The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on September 16, 1971 · Page 10
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 10

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1971
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

;»i»*.U«i / •;>. « V;.; K ^J'V^r."***^ :^^.;V^^~.^-V-'^ Cards of Thanks CARD OF THANKS A sincere thank you to all who In any way shared their love and concern to us while Dennis was hospitalized following his accident. To the Utilities crew who riishedhim to the local hospital, to the doctors and nurses for their special care, to Pastor Dlankespoor and Pastor Van Kekorix for their visits and prayers. Also to friends and neighbors and relatives for their prayers, visits and cards while in the hospital In Sioux City and at homo. Mr. and Mrs. DennisNetten 42-lp CARD Or THANKS I wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone who rpmiMnberod mf> with prayers, cards ant! gifts during my stay in the hospital and convalescing at how. Also thanks to those who brought food into our home and helped in any way, especially the two women who gave me nursing care at homo. Special thanks to Dr. Van Heukelo-n Rev. FCissens and Rev. Lubbers for their visits and prayers, also to the Hospital staff for their excellent care. All this was greatly appreciated. Mrs. Jake Bonnecroy 42-lp FOR SALE: 19G9 Volkswagen Fastback-excellent condition. 737-4248. 42-8w-lp FOR SALE: 195G Buick, Upright Piano, and Early Model Color TV. Call 737-2353 before 9:00 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m. Services For Sale "WE DRILL WELLS; we bore wells: we dig farm cess pools. Alton Cement Works, Alton, Iowa." 5-16w-tfc RIGHT-WAY TREE SERVICE Trimming, topping, removal. Also sodding and nursery work. For free es- - ti mates call collect 552-1795 in Hawarden. 39-2.30-6c REDUCE excess fluids with FLUIDEX, $1.69 - LOSE WEIGHT safely with Dox-A- Diet, $1.98 at The Village Drug. 34-16w-15p ELECTROLUX (R) Sales & Service. Arle M. Bomgaars, 403 5th, N.W., Orange City. Phone 737-2934. 12-15w-tfc MILLIONS of rugs have been cleaned with Blue Lustre. It's America's finest. Rent electric shampooer $1. Vogel & Vande Brake, Orange City, Iowa. 42-23w-lc FOR SALE: WALLPAPER -Over 1,000 patterns in stock. 39C to $8.00 a. single roll. The most complete selection in NW Iowa. Vogel & Van De Brake, Orange Citv. la. 10-29w-tfc FOR SALE: VINYL WALL- COVERING -- Come in and look at the 20 special order books we have on display. Vogel & Van De Brake, Orange City, la. 10-26-tfc REJUVENATE old furniture with Old Masters Antiquing and Graining. Lots of color combinations — also Metallic Tone Antiquing. Vogel & Van De Brake, Orange City, la. 10-25w-tfc GLASS breaking problems — solve it with Plexiglas. 1'IG" - 1/8" - 1/4" in stock. Vogel &• Van De Brake. Orange City, la. 10-20w-tfc " IRON Rust in your clothes? Wo have guarantee rust remover. Kobes Dist. Co. Pnone 737-427G. 34-14w-tfc FOR SALE: Artley fln:.\ Phone 737-2710. •ll-6w-2c FOR SALE: 1970 Chevy El Camino pick-up. Automatic, radio, radial tires. Priced to sell $200 under book price. Call 737-4222 or 737-40G2. 41-19w-tfc FO!? SALE: Buckskin horse and saddle. Also Shetland pony. $5.00 Phone 737-83G7 41-13w-2f FOR SALE: ICO Acre Improved Farm. Plymouth County, Iowa. Fredania Twp. Pos- sesion March 1, 1972 (Estate of Mary Weiler) Contact Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Relstroffee. Executors, Rpmsnn, Iowa. Phone 780-2301. 41-30w-2p LOST at Northwestern Central game Saturday night, a dark blue plaid fringed blanket. Phone 737-4267. 