Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 9, 1960 · Page 33
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 33

Alton, Illinois
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Thursday, June 9, 1960
Page 33
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THURSDAY, JUNE 9, 1960 ALTON EVENTNO TELEGRAPH : • __' i --i^^'£i£^Liaaa'iaita««!8Mfc-^ PAGE TM1K'1'Y*THKM» Fender Explains Why He Will Whip Sugar Friday BOSTON (API — Patfl Pewter flatttn him this time," Mid Buck- talks with the ease and assurance of a man accustomed to public speaking. When he explains why he expects to beat Ray Robinson again Friday night he It convincing orator. Many thought It was a fluke when Pender beat Robinson Jan. 22 for the New York-Massachusetts version of the world middle- ley. "Robinson was dead in the last part of the last fight." Alston Praises Stan Williams Glen Hobbie Goes Against Pirates Today CHICAGO (AP) - The Chicago Hobble Glenn i to the mound today Machen Beats Alonzo Johnson In Dull Bout CHICAGO (APl-Eddle Machen the No. 4 heavyweight contender, went through a lot of motion without much progress as he gained his 34th victory against two defeats Wednesday night. Machen wanted to talk more about the June 20 title bout be. tween Ingemar Johansson and Floyd Patterson than his own unanimous decision over elusive Alonzo Johnson in the Chicago Stadium. The nationally-televised bout produced a lot of swinging and!a wide difference of opinion \ exercised In whipping the Mil- onr out against Mizell's replace MedoraAuxiliary Elects Officers MEDORA - Mrs. E. T. Rhodes was elected president in the rubber game of the current Hall. Hostesses were Mrs. Ma- He Lewis. Mrs. Joe Alward, Mrs. Gene Budde. Other officers elected were: series with the league-leading Pittsburgh Pirate*. Pittsburgh evened the three-game series Wednesday with a 5-3 triumph. | Mrs ' M A wtlson ' vi( * P rM1 : thanks largely to ace reliefer ffl.|*"»: M». Sadie Mnska. second rov Face. ' Vlce Prwldent; Mrs. T. T. Eddleman. treasurer: Mrs. Vernon LOS ANGELES (API — Six The aibs. trailing 5-0, shrlled weight title. Naturally, Fender | foot-four Stan Williams, often wild Pirate starter Vinegar Bend Mi- does not agree. It was a split | on the pitcher'* mound, drew zell from the mound in the sev HERE'S YOUR CHANCE to TEli Doughty, historian; Mrs. Rich' ard Metcalfe, chaplain; Mrs Harry Brown, sergeant-at-arms. decision among the officials wUnjp ra i se today for the control he enth. then loaded the buses withi"""* "'r ,' p ,'*.*,-,, .. thp ..JJ- Jl«« n »rwu> «f nninlntl i . U ..-|-.J i_ ..J.i i .1 .... „..„ «..( n ».l n .» Vfl»«1f« <.«nt«/« l-'^y will Ul lliaioncil ni mr . swaying, but nobody came close i among boxing writers and televl to being hurt. sion viewers. waukee Braves. ment, Fred Green. It was a 2-run home run blast In came Face for his 22nd , "I'm going along with the idea t by Wally Moon that won the pearancc in 47 games played byi rcccipts ivere " July meeting. Mrs. Vernon Sarginson. poppy! '"! chairman, reported the poppy i "He Jiist clinched a lot and was going way quite a bit," said; 0 f outpointing him again." said! game, followed by another 2-run i the Pirates this season. Face got Tne district meeting will be Machen, who wrestled Johnson toithe 29-year-old former fireman!homer by Duke Snider thatjEmie Banks to pop out and then, he | d „, Hjiishoro Tuesday. June the canvas five times but neveri( rom Brookline. Mass. "If the op- could land a solid punch. portunity presents itself later cinched the 4-1 win Wednesday i nailed Ed Bouchee on a bounder night. to first to end the inning. The Referee Weissman called it for w hen Robinson tires, I will go for: fi ut jt was 23-vear-old Stan's! Cubs nad tnree nim - but Face Machen 49-45, while the two Judges | the knockout. ! xvork in limiting the Braves to blanked them the rest of the way. Jim McManus and Bill Doty; » r ex p ec t to fight the same type|three hits in eight Innings which! Mlzell picked up the win. his VOtM tor Machen 47-45 and 47-44 ;of {ight ^ felntlng him into moves, i matched the Moon-Snider blows. : second of the season and second respectively. The-AP card had , , h , up - and ma king him . <Th , {h . . . against the Cubs. The former Machen ahead 49-42 ........ .,. ,_ .1 i.. lnal " as lnp oesi game i ever _"_.,.__, ........ .__ , , .... squander his energy in the early hl ,, , „ round> - ^ ^ " s °" like " lat giVCS him . Cardinal hurler has been beaten times. 28. Members planning to attend are to contact Mrs. T. T. Eddleman. • Three certificates of merit | were awarded to three of tliel members by the Department. They were: Mrs. Sadie Mnsktt. rehabilitation; Mrs. T. T. Eddie- man, veterans' craft: Mrs. Inn The loser was Bob Anderson, Fiench. hospital tray favors. v« Iffl f ' Before retiring for a ninch hit r ospr was o ners, ..... ,,,-., „-, .. ..... .. ., was 189, for the bout ,.„ h ffl |th hlm jusl like l ueioie letning tor a pinch hit- pitchers. An- Hostesses for the July meet' d ?2 ° a " d a " et Tommy Be,, and Rocky Caste,- -".^ will bc Mrs. Pear, Gross. gate of $1,050. f nTdTd "" "" 91 pitches and reached a count of Machen, who was knocked out AU . ' . _ , .... . „ . * three balls on only one Brave. by Johansson in the first round in ^ lth . ough ^^ffiJAtmn |That was Bi " Bmton in the ""1958, said he hoped to get his next y nde ^. a V^ de f^?. ch ?™P'!Inning and he struck him out "*«• contender. shot against Sonny Liston, No. 1 *~* ™ n %Z? £&•«*>« Buckley, makes it even more definite, ! "I honestly believe Paul will gave up runs. Bob Skinner and Dick Mrs. L. K. Wilton and Mrs Stuart hit home runs for the win- James Mains. Kemper Clax* Meeting The Pirates have called on Bob MEDORA The Sunshine WLLNG K<|opl|nll UOSvUrtll Friend (6-31 to face Hobbie In the!class of the Kemper Baptist; Wrigley Field daytime encounter.'Church met Tuesday evening mi The weak hitting Chicago White! the church. Alter the business Sox were blanked Wednesday'session and the study of the, night by the New York Yankees.; Bible lesson, entertainment was Righthander Bob Turley allowed!provided. Refreshments were the Sox but three singles, two by served by the hostesses, Mrs. Al Smith. Harold Frickcr and Mrs. Rob- Turley's route - going perfor-'crt Ruyle. Sacramento 3, "Port land 2 (11 ma nee was his first since lastj innings) ' • _, Aug. 8. He walked four and struck, T» Chamber? Resigns Spokane S, San Diego 3 , out one for his third win of the ' c Seattle 22. Salt Lake 12 season against one loss. j g (l( ], e | P as toratP High games -W. Miller 202, Pai mer 8nd A rt Wall Jr. - com-l American Assn. Now York collected all their ;C. Frey 212-209, D. Steiger 175, manded most of the attention as 1 Indianapolis 3, St. Paul 2 (10 ™* °" ou '' hom ™ s ~ tw ° *' MEDORA - The Rev. Ever- B. Glowers 166, J. Clomers 267- m professionals and 10 amateurs ™^ J." c<ey . Mantlc a " d R °" P 6a ^ h !