Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on December 15, 1939 · Page 5
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 5

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1939
Page 5
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FRIPAY. DECEMBER 15. 1939 DISPATCH DEMOCRAT, URIAH. CAUFORNIA IntBitrumeiits Recorded «, ISM Abraham Koakl et ux to Iv»r ^XMiiatA Hanaon et ux, dated 12-2- .8»r, property near Fort Bragg. : David li. JOhnaon et ux to Ed" gel, dated 6-24-38, leO in sec. 21; T 13 N R lo W, ^ji O! Bhtrt et u* to L. R. Dunlap, dated 11-24-86, property In Opve ^o; C9rrect« deed rec. In 176 of Deean pgge a«e. JptiMne R. Dunlap et ux to Ernest gttf^n et ux, datad 10-12-39, lot Art Tuttle tt> United States of i AMtitloa, fn trust for Arthur Tuttle, jrr .,.4 «t«d 9-2-39, undlv. 2/6 Interest »a .W «cre8 In Sec. 4; T 23 N R 14 ! ieanette Brown to C. E. Qunn, '• AtttA 1S:S-S9, 160.76 acres In Sees. ! 7 * 8; T 18 N R 12 W, MDM. WiDlam J. Asbill to Lula M. I ' Madden, d^ted 9-6-13, 120 acres in ^c, 34; T 5 S R 6 E, HM, in Mcn- do^no and Trinity counties. Daniel P. Hickey to Elsie H. ' Frost, dated 9-21-39, lands In T 24 N R 15 W, MDM, and in T 6 S R OB, HM. PATENT: U. S. A. to William J. Asbill, Utci 12-18-38, 120 acres in Sec. 34; T 5 H R C E. HM. BILL OF SALE: Elisabeth Lambert Evans to Carolyn T. Crocker, dated 12-R-39, personal property in Cecille Coffee Shop, State & Perkins St.. Ukiah. SATISFACTION: Irvine and Mulr Company to Dan Hickey, dated 9-28-39, mort- icatte rec. In 92 O. R. 258. ! CROP * CHATTEL MORTGAQB: Thomas J. Clark et ux to Uklah P. C. A., dated 11-27-39. livestock and. crops of 1940-41-42 on Navarro Fair Hills ranch 6 miles N of Philo dn McDonald-to-the-Sea Highway; R ^dNVEYANCE: Q. M. Biggar, trustee, to Leslie Dunlap et ux, dated 12-4-39, 10 acres In Sec. 38; T 23 N R 13 W, MDM, and lot in Covelo. DEED OP TRUST: Brnest Niesen et ux to Bank of Cavelo, dated l2-(-39, lot in Cov- el6; JlOOO .00. CANCELLATION: Nanny H. Jensen to Hiram Gow' an et ux. mortgage rec. in 96 O. R. 313. 4 NOTICES OP LIEN— PIRB PATROL: Property of Bank of America, Florence E. Bloomer, O. C. Haslett, and Perrin Properties, Inc. December 7, 1980 DEEDS: Ik. B. Muir et ux tc Frances E. Stewart, dated 11-22-39, property at Needle Rock. Louisa C. Dutton to W. C. Paught, dated 12-4-39, quitclaims property in cemetery north of Uklah. The First National Bank of Clo- «lrdale to D. P. Lawson et ux, Mortgage rec. in 114 O. R. 121. DEED OF TRUST: Frances E. Stewart et vir to Mendocino County Title Co. as trustee for Ora Muir Thelcn, dated 1127-89, property at Needle Rock; 11250.00. CANCELLATION: Charles McCabe to Earl Stewart, dated 12-7-39, mortgage rec. in 86 O. R. 386. 1 OLD AGE SECURITY PROPERTY AGREEMENT: Tehama County Welfare Department. December 8, 1939 DEED: E. L. Williams. Sheriff of Mendocino Co.. to R. E. Titus, dated 12- V-3S, landc in Sec. 32; T 23 N R 16 W, MDM, formerly Roy E. Rudolph et ux. MORTGAGES: John J. Furber to American Fruit Growers Incorporated of Calif., dtd 12-7-35, crops of 1935, etc., on 26 ',4 acres in T 17 N R 11 W, MDM; $485.12. A! Bilderback et ux to Golden Eagle Milting Co., dated 11-29-39, cattle on Martindalc Ranch -Ik mile W of Laytonville; $116.18. George Vevoda et at to Mercantile Acceptance Corporation of Cal., dated 12-i6-39, garage equipment In .Vevoda Motor Sales. Ukiah; $2546.89 DECRE^ES: . ' In thfe Matter of the Petition of B. R. Harris, alias, to Terminate the Joint Tenancy of Velma Harris, Dc?., dated 12-8-39, No. 0484; property in 106 O. R. 443. , In the Matter of the Termination of the Joint Tenancv of Jesse F. HlHlard, alias, Dec, dated 12-11-39, No. 6012, Marin Co.; vests In Martha Elizabeth Hllliard, alias, property in Marin Co., and property in Percy's addition to Ukiah. ORDER SETTING ASIDE ESTATE TO WIDOW: In the Matter of the Estate of Tin Rodonl. Dec, dated 12-1-39, No. 6296; assigns to Eva May Rodoni, said