42-15w-lc Wanted WANTED; Fancy antique lamps and a couple of lanterns for the Historical Society. Contact Mrs. Jack Mouw. 41-17-2c WANTED: Experienced machinist. Gus Pech Mfg. Co., Le Mars, Iowa. 14-9w-tfc WANTED TO BUY: Contracts or Second Mortages. Write: Floyd Valley Mortgages, Inc., 115 Plymouth NW, Le Mars, la. 51031 39-18w-lmon. breezeway, Out lot 1, subdivision section 33, Orange City, Iowa. Don E. Schreur Zoning Enforcement Officer Permit No. 850, Zoning District R-l, Kepp Construction, Orange City, build library, on lots 30, 31 & 32, block 42, South Addition, Orange City, Iowa. Don E. Schreur Zoning Enforcemont Officer IN THE DISTRICT COURT OP THE STATE O," IOWA IN AND FOR SIOUX COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF JOHN HAACK, SR., a/k/a JOHN HAACK Deceased Probate No. 9868 NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR, AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS To all persons interested in the estate of John Haack, Sr., a/d/a John Haack, deceased. You are hereby notified that on the 2nd day of September, 1971, the last will and testa- " ment of John Haack, Sr., a/k/a John Haack deceased bearing date of the 14th day of April, 1942, was admitted to probate in the above named court and that John Haack, Jr. was appointed executor of said estate. Notice is further given that any action to set aside said will must be brought in the district court of said county within one year from the date of the second publication of "this notice, or thereafter be forever barred. Notice is further given that all persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned, and creditors having claims against said estate shall file them with the clerk of the above named district court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance; and unless so filed within six months from the second publication of this notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) such claim _shall thereafter be forever barred. Dated this 2nd day of September, 1971. John Haack, Jr. Executor of said Estate 'E.L. Mitchell Attorney of said Executor Date of second publication 16th day of September, 1971. of the taxpayer to twenty- seven (27) percent of actual value. No adjustment shall exceed the percentage Increase provideu for In the Director's Notice," The Sioux County Board of Review will hold Its meetings in the Sioux County Courthouse, Mondays through Fridays, during their reconvened session. The Tentative Notice from the Director of Revenue of the State of Iowa, to the Sioux County Auditor is as follows: Increase all actual values of "Residential Realty Within Incorporated Cities and Towns (10 Acres or Less). Land and Buildings" . . . 24%, which order has now been modified to 14% due to public announcement made by the Director of Revenue* (The proposed adjustments are as to reported actual values. Such adjustments would affect reported assessed values. Assessed values would have to be adjusted to 27% of the adjusted actual values. Written protest may be made on a protest form to be obtained at the office of the Sioux County Assessor. "The protest should show, among other things, that the protestant is protesting the Increase in the actual value and assessed value of his, her, or its real property affected by the application of the percentage adjustment as proposed by the Director of Revenue or as may be finally ordered by said Director, for the reason that any such increase would result in the assessed value of such property being an amount in excess of 27% of its actual or market value." This notice "is published for the attention of both resident and nonresident owners" of residential realty within the incorporated limits of cities and towns (10 acres or less) in Sioux County. "The protestant shall indicate in the protest whether an oral hearing before the local board is desired." All protests to