Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 10, 1960 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Friday, June 10, 1960
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ALTON EVENING Serving the Alton Community for More Than 124 Years Established January 15, 1830 Vol. CXXV, No. 128 ALTON, ILL., FRIDAY, JUNE 10,1980. HAGERTY'S CAR STOPPED BY TOKYO MOB Nixon Claims His Program * Is as Detailed as RockyV Proposal for TV Debate Rejected by Governor By ,IOK F. KAXK WASHINGTON < AP> Vice Presldenl Richard M. Ni.Non ,,SH>S he has discussed key issues in more detail than Gov. Nelson .A. Rockefeller, who had prodded him to make his views known Will Meet On Relief, Work Plan Two unidentified American bodyguards, center, stand beside James Hagerty's car at Tokyo's Ham-da Airport today after it was stopped by leftist demonstrators. Hagrrty, President Risenbower's white House secretary, and his companions, I). S. Ambassa- dor Douglas MacArthur II and White House appointments Secretary Thomas E. Stephens, had to be extricated by helicopter. (AP Wirephoto via radio from Tokyo). 10,000 Japanese Mob Hagerty Car in Tokyo No Attempt Is Made To In jure U.S. Officials TOKYO (AP)--Ten thousand screaming leftist dcinonMra- tors, fighting against an Eisenhower visit to Japan, besieged the car of White House press secretary James C. Hagerty for more than an hour today, slashing the tires and cracking windows. Finally, a helicopter was used to rescue Hagerty, U.S. Ambassador to Japan Douglas Mac- before the nominating convention. , . In reply. Nixon suggested that thr two "have a discussion in depth" before television cameras. The New York governor prompt* l.\ rejected the proposal. He said , Nixon "does .ot need me to in- lorrogalc him on television. "Oivf- tho vice president has I made clear his position on the I specific issues I have raised, I shall br glad to debate thesr is(sues with him." Nixon told a news conference Possible application In Alton j late Thursday, in answer to rriti- of the work-relief program pro| cisin fired his way Wednesday by \idod for by recent statr logis- ; Rockefeller, thai he had cliwly lalion is lo bo discussed at a '. sfiilpd his views on key issues. conference ho r o Wednesday | "1 have sot forth vith great pro- > morning. | cision and major detail my views Township Supervisor Stephen on the issues mote than any other Kennedy suid thai the conference, candidate." said Iho vico prosl- to [, 0 i^id j n t| 1P 0 [fj oo o f Mayor dent, p. w. Day. will be attended by \o rimiigr Jn |'|HII« Frank P. Higglns of Belleville. But ho indicated ho is con-j regional director of the Illinois Adoring no change in his plans i Public Aid Commission; Miss to wait until he gets thr nomina-i Elizabeth Vcnardos of Alton, tion boforr going beyond adminis- 1 'district representative, and tration policies. Flo said ho sup-ler L. CJentry ot Edwardsville, ports tho Eisenhower record as .county representative, IPAC: "Iho best record in my lifetime." I Mayor Day, Recreation Superin- At the same time, hr avoided' tendenl Harold Bean, and him- direct controversy with Rockc-jself. feller, whom he described as a I Arrangements for the confer- man of integrity. Ho also said I e nce were worked out today dur- Rockofeller has a right, If he|i ng visit by Gentry to the office wishes, to criticize the adminis-! of Kennedy, tration or the Republican party. A , a meeting Monday of town Tho soft tone of his replies j board, which comprises members seemed to indicate that, confident j O f City Council the work program of winning the nomination, Nix-j for able-bodied men on general on is looking more toward the gen-j assistance rolls was briefly dis- SPRl.XGFIELD, III. < Special' -Final details of the ultimate'; oral election campaign and seek-j cussed, itruns-fer of Clark Bridge from Missouri lo the State of Illinois ing to avoid alienating Rockefel-; No Conclusions TO MAKE WAY FOR PARKING These three buildings, outlined in white on this view taken from the top of the new Russell Miller mill building, will be razed this fall. They