The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on October 7, 1971 · Page 10
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 10

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1971
Page 10
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Cards oi Thanks CARD OF THANKS An appreciative thank you to all who rprtiPtnliered us on (lie occasion of mir r ' otl1 WPfl - ilini' ;mnivr'rsary. Mr. nml Mrs. Chester Van I'IMIV^IMII. 4r.-ip FOR RENT OR SALE: 10 by 5,5 Mobile HotneatWestslde Trailer Court. Call 7378103. 4r.-ir>w-lp STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP MANAGEMENT AND CIRCULATION Services r \i;n o;- THANKS We would like lo thank our „,,„. inends and relatives lor Hie nr.iviM-s, cards, visits , n ,l die i"iid lii-ought to our liome InritiL' our recent be- r.'.iMMii.'i'i. Also a .special thank voe to Dr. Grossman .,„,! the oranpp City Medical Stall lor 'heir wonderful care .'i-.en t,' our loved one. Also thanks lo Rev. Blankespoor i,id Kev. KIssPiis for their visiN ii»! prayers, but above all Iliank vou to our heavon- h Father for His Sustaining: irrace. The lien Vande Griend Family 4f.-lc For Sale "WE DRILL WELLS; we bore. wells; we dig farm cess pools. Alton Cement Works, . Alton, Iowa." n-i6w-tfc RIGHT-WAY TREE SERVICE Trimming, topping, removal. Also sodding and nursery work. For free es- tl mates call collect 552-1795 In Hawarden. 39-2.30-Gc ADVANCED SEWING CLASS ON MEN'S KNITWEAR. Two C weeks classes to begin Wed. Oct. 20 - 9:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. Instruction In this class will enable the students to complete a pair of trousers and a sports jacket during this r, week period. Register soon at De Vries Interiors at Orange City. 737-2226. 45-47w-2c FOl; \J :': !!>'•" Groat Lakes Mol-il.' Mom.'. 12x r >0. Phone 737--MTO. 44-2f [•"OR < \l I': Two sli'iinrdonrs .UK! ti u-k, si/c^ 7 x R and :-' ••: s. \No sonic used lum- UT; 4 v 4's, •' x; '' 1>s •""' -, x '''< of diflori'iit Iptirth*. Hinni' 737-8389. \Villmr Hai'in-'link. 44-2f pi )[• _• \i i ; r,,inpl,->n> snt of i.mN will: Cnmiun Cabi- :i.-t. 1'hoiiM 737-17'i:. -; \\ \-l : i .•diicuu- Plan. 42 Ti;!'-:- —i.' 10 . Money Back Ouai-intfi-.' Village Drug, • T in.-e Cit\ , Iowa. 44_lT.w-7c SORRY SAI, is now a merry pil. sue used Blue Lustre mi: and upholstery cleaner. Rpnt nlortric shampooer$l. Yoerl &• Van De Brake, OrantTP City, Iowa. 45-25w-lc II/v, [Just in your clothes? \V» h'.ive guarantee rust re- movpr. Kobes Dist. Co. Phone 737-427G. 34-14w-tfc ! Oli SALT: WAI. I. PAPER -o. PI- l.oon patterns: in -•tock. W fo >'8.00 a single roll. Tho most complete ~i'!»"tion in N\\' lowa.Vosrel .>. \' in lie Brake, Oranrp OPPORTUNITY For (hose about to retire and lliose who would like to build a business that's a service to the public. Unlimited income, free car when qualified. You may travel if you wish and build business on the way. Phone 712-552-1368. Mulder Box 81 Hawarden, Iowa. 45-45w-2c ELECTROLUX (R) Sales & Service, ArieM. Bomgaars, 403 5th, N.W., Orange City. - Phone 737-2934. 12-15w-tfc Notices K T F C 103.3 Dutch Hour, Sunday, r, ; l" p.m. Gw-tfc Wanted '•'. \\ '. : A'- 1 ' V're larin, !!:-.-! i'1-o.liin;. 1 ,!,•! T'lr-if, I ..'Me li.r.'lirr- "•"'lip, Gofwl !'H!'. Mm"- . V irn <™r,iirt v. Hai.^on nrotlier- . Dundee, M!;:I:. I'lion. V '--2 10* Him•I' • Mimi<'-'it i. -PIN! T I 1 ! \N< ' I'.i- Hl'lMll 'A.llhMt cMHSIlle str.n-i near!''. !oi !,l.i r .1 ili<- coiint to lie -old Nil I'll nice to loi i] res[)oimiMe {HIT. 'A ith i 1 ' HI'! credit. M !*-t t rans'.er iie\ i . T d.r ^. 'v\ r'i !<• C' 1 Mir i- ti-'ill'''-, Willihi: 1'iano, Box 2-lr, 'A illnnr. Minnesota. '>: \i ; " -.fin- "l'i miik- ir. sliorHi'/ni Bull. I'iimtc 7?7--Ci2fi. M. II. C.."l>..|, IJr invill'-. 43-l3w-3p : ' •' A I ; : I'j'.r, I cinl 4-door -'• I 'n ini'l K>r,V Plymouth •4- i'inr v<lr\n. Both in ex- c< Ucnt i-niiditirin and very r>-isonnlilc priced. Contact F'.iul Muyskons-737-4821. 