Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on December 22, 1939 · Page 2
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1939
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PAGE TWO DISPATCH DEMOCiRAT. URIAH. CALIFORNIA FRIDAY,. PECglifflEB .22, ,1939 DISPATCH-DEMOCRAT B. A. CCIBEB PDBUSHBB Pabltafaed Each Friday at UO East Standley St., inilah, Mendoebi* Couitr, California Per Year .... Six Months SCB8CBIFTIOK BATIfl: $9.80 Three Month* ... 1.60 One Mohth ..I .80 .. .30 Single Copies to Non-Subscrlben 10 cento Commenlal Advertlaiiic Bates: Readers, 30c per line Insertion, ISc per line each subsequent insertion. Readers set in 7 point type, which Is the body ot this newspaper. LEGAL NOTICE A Wreath in the Window It's a far cry from the Yule candle of yesteryear to the neon "Merry Christmas" sparkling from house tops today, but the warm message of good cheer glowing from each is the same. " Exterior decoration of homes and whole cities has never been as elaborate as in recent years. In days past there was the flickering white candle in the window of an occasional house, or perhaps a holly wreath on the door to remind one of Christmas. If passers-by looked close, they might have caught a glimpse of the tree inside, decorated with its tinsel, popcorn balls and candy canes. It vslas the friendly Christmas spirit that prompted the use of the candle or the wreath, the placing of the tree so its beauty could be enjoyed from outside as welli as within. There was a de&ire to exude some of that overflow of warm feeling that is found in every heart in the Yuletide. These expressions accomplished their purpose. The Yule lights touched the hearts of weary travelers and occasional pedestrians alike. All who saw were cheered by the significance of this universal custom. Today this spirit finds even greater expression as many homeowners combine their good wishes with a feeling of civic pride to brighten the way of passersby in the Christmas season. Some hang wreaths with glowing red bulbs, others stand their trees, decorated with strings of colored lights, by the window. More elaborate are the beautiful exterior decorations used today. Vari-colored globes drape the lawn trees and form arches between them. Gay banners or neon tubes hang from the porches or roofs to announce the Yule greeting. Each neighbor can do his part to spread the spirit of Christmas in this electrifying manner, whether his home is in the heart of a city or off a country lane. Those who see this gesture of friendliness will be cheered even more py it in these days when enmity of man is taking violent expression abroad. Use a carload of lights if you wish, or merely hang a wreath in the window. It is not the size of the greeting, but the size of the heart behind it that makes it shine the brightest. ^ ^ One of the great triumphs of modern medical science has been its relentless — and increasingly successful — battle against tuberculosis. Once known as the "great wfliite plague," that disease is now in slow, but constant, retreat before the powerful ministrations of medical research and care. Today science knows both the cause of tuberculosis and how to control it. Only lack of funds stands in the way of complete eradication of the diseas. Were sufficient funds available to hospitalize all cases needing attention, within six years—according to one conservative prediction—tuberculosis could be banished completely! Christmas Seals olTer each of us a ready means of hastening the conquest of a foe of a stronger, healthier America. Much progress has already been achieved. Since these Seals first appeared in 1907, the tuberculosis death-rate in the United States has been reduced almost 66 per cent. Yet despite this remarkably encouraging record, it still remains the leading cause of death for persons between the ages of 15 and 45. Every letter bearing Christmas Seals, by that