Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 10, 1960 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 10, 1960
Page 6
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Carl Brands Raises 35,000 Quarts a Year He's Area's Largest Strawberry Grower §> GS9MM LfJtOHTT ftllffCBf) Miff WHtCT Cnri M. Brand* of Brighton, ttttOM tntwwt In ferrhfflg Is sec- ondtfy to hta ton • time job at Laded* Stttl Co. plant tn Alton, hat torMfi himself from an in- terwtaf dabbler Into the area's; foremost prodacer of strawber- rite In flv« short years. On a 20-acrt plot a couple miles east of Brighton, bought six years ago, Brands has nine acres of stttiwberHM and shucks off between 30,000 and 35,000 quarts a year. They are quality strawberries and have the added advantage} locally of being "home-grown." Both add up to make Brands' ttwwberries a premium product. IMs enables Brands to set a price at the opening of the strawberry season and hold to it throughout. Hundred! of Can Hundreds of cars make an animal pilgrimage to Brands' fields and these are augmented by trucks from produce houses and retailers. Now, in the midst of the sea- eon, the strawberry area is in a bit of a flurry — a not unusual situation. A tot of behind-the- scenes works goes into the production. This calls for help and Brands has H. He has four daughters. He has neighbors. Some of the daughters have husbands and the whole adds up to help during rush seasons. One daughter, Mrs. Paul Fenton, handles the seasonal picking Job. Brighton children, youths • end adults flock to the fields to earn eight cents a quart for pick- lag berries. When the real rush is on and, if enough local help falls to appear, Mrs. Fenton arranges for itinerant fruit-pickers to step into the breach. Mrs. Fenton also handles most of the sales on the Hospital /Votes W. It TOWHIH1P MftOfCAL Harold E. Baxter, Rt t tttt Alton StRfifTAL Carrie Lee Bernt, Bethalto .Tnmes R. Billln^ey, 531 Whitelaw Terry Lte Foratlng, Hartford Minn Judith Arm DcWItt, Rt. 1, East Alton DWMIMALS Mm. Sheila Ann Phillips, 68 Dell, Kant Alton Mr*. Emora R. Thomas, Cottage Hills Mrs Esther M. Connor. 509 Harper, East Alton Mrs. Patricia A. Redenbo, 1497 Williams Perry W. Gill, 103 Cooper, East THE BERRIES, WOT? Mrs. Paul Fenton, daughter of owner Carl Brands, exhibit* part of day's harvest from Brand's nine-acre strawberry enterprise near Brighton. The picking GEESE LOVE WEEDS The selective eating habits of geese .makes the weeding of a strawberry field a porch-and-hammock job. Geese eat grasses and weeds, won't touch straw- and part of the sales and other business connected i berry plants. Carl Brands in photo, with nine acres with the harvest are handled by Mrs. Fenton, one of I of strawberries near Brighton, is the area's largest Brands' four daughters.—Staff Photo. ! producer. Boy is Brad, owner's son.—Staff Photo. spot. variety of strawberries he plants)of the field. Brands prefers and hems and haws when ques- youthful pickers "from 15 years | tioned too closely about produc- on up," but hires just about all tion methods. HP says he has var-| comers, regardless of age. Jack Has His Secrets Brands declines to divulge the; 'ieties that are not easily dam-lNpwingham of Brighton holds aged by frost and also holds i what Mrs. Fenton calls the local No Damage Reported In Two Fire Calls Asmoke am! turned in the alarm ; Investigation showed a "short" No damage re- _ ^ , Terry Michael Gust. 303 Park Sherrie M. Gust, 303 Park Melody Lynne Anthony, 228 Me- Cagland, East Alton Mrs. Dorothy M. Prultt, Hart-. ford Cecil A. Cameron, Cottage Hills I/HTBlne Cameron, Cottage Hills Terry N. Wlmberly, 336 Wefct Main. East Alton Jeffrey Lynn Yost, 302 Ferguson JIRSIY COMMUNITY MEDICAL Mrs. David Butler, Jerseyville Mrs. Robert Ktiehnel, Jerseyville SURGICAL James Pointer, Chesterfield Clarence Dowland, Chesterfield Larry Wieneke. Hardin Robert Hausman, Kampsvllle I Betty Hausman, Kampsville ! ST. ANTHONY'S • DISMISSALS I Mrs. Rose Malone, 2408 E. j Broadway ' ALTON MEMORIAL i MEDICAL |r,crald Heinemeier, Edwardsville Mrs. Lorene Deist, Bethnlto Mrs. Mary Wood, 2914 VVerges Sharon Downey, Alton Charles Donelson, 1530 E. 4th Mrs. Anna Klopmeler, Wood River Dane Spencer, 2221 Lawton Edward Gotway, Hardin SURGICAL Iran will have five car assembly plants wtfhto the next yvu « two Tehran announced. Mrs. Claudette Sandner, 2118 Rockwell Gary Elledge, 2910 Watalee Robert Schrlmpf. 