The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on September 23, 1971 · Page 6
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 6

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 23, 1971
Page 6
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The Orange Peelings STAFF Editor-Jay Dorschner Asst. Editor-Phil Reinders Layout editors - Elizabeth Vogel and Linda Berry Staff-Barb Janssen, Laurlta abeth Photographers-Terr' ''• Hnga and u»r\, n ' 'Mark D rake j Maurice-Orange City Community School Orange City, Iowa Vol. 20. No. l, sept,; EDITORIAL: Have Fun; Educated Fun Life is shown in many ways; places to see, people to love. When you have an education you will see places in life and find people to love. Going to school doesn't mean you'll get an education. You have to want one. Most, if not all, high school students become mature through an education. All students stand out in some particular subject. Maybe yours is sports, music, or academics. To become educated you must become involved with life. The time one puts toward studying now could mean a different college or even a different life, even the change; from minimum wages and an unlimited amount. It may not mean much now, but think about it; would an F impress your friends? How about your teachers, or your parents? Wouldn't it be better to say I got a B or would you rather say I didn't study and flunked. Sure, you might have been able to pass, but so what: Couldn't it have been a better grade if you had studied. If you can't get an A or a B, but you still studied, be happy with that grade. You did your best and that's all you can do. "Why study? I can copy Mary," some may say. But will she" be around for finals or in college. How far can you get without an education? Yes, some are lucky. They sit around copying and cheating and still get good grades. Ask them how their consciences are doing. Welcome to you students that want an education. Have fun; educated fun! What is Life ? No one thinks much about being alive-Living and being somebody is just a common every day thing, or is it? One can be alive and be dead to people or one can be dead and be very much alive to everyone. When one considers the physical body of a person one realizes it's not that much. It's not quaranteed to work so you never know when its "end" will be. But, if you think of it as just a room for one's soul while on earth, it is important. Living is the greatest priviledge given by God. Since it was given for a purpose, we should live as full a life as we can. Those people that don't try or even care about their life are to Him, dead. These are the people who don't know what life is all about. There were other people who did live life to Its fullest. They did this by giving of themselves, forgetting the "downs" of life, and remembering to have faith and fun. Why then are these the people God takes away? What a question! One knows not to ask but when memories return to a lonely mind sometimes it can't be helped. When one thinks though, it becomes clear, because all the memories are joyous ones and they are the ways to keep the person alive, very much alive. God has a purpose for everything He does. Someday, if he wants to, He will reveal the reason for taking the life of a wonderful person. The loss of a close friend is hard to forget. But, who wants to. If one remembers, it helps that person to look at his life so it won't become "dead." Memories are beautiful things. A person never dies when his or her life is kept alive in the minds of friends. The death was a rebirth for that person, and for others, a chance to change their life for the better. It's just too bad people are human and need a jolt like the death of a friend to change them. Dutchman Dateline September 24-football - Central Lyon- There 29-Junlor High football Akron-There Science Club Sixth grade Parents meeting October 1 -football - Homecomlng- Rock Valley-Here 2-Northwestern's Homecoming Band trip to Algona 4-Home EC field trip 6-Junior High football-Meridan Cleghorn-There 8-football-West Lyon-There 13-Pops Concert Freshmen Orientation Junior High football-West Sioux-There 15-football-George-Here 16-Hobo Days in Brookings- Band Marches ACT testings at Northwestern 19-Junlor High-Central Lyon- Here' National Merit Scholarship Test 20-football - Akron - Here- Parents Night 22-ISEA Convention (no school) 23-All-State Music tryouts at LeMars 26-Eye checks, 9-11 grades 29-football - Sioux Center- There End of first nine weeks win 16-0 The Maurice-Orange City Junior Varsity scored two touchdowns In the fourth quarter to defeat Paulllna Junior