43-2Gw-tfc I-OH SAM':: VINYL WA1.I.- COVI-'RING --Come in and look ;it thf 20 special order 1 looks we have on display. Vogel &• Van De Brake, Orange City, la. 10-26-tfc ]<\ JUVFNATF old furniture with Old Masters Antiquing and Graining. Lots of color combinations — also Metallic Tone Antiquing. VogPl 4 Van De Brake, Orange City, In. !0-2!iw-tfc GLASS breaking problems -solve It with Plexlglas. 1/16" - 1/8" - 1/4" In stock. Vogol & Van Da Brake. Orange City, la. 10-20w-tfc WANTi '> TI'> P,i'Y: Contracts oi- sp.-o'id M ij-lacps. Write: I lovd Valley Mortgages, Inf. ! r Plymouth N"\V, I.P Ma: -, la. "imi 1(9-1 Rw-lmon. WANTID: ! xperiencpcl n'n- rhiMist. Gus Pech Mfg. Co., I.f Mar^, Iowa. 14-9w-tfc WANTIT); l.arce flop house. Call 7.T7-4C.74. 44-2f WANTKD: Boat Trailer. 1000 11). rapacity. Call 737-4331. Don Hop. 44-2f HFI.P WANTKD: Office em- plovpc needed, bookkeeping and typing skills required. Oppning now - Permanent Position. Apply to J. I. Moeller, Secretary, Gp.r- man I ariners Mutual Ins. Assn., lid N. Main Ave., Sioux Cpntor, Iowa, Phone 722-2H71. 44-35w-2c FOR RENT: Available November 1, house North of First Reformed Church, 3 bedroom. Now available, house also north of First Reformed Church. Call 7372383 or 737-2728. 44-2Gw-2c (Act of August 12, 1970; Section 3685, Title 39, United States Code) 1. the date of filing is October I, 1971. 2. The title of publication is The Sioux County Capital. 3. Frequency of issue Is weekly, Thursday. 4. The location of known office of publication Is 104 Central Ave. SW; Orange City; Sioux Co.; Iowa 51041. 5. Location of the headquarters, of General Business Offices of the publishers Is at 104 Central Ave. SW; Orange City; Sioux Co.; Iowa 51041. 0. The names and addresses of the publisher, editor, and managing editor are: Publisher, Wayne Stewart, 324 Iowa Ave. SW; Orange City, Iowa 51041; Editor, Ruth Stewart, 324 Iowa Ave.SW; Orange City, Iowa 51041; Managing Editor, Wayne Stewart, 324 Iowa Ave. SW; Orange City, Iowa 51041. 7. The owners are Wayne Stewart, 324 Iowa Ave., SW Orange City, Iowa 51041; and -Norman Carlton, Osceola, Missouri. 8. Known bondholders, mortagagees, and other security holders owning or holding 1 percent or more of total amount bonds, mortages or other securities: Paul C. Smith, Rock Rapids, Iowa; -Fred Roach, Claremont, California. 9. 39 U.S.C. 3626 provides in pertinent part: "No person who would have been entitled to mail matter under former section 4359 of this title shall mail such matter at the rates provided under this subsection unless he files annually with the Postal Service a written request for permission to mail matter at such rates." _ 10. In accordance with the provisions of this statute, I hereby request permission to mail the publication named in Item 1 at the reduced postage rates presently authorized by 39 U. S. C. 3626 — (signed) » Wayne Stewart, publisher. 11. The average number of copies each issue during proceeding 12 months: Total number of copies printed, 2434; Paid circulation through dealers and carriers, street vendors and counter sales, 50; Paid circulation through mail subscriptions, 2189; Total paid circulation, 2239; Free distribution by mail, carrier or other means: samples, complementary, and other free copies, 45; Total distribution 2284; Office use, left-over, unaccounted, spoiled after printing, 150; Total 2434. The average number of - copies of single issue published nearest to filing date: Total number copies printed 2497; Paid circulation sales through dealers and carriers, street vendors and counter ~ sales 49; Paid circulation sales through mail subscriptions, 2184; Total paid _circulation, 2233; Free distribution by mail, carrier or other means: samples complementary and other free copies, 54; Total districution 2284; office use, left-over, un- accounted, spoiled after printing 