Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 5, 1957 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1957
Page 8
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-Junior Editors Quiz en- NATIONAL BIRD QUESTION: What bird almost became our national emblem? ANSWER: Ifs hard to believe now, but the turkey almost won the honor over the eagle. In 1787, our nation's fathers chose the bald eagle as the national emblem. The emblem pictured the eagle with its wings outstretched, a shield on its chest, an olive branch in one claw and a batch of arrows in the other. On the national coat of arms, the eagle carries a scroll in its beak which says: "E Plurtbus Unum." This Latin phrase means, "From many, one," symbolizing that the United States grew from many peoples and states into one nation. There was a move, however, to make the turkey the national symbol. Benjamin Franklin thought it should be made the emblem because it was prominent in our history since the time of the Pilgrims and was native to the New World. The bald eagle is also found only on this continent. The first coin bearing the eagle In the U.S. was minted in 1789. FOR YOU TO DO: Trace your own picture of an eagle, Lay a quarter down on a table with the eagle side up. Put a piece of paper over the coin, holding it tight against the coin's surface. Shads the paper with a lead pencil and you'll see the shadow of the eagle eome through. Joseph Ogonowskt, Arlington, Calif., wins $10 for this idea. Send your idea in to this newspaper. Tomorrow: Why tie a kite down to hold it up? Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures. CARNIVAL By Dick Turner REE "Oh, hammocks are okay! It's just that I canf seem to stay in one—especially when the wife is at home!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbrairh "You surprised dad, but mom had a feeling somebody was com- Ing for a visit—she gets terrible premonitionsl" Whgn a teen-age boy refers to his father as "my old man" he doesn't impress anyon- with how grown up he is. He just sounds like a smart-aleck. Times Hsrafd, GarroN, lows Friday, July 5, 1957 LITTLE L.IX Why Is It the guy who didn't have time to vote has several hours to explain his solution to our foreign problems? Respect for one's parents is sign of being really grown up. a TIZZY By Kate Osann "I'm sorry, motherl But now that the dishes are done, may I go to the movies?" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer "Calm downl Butch doesn't have the mumps—he's just got a couple of jaw-breakers in his mouth!" Holiday Time Answer to Previous ,PuizU ACROSS 1 This is American Independence 4 It is i holiday In the U.S.A. 9 Minute 12 Exist 13 Got up 14 Boundary (comb, form) 15 Unit of reluctance • 16 Prices 17 Thus 18 Small candles 20 Caterpillar hairs 22 Regret 23 Green vegetable 24 Leather thong 27 Feign 31 Hasten 32 Note in Guido's scale 33 Miss West 34 Individual 35 Beam 36 Yellow bugle plant 37 Of the West 40 Change 42 Abstract being 43 Dutch city 44 Exhaust 47 Water edges 51 Eternity 52 Join 55 Wingltkepart 56 Craft 57 Motor part 58 Russian community 89 Southern genernl 60 Storehouse 61 Cushion DOWN 1 Small barb 2 Scope 3 Sharp cry 4 Flog soundly 5 Expunge 6 Obtained 7 Peer Gynt's mother 8 Lease tenant 9 Greatest quantity 10 Silkworm 11 French resort 19 Age 21 Dine 23 Implore 24 Exhibit 25 Fork prong H A M o l_ X X JX A O B A B m i_ i A" A R R • A r> St A R ? f M 1 T • N u s» S T N • e u ft * R 1 dt A 1 o 6 A * R i 1 SI u R E o o o <5 O T P R • 4 6 6 o B l_ u 5 B H O 1 A R 4 % a « B W Si R 4 m f(< 0 o s A 1 N T 1 A u 1 M • N X ? R f= e> At. V B X ? A N ¥ 1 H B R E B R A R O A w B 9 B N O '6 R 26 Scottish sheepfolds 27 Scheme 28 Eject 29 Church part 30 Darling 32 Makes mistakes 38 Number 39 Last 40 Stick 41 Lion 43 Bar legally 44 Fur mammal 45 Minute skin opening 46 Grafted (her.) 48 Sloping way 49 Pen name of Charles Lamb 50 Chalcedony 53 Negative word 54 Greenland Eskimo li w 17 Wanted: One Horse EDGAR MARTIN "SEEM G»OVi>£ J I eut out WAY tY J. 1. WILLIAM* OUft B0AR0IN9 HOUff wm> . MAjeft M66#L| DASH YOU 0OONDERS / LDRIN6 ME TO THIS A^MINAeLS-; WILDERNESS/-^ BUSTER R0D66RS; I DEMAND THAT y&) VEV ME TO THE BAREST HOTEL OR RAILHEAD FAP/f. TYPICAL PCAIR^ SCHOO^EE TI3RN OFF THE HEAT/ THE NEA6- EST feasoetj IS A WILD ftsr- MI1E5 NORTHS THSRS'S.A J?AI ILROAD, ^TATIOM 100 MILE* VJEST- IT'S A DERAILED, THAT ' CATERS TO RESTLESS , H6RMITS/ LST'^ GO IN AMD TIDVUH THe FiACC- DID —VMS* < gRlNG A SHOVEL ? 14 f\ *ffi}ST THE: fM \ PLACE FOR. HIS rtlSS ttt ^wW BUGS BUNNY That Better?, BUSS, I'VE TOLD VOU A TIMES TO KEEP TOUR FEET OFF THE DAVENPORT. 1 PRISCILLA'S POP That's Our Pop AND SOONLJ TME GOOD EARTH WILL REWARD HIS BY AL VERMEIR I DIDN'T HAVE THE HEART TO TELL HIM WE WERE DIGGING FOR BAIT.' zr Away They Go BY V. T. HAMLIN MORTY MEEKLE IN CONCLUSION, I'D LIKE TO LEAVE VOU WITH THIS THOUGHT.. FINE SPEECH, MR. BOOMER Yes, They Like You! I DID HOLD N THEIR ATTENTION, DIDN'T I? BY DICK CAVALLI FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Thinking Mother BY MERRILL BLOSSER OH, DEAR.' JiMTHROWING A PARTY) 1 DONT TONIGHT/ OKAY, MOM? / FEEL MUCH tlKE HOUSE CLEANING TODAY/ RELAX. MOM.' WE'LL HAVE IT OUTBACK—AND SAVE YOU A LOT y OP TROUBLE/ PINE, BUT YOU D BETTER. SET BUSY . RI6HT AWAY/ / — NEXT, SWEEP THE PATlO — AND THE HEDGE IS A SIGHT? THEN THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE UVULJ No Advice, Pleats! WHAT'S THE MATTER, D0U6?. EMILY WALKOUT ON VDU? ) SUKC SHE DID. DONOU BLAME HE!?/ GUY? WHO HJT A LITTLE KID WOULD BE SATISFIED Wl' SOLDIER WITH TIN LEGS OKAY, SO THERE WAS ENOUGH SHRAPNEL IN YOUR LEGS TO MAKE SEVERAL MEDALS FOR YOU. BUT DON'T FORGET THAT VOU DID GIVE HS?THE I4VEAR BRUSH] IJg^M^Y Htt ^Urrtu, Int. TM. >«» iT.s. rnj ofS^^K I BY WILSON SCRU-,01 AND DONT VOU/LOOK, BUSINESS ASENT BUR0LE, THINK- I DONT WANT (D DISCUSS IT. NOW ARE VOU SOWS TO DRIVE ME HOME OR DO I HAVE ID Ckl FOR A TAXI? TO CAPTAIN EASY Revo 5tana. BY LESLIE TURNER

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