said Thursday night the number if Iranians killed would reach well over 1,5(10. A member of Parliament pu The earthquake-battered area curved 'or 500 miles from the Soviet Azerbaijan border on the northwesl, southward around the Caspian Sea and back to .the border of Soviet Turkmen on the northeast. the figure at 5,000. the adjoining Soviet doubtless were damaged, |s been no report of casu- damage north of the bor- Although areas there ha alties or der. Topping the 1,400 killed in Algeria in September 1954, the official figure was the greatest num ber of persons killed in an earthquake since 6,500 died in Ecuador in August 1949, The government said all Iranian ports and villages on the Caspian were devastated. Property damage in areas thus far visited by aid teams was estimated at 25 million dollars Shortages of food, medicine, water and shelter are acute. Judy Tyler, Starlet, Killed BILLY promising let Judy in a tomobiles mmg Fatally] groom of Gregory evision tion, N. Miss the lead ley in Bock," Wednesday Jones, 23 in the Told o said in has hurt of us don't the now. THE KID. Wyo. UB-A career of movie star* |Tyler, 24, was blotted out on collision of two au- at this southern Wyo- roadside hamlet. head injured was her bride- less than four months, Lafayette, also 24, a tel- actor of Hopewell June- Y. ; who just completed frole opposite Elvis Pres- the movie, "Jailhouse was killed instantly as was Donald D. j, of Hanna, Wyo., riding car. the tragedy, Presley I lemphis, Tenn., •'nothing me as bad in my life. All loved that girl. I believe I can stand to see movie we made together, other DIES oriNJURIES IOWA FALLS Wi—Services were to be held here Friday afternoon for Franlc Bessman, 67, Alden who died Wednesday of injuries suffered in a two-car accident June 23 near (Mden. Five sons and six daughter survive. The m lk bottle was invented by a doctor in Potsdam, New York, in 1884, and the paper milk carton was patented in 1906. WHY Keepsake is America's largest Selling E {amend Ring More jeople choose Keep* sake because- L. Keepsake is perfect m- der 10-power magnification. 3 L Keopsake's nationally established price guar* aniees full and uniform value. 3. Keopsake has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. A. Keepsake may be exchanged at any time for a keepsake of greater value. Look for the name Keepsake in the ring and on the tag, your assurance of quality, beauty and valve forever. Always Easy'Credit Loehr fir Shriver jIV/ILIRS for granted. We assume often wrongly — that a retired man ia an economic burden on the country's economy. Some of the contractors in today's depressed housing market, however, are taking another look at the picture—and awaking to the fact that one of the big answers to their problem is to build more homes for the old folks. The right kind of homes —homes designed for their special needs. In the trade the term often used is "homes for retirement living." Pioneers Field One of the new pioneers in this field is N. R. (Tubby) Field, a prominent attorney who left his native Owensboro, Ky., and made a fortune as a builder in Florida and Denver, Colo. "Tubby," a light - eyed, gray- haired man with a booming voice, erected nearly $100,000,000 in housing during the post-war building boom. Like most builders, he concentrated on houses for young growing families. Who cared about the old folks? -Bui, when the market began to tighten, Field checked prospective customers, architects and engineers...came up with this idea: One reason for the home building recession is that few builders paid enough attention to the needs of the elderly. j "There are 15 million people in the United States 65 or over," said Field, whose own parents are over 70." In 20 years there will be 21 million. "Surprisingly, there is no hesitancy among older people to buy new houses after retirement. And 50 per cent of the elderly, having sold their old homes, are in a position to pay cash when they buy a new home for their retirement years." But elderly persons, having sold their former homes, want a new home more suited to their years. Special Features