Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 3, 1957 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1957
Page 5
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rbugs j To Hove Boll Oyer Holidoy By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK 1 *1 - Things a columnist might never know if he didn't open his niail: That America's motoring litter­ bins, it is estimated, will strew 100,000 tons of trash on major highways this holiday weekend. . ; or enough to cover a two-lane road a foot deep for 427 miles. That Iris Segal, a coiffeur auth ority, says short hair makes you look younger. . . but not when (like mine) it gets so short a nearsighted stranger might think you bald. Largest Palace That the Vatican, the Pope's residence, is the largest palace in the world. Traffic Safety is Grail In New Church Crusade CHICAGO —'(NBA) — John T. Kenna leaned back from his desk and looked at the motto on his wall—"There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit." Both man and motto have taken their 10 years of experience with the National Conference of Christians and Jews to a new crusade. Kenna will direct the nation's first program to cut traffic accidents by stressing the motorists' moral obligation on.the road. "The church," he said, "has spiritual matters to deal with that are more important than traffic safety. But it has always taken an Interest in social problems — and accident prevention certainly is just such a problem." . -i The new program goes by the That aluminum is the most \ name of the Church Safety Ac- ,rfh ' e! tivities Division of the National abundant metal in the earth's crust . . . except in th- pentagon, where brass comes out on top. That, it takes 40 minutes to boil an ostrich's egg for proper flavor . . . this explains why hurried suburbanites rarely have them for breakfast. Safety Council. Its purpose, according to Kenna, is to develop and maintain sustained interest in accident prevention by churches and church-related organizations. Need Us Influence "How much influence does the the greatest things that has ever happened to the safety movement. While Kenna firmly believes the most urgent and immediate need la to stop the current slaughter on the highways, he and his staff, won't stop at trying to prevent traffic accidents. Concerned With Whole' Field "We will be concerned with the whole field of safety, whether industrial, general or traffic." Prescott, the backer of the program, wants his money to buy only one thing: active belief in the commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Kill." In the National Safety Council, he has the organization built expe- cially to guard against accident. In the new division's director Kenna, he has the kind of teacher who describes himself: "I can't keep my note out of situations that involve human rights." ' (Final in Two-part Seriesf By HARRISON WEBER (Iowa Daily Press Assn. Writer) DES MOINES - Unfortunately, not all drivers, are good drivers. State safety officials estimate there is a constant group of approximately 15,000 drivers in Iowa who cause the major portion of the state's traffic mishaps. In an attempt to correct the driving faults of these people the state has established nine adult driver improvement centers with plans for five more. Drivotrainer equipment originally purchased for use by teenagers in the high school during the day, is being used by adults in the driver improvement schools at night. Lifetime Records The state has the lifetime record on file-of all drivers. If a person accumulates a bad driving record that driver is called In for That 15 million American men' cnurcn have on society?" Kenna last year smoked 6% billion cigars . . . and if you have trouble keeping your cigar lighted, you might recall that novelist Joseph Hergesheimer wrote, "It (a cigar) will refuse to burn for blatherskites and contentious men." That you're probably well read yourself if you know which country has the highest literacy rate . . . give up? t . < . it's Finland —99 per cent. That the taro, a vegetable popular in Cuba, gives a greater yield asked. "I think the church can be extremely influential. Never .underrate its influence." He has a good example to follow. The town of Greenwich, Conn., stressing morality on the road, has cut local traffic accidents. And with the Greenwich family of Sherburne v Prescott financing the new Church Safety Division with $75,000, Kenna will have enough money to explore the program's possibilities. On a state level, too,, this kind of program has been highly effec per