Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on December 12, 1972 · Page 8
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 8

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1972
Page 8
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Dear Abby ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, TUES., DEC. 12, 1972 Page 8. Why Do Doctors Need All That Boiling Water? tit fnr her foreetfulness. Show By Abigail Van Buran [c l»7J br Cklcaio Trlkam-N. Y. Htwt Sim*. Inc.) DEAR ABBY: I am a 13-year-old boy and like to watch TV a lot. One night I saw a movie on TV where a baby was about to be born and the doctor asked for "lots of boiling wa*er." This puzzled me. I aslted my father what they needed boiling water for, and he said maybe they wanted to make tea or coffee. Then I asked my mother, and she said, The doctor probably just wan'ed to keep the father busy so he wouldn't be in the way." Abby, I think they didn't want to tell me the truth so they just made up those silly answers. Will you please be honest with me and tell me why a doctor needs boiling water for the birth of a baby? This is something they don't teach you in school. UNCERTAIN BOY DEAR BOY: They haven't used boiling water in a birth since 'The Birth of a Nation." which is a pretty old movie. But in the olden days, all surgical materials were steriltied In boiling water to kill the bacteria and prevent infection. DEAR ABBY: My husband and I are making a success of cur marriage, the second for both of us. My son. 14, lives with us My husband's three boys, age 8 to 14. live with their mother, but occasionally come to visit at our house for several days. At their house, the family lives very informally, taking their meals on trays to eat in the den while watching TV. At our house the evening meal is important as a family gathering and it is eaten at the table. When his boys are with us. they often eat quickly and leave the table before others are finished eating. With my own son. I insist that he ask permission to be excused when he leaves the table early. Then he understands that for him the meal is over, and he is not allowed to return to the table when dessert is served. Esta Semana en Estherville Por Mac y Kathy Patterson NOTICIAS NACIONALES El presidente Nixon dice que la cosa mas importante de su nueva administracion sera una guerra contra la heroina. Si el uso de drogas continua y crece tan rapidamente como ahora, en el ano 2000, todos los ameri- canos seramos una naclon de adictos. Un functionario del gobierno dice que no podemos permitirnos ser clementes con los que venden los drogas. En el mes de enero es nece- sario que todos los e\tranjeros en los E.E.U.U. informen el gobierno acerca de su direccion. El ministerio de immigracion dice que hay consequencias serjas para los que no hagan un re la to. Los formularios seran disponibles a la casa de correos durante el mes de enero. Tengan culdado de no olvidar eso si no son ustedes ciudadanos de los E.E.U.U. EI presidente anterior Truman (1945-1952) esta en el hospital. Su condicion es critica. Tienc SS anos y tiene problemas con los pulmones. NOTICIAS DE INTERES LOCAL La casa de correos esta abier- ta dos sabados para dejarlos a ustedes que echen las aleluyas navidenas o los regalos navi- denos. Como saben, esnecesario que los echen ahorita si desean que lleguen a tiempo. El gobernador Ray pide que todos los de Iowa consierven aceite combustible (usado para calefaccionar la casa) por que es posible que sea gran falta de eL Todos los oficios estan trabajando con este problema. Las tiendas de Estherville es- taran abiertas diez noches antes del dia de Navidad. Del trece de diciembre hasta el veinte y tres, ellas estan abiertas. NOTICIAS DEL MUNDO La guerra civil continua en Irlanda del Norte. Muchos han muerto y muchos mas han es- tado heriodos. La ultima persona que fue muerta era una chiquita de cuatro anos! Ojala que tengamos paz y amor todo el murtdo algun dia! EL BOICOTEO DE LECHUGA (continuacion)- por Neal Armstrong La semana pasada les dije acerca de sus hermanos los chicanos que han tenido grandes problemas con el cosechar de lechuga. La gran pregunta para noso- tros es comer o no comer la lechuga que no tiene el sello del gremio obrero de Cesar Chavez. El boicoteo de lechuga (el no comprar nl comer ninguna le­ chuga) empezo el 3 de mayo. Todos lo supieron de el durante el congreso democratico y na- cional. En esta convencion, el senador Eduardo Kennedy dijo que el mismo no han comprado ni comido ninguna lechuga. El senor Chavez va a tener una batalla con otros gremios y oficios. Los derechos y las vidas de los obreros son las cosas mas importantes. Por eso, es mejor que ayudemos a los chicanos que cosechan a la lechuga. Sea- mos unidos por la causa de los en hermanos nuestros! Si compra- mos la lechuga, ayudamos a los duenos y nunca a los obreros! Comer o no comer es la pregun­ ta mas importante para los obreros de habla espanola! Viva la raza! My questions: Am I hopelessly old-fashioned to stress good table manners? Would I be presumptuous to teach my husband's boys the kind of manners I have taught my own son? Since they seldom eat at a table, perhaps they have not had the opportunity to learn good table manners. [I don't want to appear to be critical of their mother's ways of bringing them up.] Do you think that while the boys are living with us they should be required to observe the rules of our household? PUZZLED STEP-MOTHER DEAR PUZZLED: Absolutely. And no ifs, ands, or buts. DEAR ABBY: How can I get the message across to my mother in law when she tells me one of her "stories" that she already had told at least 20 times? It gets to be very annoying to listen to her go thru a long, drawn-out monolog of one of her many lifetime experiences. When she launches into one of her boring stories, on occasion I have politely reminded her that she has told me before, but she goes right on until she finishes it. I certainly keep track of what I tell people, and wouldn't think of boring them in that manner. Your advice will be much appreciated. WITHHOLD MY NAME DEAR WITHHOLD: You don't say how old you are, but I assume your mother in law is about 25 years older, which CHANGE OF HOURS EFFECTIVE SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17th For Your Shopping Convenience Harold's Red Owl Will Be . . . OPEN SUNDAYS 9:00 »M to 6:00 PM Open Monday Thru Saturday 7:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. OUR ADVERTISED SPECIALS WILL ALSO BE GOOD ON SUNDAYS! HAROLD'S ED OWL^ ESTHERVILLE, IOWA could account for her forgetfulness. Show a little more compassion and patience, if not respect. DEAR ABBY: Tell "TIT FOR TOT" IN SANTA MONICA to enjoy her full bosom while she still has it. When her nursing days are over and she sheds a few pounds, other surprises await her. Sign me . . . "DRAPE-SHAPE" IN ROSEBURG, ORE. DEAR ABBY: We have friends whom we don't wish to alienate, but we desperately need some relief from their daily [or perhaps I should say "nightly"] house-hopping. They eat supper at 6 p. m. or so, and they then stroll around the neighborhood, dropping in. They just open the door and walk in during supper, family quarrels, disciplining of children, financial discussions or husband and wife making up moments. No one on this street has any privacy. How can we get across to them that 'after-dinner guests should be invited, without hurting their feelings? FRUSTRATED DEAR FRUSTRATED: Apparently you leave your doors open—which is your first mistake. When people drop in, uninvited at an inconvenient time, if you aren't brave enough to tell them that you are BUSY, and to pie ate call first next time, then you deserve to be frustrated. C . R . AN T H O N Y CO. 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