Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on December 1, 1939 · Page 5
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 5

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1939
Page 5
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FRIDAY. DECEMBER 1. 1039 DISPATCH DEMOCRAT. "DKlAH, CALIFORNIA Malcolm R. McL.«)d, to Hugh Miller, dated 9-2f-Se, lot 10 of ttie McLeod Tract. Peter H. Took et ux to W. S. Pierce et nx, dated 11 -16-89, lands IDJ. Sees. IS & 13; T 11 N R 16 W, HDM. Kerdinand H. Schuchterman at ux -to Herman K. Bauer, dated 6- 1<S9, 0.92 acres In lot 2, Sec. 1: T 21 tt RM W, MDM. WUUam J. Merrlam et ux to Bessie Merrlam Hofllng, dated 10-14-39, lands in Sees. 16 & 22; T 28 N R 16 W, MDM. Kenneth Lovcll et al to Jack tov- ell, dated 9 -26 -39, lot In Town of Covelo. QUITCIiAIM DHE3D: Seorye L. Robinson et ux to Herman Fitch et ux, dated 7-14-37, 2.87 acres In Rancho de SancI, approx. 8 miles S of Uklah. RBOONVEYANCE: Corporation of America to Potcr H.Took et ux, dated 11-17-39, deed of trust ren. In 101 O. R. 322. JUDGMENT: J. W. Cowen vs. C. N. Brush, dtd 11-21-89, Judgment In favor of the plaintiff. Novemher 22, 1»S9 DEEDS: AlbeM H. Asher to W. F. Whitney et ux, dated 11-20-3C, portion of lot a, block 3, Old Town of WJl- llts. Davlno Mcnnucci et ux to Giocinto Romerl, dated 11-16-39, lot 4, block 41. Fort Bragg. Celia Cooncy to Daniel Baker, dated 12-24-37, property in Cloverdale Park. Cells Cooney to John F. Baker, dated 12 -24-37, property in Cloverdale Park. W. Poinsett Chapman to C. G. Wahlstrom, dated 11-23-25, lot 15, Sec. 14, Subdivision 1, Fort Brag^ cemetery. Ida Harden to F. W. Wlndlinx, dated 11-18-39, lot 1, block B, Hordell subdivision. . C. N. Underwood et ux to Fred A. Hanson, dated 11-20-39, 40 acres In Sec. 14- T 23 N R 17 W, MDM. A. G. Blomquist et a: to J. D. Slankard et ux, dated 3-22-39, lot 13, Sec. 30; T 22 N R 16 W, MDM. .Toseph P. Weber et ux to J'oseph P. Weber et ux, dated 11-22-39, lot on Jones street, Ukiah. Emma Albertson to Elmer L. Albertson et al, dated 11-22-39, property In block O, City of Ukiah. QUITCLAIM DEED; B. B. Akers et ux to William G. Lewis, dated 11-23-39, piopoily E of Ukiah. PATENTS: U. S. A. to r. W. Wcllc. admatr. dated 3-l-'77, Innd.s In Sees. 23 & 24; T 15 N R 17 W, MDM, U. S. A. to John J. Hnnis, date ]-20-'83, lands In .Sec. 24; T 15 ^• R 17 W, MDM. AGREEMENT OF SALE: Glacinto Romeri to William F Faylov et ux, dated 11-16-39, lot 4 blork 41. Citv of Foit BiagK- BILL OF SALE: Albert H. Asher to AV. F. Whi' ney et ux, dated 11-20-39. all pe' sonal property in homo on Mendr eino street, Willit.s. CHATTEL MORTGAGE: The Mendocino Lumber Comiian i to Bank of America N. T. & S. A dated 10-2-39. lof^pinR oqulpment / personal pionerty: additional at- curltv for S502.173.28, RECONVEYANCES: Corporation of America to Franl" Sallinen et ux, dated 11-17-29, doec' of trust rec. In 111 O, R. 393. Frank R. HodRSon, (rustee, (r Herman Miller et ux, dated 10-lF 39, deed of trust rec, in 89/465 O R.. MCR. Mendocino C'lunty Titlo Co. tr Charles E. Pratt et ux, dated 11 22-39. deed of trust rec, in 103 O R. 369. DEED OP TRUST: Herman Miller et ux to Corporation of America as trustee for Bank of America N." T. & S. A. dated 11-20-39, lands in Sees. 4 & 9: T 18 N R 17 W, MDM; 152000.00. HOP CONTRACTS: Frank Vnlette to John I, Haas Inc., dated 10-.S-39, hops of 1940 on property NE of Ukiah. Dauenhauer Brothers to S, S. atolner, Inc, dated 9-30-39, hops of 1940 on Lortz Hop Farm m miles SE of Hopland, and C, E, Duncan Hop Farm 1 mile S of Hopland. CERTIFICATE OF TAX: State .Board of Equalization to C. W. Hannon. dated 11-15-39, $35.58. JUDGMENT: S. A. McCush et ux vs. Anna Ochoa et al, dated 11-20-39, No. 12956; quiets title in plaintiff in and to property in Sees. 35 & 36; T 6 S R 3 E, HM, 5 NOTICES OF LOCATION: C. C. Kirk et al. Red Mountain Mining District. 15 OLD AGE SECURITY PROPERTY AGREEMENTS. l5EBb|;'^Pt"f '^'r^ John k Lftunlbos et al. Irustees, to Max Kuahn, dated U-M-TO, twb parcels of land in N\i at SWW, Sec. 8; T 17 N R 17 W, MDM. Carl Boggs et ux to Carl Bagcs et ux, Bs .Jo7 ,\t tenants, dated 11-1539, lot 2, iMo.