widow, personal property and E 25 ft. of lot 16, blocH 9, Daugherty's addition to Willlts. DECREES OF DISTRIBUTION: In the Matter of the Estate of Mattl Juntilla, Dec, dated 12-8-39, Noj 6389; distributes to Hilda Juntilla personal propertv and SBU ot NWV4 of Sec. 12: T 16 N R 16 W, MDM, at Comptohe. In the Matter of the Estate of George A. Johnson. Dec, dated 128-39. No. 6373; distributes to Josie F. Johnson undlv. i int. in nropevty on S State St.. and on S School St., Uklah, and NV, of W» of block 50, Western Addition to UKIah. AFFIDAVIT OP BIRTH: Clora Gladyas Yates. property in Clbverdal^ Park, SUb- divuion No. 1. M ^9l^int°»"'U°-?r %P-' erty In T 1$ T< R 18 W, MDM. William H. Oppcnlandct et al to Wlimnalflenrietta Shandel, dat ^d 122-39, lot in Mendocino City and undlv. t Interest in lands in T IQ N Rs 16 * 16 W, MDM, re*ervin|; life estate In grantors. Northwestern Redwood CokUpany to County of Mendocino, dated 1110-9 ^^^qultclaimB property in City MORTGAGES: WlUiatii L. McAllister to George C. Faulkner, dated 11-2M0, mill equipment near Blue Rook, California; $2654.86. J L. McNeil) et al to The Fed era! Land Bknk of Berkeley, did l)-l-30. crops of 1940. etc., on portion oif lot 12 of Yokayo Rancho; $5246.00. DEED OF TRUST: William L. McAllister to Helen BrUnzell as trustee for George C. Faulltner, dated 11-25-39, 10 acres In Sec. 5; T 23 N R 16 W, MDM; $2654.86. NOTICE OF ACTION: The Uklah Farmers' Club vs. Miriam. G. Davis et al, dated 12-1£ 3E, No. 13611;. notice of action to set aside deed from H. E. Dewey to defendants covering undiv. V4 int. in property known as The Oaha Ranch. CANCELLATION: Ukiah P. C. A. to B. W. Van Voorhis et ux, mortgage rec. in 131 O. R. 134. HIS LAST CURTAIN HAS DROPPED December 11, 19.39 DEEDS: William. Heryford et al to Clara E. Booth et al, dated 3-1-32, lot 3, block 1', Uklah North Addition. Thomas A. GlIeB et ux to George Cameron Carmlchael, dated 12-11- 3C', lot G of Johnson's & Ray's Subdivision, Uklah. Charles H. Luce et al to Mertle E. Joy. dated 12-4-39, lots 1 and 2, block 2, Luce Subdivision, 3 of Uklah. CHATTEL MORTGAGE: John W. Bednar et al to Savings Bank of Mendocino Co., dated 1211-39, crops and equipment on property N of Calpella; $1250.00. ASSIGNMENT OF RENTS: Fred George Anderson et ux to Coast National Bank, dat^d 5-26-39, rents under lease rec. In 131 O. R. 321. RECONVEYANCES: Harold T. Bolden et al, trustees, to Fred George Anderson et ux, dated 12-7-39, deed of trust rec. in 10?. O. R. 286. Mendocino County Title Co., trus tee, to Charles H. Luce et al. dated 12-11-3C, releases lots 1 ft 2, block 2, Luce Subdivision, from lien of deed of trust rec. In 126 O. R. 13. DEEDS OF' TRUST: Fred George Anderson et ux to Mendocino Countv Title Co. as trustee for Coast National Bank et a I. dated 8-9-39, lots 16 & 16, block 22. Fort Bragg; $9000.00. Fred George Anderson et ux to Mendocino County Title Co. as trustee for George A. Faraday, dtd 12-6-39, lots 16 & 16, block 22, Fort Bragg; $1600.00. RELEASES: Martin Mertle to Fred George Anderson, lien rec. in 128 O. R. 290. Arthur J. Patzer to Fred George Anderson, dated 11-10-39, lien rec. in 128 O. R. 261. Jacob .Serlng to Fred George Anderson, lien rec. in 128 O. R. 252. The Diamond Match Co. to Fred George Anderson, lien rec In 128 O. R. 404. Dornan Haidware Co. to Fred George Anderson, lien rec. in 131 O. R. 228. Charles B. Ashe to Fred Gcoree Anderson, lien rec. in 131 O. R. 231. Fort Bragg Cooperative Mercantile Corporation to Fred George Anderson, detPd 11-8-39, lien rec in 131 O. R. 235. Caspar Lumber Co. to Fred Geo. Anderson, dated 11-13-38, lien rec. in 131 O. R. 291. DECREE OF DISTRIBUTION: In the Matter of thp Estate of Nclio Papueci. Dec, dated 11-10-39, No. 6321; distributes to Gino Mar- cheselii et al personal propertv, distributes to Natalina MartineUl prooerty in City of Ukiah in lot 36 of Yokayo Rancho. CANgELLATION: Savings Bank of Mnndocino Co. to John W. Bednar et al, mortgage rec in 114 O. R. 81. Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., the most s |H;ctaculur and romantic flgurei ia the movie world, will be loJ.d to rest beside other ii'jtablea that have passed on. In Forest Lawn Memorial Park. Interment will Ite In a temporary crypt. Private funeral services will take place Friday at tiSO p. in., in the Wee Kirk of the Heather, which has a seutfing caiMoity of only ISO. Aliovn Is a |>lcttum of Falrbanl<4 and his wife, the former I .duly Sj/Ma Ashley, shortly following thnir arrival In Hollywood. PAGE FIVE December 9, 1989 DEED: Ida Blizqbeth Nicmi et al to Herman SaarflxiK'i, datbd 12-2-3S, lot IB and portion of lot 17, block 1, Kellv tract. Fort BrAtrir. PROPERTY .SETTLEMENT 40I ^EBMBNT: Agreement between W'lhe Orn- Uaiio find Raymond Ornbann, dtd 13-4-39, ai»reeriient as to custodv of iplnor children, payment of bills and personal n'-Opertv end real nronertv in T 13 N R 13 W, MDM. MORTGAGE: .Hsymond nrr>b">un to Lllburp Gih- «nn rtatert la -O-.'IB. 440 Bcrea in T 1.'. N F IS W. IWnM; $168.50. RF<goNVEYANrCB- Mendorino Conritv Title On to Joseph po.hloegel ot ux. dBte <l deed of rec. in 103 O. R. DFmD OF TRtrST: .Tnaen^ S0hloo <»Bl et uy tn M^n- flori»3o Oount^' T^Me Co. a" tfimt'^n for Rnnk of Wl'lit». (^"t '-d 12-6 -Sq. lot isf T .ittlc r "V" T <ind Company's <^rvT n ArsK' .<»FmTTiTTV PPOPEPTV AGREEMENTS- I'hrp-. Sonoma county and one Merced countv. Members of Bar Hear Probate Practices Fourteen members of Mendocino County Bar Association went to Santa Rosa Monday night to the second of a series ot law lectures arranged under the auspices of the State Bar Association. William A. Brcen of the law firm of Sullivan, Roche & Johnson spoke on "Probate Practice" in the offices of Judge Hilllard Comstock. There were more than 50 lawyers in attendance. The Mendocino county contingent included: Judge W. D. L. Hold. H. L. Preston, Lilburn Gibson, Jamo.s E. Busch, Harry W. Falk, Jr., Charles Kasch, J. C. Hurley, Irving Brazier, W. H. Brunner, Hale McCowen, D. T. Bcnnitt, J. R. Thomas, Wayne Burke, Nnwell Rawles. The next lecture in the series will be held about the middle of Blankenship to Be Home Christmas Supervisors Close Deal on Veterans* Memorial Bldgr, The. deal for the purchase of the highway building at Willits to bo used as a Veteran's Memorial building, was consummated Tuesday by [ the Board of Supeivisors of Men doclno county, for the sum ot $6000. The amount o' $15,000 was set aside by the Board some time ago for construction of a Memorial building in Willlts. The purchase of the highway building for the sum of $6000 allows the remainder of $9000 for remodeling and furnishing. . An emergency order was passed by the board permitting the roofing of the building before the winter's rain sets in. December 12, 1939 ^Bernhart' Mii'he' tc F.Hiabetb Ko. fer, his daughter, dated 3-18-39, WILLITS, Dec. 13.—Bids fpr reconditioning the old state highway building on North Main «treet, will be advertised for right a^ay, Frank Whitney building chalnnan for the local American Legion post, reported Tuesday night at the Legion meeting. Mr. Whitney attended the jjieet- Ing in Uklah Tuesday of the board of county supervisors. That group received the state's deed to the buildiiv, which will now b^ofpe a Veterans' Memorial. The deed was to be recorder) Wednesday in Uklah, Mr. Whitney stated. Plans and sf)eclflcRtlons for reconditioning the buU^ing. drawn by C.'A. Oaulk- Ini, Jr., Santa Rosa architect, had beten completed,' permitting the c^ll for sealed bids. These will be opened January 2. at the regular meeting of the county supervisors and work on the building will proceed as rapidly as passible after that. THE PAYING WIT 18 THE CX-ASgiPIED WAY I Point Arena - Manchester Chamber of Commerce Plans Christmas Party POINT ARENA, Dec. 9.