acre than potatoes and has! t j vei The clergy of New Jersey, up to 10 times the caloric value j joining forces to prevent traffic of rice. | accidents, have been awarded 13 That Irwin H. Kramer has this j top citations for their work last sign posted in his Hotel Edison I year. office in New York: "If you wake] "Enlisting the aid of religious up and find yourself a success, leaders," Kenna said, "is one of you haven't really been sleeping." That you deserve a. "merit badge j in ornithology if, offhand, you can name three birds that don't fly . . such as the emu, the ostrich, the cassowary, and the downy- throated. stool pigeon. * Payroll Up That the federal government's civilian payroll leaped in the last 25 years from less than a billion JOHN T. KENNA: On the road, moral obligation. Comedians Come in 2 Kinds: 'Taught', Natural You Can Still Strike It Rich In Hollywood By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD * — A survey of 1 Hollywood's wealthiest persons discloses that millions can still be made here despite what the gloom spreaders say. The filrft industry can make and sustain millionaires even in these times when movie makers are moaning about the "lost audience." Perhaps in no other place is it possible to earn such wealth with no capital investment — only talent. ^ Here • are the talented people who rank as runners-up to the top 10 millionaires! of Hollywood, as chosen with the aid of expert observers of the movie scene: 1. Cecil B/DeMHle. His pictures have earned more than those of any other producer-director. 2. Jules Stein. Unknown to the general public, the publicity-shy head of the MCA agency is one! interview with a highway pa . of the town 1 1 biggest powers His j , ffl Tn<J motorist , iven agency handles dozens of top 1 stars and also produces many TV films. 3. Herbert Yates. The frugal boss of Republic Studios made horse operas and hokum pay off handsomely. 4. Norma Shearer. She was a top-earning star until her retirement and inherited vast holdings fron\ her husband, Irving Thai-: berg. 5. Hal Wallis. Long a top film executive, he has had great sue-, cess with his own film company, i 6. Harold Lloyd. He struck it j rich as a silent comedy star and had the" wisdom to establish his own company. ( 7. Desi Arnaz. Not content with the amazing 4 success of "I Love Lucy", he has produced more TV series and is branching out into other ventures. 8. Harry Warner. Long president of Warner Brothers, he has immense wealth. 9. James Stewart. His postwar deals for profits on his pictures j have netted him fabulous sums, j 10. Gene Autry. He parlayed his j guitar and Champion into a money | empire that includes TV series,' radio and TV stations, land holdings, etc. 15,000 Cause Major Share of Accidents-Iowa 'School' Helps Drivers With Bad Records Tim** Htrald, Carroll, Iowa W.dntid.y, July 3, 1957 he pays $7 tuition to cover costs and attends three 3-hour classes held at night. He keeps his driver's license while attending school, but is placed on a year's probation after completing the course. If he fails to attend the school or drops out before completion, his drivers license is suspended immediately. Russell I. Brown, safety education director, said the department has been "shocked" by some of the driving attitudes that have been encountered in the schools. "The people attending the school come prepared to defend their attitudes and to resist the training. But we've had the satisfaction of seeing most of them change their attitudes — apparently at least. We'll let research tell us if the changes are permanent," Brown said. the choice between 30 days license Improvement centers have been suspension or voluntary enroll- established at Davenport, Dubu- ment in a driver improvement; que, Waterloo, Mason City, Mar- school, shalltown, Ottumwa, Des Moines, If he decides to attend a school, 1 Sioux City and Council Bluffs. Dodge, Cedar Rapids, Burlington, Creston and Decorah. 