Varsity at Orange City on Monday night, September 13. After being held scoreless the first three quarters the Little Dutchmen went ahead on a one yard plunge by quarterback Jim Siebersma. Mike Bierma ran for the two point conversion. Later In the final quarter the Dutchmen scored again on a nifty 43 yard pass play. Jim Siebersma hooked up with Darwin Vermaat on this touchdown and then threw another Orange Seeds ITED tests were taken Monday and Tuesday, September 13 and 14, by the freshman and juniors. The school nurse will be here every Tuesday. If you need her any other time, stop in the office. pass to Brad Roos for the conversion. The Little Dutchmen proved to be a very aggressive and hit hard during the whole game. Some of these players will be of great value to the Varsity In coming years. Scramble FFA NEWS Dancing, fun, food, and music were the topics when a scramble was held In the Maurice .- Orange City gym Friday night, August 27. Some teachers helped out be going out and dancing with the students even though some had to be dragged out. Music was provided by a record player, and the records were supplied by various students. At Intermission doughnuts and drinks were served, courtesy of the Y-Teens. All In all a lot of students attended and made. this event a success. The FFA held a meeting Tuesday, August 31. The "Program of Work" for this year was planned. August 28, Phil Dykstraand Leroy Maassen attended the Iowa State Fair to participate in the Iowa Vo-Ag Agricultural Mechanics Test, held in the Ag Mechanics Building. The test consisted of questions over electric motors, combine malntainance, and small gasoline engines. Leroy and Phil placed 10th out of 54 teams. Doug Oolman, Reporter Orange Seeds The soph more magazine drive pnded on September 21. The high sellers and prize winners will be named later. Eighty seniors took pictures on Friday and Saturday, September 10 and 11. The pictures were taken by GenelllStudios. Underclassmen took pictures on Thursday, September 9. The pictures will be used for the annual. Seated left to right: Delores Bolle, junior from Conrad, Iowa; Margie Mueller, sophomore from LeMars; Char Siebersma and Marlys De Jong, both from Orange City Christian School. Standing left to right: Gary Bruxvoort, Allan Reinders, Roger Fedders, Dennis Vander Stoep, Carl Wielenga, all from Orange City Christian School. Also, Larry Vander Stoep, from Sioux Center Christian School. Not pictured: Rod De Jong, a senior from Arizona, now living with the Wallace Mullenburg family, and Mike Dock, a sophomore from Sioux Center. Students elect class officers Late last Spring, the Sophomores, Juniors, andSenlors, elected their officers and representatives for the 71-72 school year. The Freshmen just finished in electing their .people for office, and the list stands as follows: Seniors: Pres.-Linda Leslie Vice-pres.-Leroy Maassen Sec.-Treas.-Linda Berry Student Councll- JoLynn Van Kekerix Evan Peuse Steve Woodard Juniors; Pres.-Jennifer Kraal, Honorary President Vlce-pres.-Tom Van Rooyen Sec.-Sandl Raak Treas.-Valerie Simonson Student Council Dan De Koter-2 yr. term Jon Spradllng-1 yr. term Welcome Back M-OC has obtained three new teachers for the 19711972 school year. The difference about these new teachers Is that they all have worked in the M-OC school district before. Many students should remember Mrs. Van Citters from eighth grade home economics. She is now teaching one class of freshmen home economics which includes six students from Unity Christian High. During her one year's absence Mrs. Koszegi went to Vermont, London, and Paris. She studied for one semester at a school for foreigners and spent the rest of the time taking in the sights of Paris and surrounding country. This included a trip through Southern France, the Mediterranean, and the Riviera. "It was nice to be there and nice to learn many things, but we're very happy to be back in the United States," she remarked., t .... j,;, v , Mr.' Vander "Stoep is also a transfer from the M-OC Junior High. He enjoys working in the guidance office and is acquanted with most of the students who were in junior high. The beginning of the year has been very busy with schedules, and the ACT testing program. He believes the new work-study program will help a lot of students make up their minds as to what kind of work they want to do. JoEllen Bleeker-1 yr. term Sophomores: Pres.-Deb Dunlop Vlce-pres.-Ttm Vellinga Sec.-Treas.-Bonnie Aalberts Student Council- Jan Toenjes Shawn Dutstermars David Neumann Freshmen: Pres.-Brad De Jong Vice-pres.-Donn Mulder Sec.-Treas.