The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 5, 1896 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1896
Page 8
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To those df ottt ctlitdfflef otfrefs who Mve ftot alte&dy laid in a supply of i I t i Canned Goods Now is a good time to do so. See what a little money will buy— 3 Ibs Peaches 10c 3 Ibs Peas 10c 3 Jbs Tomatoes 10c OTHEIl GOODS WAY DOWK. LANGDON & HUDSON. Special i>fe§{detii t the stf&ifttite Ffld*&,? E. fe Gtf ft.y 19 teac hear the river. Claif fiotellitig feturfaed sota last Saturday, It doesn't look touch like filling ice houses these days. See J, A. Freeh for anything in the Hne her sister ih icrtid Went fti the SatMii sdnd&l | * he to** J>« rt 6 * ta6 b. ft. Calklfis is ffota Mifthe ' 2 Ibs Corn (Queen Brand) lOc 25lbsBaisins.... 5 ibs Bio Coffee. For the Next 30 Days WE WILL GIVE A DISCOUNT OF 10 PER CENT ON ALL OUR IMMENSE LINE OF CROCKERY, GLASSWARE, LAMPS, CHAMBER SETS, WATER SETS, ETC. in need of anything in the above line, call .at once and take advantafle of this great reduction. TRADE WITH us AND GET SOME NICE ^SILVERWARE FREE. -PATTERSON & SON. The Place to Buy Your Footw Is at the Big Shoe Store in the Boston Block. We have some Bargains that will please you. Kindly call and examine our goods. We'll be glad to see you. Brownell & Allred THE CASH SHOE MERCHANTS. F. NORTON, LUMBER! I have a few STORSVB SASH left and this is a good time to put them on. Get my prices and you will sure- F.S.NORTON Opposite the Postoffice, YQU WILL FIND JUST WHAT YOU WANT TO EAT, IF YOU HAYN'T TIME TO PBESS UP TO MAKEAYISIT — Telephone Them—No. 19. Justice Blanks! of legitimate insurance. R. E. iDavison begins his annual rounds with the assessor book today. W. C. Danson and Melzar fiaggard were up from Algona last Monday, A baby boy was born to Mr, and Mrs. John Newman one week ago today. If you can't see with your reading glass' es, talk With Dr. Paul and learn hbw to do it. Caudlemas Day was celebrated ih an ap* propriate manner yesterday by the Catholic people here. C. J. Lenander of the Farmers' & Trad- ers'Savings Bank left for a visit to Des Moincs last Monday. Warren Newman, who has been very ill with pleuro-pneumonia, is reported as bo- ing somewhat improved. Mrs. Joe Hartshorn has boon staying at H. Austin's during the past week while being treated by Dr. Paul.' Tho Burt Baptists had a sociable at David Nichols' last Friday evening and tho receipts wore about $10. The old Land, Real Estate & HoteLsign of R. M. Richmond was taken down last Saturday. It was getting out of date. W. S. Stahl has been in Lodi, Wls., for two weeks past, visiting with his aged father aud other relatives and friends. Geo. Yager was over from Whittemore the first of the week to have his tonsils removed by Dr. Paul in order to sure chrou- icnquinsy. Mike Klley was brought before Mayor Callanau and induced to contribute ?10 and costs to the city of Bancroft 'Monday morning. Liquor got the better of him. Sam Drake, that minitable flour drummer and enthusiastic supporter of Win. McKinley for President, was in Bancroft. You ought to be for the Iowa man, Allison, Sam. The Epworth League of the M. E. church will give a dime sociable at the residence of Mr. Bauman west of the school house next Friday evening. Everybody is invited to attend. There was a lawsuit over wages before Squire Barge yesterday, wherein Fred Wladarz was plaintiff and Joe Doleschal defendant. Barslou appeared for plaintiff and Thompson for the defense. At this writing the case has not been decided. , Rev. Cook delivered a very ablo sermon at the M. E. church last Sunday evening. He touched on,the question of street and alley cleaning and upon order in cities generally in his remarks. A good congregation was in attendance. ,.,. The first week in March will be the city ejection. We understand that the friends of C. E. Anderson are pushing his candidacy for irayor. Trot out your candidates: for the offices, gentlemen, and let us see a fair race and a hot one. Nobody barred. The Minneapolis Tribune of Saturday morning last contained a despatch from Kerkhoven, Minn., which stated that Chas. Martin, formerly of this place, had lost his barn, 5 horses and 3 caws by 'fire last Friday. Only partially insured.' Charlie's friends here sympathize with him in his loss. Married at Barslou's offlco by Squire R, W Barge, on Monday, February 3rd, at 10 o'clock a. m., Mr. Charles Meyer aud Miss Catherine Meyer. Both bride and groom are from Webster City and will visit with the groom's son-in-law. The aggregate age of the bride and groom is 130 years both being 65 years of age, May the remainder of their long journey be peafeeful. The Bancroft Co-operative Creamery Co. has money enough in tho bank to pay all their debts, and it is Jess than a year ago that t'.'