>k 8. Northwestern Addition to T.:,wn of Wllllts. Jerome C. Cixr -3y to Maurice K. Carey et al, dated 8-16-88, four parcels of land In T IB N R 17 W, MDM; one parcel In T 24 N R 17 W, MDM, and any other property In Mendocino county or In State of California. Jerome C. Carey to S. P. Carey, dated 7-S-38, parcel of Iqnd In Sec. 31; T 19 N R 17 W, MDM. Henry W. Triplett to Charlotte Victoria Triplett, his wife, dated 89-20, lot In Fort Bragg. Ralph Harris to 8. U Wilcox, dated 11 -26 -39, property in Cal- pclla. Mary E. Harpo to Rea P. Harpe, dated 11-20-38, lot 14 of Partout's addition-to Town of Wllllts. Mary E. Harpe to Mrs. Dollle Carter, dated 11-20-39, lot 12 of Partout's addition to Town of Wll- lit.-. Ukiah Lodge No. 174, 1. O. O. F., to Mrs. R. H. Bellamy et al, dated 9-6-38, lot in cemetery near Ukiah. AURUSta Chapter No. 80, Order of Eastern Stai. to Mrs. L. R. Yates, dated 11-18-39, lot in O. E. S. cemetery. Round Valley. J. Russell Morris et ux to Robert B. StambauRh et ux, dated 10-30,39, nropertv in Sec. 34; T 15 N R 13 W. MDM. EASEMENT: Ellen Fen to State of California, dated 8-4-39, improvement of State Highway near Wektport Gulch In T 20 N R 17 W. MDM. AGREEMENT OF SALE: Heiman Johnson to Mary Harral, dated 11 -24-39, 200 acres In Seaside School District. OIL LEASES: L. L. Hunter to P. H. VIncillone, dated 10-12-39, lands in Sees. 2, 10 & 11; T 1? N R 17 W. MDM. Beverly Beobe et al to Paul H. Vincllione. dated 11-2-39. lands in Sect. 26 & 29; T 12 N R 16 W. MDK ASSIGNMENTS: P. H, VInollione to O. E. Grif- Mn, dnt^d 10-16-.3C. lease of L. L. Hunter, dater) ] 0-12-39. Paul H Vincllione to O. E. Grlf- In. dated 11 7-.39, lease of Beverly M. Beebe ot al, dated 11-2-39. OEED OF TRUST: S. L. Wllcoy et ux to Mendocino "^ountv Title Co. as trustee for •finest W. Wrierht. dafd 11 -18-39, •iropertv In Calpella; S175,00. '>I,D AGE .'SECURITY -'ROPEPTY AGREEMENTS: Two with Santa Clora County loard of Siioerviaors; 24 with the 'endoclno C.-iunty Board of Super•Isor;'. November 23, 1939 DEEDS: James L Hotcll et al to Flora A. Hotell. dated 11-15-39, property in T 13 N R 14 W, MDM. Maria I.rf3Wis et al to Antone Mendosa, dated 9-8-39, lot 8 nnd W'.4 of lot 7, block 52, City of Fort Bragg. BILL OF SALE: Maria Lewis et al to Antone Mendosa, dated 10-21-39, personal property on land and premises known as Mendosa's Store, in Fort Bragg. RECONVEYANCE: California Pacific Title & Trust Co. to J. W. Maiiliard. Jr„ ct ux, dated 11-21-39, deed of trust rce. In 113 O. R. 337. 3 OLD AGE SECURITY PROPERTY AGREEMENTS: Sonoma Countv Dept. of Social Welfare, property In Mendocino county. COVBU}, Nov. 29,-r-Senator G. M. BlKgat^<wtfti<t to San ^rfncitcp Wednesday to be ih attendance at a meeting qf the State Chamber of Cojpmerce. , l^hanksglving day was observed hpti .with the usual feasting and visiting, family reunions and traveling. The H. T. Pence family went to Ssnta CtuK to join Mrs. Pence's father and other relatives. Two big turkeys, ready for the roasting pan, accompanied them out. Ernest Lovell and wife of Berkeley drove up to eat turkey with Ernest's father, Charles Lovell and wife. Other guests around the feo- t*l board were the Gray don Fin- frocks, Walter Winters, Albert Winters, Holland Hurts, and Cecil Williamsons. Mrs. Levell is a charming hostess and a happy day was spent by all. Holiday Reunion About 40 relatives gathered at the Leslie Dunlap home Thursday for a Thanksgiving reunion. It was a no -hostess affair, three turkeys, two nine-pound chickens, and all the trimmin 's made a feast fit for kings. Among those present were the Leslie Dunlap family. Including Milton and Donald and the Earl Johnson family; the J. L. Dun- laps, Russell, LeRoy and Harold; the Grover Hurt and Lewis Hurt families; the Phlio Shorts, Audrey, Lawrence and wife; the William Stevenson family; Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Short; the Undon Short family; and family friends. Bill George of San Jose and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Qulnn of Shasta. It was an exceptionally happy occasion. The W. B. Noiton family motored up from Albany and spent the Thanksgiving holiday here with Mrs. Norton's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Rhoads. Women's Club The Inst meeting of the Covelo Women's Improvement Club was held at the home of Mrs. Henrietta Fitzhugh. After the buBincsa session the hostesses servod tea and delicious home made ciolties. Mrs. Roy Murray gieatly pleased the audience with the reading of a Thanksgiving poem. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. G, R. Redwine, December 2, at which time each member is requested to bring some Item for the Christmas baskets, preferably canned food. The baskets will be made up by the Mutual Aid Society. * * • On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, November 30 and December 12, the C. W. I. C. finence committee and a .secction of the garden committee are putting on a rummage sale in the former drug store building. Anything nnd everything will bo found there. The Ladles Aid will soli cakes, pies and otiicr goodies at the same time nnd place. New Pastor The new pastor of the Federated church, Douglas Noble and Mrs. Noble, are moving to Covelo from Esparto this week and Rev. Noble will begin his ministry hero De- ceml)cr 1, holding services Sunday, December 3, both morning and evening. In the interim since the leave- taking of the Pedersons, Dr. J. Edward Mooy has conducted services and delivered the message each Sunday morning and the work has gone on in all departments. A young people's society has lately been reorganized under the leadership of Mrs. Alvin Conner, with Dr. Mooy leading the singing. This group, by the way, will enjoy a party in the church parlors Friday night. • • * A surprise birthday party was given by the Sewing Girls Club of the Reservation grammar school Friday afternoon, November 17, in honor of Mrs. Jamison. Mrs. Jamison was vei-y much surprised as it was the first birthday party given by pupils since she started teaching school. The refreshments were made by the girls at school. A delicious cake beautifully decorated with candles was made by Gloria Britton and Vera Anderson, As Mrs. Jamison came Into the room CANCELLATIONS: the president, on behalf ot the club, Ukiah P. C. A, to Wm, M, Stev- presented her with a gift. Guests NovonilJer 27, 1939 ^EEDS: Rosino Bal.issi McMullen to Rob- •t B, Balassi. dated 11-18-39, lot 1. block 21. City of Fort Bragg, Allen r, Barnes et ux to Frank Tendal nt us, dated 11-10-39, prop- •ty in Town of Caspar. Amolir Tomlinaon to Roy Emery "nmlln.«on, dated 8-19-3B, SE'J of ^JB'.',. Sec. 15; T 14 N R 14 W, MDM, 4(' acroK. ''EN OLD AGE SECURITY PROPERTY AGREEMENTS. Novemlwr 28, 19.S9 OEEDS: Ida Maria Ellison to John Alex- >nder Niemi, her son, dated 1-5-37. 'ot 12, block 45, Town of Fort 3rn£'g, Charles E, Anderson et ux to Hnvrv H. Cook, dated 9-12-39. prop- -itv in T 17 N R 11 W, MDM, in Lake and Mendocino counties. Santp. Fc Land Improvement Co. to Robert B, Coons et ux. dated i /)-P4-,''E, lands in Sec. 4; T 12 N R 13 W. MDM, Mori Btitler et al to Alice Butler Phillips et vir. dated 11-21-39. lot 4. hlQck P. Ukiah North Addition. IT. s. A, to Patrick O'Connor, dnted 3-26-92, NW", of NE'/., Sec, 14- T 15 N R 17 W, MDM, 40 acre.'}, RELEASES: Bankamerlca Agricultural Credit Corporation to Chaa. E. Anderson et ux. dated 10-14-39, releases mnrtgaees as follows: 108/195, 114/ 486, 124/183. 128/220, all Official Records ot Mendocino county. Bankamerlca Agricultural Credit Corporation, dated 10-18-89, re- lea^'es real pi-operty from chattel mortgage rec. in 131 O. R. 463. RECONVEYANCE: Hnrold T. Bolden et al, trustees, tn Frank Peters, dated 11-25-39, deed of trust rec. in 126 O. R. 369. DEED OF TRUST: Alice Butler Phillips ct vir to Mendocino County Title Co. as trustee for Savings Bank of Mendocino county, dated 11-21-39, lot 4, block P, Ukiah North Addition; $1640.00. CHATTEL MORTGAGE: \\. G. Cox et ux to Mercantile Acceptance Corporation of California, dated 11-24-39, garage equipment; $535.00. OiRcial sanction of rale* for the 1940 wlltiea of til* Cilmore- Yossmile Run it given by A. C. Pilltbury (lah), regional director of llio American Automobile Association ConlMl Board, pictured above with Claranea S. Baaiamycr, vice prasidant of the Cilmora OU Company which •ponaort the annual atoclc car mileage clatiic, schadulsd for January 4th. PAGE PiVfe Mother of G. L. Straub Buried In New York Funeral services for Mrs. Minna