fact bears a message of gooii-will to our fellowmen less fortunate than we. As emblems of the spirit of the Yuletide season, these Christmas Seals bring true gifts of hope and cheer to others. XOTfCB OF COMMISSIONER'S SALE OF RBAI, ESTATE ON FORECUISIJUE OF MORTOAOE In the Superior Court o1 the State ol Callfomia, in and for tho County of Mendocino. JOSEPH POMA and BUKA- BETHTPOMA, PlBlntlffs, vs. ROBERT S. VrOA ^lAUB and LTDtA WILL.IAHS, Defendants. No. 18596. Under and by virtue of an order of sale and decree of foreclosure and sale, issued out of the Superior Court of the Statu of California, in and for the.County of Mendo- e|no, on the UtH day of Peoember, 1939, in the above-entitled action, wherein the above-named plaintiffs obtained ju'dement and lilecree on the 11th day of December, 1939, which said ludgment and decree wu on the 14th day. of December, 1939, entered and recorded in Judgment Book No. iO at page 227, (to which judgment and decree reference ie hereby made), I am commanded to sell at public auction all the following, described premises, situate,' lying, apd being in the County of Mendocino, State of Call- foriiis, and described as follows, to-wlf. Commencing at the Northeast comer of the State Street and Clara Avenue .in the Town of Ultiah City, and running.thence Northerly along the East line of State Street, 60 feet; thence Easterly and parallel ; with Clara Avenue, 12S feet to the West line of the lot of Lawrence H.-Pitman; thence Southerly 60 feet to the North line of Clata Avenue; and thence Westerly along the North line of said Clara Avenue, 12S feet to the place of beginning, together with all and singular the tenements, hereditaments, and appurtenances thereunto belonging, or in any wise appertaining. PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY OrVEN that on Saturday, the 13th da.v of January, 1940, at 1:30 p. m., at the East front entrance of the Court House of the County of Mendocino, in the City of Ukiah, In said County of Mendocino, State of California, I will. In obedience to said order of sale and decree of foreclosure and sale, sell the above-described property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said judgment with interest and cost and expenses of sale, to the highest and best bidder for cash, in lawful money of the United States. Dated this 14th day of December, 1939. W. H. BRVNNER, Commissioner appointed by said Superior Court. dec 22,29 Jan 5 ,12 MENDOGP COUNTY SOPERIORCOUffT - December S, 19!» Case No. ISeOS-^W. N. Oibton vs. Homer H. Helm: Complalht filed through Attorneys Mannon A Brasler wherelnplalntlir aaksJudllttient for il6M.98 allltted to..b« due for logging timber .tor defendant. Case No. I3d07—Attachment action. \ Case No. 1360»—Attaohihetit action. Case No. 13609—Attaobhient action. It. im LEGAL NOTICE OERTIFIOATE OF TRANSACTING BUSINESS UNDER FICTITIOUS NAME Ovil Case No. 13610—California Lands, Inc., vs. Ix>uls L. Silver: Complaint filed through Attorneys Preston A Gibson, seeking judgnxent in the sum of $975.00 alleged to be due for rent of certain premises described in the complaint. Case No. 13611—The Ukiah Farmers' Club vs. Miriam O. Davis and Heleh V. Crouch; Coinplalnt flied through Charles Kasch, .Esq., wherein plaintiff asks that a certain deed from H. E. Dewey to defendants be set aside and that the Estate of H. E. Dewey, be subject to payment of a bill for |226.81 for supplies furnished the said H. E. Dewey during his life time. ProlMte Cose No. 6490—Estate of R. P. Tyree: Petition for letters of administration died by D. C. Smith as Public Administrator through Attorneys Thomas A Thomas. Petitioner alleges that deceased died on Sept. 25. 