the Board of Review shall be in writing, signed by'the taxpayer or property owner or his duly authorized agent, and be directed to the Chairman of the Sioux County Board of Review; and must be filed with the local Board of Review by not later than Wednesday, September 29, 1971. SIOUX COUNTY BOARD OF REVIEW Published Sept. 9 & 16, 1971, in The Sioux County Capital. poratlon ts County RoadIP south In the City of Orange City, County of Sioux and State of Iowa, and the name of Its Initial registered agent at such address Is Franklin 6, The names and addresses of the directors of the company %£ f ° 110WS! ADDRESS Franklin Vogel Orange City A. Marvin Vogel Orange City Arthur Vogel Orange City John Vogel Orange City Drew Vogel Orange City Dated this 10th day of September, 1971. Diamond-Vogel Paint Company B V /s/ Franklin Vogel Franklin Vogel, Its President IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF IOWA, IN AND FOR SIOUX COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF GRACE D3 JONGH, ALSO KNOWN AS GRACE DE JONG Deceased Probate No. 9876 NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS To all persons Interested in the estate of Grace De Jongh, aka Grace De Jong, deceased. You are hereby notifed that on the 7th day of September, 1971 the undersigned was appointed admlnstrator of said estate and has duly qualified as such. Notice is hereby given that all persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned, and creditors having claims against said estate shall file them, in duplicate, with the Clerk of the above named District Court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance, and unless so filed within six months from the second publication of this notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) such claim shall thereafter be forever barred. Dated this 7th day of September 1971. Dennis LeRoy De Jongh Administrator of said Estate Paul Wolff Attorney for said Administrator M.D. Vander Broek Clerk of the District Court Date of second publication September 23, 1971, Mr. and Mrs, Hllbert Vogel of Lynden, Washington are visiting in this area with several friends and relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Fre.d- ricks of Lake Odessa, Mich., came last Tuesday to visit friends and relatives in the area and were Sunday guests of Mrs. Wilmene Wierks. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ramies drove to Sioux City on Thursday where they met his sister, Mrs. Jennie Wenzel of Lincoln, Neb. a 1 "•- ""' Depot. On the way home they were luncheon guests of Mrs. Randy Jurgensen at LeMars. Mrs. Wenzel stayed at the Kamies home till Friday evening when they brought her to the Ronnie Sterler home at Sanborn. Mrs. MarieHoutsmavisited, Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Van Gronigen at Orange City. Mrs. Marvin Waanders was honored at a neighborhood coffee party held at the home of Mrs. Ruth Raak on Friday afternoon. Other guests included Mrs. Joe Bosma and Melinda, Mrs. Steve Poppema, Mrs. Gerhard Kastein, Mrs. Ike Woudstra, Mrs. Neal! Scho'ep, Mrs. NickHulst, Mrs. Darwin Broek, Mrs. GuyDyk- stra, Mrs. Ted Woudstra and Mrs. Jerry Kunce. Mrs. Rich Solsma entertained the boys of Donny's 2nd grade school class at her home on Wednesday, Sept. 8 in honor of Donny's ninth birthday that day. Guests were Ross De Haan, Rick De Vries, Alex Heyman, Bradley Jansen, Taryl Jasper, Michael Ktn- ney, Jeff Schurr, Scott Smith, Todd Te Brink, Stanley Vander Waal, also Jim Solsma, Gary and Vicki Solsma. Donny received many nice gifts. Bradley, Taryl and Gary won the game prizes and each boy was given a bag of marbles as favors. Cake and Ice cream were served after which Mrs. Solsma took the boys home. Mr, and