are (1) the Johnston Hardware Co. building; (2) the Stanka building; (3) the building formerly occupied by Schoenborn jewelry store. Not included in the block of property to be razed is the Slack warehouse which adjoins the Stanka building—Staff Photo. Transf er \^A vFJLl.jl. V^ JL V>J.J.V/V^ Luer Firm Downtown Corner Creditors To Meet back gate of the heavily guarded niay ^ undertaken next week at a conference in St. Louis. : ler supporters. New York's 45; U.S. Embassy and slipped in, es- Richard Quinn. of the-Illinois .make a Washington convention electoral votes could be decisive j: n ,o{j on " a jj fo thelegislative nro- n ft rt'! n rr Q flflA rinn^nnt;41*^4five.- - . • , -. I . , . * . it » !.. TVT .!..».. i ' " ***«,*¥*. f v* . . caping 8.000 demonstrators revision of Highways, is sched-!on right of way the occasion for of .lull >for-; SPRINGFIELD, 1U. (Speciali in November. Arthur II, and White House ap-i massed out front. Within a few; llt( , d , 0 m(> ,,, vvith Missouri High-la conference on the clearing ofi Nixon said he had held'17 news pointments secretary Thomas E.jminutes, however, several hun-, way commission authorities to!encumbrances. conferences "with no holds ';ul the possible encumbrances to i months. He said that over the past I Alton was concerned. Stephens. None ot them wasjrtrod students; rushed upto the;.,,, m ,,,. rini]| (ifj(ails ot the trans-; At the time he mentioned one barred" during the last five injured. !'»* gate ajid battled police, who . l( ., 1jnn prnf)in . sim . ( , (hf , ,•• i ...... Hagerty and Stephens had just {kept them from breaking into the w .. )s fm . of (0 , |s nca) . )>; arrived lo scout Eisenhower's:embassy compound. yw|) . s ;)t , a trip, and started into Tokyo from Hagerty refused to see leaders ' the airport, along the route Ei- O f tj u . demonstrators, and the j visions no tangible conclusions were reached further than that the program seemed to offer some beneficial aspects as far as senhower is scheduled to follow crowd settled clown for an all- n i inuis s ,. ltu t e s which -ire in- nine days hence. That visit is stlU; night vigil in front of the embus- volved jn ' t , unsf ,,, rjng of ail in . on, Hagerty arawunced. despite, sy . ch anting and shouting slogans. lpl . Mule b| . jrlgf , from one state two be considered would be property taxes billed against (he bridge authorities of the two since Missouri assumed title lo \\ill discuss [joints in the!it- The state division of highways M years "in the House and Sen-| Mayor Day suggested that the ate and thf vice presidency I playgrounds and park depart- have entertained questions —A first meeting of creditors of the Luer Bros. Packing and Ice Co., Alton, petitioners for bankruptcy, will be held in Alton Julv 1. U. S. Refree in Bank " Slated for Parking The H. K. Johnston store building at the corner Of State and W. Broadway will be razed next fall, along with the build- Ing at 203 Slate St. — \ fownerjy occupied by the Schoenborn Jewelry store and -a third building adjoining Johnston's on the east. The Johnston store stock will be sold. The area is to be the site of. Park & Shop Lot No. 2, which will accomodate 50 cars, with park- ruptcv Basil Coulrakon said hc ,. 0 |i"!? by attendants. today. Ho disclosed the filing of! Alto » Downtown Parking, Inc..| a schedule of the assets and li- i formed by downtown business men! e\er> major issue. lo another. Under one point of these statutes the span must be free of has promised the city it will undertake to plan and build new approaches to the bridge, once it president stated publicly, 'If I: would preclude regular employ- obtains title to the structure- become the candidate. 