Straub, mother of G. L. Straub of Ukiah, were held on Thursday, November 30, in Albany, New York. Mrs, Straub passed away in New York Tuesday morning, November 28th. Mrs. Straub made the acquaintance of a number of local people during the past summer, when she spent two months here as a guest of her son. STANFORD ROOTERS District Attorney James E. Busch and Mrs. Busch drove to Stanford Saturday to add their voices to the Stanford rooters at the Big Game. Busch Is a Stanford alumnus. Reid Invited to Appear Brfore Fish, Game Body Monte Reid, president of Ukiah Rod and Gun Club and past secretary of that organization, has been Invited to present the views of the local club either in person or In writing, concerning fish and game problems to be discussed on Friday, December 8, at a meeting of the Fish and Game Commission, to be held in the State Building, Los Angeles, The invitation was extended to Mr. Reid by Lester A. McMillan, executive oiricer, division ol Ilsh and game, San Francisco. The principal topic of discussion involved concerns a resolution adapted at the recent ann\ial meeting of the Associated Sportsmen of California. This resolution, which is of vital Importance to Ukiah and many sections of Mendocino, reads a,s follows: "To support previous recommendations regarding the Eel river trout and steelhead fishing; to close Eel river to fishing to the first of June each year; to stop all fishing from Benbow d a m to Garbervllle bridge," tra of San Francisco. A grand time is reported. Supper was served at Hotel Covelo. As a result of a fall in the high school gym during a physical education session, J. L. Dunlap Is suffering with torn leg tendons. He is, however, getting about on crutches. Harlow Burgess and Waiter Kelsey of San Francisco have lately been guests of Burgess' niother, Mrs. Grace Foster, ot the T. F. Lowry homo, and took time off to go quail hunting. Burgess is trumpet player and Kclacy awliig violinist .'ind musical diioctor of the San Francisco orchestras playing over Iho NBC .s1ation.<i, Mrs, Grace Kostor spent last work end nt the mountain homo of Mr, and Mrs, Earl Long, Sunday afternoon Dr. Mooy and wife took Mrs. Jennie Bucknell to! in advance of the date on which Sacramento, where she will be cared ! the juryman was to report In court, for at the home of her daughter, | Now the summons is sent In dup- Mra, Art Cheater. Mrs, Bucknell^ j licate, the duplicate being retained Innovation Made In Form of Jury Summons For the convenience of prospective jurors, Under-sheiiff Beverly Broaddus has made an innovation in the form of jury summons sent out in tills county. Heretofore, the original summons was sent out, signed and returned, sometimes three weeks or a month who has been bedfast since last by the person on whom the sum- cnson et ux, mortgage rec. in 134 O. R. 165. Savings Bank of Mendocino Co. to J. N. Stipp et ux, mortgage rec. In 131 O. R. 488, NOTICE OF INTENDED SALE: James F, Wilson, Pomo Inn, Hopland, to Russell Tolman, Boonville, dated intended sale of restaurant equipment and stock in trade (liquors) In restaurant conducted under name of 'Slim's Cafe,' Hopland; sale to be consummated at 10:00 a. m. on 12-22-39, at Bank of Hopland, Hopland, California. DAj^cK ci^ss ccANGKs i i^^Qj^^^d Discusses A change in time and place is announced for the regular dancing instruction cla.-is sponsored by the Ukiah P, T. A. under the tutelage of Mrs. Helen Averell. The class will be held as usual on Friday night, December 1, at 0:45 o'clock instead ''•"O P- m,, for the grutn- mar school group only. The class will convene in the grammar school instead of the municipal clubliou .Ho. The high school grou)) insliiiction will not,be lield this week because of, the senior play which will be given the same evening. • Mrs. Frances Girvin spent the holidays in Ukiah with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, P. H, Joscpli, and her little daughter, Nancy, Mrs, Girvin attended Teachers' Institute at Watsonville before coming to Ukiah Wednesday night. Educational Advance Speaking to the Rotary Club on Tuesday, Fred Leonard, school supervisor, discusse<i in a most enlightening manner the advancement of educalional procedures from ancient