Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on December 29, 1939 · Page 5
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 5

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1939
Page 5
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f FRIDAY, DECEajBER 20. 1939 .PAC'tE FIVE OeoemlNJr 11, 1BS» William Heiyford ot al to Olara R Booth et al, dated 3-1-32, lot 3, H block T, Uklah North Addition. -T Thomas A. Gileo et u>: to George Cameron Carjniclmel, dated 12-11' 3C, lot C of Johnson's & Ray's Subdivision, Ukiah. Charles H. Luce et al to Mertie K. Joy. dated 12-4-39, lots 1 and f 2, block 2, Luce Subdivision, S of Uklah. diATTBIi MOBTOAOE: John W, Bednar et al to Savings Bank of Mendocino Co., dated 12- llr39, crops and equipment on property N of Calpella; $1200.00. ASSIGNMENT OF RENTS: Fred George Anderson et ux to Ooaat National Bank, dated 5-25-39, rents under lease rec. in 131 O. R. RECONVEYANCES: Harold T. Boldcn et al, trustees, to Fred George Anderson ct ux, dated 12-7-39, deed of trust rec. In 108 O. R. 286. Mendocino County Title Co., trustee, to Charles H. Luce et al. dated 12-11-39, releases lots 1 & 2. block 2, Luce Subdivision, from lien of deed of trust rec. in 12C O. R. 13. DEEDS OF TRUST: Fred George Anderson et ux to Mendocino Countv Title Co. trustee for Coast National Bank et al. dated 8-9-39. lots 11^ & 16, block 22. Port Bragg; $9000.00. Fred George Anderson et ux to Meudocino County Title Co. as trustee for George A. Faraday, dtd 12-6-39, lots 15 & 16, block 22, Fort Bragg; $1600.00. RGLBASES: Martin Mertie to Fred George Anderson, lien rec. in 128 O. R. 250. Arthur J. Patzer to Fred George Anderson, dated 11-10-39, lien rec. in 138 O. R. 251. Jacob Sering to Fred George An' derson. Hen rec. in 128 O. R. 252. The Diamond Match Co, to Fred Ctoorge Anderson, lien rec. in 128 O. R. 404. Dornan Hardware Co. to Fred ' George Anderson, lien rec. in 131 O. R. 228. Charles E. Ashe to Fred George Anderson, lien rec. in 131 O. R. 231. Fort Bragg Cooperative Mercantile Corporation to Fred George Anderson, dated 11-8-39, lien rec. in 131 O. R. 235 Caspar Lumber Co. to Fred Geo. Anderson, dated 11-13-39, lien rac. In 131 O. R. 291. DECREE OF DISTRIBUTION: In the Matter of thp Estate of Nello Papuccl. Dec, dated 11-10-39, No. 6321; distributes to Gino Mar^ cheschl et al personal piopertv, # distributes to Natalina Martinelli property in City of XTklah in lot 36 of Tokayo Rancho. CANCELLATION: Savings Bank of Mendocino Co. to John W. Bednar ct al, mortgage rec. in 114 O. R. 81. MORTGAGES:, G. L. GrcenAcld ot t|K to Bank- amcrlcB AgricuKurnl Credit Corporation, dated 11-29-39, livestock on Greenflcld Ranch 14 miles NW of Ukiah: $1030.00. Ray Johnson et ux to Flora M. Saxon, dated 12-9-S9, lot 3 and the westerly 23' of lot 2, block « Daugh- crty's Addition to WlUits; $13SQ.00. M. C. Forbes to Oharl«s Kasoh, dated 12-14-39, lands In Sec. 32; T 24 N R 15 W, MDM; •$1000.0a . HOMESTEADS: Declaration of Richard Purbeck, husband oit Edytho K. Purheqk, dtd 6-12-39. lot in Fort Bragg; value $1000.00. Declaration of M. C. Forbes, dtd 12-11-39, lands In Sec. 32; T 24 N R 15,W, MDM; value $1000.00. CANCELLATION: Ukiah P. C. A. to PeUr R. Donoho, mortgage rec. In 117 O. R. 288. December 12, 19.S9 DEEDS: Bernhard Michel to Elizabeth Hofer, his daughter, dated 3-18-39, property in Cloverdalo P.irk, Subdivision No. 1. State of California to County ot Mendocino, dated 10-31-3D, property in T 18 N R 13 VV, MDM. William H. Oppenlander et al to Wilma Henrietta Shandel. dated 122-39. lot in Mendocino City and undiv. i interest in lands in T 16 N Rs 15 & 16 W, MDM, reserving life estate in grantors. Northwestern Redwood Company to County of Mendocino, dated 1110-38, quitclaims pioperty in City of Willits. MORTGAGES: William L. McAllister to George C. Faulkner, dated ll-2.'i-38, mill equipment near Blue Rock, California; $2654.86. J. L. McNeil) et al to The Federa! Land Bank of Berlcelt^y. dtd 11-1-39, crops of 1940, etc., on poi- tion of lot 12 of Yokayo Rancho; $5245.00. DEED OP TRUST: William L, McAllister to Helen Bnmzell as trustee for George C, Faulkner, dated 11-25-39. 