Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on December 29, 1939 · Page 2
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO DISPATCH-DEMOCRAT B.,A. COBER FUBUSHER PnblUhed Each Friday at UO East Standley St., VUah, Mcndocin* Oonnty, CaUfontte SUBSCRIPTION BATES: Per Year UfiO Thr^e Montiu » .80 Six Months 1.8C One Month 30 Single Copies to Non-Subscribers 10 cents Commercial Advertbinf Bates: Readers, 20c per line Insertion, 15c per line each subsequent Insertion, Readers set in 7 point type, which is the body of this newspaper. DISPATCH DEMOCRAT. UKIAH, CALIFORNIA .— -aa • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20. 1839 Smoke Fills the Sea as Water War Rages Here Comes Leap Year Take warning, girls! 1940 means Leap Year, established by tradition as woman's twelve-month open-season on the waiy male. Hurrying into pr nt with its latest population data, the Bureau of the Census gives advance notice of the best hunting grounds for women nimrods in search of quarry. Girls in the West have an odds-on break over their Eastern competitors for husbands. The Census Bureau reports that the highest percentage of marriageable men is concentrated in the area west of the Mississippi, with the thickest stamping ground of eligible males being quartered in the Rocky Mountain region. Nevada, a place where a great many women lose their husbands, is also a good place for finding one. Its single men outrank women by forty percent. Wyoming, Montana, and Arizona follow, with the next highest number of available bachelors. The West—make no mistake about it—is still the land of promise. And though the people of the Rockies can say there's gold in their miountains, they also claim on the basis of the census reports that there's golden weddings "in them there hills"—for those that have a will and a way! LOCAL Classified Ad Rates ? I time lOc per Uite 3 times aoc Mr line 6 times 30c Jwr llp« Count 8 Words to the Une Minimum Change SOo FOR SALE FOR SALE —100 tons Australian rye grass hay, cut right and well cured, $15 ton baled. J. B. Cox, ph. 17F21, Winits. 71tfc FOR SALE "Work horses, hay, wood. W. S. Hughes, Potter Valley. 72t6p FOR SALE Radio Clearance Sale! CONSOLES R. C. A. Majestic Sterling Airline Airline, like new Croaley _ $12.50 7.60 10.00 11.76 22.60 3.76 TABLE MODELS FOR SALE— Ben spray rig, 2214- hp, engine, good as new, price $150. Herman Mattern, Rt. 1, Box 73, Ukiah. 72t6o FOR SALE—4 milk goats and billy, cheap. Calpella. 73t3p Phllco Phlico ... Phllco Airline _ Fada ._ $29.75 19.75 22.60 8.50 - 7.50 These radios are overhauled In our shop and carry new radio guarantee. Merk Radio Shop "The Shop of Service" Opp. Theatre Uklah 68tfo FOR RENT FOR PENT—N^W?-rm. turn, cabin. 784 No. l^uah St. 7it3p FOR RENT—Cabins, $3.50 wk. up. Big Oaks Camp. 71t3p • LOST AND FOUND LOST— Black pooketbook. Finder return to Redwood Journal; rew. 72t3p PERSON finding purse in Union Oil Station, Ukiah, keep money, return contents. N. Fitzgerald, Kelseyvllle. 72t3p FOR SALE—Mallard ducks, dressed or alive; new tractor trailer. Mrs. A. E. Burnham, ph. 16F11, Uklah. 72t3o Local Teacher Wins Name Contest of CCPT Magazine Mrs. Helena JohnBon, teacher at Central school, and a member of the P. T. A. group of that district, has the honor of re-naming the C. C. P. T. magazine which recently made Us appearance for the first time as "The Messenger." Mrs. Johnson is wearing a now membership pin as a reward for naming the paper. "The Me.saenger" was formerly printed under the name of "The Newsotte." 