3838 Omcft Mrs. Emma Swarm, Carrolfion DISMISSAL* Karl Ewin, Brighton Roberta Richards, Alton Mark Zimpel, East Alton Claris Clausen. Godfrey Mrs. fcelrna Williams, 4500 College Mrs. Marforie Byrd, 2911 Buena Vista Mrs. Dorothy Mayberry, Cottage Hills John Terry. Bethalto Danny Bess. 2319 Washington Philip Hnrlander. 118 W. 15th Mnlvln Mourning, 2407 Kohler Mrs. Kate Turner, Cottage Hills Mrs. Dorothy Hlbbs, Cottage Hills Miss Frances Jones, Mary Hill Mrs, Betty Humphrey, Fairmount Addition Norman Schroeder, 13 Marietta PI. Robert Butler. 1607 Henry ST. JOSEPH'S MEDICAL Charles R. Cox. Dow Mrs. Mary Prusa, Edwardsvtlle Mrs. Edith C. Scoggings, 231 Madison Robert Steele. 37 West Acton, Wood River Mrs. Pauline Tuetken. 3205 Alby SITROICAL Mrs. Elizabeth Gorman, 1109 W. 9fh Mrs. Willmetta K. Russo. 1009 Jasper Miss Jo Ellen Wagner, 2113 Johnson Larry E. Taylor, 723'4 Silver Karl' P. Simhurger, 354 12th, Wood River Clifford "Scheffel. Godfrey Karl Reynolds, 603 Stovell Dennis May. 1209 Seminary Miss Jane Godfrey, 531 Summit Don't Nccjkct Slipping FALSE TEETH Do fall* tMtt) drop. «llp or wobble when you Ulk, eat, itugh or ineez*? Don't be annoyed and embarrMMd by luoh handicaps. FA8TEETH, an alkaline inon-aeld> powder to sprinkle on your plates, keeps false teeth more flrmly set. Gives confident feel- Ing of security and added comfort. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feel- Ing. Get FASTEETH today at drue counters evcrvwhere. READ FRIDAY, JUNE 10,1960 imm ^m****— Ate Firanw hat started a iwvfce ushig Caravefle Jet*. TBLEORAPn WMR Official Entry Blank "My Pop's Tops" Contest * Fathtr't Day It Sunday* Jimt ENTER NOW! Win Wonderful Prim For Your Pop Plus $2S krvtnf• Ittni to Ye». Contest Rules: Entries must b« JOO words or less. Entrants of any age are eligible. Attach your «nfry secur* ly to the coupon below. Mall to "My Pop's Tops" Contest, Downtown Business Men'i Aiioclatlon. Post Office Box 298. Alton, 111. The deadline Is Midnight, W»d., June 15. 1960. , in the wiring. uited. Alton firemen calls Thursday answered evening, twoi that hf hns adopted certain grow-j picking record. — 108 quarts in|f ounf j no fj re damage. ' FOSSIL FODND NEAR C'/KC'H RIVER BOXSTORAGE FOR WINTER WOOLENS !irtg practices that are advantage-i four hours. At a more restrained jous to him. He prefers to keep I pare. Nrwingluim has^no trou- some information to himself. !hle coining up with 128 qua its j The first call was at 10:18 Fossilized remains of animals p.m. to the home of Edward Lu- that lived five million years The second call was to Cily Hall, at 11 p.m. Engine com- Dial HO 5-8877 NOTHING TO PAY TILL FALL To Brands it is sufficient Unin a day. reveal that he put out 54.000 or- « p « s « Help iginal plants in the nine acres' The flel(1 « have to bR cultivat >,« „«.,. v,.,e crrnu/incr Ctnf snriiiu led- but the weed problem, normal, • . . . he now has growing, une spnng.. ' i panes .1, 2. 3, and the ladder n^ un /-ic ...ii». hn unH IQ nthpr<5 ''° niost fii it and vegetable pro-l 1 Brands says, he nnd 19 oinets, « • , ,. ompanv responded. most of them relatives, put out.Action, is no bother at all to ; p ^ jf . pmen ^ on d t 18,000 plants in two days. Straw- producers of strawberries. The Pollf _ emen ._ O . n _ rtUl . y the s ec- lww>c ' s are ' {0 P t down by a flock; er in Fairmount, where investi-| a g O were found recently near a Rntion showed there was no fire, j r j ver j n southern Czechoslovakia. Prague reports. Included were thre mastodon skulls, the .law and skull of a rhinoceros, and part of the skull of a hip-i smelledparion, forerunner of the horse.! James Barnes, Bethalto Nicky Mikoff, 2625 Plainview Mrs. Deloris Goth, Bunker Hill Ronald Coats, 3836 Aberdeen Linda Schmoeller, Brighton Eugene Ennor, E. St. Louis