10 acres in Sec. 5; T 23 N R 15 W, MDM; $2654.86. NOTICE OF ACTION: The Ukiah Farmers' Club vs. Miriam. G. Davis et al, dated 12-1239, No. 13611; notice of action to set aside deed from H. E. Dewey to defendants covering undiv. Vt int. in property known as The Oaks Ranch. CANCELLATION: Uklah P. C. A. to B. W. Van Voorhis et ux, mortgage rec. in 131 O. R. 134. December 13, 1939 DEEDS: Northwestern Redwood Company to State of California, dated 11-1039, property described in 15t) Deeds 58 and in 62 O. R. 486. (Quitclaim deed). August Alfred Heoser to Puiley Oscar Vanderen ct ux. dated 9-1439, lot B of Town of Mendocino. County of Mendocino to Herman Traub, dated 11-15-39. property in BJpck 21, City of Ukiah. RELEASE: Mercantile Acceptance Cornora- tlon of Calif, to Goorfie Vevoda ct al, dated 12-6-3D, releases chattel mortgage rec. in 128 O. R. 329. 3 OLD AGE SECURITY PROPERTY AGREEMENTS: Alameda County Welfare Department. December 14, l»,S9 DEEDS: Daniel P. Hlckey to Elsie H. Frost, dated 9-21-39. propeity in T 24 N R 15 W. MDM, and in T 5 S R 6 E, HM. (Re-record of 136 O. R. 82). H. T. Cabvland to Leola A. Bei(h- ton, dated 11-20-39. 7 acres in Sec, 17: T IP N B ir W. MDM, Sam Petty et ux to Rav .Tohnson, dated. 12-9-39. lot 3 and westerly 2R' of lot 2, block 6, Daugherty's Addition to Willits. P. A. Stenberg et ux to Richard Purbeck, dated 4-15-38. lot in Fort Bragg, Edward Mertie to Edmund John Paulua et ux, dated 12-12-39, lot at Fort Bragg, Charles Kasch et iix to M, C. Forbes, dated 12-11-39, Innds in Sec, 32: T 24 N R 15 W. MDM, Ralph Figone to Heihert B, Larson et 11X. dated 10-11-39, 2,58 acres near Talmage, Pnciflc Ga.s & Electric Comnanv to Countv of Mendoolno, dated 128-39. grants rieht of wav over lands in T 1R N R n W MDM. RECONVE Y A NCE S: Mendocino Countv Title Co, to Wilburn L, Brown et ux. dated 1?14-39, deed of trust rec. in 90 O, R. 197, Mendoeino Coimtv Titin Cn. to Sam Petty et ux. dated l2-14-.'(9, deed of trust vee. in 110 O. R, 489, DF:»r!n OP TPTJ.ST: Wilburn L. Brown et ux to Mendocino Countv Title Co, ns trustee for flavine's Rank of Mendocinn CL, dated T'l-an, nrnjiorty on Rcntt St., Ukiah; $1680.00. December 16, 19S» DEED: George Garaventa et al, trustees of River Union School District, to Mrs. Bernardine Williamson, dated 2-21-39. Carrol School District school house property. QmTCLAIM DEEDS: Vernon Howell et al to Bernardine Williamson, dated 2-21-39, Car- roil School District property. Lulu Howell to Bernardino Williamson, dated 4-13-33, Carroll School District property. J. M. Howell to Bernardine Williamson, dated 4-13-38, Carroll School District property. Lillian Lierly to Bernardine Williamson, dated 2-21,-38, Carroll School District property. E, D, Howel! to Bernardine Williamson, dated 2-21-38, Carroll School District property. Frances M. Tindall to Bernardine 'Williamson, dated 2-21-38. Carroll School District property. Luella Brown to Bernardine Williamson, dated 2-21-38, Carroll School District property. Nellie May Crawford et vir to Bernardino Williamson, dated 2-2138, Carroll School District property. DEED: San Hedrin Timber Company to Ukiah Pine Lumber Co., dated 1025-39, property in Lake and Mendocino counties. RECONVEYANCE: H. L Preston et al, trustees, to Charles N. Underwood et ux, dated 12-5-39, releases 1.41 acres in SWW of NE'4. Sec, 14; T 23 N R 17 W, MDM. from lien of deed of trust ,rec. in 133 O. R. 13. DEED OF TRUST: Ukiah Pine Lumber Company to John Selby et al as trustees for San Hedrin Timber Co., dated 11-8-39, property in Lake and Mendocino counties; $150,000.00. 