210; Total number printed 2497. I certify that the statements made by me above are correct and complete. /s/ Wayne Stewart, Owner The Gerald Wlsslnk family of Minneapolis spent the weekend here with relatives, Her mother, Mrs. Dick pe Jong returned home from the hospital in Sioux City Friday, Neal Brink of Klngsley spent the weekend here with relatives. Those attending the 50th Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs, Chester Van Peursem at Orange City Saturday from here were Mrs. Anna Mullenburg, Mrs. Martha Jahn, Mrs. Levering, Mr. and Mrs, John Van Peursem, Mr, and Mrs. Al De Jager, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bomgaars, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jager, Mrs. Merrill and Mrs. Kenneth Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs. Ray De Jong and Mr. and Mrs. R. Schat. Mr. and Mrs. John Kots and the Don Van Horssen family spent Sunday afternoon with the Don Nelson family at Brewster, Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Ray De Jong and Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Brink went lo Prinsburg, Minn., Saturday for the 50th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Gerril Duln- ninck. Ann Van Beek of Orange City went with them. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mulder- went to Ames to see their son, Leslie, and from there spent the weekend with the Ed Mulder family in Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Van Roekel and Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Dykstra of Sheldon attended church services here Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Arie Schreur of Hudsonville, Mich., were dinner guests Thursday in the Ted Splits home. Mr. John Mitchell and son, Jamns, of Tennessee are visiting in the John Dykstra homo. Mrs. Gerrit Dekker, Wendal and Debra of Hospers were Sunday evening supper guests in the Otto De Jong home. Debra played a piano solo at the evening worship service. Gerrit De Vries of Orange City was also a caller in the home. Mr. andMrs.MelvlnBorg- man from Santa Maria Calif., arrived Friday evening n connection with the serious illness of her brother, Sam Schutt, who Passed away that same evening at the age of 63, afler a very short illness. He is survived by his wife, two sons, Howard of Huron, S D and Gene of Hospers, and'lwo daughters, Mrs. Kenneth Hulsteln of Slmct Center and Mrs. Norlyn Vande Brake of Orange City. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Nibbelink are the parenls of a daughler, Kimbery Jo, bom at Ihe local hospital. Mrs. Sam Schut Is a palient in the Sioux Valley hospital, Sioux Falls, S.D., where she underwent her third hip operation. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Men- link left Monday morning to return home toOostburg, Wis, having spent since Thursday with Rev. and Mrs. Jack Boer- igler. Mrs. Mentink was guest speaker at the meeting of the Guild of the First Reformed Church Thursday evening, giving an illustrated lecture on the work of their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Simmellnk, who are with the Missionary Aviation fellowship, in Borneo. Rev. and Mrs. C. G. Ter Maat drove toEdgerton.Minn. Wednesday where he attended a mass meeting of the Reformed Mens societies, and they also visited relatives in that area. • Mr. and Mrs. Dave Schutt from Holland, Mich., spent the weekend with her parents, Rev. and Mrs. Jack Boerigter. They came to attend funeral services held Monday for Sam Schutt. Others who came from a distance to attend the funeral included Dean Borgman from San Jose, Calif., Jim Borgman, Tuscon, Ariz., Mr. and Mrs. Howard Schutt, Huron, S.D., Mr. and Mrs. Henry Vermeer, Hudsonville, Mich., Mr. and Mrs. Art Peelen and Dr. Allan Peelen from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Wanda Mol has star ed working as secretary at the Rozeboom-Broek, Van