Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 3, 1957 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1957
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

j^—-Junior. Editors Quit on "OLD IRONSIDES QUESTION: Wat "Old Ironsides" rtally mad* of Iron? ANSWER: "Old Ironsides" was the nickname for tho U.S.S. Con stlrution, a frigate, actually made of wood. It was her indestructibility in battle that won her the name of "Old Ironsides." On August 19, 1812, the "Constitution" came on the British ship Guerriere, about a hundred miles from Boston. The Constitution fought with the British ship and for 30 minutes the two exchanged a furious fire. The Guerriere lost her masts and surrendered. On Dec. 19 of the same year, the Constitution blasted out another victory near the coast of Brazil. Her crew, seeing cannon balls bounce off her tough oaken bulwarks, proudly named her "Old Ironsides." When the. Constitution grew old, It was proposed to scrap her, But Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote a poem about the old ship, and everyone from children to adults .contributed money to save her. Today, "Old Ironsides" still floats in the Boston Harbor where the public can visit her. FOR YOU TO DO: Ask your parents to help you look up Oliver Wendell Holmes' poem. Then read it to see how Holmes won over a nation to the cause of a ship. Evans Bissonette, Bay City, Mich., wins $10 for this idea. Send your idea to this newspaper. Tomorrow: What bird almost became our national emblem? Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures. CARNIVAL By Dick Turner If you have to make a talk or even just say a few words, don't begin by saying what a poor speaker you are, or how fright Timet Herald, Carroll, low* "V Wednesday, July 3, 1957 / v The only people'who don't gossip are those who don't have any friends to speak of. before so many people. Just forget yourself and start to talk. Then there won't be any need ened you are' to be standing up I for such apologizing. TIZZY ''What kind of weather can you expect, senator, an the appre- priatlons we're geftingl" SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith "I'm so glad we came up here to the woods so you could get yourself In the pink riding horseback and hiklngl" OUT OUR WAY 'I think Marshall is giving me a big rush—he's home every time I call him!" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer Stick around while i run home and throw a tantruml" Eat, Drink, Be Merry Answer to Previous Puxzle lolL-ldl Ml i lNl<sldJHjj ACROSS 1 Baked Virginia —» 4 Coca 8 Cornmeal porridge 12 Lemon —— 13 Eras 14 Pen name of Charles Lamb 15 Conflict 2 First man 3 Pie toppings 4 Food a la — 5 Curved molding 6 Inclined 7 Viper 8 Oozes 9 Exclamation of sorrow 10 Mud 11 Gone by 16 Emerges again 17Koll0W 18 Struck 20 Overturned 21 Born 22 Goes astray 24 Capital of Latvia 26 Poems 27 Three (prefix) 30 Accustomed 32 Where inactive team members sit 34 Meals al 35 Mislead 36 Dawn goddess 37 Curves 39 Mineral rocks 40 Gaelic 41 Male child 42 Holy person 45 Food 49 Educator 51 Assent 52 Opposed 53 In this place 54 Period of time 55 Horse color 56 Biblical apple orchard 57 Drone bee DOWN ! Hems and 19 Rips 23 Tidies < 24 Prevalent 25 Nested 20 Cooking smells 27 Jousted 28 Impolite 29 Followers 31 Card game 33 Sadness 38 Stopped ,40Finally (Fr.) 41 Fire whistle 42 Mast 43 Italian river 44 Jot. 48 Learning ' 47 Fiddling Roman emperor 48 Former Russian ruler 50 Pronoun 1 i r l> \ r kr IT" A it w i • • b" • s * . ) $ il U a 15 P i sr Ji Si w V P Si W P »¥ k E 11 W P IB" r w 1 sr B AT IU ST" BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Game Guy BY EDGAR MARTIN TNASOOGvA U>Vr\A " ? Sr-" ivi GVpswaW caving caAtto BJWW. v«s\a, w TVSWL m PL TO* \K> BY J. R. WILLIAMS VOU POM'Y HAVE TO LOOK «0 PICKBP*OM JUST BBCAUSB X ASKBP TO DO *THB PISHES/ tfOMB Of 7HB OTHCg MOTHCfMHN THB,IMBl(SH80R- HOOP SHOULPsfeE SOU- IT MIOHT 6IV6 THBM iOMB IPSA* FOR TrJBItt OWM SONS/ THAT WQL) LP Dorr- , THAT SUM WOULD DO rr/ ITS SAD ENOUGH THAT I'VE SOT TO DO. , A WOMAN'S WORK WITHOUT IT COSTING MS SVERV FRIBND X HAVB/ Lt Tj ..t »vA>^«> <» PANQCRQUfe (SgQUNP OUR BOARDING HOUSE , , .with . . . MAJOR HoOPLl END OF TH& THERE'S TH8 V/LIA 0&S0NIA — VMHECg'^ THE BELL SRSAT <^AgSAc/0O VbU DEPRAVED SC0UMDREL5 MEAM TO 6AV THIS BAT NEST 16 TH& FA5HIOMABL& YoU-^/WJPF/ •iPOTT-TT// IT CeRTAlM- LY LOOKS ' THE WOODS CREATURES PR05ABLY, ffSFER A5 1 HAD IT PEseso At klNt>. PRiMmva *-8UT 8SFDRB V4'6 , (?E OUT SCALPlMS oTHEB' l-l BUGS BUNNY Must Be Something PRISCILLA'S POP Getting the Breaks BY AL VERMEER A Left to the Jaw t TOLD \ou_rr WABNT ANY OF MY BUStNESS BY V. T. HAMLIN ywniaiim »»»>y»«.Tii ,n MORTY MEEKI P ,/ THE WAV I / FIGURED IT V OUT, ONE MORE ^rr BALLOON WILL DO IT Wait Up a Minute BY DICK CAVALLI IT WORKED/ YOU'RE PLYING/ I'M AN AERONAUTICAL GENIUS/ THAT PROBLEM HAD ME STUMPED FOR QUITE AWHILE / DONT } k f WORRY, S r I'LLWORK) yirouTy ••t -n -t'iiirV/Tr-fTt' / DONT } k f WORRY, S r I'LLWORK) yirouTy ••t -n -t'iiirV/Tr-fTt' !• | lifillil FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Funds Tied Up BY MERRILL BLOSSER ER—HILDA — WOULD YOU rA»MD MUCH IF WE SKIP 7WIS SHOW TO- NI6MT AMD SIMPLY TAKE A WALK? I CAN'T GET My MANO OUT OF MY POCKET UNLESS I LET 60 OF My MONEY/ _ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Turning Away BY WILSON SCRUGGS LOVE ISN'T SOMETHING YOUCAM STORE! IM THE ATTIC OF YOUR HEART FOR I* • YEARS AND THEN OWE DW HANG UP IN „ APOBUC HALL.eOODBY, COUGi CAPTAIN EASY Police Work BY LESLIE TURr.ER llliiil

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