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The Recorder from Greenfield, Massachusetts • 2

The Recorderi
Greenfield, Massachusetts
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$: tfEc xirier THIS BEBELI YOWj The Barnside lexpedithmli which fa the jft7tit regiment from this viclnl reDed from-Annapolis on Thursdsyl The i ransport fleet consiAed iff 6 ships 2 brigs bsrks 18 schooners' 10 steamers 0 pro ellen 5 duialj bosfan and making In all 58b The- Uilor He ImmI worked In Beaufort and Charleston Hi wife skid two little children have been laUcn IWim him by the slaveholders: Ue is goo Christian brother -The name if Gfbriel Ilayne I May God bless him' I Rebel Prison In ffortb Carolli i A great prison fa lieini Irailt irf Salisbury N'CUinclosiag' 12 iscres The building is capable of containi fg lftOO There art now in Richmond! -102 Prisoners: There hade been sent to Raleig ii 32i to New Orleans 496 to Charleston! 150 to Columbia ft ti 150 Tuscaloosa 500 Sa isbury 176 released and sent home 56 in 43 died in prison beside those died in lemiral Hospital 1 00 psped-'' i Pram rt £ylt be sent to the Governor of The bill far the organization of the signal department of the army was passed TM bill relating to the appointment of sutlers in the army was then taken up and debated uatil the adjournment which was until Monday la the House a letter was received from the Secretary of War la which be -states that measures had been taken to ascertain who is responsible for the disaster' at-BaUV DhiS but that it would be incompatible with the public interest to disclose the nature of those measures at present The civil appropriation bill was considered and debate look place on the proposed appropriation far printing Treasury Ngseo The appropriation was stricken oat and the bill was reported to the House far final action The House also adjourned until Mondsj On the Slit the report was current in Fadii-' crfii 4liat Gen Wsllace had been kilted and his- mitira -fore cat to pieces or captarafe Lhte in toe evenidg of the 81st however a messenger arrived Jfrom Viola who reported that pen Wallace had drivenjllie enemy back- wiUi jsUiail loss on his part and that toejrtb els had 'commenced -a precipitate retreat before toe arrival of Jthe re-enforoements At- 1 ter their arrival it fa presumed he flillowed -In -pursuit as he hod not retained to Hedu cahbn'toelsL'l r' i': The- Louisville pemocrat is informed: thitt a federal scouting piurty has brought five prls-onerf into Columifia who Were endeaTOriig to join Zollicoffe They report tbai-ZoUi-coffen with 4000 men fa 'between Greens boro nd Colambia Grecnkbom hM' lbeen almcBt depopulate by the repels but Wjarffs brigade hojd gone Ihfcre to taker The rebels cantu soldiers goording 1 Boralis Ferry killing bite -T The Unifod Slati ateiun transport Vander- "I Aa- 4L la I hr Senate: the OfflWi of llntaia Stark )m bu ben ip-t Iriat4 bribe itonraor of Oifjon lono wl Sen Hiker were presented Vfi-wi Ktoaoti Ut rne from Oregon thnnr-fBzdjwmri upon the family of the appointee Mr rmn'li of tine moved tbit the i himiaiitnti of Mm ch be Numnded an-' til the fertoenaU bo inquired bla- A debate sprung bp on (be question vhirh terminated ta Uiwj lit mdentiate oa the table tar lie wrnl HcitiMt sen prewotnl reaving tlii Fremont be appointed Lteulea-" tat-tireml ibu the ilirn he emancipated no-far the str-onrer tost the example ol -WwAington im action be UUed re-(TUil fa slaves that no farther aciialfoa ot tie question be tolerated in Coagrtof ud tbel cmiia duties on irnt be remitted The Srmtinr of State transmitted to- the 'vnitr the rewpomlrme relating to lie Treat affair In regard to the Kansas contested rent the report of the lt extra session mSrawl that Mr Stanton is entitled -the scat The pension bill foe ISO pat-td Alfar which the Senate area I tntoEiecu-tfwSw i In1 the Home after the letmdnctina iff it rrtolutkm otnmaia steam fire depart srent fair the I'itrvt of Columbia Mr Roscne Near York rate to a question ot prifiktr and saU that on the second day ol the KMin nvittbn hai ben adopted iaqaiff to the rwponrihtSh tor the llallV Ksf ilaefari ami I an evasive answer had ben Drtwt by the Coin man Jer-in-Chuf Mr rxmMbtrpie very feriin-It and severely recording that afilr decUr BjilOnjtt atrocious miCtary murder in oar history uJ njiBuwa other things that the scene was hell of fire without j- means of escape 'He then pcnceAird Jo criticise the general con Joel of the war in setthia term and cnocluted with a reda- tsoo that the Secretary of War be directed to return a farther answer la relation totIie Ball's Karif affair lit Richardson exposed the mutation arguing- that this was not the place far Investigate batllefJ Mr Edward -supported the resolution and did not see that it implied aar censure on the Genetal-in-Chh-C Mr CrittenVn opposed it declaring that 11k How hail no power to impure into military mtltcrt 31 Yallsndigbxm believed in power of Congress bvt'f'W prndential re- osv opposed the resolution Mr Lovvjy tsimd his protest against the principle enunciated by Mr Crittenden and believed that the military sbnuM be subordinated to the civil power 31 Wicklile called 3Ir Lnreys attention to Lis vote in February last on the Slavery which 3Lr Otk BtasMtCsmvBiMt I CAiir or THfi lOnr RKOnnurr I Near BrightwoodJD Jan 6 Friend I am at a fata to think of anything to spite tkia week Methijiks I hear the neodo of the leiters whteh you have been so kind oa to pnblsh oak if I woe never that condition eforqt thei I havebeen! fact ia thai there ia ao little going on among and we po not have flue privilege of going abroad that la aL-moat impossible for one bf nj ability to find items of muefo intereaj: jj Do I' you ask why nnder sachidrcumstancei I- continue to write? I presume the reason- Is that we think we atje so mucli thought of jby onr fliends At hpnte that' they are glad to read anything that comes from here 1 no matter how dulL- Bcrhapa in aome! foture day we may find thak we were miataken 1 i Quite a number of oar frienda hare written to us wilhl ft -few' daya asking if it'la ir ue that are csses cif the varioloid 'in bar regiment? Thera waa considerable excitement here a Week ago on account of that disease "Wedbnld 'not find out at the time whether any of our number were suffering from the effects of that dreaded disease or not' but one thing we did know vji that the guard atfotihd the camp was doubled and that their orders were to vlet no one pass either way whether officer private' or bitizen We lived lender these orders fax nearly a week We had though before that ljrd were isolated from society bnt now-we found that there was such a thing as having less hf even that Our intercourse with the outside world ivas nearly in limited as though we hod been sailors far out upon the ocean i Olj course we were all Vaccinated during toa time and you may believe that the lame arms were plenty for a while: After a while wV found but tiA Vause for -all these Unusual doings: We leairnqd that one of oxur number waa sick with toe eryripelat which oar i doctors had mistaken for toe small pox As soon tu these facts Wiere established toe extra guolrd was withdrawn and we now enjoy oar venal free- dom' I v- 1 The last of our hot disappeared so we may- 'natamlly conclude that ini) of onr houses or barnicks arf nearly pr quite finished One who has not boa the pleasure ot wintering in a tent cannot imagiiie how much more comfortable we now ora although toe finish olj our buildings lis not exactly like that of toosf we llave been in the hablt of occupying Our officers have talked to jus pretty severely for not keeping bur blankets Ac neater but what could one expect wlien we were obliged to lay them in the dirt? If they are not white hereafter we shall have no excuse to i 1 This morping we found the ground