Bruggen insurance agency, Local Afler church guests on Sunday evening In the Peter Ra- vesleln home were Mr, and Mrs, Leonard De Grool, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Teunlssen and Mr. and Mrs. George De Jong, bolh from Arlesla, Calif. Mrs. William Gambler en- terlained the KK Klub at a dessert luncheon on Wednesday afternoon. Rudy Van Pelt, John Van Peursem, Mrs. Dick De Jong and Mrs. Art Hulsteln have all returned home from the hospital. Gerril Hulstein arrived Sunday evening from Denton, Texas, to spend a few days with family and friends here. Mrs. Cecial Van Peursem arrived from Lakeworth, Florida to spent two weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Vreeman, Her father has been ill for many months and remains in extended care al the local hospital. Mrs. Albert Ten Clay has returned home from the hospital In Sioux City where she underwent major surgery about two weeks ago. Mr. and Mrs. Ed R. Vermeer were guests of honor at a neighborhood surprise party held at the city park Wednesday evening, and given by neighbors as they have now moved into town. Elaine Kleene and Mrs. Neal Van Beek returned home Monday afternoon, having spent the weekend with the Virgil Van Beek family in Columbus, Nebraska. Bert Ramaker has returned home from the St. Joseph hospital, Sioux City, where he recently underwent major surgery. Virginia Heynen left Thursday to return to her work in Colorado Springs, Colo., having spent two weeks with her family here, while her mother, Mrs. Henry Heynen was hospitilized in Sioux City following major surgery. Mrs. Heynen returned home Monday. Berdena Kemper left Sunday to return to work in Bellflower, Calif., after spending a two weeks vacation with her mother, Mrs. James Kempers. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Van Voorst were surprised at their home Monday evening when friends came to help them celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Bootsma, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Blom, Mr. and Mrs. Orlin Gulker, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dekker and Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bonne ma. Van Voorst also has a birthday that same day. Coffee guests In the Junior Siebersma homo on Sunday, afternoon were Mrs. Henry Kramer, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Muilenburg, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Katje, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Vande Brake, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hofland and Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sieber- sma from Sioux Center. Mr. and Mrs. John Vander Kooi and Christy from Worthington were Sunday callers in the home of Mrs. Henry Tuininga. Mrs. Cornie Peters, Mrs. Joe Steensma, Cynthia Sleen- sma and Mrs. Dennis Van Zee and Shelley went toSioux Center on Sunday afternoon to help Mrs. Henry Mulder celebrate her birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit Wabeke and Has Muilenburg from Ireton went to Newell on Monday to visit with Helen Wabeke in the Good Samaritan Home there. Sunday dinner guests in the Robert Wassenaar homo were Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Wassenaar and family, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Zylstra and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Zylstra and family all from Sheldon, Mr. Alfred Lee Wassenaar who is home on leave from the service and Pam Kamphoff from Sheldon. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Douma from Marshall, Minnesota were callers on Sunday in the Charles Sterrenburg home. Mrs. J. W. Hofmeyer entertained a week ago Sunday In honor of the 20th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Marlyn Bonnema, Present besides Ihe Bonnema's and Ihelr son Danny were Mrs, Dora Bonnema and Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Ludwig from Le Mars, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bonnema from Sioux 'City. Unable to attend were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bonnema. Mr. and Mrs. MarinusFed- ders, Kenny and LaDonna were Sunday evening after church guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Pete Krop7.p. Mr. and Mrs. Don Kroese of Sanborn, Iowa, wprr>Sttnday afternoon visitors at the William Top home. They also called on Rptilipn DP Valols. The Literature Department of the Wompn's Club met on Tuesday afternoon inthe.homp of Mrs. Ruth Vantlp Stepg with Miss Helen Rozeboom as co-hostess. Mrs. F. Van Oss had charge of the program. Mrs. Martin Van Oostor- hout attended the first mopt- ing of the year of the Sioux City Women's Club on Saturday at the Normandy. Mr. Clifford Bloemendaal and Mr. Howard Bloemendaal from Linewood, California are visiting in tho Henry Bloemon- daal homn and with other relatives in the area. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Van Pelt and Virginia and Mr. and Mrs. Rob Van Pelt and Shelly spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hellenga at Lake Park. Mr. Wilmer Hop from Baldwin, Wisconsin and Mr. Alton Te Beest from Bismarck, North Dakota were weekend guests in the Peter Van Vugt home. Mrs. Calsbeek and Mrs. Bloemendaal were visitors last Wednesday afternoon In the home of Mrs. Henry Tui- ninga. Mr. and Mrs. Dick R. Van Gelder were Sunday morning after church coffee guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. John De Boom. Gall Boonslra. ( ia,,M, (A Mr. and Mrs. n'on ft « is a student at CalvinSS "' Grand Rap| ds , MlohS'fe lowing tryouts, sh , ^ ' cepted In Thespians , Department of CMvi'n Mr. Wynard Ho EPman 30 for ' ° » . o EP leave Soplem^r 3 2-week visit to i h lands. Tho last II mo ho his homeland was in 1 m His mother and K ^™' also be in the N P ti 1( , r i"'" at the same ,„„„. ^'Jj be vlsitinc friends ami 7' lives there. Wynarrl's J,» Lorptta, andd: m -m,, r ' wll bo vlsif , n( , Colorado ,|,, rlmT lhls PALACETHIAM ALTON, IOWA Thurs. thru Sat, Oct. 7-9 Double Feature Npginnlng al IMMMMMHMHMMil^llB 3T1MESTHEUFFIN 1 ...AND3 TIMES TO ATKC MfHlC*'l 'NTf RMiTIONAL PICTUREf. 01970 American Msmitioni! Picturn. Inc. Sun. thru Wed. Oct. 10-13 Show Time 7:15 & 9:15 U/HA1TTNF . HELEN? Mr. and Mrs. Wally Van Berkum from Luverne were Saturday dinner guests In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin | Van Berkum. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Vander Maten and their grandson, Scotty, from Fort Dodge were Sunday overnight guests of Mrs. Henry Van't Hof. Business and Professional DIRECTORY Services ivirs. J. T. Grotenhouse of' Sun City, Arizona, spent aj few days in Orange City last; week visiting friends. Friday noon she entertained a few friends at a luncheon at the Dutch Mill. The Thursday Afternoon bridge club was enlertained by Mrs. Charles J. De Vries. Mrs. Bert Lubbers returned home on Saturday after visiting with the Rev. Weltge family in Nashville, Illinois and with the Roy Lubbers and Victor Rensink families in Connersville, Indiana. She was I accompanied by her daughter, t Genevieve from Des Moines, j from where they traveled by, plane. Physicians MEDICIAL CLINIC Orange City, Iowa Phone 4938 and 4984 E.B. GROSSMANN, M.D. Phone 2261 A. BUSHMER, M.D. Phone 2284 R. HASSEBROEK, M.D. Phdne 2240 P. VANDERKOOI.M.D. Phone 4104 Mon.-Fri., 9:00-4:30 A qua-Sensor lull pick up y«u' pfeooi md ui. 737-2923 E. B. GROSSMANN, JR., M.D. General Surgeon 111 Central Ave. SE Phone 737-4817 Optometrist Legals Bob Rockwood spent a .couple days visiting Ihe Jahn relatives after attending fun• eral services for his mother at St. Paul. The Rockwood family are living In Guam. Zoning Permits The following Zoning Permits have been issued by the 7-oning Enforcement Officer of the City of Orange City, Iowa, and any aggrieved party may determine their rights of appeal of such action at the City Clerk's office; but notice of such appeal must be on file within 10 days after this pub__ — lication. FOR SALE: 1908 Camaro Permit No. 85-?, Zoning Dls- Rally Sport. 