Field, after checking extensive surveys of the situation by Florida stage agencies, has incorporated these special features in a new 2,000 acre, 8,000 home development he is building at Bontown Beach, a few miles from Palm Beach. The homes, plus a swimming pool, start at $13,500. How do these "retirement homes" differ from ordinary housing? A few examples: "Trouble bells" in bedroom and living rooms to summon aid from neighbors...bathtubs with built-in seats and stairs or thresholds to fall down on trip window walls to admit more light to help failing vision... electric outlets at waist level to avoid bending. And luminous light switches... wall refrigerators and ovens at chest level (also to avoid bending) ...pantries with eye level shelves- garbage disposal units to eliminate unnecessary lifting and extra steps ...extra wide doors throughout the house to permit passage of wheelchairs...swimming pools with grab rails, _a. gently sloping ramp en- 12 Times Herald, C»rr»ll, lew* frldey, July 5, 1W7 IN BASIC TRAINING ... Jon G. Steffes, who was graduated from Kuemper High School in .1957, is taking basic training in the U. S. Air Force at Lackland A.F.B. in Texas. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. John M. Steffes of Carroll. His address Is A-B Jon G. Steffes, AF 17503133, Fit. 798, Squdn. 3710, Box 1510, Lackland A.F.B., Texas. trance, and a non-slip floor. Father, Son Banquet Of Lake City Parish (Time* Herall New. ServiM) LAKE CITY - Fathers and sons of St. Mary's parish, Lake City, had a banquet Sunday evening, June 30 at the Community building served by women of St. Mary's Church. Tables were doc- orated with sport scenes and garden flowers. The Rev. James Fandel gave invocation and introduced the program which was given by the women and which included a kitchen band, a pantomime, dance numbers, instrumental duets and the playing of a recording of "Me He Didn't See," the lyric for which was written by Mrs. Merle Howe, a member of the parish. Fr. Fandel spoke briefly. Religious gifts were presented to Mike O'Connor, the oldest father present; Ted Essign, the father with the youngest son; Earl Schleisman, the father with the most sons present; and Francis Fandel, the father who came the farthest (80 miles). General chairmen of the affair were Mrs. Clarence Clark, Mrs. Clifford Owens and Mrs. Carl Callies; entertainment chairman, Mrs. Merle Howe; kitchen chairmen, M r s. Paul O'Mara and Mrs. Tony Stauber; and dining room chairmen, Mrs. William Goodyear and Mrs. George Andrews. Time of a child's most rapid growth is 13.8 years for an average boy; 11.5 years old for the average girl. and Japanese Are Wed Again By EUGENE KRAMER CAMP WHITTINGTON. Japan («—GI William S. Girard and the Japanese girl who offered to serve any prison term he might be given were married again today in a simple church ceremony. "This is a very happy event," the smiling, 21-year-old soldier said after the Methodist rites in Camp Whittington's small white chapel. "I only wish my mother and brother were here." His 27-year-old bride, Haru (Candy) Sueyama, said in English into a microphone: "Thank you very much." Wedding Party Then the couple drove to the home of friends inside the camp for a wedding party. Girard is restricted to the base pending the outcome of an international wrangle over whether Japan or the Army should try him for killing a Japanese woman while on guard duty last January. He had to return to his -barracks — without Candy—tonight. The double ring ceremony, performed by an Army chaplain, followed the depositing of marriage documents with civil agencies which legally made them man and wife last Tuesday. On the wedding eve an American congressman added fuel to the controversy over the Girard case, declaring that official Army reports indicated Girard had lured Mrs. Naka Sakai to her death on a U.S. firing range a few miles from he're. She was struck in the back by an empty shell casing fired from a grenade launcher. Girard, who was guarding equipment on the firing range, has said the shooting was accidental. But Rep. Burleson (D-Tex) said