covered with snoV for the first time this season I did not measure its depth hut shoqlcl say it would average a triflp over an inch Asa geneial thing we: hajb fina weather-r-rpnfy cold enqugli for comfort as ever ji explained A rotUmnfal -dehile then sprang up between Messrs' Wickhffe ami Lovejoy ia Odter members also par- regard to Slavery -np UctpVed in this 3Lr Mallory ot I sad was the moat destructive conflagra-Kentacky Sir Dunn of Indiiax Mr Stevens (ion ia the town-far many yean Loss '13-acJ other After a tedious divergence on I wu destroyed by dire Sunday morning 5 It was occupied by traders physicians and oth- the Slavery quest! the House was 'bark to the original question ly 3Ir Bair moving that the whole subject inquiry a a ITa Tlftsk Vho les1 ssm flfam talOo relating to Balfs Blaff) be laid on the table but after a paiiismentsiy attempt to defeat br Mr 'iLcbanlui the resolution of 3fr CVtuUIs was a-lopfasL 3Ir Stereos reported a joist resolution explanatory the rece 'bet imposing duties on fans cuflee and regai And the House aiijourned 7V7 Aatr-ls the Senate pniiioiM tilL arrived on Moi day) morning frofa Port Royal Sr CL whicl i port she left on the 3d IniL at 9 A ith toe mails and passengers and 8697-bole i' of Sea Island cotton consigned toGoL Tofapkins United States Quartermaster Ti iq Vanderbilt brings the result of the battle of Beanfort Ferry Gen brigade a tranced on the main land on the 1st last a jd ttook poaseuion of the rebel batteries afti a ajiort resistance of the rebels oar brigade leing assisted by the gunboats which Shellc I thcT batteries Gen Ste--rens then followed to within six miles of the Cumberland lro id A flag of truce waa sent by the rebels with a request to procure uyt bury the dea 1 which was granted one hour bang' allot tc for that purpose after which they fell bs ik upon the fortifications -near tbe railroad irlitejh art tearing behind th one large gun which they hod spiked 1 he rbel force is estimated it from 10000 to 12000 inen" of Ged Po aind thdr- teas' fa not known Thfonfa 1 thq Union troops were 4500 the li on the: Union side be- ing 8 wounded Geni Stevens now holds possession of toe main land and awaits re-enlbroements from tbel Northl to proceed By this-exploit tevefal objects have been accomplished: the med hare- been enabled i wll-behaved umftr fire a little dash has lie made which infuses vigor into the spirits 4b command theene-my has been made to understand that he coq-pot with impunity assemble any force in our vicinity twq batu ries have been demolished and the copipte paBsessipn of the Brood river has been shoi tq belong to the Uniqn forces So far as has yet been learned orje man only has beei killed and eight or nine wounded oil of to ise belonging to the Mich-1 igan 8th regiment Their names (with the exception of Msjo 1 who fa badly wounded) have rot jfet beqn ascertained' Fottr or five rebel wdies were buried by oar men and onq or ro ofatoeir wbOndedwere mode prisoners 1 Our forces at Tj bee Island ore still busily -at work upon tbe i ntrefachments saluted oc- cosionally with iota from Fort Pulaski none bf which ha yet done any damage Jit fa mot conriderc 1 probable that any demonstration will- be made against the fort1 until re-enforcements irrivje from the North A Battle la WeejCerii Virginia A special to Thi Cincinnati Gazette from Hultonsville Virci lia pays that an expedition consisting of JO of the 5th Ohio 300 of the 2d Virginia am 40 of cavalry -which was sent bt by Gem Milray to attack Huntersville 'attacked' the enemy- on Saturday morning 4tli consisting of 400 and 350 nititia After skirmishing an hoar toe enemj retired witha loss of 80 killed and woandei wa our side none were 1 lost 80000! -wc rth pf army stores and clothing were jeapti red and destroyed The Commercial's ffu pa ch from Huttontfille says that Huntersvilh as a depot for supplies In Western Virginia Their cavalry were armed with carbines and attacked aa two miles from Huntersville We drove them from point ppinL Finally they beat a hasty fetr at but of town os we charged through il Tlieir supplies consist- teg of 850 barrels if flqur 300 salted beeves 8000 pounds of sal large quantities xf sugar coffee rice 1 acori and krmy clothing worth fro in $2500 I to $30000 were entirety destroyed We Jca pturqd a large number ot Sharp-8 carbines abets arid pistols The stars -and stripes reref left floating over the court Our troops returned to Hat-tonsville in fine spi -its i Two more impor ant successes in Western Virginia ore recorc od Gen Milroy has followed ap his vict ry at Iluntenville with another one in Tn ker county north of his position at Hhttons rillej in which three hqn dred of the 32d liio regiment nnder CapL Lacy dispersed fou huadred rebels and captured a Commissoi With a large amount of his stores bcudes tilling and wounding sev-eraL The second-! recess whs at Gap Wednesday mornin A delachmeut of Gen Keltyfa forces at vombey under -command of UoL Dunning -i if tob 5ih Ohio left Romney pn Tuesday hi ht jat 12 sod attacked toe rebels two thousand strongest daylighL The reti la -were completely routed teito thq loss fifteen kilted two con- non twenty prisoi era Including a commissioned officer thi ir wagons Act and all without a man on oarj side: This is an important success as endangers the left wing of the rebcls pn jtlu Upper Potomac Dmrlllutlo I of ill Rebel Amrj The Richmond camaner of January 2 a-men'ta the cohditioi of jthe rebel army in the following strain: present nditton of our army ii a cause of severe si ppinful anxiety The oobrbge of oar troo is fa not abated the ness lof tbe fray 'is lot Vqlaxed and yet de-f morolisation is cn eping in we fully believe from the insane an I reckless neglect ot the government to sm utin and to cultivate the spirit of our soldier There fa too muc i drunkenness among the officers on the Poto nac and too much vacant idling among "the sn We areinfornfed as a positive fact (ha1 in the majority of toe 1 Pot fedetal i session while and sung surprised aided of A dispatch way lof of of by pears that which was The is (4 be SIIM A slight near Port enemy where quarters force had men more his srhefe derefi ana The ended in CpL" and iqto within when they ing manling not be field no arrangement tiomti his alternative them band and all their Ac take care ing in save hauled ry in pnranit and nerhaps rebefc in high estimate that were his will be left peace and Saturday fro ml A time! when panning fv- ries it the rebel Fdur of near beeddono cavalry committing dayW Gen cavalry in Seine Cairo torn there on attack i Giest antirfipauifg visir1- fair and that We set sail far in this The teng TuredZy gunsj were whole General with the ftars Upon one gilt etten to and banner fa nc a' whe i he Afte 1 toe was a i I far tLe eiaanciwlKxi of slaves and for the house of Rogers at Worcester igni-exchenge of prisoner were presented A tri and set fire to the mantelpiece and naar-rewlxtfao odcml by Mr Hde or New- ly destroyed the house but by tearing up Hampshire: in inquiry os to making the chamber floor the flames were stayed purciise far the Xavv through xher than On Thursday afternoon a great Tire occur-novajtd agesu was' leased Tiui bill red at the railway station at Aquia GYeck Va The depot and several houses adjacent iaemm the aumlier of cadets i West Fun By the steamship Bremen and Canada we have two daya later slvicn from Europe and £50004 la speric The news however is unimportant Troops were still continuing to leave England the British Province end the iron-plated Warrior had her sails beat in readiness toleavai The people were in a elate of great suspense and anxiety and the funds were fiat 3L TbouvraeTs dispatch on the Trent case Lad been published in Lon-don The auhstanee of Eart Russell's letter bad also been published The Prussian Government