to modein limes. Rev, Mark Piite was program chairman and Lon Gibson presided, J. F. Laux of Santa Rosa was a visitor. Mrs, Tim Wong of Ukiah Is convalescing satisfactorily at Howard Memorial Hospital, Wlllits, following a minor operation which Dr. Raymond Babcock performed Saturday morning, Mrs, Wong expects to return home on Wednesday. were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Murray, Mr. and Mrs. George Want, Mrs. Ruth Hauck, Mrs. Grace Fulv/lder, Mrs. Carrie McLane, Miss Aura Lee Anderson, and the guest of honor, Mrs. Eunice Jamison, The members of the club include: Vera Anderson, president; Gloria Britton, vice-president; Leona Pete, secretary; Lorraine Anderson, treasurer; Lois Britton. Norma Fuiwidcr, Viima Pete, Nina Hoen- an, Audrey Heenan. Laura Wll­ llts, June RUBS, Juanita Russ and Opal Want. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving the Reservation folk held their annual Thanksgiving dinner for the school, the teachers and the trustees. Among others present were: Federal District Phy.-iiclan Dr. Joseph Smyth; Federal Nurse Miss Ruth Murphey; and county nutritionist Miss Dorothy Spurling, all of Ukiah; Rev. C, .A. Ol.sen, pastor of the Ileservation church, and, Mrs. Mabel Morrison, local public school nurse. Before Christmas, at a date to be announced, the Reservation gills' sewing club will hold a bazaar for the sale of fancy work and aprons to raise funds for their club projects. The annual Alumni Thanksgiving dance was held this year in the high school gymnasium. Music was furnished by Ben Oman's orches- May following a stroke, stood the j mons is served. Tlir duplicate scrv- trip fine and was Itappy to be with i os as a reminder of the date of the the Chester family. .She will, how- i call and is a ready reference for ever, look forward to messages j thbse who are forgetful, from her many Covelo friends. Mrs. Clyde Riffe, who has been bedfast since early in August, was taken to San Francisco last Friday for hospitalization. She was accompanied by Mr. Rifle and Dr, Mooy, The entire community hopes that this popular matron will soon bo restored to complete health, Mrs. E. A. Gravier, v,-ho Is suffering from a heart ailment, remains about the same. Miss Helen Lowry and Earl Low- Rancher of Bonnie Brae to Live in Berkeley David Robertson of Bonnie Brae is going to Bei'koley near the first of the month and will make his home there with his daughter. Miss Nellie Jlobortson, Robertson has been engaged in ranching in the ry of San Francisco"have'been re- 1 f"'' 20 years or more, com- cent week end visitors with their , f™!" -'Scotland as a member father, Truman Lowry, at the fam- ' ^'^""'^'^ Colony established iiy home on East Lane. j '"'"''^'^ Robert Tiffin is at home from!'" t*-^ P.esbylenan church where Lindsay, where he had visited home • '^<= "as been a faithful attendant folks, and returning brought back i "'""^ f'"""''' a load of household goods from his |'"^^'^ '^>""K'^ l^e years of his res- former home there. The Tiffin fam- ('"^"'^'^ lly is living in the Charles Hurt ranch, Henry Garrans Is In Santa Clara i c6unty at the bedside of his father, t who is critically ill, 1 _ ^ ~ ~ ^ George Bauer drove to Eurek.-, ! Jwo ^ty-live relat ves of Mr. and before Thank.sgiving with a truck' ^"i' '""'^ ^'""'^ Jncludmg load of dressed turkeys which bro't j " oMidven. seven grandchiidien, a top price ' ^ husbands of wives of the Ford „ ' • men and women, wore present on Mrs. Elsie Long has ••eturnnd; ,rhanksgivinp day at a family din- from a two weeks visit in Los An- j j,^^^ gelos with her daughter and the | ^he group included Alfred, Des- family. Mrs, Long makes her home I,, ^^^j ^,.,1,^ p^,,^ ^^..^^^ with Mrs. Sarah Hamilton. . j^^^.^ Williams of Tal- CmnilSTIAN CHURCH W. Tliea.iore Mattock, FMtsr Bible School at 9:46 a. m. Cla«(ea for all ,af«i. Morning church lervlee at 11:00. The pastor will apeak on the subject, "Altars and Altar Fires." Christian Endeavor and Personal Workera' meeting at 6:30 p. m. Elvening gospel service at 7: SO. "A Song in the Night" will be the sermon aubject. Community Bible Class on Wednesday evening at 7:80. A cordial invitation Is extended to ail to attend these Mrvicea. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Richard A. Van der Las, D. D. Minister Church achool at 9:46 a. m. ntorning worship at 11 o'clock. Dr Van der Las will d!:,cuss! an Interesting and very timely subject that will be of vital concern to many: "How to Live An Untroubled Life In a Troubled World." Wednesday evening at 5 :30 the Young People will gather a t t h e church for their bi-weekly dinner and social time, which will be for- lowcd by a 30-mJnute study of: "What Is Christianity?" Dr. Van der Las will be In charge of he study and discussion. The special subject win be: "What Does Christianity Teach About God?" . METHODIST CHURCH Mark Pike. Minister Church school at 9:45 a. m. Sermon at 11 o'clock: "Unashamed and Unnfrald." Anthem by the choir. Epworth League at 6:45 p. m. Sermon at 7:30: "A Confused Generation In Search of Light." Monday at 7:30 p. m. board of stewards will meet, Wednesday at 7:30 p. m,, prayer service. CHRISTIAN HdENCE CHURCH "Let all the earth fear the Lord: let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of birr). For he spake, and it was done; he commanded, and it stood fast," These words from Psalms comprise the Golden Text to be used Sunday, December 3rd. The subject of the .lesson-sermon will be "God the Only Cause and Creator." Included among the scriptural selections will be: "Bless the Lord, O my Soul. O Lord my God, thou art very great; thou art clothed with honour and majesty. Who coverest thyself with light as with a garment: who stretoheat out the heavens like a curtain: ... I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live: I will sing praise to my God while I have my being." (Ps. 104: 1-2-33). The following passage from the Christian Science textbook will also be included: "Unfathomable Mind is expressed. The depth, breadth, height, might, majesty, and glory of infinite Love All all space. That is enough! Human language can repeat only an infinitesimal part of what exists." (p. 520). lars of Dog Give Warniiig of Danger Telephone Messai^e Brou^rht Word of injury to Master; Dog Hears **Click" of Phone WILLITS, N6v. 25.—Pooch Mickey, wire-haired terHe^ owned by Mr. ahd Mrs. John Dalgaard, was inatrumental Tuesday night in Mrs. Dalgaard getting word that her -hUB* band had been injured in an auto accident. Mickey was lying on thef —• Ford Family In Reunion George Arthur is here from San mage, Miss Marvina Ford, 'Mrs. Rafael for a visit with his daugh- I Marjoile Mott, Herschel, LeRoy, ter, Mrs. Walton Sears and the oscar, Elmer nnd Ruth Ford, all family. Arthur has been a busy , „t ,jiyah. Lowell McNeill, a friend man. He owned a couple of houses in the path of the approach to the Golden Gate bridge and bought another at a bargain. These he moved to other locations and made the properties ship-shape for rental. He will return to the bay city after December ]. . of the Fords, was also present. THIRD CHILD BORN A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mr.s. Forrest Olbbs of Ukiah on j Wednesday at Ukiah General Hos- ||)ital. Dr.,J, E, Gardner brought I the six pound, eight and one-half The Leslie Dunlaps are moving i ounce child into the world. The this week to theli- ranch northwest UtUe girl is the Uiird child in the of town, the former John Perry | Glbbs family. Olbbs Is an employe place. The Dunlaps have sold their • of Mitchell's Creamery, town property to Bud Neisen and ' wife, who will take possession In the near futun-. Earl Long is feeding a bunch of iOO- head of cattle on the R. M. Anderson ranch, with hay bought from Anderson. The JamboiT,^ of Port Bragg high school will be an event of Saturday night. December 2. In the Cotton auditorium. Entertainment will consist of a vaudeville program, athletic events nnd public dancing. CATHOLIC SERVICES Father Adrian Sbariteiy, Poator Assistants: Father Raphael Quinn, Father Rager Anderaon Albortinum Convent—West Perkins street. Mass at 7:00 a. m. St. Mary's Church — First and second Sundays, Masses at 8:30 and 10:00 a. m,; other Sundays, at 10:00 a. m. Calpella—Mass at 9:00 a. m. except first Sunday. St. Francis Rancherla—First Sunday of the month. Mass at 10:15 a. m.; other Sundays, Mass at 9:00 m. State Hospital—Third Sunday of the month. Mass