.ey started with a heavy debt. All' of tho 60 shares of stock are subscribed but one and that can be disposed of any time. Tho receipts of milk are steadily increasing and the quality of butter produced is the best. This ts quite a testimonial to the careful management of Secretary Alcorn and Buttermaker August Johnson, Bancroft will have the best creamery in Kossuth county within a year, and don't you forget it. Married at the St. John's Catholic church, in Bancroft, on Tuesday, Feb.. 4, 1896, Mr, Geo, Schloder and Miss Catherine Goche. Both young people are of this township, The bride is a daughter of John Go?he, one of the wealthiest and best farmers in ICpssuth county, who lives on the old Merritteld farm, while the groom has been practically raised in, the township. He owns the old E. F. Clarke farm on the river .where the Greenwood postofflce used to behind has built a residence under th4 shade of the "big elms" that are an old land mark. They will go to keeping bouse at once, and we extend our.heavty congratulations. Those $14 accident policies are Come in and see J, A. . . r theintettef 6fd'6hnS 1 On& stole buildin'g, Corner Sfd Stfeet and avenue. The proprietors of the liVefy* bftfft improted the lodks of that institution 1 by covering it with a coat of darling fed. Several yOuhg people attended a dahce at Mr. Steele's Satufdjfy night, Mr, Htintsingef's new house is hearing completion, The I. 0. G. T, installed officers Satur* day hight. Cigars are in order at the city restaurant. Pete says its a boy, smoke. W. R. Peet was appointed, last week, as one of the J, Ps. for Harrison township, Efforts are being made to organize a cornet band in Swea City, Present ihdi» cations are that the efforts Will be successful. . Our new blacksmith built an addition on the south end of his shop last week, , 4,-Mfi, ftftle M&yfie te fitffibf'e tftt Mdndals M. CfaMftef Sfe^n with tlreir > -ftefe &t Millet's dn M6hday^ and they sawed tip a huge' jtfie" of tf obd for P. M. F>ed Hugh i-etuMed from his Cedaf Falls tMiJ od Saturday last. l)ell Ferguson is'going adi*dss the live? to dehorn soine cattle for John and Frank tteibhoft*. afi aftd the ttefl»8f*8 lesfe Libetal Clubbing Offer's, •;$8 BUlltf. BUBT, Feb. 4,—Mr. McGhitro is holding protracted meetings at the Fenton charge. Mr. Middletrauf commenced meetings in Burt Monday night. Mr. Cady Is building a house for James Stow on his farm. Mr. Fred Wilcox is visiting with Mr. Graham in Bancroft. Mr. Cady and Mrs. Middlotrattf were visitors in Algona Monday. The Epworth League will have a general supper and mush and milk Saturday night in Mrs. McDonald's hall. Tho Workman expect a very pleasant time Monday night. A speaker from abroad will argue the benefits of the order. Tho Mite Society will furnish the supper. D The Ladies'Aid Society will have a public dinner at Mrs. Crowell's Wednesday, February 12. All are cordially invited. .The tourists from Missouri are at home again, reporting a pleasant time. Mr, Smith brings a "possum" as a trophy. Mrs. Easterly has been quite unwell lately but is better now. Clams and lobsters at 1 be Gem. Mr. Ladendorf was on 'it streets Monday. Anna Brant is recovering and the quarantine has been removed. . WESLEY. WESLEY, Feb. 3.