1 OLD AGE SECURITY PROPERTY AGREEMENT: Sacramento County Welfare Department. DECREE TERMINATING LIFE ESTATE: In the Matter of the Petition of Andrew Pyorro and Dan Kukko to terminate the life estate ot John Kukko, Dec, dated 12-15-39, No. 6473. DECREES OF mSTRIBUTION: In the Matter of the Estate of George M. Wildberger, alias, Dec, dated 12-15-30, No, 6393; distributes to Myrtle Wildberger personal property and property on Clay street, Ult'iah, In the Matter of the Estate of Hanna Niemi, Dec, dated 12-1-3D. No, 6243• distributes to Urho Niemi, Uno Niemi and William Niemi personal property and lot 9 of The Finnish Coionv Subdivision. NOTICE OP INTENDED SALE; John B, McDaniel, Willits, to Sam Petty, Willits. dated 12-14-39. intended sale of WdlitE Barber Shop. Main street, Willits, including all nersonal property except personal barber tools; sale to be consummated on Tuesday. 12-26-39. at 10:00 a. m.. at office of W. F. Whitney, 318 Main St., WilllU, Calif. December 16, 1989 RIGHTS OF WAY: Harold T. Bolden to California Public Service Co., dated 7-14-39, right of way affecting property near S end of Olsen Lane. Victor Versino to California Public Service Co., dated 8-15-39, right ot way over lands in NEW Sec. 6; T IS N R 17 W, MDM. Union Lumber Co. to California Public Service Co.. dated 7-18-39, right of wav over lands in Sec. 6; T 18 N R 17 W. MDM. CHATTEL MORTGAGE: E, M, Barron C 't al to Bank of Willits, dated 12-14-39, cattle on H, U McKinlev ranch 2 miles NE of Willits; $300,00, DECREE OP DISTRIBUTION; In the Matter of the Estate of John Dennis O'Donncll. alias. Dec, dated 12-4-39, No, 8380, Dept. No. 2, San Mateo: distributes to Emma Varsin property in Marin countv and lands in Ts 22 & 23 N R 14 W, MDM. 29 OLD AGE SECURITY PROPERTY AGREEMENTS: Mendocino County Welfare Department. DeceinbtT 18, 19S9 DEEDS: i Elizabeth M- Mellows to L. O. All- Penney store, expressed himself as BEITER MS —(Continued from Page 1)— yfif^t^ oHov ^car, but an outstanding f^a'tMrc qf this Christinas business has been the trend toward the pur- phase of ,a better griide of merchan- dlao than hefetoforo. Blf Increase The White House management do- olarea « 30 to 35 per cent increase In their December business over the aAP>C mpnth of 1938, and an increase o( at least 30 percent for the entire year. • rfere again we encountered evidence of optimism ainong shoppers, who sought out the Iratter class of merchandise for their Christmas presents. Some local food stores report a falling off of tourist trade during the past summer. This, it Is claimed, was because ot the San Francisco Exposition. Tourist trade coming from the south, which in other years had formed a large part of their summer business, was turned into the Exposition turnstiles. It Is believed. Department Store Montgomery Ward's Incretise' In volume was "very good" for the year, ahd the holliiay trade gratifying. As yet there are no comparative figures of the past twelve months, but Manager Walter Messick expressed himself "almost satisfied" with what had been accomplished. Another year will find Ward's with greater floor space and a more varied stock of merchandise pr>. their main floor. The Morris Drug Store has had a very