The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on September 16, 1971 · Page 6
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 6

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1971
Page 6
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News of yesterday 15 YEARS AGO In the year 1920, organized football came to Orange City High School and with It, it's first football team. From information gathered, Nor man Koss, Vearick Ross, Bill Van Ooslprhourt, Milo Rhyns- btirRer, Bud Van Citters, Bill Bopiard, Henry Boone, Bill Herond, Ralph Vander Berg, Don Jurriaans, HermanMouw, Herman Boss, FrankMHaan, Marian De Jong and Laurence Hieckhoff composed the first loam. The old fairgrounds was the site of the home football games. Rehearsals are being held tins week for the Labor Day evening show, "Campus Carousel." Members of the cast include Lois De Jong, Carole Heemstra, Marlin Vander Wilt, Jacob De Jong, Robert Vander Aarde, Robert Seliger, Gloria Osdoba, Mary Heemstra, Carla De Jong Carol Van Wyk.Sheryl Peters, Carolyn Vander Griend, Eva Ver Steeg, Patty Ver Steeg, Arlene Mans and Nelva Duik- huizen. Mr. and Mrs. Otto A. Rowenhorst announce the engagement of their daughter, Harriet Zeutenhorst, to Paul Van Engelenhoven, son of Rev. and Mrs. E. Van Engelen- hoven. 20 YEARS AGO The Gerrit Beyer farm sold at public auction Saturday for a record price of $705 per aero or $28,200. Willard Foreman of Alton, who runs two hie trucks, bought the placo which is 40 acres with a modern eight room house. TliP property is on Highway 10 just east of Orange City. Other stiff bidders were Henry Vander Weide and Dr. Vander MaatPti. Bon Te Grotenhuis has sold his house to Wayland C. Rreese of Emmetsburg. Mr. Breese will work at the Sioux Abstract Office. Jim Doornink escaped in- jnr. last Tuesday when he was rollin'.' along the ground in Rodney Roetman's plane. \ cross wind suddenly caught the plane and shoved it into a corn field. The propeller was rraekod and a wing strut dammed but Jim wasn't hurt. HP IP it lor Iowa City the next rlav where he is a. member i,l the football squad. PPV. John Roggen of Maurice has announced his retirement and he will preach bis last sermon the first Sunda-, in October. That biu box on the street in front of Sanitary Market is a boob', trap for Mr. Furst, the m itrician who will be here '•iturdav. The box was built b-. the manual arts class at tin public school and Mr. ! urst will be nailed into It ,i tin- mainr show on Satur].,-. ni'.'ht. 25 YEARS AGO 70 YEARS AGO C R. Rieckhoff has a new automobile. It won't go a 1,000 miles per hour but It brought him from Adrian, Minn., to Orange City In a trifle over 3 hours and the distance is 60 miles plus. John Vanden Berg and some of his neighbors near Hull have bought a French Norman stallion for $2,800. Dyk Bros* sold 8 buggies last week. At the annual meeting of the stockholders of the fair association, Sec. Lohr reported a net balance of $49.50. The Northwestern State Bank statement shows deposits of nearly $200,000 and assets of quarter of a million. Potatoes even at $1 per bushel are still quite a luxury to eat, and apples are in the same category. Tynnne Smlt was home from Grand Rapids for her sister's wedding. The Bob Wlchers family of Orange City visited In the Allen Wichers home Sunday evening. Dick Kluis was a patient in the Sioux Center hospital a couple days for tests and X-rays. Lorraine Hawkins was named Queen of the Month of the Nibble nots Tops Club for losing the most Ibs. She received a free shampoo and hair set at Sharon's Boutique. 