11100 BY RED LEGAL NOTICE RESOLUTION OF INTENTION TO SELL REAL PROPERTY Whereas, the Ukiah Union Elementary School District, as successor to the Wlliow School District and the Uklah School District, is the owner of an unspeciflcd and undetermined Interest in and to certain real property situated In the County of Mendocino, State of California, more particularly described as follows, to-wlt: PARCEL, ONE: COMMENCING at the southeast corner of M. Harbert's land; running thence West alon^ line separating Haibert from E. Welicr 22 rods; thence South 14.7 rods; thence East 22 Rods to the center of the road; thence North along the center of the road to the point of beginning, containing two acres, more or less. PARCEL TWO: COMMENCING at the northwest corner of the lot on which the Willow District School House stands and belonging to said Willow School District; thenco West 40 feet; thenco South and parallel with the lot of said School District 260 feet; thence East 40 feet: thence North along the linn of said Willow District 260 feet to the point of beginning. On which said real property there exists certain bu'lrtinps formerly used for school purposes in said Willow School District prior to the date said Willow School District wns consollilntort Hnd merged with the TJkinh Union Elementury School r-inrict. and Whorcna. s.'dd rrnl pt'opei-ty nnd the buildings thereon Is not now and will not In the future be needed or requli'ed for public use or for school purposes, and Whereas. It Is the intention of the undersigned Boaid of Tru.stcos to sell said real property, together with the buildings and improvements thereon under and pursuant to the provisions of Section 6.190, and following of tho School Code of the State of California, now, therefore, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Boaid of Trustees of the Ukiah Union Elementary School District In regular open meeting this day assembled: 1. That it does hereby resolve and declare its intention to sell all tho right, title, claim and interest of said Uklah Unioii Elementary School District as successor to said Willow School District and sold Uklah School District in and to the real property above described, together with the buildings and improvements thereon. 2. That the minimum price upon which such snlo will be made is the sum of $500.00, payable in cash upon deilverv of the quitclaim deed of said Ukiah Union Elementary School District to said property. 3. That p, public meeting of this Board of Trustees be held In the Uklah Grammar School at its regular place of meeting on the 10th d«v of .lanuary. 1940, at the hour of 7:30 o'clock p. m. on saifi day. at which said meeting sealed proposals for the purchase of said property upon the terms hereinabove set forth will be received and considered bv said Board of Trustees. ADOPTED in open meetlne this 13th dnv of December, 19.19, by •aid Board of Trustees voting as follows: -Aj'e, four; No, none; Absent, one. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, these nresents have this day been signed by said Board of Trustees, or by a majority thereof. H. V. LA PORTE. KDNA S. KASCH, W. A. CHESSALL, I. H. CRAAVFORD. Approved as to form: JAMFJ? E. BUSCH, As District Attorney of Mendocino County. dec 15,22:^^ With Round Valley to be heard from, $1100 was reported subscrilj- ed in the current drive of Red Cross Roll Call at a meeting of Red Cross officials on Tuesday evening. The sections reporting were Wlllita, Potter Valley, Redwood Valley, Anderson Valley, Hopland and Ultlah. The flnanclal report for the past year showed a balance of $75.00 remaining from funds previously subscribed. Activities of the Red Cross during '39 have been numerous and worthy. Among the outstanding acts have been aid given to four families who were burned out during the year and a number of emergency cases where families were provided with food and clothing. Aided 10 these were establishment of first aid stations under the direction of Mrs Fern Busch, Bayard Shields and James Williams, and maintenance of a highway first aid station at Hopland under the management of Robert O'Day. Not the least among the humanitarian services' rendered by members of wilLT.J?, ^^^^^F, smoke of war as German submarines, mines dnd sea raiders began taking tocreased tolls in British and neutral shipping in campaign'of unrestricted water warfare. Smoke L*^. "> convoy was no uncommon sight on the Atlantic as .vessels banded together with naval V^ni M ,'frf ''.''