satisfactory Christmas business which, in the aggregate, will top that of the previous year. They express themselves as satisfied. P. H. Joseph, jeweler, reports a profitable holiday trade, although no figures were ready for comparison. The Pioneer Oil & Burner Company has found business during '39 considerably better than was expected at the beginning of the year. "There has been nothing spectacular," says R. P. Clarke, owner and manager of Pioneer Oil, "but there has been a steady increase and I am perfectly confident of the future In Ukiah." Mr. Clarke, it will be recalled, investigated several localities with an eye to their desirability at the time he was looking for a location, and decided to cast his lot here. The Crystal Pharmacy reports a splendid Christmas business with more than usual early buying. There was a noticeable slackening up during the first of the week preceding Chrishmas, which was moi-e than offset by the pickup later. Building Lloyd Biltenbender, owner of a prosperous lumber business on the south highway, is another who has no complaint to offer of 1939, and when interviewed was prepared to ' meet the New Year with arms out-' stretched. He exhibited the demeanor of one who was pretty well satisfied with things. Admittedly, there were good reasons, for he told of five carloads of lumber just delivered by him to the Mendocino State Hospital for use by E. L. Leshure, Oakland, who has the contract for the $55,000 sewage disposal plant the state is constructing southwest of the institution's dairy barns. Other prospects in the offing add to his already full cup. Morty's Christmas trade was "very good." Mr. Mortenson said it would take some figuring to make a comparison that could be quoted, but he appeared satisfied. The Railway Express Company, whose records are always a dependable criterion of the holiday trade, report 1098 shipments during the month, which is an increase of 97 over the same period last year. Roberts & Bowers, jewelers, report a better December business, which with them had an early start and held up well throughout. They report their customers looked for and bought the "nicer items." Penney Company The J, C, Penney Company reports an increase over 1938, both as to the Christmas trade and the yearly volume. J. G. Pcarcc. recently transferred to the Ukiah DID HE e |T Tlffl^BlTOI A bunch of North State Street funsters had considerable sport Friday morning when they Bxed up a package, with a pair of turkey feet sticking; out one end and a tturkey head out the other, then placed It in the middle of State street uhd waited fur rcsiilt.1. Quite a few motorists passed It by, but soon ^ong oame Jim Porter, conatriictlon engtn^r at Mendocino State Hospital, who ,saw the package an4, had visions of a free turkey. Quickly double purklng,. he'jumped- from his car and ran out to confiscate the prti». When he'discovered the hoax, ho would ha.vq sold out for a nickeil. A Jourmil photogr4i>her smtii- pod him just as he laid (hands on the "prize." —DIspdtch Demc*raf Phbto KaSTRATIONCAliD AUTOMOBILE CALIFORNIA •^T"-'1939 eiVIIIOH Ut« ONLY OWIiIwi lit* Onlr •^If"^ Owntf MM RcMDENcn, COUNTV OP •!« John franols Jones 2050 Automobile Avenue San Diego Calif Rr Rr U Lr T RE D TL On -Si. «cyi,„,_.Mopnboaja No._.. 6487623.0- .Sedan. 8 To obtain 1940 Registration Number Plates (bottom) motorists must present 1939 Registration Card (top), Festal Assessment Notice (center), together with total fee speolfled on the Postal Assessment Notice. State Sends Out First 1940 Auto License Notices Church Group Holds December Meethig read et al, dated 12-16-39, lands in Sees. 19 & SO, T 22 N R 14 W, MDM, Fiod Undcrman et al to V, H. Warncck. dated 11-21-39, NE'/, of SWV, of Sec, 15; T 12 N R 16 W, MDM. V. H. Warnock to Claude M. Shanks et ux. dated 12-16-39, NE'4 nt .SWi, Sec, 15; T 12 N R 16 W, MDM. Charlotte M. McLlntock to Ben- lamin C. McLintook, dated 12-15-39, proDcrty near Calpella. Walter McCabc to James Eddie et al. dated 12-6-39. 