1 intend iment of persons by the city who fo present to the country a new j were not under civil service el- from Missouri. St. Charles County deeded the p "f'"! nl : "This is the crux of the issue 1 today's demonstration — and the! a( t ac kj n g Hagerly, the Presi- White House in Washington added; dent's visit and Prime Minister confirmation that tho plans still | Nobusuko Kishi. nold - . . . Armwl I'.S. Guards liens and encumbrances. Tokyo police said they naa, Armed American guards stood Another statute requires ih;,i il ( ,,. , _ . . .... .. ,„, been caught by surprise today.. (rfl t , hp f>mbassy cnll . anccs . , , d h . i<-l'»* Bridge to Missouri in Wa7 though the demonstration against R wag mp ^ ; n - olen1 an(j k ™.. P . „ .. «»"'• iftlring • all bonds against; ^.L^ 1 ^ ™^T'.,?L Hagerty had been announced hi iAmerlcan Olltburst SJ1]( . f , lcfu , »> ''» J Monn the structure. The bond issue! , ,-\ r>IJUI\vaJ llfJIJ 1U1 11JL 11 lt±ll\V L4 > advance. ' -* " ....> Big Police Blunder "U was a big blunder for a police spokesman said. ,J M , Kish] g OV p nim ent and The Japanese government apol- | lcw . el ,. s visi , ogized. onjments might have odd-jobs workabilities of the company showed and property owners, has arrang- 'that could be covered by the (assets and liabilities as balanc- ed for the purchase of the ; property. Vote* Xt>\v Progrnin project. ing out at $791,G?)5,r)'J. 'One-third of me Johnston Building! But Rockefeller countered with: Subsequently city officials have ; The schedule. Coutrakon suid, j in owned by the corporation, hav-| "Only three weeks ago. the vice noted civil service reglarions j was filed Monday and certified to i ing been purchased recently from igibility. Others whether raised persons the on question township publican party and the delegates' rolls could be assigned for city •American outburst since icttist A spokcsniul) fol . the highway was rinanced bv tolls collected to th( ' Re P ubl '«"i convention are;work. Alton being in the status of 'opponents of the new security t | iv j sjon estimated completion of: At the time 'the citv of Alton! ( '" ti11t!d to know what a 'new pro-|a co-extensive city township with ^L'nTtSretteks^o Snsl lh " tnmHadlon ml8ht * ^undertook court action lit taV"' "^ ^ ^« «f* ^ POSSibiliti<?S ° n ' y °" ^ .siiuuons uliee \\eehS duo agamsi • ..i ,..;ih; M ., mnttfh » > ... . , • tn knmv befnre nnt alter tnenivnpi»lc ' <"H"'" nli. • lo ' nu '«•'"'«. "01 <u».. volved an injunction against the A complete redecking job and'transfer f rom ^ Charles Coun-' nommation of a candidate, pi-e-i Gentry answered these ques other work on the substructure| ty to Missouri and freeing ihe' dsely where he stallds -" tions today by stating he had a understanding of the Haaertv told a news conference , ™ p airport demonstration had was completed last winter, andjb l1dgp of tolls bcfore nuw ap .. The two may meet face to face |different ui . ?r. ; ueen promised for days, and Mac- • paint ing has been under way this | proaches were built here to re-l loday in N( ' w York - Botl1 were | provisions set for the general assure that the demon- «lby to i s licve Iho traffic congestion on! ^ledulcd toappearat a luncheon sistance work program. The employer, if any, he suid, would be strations in no way reflect ^ j escape the thousaiids btocking 0110; Two weeks ago R. K. Bartels- i Broadway aiTh'c bHdgo" s" outletJ h " I101 ' in .K Prince f hili P ° 1JBl l! u ! n ' „ , ,. A , ^ . . and tho attitude of the uccess road to thp anport-and| n «.-ypr. cJiloi highway engineer.. More than $MW In tolls «•»>•<• rlu ' vicr P^sidonl and Philip; Illinois Public Aid Commission, and an u | lining the other .But " - '" America has the warmest friendship." In Washington, associate press j."; secretary Anne Wheaton said the;' President had "expressed gratifi-. *«waJ«-d police at first cation" that Hagerty and White : n«ade only token attempts to inter- House appointment secretary ! VlW as (IK ' mob of students and Thomas E. Stephens, who waa_(^Btoi»«l on PW»_8._Col : ») \vitli him, were not hurt by the demonstrators. Asked whether the President would still go to Japan, Mrs, Wheaton said, "I know of no change in plans." Carefully .Plauued Hagerty, here to complete arrangements for Eisenhower's vis- " " w .»iui cj iijuii g,^uu,iMfu ill iiiiift ^^l•l^: -|told the Telegraph officials from j collected under the receivership, • Wt ' rf< '" N v Yorl< lor Ijir °P p »-la n d men would be assigned to to bow to the i