1939, leaving estate of the estimated value of |200; that deceased left no heirs in the state. Hearing on petition set for Deo. 22, 1939. December 15, 1939 Probate Case No. 6492—Estate of Emma Grace Hughes: Petition for letters of administration and to terminate homestead flIed by Elsie Bilstein through Attorneys Taft A Spurr, asking for a decree that Emma Grace Hughes died on Dec. 12, 1939. Hearing on petition was set for Jan. 5, 1940. December 18, 1989 Probate Case No. 6491— Estate of Marion Strusz: Petition for letters of administration filed by Harry E. Strusz through Attorney J. C. Hui^ ley, Esq. Petitioner alleges that deceased died on Dec. 6, 1639, leaving estate consisting of real property of the value of 3260.00 and personal property of the value of $1940.94. Hearine on petition set for January 5, 194C. COURT FBO<JEEDINOS December' 8, 1939 LEGAL NOTICE RESOLUTION OF INTENTION TO SELL REAL PBOPFJITY Whereas, the Ukiah Union Elementary School District, as successor to the Willow School District and the Ukiah School District, Is tho owner of an uiispeclfled and undetermined Interest in and to certain real property situated in tho County of Mendocino, State of California, more particularly described as follows, to-wit; PARCEL ONE:, COMMENCING at the sbutheast corner of M. Harbert's land; running thence West alonj; line separating Harbert from E. Weller 22 rods; thence South 14.7 rods; thence East 22 Rods to the center of tho road; thence North along the center of the road to the point of beginning, containing two acrcH, more or loss. PARCEL TWO: COMMENCING at the northwest corner of thn lot on which the Willow District School House stands and belonging to aald Willow School District; thence West 40 feet; thence South and parallel with the lot of said School District 260 feet; thence East 40 feet; thence North along the line of aald Willow District 260 feet to the point of beginning. On which said real property there exists certain bulldlng.s formerly used for school purposes In said Willow School District prior to the date said Willow School District was consolidated and merged with tho Ukiah Union Elementary School District, and Whereas, said real properly and the buildings thereon Is not now and will not In the future be needed or required for public use or for school purposes, and Whcrona. It Is the intention ot the undersigned Board of Trustee.i to sell said real properly, together with the buildings anil Improvements thoi'eon under and pursuant lo the provisions of Section 6.180, and following of the .School Code o^ the State of California, now, therefore, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Trustees of the Ukiah Union Elementary School District in legu- lar open meeting this day assembled : 1. That it does hereby resolve and declare Its Intention to sell all the right, title, claim and Interest of said Ukiah Union Elementary School District as successor to said Willow School District and said Ukiah School District In and to the real property above described, together with the buildings and improvements thereon. 2. That the minimum price upon which such sale will be made is tho sum of tSOO.OO, payable in cash upon delivery of the quitclaim deed of said Ukiah Union Elementary School District to said property. 3. That a public meeting of this Board of Trustees be held in the Ukiah Grammar School at Its regular place of meeting on the 10th day of January, 1940, at the hour of 7:30 o'clock p. m. on said day. at which said meeting scaled proposals for the purchase of said property upon the terms hereinabove set forth will be received and considered by said Board of Trustees. ADOPTED In open meeting this 13th day of December, 1939, by said Board of Trustees voting as follows: Aye, four; No, none; Absent, one. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, these presents have this day been signed by said Board of Trustees, or by a majority thereof. H. V. LA PORTE. EDNA S. KASCH, W. A. OHESSALL, I. H. CRAWFORD. Approved as lo form: iAMES E. BUSCH, As District Attorney of Mendocino County. dec 15,22,29 I DO HEREBY CERTIFY: That my full name is Jack R. Smith and that my place of residence Is 103 South State Street, Ukiah, California; that I am transacting business at Room 3, Marks Building, Ukiah, Mendocino county, California, under the fictitious name of MENDOCINO COUNTY CREDIT BUREAU, and that I am the sole owner of said business. Dated: November 29, 1939. JACK R. SMITH. State of California, County of Mendocino, ss. JACK R. SMITH, being first duly flworn deposes and says: that he 4s the person named in the foregoing certificate; that he has read said certificate and knows the contents thereof; and that the same is true of his own knowledEre. JACK B. SMITH. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 29th day of November, 1939, a notary publlu In and for the County of Mendocino, State of California. WILL VAN DYKE, My Commission expires April 2, 1941 dec 1,8,15,22 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO CREDITORS LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Superior Court of the State of California in and for the County of Mendocino. In the Matter of the Estate of MARY KETCHUM, Deceased. No. 6477. Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned Administrator of the Estate of Mai-y Ketchum, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the said de- censed, to nie their claims with the necessary voucher.^ witnin six months after the Hrst publication of this notice. In the office of the Clerk of tho Superior Court of the .State of California in and for the County of Mendocino. In the City of Ukiah. County of Mendocino, State of California, or to present said claims with the necessary vouchers within six months after the first publicntlon of this notice, fo the said administrator at the office of J. W. Klngren. in the Preston Building, In the City of Ukiah, County of Mendocino. State of California, which said office the under- In the Superior Court of the State of California, In and for the County of Mendocino. In the Matter of the Estate of EDGAR D. HOWELL, also known as EDGE D. HOWELL, also known as E. D. HOWELL. Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the undersigned, the Administrator of the Estate of Edgar D. Howell, also known as Edge D. Howell, also known as E. D. Howell, Deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against said decedent to file them with the necessary vouchers within six months after the first publication of this notice, in the office of the Clerk of the above named Court, or to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within s i x months after the first publication of this notice to said Administrator at tho office of Charles Kasch, I. O. O. F. Bldg., Ukiah, Mendocino county, California, which said last named place the undersigned Administrator selects as the place of business In nil matters aonertain- ing to the said estate of Edgar D. Howell, also known as Edge D. Howell, also known as E. D. Howell, Deceased. L. R. SNYDER, As Administrator of said Estate. CHARLES KASCH. Attorney for said Estate. First publication In Ukiah Dispatch-Democrat, December 22, 1939. dec 22,29 jan 5,12 Ukiahans Attend Haskett Funeral County Clerk Harry M. Burko and Attorney Hale McCowen attended the funeral in Wllilts Wednesday of Max Haskelt, former Ukiah and Wllilts resident, who died in Santa Rosa. Mr. Haskett resided in Wllilts juid was engaged in the banking business during the time that Mr. Burke was employed by the Wllilts bank. He later removed to Santa Rosa wheie he engaged In banking and made his home until his death. At .Stanford Mr. Haskelt and Attorney McCowcn were classmates. algnod selects as his place of busl- hess in all matters connected with the said estate of Mary Ketchum, deceased. Dated: December 1, 1939. D. O. SMITH, Administrator of the Estate of Mary Ketchum, Deceased. J. W. KINGBEN. Preston Building, Uklflh, California, Attorney for Administrator. dec 1,8,15,22 Probata