—The regular monthly meeting of the Point Arena-Manchester Chamber of Commerce was held Monday evening, December 4, in the Point Arena Hotel. The report of the committee on arrangement.s for the dinner given for the State Highway Commissioners and party was read and accepted. Christmas plans were discussed and it was decided to give $10 toward the Christmas party for the children, and to have lighted Ohrlslmus trees In Point Arena and Manchester. The Ctirifitmas party is given each year by the Civic Club. The Chamber of Commerce helped with the party last year also. The Chamber of Commerce also voted to continue membership In the Redwood Empire Association. It was through the Redwood Empire Association that the recent tour of Highway Commissioners was arranged. Masons Elect At the meeting of Claiborne Lodge No. 185, P. & A. M., last Saturday night the annual election of offio> ers was held and the following were elected: Master, Thomas Hnlliday; senior warden, James Moungoven; Junior warden, Fred Hendrickson; secretary, William Smith; treasiu-er, Dan Jensen. Following the regular meeting a second degree was con- Itrred by the lodge. * * * I January and every two weeks there- A short business meeting was held | after until conclusion. Friday afternoon at the Point Arena Civic Club, mainly for the purpose of completing plans for Christraa.s. It was decided to have the Christmas parly for the children on the afternoon of Friday, December 22. The Christmas dance will be held on Saturday evening, December 23. Rummage Sale The rummage sale given by the Civic Club was a success as usual. All the food and the itDm.s on the bazaar table were very quickly sold. There was a large quantity of clothing, .some of which was sold, some sent to an oiphanage and some put aside for future use. The ladies were very well pleased with the results. There have been so many bazaars and sales lately that they were a little afraid they might not do .so well. The community has come to look forward to this particular sale, however, as it has been an annual event tor a number of years. » * * . Attend Installation Ten members of the local Eastern Star Chapter went to Uklah Monday evening to attend the installation of officers of Kingsley Chapter. Those who made the trip include Worthy Matron Darlene Bishop, Worthy Patron George Myland. Deputy Grand Matron Christine Pennock and Mr. Pennock, Associate Matron Vina Myland, Conductress Alice Nielsen, , Associate Conductress Alta Said and Blanche Bishop, Jennie CoUiver and Gladys Miller. * • * Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Mead are the proud parents of a baby girl, born Wednesday morning in the Port Bragg hospital. The baby weighed four pounds and eight ounce4 and despite its premature birth,, both mother and child are doing as well as could be expected. The little girl has been named Marion Ellen. Jack Kammeyer hod the misfortune to cut two fingers of his left hand with a cleaver, Wednesday. He went to Dr. A. C. Huntley immediately and had several stitches taken in his fingers. J. O. Stornetta ts helping him in the butcher shop and will remain in the shop for the week end. Mr. Kammeyer will spepd the week end in San Pran- ciscD with friends. Gene Lelghton ts at home again after spending several days in the Fort Bragg hospital after his recent Jewell Blankenship of Riverside will spend the Christmas holidays at his home in Ukiah, arriving here December 23. During the holidays he will attend a Scout conference in Sati Jose as a representative from the Rivenside County Council. Blankenship writes that in a recent Scoutmasters' Round Table conference held at Palm Springs, Shirley Temple was a guest of the conference. Shirley is a "girl scout." Blankenship says that Shirley Is as entertaining in real life as on the .screen, because of her vital personality. Blankenship was active in Scout work in this county before his appointment to the Riverside Council. PNEUMONIA George Vevoda, young son ot Mr. and Mrs. George Vevoda, was threatened