Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 10, 1960 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 10, 1960
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FRIDAY, 10, Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart FRTPAT Upper Alton News Events (MOO HIM) WBVf (MBS) fMRO fcMUft (DM) BWt UMttl mt N: S: L*W milt: WM1 Loftibsroo N; S Man on 0« World N E. Morgan Bet Your Life Pe;pi« Art Funny N: Monitor Monitor Monitor; N Boxing Bouti • i t> Music N: MemortM Memories i» N, MemoriM Memorlei »• Memories: N N: Gordon D. Oordofi Oormt: N P. Lewis Jr. 0. Gordon N D. Gordon D. Gordon S: Gordon D. Gordon D. Gordon It M Sign Off ft 2 <*: W _ J. ftuek B. BurnM BOD- Nay Amos-Andr Fan in Stands interview Cardd-Plrstes f» t» M It l> II tl II It II It II II II II II J. Buck i» ii N: Buck J. Buck r* t> ft If is! N: ftlcltftrt K. JueMtrf S; Ricnird K. Richard N; Ricnard K. Richard S: Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N: R. Shop Record Shop N: R. Shop Record Shop N: R. Shop Record Shop S; R. Shop Record Shop N; R. Shop Record Shop N; R. Shop Record Shop $">,« if ii PV II 1, N; Peat i Pw t, fiffbff SATURDAY Music N Musle N N; Music Music N World N Music N Music N. Monitory Monitor N; Monitor Monitor N: W J. Burke »• •> AP N J. Burke M fl l» tf Farm-Horn* f, X Monitor N; Monitor Monitor N; Monitor Monitor N; Monitor Monitor N •, Monitor Monitor N; Monitor Monitor N; Witt D. Witt N: Farm D. Witt N; Witt D. Witt N; Witt D. Witt N; Witt D. Wilt N: S O. Witt Exercises Unity. Hymns N: Hymns C. Voices; N Hemingway D. Witt N: Witt Witt; N N; Witt D. Witt N; Witt Witt; N P. Harvey Playhouse The World N; St. Louie St. Louis N; Gordon Gordon; N O. Gordon N; Gordon Gordon; N O. Gordon i» f» »l M Gordon; N S. Mason N: Mason Mason; N N: W 0. Wtiltafltt Clockwatcher N: W Rex Davla Clockwatcher W; S N S Clockwatcher N; S if Bu , ( S* II M N; S J. Buck tl 1* tl •» N; S J. Buck rt •» »1 I* N S. Afternoon •• I* Fan In Stands Interview Cards- Plratei *» K M II • » II »» II l» *• *• II M fa ii tl ti II S. Afternoon The Belmont S. Afternoon G. ( f>(ewsome N: Newsomt G. Newsoma N; Newsoma G. Newsoma N; Newsome <j. Newsoma N; Newsoraa G. Newsoma N; Newsoma O. Newsoma N: Newsoma G. Newsoma N; Newsoma G. Nawsoma N; Davis G. Oavls N; Davis G. Davle N: Da via G. Davis N: Davis G. Davla N: Davis G. Davle N; Da vU G. Davit N: Davla G. Davis N: Davis G. Davis N; Richard K. Richard N; Richard K. Richard N: Richard K. Richard N; Richard K. Richard N; Richard K. Richard N. Richard K. Richard N: Day Bob Day N: Day Bob Day N; Day 9: Day N: Day Bob Day N Bob Day J. Greenwell N: Rev. Slm'ns Rev. simmoaa * Tello Quit Bob Day N; Day Bob Day ii ii • I ,, M N: Day Bob ( pay M M N Jersey Rptr. On ( Campus N; Music Sp. Program Sen. Douglas Soc. Security N: Scouts Boy Scouts R. Benson •• •» N; Greenwell J. Greenwell •i ti N; Greenwell J. Greenwell R. Benson i* n CHEYENNE'S FAN Mrs, Cuba Oarver, Alton State Hospital attendant, proudly displays pictures of her famous son-in-law Clint "Cheyenne" Walker. Mother-in-law Of TV Star Employed Here ery thing under the sun." Mrs. Garver lives at one of the residential buildings on the i grounds. When asked whether or not she ever gets lonely away jfrom her'family, she said that I she did. ' "I think every mother longs to Mrs. Cuba Garver. an attend-!he with her children," she said ant at Alton State Hospital, gets!thoughtfully. "However, one TV digest with John N. Jones KTVI (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS) KSD (NBC) 5. KETC 9, KPLR 11 FRIDAY EVENING 6:00— (2) Pony Express (4) (5) News Reports (9) Friendly Giant 6:10— (4) (5) Weather Report 6:15— (4) CBS News: Edwards (5) Sports: Bob Ingham (9) Compass Rose 6:25— (5) Spotlight with Nancy 6:30— (2) Walt Disney (4) Rawhide (5) Journey to Understand ing (9) Ordeal by Fire (11) Wild Bill Hickok 7:00— (5) Troubleshooters (9) Briefing Session (11) Bold Journey 7:30— (2) Man From Blackhawk (4) Hotel De Paree (5) Sacco-Vanzetti Story (9) Reading Out Loud (11) Movie 8:00-(2i 77 Sunset Strip (4) Desilu Playhouse (9) Two Centuries of the Symphony 8:30— (5) Masquerade Party: (Color). 