^^'"i '*J'S '*"^u ""n°^.*'-.^'^^*' from the blazing wreck of the 15.438-ton wtl^«h^n*n h?^''^^ l -^u"^ "^.^''^J'- belched from the guns of the Nazi pocket batOeship Deatschland. which sank the British armed merchant cruiser Rawalpindi in the war^flrst naval battle- COURT PROCEEDINGS Probate Guardianship of Manuel Fernandez: Final discharge of guardian granted. Estate of Ollle Shaw: Report of and decree granted no tax due. Estate of Fred C. Waugh: Same order. Termination of Joint Tenancy of John Silva Correira: J. W. Kingren appointed Inheritance tax appraiser. Estate of Olga Sophia Nelson: Decree of due notice to creditors granted. Estate of Edwaid Fernandez Barff: Same ordci'. Estate of Fred C. Waugh: Order amending title granted. Estate of Giacomo Fornasero: Final discharge of administrator granted. Guardianship of Antoinette Sassenrath: J. W. Kingren appointed appraiser. Guardianship of J. Marlln Sassenrath, et al: Same order. Estate of Margaret Simonds: J. W. Kingren appointed sole probate and Inheritance tax appraiser. Guardianship of Frances Jean White: Hearing of fourth annual account continued to Dec. 22, 1939. Guardianship of Ernest Floyd Banker, et al: Fifth annual account and report of guardian approved. Estate of William Caldwell: Fourth annual account and report of administrator approved. Estate of John Cooper Munson: Final discharge of administratrix granted. Estate of Amanda P. Day: Continued to Dec. 22, 1939, for accounting. Guardianship of Margaret T. Far- tho Red Cross was the transposi- ranee: Third annual and final action Into Braillean characters for count_ aporoved and continued to the blind numerous books and Christmas cards by Miss Daisy Rod- Jan. 5, 1940, for discharge. LEGAL NOTICE Estate of John Sinovlch: Continued to Dec. 13, 1940, for account. Guardianship of Lois Bills: Same order. > Estate of Charles R. Perkins: Hearing of second annual account and report of executrix together with objections thereto continued to Dec. 18, 1939. Estate of GranvlUo H. Begloy: Continued to Dec. 13, 1940, for account. Gu8.rdlanship of Richard Ford: Account filed and noticed for Jan. 5, 1940; matter of accounting dropped. Estate of Jessie L. Shortrldge: Sale of real estate confirmed to Alfred and Ruth Gainoldl for $100). Estate of Seburn Shortrldft-e: Sale of real estate confirmed to Alfred and Ruth Rainoldi for $1000 and sale of personal property confirmed to same parties for $280.00. Estate of Mattle Lydick: Continued to Dec. 22, 1939, for account. Estate of George H. Wheeler: Continued to March 15, 1940, for account. Estate of Andrew Helela: Continued to Jan. 5, 1940, for account- Estate of Edgar Albert Rchbufck Ijawrence: Continued to Dec. 22, 1939. for account. Estate of Prosper Frank Hontou: Continued to Jan. 5, 1940, for account. Estate of Louise M. Harned: Same order. Guardianship of Floyd Scott Startin: Continued to Dec. 22, 1940, for account. Estate of Henry KUnke: Continued to Feb. 16, 1940, for account, Guardianship of James Slgn,ett et al: Continued to Jan. 5, 1940, for account. Estate of Jack Jacobson: F.nal account approved and distribution ordered to general creditors of 43 cents on tho dollar. Estate of John S. Rohrbough; Hearing of seventh monthly account continued to hearing of final account CONTEST 'DRAIN LIITLE LAKE VALLEY' WINS PRIZE. Civic Body orfers Prizes for Business Stimulation Plan WILLITS, Dec. 22. — Mrs. Lois Grove of Outlet won the $15 first prize in the Chamber