bad addressed a note to Its Slinister in this1 country condemning the proceedings of Car Wilkes In the Trent case The action of our Government in the surrender of Mason and Slidell' had been anticipated in Paris 1 A body of trained nurses was to proceed to Halifax A letter written by command of the Queen appears In the English papery wherein her Jlqjetty says that her on-' far consolation hereafter will be in carrying out the wishes and intentions of her late beloved husband The London Critic says We have reasontto believe that op to tlie 'time ot his death Prince Albert raised his voice energetically against the haste whh which1 England is rushing into a war with the Vailed an event which he do-i nounced as subversive of her interests dangerous 'to the real sources of her power and certaia to be advantageous only to the despotic powers Europe Whether that view was right or wrong sorb we believe was the faith in which the Prince Consort died'' Business of all kinds was dnlL (The stark of cotton at Liverpool and Havre was considerable There were prospects of troubles with the Sikhs in India and warlike preparations were bring made to meet them i The Union block In Dover II A- fire which recently consumed the Congregational church at Spencer originated in employment of two bora to heat the a a Vi fa fame far a preparatory lecture The boys crowded in the hemlock wood till the stoves were white hot and a little whileafter they -'left the church waa wrapped in flames Nothing was saved but the Large Bible: The 'i church waa insured for (3000 in the Mer-1 chants and office of Worcester A phial of liniment left on a stove in the were consumed i The barn of" Charles Hawkins in Daniel-soaville C'L was burnt on Friday night together with fifteen bead of cattle horse and other valuable property Loss over (3000 insurance 604 The wagon shop connected with the Illinois State Penitentiary at Joliet was destroyed by fire on Friday night-- Loss 150001 Harness valued at 500 belonging to the government was burnt v- The dwelling bouse store and post office in Philliptum owned and occupied by John and Thomas 3Iiilard was destroyed by fire Tuesday morning Insured A fire at MenJota I1L Tuesday night destroyed the Paatol mills: Estimated 'I ft-lODO insured for 15000 ed ia flames: So brilliant was the light a Hie morning of the 2d at about hrif Mp- I akefidd of Chesterfield FjKtoiy 3 JL I was discovered to be on fire: Tbe wind was in ten different offices ito the amount of 20- a1 4 blowing a gate and so rapid was the spread of the nanus that it was with difficulty the inmates escaped trith their lives Both Mr and Mrs Wakefield were severely burned and with very slight exceptions not an article of furniture was saved It is supposed the fire took from ashes placed in the wood-house -There was no insurance: 4 Utah jukdio Adhismox to the Unox At a mass meeting at Great Salt Lake City on Monday resolutions were passed relative to the admission into the Union of Utah as a constitution and form 1 a state government to be submitted to the people for their acceptance or rejection and to memorialize Congress for the admission ot Utah during the present session TvocbIe ex An exten- sire riot took place at Carboncar Fj on Tuesday Some 12 or 14 persons were shot but none killed outright Troops were sent from Si Johns at midnight to preserve order The town is in a state of Beige and business is suspended There and at Harbor Grace Hoetili-it the moment the jngdy reinforced JjeswiU agamrecommenceattheny msgiitrate The whole troabltf grew oat of dispute betr wawe noutwe grewoot oisai lllC CfttbollCf PrOtCStlDl tween nu-lhra taken up aaJ ducussetl by 3Iesr -Trumbull of Illinois Clark of New llaiu-siiiq Urimes of Lnra Ltwof Kansas: Doolittle of WbcuoMi Wilson of MMsdiuaiu Nenub Oregon and ol New Hampshire The faule finally refused to pkss the fall 13 to 11 The bill relative to the ones! fugitive slaves by Seers of the army or navy was taken opt uut its consideration agtua poet poo cd far the present after's tf the Senate to postpone it imJefinileiy In the House message received from the President accompany in the documents relating to the Trent nflair 31 Yallaadighahi of Ohio nk occaston to express Lia disaaiis-lactiou at the (Qunt pcMtu Ly the Govern-men in delivering up 3tason and Slidell re-'' marking that in lets than three months EmokATiow to HATTL-j-During toe past year abbot 1504 colored people have emigrated from the United States to jHaytt where they receive from Uiej government onds to settle Onj and various civil andireligious privileges Tlioae twho have been: there long enough to get settled find their condition very much improved' and are happy in their new homes The government haij treated them with kindness even more than fulfilling ita promises a The-spirit of emigration is extending among toe blacks and arrangements have been made for emigrants to sail every month this year from Boatcjn'New York and Philadelphia This useful and promising enterprise Wq should think fyery colored man of respectable character if'phld be lookingjnto (he matjtcr With a view of emigrating caly characters drunkars will not he received and may therefo a writ be content to live' rot and die where they are But smart1 sober virtuous men have beta excellent prospects offered them' "'J 1 't tilw at war with Great Britain or else wi will Lunely aibrait to the recognition of the Sc'hra and the Lreakisg up of the blockade Mr lluuhinfa Lis criieagiir replie1 saying thal Yariandigbam had berc-tnkre Ura opposed to om-rcion as to llu-rioatb vhfic now Le against the delivery sounded and no engine across the street got lepof 3IaMand SHiklL and consequently in into play but ns soon as the water entered favor of war- The porUioa of Lis colleague the cylinder it froze rendering the machine was liable to ipariuo that his beUicrrem at usrieM aler had to be heated for the ode wav one which would benefit the gines and before they could get effectively fa hr rauring a war between England aid to work the vast combustible pile was wxap- England The great chair Cicfory of Levi Heywood A Co in Gardner was totally destroyed b-fire Sunday night the fitb together yiU nearlv ail the immense chair stock on hand The fire caught nean the boiler at about 14 or 11 -The alarm was immediately iIsm filavss There is much misapprehension in the community' upon thin subject It Is understood that Mr Cameron the Secretary of War desires that when the loyal armies invade a relwl State they may be permitted to arm fae slaves who come to them: that the President is entirety ipposed to this policy that the other merauci of the Cabinet arc divided some favorina'tlie views of Mr Cameron some siding with the President So much Is well understood But precisely whai is meant by arming the slaves?" misapprehension commence Many aeenk to suppose that the jvlan is to put armsjjinto tlie hands of the slaves to he used 'by them as they please This would make of the slaves ah armed mob ignorant brutal and burning with revenge against their life-long oppressors It would be likely to lead tij indiscriminate massacre sparing neither jwxjnor age No Christian man no man of common humanity can countenance such a scheme Hut Secretary plan is widely different from this: lie proposes to enlist toe slaves as volunteers for the war forming them into companie and regiments to he commanded ly competent white Officers amj to serve with thq army aa a regular port tliereoC Thus toe slaves would accompany the whifa soldiers fighting with them and subj ect jo the same discipline in all respects What ia the objection to this plan It is well known that many negroes served as soldiers in the Revolution ind did most efficient service the patriot armies In the last war with England too General Jack-son commanded large! bands of bltck