Gordon Haxel, 2614 Benbow Marcta Bott, Godfrey Letters wilt not he on \\ttnry styM or excellence but strictly on th« qualifications of the candidates as outlined in the letter. Judges' decisions will be final. No entry or material will be returned. No employes of Downtown Business Men's Association stores or members of their Immediate families are eligible. ATTACH THIS COUPON SECURELY TO YOUR LETTER MY POP'S TOPS CONTEST Downtown Business Mon's Association, •ox 298 Alton, III. NOfflO Address Sponsored b Downtown Business Men's Association berries produre berries I of Keesc. Geese, for reasons best "' won't touch a MAKE YOUR DAD THE PROUDEST IN TOWN 0Jv« him oretco ond spring, are allowed to goj through a third year, then are! , . . plowed under, to be replanted strawberry plant at any price.] the next spring. , TI "'> w1 "- ""ww. ml grass andj The production season last ap- 'weeds and Brands keeps a small j proximately four weeks and dur- rl " ( ' k waddling about in his, ing that time its a hammer-and-:'you»K f'^ds- The devour' tongs job to get the berries out;everything except the strawber-i While a lot of periodical work j is required in the production, Ithe big push 1 ends momentarily 1 when the annual picking job is ov- j er. "Then everybody sags and I Knees off on H fishing hinge," Brands says. Brands is a devoted hunter and fisherman. He likes local coon hunting, hunts ducks and once every year takes off for the far west after big game. Air Force Seeks Area Enlistees •24»» AC/DC wth Travel Case • Setf-sharpening rotary bt»0»l ofrnte ewty whisker* fast, clos*. smooth. • Adjusts automatically to every type beard 0) Easy flip-top cleaning—push • button—empty out whisker dust • Permanently lubricated Speedshaver* brush motor. NORTH AMERICAN PHILIPS COMPANY, INC. 1001. 42nd St., Now York 17, N. Y. Nordeo U known as PHILISHAVI In Canada and throughout the rest off the free world. 1 Local Air Force recruiters have announced the formation of a "flight" of Air Force enlistees from Alton. This will be the "All- America City Buddy Flight." ! This flight has been formed to 1 encourage the enlistment of men ; who wish to serve with home ar- iea friends while they are in the .service. Men in this flight will be enlisted on June L'SI, and will travel together as a special group to Lackland Air Force 1 Base, San Antonio, Tex., for basic training. Hie recruiters said that the lust day for area men to sign up for inclusion in this flight is June '20. Industrial diamonds are Israel's principal export to the United i Stales Tel Aviv reports. NOTICE OF RELOCATION OF BUSINESS OFFICE We will be moving to our new office at 309 Henry Street on June 18,1960 For your convenience we have an after hours depository and the following collection stations for payment of water bills: Dick's Drug Store 1426 Washington Avenue National Food Storos 1862 Bast Broadway, 510 West Delmar Kroger Stores Alton Pino Montieello Ploio Soars, Roebuck & Co. 309 Plosa Street ALTON WATER COMPANY Known For Quality At Sensible Price* Child's—Men's—Ladies' AM I GO'S SANDALS Completely Washable "Pun Steps" CANVAS OXFORDS Misses' and Ladies' ifoanu « KLUf THIRD ond GENERAL @ ELECTRIC SAVE 10% TAX PLUS $41.07 Price Reduction! JUST A FEW LEFT Famous Tedders" AIR CONDITION!* 1 H Moisl • U. i. Oavtrm- •UMU placed a H ill vtmtav EASY TERMS $10 DOWN 110 PER MONTH STANDARD HOME FURNISHERS 500 E. BROADWAY Opee TMitt Till 9 P.M. W! riMAWE OUR OWN AOOOUMTS! SAVE 1O% EXCISE TAX Room Conditioners Z-DOOR REFRIGERATOR FREEZER These room conditioners were purchased from the factory before the new excise tax became effective. The saving is passed on to you ... while present supply to***. NOW ONLY Under the New G--t "GoMen Value" Iiade in Hkin eiolly designed for oreos whore high r is as much • factor as hiah temperature. Tho) unit has a 1500 BTU cooling capacity and ro» etovM almost )0 gdlor* of Moisture per day from the air in your house. EXISTING STOCK LASTSJ ALTON HOME IMPROVEMENT (Free Parking in Rear ON Rldfs Si) HO 2-9246 652 E. BROADWAY

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