The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on October 14, 1971 · Page 7
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 7

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1971
Page 7
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'c) Kg ^ HERITAGE HOUSE Orange City, Iowa NEWS Mrs. Mary Clnvprlnp will celebrate lior 80th birthday today (Thursday, Ocl. 14.) No- tcboom and Clpvnringu nipcos and nephew; will help her cp- lebralp. RPV. Gprald Vando Berg of Ilospprs Christian Roform- Pd Clmrrh had rliargp of the Rnrvire Sunday afternoon. The Sunday Sr.hool class of Mrs. I.OP Woudstra sang spvpral spprial numbers. Mrs. Jacob Wobbptna ofDes Moinps, la. visitptl Mrs. Jessie O'.denkamp and Mrs. Alberl Slolliouber on Thursday aftprnnnn. Mrs. Harry Bras of Alton also callpd on Mrs. Oldpnkanip. Mr. and Mrs. Pt?tpr Dos of Canada and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bos of Rlpndale, Minn., visited their Undo Henry Bos on Thursday. On Sunday evening Mr. Bos visited with his daughter and husband Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit Hartog In California by telephone. Mrs. Nelvie Salie and Mrs. Carlton Van Peursem of Woodstock, Minn., called on their father, Mr. Martin Van Peursem and also on Mrs. Martin Van Peursem in the hospital on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Rower- dink of Vinton, called on Mrs. Albert Slothouber on Monday. Mr. Paul Vander Ham had a visit from his brother from Sioux City on Sunday afternoon. Mr. Gerrlt Bylsma of Edgerton, Minn., also visited and toured the llomp. Ann De I.lnts visitors were Rev, William (Billy) Hoss of Clinton, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. JaHIPS Godfrey and Jayne of Sioux City and Mr. Adrian Vander Plants of Ashton, la. SUGAR 5c A POUND •gmHHgg|^^^Bm^HHMMi[BBBBi^BH">^B M>K i^^^ leaders We save you money on Groceries —catalogue free with trial Bold in different parts of our catalogue. Bol in eren pars o o . FLOUR - $8.36 e^. SUGAR - $5.00 ^ .> (One of Our M'l ponml flfirk iM>i -pound *;i''K Here Is Our Plan i: i .'I 'i'i for tin! following Trial Onlcr i ifii linow th:i'. you ini-iin Inmiiu-ssnnil w<- rlinlf "ill! your tiril'T our llnrKiiin (inn-rry <,n in which you will lind liitr Krocury l>:iri;'>in«. will t Trial Order r Pilca Dr. and Mrs. G. BoydWlial- ey and family from Yankton will spend Saturday as guests of Dr. and Mrs. R. J. Hassebroek and family, also taking In the Northwestern-Yankton football game on Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Hop from Le Mars were Sunday afternoon visitors in the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit Rozeboom. _ ..( Betitl Prlco Oi f, pnmiiln Our Itcsl Ornnnlnli'il Sm>:ir m ivmls •£, rails I 1 nirK" Mm pni'knt-u Uu:ik(:r lluls \'t ctmls 7 rails 1 i.iiiu.l (iimranti.'1-il I'.iilmiK I'ow.h-r. .W> rails 3'.l raits ', Illnrk I'i'ppiT ((irininil) '..'5 rants If, conla ';, .puiinil Cinnnmim (Cruiui.l) '!!, t-nnls Ifi CITIH >/-|i»uml liingcr KJrouml) -' cc'iits 15 <-,.|ils Vliounil Mustnnl ((inmiiill i'i i-i'nls If. cnnta i hnrs Kirk's Whltn l'lnki'Ro:i|i .. K, n-nla '.I rents ankKs"llylliiki:"lu«r!liki..Soupl''lnlii-!i)»H'''nlil Brails 1 liar K.