soldiers at the battle of New Orleans lie complimented them highly and frankly acknowledged his obligations to them Elsewhere the negro has often shown that he possesses tlie qualities requisilej for a gooff soldier In St Domingo negro armies officered only by negroes proved thensclves fully equal to the veteran white soldiers scnt against them Trustable and auborijina by taught implicit obedience from childhood and eminently patient the negn soldiers are alwaj-s more easily subject to di iciplihe than white And at the same tim lenever and wlierev er fairly tried they liav shown a patient stubborn courage which made them exceed ingly formidable: Then why should We not use them Look at it a moment Wq are seeking to subdue revolted slates Within these states are fopr millions oi pc pie proved by the events at Fortress Nor roe and Poet Royal to be upon our side Of theejij probably not leas than five hundred ti lousand are fighting men between the aj'es of sixteen and uxty able and willing if we fill oijly let them to fight for the stars And stripes Was it ever heard of before that' ja prople-sought to subdue cither another people or revolted province yet refused: to receive the aid ot any portion of the who were willing to assist them Inj South Carolina where our artnies have gained a footing there are more black men than! white men able to bear arms A majority of the people of the State including blacks are jan our side A majority ot the fighting men arq willing anxious to fight for us Is it iot folly to refuse them? About our troops In the neighborhood of Beanfort' are now gathered 16000 runaway slaves of whom I understand at least 5000 are now 'able to beiir armk Many of them are actually beseechfng to be allowed to do so Do we not need tl em Can we afford to refuse to receive Ihc offered help of these our friends? How on Carolina remain if we would onty let these native South Cixolinians join troops and fight with hem foi? the Union In the revolted states a large army might eiv sily be formed of freed laves anxious' to put down the rebellion They 'would serve for much less pay ant li' re on poorer rations than white soldiers to us'lessening'the cost of the war They vsou 'greatly shorten its duration Formed into regiments drilled disciplined and officered by experienced office! they would bring the war witii northern help to a speexly jelape Again I ask can we afford to rejiel If we do it will cost hundred of I millions of treasure wliiqh ve might satj-e-1 Are we in love with taxes! I ZW i i BtrsEss or the Westebx Railroad for the Year 1861 Notwithstanding-toe dis turbances jn businesi the Western Railroad has done a large business for the year ending Nov 30 1861 The total income of the rond has been one million ieight hundred trad ninety ffour thousand fiveWndred and sixty-seven dollars and ninety-six cents The expenses were 1081571 17 leaving a net income of 812996 79 from jiich a dividend of eiglut per cent was- paid 50000 appropriated to the Sinking Fund and 338953 43 to tlib payment of interest fan debt A surplus remains of $404748 88 The total debt of the road is Value of Sinking Fund 2500292 This great road qmploys fifteen hundred and seventy-five-men It has carried 563140 passengers during the year equal to twenty-three million one npie and 508179 tuns of freight and ita can have run 1234018 miles burning 47007 tuns wood and 9000 tuns of coaL This road crosses the public way at grade in 109 places Last year the income of the Western Railroad was $1 881350 72 and the expenditures $993096 80 an of income this year of $18217 24 and of expenses of $88474 7t" It has carried 54742 passengers less this ypar but the freight conveyed was 2632 greater than in 18G0 The total loss to the Western ran road company by the fire last July at East Albany-exclusive of freight I cars was 118144 of Which $35639 was for merchandise destroyed and $77505 for rebuilding depot -docks etc Between sixty and seventy new freight cars have been added mk good again ng the old number Cottox It is surprising how many sources of cotton supply are fapqnihg up in response to the demands of manufacturers fo the raw material India Southern Africa Algeria Egypt Jamaica and a score of other countries The latest source of supply however is Fern The British! steamer Callao at Panama had a large quantity of Peruvian cotton on board while a stifi larger quantity was on Iti way around Cape porn- The staple is said to be of superior quality and a large -crop' is to be raised on the jpjeruviaa coast this year The farmers of Southern Illinois- are going iny the business and we are promised if cotton-keeps up to 34 ients a pound in less than five years a million bales per annum from that region At this rate the planters of the Sonth may find whe i too late tost in toe markets of the world si ave-grown cotton is altogether too costly to compete withithe produce of flee labor The Suicide or It is refreshing to know the sentimetiU of dUtingnUii! gentlemen of the reference to their views as to how secessiijn would effect ala-' veiy More than ten- yeyi ago the Hon W-3V' Boyce in an address to Booth Carolinians said Such is the jn tensity 'of inconvib-tom upon the subject jtiiu if secession should! fake of which 1 1 have no Idea foir I cannot believe in th existence of such stupendous I jbafl conaider the- institution of SUvfciy as doe med land that the great God in oar blimlne ia has wH us the Instruments of Its deslrui 1 I- "jcili Mr TLmaafa of Masucbusetti are the Xalcs a war which the South JANUARY -131 1803 Bdfer Plowing' Delilah Wormed 8a secrets out ofblmT anl revealed themjtothe Philia- tines he called it plow ing with his licifcr It seems they have such heifers iq Washing-ton and about them Lately rumors Iistc come thick and ft irk implicating some female of high social rank as -having acted aa spy far tha iddi That somebody does is certain TTAsis tit ia the queatfam At length the papers suggested that it was Gen Thomas or his daughter and went ao far as to announce hit arrest Now this is denied ami we have the most fulsome eulogiums of his patriotism Ilia daughter too Is exculpated but it la said that It is a younig lady a near neighbor of Lis I Well suppose so IIow did itois young lady get her information How should she kpow the secret of the CaJ-Inef pr of Gen- McClellan or of any otlirj of tha moving powers there I Certainly she is not jn member of the Cabinet nor of Gen staff Are we to infer that bring a near of Gen Thomas rite is a bosom intimate oft hit daughter and fromkicr obtained her information And is it Gen habit to blab to his family fhe secret plans of our generals and of departments Does he consider this aa a part of a GeneraTa duty? We remember that llaman nseft to go home and in the vanily of his little soul prate to hit wife about howhe king reposed confidence in him 'and revealed to her Sundry secrets of state Does Gen Thomas takq him for hiji examplcr If so he merits aa Aigk a reward Who this young trait-oresaia the letter writers in their maudlin tenderness for every in hoops do jnot yet tell us but they say rite lias fled to escajMs arrest') Dare say Erroril used to be arid would run a league while truth was putting on Its boots Jost so with traitors They cut jap all manner ot shinc'till they are known and then it takes goVernment so long to' act that they are in England or Seccsrion-dota before government fairly undcratanda what ia afloat Once in a while an overven- tursome chap is caught but ears liqrdfhels released Frequently somebody of tuppenny consequence is' seized But those who do the mischief -have evidently not becn scotched or if scotched1 not dealt with Lota of traitors' are still in government employment and one of the moat reprehensible things the administration has committed is to continue to many bf