240 acres In Sees. 26 & 35; T 19 N R 12 W. MDM, Clara E- Allen et vir to Charles A. Edwards, dated 12-6-39, approx. i/j acre in SW corner of lot 3 of Doolev Ranch near Hopland. Fred L, Standlav, Sr. to Ora Mulr Thelan. dated 12-18-39, lot 9. in block 2. Roach's Addition to Town of Willits. Alexander R, Thomas et ux to Aloxander R, Thomas, Jr.. their son. dated 12-16-39, lands in lots 23 & 86 of Yokayo Rancho. Ernest L. Whipale to John W. Peterson, dated 12-18-39. EW of SE»/, of SE'.l ot Sec. 6: T H N R 1' W. MDM, together with right of wav. PATFNT: T', S A. to Edwin JoiiEs, dated S-.V,-9i E'.'. of SW'. of Sec, 15; T 12 N R 16 W, MDM, SO aires. SATISFA CTION: W. r. Rii"Ka to Fred Ori' et ux. dnted 1?-5-30, mnrt stage rec, in 99 O. R. .-{TG. RFCONVEYANCES: Chillies M Mnnnon et nl, trustees, to Frank M- Howell et ux, ilat'-'l t2-1R-;<r' deed of trust rec, ir O. n 249 Fiiinl' n HndKson, Irtntep, In I.indlos W, McI.intocU et u,s, dtd 12-11-39, deed of trust rec. In H O, delighted with his good fortune. Bank debits, another and perhaps the most exact yardstick by which to measure the holiday trade, have been obtained from the two local banks for the twelve days of December 15 to 26, Inclusive. These show a per cent of increase over the similar per'.od of '38 which is in line with the claims ot a majority of merchants. The success of any great moral enterprise does not depend upon numbers.—William Lloyd Garrison. R. 333. DEEDS OP TRUST: Frank M, Howell et ux to Mendocino County Title Co. as trustee for Savings Bank of Mendocino Co., dated 12-2-39. portion ot Truct 2 of the Subdivision of -.he Duncan Estate; $2450,00, Beniamin C, McUntook et ux to Mendocino Countv Title Co, as trustee for Charles Guntly, dated 12-6- 3B, two parcels ot property near Calpella; $2600,00 POWER OF ATTORNEY: Walter MeCabe to Charles McCabe, dated 0-2-34, NOTICE OP COMPLETION: DepI, of Public Works. State of Calif,, to M. A. Jenkins, dated 1215-39, completion of bridge, etc, across Shearing Creek, fl miles SE of BoonvlHe, CANCELLATIONS: Newel! Rawles ct al to Josephine Standley. raoctgage rec, in 134 O. R. 287. Irvine * Miilv Co. to Rniil Kaufman et al, mortgage rec. in 51 O, R. 314. The MothodiMt Women lioUl their h'lliday meeting at the church the end of la,st week, Mrs, George The first of the state motor vo- I P'esided i.nd the meeting \ WHS well attended, Mrs, W, D, L. Holt) Iccl th(' devotional exorcises. hide department's 2,000,000 outomo- bile license plate tor 1940 are in the mail and thf , balance will be sent out this week ! «f ""!^<''-^ held. Offic- renewal notices ,,, \ Regular routine business and rr as the department prepares for the! chairmen were requested to annual re-registration period, Jan- : '^""'^ m a report of the year's work annual re-registration pe uary 2nd through February 5lh, The notices list the fees for lO-lO plater, and the in lieu tax due, Motoi'ists who have not yet applied for transfer of title to machines or inspection of out of stute cars to be registered for the ars\ time in California are urged by at tho January meeting. Thf: ciiureh hosjjitalilj' committee for the month of January consists ot Mrs, Lec Ma])es, Mrs, A. CInss niul Mrs, Frank Wilson, Mrs, Gloss i,s chaiimnn of the hostess commit-J tre and was assLstcd by Mrs. T. M POTTER VALLEY POTTER VALLKT, Dec. 27.