with pneumonia, but is reported improving. Miss Martha Hansen of San Francisco, an aunt ot the patient and a trained nurse, Is at the home taking care ot George. Dr. H. O. Cleland is attendance. in VHIAH GRANGE Ukiah Grange will meet Friday evening, December 15, for the purpose of electing officers for the coming year. Worthy Master W. P. Burke will preside at the business meeting. The home economics committee, headed by Mrs. J. B. McGuffin. will conduct a pie social. accident. He will have to make several trips to Fort Bragg to have his hand dressed. A pot luck fellowship supper was WILLITS NEWS •W1LHT8, l^c. 13.—A well attended forum at the high school on Monday fvening v/as addressed by State Senator John Phillips of Banning. He spoke on social security and told of a plan under waj^ for giving relief recipients blue and orange stamps, the former to be exchanged for surplus commodities at gt*cery stores that agreed to accept them, receiving money later from the state. The plan would be tried first in Ban Pranciseo, he said, drange stamps would buy staples atid would be paid for by the recipients. Future forums will be anhounoed later by Roy Good, school superintendent Four have been held. Piano Recital In her home Monday evening. Miss Maxins Duffleld held a piano and voice recital. She played two numbers for piano and Mrs. Herschel Howard gave the others. Children playing were Grace Estell, Joyce Allen, David Reynolds and Ruth Emily Howard. Grace and Ruth Emily sang solos and Joyce and Grace played piano duets. Afterwards Miss Duffield was assisted by her mother in serving refreshments. • • • A meeting of the Eagles lodge was held Tuesday evening with Prank Brewer presiding. State Senotor John Phillips of Banning was a guest Monday at the Van Hotel. Irvin H. Carlson of San Francisco also registered at the Van Monday. • School board members meeting on Monday adjourned to attend the forum. Business, with the exception ot singing the warrants, was suspended by the chairman, Dr. L. M. Cox, Mrs, William Moore, injured Saturday morning in an auto accident, is now at her home in the East Valley, having left the hospital on Monday afternoon. Her sister, Mr.;. Asbury Frost, ts with her. Willits folks at the probation meeting in Ukiah Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Fish and Mrs. Lola K. Josepiison. They attended a Juvenile court session and visited the detention home. Rehearsal for the Rebekah officers' installation, January 16, will be at 7:30 Monday evening In I. O. O. F. hall, according to Mrs. Hazel Bendbrc, district deputy in charge. Smalley Home Dr. and Mrs. Robert Smalley opened bids Tuesday night for their Contemplated $12,000 home in his addition near the hospital. They found the bids high, but expected to confer the end ot the week with Prank Crane, San Francisco contractor, wlio is now building the Brunsen home at Laytonville. He submitted the lowest bid. Card Party The whist room was packed to caijaclty, but only 16 played bridge at the highly .succestul Community card party put on Tuesday even- inng by Willits women's organizations for the Lions Club. The affair was managed by Mrs. Lola K. Josephson, president of the Women's Imijrovement Club, and was held in their club house, as a benefit for the civic Christmas party and tree. Bridge favors went to Mr. and Mrs. Brand Johnson and Mrs. W. A. Moore. Special awards were taken by Mrs. WiUard Brown, Brand Johnson and Ed Quiniiven. Whist honors went to Mrs. Charles Haun, Max Estell, Mrs. Billy Smith, Mrs. Mary Mast, Mrs, Arthur Thompson, Mrs. Ray Hall, George Upp, Mrs, Heckendorf, Mrs, D. A, Lawson, Mrs, Booe, Mrs, Bertha Cook, Mrs, Marjorie Dunliam, Mrs, Max Estell, Ray John.son, Chris Jorgensen and Pi-ank Pullen. These were donated by the groups in charge. Coffee and doughnuts were served. Sewer Changes Proiierty lines were checked over Wednesday morning by the house committee of the Women's