this rejttcn fry in office Whether this hew discovery of on old leak will quicken Uie Presidentjaml Cabinet in the resolve to surround themsejlves bj patriots instead of trritoiremrins tp be seen But surely how can we expect su against on -enemy when we'' make his own sj mpslhlzers the instruments of our Might as well expect to build a hf use by cutting its timbersinto ftre-wood The tattling Miss in this case should be known and it should be asceririned how she obtained her information for she eonld not communicate intelligence till she obtained it If it is the custom of our big generals to com mnnlcato state and military secrets to the women of their households they ought to be turned out of office or have their months sealed with sticking-plasters Tuis Gen Thomas caught with greedy ear a sackifull of false and exaggerated reports respecting Gen Fremont On the strength of which Fremont was removed from command Perhaps he may not be guilty of criminal indiscretion in this case but he is so mixed up wijth it that he now appears sa If he is not he may learn by experience how good it is to be condemned on hearsay stories from the mojutlis of 'enemies We certainly- hope him innocent But somebody is guilty Let the guilty one be ferreted out pnd dealt with It is time that this scandal had ceased of traitors Jn high places Sensible People Some of the citizens of Northampton hake collectively resoIvW not to trade with tiiose merchants who do not keep the s'ulcwali before their premises in comfortable walking condition We were Ini Northampton sj few days ago and yre wondered tlvat the people not ror mad tJie me rcPlvc a I al V1 SA1A Aalna Now and then a merchant had taken pains to dear the walk of ice but most of the way it "was excellent skating ground but for pedestrians especially the aged rheumatic and clumsy it was like walking on a glass mse-roof with rollers on your feet for rtli-amptpn Main street has about tlie inclination of some roofs Tbe condilioh bf the Vtlki wax really a disgrace to enterprising men and how the merchants could suffer It io be so'wai os strange hi that the people set med willing to have it so as for as wd could ji dge for no uproar was- mad aboujl it Bn tlie people were on their endurance then that being exhausted they have spoken and richly will every trader deserve fa be forskken by bis customers" who longer'suffers bis sidewalk to remain in a dangerous condition But we write these remarks not alfag ther for Northampton They are though to less general extent applicable nearer home 1 ome of our own merchants and' mechanics i leem to" prefer to allow their clegks to idle i way the time when customers rare not in set- ting' them about the useful chore of kec ping the sidewalks in a safe condition A 11 in front and side of thtin is glare let the walk pitching sideways just enough to i lake the pedestrian feel that at every step he ceils to get upon his knees to hold his feet in heir place hire a servant to do it for him or rear pitch-forks beneath his shoes Every wdy Coddles like a Chinese woman without feet and feels when safely over the ice 1 ke a man just out of battle thankful tha lie wasn't killed that time: And jet trader 1 pect customers which is about as reasot able Sto expect men to break their legs to the of having a surgeon ret them or lash for the aakJ of having a long I proeesaujn Now it will coat very little labor ti the clerks and that when they have nothing else under the sun fa do unless it be to grant over the bmid work 1 of doing we soy it will coat very little labor to keep the valks either so free of ice' or so sanded or ashed os to make them perfectly easy und "for the stiff-legged aa well as the nimble am the man who will not have' it done does no deserve patronage and wp trust our cili sens have os -much spunk at those'sensible mics in Northampton who have resolved it let such traders os love to have a' wide exp rase before their doors covered with glare ice -travel on it alone and keep their store and keep their goods till the moths eat them If traders do as little as that to attract cut- kl too xtil 011 you when you get In Keep out lest you trouble Ijiem with over- much labor Stifp Leo tamers let them have their whims and enjoy them without molestation If loo lazy to oe-cme yon sale passage Into the store they New Yobs 1 The titita Copip-troller of New Tork reports that the balance on hand in the State Treasury Sept 80 I860 was 98919 receipts during "the year 10-188492 expenditures 10538179 bslcface In treosniy Sept 34 1801 034023 The receipts for the current year lore estimated at 0909470 and the disbursements at 07j7V 838L: The debt of the Stole amounU to 32 -926364 I WWs are indebted to the-lion Whi- ting' Griswold for various legislative documents war vessels intended to co-op note with the landforce are' mostlycollsctoi at Harqpton: Rpada the transports tre to render Vous first after leaving Annapo ial I Jt is knorn where the oes from itamptaa Roads Jt wilf not prolbly be heard from ibr a fortnight I ii code on rebels bombarded Hat code or the Upper Potonuuytwo or three i lys law tek The damage alight Not a man waskille lor woaailed Jadtson the rebel general afloat accdfnta done to Hanoi ck was 7 had retired from that Ticinit leaving jc nly abretery Onffan infantry guai Hls wjiole Command consists of ten reg rnents wjr a large baggage and supply tr In and rith cooked rations far ten days Itisbelkved that hfi has gone with this 1 roe to atl ack Gen command whlc i hafi rece: itly been transferredtoPen Lond It being rqMHtedon Moqi ay inightj hat trains were frequently arriving from lu ias-ns at Drainesville Gen Me Mellon wl fa again put lof doors ordered a econnoissi nee ba fores: Accordingly a holy of 22000 troops set out on Tuesday nornlng i rith (wo days ration and forty onuds of iort-ridgea Afters march'of five uiles they taw -no enetayj and took only fori wagon leads' bf foipge Gen Bigd has resigned his position inj the army and we learn from a Bl I Louis per that' this is tp be followed the retij potions of other officers attachi to him Vho think he has been unjustly sn ereeded in the command of the army at Roll 1 dispatch- Memphi 1' Jan 2j 1 ys that Gen LPftfow has reaigne 1 his cumix and at Columbus and gone home The first execution by hknging in the army of the Potomac took pit ce on Mon fay The convict was private' Mic lael Lana ista company A 2d regiment sited Statei infantry and the Offense killing Sergeant pen-nan -by shbdting him The Richmond papers rapt li that the reb-ef steamer Isabel had arrived at Charleston trom Nassau having run the blftck- ade of Charleston at dayIgh on Thnrsi lay the 2d with cargo of ratal arms ea! fan ammunition and drugs She a also repo rted to have brought in a Mr fabie heart of dispatches from Mr Yancey the rebel gov eminent The amount of loss by fired in Charleston StG Greenville Ala Nashville Ten land Richm dollars Intelli worth ly taken dians in we have amounts to about i line millior of has been received at Lea- en-i that two battfes have Me snt-between the loyml and rebe In-S Cherokee country of lich iUreody published in account of The loya men were led by old -John Root and Succeeded in winning two victo 'ies They have sent to Leavenworth for ammunition and it fa understood that it will" be forwarded to them immediately An attempt was made an Wednei day night to burn the government hospital at Alexandria: jeontaining about fife huadred patients Firq Was set in four) or five ph ces but it was luckily discovered in time to prevent damage Private iButler belonging to Glouceiiter and a member of the 22a iegi: ment waS accidentally shotj dead Monjday morning bya comrade wlffle Skylarking in a saloon at AVashington An qffort was njode to convene a jury of inqrieptlBht 'the citi: sens would have nothing to do with