Estate of Naomi K. Hurt: Decree granted establishing notice to creditors. Estate of August West: Report of inheritance tax appraiser approved and tax fixed at $107.12 as due from John West and Tur! West each. Termination of Joint Tenancy of Velma Harris: Report of inheritance tax appraiser approved and decree granted no tax due. Termination of Life Estate of Martha A. Bean: Same order. Estate of Chris Norgard: Order directing administrator to pay for cost of copy of transcript on appeal in Norgard vs. Norgard. Estate of Frankle Chappell: Decree granted establishing notice of creditors. Estate of Frances M. Tindaii: Same order. Estate of Fred C. Waugh: J. W. Kingren appointed appraiser. Guardianship of Wilmont B. Mc Faul: Continued to Dec. 22, 1939; for account. Guardianship of .Ernest Floyd Banker and Richard Lynn Banker: Account filed and noticed for hearing on 15th; matter of accounting dropped. Estate of William Caldwell: Same order. Estate of Amenda P. Day: Con tinued to Dec. 15, 1939, for account. Guardianship of Margaret T. Farrance: Account filed and noticed for hearing on 15th; matter ot accounting dropped. Estate ot John SInoylch: Continued to Dec. 15, 1939, for filing of account. Estate of Mary Alma McKee: Continued to June 14, 1940. for filing of account. Guardianship of Lois Bills: Continued to Dec. 15, 1939, for filing of account. Estate of Granville H. Beglcy: Same order. Estate of James B. Rogers: Com tinued to Jan. 12, 1940, tor tiling of account. Guardianship of Helen Ruth Sherwood: Continued to Dec. 22, 1939, for filing of account. Guardianship of Richard Fordi Continued to Dec. 15, 1939, for filing of account. Guardianship of John Edwin Shortridge: Continued to March 8, 1940. for filing of account. Estate of Arthur Lewis Wessels: Continued to Dec. 22, 1939, for account. Estate of Emily Etta Pullen: Continued to Feb. 16. 1940, for account. Estate of Marlln Van Buren Helm: Account filed and noticed for hearlnir on 22nd; matter of accounting dronped. Rstatp of Gi'ant Kinney: Continued to June 14. 1940. for pncount. Estate of Ederar Albert Rohbuek Lawrence: Continued to Doc. 15, 1939. for account Estate of William Green Lilley: Continued to June 14, 1940, for account. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE DEPARTMENT OF THE INTESUOR U. S. Land Office at Sacramento, Calif., December 6, 1939. NOTICE is hereby given that Richard Purecll HIgglns, of 4485 Mission St., San Francisco. Calif., who, on Sept. 7, 1932, made Hd. entry Sec. 2289-R. S., No. 026276, for SK'A, .Section 25. Township 13-N, Range 16-W, M. D. Meridian, has filed notice of intention ".o make final llnce-year proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before Marie Forman, Notary Public, at 683 Mills Bldg., San Francisco, Calif., on the 26th day of January, 1940. Claimant names as witnesses: M. F. Higgina of Rt. Box-IOIE, Redwood City, Calif.. Ben Reis of 200 Otsego St., San FYancisco Calif., Tillie HIgglns of 364 Santa Rosa, San B^-anclsco. Calif., Joe Bartoli of Manchester Calif. EUJS PirBLEE, Register, dec 22,29 jan 5,12,19 Ctuardianship of James Sionett^ et al: Continued to Dec. 16, 1939, for account. Guardianship of Ouido VaMhtl. it al: Continued to Deo. 25, 1S89, tot amount. • JCftate of Sarah Card Miller: Continued to June 14, 1940, ft >r account. . Estate of Jdieph Plaza: Account Hied and noticed- for hearing on the '32nd i<i matter of accounting dropped. , Ouardiahship of J. Marlln Saa- aenrath et al: Same order. 'Estate of Marguarlte L. Ormisibn: Continued to Feb. 9, 1940, for account- Estate of Jack Jacobson: Ac- cbunt filed and noticed for hearing on 15th; matter of accounting ia dropped. ; SfState of Edward S. Alves: Con-^ (inued to Jan. 12, 1940, for flllnc; of account. Estate of John S. Rohrbough: Continued to Jan. S, 1940, for ac- fcoupt Guardianship of Rebecca Jane Mavcr: Account filed and noticed for hearing on 16th; matter of accounting dropped, Jlstate of Charles Tamborini: Cp.ntinued to Dec. 15, 1939, for filing of account. Estate of Ambrose L. Patton: Continued to, Dec. 22, 1939, for flllng of account. Estate of Sofia Ness: Continued to Jah. 12, 1940, for filing of ac«Dunt. Estate of Annie LeValley; Continued to Dec. 22. 