at 9:00 a. m. Hopland—First Sunday of the month. Mass at 9:00 a. m.; other Sundays, Mass at 10:15 a. m. Indian Rancherlas — First Sunday of month, St. Domlnlm's, Maas at 9:00 a. m.; second Sunday of month, St. Joseph's, Mass at 9:00 a. m,; fourth Sunday of month, St. Patrick's, Mass at 9:00 a. m, FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Leonard G, Brown, Pastor Bible .school 9:45 a.m. Classes for evei-y age. Morning wor.shlp 11:00 a.m. B. Y. P. U. 6:45 p.m. Junior, sen lor, and adult groups. Evening service 7:30 p.m. Song service and gospel message. Midweek prayer service and Bible study Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. Come and worship with us. floor by the door near which the telephone stands on a low table. Suddenly he got up :^nd began circling the phone. "What's the matter, Mickey?" asked Mrs. Dalgaard. When the dog continued looking at the phone she went to It and took the receiver down. Then she got the message they had Ijeon trying several hours to get to her but could not because the phone was out of order. Mickey had heard the faint clicking, as the operator rang, which Mrs. Dalgard cojld not hear. Mr. Dalgaard, foreman for the state highway department, and Geo. Jamieson, also of Wllllts, were injured about a mile north of Hopland when a tire blew out and their car got out of control. Face and chest Injuries were suffered by Mr. Dalgaard as he was hurled against the windshield, and Mr. Jamieson got a broken knee cap and face cuts. Both were taken to a Ukiah hospital for first aid and inter removed to the Howard Memorial Hospital where they will be for several weeks. Family Reunion A large family party was entertained Thanksgiving day by Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hall of East Valley road. Guests were Mrs, Hall's grandmother, Mrs. William Kuhl; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morgan; her brother and sister, Jim and Bcrnico Morgan; Mr. Hall's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hall; his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Hall and their small son Vernon, and Mr. and Mrs. Tony Bartolomei. The family group was completed by the hosts' children, Gerry and Baby Charles. BnbekahH MUatfi In the group of eight Laytonvllle folk initiated by the local Rebekahs were Cicero Grimes, Miss Vivian Frances Davis, nnd Mesdames May Kate Caler, Eleanor Freeman, Mar- jorle E. Willis, Ruby Alice Bnook, Frances Maude Richter, and Charlotte Anna Pedrottl. In a speech made during the supper which followed the ceremony in the I. O. O. F. hall, Mrs. Serena Davis, noble grand, said the Laytonvllle lodge, chartered In May with 13 members, now numbers 22. Dinner and Bridge Mr. and Mrs. Fred Holland hod is guests for Thanksgiving and the week end Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Bryan and children of Fort Bragg, Mr. Bryan is superintendent of Fort Bragg schools. In honor of their guests Mr. and Mrs. Holland entertained at bridge Friday evening. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs, George Heyward, Mr, and Mrs, Fred Nelson, Mr, and Mrs. Robert Allison, and Mr, and Mrs, Brand Johnson, Preceding this affair, Mr, and Mrs, Bryan were dinner guests at the home of Mr, and Mrs, Brand Johnson. Eye Injury Bob Potter of the Rogers Garage was in the Howard Memorial Hospital part of Wednesday and Thursday on account of an injury to his eye. He was scraping glass at the garage and some of It splintered and went into his eye. Di, Raymond Babcock removed the glass. At Stanford Mayor and Mrs, William F. Whitney with their sons, Billy and Paris H. Whitney, who Is in- the United States Army aviation service at Hamilton Field, and Pauline Standley, saw the Big Game Saturday. Honeymooners Mr, and Mrs. Allan Judaon (Mar­ garet Bauer), married Novemb«r 6, returned to Wlilita from thtir honeymoon trip Eaat In time to have Thanksgiving dinner with th* bride 's parents, the John Bauera, Mr. Judson went to Ban Francisco Friday and Joined his bride here Saturday. They left Sunday for San Francisco, where she will spend two weeks before returning here for the holidays. They plan to take an apartment and be at home in the city after the first of the year. Their