the affair Information was received ai Wheeling on Thursday: that a day or twq since a tram of government wagons fifty in number sras captured between Weston anq Sutton" by the secessionists and fifteen of tbie drivers filled The rebelil took all tfte al Sables from the train and burned' the wagons -Il ls also reported that the Norton cavalry Capt West Rowan- were recently capturfd at Sutton by a superior force of rebels and that the town of Sutton was destroyed- 1 George Booth private hi cempany A 8th Massachusetts regiment committed sui ddh Monday evening by shooting himself thro agh heart jtrlth his musket He fes hoe in health and despondent for isome time: He from iNew Bedford -where he lean a wife and three children This is the first suicide that has occurred in our 'army Gen Scott's coach man 1 whose canton by rebels after' the battle of Bull Run vas believed to be with his oweonsent hoi re turned among the exchange prisoners He says that he mode every efiazt to escape and escape once but wm recaptured A number of the ladies of have sent huge box of elegantly prepared tied up with colored ribbons to the fob-el-army aq a teatimOnial o( their heartfelt devotion to tlie southern cause: The Nqw Orleans Picayune of Dec 21 states that on the evening fire iras in a building just opposite the arsenaL where a great' quantity Of cartridges uid powder ore stored- Thai danger wall so great that the arsenal was carefully emptied ita explosive contents' The Picavjune thinks it was' the especial design of tin incendiary to cause the del tract ion of tht arsenal and its contents J-' At lost accounts from wuouri Gen Trice still at Springfield wijth 20000 men and pieces of cannon McCulloch waa i rith in command of a body Of jArkai isoq troops Price expected art immediate att ick hod i called upon -the Secession 4i me guards In the surrounding country to- -C his aid Thp Bt Louu Republican is: ys Montgomery was at Bower's MlBr in Lawrence county 1 A pajrt of his force tras Carthage: He raised the mars and str pes -Mt ernon in Lawrence: county jbm the secessionists pulled the flag down alter hi departure He subsequently returned' and raised the flag again and told the citize it jf they tore it down he wonldbum thetewn The-flae was flying at tact accounts Thq Chicago Journal learns by private advices from Washington that! Gen Jams i IL Lane has been assigned Ibytthq war depart ment a commafid of 25000! men 6000 of whom are jto be cavalry and included in thq command are three of regiments note encamped at Chicago Cavi Iry Baldwin's Infantry and Mediinic Fusileera The lost named regiment for vrhose thorough" equipment as army cjhSr fleert mechanics and artisans the gov has' determlned to appropriate 210 900 will accompany the General to Fort Lea ren-worth It is understood that this command under GenL Lane fa designed for a grand expedition through the section of country a ongf the Arkansas border Into Texas Bimult ine-misly with tha grand mqvenents of oil th4 divisions of the army of the Union I Gen Palmer telegraphs to Gen Ilalleek from -Otteryille Mo thaton the 8tU Majors Terrence arid Hibbard tejth 450 troopq atr tacked tbe notorious rebel Poindexter with lOOO to 1800 men on Silver Creek Howard ciounty totally routing them with a lot a Cf seven left bn the field and many were carried off and from 40 to 75 wo mded and SO iris-oners Our loss was four The rebel imp was destroyed and a luge number of be rses' and teams were taken A -heavy fog a one eared them from complete destruction 7 Letter ftwm Port Royal -The following fa on eitract1 from a litter just reeeiyed by thq Treasuref of the American 'Missionary Association Btates Chaplain I Port Rotal 8 i)ec 2a l8l i Bytlie goOd hand of God upon me Have had a pleasant passage to this port and li nd-ea my biblea testaments Spelling books and other appliances of wducatien in safet They are fall placed-in cborg ot Mr Lena member of the Old South Church in Beon who fa acting very Judiciously and efflejent- ly as the government agent far the They will be carefully distributed bv Ff'--L? by toe i Her' Dr Strickland one of the editors of The jYr'tspd iP01 who-fanow here asklie chaplain of bo Nerr York 48th regiment by tha Rev: iifcre from New an oler chaplaina 1 Sabbath before last I preached to allrse in i Beaufort toe Baratoga ofTuJe quteaj company pftjUi- present A gbod brainninr was 51 Sabbalhwe! bod aMeTmiS 11 a tbe omn air at PortyRoyoL wdqj and I hope atofel llini was well -l reetiirig book 'away last Saturday Dm 11 under toe wii of newspaper eonld be plainly 'read by South Gardner mile and half distant Tbe loss to the town of Gardner by this calamity can not be over estimated This establishment was one of the most extensive in New England and furnished means of livelihood ton large proportion of the pnpn- pennniiy to strike the blow of retributive lot too and waa the industrial life of that Jdacicd The moans ge and documents were neat a Anally idmri to lire Committee on Foreign ypsrel lejesiiSk'ntiao of tiie capture of Man VaJ SLML England did us grievous wrong it in aad thriving village: The loss is eati-mated st from 75004 to 1COjOOO: Insured 15 or flO guna Xne gnard jwqre by rebe toe river- detachments from Loteat War 3NTv from jiev Orleans received ty Cairo statqs that Bilqxion toe main-lond Mississippi has been taken possession oar troops at Ship Island Il ap a rebel force was stationed -there" captured" together with the edn-non dispatoq intuuhies that the1 place held permanently by the nal oztal I I I 5th skirmisll took plaice Qn the Royal iq which seven of the were captured ana morphed to Besu-fort they were provided -with! safe and plenty to eat Gen Sheridan's received reinforoeineqte numberipg and was making preparations for serious operations Three thousand lof teooprtoad been sent fo Tybee Uand work on inlrenchfoents was still Pulaski Continued exin the vafo attempt to de ty one msi ho we veil' ljss resigned his pfaqe Lj The step was necessary ter the pressure of his rations important duties in-the -1 1 second rebel invasion ofi Kentucky 1 "a disgraceful rout Oq Monday hat forces Including toe 42d plda Kentucky regiment aa'd 1800csk-'alryJ proceeded up the Big pandy to Pjaim-ville seven miles of Ithe rebel -camtP were met by a flag of truce message from Humprey Marshal the relieh asking Jf matters arranged Without a fifiliL CoE immediately replied tlutt he could except a fight or an -ai surrender 3IrshaU jthen imeninfonningthem that toey ha to aumtederor diraand and I giving their choice I They decided to dfa" immediafolj collected jnd fenf for1 wons tqnta camp eqnippage I sup-pliea Then eich monAru permitted to of himself- tbe whole force scatter- ponfusion 'ffo attempt vas moue to anything exeept their cannon whjcli -they off OoL Garfield sent his carol-' and expects to capture tne miss pick up many flying rebels rrhe northwestern Kentqcky flora tie of Marshall's military abilities held had sJrpng hopes of success -undo- leaderahijp sufficient federal forpe In-tliai region 4 shcare its future safety 1 j': 1 I -I morning'! three Jrdbd gunboats Columbus attacked ouV gunboats tie -and SL Jjokifa lying Iff Fort" Jcilte" brisk engagement entued for a Ithart therfcbel8 re trek ted our boats them nqtirtoey reached the bar n- Columbus If fa believed that Qnc boats dfaahlod Our pickets were shot FtUtey higbri Polnti It is supposed to jhafe bywoii of CoL Iingwoodi rebL-1 which1 have been rowing about sad depredations in tltet vicinity raif Paine has -despatched a force bf pursuit of them I- i desqrters from Columbus arrh ed pt Saturday ntoruteg add report great The! troops were ppprehcndi4g byJthe Up ion force preparatiups are makiog at Norfolk on att ck by Geni di- Cahf Seward: Too 11 Footman are tbl here prospect pi staying ol' least-on ther longer sa it fa fie