The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on September 30, 1971 · Page 6
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 6

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 30, 1971
Page 6
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News of yesterday 10 YEARS AGO M-OC Homecoming Queen Judl Post was crowned at a colorful ceremony at the Town Hall. Chamber President BOb De Haan placed the crown on The Queen elect of Northwestern college's 19G1 Homecoming is Miss Linda Van Klompenburg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Van Klomp- enburg. The Trinity Church congregation and the Orange City community this week bid farewell to Rev. Norwood Reck who left his pastorate at Trinity after four years of service Christian School addition construction is proceeding normally now after several weeks delay due to material shortage. ,The new classroom addition Is expected to be ready for second semester US6* The new Alton Post Office will be officially dedicated October 14. Klompenburg, junior, Jan Wlelenga, sophomore and Linda Mulder, freshman were elected as secretary-treasurers. 20 YEARS AGO Paul Muyskens new Business Manager at NW College Paul Muyskens, a native of Alton, Iowa, has been appointed Business Manager at Northwestern College. Mr. Muyskens fills the administrative position formerly held by Dean J. L. De Vrles who retired in June of 1971. Mr. Muyskens' position encompasses the supervision of all college business affairs, supervision of building operations, preparation of the fiscal budget, purchasing, collecting former student loans, supervision of non-academic personnel, and consultation with the finance committee. Mr. Muyskens has been a member of the Northwestern staff for nine years. He is a graduate of Orange City High School, Northwestern Junior College and Hope College. He received an M.A. in guidance from the University of South Dakota. As a well-known director of athletics in Sioux County, Muyskens served as coach at Sioux Center High School from 1951 -1960. In 1962 he returned to Northwestern College to become head basketball coach. He was named Coach of the Year for District 15 of the NAIA in 1965 and his team was Tri-State Conference Champions in 1964-65. Muyskens became Director of Guidance and Placement for Northwestern as well as Coach in 196G-G7. He was appointed Director of Financial Aids In 19C7, also serving as Athletic Director and as freshman coach and football assistant. Prior to accepting the position of Business Manager, Mr. Muyskens worked closely with Dean J.L. De Vrles during the 1970-71 academic year. "It is tremendously difficult to balance a college budget," said Mr. Muyskens. "It is a time when small colleges all over the country are In need of extended support." Mr. Muyskens is married to the former Patricia Oelrich and they have two daughters, Paula and Debra, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dykshorn and Mr. and Mrs, Arle Colen- brander returned home Tuesday, having visited the Marvin Te Grotenhuis family In Boston, Mass., and relatives In New Jersey for two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Senard Altena accompanied his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Altena to Iowa City Monday where Altena sr. is under observation and tests, having suddenly lost sight In one of his eyes. Mrs. Gerard Zeutenhorst, who has been in the St. Joseph hospital, Sioux City after suf-- fering a very serious heart attack, has now been transferred back to the local hospital. Rev. A. De Hoogh Dean of Students at NW College The Rev. Arthur T. De Hoogh has been appointed Dean of Students at Northwestern College, Orange City, Iowa. He formerly held the position of Admissions Counselor and served Northwestern in that capacity for 7^ years. During that period, from 1963-71, Rev. De Hoogh has seen the student enrollment at the college increase from 364 students to approximately 700 students In 1971. Rev. De Hoogh is a graduate of Central College, Pella,Iowa and holds a Master of Divinity degree from Western Theo- Art De Koter has returned home from the Orange City hospital, where he had submitted to surgery the early part of last week. Mr. and Mrs. Marinus Rensink spent the weekend with the children, the HarmOlden- kamp family in Fairmont, Minnesota. Bert Ramaker remains under care in. the St. Joseph hospital, Sioux City, where he underwent major surgery recently. Dave Broek has returned home from the Veterans hospital, Sioux City, where he had undergone surgery on his arm and leg. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Van Roekel attended a lay witness mission held in Emporia, Kansas the past weekend and on Sunday drove on to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they spent the day with Marlin Meendering a student at the Oral Roberts University. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bloemendaal spent Monday and Tuesday visiting relatives in Platte, S.D., and he also attended some of the meetings of the Classis Sioux Center held in New Holland, S.D. Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Vermepr spent a few days in Des Moines last week where he attended the hoard meeting of the R.E.C. and Nipco. Mrs, Cecial Van Peursem arrived Friday from Lake- worth, Florida, to spent two weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Vreeman. Vreeman remains very ill at the local hospital, after suffering a stroke many months ago. Jay Stellinga of Sheldon will open an auto body repair shop here the first of October. Gertrude Rozeboom returned home by air Wednesday afternoon from Buffalo, New York, where she spent two and a half weeks with her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sanko. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Draayer were surprised at their home Sunday evening by a group of friends, and on Monday evening by relatives, in honor of their 25th wedding anniversary which came Sunday. Mrs. Dick Raak and her twin sister, Mrs. Teunis Den Herder, motored to Steen, Minn., Friday to visit a niece, Mrs. Bert Rozeboom, who has been ill for some time. Eda Kroon and Theresa Vander Ploeg have returned home from a weeks vacation spent in Denver, Colorado. Elmer Duistermars has rented the former Huisman Dodge building on Main Ave. and plans to open an antique car museum there the early part of next month. Mrs. Albert Ten Clay is a patient in the St. Lukes hospital Sioux City, where she submitted to major surgery the early part of last week. Mrs. John E. De Zeeuw was In Sioux City Friday to be with his mother, Mrs. Dick De Jong of Maurice, who is a patient In the St. Joseph hospital, and who underwent major surgery there that morning. Rev, Henry Vanden Heuvel left by plane Thursday for Grand Rapids, Mich., to attend the annual meeting of the Reformed Fellowship, held in the Grandview Ave. Christian Reformed Church. He returned home Saturday evening. Glen Sandbulte left Saturday to return to Gillette, Wyo., where he Is employed in carpenter work. He spent a three weeks visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Sandbulte. Virginia Heynen, who is employed In Colorado Springs, Colo., arrived to spend two weeks with her family, as her mother, Mrs. Henry Heynen is a patient in the St. Joseph hospital, Sioux City, having undergone major surgery the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Harskamp and Mr. and Mrs. John Vander Hoef spent a few days fishing at the lakes in Northern Minnesota the past week. logical Seminary, Holland, Michigan. He has served In leadership roles attheclassls level for the Reformed Church in America and was elected Stated Clerk of East Sioux Classis in 1971 for a five year term, and has previously served Reformed Churches at Scotland, South Dakota, and Lafayette, Indiana. As Dean of Students, Rev. De Hoogh said, "I want to concentrate on the positive aspects of the office, working toward the kind of campus climate which will stimulate deeper Christian commitment and greater maturity among the students. I realize that it is easy to get bogged down in disciplinary procedures which is a part of'the job but usually involves only a small percentage of students." "I also want to continue the trend begun by my predecessor, Forrest Van Oss, that of emphasizing the responsible role of the student. The program of maintaining student advisors in the residence halls, which he initiated, is being continued. The advisors serve not only as disciplinarians but endeavor to meet the Individual needs of the student." "I also want to make effective use of the Student Affairs Committee and the Christian Life Committee. Both of these groups are comprised of almost an equal number of students and faculty and give the student a voice in policy making." "One of the important functions of this of flee, "continued the Dean, "is to maintain good relations with the Orange City Community. I will continue periodic meetings with the mayor, law enforcement officers and the city council. A relationship of trust between the college and the city benefits both Northwestern and the community." Rev. De Hoogh Is married to the former Doris Schmidt and they have three children Beth Ann (11), Doreen (8), and Michelle (1). 15 YEARS AGO Color television is now In operation in at least two local appliance stores. Duven's introduced RCA color TV last year, and recently have had several sets on display. Roos Electric this week received their first Admiral color television. Ground breaking ceremonies for the new multipurpose auditorium to be constructed at Northwestern College and Academy will highlight homecoming activities on campus this weekend. The old time movie fans have a big thrill coming up tomorrow, October 19, when Mary Pickford and her husband, Buddy Rogers will visit Rock Rapids. They will appear in Rock Rapids under the auspices of the Republican National Committee. Vice president Nixon was in high spirits in response to the enthusiastic ovation he received from the 4,000 persons who heard him speak Saturday in the Sioux City auditprlum. John Rosters announced this week that he has sold the Gamble store here to Joe Kreykes. The new owner will take possesion November 1. The Red Raiders of North- . western travel to Worthington, Minn., Saturday night to meet their arch-rivals from the Worthington Junior college. Last year, the strong Worthington football team won a 18-13 victory over the Raiders in a hard fought game here. The election of class officers for the four classes of the Orange City High School was completed during the first week of school. Robert Van Etten, senior, RobertKosters, junior, Frank Popma, sophomore and Jo Ellen Int Veldt, freshmen will head classes as presidents. Harold Pals, senior, Audrey Korver, junior, Ken Netten, sophomore and Laura Van Roekel, freshmen will handle the vice presidents chair. Pat Van Sickle, senior, Jim Van jack Ver Steeg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Ver Steeg emerged from football practice with a broken arm. The following have rented apartments In the fine new Kepp apartment house and have moved In: Dr. and Mrs. A. Newman, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Vagg, Coach and Mrs. Schrader and son, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Kepp, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mulder; and the Art Wassenaar will move In Friday and Miss Fern Smith Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Leslie and son, Larry are on their way home from Guam and landed in San Francisco Tuesday. Larry was born in Guam and this will be his first visit here. While hunting recently near Gillette, Wyo. Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. De Vrles had the good fortune to bag two antelope. Also there hunting at the same time was Clark Gable of the movies. Yielding to the pleading of 1 several fair ladles, representatives of the Women's Club, the Town Council In special session Wednesday morning, agreed to buy about $400 worth of scenery for the Town Hall stage. Of course, the joker In this is that the scenery must be paid for; so the Council Is contemplating charging a rental of $25 per night for Its use, in addition to the rental of the auditorium. In that way, the scenery will pay for Itself. is 30 YEARS AGO Percy R. Carney of Ames, la., this week completed arrangements to buy the Sioux County Capital and De Volks- vriend from J.H. Trenemsn and will take possesion of the properties as of Nov. 1. The high school Homecoming celebration was concluded In a very satisfactory manner last Friday as Orange City triumphed over Moville 33-7 in a gridiron contest. Almost every man on the Orange City bench except Coach Loving played in the game. During the half-time intermission Homecoming queen Betty Ann Kraai and her attendents were presented. Nlra Theatre has scheduled "Citizen Kane" for this vicinity to start the first of the coming week, Miss Katherlne Klnsgbury, English and Latin teacher In the Orange City High School pleaded guilty to larceny and was given a 1 year suspended sentence. Her teaching days are over. Delbert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman De Haan, suffered a broken leg In the high school football game Friday night at Klngsley. The break Is a bad one, occurlng about one- half Inch above the knee. He doubled up on his leg at the time another boy blocked him. However, Delbert has a lot of grit and the first thing he said at the De Bey hospital was, "Aw, now I won't get my letter." ' Queen of the Orange City High homecoming celebration will be pretty Evadeane Balkema, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Balkema. She is 16 and a junior. It is rather unusual for a junior to be chosen as queen. 35 YEARS AGO The Silent Sioux Oil Burner led the parade in loading out new heaters this week in Northwestern box cars. This is the first time the corporation has used the railroad for a long time In making shipments. TWO the new' while shipped organization ductlon. Otto R«,,,.-,„„ from Montana: he has a fine His oats wen and his corn win eo w ;i bushels to the acre I Tony Van't Hoft'j pleted a »h ouse " and a large sign n J"fl vertlsesthewotfenS tory. They pbn £*> wooden shoes in ft, and sell them atvarii Customers will also Chance to see how «,,; are made. The Dutch _ unlleai of Hospers suffered a* close to $1,000 in th e , nail storm. if churches did not 5UlltI) much as they face(1 | n ferent direction. ' The shower to tie for Mrs. Lester Dykstn day by the Young \v 0lj League of Trinity churcU postponed because o! gj storm. Two car loadsohi women rode out the t parked on a street new I church. The other card,, out to Mrs. Marvin v» Wei's home but as th ( freshments and gifts, left behind, it was am, to hold the shower atali date. tdl by 1 Law of improvement.; best today isn't good t tomorrow. 25 YEARS AGO Albert Grooters, proprietor of the Corner Cafe, has purchased the buiding he is in from Vernon Vander Schoor of Sioux Falls for $11,000. Last year Sioux County had 124 rural schools in operation; this year we have 114. Ten schools were closed during the summer months, one for lack of a teacher, five for low enrollments and four rural schools In Sherman township were closed and the pupils are being taken to Maurice and Orange City for school facilities. Fifteen years ago the Northwestern Junior Academy was defeated by the Emmetsburg Junior College by a score of 101-0. A group of women, who have been bowling every week, Monday gave a kitchen shower for Bob Boonstra who has matrimonial intentions. Don Kraal, treasurer of the Orange City Baseball Club reported to the Chamber of Commerce that the organization had a good season. The team came out about $600 ahead for the summer. *Afterthe Game'Party at the Sioux Golf & Country Club for Club Members & Guests Sat, Oct. 2 Free live music " soup & sandwiches sold LAND BTO Loans on Serving Lyon, O'Erlen,. and Sioux CountteJ Hwy. 18 & 6th Ave,, ' Mrs. John G. Schuiteman and Grada returned home Wednesday evening having spent a weeks visit with the Lee Ten Brink family in Holland, Michigan. Mrs. Jack Boerigter returned home Wednesday evening from Roseland, Minn., where she had attended asyn- odical workshop of the Reformed Church In America, held Monday thru Wednesday, Going with her were Mrs. Ralph Ten Clay,Rock Valley, Mrs. Kenneth De Groot, Doon, Mrs. Delmer Kuyper, Hull, and Mrs, Bernard Van't Hof from Carmel. All were officers of the Womens classical union of West Sioux. Rev. and Mrs. Frank De Jong of San Jose, Calif., spent a weeks visit here with his sister, Jennie De Jong and with Mr. and Mrs. Herb De Jong, enroute to Wise, and Michigan, Mr, and Mrs. Gerrit Harskamp left by car Monday morning to spend a three weeks visit with their children in California. Going with them was his sister, Mrs. Rich Van Ravenswaay, who has been here for a month, and who now returned to her home in Chlno, Calif. Too bad hemlines on women's skirts are not equipped with some sort of roller devise like there is on window •shades. Then the gals could switch from minis to maxls and points in between with no problem. Surveys show: 4 out of 5 standout lawns are fed in the Fall! Three independent surveys were con iducted inree maepenaem siuvcya ••- , this past Spring among lawnowners. w showed that 4 out of 5 standout lawns ^ fertilized in the Fall. Is college something you are just dreaming about, or really PLANNING for your child? 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