— Mrs. Hcnricltc Weotorman is spond- Ing her vacation In Oakdale and Eureka. She had Christmas with Mrs. Helen Gray nnd family at j Oakdalo and will go to Eureka to ace her brothers before the opening of school, the 8th of January. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Record are in Berkeley for tho holidays. • * * Oaughterg Home Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Furbcr entertained their four daughters and fttmiUca at Chrlstmaa dinner. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. E. Moody and aon of Upper Lake, Mr. and Mrs Witherapoon of San Francisco, Mr. and Mrs. E, Sylvester and daughter of Wilmington, and Miss Betty Furbcr of Santa Rosa. • • » Miss Bonnlcbcl Thornton spent the week end here from Sacramento. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Crawford of Largo were also ChrlEtmas dinner guests of Mrs. J. J. Thornton and Cedrlc. Mr. and Mrs, Leo Goodrich had dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mathews in Ukiah Sunday. They were joined by Mr, and Mrs. May and son and Arthur Goodrich of Willits, completing the family i group. Mrs. Natalie Derby of Los Angeles spent Christmas with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, V. S. Thornton. Mr. and Mrs. J, D, Jensen of Point Arena and Mr, and Mrs, Jas. Jensen ot Healdsburg apent Christmas day with Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Liefrinck, Patsy anil Norma. • * • Mr. and Mrs. Erwin WIpf were hosts at a family reunion Christmas day. having as their guests Mr. and Mrs. John Wipf, Sr. and sons, John, Ernest and Tom, Mr. and Mrs, J, G, Newman, John, Clarence and Beth,. Newman, Mr, and Mrs, Newton Barnett, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sides, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Thomas, Mrs. Bert Thomas, Mrs. C. A. earner and Mr. Long. Mr. and Mrs, Alvin Adams and daughter of Lakcport were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. A, F. Whittaker. In Willits Home Tho L. S. Clark family went to Willits where they wore entertained in the Lester Mallory home. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Clark and Mr. and Mrs. Don Eddie arc spending their vacation here and joined tho relatives in Willits. Family Reunion A reunion of the Spotswood family was held in the old home, now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Percy Whitcomb, on Christmas day. There were 22 members of the family at the gathering. They all met in the H. R. Pickle home Sunday evening for the Christmas tree and the exchange of gifts. • * * Mr. and Mrs. James Eddie had dinner in their home tor their children and grandchildren, Theodore Shurr and three children came over from Sacramento for the occasion, Mr, and Mr.s, Earl Fahnestalk and family went to Upper Ijike Christmas, where they enjoyed a turkey dinner with his sister and husband, Mr, and Mrs, Samuel Henry, Mr, and Mrs, Alfred Hughes of Lakeport and Forrest Hughes of Uklah spent the holidays with Mrs, Sarah Hughes and Waller. Mrs. L. B. Williams returned to her home after a fortnight in Oakland caring for her father-in-law, L. C, Williams, who has been ill but i-': much improved ut present, • * * J. R, Adams is building a bungalow on his property in town, George Haswcli is doing the cur- penter work, Fred llogan of San Jose is spending his vacation of a fortnight on his ranch hi:rr, Leiand Brooks is convaUiWoirig from an appendectomy porfoi'nied a couple of week.s ago, Leiand is now in San Diego training in the Navy, Mr, aiid Mrs, E. A, Spotswond rntertuined at a turkey tliiiner on Wednesday, Mrs, Helcno Thorno- will. O, G, Grant, Mr, and Mr.". J. E. Nichols, Mrs, J. J, Thornton, Cedric Thornton, nnd Mr, and Mrs, Vernon Leard were guests. Sandhill Skiing: A New Craze .SAN ri{ANC::|St:n.