tided shall -rema where 1 ra are until We the Sod which ill probably be Constitution on lier ne: ti voyage looked for Major- Senerte BcdibW -niwmn town oi i Mondiy- iviming a sd on morningi isitedohre Lmpt Tb rtern fired jh the ortssion aal thi regiment jjehed in view befo -e thq anfo his ftaffi We w'ere thei pre-sentdd ourct an A mgrtran Uafoier bearii the! stars kite in gold surrounding a gilt of toe bite striped fa inscribed ia thq rdsJ Weitern Bajjstate FroW whicl scene Was quite Impraw-ive think foot ire art bound by all tost fa noble ta protect tbst glorious old Wherever we may bd Ihope thero man in pm regiment who will flinch" sees her stars present tion inspection The General corel ally examine each man fill equipfoctA and tiothing He found a fevanen whlo bad on' hree or foot shirts apiece and ordered then to be doubli -quicked for half ad hour You may rest iu rod that it started till pen' pita ion upon som of them and taugh toem how to keep warn in the future: Alter d'in-v ner all hands wet down town and listened to a short speech by the General froicthe bale ny of the Bei kshlre House la vktcfi-hc cbm ilimented us very highly1 satisfied us jn rtg" to the Stef) I aid and bid us good-bye rllflAM Avwn' SIMs ami three fousih cheers'1 from! nicif 4hd' officers aAwell as setatora who Crowded the'1 ire) to Ncompanji! aiul were paht off esterOHy Tl oilier companies will bq paid in two wee ls including' those which havi 'already bee paid Aj portion iof toe regi qent will Into to-morrow Som of the tents have already arrived and -otiic ra are bn thejv ay They slrq large enough to a commodate si steen men aadjire furnish- ed with stoves ap that they will be (Tery com- IF I -days report gives 740 men not including regimental ol licera CapL Ilockwell fa fafafog-toe tenth company -which will com-plet i the numbe ff conipanfas and recruiting going op ei rapidly Which will-soon -cum lcte (he no nl cr of mcn II Joha Bufl lould get nnrnly we miglit havitb nqd nend fencebct ween Uncle Sim farm and Ci nods but jwq appre-hem much di er as long as 1 Napoleon ttan la ready tc it a ring in ilia nose But hqjt "your temp ohnny un'jil the West ern lay State RC ment is lull and in fighting nood and ire will show you how to fcAl not in cotton but cold let id Ty Death or Colt Samhd CbfC-whofee name has' obtained 4 world wids cc-lebrty os toe pa enteo and manufacturer iff the revolving pist 1 died st his residence in Uartlord von Friday morning: His disease was lie inflammatory rheumatism and gouL is i comparison of Secretary statistics of the olunteer arnsjr with thus give by the' gore -non eff the sqxfraletateq shows that the 'sei were too high and thafhe aggregate fa about 5O0C00 instaad CGOQOa 1 jthe Hat of to prosperous there sre very few fndeed whp rq'illidr advancement Id- talent- and sagacity alone musf attribute theif rise to a The majoriiy continuation Ibdujiiry pruden and good fortune 9p A boat waarai down at Aonapoll M4'Xoa-4aj light aod a soUIar vkoN WaM wohavsoot Joaraj-d bJsagjig tojlho STta Hus ieslmai drowjioAj I I i I --r-j rf-r si Mr Seward hairtSlegraifficd-that Drit-fah trpopa mayj bej landed at Forlland and MMtiraWH)! tea Cornier! to Oi a or t-lacwhera JHA kingU dibp of bteod puc mokes all tot difference philtoapher and tlie maniac In the wrong: between i i- j-l i 4 rr" i ir- -Hr I fi i 1 i- nCrirfa i A the fauif Mr IVtwell prewented nnmler of rewdations wKd by tbe LesSlatcre of Kentuckv prin- cipwilv reiatirg to National denonno- irg the rettrilHiu and pledging Kentucky to pay her pnttiua the direct tax Pttiuofw far the esnsnrtpaitoa of tbe slaves were also presented Thelloore far the constnic- ifoa of twenty ruiklal mm gunboats ws Vain llo wowal i lie reponrel flora the Naval IVmmiuee by 3Ir llale with aa amrthlment authorizing the HnUtsl to have the work done and not tbe Secretary of the Uie intention ot the report Iwlng to fwwub the Secretary far kia eouiae making -pdrcLoses far the Navy TLatintel some ileliatr which continued until tbe expiration of the morning honr In tl IIoiv a tall was paMed authorizirig I The Losdoh CoRREspoitDEXT Mr Russell in his letters fro ml this cOunti-y has grossly villified and shamenilly misrepresented our people and government Thtalnsolent and hostile feeling of England towaras this country a evinced in ber late! denurad for the immediate surrender of Mason fod Slidell top rebel commissioner taken jfrom oh board of the Trent was it is fair to presume considerably hightened by his cbrrespqndence A regular! secessionist could hardty have abused us more By the last'papej it appears that the members of the New' Tork Club or a portion of them in imitation of Boston flankeyism have recentty entertained this said Mir Russell i inner at tieir dub iurase in New York If the conduct of the of Bosfan) ii furpishing those black hearted traitors Messrs Faulkner Mason ami Hlidellwith the choicest wines fruits and other delicacies was hnspeakably mean and despicable bow much better times like these is the cohduci of the Nqw York -C3nb in feasting the Tim man that has shown him generops and unjust tows: Massace vsetts he bu-J sincssi'of the Senate tons far has been nostly confined fa toe receiving petitions the greater part for acts if incorporation in the eastern part of the state In tifa House sveeral new projects for horse railroads have already be started iiui( propositions Lave 'been made looking to ftirther legislation relative to the support of toe' families ojf volun-vteers A resolution was I adopted ouTues-day requesting the general government to arrange some plan- for an erdiangeof pris-i oners The Senate: has appointed as -tlie Special Committee on the Troy anq the ill was the did lint tot gun of Was 46 him and to at at men attached to the naval anl marine tervh-v I Mate Delegates were elected from that coun-u send letter" without tbe Prepayment rf ty to meet delegates from other counties on ii introduced by 31 Mtten A bill the 34th task to draft and adopt a Wood of New York providing for a roinsge kwuntel in thb'New York Assay Office It waa referred to the Committee of Ways mud Mean Thfa Committee was list instructed to consider" the expediency of repnrt- hjc a hill providing for rai-ing one huadred auiiiou Ly taxation and imposing telegraph 1 stamp ana excise dalle The Committee waa farther instructed to inquire into the ex-pedienry of pledging tbe public lands and their proceeds for the discharge bf the public del and interest and of taxation at the rate cf one miltjwT mile on all railroad passenger travel: one-eighth per cent on all transfers of sk not'M dmUnted and bills of- change aiid fire dolUre docket fceiui all saitai commenced In any Court ol Ifacord A pro- 4 junble and rmulauon declaring that the people shf IfitorM firm vtasl IumwaiMfi nf (list kranoea of America are not Insensible of the kindness whhlt- animated the Fmidi Government in ita interpoaitsKi tra the Trent affair were of fared Ly Mr Allair of siLk-p Uing nuaifostii tty were lsidjfavrr The Committee on 4 1 i MisannrL but" a dUiJ Fatal Railroad Colusiox The cinnati express train ran into the Hyde Park Central raild five miles from Chicago 3V ednesday morning: PuUic Land a instructed fa iuqiifaT into WmAr Barron Ule county Judge was kill-the expediency of-em powering Generals in ana army on the macithe practice of regi- llAaitetA 11 1 111 A mental drills baa fllleniinto complete disuse: ThiS alone would 1 sufficient to demoralize anv rmv in ciimn staneea inch Ann -I I any army in circuu starfoes such as ours Wje cannot shut ourj eyes to the fact that the army is becoi lingJa name of terror and dread to the mini of our citizens The newspapers are still filled with advertisements of bonuses for although toe War Department has od iptoq a rule restrictiag the number ot rabstitu es to one in each compor ny