20-30 Bracket Worst Safety commissioner Clinton Moyer pointed out that the. most dangerous age bracket as far as accidents are ; concerned is between 20 and 30. Teen-agers take second spot. Iowa State Teachers College Is keeping close tab on the driving records of all improvement school graduates for several years to gauge results of the training. The content of the course is set by Bert Woodcock, a professor at Iowa State Teachers. Only 20% Of Corn Is Laid-By DES MOINES MV-Only about 20 per cent of the state's corn acreage had been laid by as of Monday night compared to 80 per cent at the same time last year, it was reported Tuesday in the Iowa Weather and Crop Bulletin. This reflects both the lateness of this year's planting and wet field conditions. Some replanting has beenjrevented by wet fields. Each group that completes, a school is matched with.a control group of drivers who did not attend a school. The records of both groups are compared for evalua* tion. A five-year statistical base has been established. , "So far the results of "driver Improvement have been more than satisfactory. Judging from Information we have received on their driving records, relatively few have gotten into trouble: after they have finished the course," Brown stated. 1 POTATO CHIPS PENNEYlS ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY! A PENNEY BARGAIN IS ALWAYS PRICE + QUALITY I Come Friday and Saturday ... Give your budget the biggest break it ever had I PEN-NETS JULY BARGAIN DAYS! NEW YORK w — Jerry Lewis, | kind started paying money to be who makes more per hour being'amused, funny thsln the average man does! ^ • , I Everyone now is familiar with New Auto .ycaia limn .cs» man a uuuun > <; ei .j 0 uc « avq anv I everyone now is familiar with;! • EL£m~, M, dollars annually to more than lO^h^ca^^sTl^h^ to 2 ! tr |? ls and tribulations LOW 111 tttgCt billion. .. but hasn t everybody s? j „ „ nmaM ,„ ! the sad comedians, behind whose ammm On Thursday That the gestation period of an elephant is 22 months, compared a comedian. "He can at least learn to be' to a far shorter period for house- i" ^ught comedian," said Jerry. comedians, behind whose • million-dollar bank accounts lurk, many a broken heart. flies . . . many scientists believe this is a reason why man has to swat more flies than elephants. That marrying a daughter ofT isn't so expensive a problem for her father if she's got a job. . . a bank has figured out that the average working girl today spends $1,000 of her own money on her wedding. That the late Robert Benchley said there were two classes of travel — first class and with children. That Queen Marie Antoinette of France had a larger bust measurement than Queen Marilyn Monroe of Hollywood ... the box score: 42^ inches to 37. Saylorville Dam In Big Omnibus Bill DES MOINES (ffl — Iowa members of the U.S. House of Representatives have informed the Greater Des Moines Chamber of Commerce that the House Committee on Public Works has approved inclusion of the Saylorville Dam project as part of a huge omnibus bill. Reps. Paul Cunningham of Des Moines and Fred Schwengel of Davenport, both Republicans, told John Adams, executive secretary of the chamber, Monday that the Wk million dollar project on the Des Moines River upstream from Des Moines was authorized to be constructed entirely with federal funds. Recently, the U.S. Bureau of the Budget suggested that the State of Iowa soOyarepd e chlputlof n of Iowa should pay 10 per cent of the cost. The Senate already has approved the omnibus bill, providing for full federal payment of costs of the Saylorville project. The bill now goes to the House for consideration. Cunningham told Adams that the bill "without question" will pass the House. The bill does not provide money for any of the projects. Adams said the normal procedure, would be for Army engineers to estimate costs and then ask Congress for money to build the dam. DES MOINES (ffl - The 1,400 members of the Iowa Automobile Dealers Assn. have been sent a reminder that the new law requiring \ "full disclosure" of auto financing i| charges becomes effective Thurs- j day. The dealers' association support- ] "I had a terrible time getting him to give me a real examination. Luckily, all I had was indigestion. But what if it had been the real thing?" x iTJI "i^,«" A«««V7» "Z„~ir"„J£ll'^e' ' out tne nearest doctor, beat on ''tsx s i^rni^ r ,^ - - * those more expert, Jerry went onj to give these views on humor: | " Y °u kn <> w wha t happened? "The big difference in the field 1 asked Jerry. "The Doc turned and is between the taught comedian called back to his wife, 'mama, and the natural funnyman. come here. Here's Jerry Lewis "The taught comedian is imita- 1 P lavi "g a tnck!; tive, and has no born talent. Often he is extremely witty, but his humor comes second-hand. He generally pokes fun at others, and is often cruel. At the back of his mind he is always desperately thinking, 'What'll I do next?' He has to, because most of his humor is contrived, or borrowed. "But a born funnyman's humor is compulsive. He holds himself up to ridicule, realizing it's easier for people to laugh at someone else than it is for them to laugh at themselves. He is also more spontaneous and creative in any situation — less dependent on others for material." 