1939, for filing of account. Estate of August West: Same order. Estate of Mrs. Kate Parker: Continued to Jan. 6, 1940, for filing of account. Ouardlanship of Arthur L. Foye: Continued to Dec. 22, 1939, for account. Guardianship of Archie Lewis Reynolds: Same order. Estate of Fred C. Rich: Account filed and noticed for hearing on 22nd; matter of accounting dropped. . Guardianship of Antoinette SasSenrath: Same order. ' Guardianship of Mary R. Henry: Continued to Jan. 12, 1940, for account. Guardianship of Hattie E. Zarr: Account filed and noticed for hearing on 22nd; matter of accounting dropped. Estate of Albert Herman Colberg: Continued to Dec. 22, 1939, for account. Estate of Hypolite Dajas: Continued to Dec. IS, 1939, for account. Estate of Kate Kann: Same order. Estate of Flora Gans Dolson: Continued to Dec. 15, 1939, for account. Estate of FlosBlfe Qianoli: Continued to Dec. 22, 1939. for account. Estate of Margaiet E. Williamson: Continued to Dec. 15, 1939, for account. • Eatate of Zerena Evelyn Kinney: Matter of accounting and hearing of petition for removal of administrator continued to Dec. 22, 1939. Estate of John Cooper Munson: Continued to Dec. 15, 1939, for account. Estate of Filomena Viera: Continued to Dec. 22, 1939, for account. |r Estate of John T. Busch: Annual accodnt of executor approved and petition for order to sell stock granted. Estate of Amelia Souza: Continued to Dec. 22, 1939, for account. '• Guardianship oC Albert Murray: Fourth account of guardian approved. Estate of Charles R. Perkins; Hearing on citations to show cause continued to Dec. 18, 1939. Estate of Joe Viera: Continued to Dec. 22, 1939, for account. Estate of Andrew Helela; Continued to Dec. 15. 1939. for account. Estate of Tranqullla Henderson: Continued to Jan. 26, 1940, for account. Estate of Alleslo T. Henderson: Same order. Eatate of Christina Haas: Continued to Dec. i2, 1939, for account. Guardianship of Floyd Scott Startin: Continued to Dec. 15, 1939, for account. Estate of Edward Miller: Hearing of final account continued to Dec. 22, 1939. Estate of George ^A. Johnson; Report approved ana distribution ordered to .Tosie F. Johnson. Estate of Matti Juntllla: First and final account approved and distribution ordered to Hilda Juntllla and final discharge eranted. Guardianship of Grace DeCarIi: Petition for instructions denied. Establishment of Birth of Frank Miller: Decree granted establlsh- ine' birth as approximately June 1, 1873. Fstablishment of Births of Mary Edith Halllday et al: Decree granted establishing date of births. Termination of Joint Tenancy of Velma Harris: Decree granted es- tobllshing date of death as of Dec. 18, 1938. Civil Porter M. Johnson vs. Ruth Johnson: Report of referee flied and matter submitted for decision. Mina S. Pool vs. Newton Royce Pool: Action dismissed. Cathi-yn Pinches Fitch vs. Walter Eugene Fitch: Plaintiff granted interlocutory decree of divorce on ground of extreme cruelty and $35 costs and permission to resume her maiden name of Cathryn Pinches. Frank Davidson vs. Ukiah Farm- era' Club, a Corp.: Demurrer to complaint overruled and ten days granted to answer. Frank Letner vs. Merele Letner: Plaintiff granted interlocutory decree of divorce on ground of extreme cruelty and custody of children granted to defendant- matter of support for children held in a- boyance pending motion for award. John Toretta et al vs. Walter Carlson et al: Ordered that neither plaintiff take anything; that cross complainant Johnston Rock Co. have judgment for $405.70 and cross complainant Walter Carlson have judgment for $100 