of Commerce contest on the best idea to stimulate business in the Little Lake valley. She suggested draining the Little Lake valley, especially the northern end. Other prize winners ! were Floyd Rupe of Hearst, second, $10.00; and Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts, third, $5.00. A secret committee did the judging. * « • Two truckloads of CCC boys were inconvenienced Friday morning by the cold weather that came to Wll- lits. Pulling up to the Standar station, they could not get water because the pipes were frozen. Colorful, snappy and musical was the g'rammar school Christmas pro gram viewed Wednesday at the school by a capacity audience. Mrs, FOR SALE—Pigs. Erickson's Auto Wrecking, 1% ntU. N Ukiah. Ph. 758 J. 72t6p FOR SALE—Concentrated fertilizer goat manure, 75o per sack. Leave orders at Sllm's Barber Shop, 206 N. State St., Ukiah. 72t3p FOB SALE ;—2-wheel house trailer; modern. Write P. O. Box 144, Upper Lake 71t3p FOR SALE—Hay, red oat, 50 tons at $12.50. Earl English, 1343 Main St., 8t. Helena, phone St. Helena 68 W. 71t6p FOR SALE—Black seed oats, 2c per lb. Inquire Laughlln Ranch, 5 mi. N of Calpella on Redwood highway. 12-21mp FOUND — Bicycle; owner may secure at Police Dept. by identifying and paying for this ad. 71t3o WANT EMPLOYMENT WANTED—House or yard work by hour or day. Geo. Price, Elk Horn. 68t6ji MISCELLANEOUS PUBLIC STENOGRAPHER, shorthand reporting, ad writing, mimeographing, addressing. Hale Prather (Notary Public), 724 No. School St., Ukiah, phone 714. 12-18mp HAY FOR SALE—Alfalfa or oat, baled, in lots to suit. N. J. Kvale, phone 643. 72t3o FOR SALE—No. 1 alfalfa hay, $17 per ton delivered. Write Melvln Gokey, 101 East 4th St., Madera, Calif. 12-14mp FOR SAIJE-Black oak wood, $3.50 del. 308 Mason St., phone 607. 12-7mo FOR SALE—Chester White brood sows and pigs. Vallandlgham Ranch, Potter Valley. 46tfc PIANO BARGAIN—Beautiful late model console piano, almost new, to be sold at a' real savings. Terms if desired. For particulars write Box 336, Redwood Journal. 71t3p PIANO BARGAIN — Late model studio upright piano almost new to he sold here in Ukiah at big savings. Terms $6 per month handles. For particulars write to G. Nichols, Adjuster, 301 Market St., San Francisco, Calif. 13t3c BABIES OR SMALL CHILDREN taken care of by day or month in nurse's home; can give highest recommendations; rates reasonable. For information ph. 333. 62tfo SARATOGA SPRINGS solicits your patronage for dinners and card parties; open all year. Phone or write Saratoga Springs, Lake Co. 10 -23t3mc BOOK MATCHES— Order through the Redwood Journal. Fine selection of covers to choose from. Phone No. 1, a representative will call. 7tfc FOR SALE—Graded apples, Starks Delicious and good-keeping winter varieties, 4a-lb. boxes, 75c; bring containers. C. H. Luce, Big Oaks Auto Camp, So. State St., Ukiah. 69t6c PRINTING—letterheads, entelopes, cards, booklets, programs, trespass notices, etc., rubber stamps, sales books. For first class work and prompt service bring your printing business to The Redwood Journal, Ukiah tfx TRESPASS NOTICES — Protect your property during fire and huntingseasons. Use trespass notices printed at the Redwood Journal. Prices: 6, $2: 12, $2.50; 25, $3.50; 60, $5; 100, (8. Cah at office, or phone or mail your order, tfx WANTED TO BUY Guardianship of Rebecca Jane • Orletla Nelson, principal, and he NO'nCK OF COMSUSSIONER'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE ON FORECi.O.SURE OF MORTGAGE gers, and tho Christmas bags packed by a group of ladles for distribution at veterans' hospitals. The local chapter sent Horace Ivev to the acquatic school, con- ^ •• „ „ i „ . . ' , ., ' / „, In tho Superior Court of the State ducted the past summer at Blue , California, in and for the Coun- Lakos by the State Red Cross for ty of Mendocino. the purpose of providing accredited ' JOSKPH POMA and ELIZA- swimnung instructors, available »gTI^POMA.