—Niindhlll Hkllng. ti lu^w fiul, Is taken up hy Yvonne Ulcssum, M'cMliTii .Slates WUIIUMI'S .Ski OluiniplAn, nnd the Duncan sisterN of musical comedy fume with these results. RosettA Uiuican, who spilled. Is assisted by Miss Blossom, while Vivian Duncan hook­ ies her sister. The Dimciin slst<'rs are aji|M>nrln,g at a Sun Prnnclseo night club. Reid Raillon. famed English automotive designer, who will act as "lionorary teclinical judge" in thf forthcoming Cilmore-YoKemite Run scheduled for January 4th. C. E. Members Give EH^eiiing" Services The Christian Endeavor Society of llie Christian church presented the Sunday evening services on Christmas Eve, The theme of the pro^jram was "Theie'.s A Star," Little Vondalee Cyphers played a piano solo. "Star of the East." The beaut if ull,v lighted star was the worl^ til" Andy Grolhe, "Peace on E.irth, Good Will to Men" was the subject of a talk by Mrs, A. A. Doak, and Miss Mary Scholl led the .icriptiirc lesson. ^ John CypheiH gave the reading for the Nativity scene which was given In son'j; nnd pantomime. Mrs. Geoigr Rciners and Mrs. H. S, Gll- bei't were the vocalists, Jewell Blankonship sang "We Three Kings (?f Orient Are," Mary. Ilie mother of .lesu,'^, was portrayed by Miss Audrey Dtjak, The Shepherds were George Reinoi, Nut Beckley nnd Mr-. Hum- j)htey; The Wise Men, Lee Alltead, Charles Davis and Lyle Caipcn- te;-. Tho choir', composed of young pr^ople, srrng "O'er- Bethlehem Hills." Miss Vetrifce Humphrey as .soloist and rlireetod liy Mrs. Ada Riirrii-r-. Youth i.-ar-ticipution of I acriptures wer-c giverr by Ver-nice ' Hurnphr-ej. Lucille Gilbert, I<ols Dnnn, Lnlarrd Gilber-t and Jewell Blarikeiinhip.' The nrldr-esses were, "The Star Out of Jacob" by Mis. Matlock; "Star Ouzinp" by rjlbert Holland; "Bright ntrd Morning Star-" by Rev. Matlock, A silver offering was jrlveri In the Olii Folks Home in San CJahrlci, Joan Gtotlru, the lookotrt chait-- marr. plat-cd a silver- stni- on all l)r-o ,sC 'nl, Ushers were Clali- Grothe ariri Lyii- Carpenter, Jr, CKrit Siniabaugh, dean of automobile editori, who has been named "honorary referee" for the annual Gilniore-Yoscmite Run to be held January 4th. KAS r-H KST 0\MK Ml-, and Mr-s. D, C. Hlriilll anil Mr-, and Mrs. Ilnrriarri lii -iytiMd will f-nrniuise trlK- iTUiah pi\ity at the ii:a,st VVc:,';! n:illiv Nl-.v Yiai;: I,>ay. Mr-, and Mr-s, .Smith will to Ihe (-ily for- the w(^(-l; end whcri- they will In- joined itn M<>nt\',iy hy tlii^ Hcryfunl.'i aird llrcii- (latigliti'-, Bi-tl.v, • .Mr-, and Mi-s. O. K. Inslee of Oaltland ar-e guests In thp home of th(.' L, A F(jst('r-,s in Ukiah, They ar-y parerrls of Mr-.s. FcLStor- and ac- crjorpanied them linmc fvam the bsy r-egion Monday, The Fosters went ti) Oalilanrl to rcli-brate Chr-r,'<tmas in thi' family group a.ssembled tlieri'. New Ycar'.s I'lvr wal cirri i^ht si -r v- rcfrf will 1 )1' irclil at the Ciil-istiari ohur -L -ii rtndtii- thr Iradri-slrip iif tlrr young people* of the elnrrch. An invitation is cxlcrrdi-d tu the piililii' to attend and I 'lij'iy the program. • I,. (!, I ''ii .stc'i-, wife and haby Min cif Jiinc'linii f^ily, .spent ChristmH'.l in IMiiali with llii'ii par'crits, Mr. and Mr .i. F. 1,. II-OMICI , tlie 15, A. (.^oiier- family and the Hen t). Fos- tcr.s. TlT' v'isiini-.s r-elurncd to .Tlirii't ion City 1'irrsd,-iy. # Mr-s. Kfifi- .Si 'war I nf Her-krdey spent t'lnislnias Day irl Round Mminlain raiioh, the finest of Mi-, and Mi.s. .Martin Lafiilet. Tho host and hnstes.