and ordered on calendar of Dec. 22, 1939, for cct- tlement of findings. Elmer Norgard vs. Estate of Chris Norgard: Continued to Dec. 15, 1938. for settlement of transcript on appeal. LaVerne Evans vs. Dorothy Mildred Evans: Hearing of demurrer continued to Dec. 22, 1939. George H. Runckel, Jr. vs. Leland H. Montgomery et al: Hearing of demurrer to second amended complaint continued lo Dec. 11, 1939. Frances Felklns vs. Paul E. Pelkins: Continued to Doc. 15, 1939, for trial. Vela Dawn Rinkel vs. Louis Eugene Rinkel: Hearing on order to show cause continued to Dec. 22, 193C. Irene Branscomb vs. Amos Branscomb: Defendant ordered to pay plaintiff $100 per month for support Classified Ad Rates' ' I time lOo pet line 3 times 20c per line 8 times SOc per lln» , Coliiit 5 Words to tM Lihe Charsi.SOc^ , FOR SALE For Th&t Difficult Xmas Present COME IN AND LET US HEt,P YOU SELECT THE ALWAYS APPROPRIATE FURNITURBr-, the lasting gift always appreciated. . \ . ' Ukiah Furniture Go. state A Smith Free Delivery FOR SALE —100 tons Australian rye grass hay, cut right and well cured, $15 ton baled. J. B. Cox, ph. 1TF21, Wllilts. 71tfc ORDER your Xmas turkeys, corn fed. Ph. Ukiah 18 Y 5. C. H. Smith, Redwood Valley. 71t3p FOR SALE—House lot, 50x150, S of city limits; city,water, P. G. A E. service; price $225, liberal terms. Reply Box 335, Journal. 70t3p SALE Radio Clearance Sale! CONSOLES a. C. 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Al Waldtoufcl. Ukiah, Calif. lissome • WANT EMPLOYMENT , WANTED—House oi- yard work by ' hour or day. Geo. Price, Elk ' Horn. -6816?' MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE—Art Wave Beauty Salon, fully equipped. Ph. 677 or 21Y15. 70t3c FOR SALE—Saxophone, B-flat ten or, good condition; would make excellent Xmas gift; $55. Hansen's Stationery Store. 70t3p TYPEWRITERS FOR XMAS — Shop where you can see them all, large or small, new or used, some as low as $8.50. The Woodstock Typewriter Ageiicy, 136 Ken. tucky St.,. Petaluma. The largest and most complete stock in Ahe Redwood Empire. Our representative will bo in Ukiah December 18; if intereatod in any particular make of machine let us hear from you and we will have a sample, no obligation; terms if desired. 68140 FOR SAIJE—Black oak wood, $3,60 del. 308 Mason St., phone 607. 12-7mo FOR SALE—Chester White brood sows and pigs. Vallandlgham Ranch, Potter Valley. 46tfc BOOK MATCHES—Order through the Redwood Journal. Fine selection of covers to choose from. Phone No. 1, a representative will call. 7tfo USED CARS FOR SALE—1936 Master Six Chev. coupe. Inquire Redwood Motel. 70t3p FOR SALE—1938 Chev. coupe, good condition, $500. N. J. Reld, Potter Valley. 70t3p Williams et U3c; Set tor trial Dec. 11, 1939. California Lands, Inc. vs. Louis L. Silver et al: Hearing of demurrer to answer and cross complaint con tinued to Dec. 15, 1939. Criminal People vs. James Boyd: Defendant arraigned on charge of violation of Section 503 Vehicle Code. Irving M. Brazier, Esq., appointed counsel for defendant and continued to- Dec. 11, 1939, for further proceedings. FOR SALE —Home on No. Bush St., 1% acres, well and. city water, family orchard, plenty walnuts and almonds. Mrs. A. Tomlinson, Gen. Del. 68t6p FOR SALE—30 head of Jersey milk cows, some fresh, some springers. Fred H. Clark, Wllilts, ph.. 16 P21. 66t6p FOR SALE—300 8-mo. old W. L. pullets, all laying, $9.00 doz. Inquire Poultry Producers, phone 268. H-23mp SOMETHING NEW — Personalized paper cocktail napkins, luncheon napkins, dinner napkins, guest towela, with your name printed on them; $1.50 set. See samples at Redwood Journal. 64tfc 1938 DRY WOOD —4-foot lengths $5 pel- cold, 2-foot lengths ,$6.50, ]C-ln. lengths $8. Odell Ranch, Ukiah. 