The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 5, 1896 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1896
Page 6
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Wttfrld tike to t4»v6 Ihe CenefeSsiftB* GrSJit* fed to this Country Wlthdratrtl-fcng* llsh Capitalists An*Iofts to Invest Thetf Capital -there. A Times special from Washington feays: A more important issue than that oter the Venezuelan boundary may be raised soon between the United States and Great Britain if recent reports from Nicaragua shall be confirmed by later developments. The substance of these reports, sus* tained by important evidence, is that British interests are reaching out for the control of the Nicaraguan canal, and that the government is being urged to annul the charter to the existing corporation. The reports of British intrigue in Nicaragua which have been sent to the state department are likely to receive serious attention before the transmission of the report of the Nicaraguan commission to congress, and may give a sensational turn to the expected special message of the president on the subject. A rich Englishman namecl Morgan for some years has been representing a syndicate of British capitalists who have control of nearly all the transportation routes by rail and water throughout the republic. Mr. Morgan and his supporters have been recently suggesting that the United States and the Nicaragua Canal company are altogether too slow in pushing the work on the canal and that the annulment of the existing charter is justified by their delay. Their proposition is s\ibstahtinlly that the government of Nicaragua withdraw the concessions granted to the American company and grant concessions to a British company for the construction of the canal. If this should appear to be too brazen an interference with the rights of the United States, men of Nicaraguan birth might be put at the head of the new company, while British financiers controlled its actual operation and pulled the strings which would govern the movement of the native officials. It is believed in Nicaragua that the syndicate headed by Mr. Morgan does not expect to raise the $100,000,000 necessary to complete the canal without the backing of the British government, and it is declared that this involves the most dangerous feature of the situation. The United States, it is believed, in such a case would not permit the Monroe doctrine to be construed so narrowly as to justify the increase of European power in Central America contrary to the interests of the United States even with the consent of the officials who temporarily might shape the policy of "the country in which such aggressions took place. If the efforts of British capitalists to secure the annulment of the American charter seem likely to produce tangible results, representations of a serious nature are likely to be made by the state department to the governments of both Nicaragua and Great Britain against extension of British influence in the construction of the canal. NEW FUNERAL EQUIPMENT. Combined Hearso and Carriage to Curtail Livery Bills, A company has been formed at Baltimore, Md., to conduct funerals upon a novel and economical plan. It will furnish a combined hearse and carriage for conveying the remains and 20 people. It is built something on the order of an omnibus, though bearing the somber appearance of a hearse. The front section is to be set aside for the mourners, with an entrance on either side just back of the front wheels. There is a row of seats on each side of the doors to accommodate six persons. It is trimmed in black broadcloth with heavy drapery. The rear compartment is separated from the front by a solid partition. The seats are placed lengthwise, as in a street car, and have a seating capacity for 14 persons. Friends of the family and pall bearers occupy this compartment, the door being at the rear end of the vehicle, By this arrangement the friends will be entirely separated .from the family ingoing from the home to the cemetery. The casket is on the top of the conveyance. It is drawn, up an incline into position by noiseless ropes and pul- Jeys, . Schooner's Long Life, Twenty-six years is a good age for a schooner. The Julia Ann, of Winter ^Harbor, Me., has been in active service if pr that period and is said by hei- captain to be even now as good as she ever was. The insurance companies "back up the poptain's statement, too. In, her long life the schooner has sailed over a good part of the world's salt water, and is well known m every ha* 1 * Ijpr on the Maine coast. M»ft b«*»a«t Kntftf Wfett «tt frdlHifc His Monty. Accotding td a correspondent d? the Bah Francisco Call. \Vinfield S. S-trftt- ton, the owner r> p the famous IndC- pcndeface mine of Cripple Creel< t wild was u pool- cnrpentef three or foufr year* ago, i-3 no'.v vt orth $20,000,000, and he conld get $12.0fio.OOO tor his mine any day. When asKrd recently why ho did tiot ' 5 ell, he replied: "What could T do with such inone.v. I could not manage such a large sum in one bunch; 