* "< Chambers ha, resigned as 204 1649). K. Boone 163, A. started the first round of the Dallas-Fort Worth 8. Demer 1 Hector_Lopez and Rogei Mans. paslol . of Bethel Baptist Churrh BOWL HAVEN Wednesday Mixed Palmer, Wall Favored at OC OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) —\ .Golf's foremost twosome —Arnold 1 Minor League Results By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Pacific Coast League Vancouver 4-3. Tacoma 1-1 Lawson 196, J. Crews 161, L. $;«).000 Oklahoma City Open to- : Charleston 7, Houston 5 Reidt 168. iday. Louisville 9. Minneapolis 4 Wednesday Mixed 1 T|)e fje , d xvjl] batt)e Tufjn Hj |, s ; International League High games-V. Drewes 246, Country c \uVs tight and tricky | Montreal 5. Miami 4 G. Luly 202, L. Leady 176, J. pa ,. ^ layout for four days wilh j Buffalo 4, Columbus 1 Leady 205. ^ m gojng to the winne f Sunday "- 1 - ' " evening. BOWL INN Western Mixed Wall shot a brilliant 65-63—128 200 bowlers—W. Haufe 211, R. at Twin Hiljs Tuesday to lead 34 Spiller 205, J. Hantyns 257, H. qualifiers for next week's Na^ Miller 216, F. Jones 200, V. Dix- tional Open at Denver, on 212, D. Barnett 217. Ready if Wall or Palmer failj i are former National Open cham-1 : pions Julius Boros, Lloyd Man- • grum and Tommy Bolt, and for-; mer Masters champions Doug • Ford and Jackie Burke Jr. j I Others include young Bob Goalby \\'ho came on strong to finish; it\vo strokes behind Palmer last [year, and Gene Littler. | Rochester 4, Richmond 1 Havana 3-4, Toronto 2-5 game 11 inningsT Bob Shaw suffered his fifth loss and j u ] y I Q w \\\ be his last Sun!of (lie season. day here. He has been pastor ! Frank Baumann (3-2) gets the, tnp pas( nvo years . The family !assignment to face New York's wil j move to Princeton, 111.. , Ralph Terry (3-2) in an afternoon v /here he has accepted a paslor- ,game today. ate . (2nd A teaspoon of granulated sugar ! has 16 calories. Blueqill Catfish Bass Crappie BLUE RIDGE LAKE FISHING and PICNIC m Miles West and !i'/i Mile* North of Foiterburg. River Ripples and with Harold Hrancl •fl region e VACATION TIME CAR SAFETY SERVICE Free Skiing Lessons Friday :bage. Besides wi were too scar- The Alton Water Ski Club has ed to fall, completed arrangements to be- Wisconsin Trip gin providing free water skiing Mr. and Mrs- Charles Lowe,! Here's What We Do Kemper BVF Picnic MEDORA The BYF oi '' Kemper Baptist Church had a; picnic dinner Sunday morning 1 following the preaching service | at Marquette Park. Attending were Gary and Ruth Ann Smith. Barbara Geisler, Dawn Witt. Bill and Clifford Ruyle. Carol Brunaugh. Shirley Varble. Judy Boker. Junior Price. Billy and Brenda Burton. Larry and Ramona Pruiett. Delores Mines. Cathy and Linda Overby. The group was chaperoned by their I leaders, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. ! Ruyle Jr.. and son, Sonny, and jthe pastor, the Rev. Ernest i instruction on Alton Lake Fri-3423 Gillham Ave., returned Sun- Ha "' !day evening from 6 p.m. to dusk day from Lakeside Retreat fish- ; Medora Note* to beginners at t he club docks: ing resort'on Spider Lake near MEDORA Mrs. Elmer Wei > off McAdams 'Highway just;Woodruff. Wis., last Sunday with, ls a su>'Bical patient at M. Jos- Jwest of Clifton Terrace. The:240 crappie of which 90 werel t>pn ' s Hospital. Alton, iclub invites all interested per-'above average. The resort is The Hobby Club will meeti isons to take free instructions operated by Art Colston and his. Friday afternoon at the home o; ! ancl safety education on the wnl- wife. Normii, Humbert road, in Mrs. Gene Chism. ier, reported Cleo Sewell, »IS K. warm months. The Lowes were Mr. and Mrs. Harold Peebles! (Ferguson Ave.. Wood River, • there a week and said the fish and Mi. and Mrs. Don Rico iclub social director. were really hitting as their score returned home Monday evening I As there isn't any place to proves. n-om Chicago, where they weir; 'change clothes nearby, those The Colstons have five cabins guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne j i wishing instruction should be,and arc currently building a Milner. i i wearing a swim suit Anyone lodge 20-by-60 feet, of which part Miss Arlene Hart is spending may telephone the wi " De living quarters. Lowe