in Washington the Army had testimony from another soldier that Girard urged him to throw out shell casings to attract Mrs. Sakai a scrap collector, and that Girard had told the woman to pick them up. Burleson is chairman of a House subcommittee which investigated the case. Burleson identified the other soldier as Specialist 3. C. Victor Nickel. No Comment Girard repeatedly replied "no comment" today to questions about the Burleson statement. His army legal adviser, Maj. Stanley Levin, told reporters "any observations we may make will be made in a court room where it counts." Nickel also refused to comment. In Ottawa, 111., the soldier's hometown, Girard's brother Louis termed Burleson's statement "below the belt." "He is sounding off just a few days before the Supreme Court hearing on my brother's case and I don't have to be a politician to understand why," Louis said. "Whatever happened on that firing range should be brought out in a court of law." The U.S, Supreme Court will hear arguments Monday on whether Girard should be given up for a Japanese trial. A Japanese court has indicted him for manslaughter, but a U.S. District Court has ruled that an Army court-martial should try him. Virginia colonists imported the first cows to the New World; today's U.S. cow population has grown to 21,000,000 head. NOTICE! I have moved by office into the building formerly occupied by Light's Apparel Shop. Use South Door. For Appointment! Phone 3318 DR. O. M. O'CONNOR OPTOMETRIST SI 7 North Adams Carroll, lew* DARTMOUTH ICE CREAM Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry i/i-Gol. 49c ELNA MARGARINE 2 Lbs. 29c U.S.D.A. Choice E.VX-—Extra Value Trim, Blade Cut, Lb. Una Elberta Freestone in Heavy Syrup, Large No. 2Va Can 29c Hartex Sliced, in Heavy Syrup, 20-ox, Cam ... Juice, Del Monte, 46*ei. Cam ... Golden Poppy Bartlett Halves in Heavy Syrup, Large No. 2VJ Cane Peaches Pineapple Pineapple-Grapefruit Pears Green Beans Apricots M Mwk !":!" H .:7. sy ^ 3 i 49* Instant Coffee air.^. 95* Cookies assart. 49< Shoestring Potatoes»- 10 e Food Club Fancy Cut Hue Lake, 17-ox. Cans Indian Grill Dressing M ja &r.,*. 40 21 King Size Bread Hinky Dinky Enriched White, 24-aa. Leaf .. TOP FROST FROZEN FOODS 8 !M Top Frost, 6 *01. Cane Orange Juice nU 4% *m T «P Fro*** • 6QS 10 ' OL Cortons Green Beans Corn on the Cob Strawberries 12-ot. Cam Top Frost Cut or French Style, IO .01. Cartons Top Frost, Pkg. of 2 Ian. Top Frost, Sliced, 10-ot. Cartons . 4!'1 6 5*1 2 i 39 19' 2:41' Green Label, Chunk Stylo STAR-KIST TUNA Toasted Cocoanut Cream Cookies SUPREME Cleaner 8-os. Gait 1-Lb. Pkg. 31c SPIC & SPAN, Hardwater CaetHe Soap 49c KIRK'S -Lb. Pkg. Reg* Ban 90 4-100% Pure IVORY Large Bars Beauty Bar Soap 2(» 31c ZEST Reg, Bart New Piuk CAMAY Orange Pekoe Black Condon S « M Bar. 3 for 29C L-PTON'S ^CoX . 27C Lean BoneleM : ^ ^'^ MINUTE STEAK u. 89c ,C. 8. Choice a, , JRHI STEAK Lb... Freshly Ground' . \_ GROUND KEF 3u*.$l PORK CUTLETS ^ 59e Lean and Meat; SPARERIBS Lk .. 49c Cndahy'a Puritan Kin* Siaa WIENERS 49e Cornlaad Fancy Grade "A" Stewing CHICKENS L!. 4 :™ ,35c Armour's star Ready to Eat, Half or Whole Canadian Ba con Lb.. 85c Armour 's Star Ready to Eat Center Out or'Sllced Canadian fta con Lb.., 95e Swiffs Worthmoro ' BACON Lk 49c Chicken Ghaardi arid HEARTS 51b Meaty Turkey NECKS Lb . 89c '__ 19c U.S.D.A. Grade ',A" Riverhead Brand DUCKS „ ub Lb 49c STRAWBERRIES DtMcions Sweat Red Rip, California's Finest FULL I0XES P^'I?"! *•* W r* W* Thin Rind. Every Melon Guaranteed naff, Whole or Quarter Watermelon m. 5c Fancy Fresh Real Mooted Santa Rata PLUMS SBTu 29c FancyFresh Calif. Sweat Red Cardinal wIVMlCw lunches, Lb. . . 29c 29c 219c 2f«29c Count .... 49c Blue CHEER VkT 33c GUnfPk8, Orange Pekoe Blaok 10c off .... _ 69c UPTON'S TRAM*: 45e Vi-Lb., a*- Pkg. .....Off* Froduea and moot prices effective thru Sat., Jury irk Grocery prices effective thru Wad., July J OM We reserve the right to Hmtt sjnairriHos TOP VALUES PLUS TOP VALUE STAMPS Fairmont's Ice Cream YcmiRa, Chocolate or Strawberry Half GeHo* Carte* j

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