^Plni„tirf«,_ vs. ROBERT S. WILLIAMS and LYDIA WILLIAMS, Dcfpiid.ants. No. 13598. wtierever needed. The SUCCP.S.S of tho venture in this particular Is evi-j ''under'";ml'i)y "vr.'uVe'°of 7»n' mdm' denced by the fact that over 2001 of sale and decree of forccio.sure were eni-oilpd in the waterproofing school conducted at the local pool. More than 7R per cent of the enrollment were children, and the en- tiro was given instructions in swimming, diving, junior and senior life saving. • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Weber and daughter will celebrate the New Year with friends in Santa Rosa, their former home. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of Mendocino. In the Matter of the Estate of EDGAR D. HOWELL, also known n-s EDGE D. HOWELL, also known as E. D. HOWELL. Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the undersigned, the Administrator of the Estate of Edgai- D. Howell, also known as Edge D. Howell, also known as E. D. Howell, Deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against said decedent to file them with the necessary VQuchers within six months after the first publlca- lion of this notice. In the office of the Clerk of the above named Court, or to exhibit them with the nece-ssary vouchers within a i x months after the first publication of this notice to said Administrator et the office of Charles Kasch, I. O. O. F. Bldg., Uklah, Mendocino oounty, California, which said last named place tho undersigned Administrator selects as the place of business in all matters appertaining to the said estate of Edgar D. Howell, also known as Edge D. Howell, also known as E. D. Howell, Deceased. L. U. SNYDER, As Administrator of said Estate. CHARI.£S KASCH, Attorney for said Estate. First publlcntion in Ilklnh nis- patch-Domocrat. December 'JV, 1939. dec 2'i,20 Jan 5,1'J and sale, issued out of the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County ot Mendocino, on the 11th day of December, 1939, in the abiive-entitled action, wherein the above-named plaintiffs obtained judgment and decree on tho 11th day of December, 1939, which said Judgment and decree was on the 14th day of December, 1930, entered and recorded in Judgment Book No. 20 at page 227, (to which Judgment and decree reference is hereby made), I am commanded to sell nt public auction all the following described pi-emises, situate, lying, and beins In the County of Mendocino, Slate of California, and described as follows, to-wlt; Commencing at the corner of the ,State Street and Clara Avenue in the Town of Ukiah City, and running thence Nortlicrly along the East line of State Street. 60 feet; thence Easterly and parallel with Clara Avenue, 125 feet to the West line of the lot of Lawrence H. Pitman; thence Southerly 00 feet to the North line of Clara Avenue; and thence Westerly along the North line ot said Clara Avenue, 125 feet to tho place of beginning, together with al! and singular the tenements, bereditarrujnts. and ap- purtennncos theicunto belonging, or in nnv wise appertaining. PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on Saturday, the 13lh day of January, 1940, at 1:30 p. m., at the East front entrance of the Court Hiiusp of llie County of Mendocino, in tho City of Uklah, in said Coimty of Mendouino, State of Cnlifornia, T will, in obedience to said order of sale and decree of foreclosure and sale, sril the above-described pi'operty, oi- so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said judgment with interest and cost and expenses of s.nle, to the highest and best bidder for cash, in lawful money of the United States. Dated this 14th day of December, 1939. W. H. BRUNNKR, Ciimnils.iiiiiier .'ippolnted by nnid Muperiiir rcnirt. dee 22,29 jan 5,121 Mayer: First annual account approved. Estate of Charles TamborinI: Continued to Jan. 5, 1940, for account. Estate of Hypolite Dajas: Account filed and noticed for Jan. 5, 1940, matter of accounting dropped. Estate of Kate Kann: Same order. Estate of Flora Gans DolsOn: Same order. Estate of Margaret E. Williamson: Account filed and noticed for Dec. 22. 