Illinois and Missouri planned to,: PS | a b|j s |, ef j i leftists and chose to try to reach the city by car as originally bv order of Alioii '" K ut lll( ' ' 3ritisl1 exijosition. :suitablo work projects. by Robert T. Lenhardt of the tiie Duffield estate. The group is firm of Ralph F. Curry, certifi- 1 purchasing the balance from Mary ed public accountants. It disclos- K. and Hurry Johnston on coned an inventory, as of May 27, | tract for deed over a 10-year I960, listing more than 700 items; period. TODAY'S CHUCKLE A noted game hunter has been reported missing for weeks. It is feared something he disagreed with ate him. i i 1 ; liluu. 'iC'MOr.i' r i',i lures Corp; City Court to enforce the in.junc- As the dispute between Rocke(Con turned an Pag" 3. Col. 8) of equipment in buildings of Luer Bros, at 701-731 K. Broadway, Alton, and named various creditors totaling more than 100 and more than 100 employes. Coutrakon said the initial creditors' meeting will nominate a trustee and an attorney, and! that the trustee will take over the task of liquidating assets for the purpose of paying creditors after Receiver C. B. Keehner of Alton, has filed his report. The trustee will then proceed to hold hearings to determine the validi- it, said the demonstration was obviously carefully planned. He said the fact that the demonstrators were singing the "Internationale" —the song of international communism—raised doubts whether they even had allegiance to Jap- Hearing Is Scheduled for Speedway Liquor License EDWARUSVILLL' — Assistantivieinii.x uf the race irac.k. <-oii- State's 'lolls Suspended Alter bitter litigation in City Court. Judge Streeper ordered tolls suspended and later dissolved me receivership nearK two >eais ago. .Meanwhile, (he state highway division undertook to design a beltline highway skirting the Wood River levee and connect• ling the Alt-Adams Highway with jl'.S. U7 bypass at Wood River. Bartelsme>or told the Tele graph recently plans for the belt- line — including provision for the Atty. Joseph Bartylnkiteml thai conditions in their, told the Telegraph late this jnom-neighborhood now are "unhealth- r°"! 10n . "•*• »«.....„ course '! nd8t! "PPvoai-heK which would Ollt , M)( , 1T , D ,. lvera A(!WI . is a sei , nuisance, causing ! leii(>t '" d "' , U CHrvlnB ? mp s> " U* "J 1-' ru.HH. between semi-pro ,•,-,„„;.*; t(J '» fl ' om 'he span - had been .... ing he intends to send out re-.fur and that the quired notices today for a hear- constitute- ing before County Liquor Com-,loud noiswi. dust and offensive missioner Gus Haller next Thurs- 1 exhaust odors in the neighbor- day on possible revocation ol the hood as well as a traffic hazard. completed and the statt was rea dy to call for bids on the initial Speedboat Races Slated For Alton Lake Sunday By HAROLD UitA.VU host to the event and will have: lelejjruph Outdoor Kilitor refreshment stands. Man Fatally Shot Found Near Auto The city would not be employ-jty of claims and make his report (Continued on Page 3, Col. 9) ito the referee. Property Inventory ] Inventory of the property dis- 'dosed items ranging from typewriters and office hundreds of small furniture to tracks used Option tor 1'urclmsc The building adjoining on the east with 25-foot frontage is owned by Henry Stanka. The corporation has secured an option for purchase of this within the next several months. The former jewelry store building has been acquired by the firm through assumption of a mortgage. Bert J. Wuellner. president of) the corporation, said today thej parking facilities are a part of the program started a couple 'of years ago to open the downtown area to a greater volume of automobile traffic. The first Park & Shop lot was built last summer and opened Sept. 1 at the corner of Belle and \V. tthj !streets. Flood Markings To Be Preserved Levels of historic flood waters in Alton, shown by markings on the Johnston building at State street and W. Broadway, will be preserved, according to Bert VVeuliner, president of the parking corporation that today announced the Johnston building and two others will be