The rates pai 1 foij substitutes are enor monk -We are in ormfcd that they average from) two hundred to ttoo hundred arid' fifty dollars and we ive beep -told iff a recent instance "When fift sen hundred dollars was paid for the prom it procurement of a substitute to take the riacq of a private suddenly constrained to le ive she army 'i Evidences stare us in the of the unwillingness of men 'to accept the ife of famine-dirt and Va-can idlenesa in thi Srnty Richmond is filled with soldiers hb pave come out of the hospitals or who li ive got- here on some pretense or other app yini far discharges and striving andwrigg ing all sorts of ways! to -'feet out of toe arm iUwas but a few days ago that "a soldier charged from one-6f toe hqpitais here com uitteji suicide rather tKq be constrained to turn! to the army The authorities' at Richmond may assure themselves ithat os long oa toe health of (he army fa neglected md It fa maintained in its dirty sluggard con litiofi the drills neglected the half-rations ol cotemissariea-wiukedat the fowdyism of ol IcerS passed over uCd the vacancy and Idler ess dr a defensive held ont hs reWard to vhluntereing the army will hot be filled on 1 replenished but from few Uasqes of our peo hj i ji The Examiner thej same date ooramen-artiefe thus: 1 Theveaf clote 1 under gloomyauapities withj a check at I rainSville and a rumored disaster in Misaonr The year Which yesterday began lias opei ed with evil tidings Ve fear tost there fa i doifot of the fact that toe Northern Union 1 as qnnsented to the Surrender of Mason i ad Slidell apd with event all hope of fa immediate alliance be- tween the Souther i Confederacy and Great 4 Comeentratloi of Troop at AJ special dispa ch from Cairo' lands Democrat ays jliat 25000 troop ora ttawontoeif way liera jlrom different points and' as soon os rejr arrive a column from 600QO to 000 rdngtwill mareh thenre to Fadhcah uiuler Grant The destltfa-tionlof this I foroe fa sfid fo be NoshvUte: whence if ajuncti in cap be madel with Gen command thq entire Army wUl proved Irleabn i This imoventent will undoubtedly jccuS witlda toe next kit days 1- j- pfelrmls i at Padaeoli The rumors of a fight near PaduCah Ky toe otheri day re hot-l wholly withmit foundation On i 28th nit Gen Wallace: with 400 cavalry tel Paducah to reoonooi-tw towards Camp Beaukegard with a design of learning how i umyj rebels were at iit is a urge lumber wert reported by deaenera to have gond to Bowling Green Gan Wallace see implfahed hiqpuroose and waaon hfa return whea oh Sunday at Viola eighteen miles 1 om aducoblw waa orer-takea and attack) i by nn overwhelming force of jrebel ctralry and infantry Ifi lowly retired to suiall ud there making a stand dt ive the rebels back with a great slaughter i od immediately sent I to Uen Smith at hu ucahiforreforoementa These were prom ty forwarded on Sunday Britain most cease Held Railroad Stevens pf of Essex Brownell of Bristol and the House Field of Stockbridga! "Wright of Boston Brown of Charlestown Cbnrch pf orcester Baboon Bresjow of Somerville and Cushman of Ai The first bill of thej Friday byihe Banking vided for 1 suspensioq -bonking laws which of specie payments uatil Apxil nexL The rules! were suspern led and the bill waa put through Ita several -eadings and ordered to be engrossed that part of the ibits a suspension the first! day of Debts or the Cmsa- f-By toe addqsses of it cities of Massa- the Mayors of the 1 differ chusetts we earn that nesa of there municipalities at thejdore of their respective fiscal year was as follows Boston Roxbuiy Charlestown Cambridge Cbelse I-ynn cwbarviwrt LowelLJ BpringneliL1 Fall River Lawrence 1 840264583-! i 69196504 24208742 174502 00 244740 00 167800 00 100800 00 16400000 117000 00 200000 00 -i i- Boutherh Clergtheh etgy whh which jmany pf ponied (he jaecession cause ia well known Thdr powe has been veigreatin bringing this great iniquity and shame and misery up on the coniftiy A leading Sonth Carolina paper The organizers of thi seces-aion would pot have dared in the face iff jhe wide-spread loyal public sentiment in South to pesqthelr seeesdon ordinances hod they not relied upon support (which they engaged befare-hondj from the leading cier-gymmi of tlie slave-holding 1 Zealand en- 0 command who may gain of any portion of the rebrlluMi skate to apfioint Commiartoners of Sequestration far confiscation purpoei Nothing else of importance wasdooe' -71Tuy Jam In the Senate the bill to promote tbe efficiency of tbe Dead Letter Office was reported from the Poet Office Committee It provides that all dead letter shall when po-aibte be returned to the wr ter' The Judiciary Committee reported in favor of the expulsion of Senator Johnson cf Mimoari Varkmr bills relating to tbe organization tf the array were reported from commit M-q but were not acted upon Mr ll'ifa ia trod need bit bill to polish fintals opno the UnaaiT It provide fine and knpvuotunrnL It was referred Tbefotue resutution relAiing to bonded coflee tea and sngar was passed tttoll The correspon--droce relatiiig to the Trent tihir was then taken and Ml Snmaeraf JfoMacbtuetta delivered a speech upon the subject The bill providing far twenty mad -clad gunboats taken up the question being on the 1Wr proposed amendment to snbstilate the pres: lent tor tbe Secretary ot the navy oa the per- mi ta obtain Their tliu implr- tag censure on secretarj WMK The die-1 1 hue upon tbe ywopnaitfan was continued st ronsirierahSe length and it wss-finally thrown out by the tikfim of a rcoiiuon offered by Mr MTjno cf Misuclnitti making a iLmt taqiiry of secretary WeErs asto 'his cvuptoymcnl of Georve Moqan and tbe amount oS corapcctation paid la the Horae 3fr Wash bar of Illinot latrodared his bill to pnnbit floods upon the gwvernment The tail to abolish Ike Jraskieg privilege was taken up and debated uhl the adj-rtimment TritUf Jam Ia the Senate petitions were pvesreted for the emancipation ol the slave and in favor of employing homtro-faihic physicians fa the army Tbe reports cf the judiciary committee in lavorof the ex- Ktsfoa of Waldo I Johnson 'and Trnsten 4k faMlns from Misaoori were taken up nod asoalmouly adopted A copy of the itsblifoss for their expulsion was ordered to 1 i i ti 1 5 I I A Lotal Maktlaxd Got Bradford of Moreland waa inaugurated on -re ednesday nt Annmpoli He -made a most able and eloquent odihrsa condemned rebel- Hon in tbe strongest terms and expressed the utmost devotion to -the Union and the constitution i Id' Tlie selectmen nf Northampton have I P1 16tf5 to thefomfliea of the soldiers who have en listed ia the army and made returns to the state of 1445: About 544 are now Cid out monthly to the families of those who ve enlisted from that town 4 Exrusios axd Lose op The steam boiler in the Portsmouth IL navy yard connected with the ordnancedepart-menV exploded on Monday killing Mr Bridges the -engineer and demolishing the chimney which was 144 loet high and doing other damage E7 During the night of the 27th the barn iid Babbitt in Lonesboni was blown tirriy down and the flame of a dwelling being erected by Gollina Babcock in waa blown down on Friday BL 1 I -i 1 Revere Ilotur Brstlleborn cliang-1 rfJuMrj Mr Thompson who hss kept It the past six nmuihA retired on account of ill health and Henry Nash formerly of the Revere end subseqaendy of the American House ano-ceeds him iJ? Lucius Weils lad about 12 yean of age son of widow lady in Chicopee while bpg Sew day fell on the ice striking oa tha beck of his bred and cansine his death a few hours after 1 11 HT A little of five yeanof age was ponaaed at Troy on Christmas day ly eating colored candy and died on Friday There were two hundred and fortr-rren pleasant tfays in 1M1 mad It rained thirty-nix time sad snowed sixteen times i I ir ii.

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