'Natural Funnyman' Either through a sense of kindliness — or a well-ingrained sense , ... of self-preservation - Jerry de- 1 expect, to be producing the vaccine clined to name the outstanding! in .'commercial by Oc- M „ „„,,„ „ _ . i- j- i Jerry, who wears his heart as and probably make a good living. ,, hj f bone on hig just standing up and reeling off , „ AS SOME J TE „ T . memorized jokes. . "Show business is full of suchi Gaspe , d 0u J Fears imposters." ' For example, the time when, In Many Varieties ! driving through the countryside, T . . . . / . _ , . .'he suddenly felt he was under- Lewis, who has just completed; . ' . . , his firct enln film "Tho T)eMratt>'^ 01 "^ a " earl an» CK <n e nas SUI- —- noiinnninf" 2,,-. Sri fered miId ti cker murmurs since led the new law, passed by the Sffntt rtZl thJf h « you*)- Frantically he sought j 1957 Legislature, which makes often fails to realize that hiimor, ; > iU — 8 -I ..f inance .J acking » illegal. W. L. Mooty (R-Grundy Center), speaker of the House and a car dealer himself, estimated in a recent ; speech that the new statute would i save Iowans millions of dollars over a period of time. In a bulletin to members of the i dealers' association, Alfred W. Kahl, executive vice president of j the association said: "If you have been packing fi -j| nances, readjust your merchandis- j ing operation because starting! I July 4, that kind of deal just j 'ain't legal.' "The stiff part of the penalty is j the loss of the dealer's license." Kahl explained there is no re- 1 striction on the cash price for j I which a car may be sold but the \ \ law does set maximum interest i | rates or finance charges and oth- | erwise regulates all charges added 1 Vaccine for Asiatic # FIu Is Perfected NEW YORK (ffl-The New York World-Telegram and Sun said to the cash price. Tuesday that six U.S. drug firms Dealers must show time-pay- have perfected a vaccine to com- menl buyers in the written con- 11 bat Asiatic flu. l rac t sucn it ems as down payment, The paper said all of the firms j insurance charges, balance due, "taught comedians" practicing the healing art of yuk merchandising today. But he had no hesitancy in reeling off a few comics, past and present, whom he regards as "naturally funnymen." "In the silent films Charlie Chaplin — the greatest ever — and Harry Langdon were outstanding," he said "So was W.C. Fields. So are Jackie Gleason and Milton Berle. Berle is a past master." ' Lewis modestly forbore saying which class he regarded himself as belonging to other than by cheerfully observing in passing, "I am a born idiot." In 31 years, however, he has parlayed this natural defect (if it is one, as non-Lewis fans claim) Into one of,the highest-rewarded talents for any antics since man- tober, when the epidemic threat is due to reach its peak. Resources Council Reelects Dr. Hershey DES MOINES iffK -The Iowa Natural Resources Council has reelected Dr. H. G Hershey of Iowa City as its chairman, the council reported Tuesday. Le Roy Getting of Sanborn was chosen vice chairman in the re- j organization of the council for the next year. Prof. George B. Hartman of Ames was named secretary. The council membership was increased from seven to nine under an act of'the 1957 Legislature which became effective several weeks ago. amount of finance charges, number and amount of installments and when each is due. ADAPTABLE The normal military parachute 1 has a diameter of about 24 feet, j It adapts itself to pilots of differ-' ent heights and weights by its adjustable harness. Holds approximately a 1 /4 TON of Pood I New '57 Imperial Chest-Type Food Freezer " by FRIGIDAIRE ma m Wtoopptafj 17.B 00. ft. Slsef • HUGE 612-16. CAPACITY • TWO STORAGE BASKETS • NEW JUICE AND PASTRY RACKS • REMOVABLE DIVIDERS • BUILT-IN LOOK • COUNTER-BALANCED EASY-LIFT LIC • AUTOMATIC INTERIOR LIGHT • ,FAST-FREEZING SURFACE \ • VYIAH WARRANTY PIUS • 4>YIAR PROTECTION PLAN Easy Credit Terms CARROLL REFRIGERATION SERVICE Wtst on thi Hlghwsy N*xt to ChsrUy's PU«« SANFORIZED SHORTS WITH THE SASSY CUFFl Sixtt 3 to 14 Never before achieved at this price! Poplins, broadcloths in winkety blink 'colors that machine wash, stay her-sizedl Back elastics secure blouses! Hurrah for us! We found (and believe us, we looked!) this fabulous collection of easy-care cottons and rayons. 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You can do better on a budget at Penney v s

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