Improvement Club, due to the discovery made Tuesday that the club house sewer was presumably on the lot being excavated for a new building, corLsti -uction of which was started Monday. Tuesday the pick, and shovel crew excavated on the line next to the club house on Commercial street. Mrs, Arthur Thompson, house committee chaiman, said the sewer would be taken up and run across the front of the club house lot if it proved to be on the adjoining property. Local plumbers were asked late Tuesday tc saUuK estimates on the work. Redwood Empire Conference to Be in Ukiah Early in 1940 the annual Inter- County Highway Conference of the Redwood Empire will be called at held Thur-sday evening in the Meth- i Uklah, attended by delegations from odist church. After dinner music was furnished by Mrs. Anita Bishop who was accompanied by Miss Madeline Whittlesey, and by Bert and Elno Behrens and Bill Bishop, The rest ot the evening was spent in playing games and in a discussion ot current problems, Mr, and Mrs, Raymond took four members ot the Epworth League to Ukiah last Saturday to participate in a League gathering which was held in the Methodist church. Those who went with Mr. Reymond were Patricia Bishop. Helen Nordby, Alice Hendrickson and Ruth Pennock. each of the Redwood Empire counties, at which the biennial Master Schedule of Recommendations, containing highway improvements requests of all counties and the Bridge District, will be prepared and adopted. Thereafter, thus Master Schedule of Recommendatlon.s will be tran.s- mitted formally to the highway commls-sion and director of public I works by the Redwood Empire Association. THE PAYING WAY IS THE CLASSIFIED WAY I scribers And turn in your subscription at once for your favorite candidate before the big reduction in votes takes place! First Period in Dispatch-Democrat Scholarship Campaign Closes Sat. Nisht, Dec. 16 At 9:00 p. m. Siibsttriptuins Will Npver Earn as Many Votes During the Baiuiic-c of th«^ Canipui};!! its TIi«'y Kani Diirhif; Uw First IVrind It *s a Race... AND A MERRY ONE! It's a Race—a three-lap event. CaiididaLe.s are about to finish their first time around. As in almost all evont.s of thi.s kind, one is ahetid by inches, others close upon this one. They are still fighting hard for the lead in their respective divia- iona, and for those farther back, all that we can say is that "They are still running," and each one has an equal opportunity for one of the valuable scholarships but some without half trying have given up thvir jiositions to those who are really vifilling to work. Anyone still in the race has an equal chance to earn one of the prized scholarships, but in order to do .so, they will have to get down to business and really put everything into the runninj; oi it. You Can't Just Trot Along and Win a Horse Race and You Can't Waste Time — * Just Putter Along' — and Win a Scholarship! • HERE IS HOW THEY STAND DISTRICT NUMBER 1 BEAUTY SCHOOL DIVISION iltlSINESS COLLEGE DIVISION Marclel Smith, Ukiah 170,500 Roaa Porzlo, IK. 1, Ukiah '202,000 Angle Martinelii, Ukiah 193,000 Dorothy Harp, Ukiah 204,000 Marjorie I^wrey, Ukiah 54,000 Lorraine lio|iper, Hopland 217,000 Cleo Ford, Ukiah 1.57,000 Mellia Lnechesi, Talmage 61,im JoaniH) Grothe, Ukiah l(i4,Q00 Eda Fracchia, Rt. 2, Ukiah HKi.OOO DISTRICT NUMBER 2 BUSINESS COLLEGE DIVl.SION IIEAUTV SCHOOL DIVISION Dolores IVl4 'rson, Point Anna StKt.OOO Vallier, IJoonvill« 18,000 Ina Ball, Fort BraRK 2»(i,()»0 IVriie ileiisley. Fort Bragg 10,000 l'uls.> Fctrleous, Mendociuo 10,000 DISTRICT NIJMBI]R 3 BUSINESS COLLEGE DIVl.SION Theodora Carmen Jones, Willits 8U,000 Loma Tsarnas, Willits 71,000 Hiyllis Cromwell, K«d. Valley 71,.500 T«HI Torngren, Iledwood Valle.\ lO.IKK) BEAirry SCHOOL DIVISION Thelma M. Ferguson, Willits 86,000 Marrion Page, Willits (i4,000 Ida MiU' Vali^s, Covelo 4fi,000 Bene lA-ard, Potter Valley 41,000

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