Mrs, Stan Kroese and family were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs, Bert KroeseatShel- don. Mr. and Mrs, John T. Runia and family of Oeheyedan were Sunday morning after church callers at the Rich Solsma home, Mrs, Allle Klulsteker of Lake Odessa, Mich., arrived Tuesday at the home of her sister, Mr, and Mrs. John Roetman for a couple weeks visit, Mrs. Rae Poppema remains a patient In the Sheldon Hospital, .. Mr s. Linda Mr « and Mrs ' ^Vta^m,* 1 Mr. and M« i ? r eg after five Hospital. PALACE mATRj Notices K T F C 103.3 Dutch Hour, Sunday, 6:15 p.m. 6w-tfc Rentals FOR RENT: Small 3-bedroom homo. Phone 4276. 36-7w-Hc Legals Zoning Permits - The following Zoning Permits have been Issued by the Zoning Enforcement Officer of the City of Orange City, Iowa, and any aggrieved party - may determine their rights of appeal of such action at the City ClerV'= office; but notice of such appeal must be on file within 10 days after this publication. Permit No. 849, Zoning District R-l, Richard Simonson, Orange City, build garage and NOTICE TO ALL • SIOUX COUNTY OWNERS OF RESIDENTIAL REALTY WITHIN THE INCORPORATED LIMITS OF CITIES & TOWNS (10 ACRES OR LESS) By order of the Director of Revenue of the State of Iowa, the Sioux County Board of Review "shall reconvene on Tuesday, September 7, 1971, and remain in continuous session until Wednesday, October 6, 1971, for the purpose of hearing any and all protests that any affected property owner or taxpayer may have, whose valuations, if adjusted pursuant to the Dl. rector's Tentative, or Final Notice, will result in a greater taxable value than permitted by the provisions of Section 441.21, Code of Iowa, 1971, and where the property owner or taxpayer has shown to the satisfaction of the Board of Review that an inequity will result if the Director's Tentative or Final Notice be applied to him or her, the Board of Review may exonerate the taxpayer from all, or the appropriate part, of the percentage increase ordered by the Director by adjusting the taxable value of the property NOTICE OF INCORPORATION To whom it may concern: Notice of incorporation is given as follows: 1. The name of the corporation is "Diamond-Vogel Paint Company", organized under the Iowa Business Corporation Act, Chapter 496A of the 1971 Code of Iowa. 2. The date of the beginning of its corporate existence shall commence on the date on which the Secretary of State has issued certificate of incoporation and shall continue thereafter perpetually. 3. The corporation shall have unlimited power to engage in and to do any lawful act concerning any and all lawful businesses for which corporations may be organized. 4. The aggreagte number of shares which the corporation shall have authority to issue is 1,000,000 shares, having a par value of $1.00 each. 5. The address of the initial registered office of the cor- Mrs. TillieHoffs of Sheldon was a Sunday dinner guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Roetman. Additional afternoon guests were Mr. anc Mrs. Bob Roetman and family of Ellsworth, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Roetman and family of Sioux Center, Dr. L. J. Roetman and family of Rock Rapids and Mr. and Mrs. -John Jacobsma of Sioux City. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schuller of Alton attended the evening' service of the First Reformed Church of Hospers with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lucas and were coffee guests afterwards at the Lucas home. PARAMOUNT PIClURiS WfSlllf, All MacGraw Ryan O'Neal The decide ' Monday A HOWARD 6. MINSKY - ARTHUR HIUER Production John Marley & Ray Milland ERICH SEGAL i piMuetd h f iKut'i* p "tfu«' "«« ito ' w "> iv rui HOWARD 6. MINSKY DAVID GOLDEN FRANCIS LAI immnt | SOUND TRACK AIBUMJVWLA6LE ON PARAMOUNTJjtCMOS • OP •"'"''-"'-• Thurs. thru Wed. Sept 16-22 Show Time 7:15 & 9:15 Business and Profess/cm DIRECTORY Services > served 30 P.m. Physicians Mr. and Mrs. John T. Runia and children of Ocheyedan were Sunday dinner guests at the homo of M r. and Mrs. John Solsma, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Rie- mersmn were Tnursday evening suppar guests at the hom^ of Mr. and M rs. Charles Hobbs at O-.iawa. On Saturday the Riemorsma's went to the Clay County Fair and th<Mr granddaughter. Heidi RlemiTsmu of Spencer returned horn? with her. grandparents for the weekend, Mr. and Mrs, Herm Vander Maten and son of Kanawha, Iowa were here over the weekend to see his father, Mr. Herm Vander Maten, Sr. of Orange City who suffered a stroke. SIOUX-PREME PACKING CO Sioux Center, Iowa Prices Paid Last Week Sept. 7 Sept. 8 Sept. 9 Sept. 10 Sept. 11 Sept. 13 17.75-18.00 18.25-18.50 18.25-18.50 18.'25-18.GO 18.25-18.50 18.25-18.50 If you have hogs for sale call Collect 722-8001 MEDICIAL CLINIC Orange City, Iowa Phone 4938 and 4984 E.B. GROSSMANN, M.D. Phone 2261 A. BUSHMER, M.D. Phone 2284 R. HASSEBROEK, M.D. Phone 2245 P. VANDER KOOI, M.D. Phone 4104 Mon.-Fri., 9:00-4:30 FOR SALE: 42 foot Valley Elevator with power lift. Nine Horsepower, gas motor. Clint Cambier, Alton, la. 750-4345 42-18w-lc LOANS $50 to $5,000 Payments Can Be Arranged On Monthly Terms "Loans Payable On A Thirty-six Months Basis" Also larger loans available for financing of trucks and autos at reasonable rates. Household poods, autos, livestock accepted as securities. A-C Loan & Finance Co., Inc. 27 Central Ave. S.W. Le Mars, Iowa Phone 546-4103 Public Auction BOARS AND GILTS Thurs., Sept. 23 — starting at 7:30 p.m. Selling 25 Poland Boars & 35 Gilts and 15 rxiroc Boars & 15 Gilts Sale will be held on farm 5 miles southeast of Alcester, or 7 miles southwest of Hawarden; or 10 miles northwest of Akron, Iowa. Lunch served at G;00 p.m. Wendell & James Leafstedt Alcester, So. Dak. John Hall, Aberdeen, and Bernard Borgdale, auctioneers State Bank of Alcester, clerk 1972 Pontiacs Thurs., Sept. 23 IT'S THE BIG BILLS THAT HURT WHEN YOU'RE SICK Investigate New York Life's up-to- date Major Medical Plans, Don Van Der Weide, C.L.U. Phone 787-4500 or 737-2309 Orange City New York Life Insurance Company Life Insurance - Group Insurance - Annuities Health Insurance - Pension PUna Join us for Coffee and Doughnuts 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. This is our 25th new Pontktc $howitg Phone 4415 %^>^^^N^ 10—THE SIOUX COUNTY CAPITAL, Thursday, September 16, 1971 E. B. GROSSMANN, JR., M.D. General Surgeon 111 Central Ave. SE Phone 737-4817 with A qua-Sensor| lull pick up reur phwi i Optometrist DR. A. N. ALBERTSEN Optometrist 110 2nd St. NW Phone 4246 Orange City, Iowa ROGGEN & FOH ELECTRONIC COMPUTERSERV1CE 1133rdSt.N.E, Phone 4963 Orange City, low I HEARING A1DS| i Audi vox t Qualll • Zenith C. J. STEGINK] Radio & TV at KalsbeekBros, Orange City Auctioneer Veterinarians SIOUX VETERINARY CLINIC Dr. A, J, Neumann Dr. L. H. Royer Dr. David Chrlstenson Dr. M. Van Haaften VETERINARIANS Phone 4950 Orange City, Iowa DR. W. L. «VERMEER DR, H. MIEDEMA Veterinarians PHONE 4122 113 3rdSt,N,W, Orange City, Iowa CLIFF BOGAJ Auctioneer Phone 2219 Orange City, Io*» REN VAN GELDE '*f*'*S? CfJirtfMKtor Auctioneer & Phone 5101 Alton, low Esl Emergent) 1 ! Phone M •v* Dr. A, Krull Le Mars, Iowa Phone 546-5604 EVEN MOTOR CO. R, J, Meylor NEW ADDRESS Highway 75 North Le Mars, Iowa Phone: 546-7500 FIRE POLICE HOSPITAL SHERIFF Council*' 8 ' Gillis H Phone NelsonMu Phone Phone 4358 Junior SiebersmJ Phone 4684 Phon«

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