-U Nnphthn So,,,, 5 raits . r.'ti « 1 pound ISri'iikriistCoi-ua l»> cunls .Ti, i'i-nla 1 (Jotalonut! Kruc ReutlPrlcB S3.23 OorPrieis 11.99 VOU S/1VE SI. 22 OUR GUARANTEE: ,Vr.."r.*ri r rtt; M Pi.«Sl! W.. .r.H,..llrli,li.» »r« Im.l.lw.. You Uku n» chunira u.-nloiK wilti Uim olil rthubtn cimcurii. COLE-CONRAD CO., 2Z ,?y,'i. fn - s «,' mu .Chicago, III. (One ol'Oiir Lea Onr HMt Granulnlwl Siil-nr Jj |« 1;^ l'«J J|^- ,, .1 M " \' ' ' ['\' t .t,u pi:r Ml III^. Other Big Bargains in our Catalogue lln i HiBi'iiim, I'.! |,;i.-k:n!.-. ;','.' ';;•"{• Hunker Unts, li InrKi! |>:ii'kii"iM ..••••• J '-'•""' AND OTIIMt I11O IIMM5AINS. •* I wf lirml IKI iTitiilo;-uo unli'sis we re- Remember n-,v,.vu,,rir,:,ion,,T. Wfwll tin' tri.'.l i.rdiT compl.-lr only nml no purl of r-iinc N'lr t\>i we »''lt tiny :nln-]» incntKini-,1 in 11119 !, li'Vlis'.ninil m-iinrntrlY Wi- ri':»'rvc tin- riaht lo ro- turn iiny inimi-y IciukTiil in p;iyinrnt of linoila fontrnry Uii'h ynur tritil ordor t,t onrp., nnd fi't our r.'i'nlnKUO tind ruininiinru KiivinK hiK ninn'jy on :i I your i-roi-i.-rii-'S. -ORDER BLANK- COUE.CONBAD CO.. O.ol F.5. 2215 OIlUa Aw.^CklMJJ " State JltB Oldest Exclusive Mall Order Grocery House In America (Reprinted from Needlecraft Magazine, Aug., 1919) IVan Kalsbeek bride of Lee Jeltema JVan Kalslieek, daugh- | r and Mrs. Clarence l,eek, ofllospers.and le Jeltema, son of jcv Jeltema and the B'peter P. Jeltema ie City, exchanged jvows on Friday, Sep§24 at 7:45 P.M. in frlstlan Reformed SIHospers, J3. W. Van Den Berg Vat the double ring y before the altar de- foith two candelabras I and lavendar mums »gladiolus. SCoranne Peters of Iprovlded the nuptial And accompanied the |Mrs. Irwin Woudstra |rs, as he sang "The I: Prayer" as the |knelt and "Whither jest" after they lit |candle, Sride, given in mar} her father, was at[ a beautiful creation silk organza over featuring a modified Ikline, empire waist, |n puffed sleeves Into a fitted cuff. |re gown was accen- llth tiny daisies plus I self-same daisy trim Idrt bottom and on the itts. The chapel train Bout this same accent. lemble was completed J flowing mantilla veil 1 with daisies. She |a cascade of daisies. I of honor was Mrs. Btra, sister^ of the gnd bridesmaid was I Huygens, niece of Je. They were attired pi floor length gowns war Mlra mist over |le satin crepe. Em- ttd trim accented the palst and outlined the foke. The full sheer I were gathered into Itled cuffs. They car- Ing stemmed lavendar jlower girl was Miss :voort, niece of the IShe was attired in a Ingth gown of white 1st over satin crepe 1 with daisy trim. She |» basket of lavendar |e mums. Ring bearer A Norman Van Meet- jephew of the bride. I a white dinner jacket Vied a heart-shaped low, Mc'slnrin was Mr, Rodney Jclfonn :iiu! srooms-rinn was Potfr H. .IcllcMiia, brothers of (ho groom, All IHPII in the wedding wore lilark tuxedoes. The groom wore a white shirt and lavendar tie. Other men in thp wedding wore lavender shirts and white UPS. Candlelighters were Cathy and Marlin Grotenlmis, ntecp x and nephew of the bride. The guests were seated by Ctnirk Huygens, nephew of the bride, and LeRoy Fedders, cousin of the groom. I,aura VanKals- beek, sister of the bride, registered the guests. The bride's mother wore a deep garnet dress; the groom's mother wore a rust colored dress. Both wore corsages of daisies and yellow roses. A reception was held in the church basement with Rev. J. B. Hulst as master of ceremonies. Punch was served by Linda Woudstra and Rog Tiodeman. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Huygens served as dining room host and hostess. Gifts were received by Cindy and Bruce Grotenlmis, Cheryl Bruxvoort, and Don Huygens. Gifts were displayed by Rose Dragstra. Ruth Pickard, La Donna Fedders, and Gloria Van Ginkle. Coffee was poured by Mrs. Marley Grotenhuls and Mrs. Harold Bruxvoort. The cake was cut by Mrs. Jerry Van Meeteren and Mrs. Peter D. Jeltema. The lunch was catered by the Auto Dine. Waitresses were Shirley Vanden Berg, Barb and Mary Van Leeuwen. Gail and Cheryl Alons, Ila Woudstra, Ruth Pott, Connie De Jong and Karen Beltman. The bride chose a purple double knit dress as her going away outfit. Her corsage was daisies and pom poms. After a short trip to the Black Hills, the couple will reside at 104 third Street, S.E., In Sioux Center. The bride Is employed at Dordt College and the groom at De Haan Electric of Orange City. OPEN UNTIL 9 P.M. WON. THRU SAT. land Mrs. Alvln Van went to Sioux Falls y where they called Sam P. schut, a |at Sioux Valley Hosp- George Vogel is a few days visiting Van Oort home this week while Is on a business pebraska. I Hester Vande Garde V on Saturday evening 5 «ing in the home of »ter and family, the IHartman'slnWaupon, pdandHenryRoghair f«ton, South Dakota |irom Wednesday to ' "'siting in the John ««• Schaaf home. Tliey jfcews of Mrs. Vander ^ Mrs. Sherman Dyke '' Margaret Anderson "City were Saturday ftsintheBenVan- s home, d Mrs. Ray van Pelt ' will be leaving on W spend a week in Jane Oldenkamp engaged to Jerry Beltman Mr. nnd Mrs. John O!<l--n- kamp, Jr. of HOS^K wish to announce the ongagnmont of their daughtor Janr- to Jerrj Beltman , son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm Beltman of Granville. jane is prosontly employed at the Hospers Savine Bank and Jerry is omployod in car- been set. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vendor Wilt visited with Mrs. Van* i Wilt's mother, Mrs. Anna ,an OortinHullonTuesd.iypven- ing. Mrs. Don, StepM- anie and Allyson from Sanborn and Mr and Mrs. Luke - -,..-i and Mrs, |aerkum visited in »an Berkum home Y?»ey last ^^^m.' »w Berkum home and family were au..» •>>»-- ^^^^•f V?Hey last Wed» guests in the homo ° rcjier | jber^-^B^OUX COUNTY CAPITAL, Thursday, October 14, 1971 MOUWS Prlc8« good thru Sat.. Oct. 16 the friendly folks! BARGAINS! Flav-o-rite' Cheese 2^ Spread MIsbwK Cinnamon Rolls Franks Wilson Certified Vac Pak Gus Glaser '^^Smorgasbord Pak " 12 oz. pkg. 790 Sausage Hunts Hunt's • Slices 'Halves PEACHES Super Valu VEGETABLES I No. 2V? C No 303' • Cut Green Beans , • Cut Wa Beans ~ . French Stjte Grew Beans • Golden Cream Style Com • Kitchen Sliced Green Beans • Whole Kernel Com • Vac Pak Whole Kernel Com-12 OL • Peas Wilderness Chefiy Aqua Net •Uiuctnttd Pie Filling Tomato Soup Wonderlon Panty Hose. 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