^: arennipanied Mrs. .Stew'.'irt to her- IrorTie and spent Chr-r.slnia.': nlglil with her. In the homo of Mr-, and Mrs. Earl Pickle Christmas were Mr. and Mrs, Eugene Shelton and son Lloyd, Mr, and Mis, George Pickle, Mrs, Ella Hughes, and Mr, and Mrs, Bert Dunn and son Harold, of Ukiah, Miss Ella March returned to lier- work in Berkeley Monday after spending the holidays in the home Cleland. Mrs, Elmer Pnrdy, Mrs, J, | father, J. E, March, Misses C. Hurley. Mi-s, Ewar-t Mitchell. The [Bessie and Mary March also are State Motor Vehicle Director How- : hall carried Christmas decorations i enjoying their vacation in the ard R. Philbrick to handle : and gifts wer-o dispensed from a transactions with the state hy De- ! lai-Rc, hrautifully dcmr-ated tree, comber- 31st, thus avoiding the Jan- Mr-s. Fern Davis and Mr-s. J, H, uary rush of license plate renew- Hansen arranged the following en- als, 1 teitainlng program. The seventh ' and eighth grade girls sang "Silent home. Word received from Mrs, Sarah Brooits in the East states she Is having a wonderful time visiting with relatives in her former home town, Forrest and Loren McDonald of Mr. and Mrs. J. S, Kern ot Marys-: Night" with Don:ia Jacobs singing, ville were Christmas t;.jcsta Mr, : the second verse in solo. The group ! A'bion were luncheon guests in the and Mrs, J, G. Penrce at their Yo- j also sang "The First Noel" and : ^- C\aik home Tuesday, kayo Heights home, Mr, Kor-n is "Come All Ye Faithful," They were manager of the Penney store at : accompanied by Harold Stiller, Marysville, A beautifully decorated ' Little Nancy Girvin gave a reel MANCHESTKR GI'ESTS Mrs, Marie Schlachter had as her tree in the Pearce home coirid be tation and sang a .song aecompan- j guests for- the Christmas dinner at seen from many points, 'ed l>y her mother, Mrs, Frances | the ranch home at Manchester, the , : Gii-vln, Pali icia Eveisnle sang a following: Mr-, and Mrs. H. Valles • Mr, and Mrs, Roy Ingstrom of ;rrnup of songs, arcnmpanled by ' (nee Mary Ciapusci) and son Ger- Mill V'llley, accompanied by Mrs, Mrs, Lillian Thoma.s. Ingstrom's brother-. Miss Nclla Aggi ' came to Ukleh Friday to week-end • Failure is often that early morn- at the home of the ladies' parents, Ing hour- of darkness which prc- Mr, and Mr-".. Joe A^'j-i of Coyote : oeilcK the d.iwnini; of the ilay nf valley. J success,-Leigii MItciiel! Hodges, Information Department For Quick Results PHONE 23-J GARAGE Authorized Ruick sale.s aiul sci-vicc. All make.s car.s pivfii expt'ii and prompt attnntion. CMC trucks. U. S. Tires. A trial will .satisfy vou. WEBER BUICK CO., 209 South School St. 713 INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS Occidon'...! Life Iii.-uiaiico Comiiaiiy — local aK^iicv. Life, accidfiit, .sickiie.s.s, aiinuitie.s. Let UK help you t'-et protection. FRED A NASSIE, 111 Per- kin.s St., Ukiah. 168-W JEWELRY - GIFTS • REPAIRS A fine selection of diamond.s, watche.'; and jewelry. Also a nice selection of inexpensive gifts and party prizes. We maintain one of the watch repair departments. Repair work guaranteed. ROBERTS & BOWERS, lOG Standley St., Ukiah, Calif. aid. Ml-, and Mrs, Hans Chrlsten- aen nnd family of Bridgeport, Arthur Grainger, William Steele, William Meadows. Lloyd Hamilton, nnd Mr, and Mrs, P.^r-le Rrucker- nf Santa Rosa. TYPEWRITERS 1AOO Woodstock Typewriter Agency, Frank B. AvOfcl Tornes, factory representative, lfl6 Kentucky St., Petaluma, phone 1082. All makes, standard and portable, sold, rented, repaired, exchanged. Adding machines handled. Word left with Redwood .loiirnnl will reach us.

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