said the week in Decatur with rela- 1 Sewell residence for more m- the weather was fair most of the lives. Miss Hatt ir Cornelius, Los formation. This is the first pro- weck w 'th :> f ^v showers on a gram of its type in this area, Se- Couple of days. The resort is; Angeles, Calif.; Mrs. Sylvia; well pointed out. Instructions will 558 miles fl ' om Alton ' Topping. Mrs. Ruth Keehner. i be given also on the next two Landed Bass a nd Mrs. Madge Kly, all of Jer-| Fridays, June 17 and '24 by club <1 ' no ljass werc hitting in Stump seyville. wore guests Tuesday members Patch Lake in the moss Sunday < of Mrs. Don Rice. i " < or <'» m Vw *™' ™> 0s ™' *" "' anf ' Mrs - '<cnne.h Clark -Alton Lake has become the BRAKES 1 Inspect brake lining and wheel cylinders, add fluid and toe-out to •nd precision manufacturer • •djuat brake*. ALL FOR ONLY 2 ALIGNMENT 3 BALANCE Correct caster and We balance both front wheels and install necessary weights to manufacturer's specifications. anc llls camber and toe-in focal point for thousands of boat- ' ing and water recreational ' ^P 11 ' il'ans," Sewell said. "To promote . and famUy .clu.ncd o Peoi H : Bl "- Thp tno landed Monday after a vis,, here with; uoigiunu Irom Hirer .o relatives. Mr. and Mrs Hoyd specifications. Any Car Easy Pay Day Terms our club is presenting the in struction program in conjunction with the American Water Ski Assn. water skiing and' water safety, five P° unds - The best lures was Summers accompanied them. a webfoot and a spoon with a pork rind. "The bass were under the moss covering the w a t e r." Forbes said. "We cast the webfoot lure Competent Instructor. on , op of , he moss and me bass "All equipment including skis. manage d to come through the lines, life jackets and boats will tangle to hit the bait. The lure be available to the public at the,j s designed to prevent snagging aforegoing mentioned times." in moss \ V 'e also landed some he continued. "Competent driv- bluegill in nearby waters." Bethel Mission Circle Meets eis and ski instructors will sup- On a recent occasion, Forbes erviso. Bring the family, learn went on an all day fishing tip to ski. There isn't any charge or vv j t h Ed Sawyer and scored obligation. There isn't any age ^m. But Sawyer managed to limitations for skiers. However, .become a nominatee to the the club assumes no responsi-, Boners Club when his car .slip- bility for any mishaps." ^ ort j mo a ^,.11 ;md had io Now just how could you get a be pulled oul by a tractor, heller offer? This writer tried, Grounded BnaU skiing a feu veais ago wiih a Bernard Knyder, Alby street, former member of the Alton Wai->\\as one ol several boalowners er Ski Club. W° spilled inglor- unable to go boating in recent Thp Rnth Mjs of Be.hel Baptist p. ,. ( . h , T ues5av evening Pt Si , hu ,T In lmn!ng Board "^ " p le on,ed bv P " Mrs. Alan Frieker and Tommy Ryder. Mrs. F'veiett Chambers led devotions Woman's Day will be observ-1 ed Sunday. The Rulh and Na-i . omi missionary circles will have ehargc of the opening ex- ereises al both the evening sen ii-e. and All SIZES SAlf MICEO up Quitter, itron|«r. built to last longer! Made to fit your car. Ruitproofed to last up to 3 time* longer. iously on the first try. The in- days because of the low level of R<.|ipshmenis U eie served by istructoi, C. Kred Norton, Me- Alton Lake at Clifton Terrance M| . s Ham|fi Bmunijn ami Mrs. iPherson avenue, said that'where numerous anchored cralt j no/ ;we hit the water like mass of have been selling in the mud [garbage being dumped over the The lake level is expected to be |(antail. He neail.v hurt our feel- back to normal in the near fu- ;) i ings. Bui on the second liv we lure, this column was told replayed up for aboui half mile, ev- cently by a spokesman for the |, i en if we were compared to gar-1 Corps of Engineers. LET US SAFETY CHECK YOUR CAR FREE DWAY ALTON PHONE HO 2-9229 INJOY MANY Alice »od Ku»kell Kiekt, Owner* UKf OF THf OZAIKS • Boat* Rented Ultra modem e«bia* »t hike level BtACH HIGHWAY M MU*OUIH Hood BJver CL 4-«lj» Phone. Kire»lde 9 3 Being Trmwfurred .