1939; matter of accounting dropped. Estate of George M. Wildberger: Final accoimt approved, claims ordered paid, and distribution ordered to Myrtle Wildberger: ordered on calendar of Dec. 22, 1939, for final discharge. Termination of Life Estate of John Kuklto: Deciee granted establishing fact of death as of Jan. 28, 1929. Estate of Mary Ketchum: Final account of special administrator appi'oved. Termination of Life Estate of Mnrtha A. Bean: Hearing of petition continued to Dec. 22, 1939. Estate of George H. Harman: J. W. Kingren appointed appraiser and hearing of petition for letters or to set nalde to widow continued to Dec. 22, 1939. Civil Willie Ornbaun vs. Raymond Ornbaun: Matter referred to J. E. Pcmberton as referee to take the testimony. Hu-0) Huhtala vs. Stella Huhtala: Same older. staff of teachers were warmly com plimented on tho presentation. When Wllllts high school played Upper Lake here Wednesday i the high school gym, the local won. The A team score was 46-to 19, and tho B team walked away with 30 points compared to nine fo Upper Lake. Tho Willits Lions Club hoop te.ii will meet the strong Santa Ros Furniture Company team Januar 12 at the Willits high school. « • • The Seven E's will gather fo Christmas when Emil Giiindstrom shoo repair shop proprietor, leaves Saturday for Sausalito and a fam LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR U. S. Land Office at Sacramento, Calif.. December 6, 1939. • NOTICE is hereby given that Richard Purcell Higgins, of 4485 Mission St.. San Francisco. Calif., who, on Sept. 7, 1932, made Hd. entry Sec. 2289-R. S., No. 026276, for SE'i, Section 25. Township 13-N, Range 16-W, M. D. Meridian, has filed notice of Intention to make final three-year proof, to establish claim to tho land above described, before Marie Foi'man, Notary Public, at 683 Mills Bldg., San Francisco, Calif., on tho 26th day of January, 1940. Claimant names as witnesses: M. P. Higeins of Rt. Box lOlE, Redwood Citv, Calif.. Ben Rels of 200 Otsego St.. San Pianeisco Calif., Amy Matilda Driscoll vs. Franl< Loo Driscoll: Same order. Louise Thomas vs. J. C. Thomas: Same order. George H. Runckel, Jr., vs. Lei and H. Montgomery et al: Demur ler to second amended complaint overruled and defendants granted ten days after notice to answer. Nels Herman Holm vs. Elnn Holm: Final decree of divorce it granted. George L,ambei-t vs. H. O. Cleland: Set for trial Jan, 22, 1940. Enrico Gianelli vs. Stefan Toraca et ux; Set for trial Jan. 3, 1940. Tillio Higgins of 364 Santa Rosa:, v.u.,.u..,.a i ^ i„c. vs. uouis ^?"A »^''M,'''ir°'rf BartoliiL. Silver: Amended answer filed. Chai-les E. Ashe vs. John S. Rosa et al: Set for trial Jan. 15, 1940. R. F. Bean vs. Lloyd Barrass: Set for trial Feb. 5. 1940. Phyllis Aileen Jones vs. Fi-ed Sumner Jones; Hearing on order to show cause contluued to March 15, 1940. Elmer Norgard vs. Estate of Chris Norgard: Continued to Dec. 22nd, 1939, for settlement of transcript on appeal. M. E. Loitz vs. Inez Phelps: Same order: Hazel Ackerman Berryhill vs. Syble Ackei-man Smith: Sale of real estate confirmed to A. K. Cyrson for $2325.00. Olive Emma Duncan vs. LeRoy Duncan: Tiial set for Jan. 19, 1940. Emma Mario Dubois, etc. vs. Dennis LaVerne Dubois: Plaintiff granted interlocutory decree of divorce on ground of extreme cruelty. Fi-ances Felklns vs. Paul E. Felklns: Action dropped from calen- da.