razed for a parking lot. The marks are to be transferred and will be preserved at the same corner when the building is gone, he said. Details of the plan for doing this have not been worked out, he explained. the Alton lot is one of only three that showed a progressively sharp increase in use early this year. The new lot is to be blacktopped, designed by National Garages, inc. It will have the capacity tor 50 cars at one time, or a total of 150 daily parkings based on the e.xpecta- C'onttnued on Page 2, Col. 5) One of the largest and fastest speedboat races in many years is set for Sunday on Alton Lake at Clifton Terrace beginning at 1 p.m. The Alton All-America proposed j,,,,,.,,,;, featuring the St. Louis an. MA4^ v**j f*vuu4»**<. • »- • w%-v*fc*v.. v- . •••«.- i i n.-i ni.ii tin u II LI 11 IV I H, | .. , I county liquor license issued for A county liquor license for the i'.""'.., co " Ktnu ' lloni a hl ™ge the motorcycle: race track Meadowbrook. at race track was (by Haller after The demonstrators, out to convince Hagerty that Eisenhower should postpone his trip, claim their real target is Kishi because his Liberal Democratic party pushed the new U. S.Japan security alliance through the tower house of Parliament in a violent jtrook area residents in a memo- session May 30. jranduni submitted May 'M to Hal- made by Hie three track incorp- The demonstrations had been j el . by their attorney Dave Swan orators in their license applica issued Mav , 7 :^'" «',xxlRivei creek. . . ' , Meanwhile, th. " ^, nn ?. "'f taken to reach <ind professional drivers some ol whom can get their outfits .skim- the surface at speeds up to miles an hour. ,li>hn J. Cundull,"518a K. 9th 'i.. was lound dying of a wouiul Drivers from the Kansas City in Ins abdomen at 10 a.m. today city has uimer- Outho . m | Racing Club as well beside Bartylak said bt-had urged U>ii' previous ueek. at which A/ead-, iaK f," lo rearn "decision on a as the Nictates Outboard Rao P;trk. call of a license revocation hear-low-brook residents opposed issu-j J 1Or ! , -^u u r in « ing in a recent letter to Haller.'.anew of the permit 'bridge traitu- through the city. h . iv( , Tlu memorandum tiled with Hal-' ( °,,., ,' ! ,. Statf> ' that they will compete. There is Cundall, Jaeubv said, was dis-i .. highway division has in- .. . :uji t •«-_ . • .... .-.....". , ., ,, _,ianle ing for review of "additional evidence" presented by Meadow-:lei May 'X by Swan alleged that ASKII. at Springfield, III, J;uol>> notified tlie St. Louis group: ported. his car in Manjuette Deputy Coroner Leslie of Jei>i-y County re- within the building for transport-, ing material and meat from one' ''' ne ncu ' Iot at State and W. part of a building to another 0 r| Broac ' wa >' <* (u u(> operated by from one building to another. I National Garages, Inc., the Coutrakon said all meat and oth- lsamo Concern '""<• Presently er perishable food on hand when]°P erales thf> Koiirlli-Bello lot, the company went into hank-| N ' ational Garages has reported rupl<;y has been sold. tnat ' ol tllc l ~~ pacing lots it The statement of finances 0 f!°I jet ' ates '" «i tie * over llle V"'*the company showed assets as' ed States, Canada and Mexicc.-, including cash on hand and on deposit as amounting to $10,000; accounts receivable and allowing for bad accounts as being $1(59,180; products $157,933: supplies $8:',882. It listed property which j cost Sl.oa'J.ia") but which allow-' ing for depreciation of $677,-! Inside Musts EDITORIAL . . . PAGE 4 RADIO & TV . . PAGE 8 SOCIAL PAGE 10 SPORTS PACK U COMICS PAGE 17 CLASSIFIED . . PAGE lit OBITUARY . . . PAGE 18 MARKETS .... PAGE IS 850.67 is now worth $325,184.71. Liabilities were listed in the statement as including current'., NewScheduleAnnounced For Walker Appearance i-ntutioM.s luid i formed the city '.lo st'ttlr this detail before called out by Zengakuren, Jap- of Alto ,,. tion _ Bei1 Major Joseph Shep ig the bridge into its final a good fjossibility of 75 or more.iovored by Damon 1. Hall it IK advisable Kki n 1)( j pilots entering the various Harvc->. 