1 Would certainly lose it. I have enough trouble with $200,OuO per month income now. I can't find any investment for it. As long as my money is in the mine 1 know where I can take it out." Last November his money matters began to worry him. lie had purchased five mines in two months, and had bought the controlling interest of two mining companies, in which he had been elect* ed president. He began to figure up his deposits and drafts, and was much worried over the possibility of owing u slight balance to the bank, Now, Mr. Stratton dislikes to overdraw, so he wrote to his bankers asking how he stood, saying that if there was an overdraft he would shortly fix it up. Imagine his surprise when he Was informed that there was still to his credit $1,952,000. It seems that he had not figured in the deposits from the ore sold from his Independence, Portland No. 2, American Eagle, John A. Logan, Lottie and Caledonia mines. He is peculiar in this regard, that he will have no partners in any of bis mining yen- tures. He owns outright the mines just mentioned, as well as the Lowell, the Harry, Eosario and Washington mines. He owns a quarter of all the stock of the Portland Mining company, Which is incorporated for $3,000,000 shares, and which is Belling on the market to-day at two dollars per share, besides the controlling interest in two other companies. DAUGHTER OF REGIMENT DEAD. Enlisted and Followed the Ninth Ohio to the Front. The other day there died at the Cincinnati (0.) infirmary Mine. Sophie Ilebrigel, who was born in France but came to Americp. in 1850. At the Opening of the war she enlisted and followed the Ninth Ohio to the battlefields where she attended the wounded and devoted the greater port of her fortune to the establishment of field hospitals. Through three years' service she carried an ordinary soldier's canteen, aiid this, with a flag she in some way obtained, was one of the treasures of her declining years. So great was her veneration for the flag that her will directs that her remains be wrapped in it before incineration, which she chose for the disposition of her body. Of late she has been an object of charity. She was 83 years of age. Defeated in her claim before congress for a pension, her will asks that God may have mercy on those who have so slightingly treated her. WOMEN RECEIVE RECOGNITION . Grounds lefcaiM iti ft Ilefttttiful Spot Within ten Mlstites' fcide of fcity trf Meiteo i. i*<rt«bie Suits of the OfMomy 9gbinf*inJn«VMyldtth^n^hef8ttiSr*l9 M ,. ~»*!ii%n.ti.*««k« «,<£«»*. USartA ia naztit ttjrff is . eonsumed and fa&t g3£l fctflSft Ushouldfi't •thfc — - * Bar Association of Allegheny County Favors Their Admission to Practice. At a largely attended meeting 1 of the Allegheny County Bar association the other day women lawyers received professional recognition. Pittsburgh, Pa., boasts of two female lawyers, lie- cently a committee from the bar association, in drawing up recommendations of conditions for admission, reported against admitting females to practice. At the meeting the other day, after some fiery discussion, the bar association rejected this report by an almost unanimous vote. Attorney J. M. Stone argued that if women were admitted they might become judges. He thought this would injure the dignity of the bench. "Court might have to adjourn," he said, "while her honor's baby w,as teething." M. A. Woodw.ard said the admission of women would act as a needed refining influence upon lawyers? generally. NEW MACHINE GUN. Is Operated by Electricity and la Far .Superior to the GatHug Gun. A New York Tribune special from Washington says: A new machine gun has been adopted for use on naval ships, which' the small arms board reports to be the most destructive weapon firing a bulle-t of its caliber yet found. The gun lias a record of 430, shots u minute and requires no work except the pressure of an electric button to maintain the terrific fire, the automatic system having been applied to it. The gun is a self-feeder and grinds out shots with a rapidity that would malce it a most dangerous piece for landing parties. As compared to the Gatlingvwhich lias been the naval machine gun for years, it is just about as superior as the modern rifled gun is to ihe old smooth bore. The Catling has a, weight of 350 pounds, while the new gun weighs only 35 pounds and can be ta^en by a man on his.shoulder and easily carried from point to point. The great lhtemat.ibna-1 industries and fine arts, autliof is!ed the federal government of Mexico, by concession dated January 0, 1895, will be opened In the City of ^teSlfo faext September and will remain open for a period of six months. This will be Mexico's firtit attempt at holding a world's fair. The exposition is to include all Idlids of industrial, seientificj commercial and aftistic productions and to embrace, in fact, the whole raiige of human activity. The exposition grounds are situated at the foot of the historic Castle of Chapultepec, oil the grand Avenue de In Heforma, within ten minutes' ride -sfrorn the center of