—Chas. Remke and Miss Seaman are to be married this week. They will go to Illinois, on a wedding trip. Here are congratulations. Over $6,000 worth of farm .produce was marketed in Wesley in one day, last week. Marshal Gosgrove and Constable Kennedy made a visit, Saturday, to one of the flOtmr fimil Chrischilles, 'ft F", McGovern, P, Hlggitis alidPetef Lawless, of whitteffiore, have been in Texas and other southern points ott a land exploring excursion, There was another large gathering of farfflers atSextbn Wednesday last, in the interest of a creamery, and Secretary An* gus, of the Burt creamery, was present atid gave the farmers some Burt creamery fig* ures, A board oif directors _was elected, made up of Martin Rahm, Heman Ward, Jacob Deihl atid W, H. Kuhh, Mr, Kuha was chosen president and L. E. Itralitz, secretary. The stock subscribed footed up to $1000, and it is believed the project Will succeed. The new Wesley elevator was built in just four weeks. The main part is 24x30, and 57 feet high, with a power house 34 by 24, and an office 13 by 14, The elevator has a capacity for 20,000 bushels of grain. Secretary Angus, of the Burt creamery, kept tally for 1895 and he reports that his cows netted him $53.69 each. He had 12 cows, from which he sold at the creamery 70,141 pounds of milk and besides ho raised twelve calves, which he estimates to be worth $60. Ledyard has reported her shipments for 1895, through the Leader, and aggregate 1466 cai s, of which number 1270 were hay, 185 grain, 3 live stock and 9 miscellaneous. The Leader figures?in 140 cars shipped by Ledyard men from neighbor stations, making a total of 1606cars. That was doing very well. OOW7 CLIPPINGS, ' Champion: J. M. Farley and wife started for Kentucky, Tuesday 'night to visit the former's brother at Paducah. They will remain absent a week or ten days. . : Wesley Reporter: James .Kernan sold John ward last Tuesday 52 head of fat cattle which averaged 1,452 pounds each. The amount received for the lot was; $3891.32. They were as fine a bunch 'as had been brought in for some time. Reporter: An oil stove exploded in the office of Frank Bacon's livery 'stable Sat- The KtetfMtWAJt, like Most WtetbliSiiiff eouhfcjr nWspjij5ei i s» fFeflUettfelJ-offered ftfeittitittis 16 sttfibefs payifig ifi advance, ftad to ft limited extent it Will do so this S^ftf)' but only so long as 6Ur present stipply holds -out. tThia jpretBluitt • is especially valuable to farmers, and the offer below is ihtended fbt their:' benefit, It is the & WJ* r^Sr • >R«M . • ,i M .' The account book is gotten up with *, M$$ a View to the eapeoial needs of farmer's' '"*'''*' -, rfW ,«1i«? ' \ »« .M' I* T*WII W V*~*V \S*JfJ W 1* A»«. *-*XJXSV«hJ *-**. Jl C4i l-IJCJ, O* W T * SSI and is a very desirable .tbtotf to have' J£$ $ IltJUy lUttUD H V 1O1 uj kJO(UL»J.v*i*j' j uw ww.w w*. ««« "soiled doves" and ordered her to depart urday night, and before the flames were from without the city .which she has done, extinguished a robe'and some blankets much to the satisfaction of our better cit-' were destroyed amounting to about' m> In the house, It is of legal cftp size, With stiff matiilla covers, has space for"-- miscellaneous, memoranda and has ruled monthly expense account sheets, showing articles purchased and ' articles sold during the yeai'. It con* '. tains a great fund of information val liable'to the farmer and handy foi- reference, including tables, estimates, computations, blank forms, facts for builders, recipes, etc. It is a 26 cent book and no farmer can afford to be without it for four times that. It can be had by farmers who. pay in advance for 1896. Anyone wishing to see one of these books can do so at this office., • > ' • • CLUBBING OFFERS. REPUBLICAN AND REGISTER FOll $1.85) "" " InterOcean ..$1,85 N. Y. Triune 2.30 Pioneer Press 2.30 Chicago Times 2.30 New York World.. 2.30 New York Sun.,,. 2.30 Homestead 2.40 Orange JUdd Farmer........ 2,25 f Harper's Weekly.. 4.75 Harper's Bazar.... 4.75 Harper's Magazine 4.60, Cosmopolitan 2.60 , Mc'Clures Magaz'n 2.60, ,N. Y. Independent 4.00 Chautauquan 8.6T ! Review of Reviews 4.CO Decorah Posten... 2.50 The Midland 2& f . , ScientificAmerican 4,r Century 5.1C St. Nicholas 4.10 .Scribners 4.10- Youth's Companion....... 3.40 " " Week's Current.... 2.66 Where more than two papers are desired, the amount to be remitted to this office for each paper is in every case found b,y deducting $1.50 from the combination price. • ' ' Telephone 19—Grove "& Son. • Karl's Clover Root Tea is a sure-* cure for Headache and nervous diseases. Nothing relieves so quickly. . 1 Sold by Frank Dingley. , ' x v M 'i>-V ;1&1 <c# *# J '$8 '»& $ "ft$i •. , 'J .V-l •':l!