wedding trip took them to Detroit for a new Hudson car. Then they motored to Niagara Falls. They were also in Chicago, Minneapolis, and as far south as Juarez, Mexico. * • • Firemen were called out Thanksgiving day to put out a chimney blaze nt the home of Mrs. Luther Baechtei on McKlnley street. • • • Lnvlna Cooper, daughter of Mr. nnd MIS. Harry Cooper, was t &ken ill and removed to Howard item- orial Hospital Thursdaj'. She was reported better Friday. Nutrition Lecture The third in a series of nutrition lectures was given Monday at 2:80 p, m. in the Wllllts grammar school kitchen by Miss Dorothy Spurling, school nutritionist. Two previoUk lectures have concerned the Importance of milk and whole groin cereals in diet. The course la Of special interest to mothers of young children. The public is invited. Foreatry Head ^tiarton Rumors to the contrary, an office of the state forestry department will not be established in Wllllts. The oirice will be In the new headquarters now established at Howard Forest, The entire department will be housed there within the next two weeks. Dinner Party Mr. and Mr«, Qeorge Heyward had one of the attractive dinner parties in Wliiltg Thanksgiving ddy. They entertained Mr. and Mrs. Bok SafTord of RIdgewuod ranch, Mra. Heyward's mother, Mra. Maggie Endlcotl; her brothor-ln-low and slater, Mr. and Mrs. Vertle Ftost of Redwood Valley, and another sla­ ter and niece, Mrs. Mabel Shimmin and Miss Tleta Shimmin. • * • MIS, Ray Hall will be hoates* Thursday to her bridge club. 4' * * Mr. and Mrs. John Houx of Sherwood Hill spent Thankagivtng in Bachelor Valley with her bro- ther-ln-law and slater, Mr, and Mra, George Twlgg, and her mother, Mrs. J. L. Day, of Upper Lake. • • • A guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Jones is Mrs, Jonea' mother, Mrs, D. M, Montleth o^ Red Bluff, who came to Willlts oh Thursday to spend a week here. She and her daughter were In Ukiah Friday. • * * Miss Eleanor Quadrio, formerly of Wllllts, returned to Oakland on Sunday after visiting her aunt, Mrs, E. A Oouber, here during the holidays. She also visited her uncle and family, the Joe Quadrios. She lives in Oakland with her mother, Mrs. Henrietta Crlstanl, and attends business college there. • • * Mrs. W. T. Baxon and niece. Mr*. Harry Cavassa, who teaches «l I-*ytonvllle, returned Sunday from Son Francisco where they spent the holidays. BOONVU.LE PEMTECOBTAI. ASSEMBI.T G. *k«ia, nmot Services Wedneaday and Frida> evenings at 7:30; Sunday School, 10 a. Di., worship hour, 11 a. m.; evangellatic meeting, 7 :aO p. m. All are cordially Invited to come and bear Ood'a word. BPISCOPAL SERVICES Holy Trinity Church R«v. E. H. Benaon, Vicar First Sunday—Holy Commtnion at 11:00 a. m. Third Sunday Morning Prayrr at 11:00 a. m. Sunday School every Sunday at 9:45 a. m. VMrs INDIAN AUTHORITY Mrs. Edith V. A. Murphy was In Ukiah the end of last week leaving Saturday for Reno and the Carson Agency where she will finish her work on range survey. Mrs. Murphy goes to Death Valley from Carson, where she will be In charge of a trading post at Furness Creek. She is a recognized authority on Indian^. Information Department For Quick Results , ^ PHONE 23i GARAGE Authorized Buick sales and .service. All makes cars sriven expert and prompt attention. GMC trucks. U. S. Tires. A trial will satisfy you. WEBER BUICK . % 209 South School St. INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS 71 ^ Occidenl„l Life Insurance Company — local I * V a.£:ency. Life, accident, sickness, annuities. Let us help you get protection. FRED A NASSIE, 111 West Per- kinsSt., Ukiah. JEWELRY - GIFTS - REPAIRS 1 CQjjj A fine selection qf diamonds, watches and ivO"'" jewelry. Also a nice selection of inexpensive gifts tUiA party prizes. We maintain one of the finest watch repair departments. Repair work guaranteed. ROBERTA & BOWERS. 106 West Standley St., UklAh, Calif. TYPEWRITERS Woodstock Typewriter Agency, Frank B. AVQiB Temes, factory representative, 136 Kentucky St., Pejba- luma, phone 1082. All makes, standard and portaUe, Bold, rented, repaired, exchanged. Adding machine! handled. Word left with Redwood Journal will reach MM.

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