the City of Mexico, niid comprise an area of t.botit 600 acres, says the New York Times. The exposition will comprise a natural aad an international department, to which latter all the nations of the globe may contribute. The City of Mexico is situated on an extensive plateau, having an,area of over 170 square miles, surrounded by lofty mountains and including five Ir.kes within its area. Although with a geographical location within the tropics, the latitude of the city being 19 degrees 50 minutes north, it is possessed of a climate so salubrious, of so even temperature, that summer or winter a residence in Mexico city or its environs is always pleasant, and visits to the city can be made at any time of the- year, whether it is to escape the extreme cold of the northern winters or the excessive heat of the northern summers. The climate, however, is not the only attraction, all visitors agreeing that the beauty of tlie environs, of the surrounding mountains and the beautiful lakes, in wliose waters arc reflected the snow-capped peaks -of the great moxintains Iztazihuatl and Popocate- petl, and further the many antiquities and strange sights to be seen, the fruits aud flowers, both summer and winter, ore fair rivals of the greatest interest to the visitor. In. natural resources, especially in metals and other minerals? Mexico is favored more than almost any other portion of the globe. She has endless and .'inexhaustible mines of nearly every metal, of marble, onyx and other valuable stones, which in themselves would insxire wealth to millions. Thousands of tons of the most valuable metals lie hidden beneath her soil. In ng-ricxilture and horticulture lie an amount of wealth almost as great as in minerals. • After noticing the forward movement of the Mexican nation, it can be readily understood that the needs of the ^people are increasing proportionately and that a market of enormous value is being opened to the world, A few nations have already taken, advantage of this f act,and aredoing all in tlieir power «r to secure the trade benefits which are to come to those who supply the demands. The United States has been slow to take advantage of this condition of affairs and to secure the trade which is naturally aiid rightfully hers. Every reason exists for reciprocal trade relations between the United States and Mexico. The board of directors of the exposition, appreciating tliese facts, will do everything in its power to bring about a closer relation between the sister republics by making this one of the most complete and extensive expositions ever held, with the object of mutual benefit in view. 5U aim *iwcn« (j***." .T»M**»^ ».»i Peninsular Wrought Steel ,^ J»ri^*,?^LLyfc^ • ..V; THE FIRST NATIONAL SANK, 6&A Pays fot itself Ja a §hort to** walls of wrought stefel* aabftstots lined* Datable, haridsome, cheap. A Written Guarantee With every one. For Sale by C. M, ALfcOftA, IOWA, -.. _ -r--,,-; # iv 6fl haftd tS Ida* ftt reaSttttafeie rate! ttf Battles >**» fttrfclsit flnt'fcjfiilJCimlffltf',, ^ Bifect8rl*dB< fit. UtttoWiW, S. Ai fsffttaoil, PMllfS »<Ji-£e«ef, *« tft Ves£er> ^, f.-yti AMUrttse A, Call, ft* tt. SDeheer, Witt, K» fttffittBdtU . .; ,kl - ::<& ' . ' .lUK^l, GASH THE '& St, Louis R, R, Co, AND A.D.Otarke«.Pre9 i( 0. 0, Chubb, Vice Pres.) Thosi H, Lantrjr» Oashief, (4eo. tGatbralth, Ffed M. Miller, i F?Cooke. AlgBim, GENERAL BANKING* Private Safety Deposit interest Paid for Tittle w. u. Hl New TKA1N' TO ST. PAUL AND M 1 N N'E A P O LI 8. IT IS A HUMMER! LOOK OUT FOR IT 1 THROUGH CARS. PULLMANS & COACHES. GREAT 1 The previous complete service will not be disturbed by the addition of this train. Ask your nearest M. & St. L. B. 11. ticket agent 'tor rates and particulars.. A. B. CUTTS, Gen'l Ticket & Pass, Agt. / Kossuth County State Bank, «. T ^,,™. irrvcxr* ** DAl»1TATj SfiO.OOO. Inw>rpoVated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received,' money^ay^'-;r-."-°•;.--, domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made prompt y and a general banking bus! SeS tran S actea? g Pas S age tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. Directors—W. H. Ingham, John G. smith, J. B. Jones, T. OUrisclillles, Lewis u. Oman,,*. W. Wadsworth, Barnet Devlne. OEIO. C. ; 11 Pays 6 Per On Money Left for Three Months or Over. Money always on hand to Loan on First Mortgages, Second Mortgages good Collateral. Notes purchased. ALGONA, * w J<> J n A Specific For Rheumatism & Kidney Diseases. Buffaloes Help Eaoi* Other. When an African buffalo }s wounded fcy a hupte? it* is surrounded by several ptherg, wh.0 immediately group them- l^ves rpund ¥w and help him along fa their mjdst by shoving against bis |jJ4e w»#l they have reached a place «| safety, A, Muscular A king with a btrong 'arm is King Carlos of Portugal, Ouce upon a" in the not long ago ho went c-u" ' ing. Jlis horse took f right nnd headlong down ihe mountain, dpwji toward a frightful precipice. A few yards more and horse and videy wquJd be dashed to pieces. Put up rose the ^ipg in hia (Stirrups and brought