-Ann Doornink Student Council- Tim Muilenburg-2 yr. term Julie Van Kekerix-1 yr. term Janna Mouw-1 yr. term Queen Candida^] Sheila De Beer, fi Strand, Sue Doornlnk Lynne Lenderlnk, all L at M-OC, are the h coming candidates I They were selected'hl football team atone ' practices. A new proMl adopted last year | n «i the student body by3 chooses one of these The lucky girl renii mystery to the entires including the girls selves, until the day of* coming when Hiss iOorsi •till W [Boyde |Sioux do\ [FHda ionferi rtve 135 members in POD Band School is getting into full swing and the PODband comes right along with it. The band has enlarged to 135 members in comparison to approxi- amtely 120 last year. If you've heard the pounding of thr drums in the morning, you know that they are busily rehearsing for the pre-game and half-time shows of the homo football games. They are working on different and exciting routines which take quite a bit of hard work to perfect. M-OC's homecoming activities begin the week of September 27 and the band will bo playing for the bonfire and coronation. the Record K'litoi's Note: The following items worn srlicilulfd for last week's Capital l)»t rc|?retabl.v had to l)« iiinittrd because of lack of space. Harold D. Westra & wf to Margaret Haas etal L 15, West Addn, RV $1. Town of Hospers, latoHos- pers Telephone Exchange Pt L 15, Blk 9, Hospers $1. Ruth Raak, wdw to Donald Raak & wf Pt Ls 14 & 15, Blk 9, Hospers $10. Wallace D. Hofmeyer & wf to Ronald Penning & wf Pt Blk 5, 1st Addn, Hospers $10. John H. Scholten & wf to John A. De Groot L 9, Blk 3, Kooiker's Adn, Hull $1. John H. Scholten & wf to John A. De Groot L 9, Blk 3, Kooiker's Adn, Hull $1. John A. De Groot & wf to John Broek Ls 9, 10 & 11, Blk 3, Kooiker's Addn; Hull $1. Rena Steensma, wdw, etal to Willem Jansen & wf Pt L 9, Blk 19, South Addn, OC $1. Marvin A. Boone & wf to Arlen Van Ravenswaay & wf Pt Ls 4 & 5, Blk 1, Soo Cen $14,500. Arthur W. Bergsma & wf to Jerald L. Llndbloom & wf L 6 in Finch's Subd, RV $1. Edwin B. Roetman & wf, etal to LeRoy Plasier & wf L 57 & Pt L 58, College Addn, Soo Cen $19,000. H. B. Schwiesow & wf to Ted Mlllikan & wf Pt L 4 in Aud Subd of Pt NEi & E-| NWj 35-95-48, Hwdn $1. Irma Mouw & hs to Mary Ann Moss Pt Ls 5 & 6 & Pt vac Street, Blk 37, OC $1. Earl T. Klay & wf to Lynne Grossman L 7, Klay's Addn, OC $1. Peter W. Haak & wf to Harry A. Meendering & wf L 3, Moerman Addn, Soo Cen $16,500. John H. Dekker & wf to John Broek & wf Ls 3, 4, 5 & 6, Blk 4, Knowlton's Addn, Irtn $10. Arie Drost & wf to Gertrude Boone Ls 11& 12, Blk 11, Maurice $1. Kenneth Douma & wf to Edwin B. Roetman & wf L 12, Blk 1, Vande Brake Addn, Soo Cen $1. Gerrit John Van Der Streek 6 wf, etal to Harold Eugene Harlow & wf Pt SW| SE-J 13-96-45 $1. John Harold Van Engen etal to Winnie Van Engen 2/3 int in Pt L 3, Blk 10, Hull $1. C. Lee Barks, sgl to H. Gilbert Vande Brake & wf L 8, Garfield Addn, OC $1, John Hulst & wf to Lawrence V, Jacobs ma & wf Pt L 16 in Subd of W-| SE' 26^97-45, Hull $1. Eugene Hofmeyer & wf to Fred Andringa Pt NE-J 35-9743 $1. Henry Bleyenburg & wf to Neal Feenstra & wf Pt SE{ 20-97-46 $8,500. Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railway Co to Van Iperen Feed & Probate 9871 George Paul Reimers, deceased Probate 9872 Jelayne Sue Kosters, Guardianship Probate 9873 Bonnie Jo Kosters, Guardianship Probate 9874 Ima I. Heldt, Trusteeship Probate 9875 RoseHymans, deceased Probate 9876 Grace De Jongh, aka Grace De Jong, deceased Probate 9877 - Dewey J. Jacobs, deceased Probate 9878 Tryntje Moerman, deceased DC 13895 Le Mars Fed vs Richard A. Anker & wf Marjorie A. (Equity) (Foreclosure) Re; L 5, Reimann's Subd, Hull DC 13896 Jake Vanden Hull & Bonnie Vanden Hull, a minor vs David Lee Muller & John J. Muller (Law) DC 13897 Bert A. VanSteen- wyk vs City of OC, la., etal (Law) NEW AUTOS ' Darlene Van Engen, Hull, Chev. Janice Vis, Hull, Chev. John Ver Meer, Bydn, Buick. Clarence Kiel, OC.Pontiac. James or Mrs. Donald Plueger, RV, Gremlin. Orval Madden, Alton, Volkswagen. Paul Pedersen, RV, Ford. Mrs. Eugene Van Roekel was a patient in the O.C. hospital where she had surgery on her hand. Rudy Van Pelt spent a few days in the O.C. hospital for tests and observation. Mrs. Art Hulstein is a patient in the Sioux Center hospital where she had surgery on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Klessig of Bigelow, Minn., called on Mrs. Levering Friday afternoon. She was Pearl Ketel and used to live In Maurice as a girl. Friday afternoon visitors in. the Levering home were Mrs. Ike Van Klompenburg, Mrs, Ed Van Gorp, Mrs. Jennie De Jong and Mrs. Arta Van Gorp all of Orange City. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Van Roekel of Lynden, Wash., attended church services here and were dinner guests in the Gerrit Vande Broek home Sunday. On Saturday they and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Van Roekel of Orange City visited in the Don Groen home. Sunday evening the Gerrit Kroeze family of Inwood visited in the Don Groen home. Mr. and Mrs. Ring DeJager, Harold and Helen De Jager attended church services here Sunday evening and were coffee guests in the Ray De Jong home. Ten people from Maurice attended .the Senior citizens dinner at Sioux Center Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. John Van Peursem, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bomgaars, Mr. and Mrs. Ray De Jong, Mrs. Anna Mullenburg, Mrs. Winnie Levering, Mrs. Nellie Jager and Mrs. Anna De Jager. Mr. and Mrs. Ray De Jong visited the people at Pleasant Acres in Hull on Tuesday and were supper guests in the Mrs. Don Boscaljan home at Doon. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur De Jong went to Forest City Saturday and on Sunday witnessed the baptism of Michele Lea the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl De Jong. Mr. and Mrs.-Dick Kluls, the families of Rodney Kluis and Dave Kluis, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kluis and Mrs. Elmer Hofmeyer attended funeral services for Terry Kluis a young man of 23 at Slayton, Minnesota on Sunday, Wanda Kroeze of Alton played a piano solo at the evening worship service. CLUB ACTIVITIES Sunday evening coffee guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ray De Jong at Alton were Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth De Jong, Mrs. Ralph De Jong and Mr. Grain Co Pt NW-J SE|3-95-43 and ' Mrs< Ron rje Jongj Mr> $2,300. Far St Bk, Hwdn to Gallon Waterman L 3, Blk 29, Clpe $1,500. NEW CASES FILED Probate 9868 John Haack, Sr., aka John Haack, deceased Probate 9869 Effie Rons Eggink, deceased Probate 9870 John H.Stlen- tjes, deceased and Mrs. Ron De Jong sang at the Reformed Church Sunday evening. Mr, and Mrs, Ben Koele and Ron and Darwin of Sioux Falls attended the wedding of Clifford Brunsting and Debra Jans at the Middleburg Church Monday evening followed by a wedding dinner at the Holland House Monday evening. -% vJeLSjitJ "Mom, stick up for your rights, and maybe next year you'll get to run the picker!" Boutique* Maurice Sept, 27 9-11:30 & l-5< Register for free drawing, Wh: jthree I oft a 12 yar< tin less t Rome! jnPlci tree j olte jailed, 41 Mr. Gene Krueger leads the band in "The; Spangled Banner" as Legionaire Mike Van Pen; hoists Old Glory to signify the beginning of a new sd year. pledges were led by Ann Buckley and Louann Hawkins. The minutes and treasurer's reports were given. Girls interested In joining 4-H are invited to attend the next meeting on October 9. A demonstration called, "Everybody - likes - them- eggs," was given by Barb Smits. Louann Hawkins gave a demonstration on salads. A delicious lunch was served by Debbie Groen and Connie Smits. Reporter, Ann Buckley •. •«• COUNTRY GALS The meeting of the Country Gals was held September 18 at the home of Adri Huygens. The meeting was called to order at 1:15 P.M. by Mary. Van Zandbergen. Roll call was your "Favorite Pie" and answered by 18 members. The pledge of allegiance.^ by Lu Ann Rensink. S cretary's report was|f and approved. There $ old business and new'/ ness was working on books. Laura Van't Hofan^ Van Zandbergen gave?' sentation on cookies, A;ij Jong gave a presentation molded salad and PegBP Hoef gave a demons* on Cherry cobbler. Lunch served by Adrl and. mother. The foods made ing the meeting were sampled with our lunch, Reporter, Janet Van "< Teacher was givingali the weather idiosyncrasttsj March. "What is », •' asked, "that comes In % lion and goes out like alrfl And little Julia, in the W row, replied: "Father. CLOVERTEENS The regular meeting of the Cloverteens 4-H Club was held' at the Maurice School on September 11. The hostesses were Debbie Groen and Connie Smits. Sixteen members and two leaders answered the roll call which was, "Your favorite way of preparing eggs." One visitor was present. The OPEN HOUSE We are still In the process of remodeling but are nearing completion. In appreciation for your past patronage we are offering the following Appreciation Day SWM This coupon good for 15% discount on merchandise in our store Redeemable Mon f , Sept Van Gelder 1/2 block west of the Bank -THE SIOUX COUNTY CAPITAL, Thursday, September 23, 1971

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