-. Guide Bartalini vs. Carl Wall: Demurrer argued and submitted for decision. California Lands, Inc. vs. Louis LIVESTOCK WANTED — Sheep, cattle and hogs. N. J. Kvale, phone 643. 72t3c WANTED —Stock ranches, large and small, stocked or otherwise. J. A. Waldteufel, Ukiah, Calif. ll-30mc of Manchester Calif. ELIJ.S PURI.EE, Rpfjister. ( 22,29 jan 5,12,10 Demurrer to cross complaint withdrawn, ten days to answer and motion for order of transfer to Justice Court abandoned. Ily gathering. All of his brothers and sister, former Wllllts residents, all of whose names begin with E, win be present. There will be Miss Edna Grundstrom, now studying at Munson's in San Francisco, Mrs. Hlather Bishop of Sausalito, who will bo hostess, Edwin and Ernest ''rom Petaluma, Elmer Grundstrom, and Mrs. Elsa Wlckatrom I'rom Richmond, and the youngest if the family, Everett, who lives at iho Bishop home. • • * Father Quintan Saying his first mass in St. An- 'hony's Sunday, after an absence of '.ix months, the Rev. Father Celes- iine Quintan, O. M. Cap., told bis people he was glad to bo back In \merlca. While there were no air laids in Ireland where he was so- ournlng, they were expected and veryone was trained for them, the loci.! priest said. They had no rouble crossing the Atlantic, he aid. The ship on which they trav- led was lighted and designated by n American flag. Father Quinlan has scheduled a ipecial High Mass for eight o'clock ahristmaa morning. Low Mass In ^^t. Anthony's will be at 9:00 a. m. and solemn mass at 10:00 a. m. • • * Christmas Party Gay as a Christmas ornament was the annual Christmas party of the Ladies County Club of the Farm Bureau, held Wednesday at the Farm Center. Luncheon was served at tables festive with Yule F ;reens, a small tree, white pine cones in e. bank of simulated snow, ind the favors, marahmallow novelties. Mrs. Walter Tracy, Flora Saxon, John Brooks, Myron DeCamp and C. R. Hart had charge. Mrs. Edward J. Boe, president, led a business session and Mrs. Arthur Thompson supervised the ensemble singing of carols. Gifts were distributed from a tree by Mrs. Frank Rupe, acting as Santa Claus. Mrs. Boe and Mrs. Theodore Tetz gave Christmas readings. • • • Theatre Party The busiest place in Wllllts Friday afternoon was the Willits theatre, where Manager George Smith entertained a packed house of local children, giving the party jointly 1th the Williti- Lions Club. As the children left the theatre, they were given bags of candies and nuts furnished by the Lions Club. Handing FOR SALE —Home on No. Bush St., 1% acres, well and city water, family orchard, plenty walnuts and almonds. Mrs. A. Tomlln- son, Gen. Del. 68t6p FOR SALE— 300 8-mo. old W. L. pullets, all laying, $9.00 doz. Inquire Poultry Producers, phone 268. ll-23mp Auto Loans Contracts rewritten. Payments reduced. Cuiih at once v'lethcr your car is paid for or not. Strictly confidential. No cosigners. See Mr. McCARTER, at Frank H. Reid's 3rd and B Sta., Santa Rosa. 6 -12tfo SOMETHING NEW — Personalized paper cocktail napkins, luncheon napkins, dinner napkins, guest towels, with your name printed on them; $1.50 set. See samples at Redwood Journal. 64tfc 1938 DRY WOOD —4-foot, lengths $5 per cord, 2-foot lengths $6.50, 16-ln. lengths $8. Odell Ranch, Ukiah. 10-2mc Celebrate in Ukiah And Berkeley Mr. and Mrs. Lyndell Poster and Pamela, accompanied by Mrs. A. Mead, went to Berkeley Sunday afternoon, and Christmas Eve members of the family living In the bay region gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gaddy to greet Santa Claus. That their little granddaughter might share with them the Christmas celebration, Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Foster had their Christmas tree and dinner before tho Lyndell Fosters left for Berkeley. The Ukiah family returned home Wednesday. • Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Ford and son, Wallle, spent Sunday and Monday in San Francisco. DANCING CLASS registration now. Helen Averell, ph. 510. Classes open Sept. 27. 