9:00— (21 The Detectives (4) Twilight Zone (5) Boxing 9:2&-(ll> News 9:30-(2) Black Saddle (4> Person to Person (11) Expose 10:00— (2) Sea Hunt (4) News: Spencer Allen (51 Shotgun Slade (11) Movie 10:10— (4) Weather: Pat Fontaine 10:15— (4) Mrs. America 10:30-(2) Movie (5) News, Sports, Weather lfl:45~(5) Jack Paar Show ll:15-(4) Movie 11:30— (11) Bedtime Stories 12:00-(5) (11) News 12:05-(5) Movie 12:35-(2) News 12:40-(2) Home Digest 12:45— (2) Count of Monte Cristo l:l5-(2» Daily Word 1:25— (5) Weather Report 2:10— (4) Late News Roundup 2: 15- (4) Give Us This Day MTUBOAY, JUNE 11 5: 45- (4) Give Us This Day 6:00— (4) Town 'n Country 6:3u-(4) P.S. 4: Government T:00— (2) Community Campus (4) Movie 7:40-(5) CarUvyw 8:00-(4) Cap*. Kangaroo (5) Terry Toons fc30-t5) Corky tht Clown Meet Your Military and J«*|f (5) Howdy Doody: (Color) 9:30— (2) Cartoons (4) Mighty Mouse (5) Ruff and Reddy: (Col or). 10:00—(2) Milliken's Menagerie (4) Kartoon Karnival (5) Fury 10:30—(4) The Lone Ranger (5) Circus Boy 11:00—(2) Age of Comedy (4) Sky King (5) True Story 11:15—(2) News Roundup 11:30— (2) Joe Palooka (4) SS Popeye (5) Detective's Diary 11:45— (11) Morning Chapel 11:50-(U) News: Daust Noon—(2) Soupy Sales (5) St. Louis Hop (11) Movie 12:30—(2t Auto Buyer's Guide (4) Movie 1:00—(2) My Hero (5) Parti Page Show (11) Cowboy G-Men 1:15—(5) Uttle Rascals 1:30—(2) News in Reviesv (5) Western Marshal (11) Jet Jackson 2:00—(4) Challenge (5) Hopalong Cassidy (11) Combat Sergeant 2:30— (4) Rebuttal (5) Movie (11) Jungle Jim 3:00—(2) Comedy Theatre (4) Why Is It So? (5) Movie (11) Movie 3:30— (4) The Belmont Stakes 4:00—(2) Jim Bowie (11) Capt. 11 4:30—(2) Sweet Success (4) Movie (5) Abbott 'n Costello 5:00—(2) Championship Bowling (5) Wrangler's Club (11) Three Stooges 5:15—(5) Parade of Magic 5:30— (5i Roy Rogers (11) William Tell Edward Lindsay Re-Elected to API NEW YOHK (AP) - Edward andsay, editor of the Lindsay- Schaub Newspapers, Decatur, HI., uui been re-elected to the advisory board of the American Press In- titule. The institute also announced Thursday the election of Paul iliiler. president of the Gannett lewspapers, to a third term as dvisory board c'lairman. Miller Iso is editor ui the Rochester, (4) a big kick out of watching a big man on television, especially when that big man happens to be six - foot - five Clint "Cheyenne" Walker, her son-in-law. One would never suspect her close relationship to the famed television and movie personality who once was considered sort of a jack-of-all-trades around the Alton area. For Mrs. Garver is a quiet, rather reserved person who seems to have accepted her role with modest dignity. In fact, she seems almost shy and retiring when asked about the life of her daughter, Lucille, whose marriage to Walker makes her the envy of many. With a little prompting, however, a gleam of pride can be detected in the attendant's blue eyes as she embarks on a lengthy discussion about the couple and their young daughter, Valerie, 10. The graying attendant is very fond of her famous son-in-law and is quick to point out that success has not changed his way of life. He still possesses a quiet amiable manner which was characteristic of him during his younger days in Alton, she says. She asserts that he is still the domesticated type of man who retains very close ties with his family. She says his aims in life are identical with those of most men. that of supporting his family cAnfortably and indulg- | ing in the "little pleasantries" of life. "He loves to fiddle around the house doing carpenter work &nd whatever other odds and ends are necessary. He is quite talented in several types of handicraft," Mrs. Garver added. Mrs. Garver mentioned that the giant-sized star is an amateur geologist who prospects frequently in search of unusual