111., who had plan- Ktv>fl i H.-ISSP* Jf there ate too hi* car in tht- park and approaohe stamps can all an's extreme leftist student fed- Haller could not be i cached to paid and Oor«c Vonland. eration, and the leftist Sohyo Ked- t | a% f 0 , i-oiuirmation of the h- Woud Ri\ei residents. eration of Labor Unions. cense revocation hearing date A technical point raised in tlie CUsar Option Meanwhile, a hearing has been memorandum was mat the u- Japanese police finally cleared j Se t for 9:30 a.m. next Thursday quor pemiit was issued May 17 to an opening around the battered before Judge James 0 Monroe the three applicants for "Melody car iji which Hagerty, Stephens jj r ., j n Circuit Court on a peti-jLaae Speed*'ay. Inc.." when in and U.S. Ambassadot Douglas I tion by four Meadowbrook cou-jfad no such conioiatjon existed MacAttbur U had been Udd pri«- pies seekig a tewporai-j injunc-jajid the application should oner. Then a U.S. Marine aeli- copter swooped down, picked them up and flew them to an Army bitte. tfcei* $e> cUeve to toe tion to clone the , have listed the name of the track track on grounds it constitutes 'as • -Mi-adowbrook Moiorc>el. Club a nuisance The four couples, re&icuug in. (Clvattmed «• lac. ' the olficial title under as a t, CM 1.} Drive through the inspection lanes Friday, Sauu'day and Monda>. Join the Circle ot Safety. had maiiv entries, time qualifying heard shouts for help. Invehli-: trials will !»• rim Sunday morn- I<«IIIIIK Hall tound Cundall ly-j ing in;,' on the ground with a L'- I'lu iaee>. huiiciiuiifd b> tlii- gauye shoiyun in 'be automo-' National Outlx>ard At>sn.. \vi|| be bile. itpi at about 30 minute iiiteivals Cundall told Hull that he had on a retanguJar course in t h e shot him.-,ell, Jacoby said. Hall chute between Piasa i Scotch rushed lo summon help and. Jimmy) Island and Me Adams; upon return. Cundall was dead. Highway on the Illinois shore, j the deputy coroner continued. Spectators will have an excel-: Cundall's body was moved i> lent view of ail (hi 1 action. Events Jacoby Broa. Funeral Home at will be announced over a public Jer»e>viJie where an inquest ',.-. address system pending. The Alton Motorbout Ciub, liea-. He was employed at Ouena- ded by Comin. Joan OlmUead, A new schedule (or appearance Clint (Cheyenne) Walker in obligations amouiiting'to $418,893> llon &'»"«»«>• a » d Sunda y was broken down in to: accounts pay-i an ' lounml toduv ' bank overdraft, $81,-| "«»™« ie v - Nani «-. s P° kes • r . H » ian 1°'' m '' committee in charge •count- °' " 1C l'°'' l ' e horse show at which payable $297; notes payable J'Walker will star, said that a Stockyards National r>han «« ln anwa ' time ot Walk ' er s plane caused a new revision :in his schedule in Alton. National Bank deposits by sulj . scriiiers to capital stock and accruals ol more than $40,• OOU. at Liabilities also (Continued ou Tlu police horse show will be p.m. Saturday and Sunday, at Alton Public School Stadium. .. , .... . U'alkei. a former AHonian, listed >ltt.'.buo, now ;i t0 | t . v . ision s tai-. will arrive 3, Col. 4.) at Litmbert Airport at 1 p.m. ' ...... ^ jfaturda.v. He will be met by an DATA ATTI1»']|)\M Alton to "»«ittee. His schedule of appearances Satui'day: Priiicessi Theater, 3:15 to 3:30 p.m. Downtown, Wood RJvei-, 3:to- » a.m. tempi i utai c Yt;^tfc^'liuy'b lod^y 69'- -...--.. Klvkl ii.OKi 14 d. pool n.Y Ociu'.v None to 8 a.m. 3:30. Alton H***, ^-CtoiUw Alton, 4:15 to 4:30. Henry street and E. Broadway, 4:45, brief stop. Downtown, 5 to 5:15. North Alton shopping center, 5:30 to 5:45. • The Sunday schedule of stops for the television star calls for an appearance at Catholic Children's Home on State street from 1:30 to 1:45 p.m. and in his naive Hartford from 2 to 3. Both evening horse show events will be 60 per cent western style aiid 40 per cent other style. A large number of participants from Illinois and Missouri have registered fur the show events. Herman Wilkeniug, general chairman of the horse snow, has announced that the stadium be sprayed against He th

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