46t3c Dine and Dance THE AURORA at Nice, Lake County's most exclusive dining and entertainment center. Orche,s- tra music nightly. Populp prices. Parties solicited. Phone Nice 411. 3-27-39yc SOCIAL STATIONERY — With name and addr^ printed on paper and envelopes, as low as $1.50 per box. Redwood Journal. tfx Mrs. Putnam, Sister Of Mrs. A. L. Tracy, Dies in Petaluma Mrs. Elizabeth J. Putnam, sister of Mrs. A. L. Tracy and widow of the late T. C. Putnam, former supervisor of Sonoma county, died In the Petaluma General Hospital Friday night, December 22. She had been in falling health for more than a year and a patient at the hospital for several months. Mrs. Putnam is survived by her sisters, Mrs^ A. L. Tracy of Ukiah, Mrs. W. R. Hasklna of Petaluma; brother. Dr. Nelson G. Noble of Uklah; nieces. Miss Marjorie Has- klns, Mrs. Bernice Tracy Martln- elli, Petaluma, Miss Vera Fish, Mrs. Charles Halliday, Berkeley, Mrs. Don Ferguson, Stockton, Mrs. Helen Morris, Oakland; nephews, L. E. Chrlatesen, San Francisco, and Nelson Tracy, Uklah. Funeral services were held Tuesday In Petaluma. Of recent years Mrs. Putnam had lived quietly at her home In Petaluma. For years she had been a member of the Women's Association of the Presbyterian church and was one of the honored members ot the Morning Star Chapter No. 61, O. E. S., a charter member of the organization, only a few of whom are now surviving. She was ay from San Francisco \ the holder of a 50-year membership jewel. Conard, Lee Cureton and Henrv Haehl. Fred Hamilton of the state highway patrol and Chief Jake Thorn and Officer Jack Blaokwell handled traffic neatly, and atop of Johnson's was K. D. Reynolds grinding away with his camera. * • « Henry Mulr left Friday for Bei-ke- ley to spend the holidays there with his family. Elwin Van Cleemput and wife, and Mr. and Mrs. Al Greenberg returned Friday from San Francisco • where they had been since Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Whitney are In Santa Rosa for Christmas with her sister, Mrs. Elwin Compton and family. They left here Bimday accompanied by their nine-year-old daughter, Maryan, who will spend Christmas with two older sister, Mrs. Margert Mulvihlll of Fresno and Mrs. Prances Spangle of Bakersfield. Mrs. Josephine Booc of Pearl street, and her brother, Ed Washburn of Garden Grove, who has been her guest in WlUits for the week, left Saturday for Richmond where they will visit a nephew. •' • • Raou! Pellegrini leaves Sunday to join his wife and family in the homo of her people, Mr. and Mrs. Finney of Cloverdale. He took his family there Thursday, For Christmas they win be with his parents. Ml', and Mrs. Paul Pellegrini at Astl. Guy Hall, city councilman, was =. I being greeted by friends on Main these out were Bill Ford, chair- street Friday after .,n lilnesn of man, A. M. Sacry, secretary, Leo j three weeks. HOLIDAY VISITOR Jewell Blankenshlp came up from RIvfrside for the holidays with home folks, and Christmas day was spent with the grandmother, Mrs. Alice D. Frltts, In Lake county. On Wednesday Blankenshlp went to San Jose with the local Eagle Scouts to attend the Knights ot Dunamia convention. Tuesday night he was In charge of the meeting of Troop 45 in Uklah. He returns to Riverside on New Year's Day. RETURN FROM SOUTH Mr. and Mrs. Tom Moore and son. Jack, are home from seven weeks spent in Texas and Louisiana. They went first to Dallas, Texas, where they visited their daughter, Mrs. Rudy Precourt, and from there motored to New Orleans and other points before returning home. The R. R. Ingels family bad Christmas dinner with the Jay Lee Smith family Monday in Redwnod Valley.

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