stone formations. He also maintains an avid interest in skin Senate Votes To Retain Wheat Levels By EDWIN B. HAAKINSON WASHINGTON (AP) - Rejecting higher pr'-i supports, the Senate has voted to retain present levels for wheat for three more years while cutting acreage 20 per cent. To help offset the cut, the bill passed Thursday would pay farmers from government surplus stocks half the amount of wheat | diving, she said, produced as an average on the un-' Recalling the days of the act- used land. jor's youth in Alton, Mrs. Garver The bill faces an uncertain fate'related some of her experiences in the House, which has been (in accompanying her daughter working toward a different meas- j on rides with Clint in his old ure including higher price sup-(Model A Ford. ports. Various senators also criticized it. Se.i. Hubert H. Humphrey (D- Minn), one of numerous wheat area senators who fought a losing battle, called it "a bad bill" that "He was always running out of gas," she said. "but. undaunted, he would jump out of the car and push it for miles to a filling station." She said her daughter and she would remain in the night a week I can turn on the TV set and enjoy part of my family in my own living room." —K. O. J. HOME BUREAU CHANGES SITE OF JINK MEETING The Alton unit of the Home Bureau will hold its June meeting at Rock Spring park on June 13 at 11 a.m. instead of at Mrs. Paris as originally planned. Since this meeting is a lesson on with ft, tht MM. tn tht parked intomoWta wn Mtt. Bttty L. Copt, 218 Mildred St and h« two children. She Mid ihe htd been parked for •bout five minutes when the accident happened. No one wi* reported injured. MOTHER'S BOARD onsoRs ran* The mothers' board of the Tabernacle Baptist Church Is sponsoring a trip to the farmj of Mrs. Elenora North on June 18. There will be two stops to pick up people for the trip. The first is at the church at 7:30 p.m. The second is at the Sullivan Homes project. METHODIST YOUTH SPONSORS CAR WASH The young people of the Free Methodist Church are conducting a car wash Saturday, beginning at 12:30. The car wash will be held in the church lot. Charges will be one dollar per car, with an extra fifty cents for white sidewalls. The young people will pick up and deliver cars. Children's day will be observed at the Free Methodist Church Sunday in both the Sunday School and the morning worship services. MRS. DORMAN TO VISIT DAUGHTER IN NEW MEXICO Mrs. John Dorman left today for Albuquerque, N.M., for a month's visit with her daughter, Mrs. Robert Marsh. Mrs. Dorman also plans to visit Las Vegas, Nev., while on her trip. CADET SPENDING LEAVE HERE WITH PARENTS Cadet Stephen ChiJders of the United States Military Acade- Workmen pour the final strip of concrete in the center section of the new fteltiine Highway where it crosses Washington avenue. Although the center section is now complete, there are CEMENT MIXER two more sections of concrete to be poii rod on the sides of Washington avenue, and it is estimated that it will be around 14 days before this section of road nil! be open to two lane traffic. Edwardsville To Organize Softball Loop outdoor cooking, the meal will be my, West Point, is spending EDWARDSVILLE - A special prepared at the park, and mem- summer leave with his parents,(organizational meeting will be bers should bring their own table! Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Chlldera.(held In the YMCA al 7p.m. Mon- 1053 Washington Ave. He hasiday, according to Daniel Smith, just completed his plebe year to set up a new softball program at the academy. His leave will!for boys who are unable to par- extend to July 8. ! ticipate in the Little League During the year he was on | program. The meeting is the plebe swimming team.jplanned in response to a large where he competed in the 1001number of requests and a gen- and 200-yard breast stroke; andjeral indication of interest in on the plebe water polo team, isuch a program, Smith said. He is waiting for his final! The program would be for grades to learn whether he re-1 boys not participating in the mained on the dean's scholastic j Little League program and simi- is contemplated as an annual' When a Hop! Indian girl mar- addition to the Kdwardsville ries. her dress is made from sports program, provided cotton grown, gathered, spun i enough interest is shown in the and woven by the groom's fam- !proposed new organi/.alion. i ily. ! Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" i Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily service. TIHEVKS ENTER PIASA MOTOR FUEL A break-in at thq Piasa Motor Fuels Co. 3001 Humbert St., netted burglars only three savings stamp books and a carrying case, police reported Thursday. Entry was made Wednesday night through window through which a stone had been hurled. Drawers and cabinets were ransacked but nothing else was reported missing. A cigarette machine had been pried but the thieves could not reach the coin box. CHILDREN'S HOME GETS POTATOES FINALLY A sack of potatoes, part of a food shipment to the Catholic Children's Home on State street, was delivered in two stages Thursday, police reported. Luther Meyer, 2811 Hillcrest Ave., found the 100-pound sack inj the street and lugged it into his yard for safe keeping while he notified police. A check revealed that the potatoes had fallen off a truck that was delivering food supplies to the children's home. PIASA MOTOR FUELS OFFICE BURGLARIZED Plasa Motor Fuels, 3001 Humbert Rd., became the first beneficiary of City Council action, Wednesday night, to annex the area north of Upper Alton. Thursday morning a break-in at the office of the oil'firm was discovered. And after it was learned at the police department lhat the Piasa Motor Fuels premises were in the area being taken into the city, police took ovter the burglary, investigation instead of the sheriff's office. Robert Schrimpf, company of- list. PARENTS ASSOCIATION MEETS WEDNESDAY ;lar age standards would be set !up. An effort would be made to proportion teams in order to equalize strength on the playing The first meeting of the Liri-jfj elc i wn ich would make the coin Parents Association Chap-j games more interesting and enter for Retarded Children wasj courage man agers to utilize full held Wednesday evening in thej rosters home of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Clark, 1403 Liberty St. There were 14 members present at the meeting. A minimum of four teams of 15 boys would be required for effective operation and a maxi- imum of six teams of 20 boys — . . .. j iiiiuiu Plans were made to attend a, be thp practicable convention to be held on Jun«! number for the first year of op- 18-19 at Lincoln State Scnool '; ei . ation- Lincoln, 111. j Smitn noted thal tne program is "much worse than the present j machine while he ran beside it, law and will solve no problems." i pushing it along as a boy might jficer, called police after it'was Senate passage by a 44-36 vote pl . 0 p e | a scooter. ! found that three and a half came after hours of bitter debate The Walkers, who now make!books of trading stamps, and a their home in Hollywood Hills,.small leather carrying case had and a series of rollcalls. Even supporters of the toned- | are visited each yeal . b y Mrs. down senate bill were uncertain | Ga rver. who has two other whether President Eisenhower would sign it. The biH would retain for the next three wheat crops (1961-63) present government price support of 75 per cent of parity, now about $1.79 a bushel, if commercial wheat area farmers reduce present plantings 20 per cent. This would amount to 11 million acres of the present minimum wheat allotment of 55 million acres. Before this plan could operate, two-thirds of the eligible wheat growers nv vote approval in a national referendum. daughters living in California. Having worked for the Alton State Hospital since 1938, she receives three weeks vacation each year. She