327with3speed trlct R-l, E.B.Grossman, Jr., on floor Bucket seats and Orange City, build house, on console. Good condition, lot 7, Klay Addition, Orange Phone 737-2GOO after 5:00 City, Iowa. p.r\ 44-2f Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Van Roekel visited with Neal Brink at Klngsley. His wife has been transferred from LeMars to a Nursing home in Kingsley now. Miss Barbara Muilenburg, Mark Jansma and Mr. and Mrs. Terry Maassen were home from Amos for the weekend. LOANS ,$50 to $5,000 Payments Can Be Arranged On Monthly Terms 'Loans Payable On A Thiriy-six Months Basis" Also larger loans available for financing of trucks and luito.s at reasonable rates. Household Roods, autoa, livestock accepted a-s securities. A-C Loan & Finance Co., Inc. 27 Central Ave. S.W. I A' Mars, Iowa Phone r>46-4103 r . Permit No. 856, Zoning Dls- " H trlsl R-l, John Vermeer, ... Orange Clly, move slorage REDUCE excess fluids with b id g on i 0 i s 9 & 10, block FLUJDEX, $1.69 - LOSE 22i gouth Addition, Orange WEIGHT safely with Dex-A- city, Iowa. Diet, $1.98 at The Village Don E- schreur Drug. _ zoning Enforcement Officer 10--THE SIOUX COUNTY CAPITAL, Thursday, October 7, 1971 COLUMBUS DISCOVERED AMERICA but you can discover the advantages of life insurance. Don Van Der Welde, C.L.U. Phone 797-4500 or 737-3909 Or*n««City New York Life Insurance Company Uto Inmnac* - Group lnouranc« - Annuitte* iBTtoce - Penrton WBXEDFAIWG 1971 FORD LTD Demo. 4 door sedan, Power steering, power brakes, automalic Irans- misslon, air condilioning, at a reduced price 1970 FORD Galaxie 500 1969 FORD LTD, power steering, automatic transmission 1968 FORD Galaxie 500, power steering, power brakes, aulomallc transmission, air conditioning 1970 CHEVROLET Impala, power steering, power brakes, automalic Iransmission, air condilioning 1969 CHEVROLET Malibu, 4 door sedan, power steering, power brakes, automatic transmission, air conditioning 1967 CHEVROLET Impala 1961 CHEVROLET 40,000 miles, 6 cyl, automatic transmission 1969 DODGE, loaded 1970 DODGE Charger, loaded 1968 CHRYSLER, loaded 1970 FORD Mustang, 6 cyl. straight stick 1969 FORD Mustang, V8, stralghl slick, chrome wheels 1969 PONTIAC, 2 door, 6 cyl, slralghl stick 1965 PONTIAC, sedan, power steering, power brakes, automalic Iransmission, air con- dilioning 1965 BUICK Skylark Buckel seats, slraight stick PICKUPS 1966 FORD \ ton, stralghl slick 1962 FORD \ Ion, slraight stick 1969 FORD 3/4 ton, automatic transmission 1968 CHEVROLET ^ ton, 4 speed We still have a few '71 models RONS MOTOR SALES! Wgbw&y 10 orange CUy< DR. A. N. ALBERTSEN Optometrist 110 2nd St. NW Phone 4246 Orange City, Iowa Veterinarians SIOUX VETERINARY CLINIC Dr. A. J. Neumann Dr. L. H. Royer Dr. David Christenson Dr. M". Van Haaften VETERINARIANS Phone 4950 Orange City, Iowa DR. W. L. VERMEER DR. H. MIEDEM-A Veterinarians PHONE 4122 113 SrdSt.N.W. Orange City, Iowa Chiropractor Dr. A, Krull Le Mars, Iowa Phone 546-5604 ROGGEN & FORD ELECTRONIC COMPUTER SERVICES 113 3rd St.N.E. Phone 4963 Orange Citv, Iowa : HEARING AIDS • Audi vox • Qualitone • Zenith C. J. STEGINK Radio fj TV at Kalsbeek Bros. Orange City Auctioneers CUFF BOGAABD Auctioneer Phone 2219 Orango City, Iowa —, ' HEN VAN GELDER Auctioneer & Real Estate Phone 51U1 Alton, Iowa 1 Emergency Phone Nos. FIRE ----- 49 ° l POLICE * 251 HOSPITAL —- 4984 SHERIFF- 228 ° in ~ MAYOR ** (ROBERT DUNLOP) Dr, R, J, Meyior NEW ADDRESS Highway 75 North Le Mars, Iowa Phone: 546-7500 Gillis Haverdink Phone 2566 Nelson Muilenburg Phone 4652 j, Woudstra Phone 4SS3 junior Siebersma Phone 4684 B. Vander Stoep Phond 261°

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