10-2mc SOCIAL STATIONERY — With name and address printed on paper and envelopes, as low as $1.50 per box. Redwood Journal. tfx TRESPASS NOTICES — Prote«t your property during Jlre and huntlngsea-sons. Use trespass notices printed at the Redwood Journal. Prices: 6, $2: 12, u.50; 25, $3.50; 50, $5; 100, $8. Call at office, or phone or mail your order, tfx PUBLIC STENbGRAPHBR, shorthand reporting, ad writing, mimeographing, addressing. Hali Prather (Notary Public), 721 Nd. School St., xndah, phone 714. 12-18mp BABIES OR SMALL CHILDREN taken care ot by day or month in nurse's home; can give highest recommendations; rates reasonable. For information ph. 333.. 62tfo GIVE MAGAZINES—'Life,' 'Time,' 'Reader's Digest' for that special gift. Any magazine ordered by V. Raffety, phone 131 J. 70t3p SARATOGA SPRINGS solicits your patronage for dinners and card parties; open all year. Phoije or write Saratoga Springs, Lake Co. 10-23t3mo PRINTING—letterheads, envelopes, cards, booklets, programs, trespass notices, etc., rubber stampe, sales book.s. For first class work and prompt service bring your printing business to The Redwood Journal, Ukiah tfx Auto Loans Contracts rewritten. Payments' reduced. Cash at once v'-iother your car is paid for or not. Strictly confidential. No cosigners. See Mr. MCCARTER, at Frank H. Reid's 3rd and B Sts., Santa Rosa. 6-12tfo DANCING CLA.SS registration now. Helen Averell, pli. 510. Classes open Sept. 27. 45t3c Dine and Dance THE AURORA at Nice, Lake County's most exclusive dining and entertainment center, orchestra music nightly. Populj^r prices. Parties solicited. Phone Nice 411. 3-27-39yc RENTAL TROUBLES PACIFIED THROUGH REDWOOD JOURNAL CLASSIFIEDS. December 9. 1939 Civil Porter M. Johnson vs. Ruth Johnson: Plaintiff granted interlocutory decree of divorce on ground of wilful desertion. December 11, I9S9 Civil Geo. H. Runckel Jr. vs. Vernon E. Ruddick et al: Demurrer to second amended complaint- argued ahd submitted for decision. Joseph Poma et ujt vs. Robert S. Williams et ux: Plaintiff granted judgment for $2600 principal, $130 interest, $220 attorney fees, and $9.25 costs. Vivian Staloy vs. J. A. McClui-k- en: Trial completed and matter submitted for decision. Criminal People vs. James Boyd: Defendant entered plea of guilty to violation of Section 503 Vehicle Code and matter referred to Probation Officer for report on Dec. 22, 1939. • VIovanni Vlttorio Pieffero of Redwood Valley completed his petition for naturalization at the office of County Clerk Hari-y M. Burko Wednesday morning. This car went out of control of the driver last week two miles north of Hopland, climbed a bank and rolled back on the highway, bottom side up. Injuries slight, possibilities great. Motto: Watch your step on the curves. A. W. Stultz Photo—Dispatch-Democrat Engraving • L. A. Elmore of Alameda, owner of the residence property on ., , ,- J t,nn • • Clay street occupied by the family pending trial and $100 on account i „, Vj„,.„„„ r,. iT^ i m , ,1 of attorney fees and action trans- Norman Buhn, was in Ukiah fcrred to County of Humboldt. Joseph Poma et ux vs. Robert S. Tuesday. Mr. Elmore is an friend of E. L. Chelli. old • James Wallace of Redding, committed to Mendocino State Hospital September 11, 1939, on an alleged Insanity charge, was lelt^ased on habeas corpus Friday by Judge W. D. L. Held. Release for Wallace was secured by his attorney, W. H. Brunner, on the grounds of defective affidavit. • John L. Rector, Boonvillo rancher, was a business visitor to Ukiah on Tuesday. • Mrs. August Linser of Bell Springs was a guest of relatives in Ukiah last week. Willits Priest Home From Ireland Father Celestinc Quinlan, who has been abroad since last May, returned to WIIllis the end of last week and held services at the Catholic church in that city Sunday. Father Quinlan is well known and highly respected in this county an<l is being cordially welcomed home by his many friends. He visited, in his absence, family members in Ireland and aLso toured other counj tries In Europe.

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