his iron fists dawp pn the poop beast's h.ead with^-weJJh-wJth a whnc&. The dipped m U rtnjpk \>y lightning and SACRED RELIC OF ST. STEPHEN. Brooklyn Church Receives a Portion of One of the Martyr's Bones. In the Chiirch of Our Lady, Brooklyn., the other clay, there was enthroned a sacred relic of St. Stephen, who was stoned to death on the day following 1 the cruciflctaon. The relic, which is a portion of one of the saint's bones, incased in reliquary of solid silver, made especially for the purpose in Roiue.was brought to America by Bishop McDonnell when he returned last autumn from his visit to the pope. The Jaws of the Roman Catholic church provide that all doubt of the genuineness of the relic must be removed before jt will be accepted for veneration, The sacred congregation of rites in Rpme obtained evidence as to this and certi» fled to the" genuineness of the rejip, PREACHER BREAKS UP A Interrupts the Merrymaking and • fpy AW Who Are Present. Society folks of Lothwi, Ga., are dignaut ftt what they term an un ranted intrusion xippn their gaieties, They nad gathered at the home of Coli Anderson for & holiday dance, and s^te had ;just b, ee » fprnml foy the opening dance when the'door opened an.4 walked ft boy minister of the iwmed Albert B«dd«. £e a present to g"et dpwn on their while fee nrayed lap their sa Some 4enaurre,a, bwt &n^lj nil 414 he asked, The b.oy preapher, prfty§4 eaynejsljjy fpy tfce dancers,'' he bad.'g9R e The safest and most certain to cure of any remedy known. In tablet form, and two to four times as many doses as found in liquid medicines selling for same price. Very Pleasant and Easy to Take! It never nauseates or disagrees with the stomach. It restores to healthy action the kidneys and liver and removes from the blood lactic and uric acids and other impurities, and cures all diseases originating from these causes. Send for our free booklet which gives full directions how to cure the very worst cases. . Excellent Results from Using KBdneykura ' OMAHA, NEB. October 14,1895. DR.B.T.KAY MEDICAL'Co.,—Gents: Three years ago I fell eighteen feet and struck across a stick of timber 3x6, which broke three of my ribs. I was so badly hurt internally and all over that the doctors had but little hope that I would ever recover. It seemed to affect my kidneys and I have had rheumatism very bad since, and^would be very sore all over when I would do any hard work, ,1 have been taking your Kidneykura and I can truthfully say that it has helped me so that I am feeling better than I have for two years. . A. SANDSTEDT, 6th and Dorcas streets. Sold by druggists or sent by mail. Price $i.oo. Send address to our western office for Dr. Kay's Hand Book of Valuable Receipts and a Treatise on'Diseases; the most valuable free pamphlet ever published, DR. B. J, KAY MBIJICAL Co., 620 S. i6th St., Omaha, Neb. Sold by W, J, STUDLEY,. Algona, Iowa, DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES ON< »! Abstracts of Title. Our books are thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors has ever -; written a word in them. Our work is done by competent persona, and is guaranteed. „ - : % Good work will cost you no more than poor. Bring your work to us and you may be -, sure you get what you pay for and take no chances. ESTATE FOANS, FARMS AND WILD LANDS. . HAY & RICE • Algona, Iowa. Opera House Block. Foundry and Machine Shop. ,:. -f, We do short notice here to MULLICA & OHNSTEDT, Props. KJA*V/1/ VJUiww xx*. ^.w fc* w»*w» •»-——• orders promptly attended. : -'fm sV% MULLIOA & OHNSTJEDT, Algona, Iowa? v^i Not Necessary! ,.> **£. i, V. « . KAY'S can sell you a nice new five-drawer Sewing Ma;^ chine at $20, a still better one at $25, so it is not nec;f essary to send your money east to get a maphme that|| when you get you will never know at what factory;it; is made, and when you should need repairs you jna not be able to get them. It, also, is not necessary.'tp$ think about the freight, for— . , V W1NKEL PAYS THE FREIGHT. J. The safest, pjeasantest and most reliable cough, throat and lung medicine known, It contains no ipecac, tartar, emetic or other naueseating or injurious drugs, It cures every kind of Cough. Pleasant and safe for all ages, Poes not sicken or disagree with the stomach. Coughed FourYearg, Several Doctors Failed to Help» Cured by JUyng Balnm i,, October 7,1885, Pine Slabs, For Kindling, ^ff^fy^y^f^S!f^ffS : ^7^*^i^n 1L? V %^g^S^!g^a^^^^^*^?;j| i "~i • *• ?*<S?« • 1 ; 1 5>:^5 DR, B, J, KAY MPPJCAj, Co.-GeaHeipSB; t {pur ygars ego I wa^taken with fca GrJppf Iter recovering 1 h^d a very bad sough, I .j_. J r »n4 after regoverjngf 1 h^d a very bad SPUgh, I coughed almost continually evw. slnse. I tned Call on 4rwggi§t; for Dr, Kay'* L».Bg Ra.Jm, Pjise j5Ke u ai§eBfipkl§tcpntmmp|»§We rggefpt? andja Treatise an Di§« i« the TOQ^ values f?§ 9 . Our New Goods i 4i? Office :' ^ig;};XjMii.Ji^ : i9Vk. :>M^^^*^r'«-yw^^t! t !??5^^ -,].» i, ^{y* .ri v ,--fiffy '!,••*•- ;'•*.• ''iffVii'' "• ' !!?^!P L ^*L£ a &&£&£

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