\j r ;poRA l.t. (leirild rx*dgo .,. UP ^ -fuesdav night i«> *pend ueek ()( 1() days with (lls |)ar . (s ^ { an(1 ^j,'.^ w.F. Dodgi'. H( , ^ , ILMn ,, ltrans f e , red doin Valdosia <ia.. 10 Wichita, Kan. Shalihonu Coa«'h Takes <!r\»tal Lake Po»t I SH.ABBONA. III. 'APi - Shuh-j h<jn;i High School basketball Coach j i Francis Wagner Wednesday was aihfd lieadcoai'li iitCr>btal Lake High School. He succeeds Bob MI'ike who iv- M^ lu enler s;ile> uiuk In his ;six years al .Shahbuiia. Ua^ner's lecuns won Ijii Dailies ;tnci lusi i'i. The lariHRis bear in the rang-1 iei's hat. "Suiuke; " ha» been 'used as a s\mlml ol lue 1 prevention Birn.e 1945. > FATHER'S DAY IS JUNE 19th... * .; * ENTER NOW! WIN WONDERFUL PRIZES FOR POP! THE ALTON DOWNTOWN BUSINESS MEN'S ASSOCIATION is sponsoring this event . . . giving you a great opportunity to give your Pop all the credit he deserves. )u,st tell, in 200 words or less . . . why your Pop's Tops! Entrants of any age can enter the contest so write your letter now . . . make Father's Day a big event for your Pop! The winning letter will be announced at 2 P.M. on Saturday, June 18th. The winning Pop will receive his prizes and recognition on West Third Street. HE'S MY DAD! The Winning Pop will receive these gifts: TV Chair WOOLWORTH'S Electric Fan S. S. KRESGE CO. lena Vibrating Pillow BIEDERMANS Rensen Lighter HUDSON'S JEWELRY Munsingwear Golf Shirt, Sam Snead Golf Slacks YOUNG'S DEPT. STORE Leather Zipper Toiletry Travel Kit CAMPBELL PHARMACY Ben Hogan Slacks MYERS BROS. Dinner for the Family on Father's Day Sunday at STRATFORD HOTEL Nelson Automatic Electric Toaster GATELY'S Ice Chest W. T. GRANT Pair Pedwtn Shoes PAUL'S SHOES Sterling Silver Tie Set, •if Link Set CARSON JEWELERS Craftsman Electric Raior SEARS Rex.Let Watch Band HURWITZ JEWELERS Stetson Straw Hat, Arrow Shirt, Tie BARLEFF'S Babcock Round Hassock LEW GILBERT'S L & L FURNITURE Gillette Adjustable Raior THRIFTY DRUG Man's Two-Suiter SNYDER'S Set of 8 Thermo-Temp Insulated Tumblers GOULDING'S THE WINNING LETTER WRITER WILL RECEIVE A $25.00 U. S. SAVINGS CERTIFICATE Here are the Rules for the "MY POP'S TOPS" Contest: 1. Entri(-» mu«t he 200 word* or lent. Entrant* of any age are eligible. 'i. Attach your entry «euur«ly to the coupon below. 3. Mall to ".My Pop'* Topi" Content, Downtown Buklnens Men'* Association, Po»t Office Box ','OM, Alton, Illinois. 4. The deadline i* Midnight. Wednesday, Jane 15, 104ft, Th» winner will he announoed In the Alton Evening T*le> graph and on WOKZ on Saturday, June 18th. The wta|- ninit rpop" will recoive. prUe* and recognition »t 9 p4)ft. on W. Third St. 9. Letter* will not be judged on literary style or exeellen«« but strictly on the qualification* of the eajuUdaU M out lined in the letter. Judges' decikion will be final. No entry or material will be returned. 6. No employe* of Downtown Bu»iiir»» Men'* A«»ociation •tore* or member* of their Immediate families are elilflble. 7. Information In thi« announcement constitute* the rule* of the oonte*t and the oomjilete likt of prues for the winning "POP." MAIL YOUR ENTRY TO: 'MY POP'S TOPS CONTEST' GLUE OR STAPLE THIS COUPON TO YOUR LETTER Spontortd by Alton Deadline for Entries: Midnight June 15, 1960. The Winner Will Be Announced On Saturday, June 18 Downtown Business Men's Association

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