*i >f izens. May the good work so rightfully begun, go on. Next week we will try and give a list of improvements begun since Jan. 1,18Q6. The municipal election is close at hand» and city politics are beginning to bo discussed. We have one man who is a candidate for Mayor or recorder, and this is the only aspirant we have heard of. Mayor Barrett has made a good and efficient officer and if he could be prevailed upon to accept a re-election we have no doubt but he could have it. D. A. Haggard cried a sale of blooded stock for Z. S. Barrett at Grove's livery barn in this city last Saturday. Considerable sickness is prevalent in our town and vicinity a't present, Joe Treganza, the building contractor of Britt, was in town Monday. Judge Robinson's court has been quite busy the past week. Rev, Plummer will close his protracted meetings this week. Wesley will grow more in 1896 than it has any previous year of its existance. If a man wants to invest in town property for a .speculation he should come to Wesley, •" Mrs. Fred French has been quite sick for some time, but is ir-proving. Had the 'fire gotten under headway the loss would have benn very serious. 'Swea/City'Herald: ri"'. M. Richmond says he'l$s his'north addition'built up and now is building a house in the south part of town.* It was no $3000 residence being 16x34 feet In size and one story, but it will be occupied by J. Huntsinger's f am-' ily as soon as completed. Germania Standard: S. B. Darrone moved his household to the newly erected home four miles east of town. Simon has a very neat place which he built to his own taste. Congratulations. Burt Monitor: Four loads of young people were up from Algona on Sunday, calling upon Mr. and Mrs. Lars Sorenson, and a sister of the latter is spending the week with them. Monitor: A. C. Cady is at Buffalo Fork these days putting up a 16x24 house for Jas, P, Stow, who erects on the corner of his eighty, just south of the creamery. Mr. Stow has a very pretty building spot and some day will no doubt have a very desirable place, SENECA'S NINE MONTHS, EG. —Dealer in— Jewelry, Silverware, Watches .and Clocks.- >"• *'i Finest Line and Largest Stock. BePftin - V' ihff a Specialty. We employ only com-, ' j potent' workmen. Call at our .ney/^ -, ihff a Specialty. potent' workme. quarters ik Jho Oowles' Block, E, G.BOfYER, ' MONEY! On Real Estate., ; HOXIE & BRUNSON.V JTENTON, Feb. 4.— Douglass Becjc, pf Fpr- ythe, was hero Monday, Mr, Rady, of I^otts CreeJc, was buying attle in Feuton last week, Samuel Kneer, of Algona, visited Fenon friends and relatives, Quite a crowd attended the Webster chool house meetings. They continue all next week, The oyster supper at Peter Weisbrod's was well attended. About 80 to 100 were out, Fenton intends having a shooting club, Shpwing pf Seneca Creamery for Pecem ber, 1894, and Eight Months in f 895, to December x, Secretary M. Jenson, of the Seneca Co-operative creamery, favors the BE- PTJBUOAN with a report of the business of that popular and successful 'institution for the month of December, 1894, and the eight months of 1895 ending with Pecenaber first, the fire, baving interrupted |uainess for three.months; , Amount of milk received,.,. .',3,069,194 Jto Butter made...,,, ,...,.., 168,783 lb,s Butter shinned ,....,<.•>>'•>,,, i 155,070 Ibs ~ •' retted at creamery,. isfa? Ibs of and dealer In . Harness and Harness ALGONA, IOWA, OUristensen's old stand, opposite House. Doxseo & QW gtate street, 0, , Feb. ?-—Mrs. A, k, BJglow baa been confiued tQ her bed for the past two weeks, but is sonqe better ftt this writ' Dr, kpwder is the attending physi* clan. We u,n4e.rstan4 that'revival , w}U begin jn. the n,ear fu,tw in the Penis Received for batter.shipped,.,, For butter at creamery,,,.,,,,,, Received from, insurance com' pany and stpckhglders,,.,,.,,,.. -.-^-^ Received from notes.,,.,,,.,,,.,, 4,009,00 Total receipts,,., ,, M , ,136,789,13 049 • r---r- ^^V-T devoted "--ro: an J -•"-,-' 9S loe ,P v W,,-»-i reefs', BftYl|igpTBftBl jJA^cmovT, ww&£ „„.„ .T'llflAl?fi JulU iVr4 TT%***T J*r*»V»'»*' 1 T ", • • •'Tsr»)ra 'expe^e^jnf, salary «to 8j( fropthe^ns'/an^i §chOQi ^9Hse, "They will b,e coadwc,te4 by the R.ev« Th^re still progressing. Over Marble and Granite Work OJP L, KINDS., Gep, Ing Ws sister, Mj'S, A FULL LINE at jQbuspbyil^ni

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