says this gives her enough time to spend five or six days with each of her daughters. Dr. Abraham Simon, hospital superintendent, points out that Mrs. Garver is a very consoles tious and dependable employe. She was cited for her outstanding ability in 1958 when she won the Illinois Department of Pub- been taken by an intruder who ransacked office desks. An unsuccessful effort had been made Two Part-Time Psychiatrists Are Appointed Madison County Mental Health Society directors Thursday ev* ning approved the appointment of two part-time psychiatrists. Dr. Charles Ottensmeyer will begin June 17 and will work 'n the Alton Clinic. Dr. John McMahon will begin July 1 and will work in the Granite City! office. The board, meeting in Granite City, also approved the appointment of a full-time psychiatric social worker. She is Mrs. Joe Crouch, who will work in the Granite City office. Purchase of furniture to outfil a fourth office in the Alton Clinic was approved. j 4 Divorces Granted In City Court Four divorces were granted by Our new Maximum Height cower includes you (and everyone within a 50-mile radius of Alton-Wood River) in our coverage area. If your Channel 2 picture Is not satisfactory, you'll miss "77 SUNSET STRIP" tonight. If more than one third oppose! 1 ' 1 ' Welfare Patient Care Servit, the supports would drop to 50 lces Award, per cent of parity, or about fl.!9 ! Mrs - Garver contends that her a bushel under present conditions.' >'ela tions Wp with Walker is just Parity is a formula fixed by < like an >' other m oth *r and son- law to determine a fair price for i »n-l aw association, a farm commodity in terms of I • "He calls me'Mom'and I call farmers < >sts. 'him •Norm'" (his real first The Senate Agrk-u'ture Com- name) .she says, "and when I'm i 'tt.'e '-id recwnmended an in- visiting there we talk about ev- :?rease In the present whoat sup- wl • ' 75 P-- -„• of »,-"v cent, or about $1.91 a hurtiel.!"" 1 he ' Pt> ? bU ! d U £ present wheat to pry open a cigarette vending I Judge I. H. Streeper at Thurs- machine. ' day's midweek City Court session. To gain entrance to the oii i All suits were based on averments firm building, the intruder I of cruelty, broke a window pane with a! Granted divorce were: Mildred stone which was found on the floor inside the structure. MOTORIST, ON WAV FROM DOCTOR, HITS CAK A woman motorist who had just been to a physician where she was administered an injection, swerved and sideswiped • parked machine on Milton road hill, Thursday, 5 p.m., police reported. Mrs. Harold Lidster, 3716 Aberdeen Ave., could not account for swerving her automobile except that the injection may have had something to do Gibbons of 405 Niagara St., East Alton from David W. Gibbons Sr.; Helen Lynn of 1421 Milton Road from Edward Lynn, plaintiff's former name of Campbell restored; Francis Sanchez of 707 .E. Seventh St., from Michael Sanchez of 224 Dorris St.; and Edith Wilfong of 229 Dorris St. front Claude Wilfong. •eduction and 50 per i-pnt pay- nenl in kind. The Senate bill would tighten up existing penalties for excess plant, an'' • | ir- p- •!!$ p^- SHOPPING IS EASY ON A CITIZENS COACH CO. BUS DOUM* %* tour Doctor to C«U !)• Wo Ootivor. 10 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS FlVt ClMVMlMI Prompt, \esunt* Fritted. »ural FEATURES! FULLY AUTOMATIC FULLY DELUXE • Automatic D»frott • Twin Porcelain Critp«r« • Dairy Bar Storage Door with approved Buttor and Chooto Kooport o Rack ttorago for Off* Limited Quantity/ o Giant Froozor Storoi 90 lb«. of frozon food* o Milk Sholf in door hold* half-gallon carton* o Adjuitabio Sholvo* o 5-yoor Warranty EBBLER ELECTRIC 6 STATE ST. (Next to Tri-City) PHONE HOB-75M WlMtow* for 4U C«r« LYONS GLASS CO, I4M IUU». M*i M* mmer Stir tl Wirmr Br«. "OkniMl" TV Strin! SEE HIM IN PERSON AT OUR SHOPPING CENTER! 3:30 P.M. SATURDAY, JUNE 11 ALTON PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER

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