51 Ibs. was lost by all and 17 3/4 Ibs. gained. The Lou Brouwer family of Woodstock, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Pete Brouwer and Stanley of LeMars and Mr. Neal Brouwer were Sunday afternoon visitors in the John Brouwer homo. The average American now eats more than seven pounds " of pickles a year. , District court LeM&rs Federal savings and Loan Ass'n. «led suit against Richard A. Anker and Marlorle Anker and Sioux CoSy .Plaintiff alleges that £re is a balance due and owing them on a promissory I fonts • in: • *»" -~r» sHiodnlod for lust nook's Cap- itiil hut roRretnhl.v hnd to bo. otnitlrd bi-cniiHC of lack of H|incc. Final Reports have been filed in the following estates and they were closed and the Executors discharged from furhter liability: Estate of Reint A. Poppen, Estate of Berend Jan Veldhuis, Estate of Ben H. Vander Zwaag, Estate of Gerrit J. Raak, Estate of John B. Mayer. By Order of Hon. James P. Kelley, dated Aug. 26, Steve John Peterson, because of his improved condition and rehabilitation, was permitted to Withdraw his Plea of Guilty to the charge of Lewdness, committed on March 25,1970. The case now Is dismissed and the findings of guilty expunged. H. Stlentjes.late 'lied for probate. 'William Kuipers and Jacob De Leeuw were appointed Executors. The Last Will and Testament of John Haack was admitted to probate. John Haack Jr. of Hospers was appointed EX Jake°Vanden Hull and Bonnie Vanden Hull filed suit against David Lee Moler and John J. Moller. Plaintiff alleges that on September 9, 1969 Bonnie Vanden Hull was driving west in an automobile on Highway #18 and that David Lee Moller struck the rear end of said vehicle and caused her severe Injuries. Plaintiff asks for damages In Division I In the amount of $15,000.00. In Division II Plaintiff, Jake Vander Hull seeks to collect $141.3'? for damages to the aU The° Estate of Elizabeth Wiese paid the sum of $6,454.58 Inheritance Tax. The Last Will and Testament and Codicil of George Paul Reimers, late ofBoyden, was admitted to probate. Nel- vlna C. Dlekevers, Florence V. Heemskerk and May E. Lode were appointed Executors, Bond was waived by the Will. Servicemen/ OM / Airman Mr. and Mrs. Arle Bolluyt from Edgerton and Mr. Bas Mullenburg from Ireton were Sunday afternoon callers in the Gerrlt Wabeke home. Mrs. George Gosselink from Tucson, Arizona was a guest on Saturday evening and Sunday in the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Lou Wielenga. While here she along with Mrs. Anna Kool from Boyden also visited with Miss Anna Scholten. U. S. Air Force Airman Gysbertus Aarsen, son of Mrs. T. H, Aarsen, 204 Delaware Ave,, Orange City, Iowa, has graduated from the Defense Information School's Information course at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind. Airman Aarsen was trained in newspaper, radio, and television techniques to help prepare htm for duty In the information field. A 19G8 graduate of Maurice Orange City Community High School, the airman attended Northwestern College and Iowa State University, Amos, Iowa. Mr. ami Mrs. Vugt returned ho day after visiting friends in the Dakota arna. Army Specialist Four Lee R. Plendl, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund L. Plendl, Route 1, Maurice, Iowa, recently was assigned to the 207th Military Police Company at Ft. Riley, Kansas. Spec. Plendl is a correctional specialist in the Company Y. week for Iowa will do pos.-s the University Mrs. Anno andMrs. Wednesday ,, v field, Wisconsin to , George nomna tan% the ladlos will r joint birthdays tembpr a Mr. and Mrs.Arlynj wolterlnk ant! Lls ™ week vacationing taH * Minnesota recGntly and] visited in the home o! and Mrs. I,lo y( | L len . () Valley, Minnesota. The Vn"rican church pic- c M'tie'luled lor September . |, is In. LI, postpone'] because Mr. and Mrs. Terry Maassen moved to Ames where he will resume his studies. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Muilenburg took Barbara to Ames where she entered the University. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Van Peursem and Mr. and Mrs. John Maassen attended the Dairy Convention in Chicago last weekend. Those attending church services here last Sunday evening were Mr. and Mrs. Bill De Koter and Mr. and Mrs. Arnold De Jong of Orange City, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kuiken and Mr. and Mrs. Arie Col- enbrander of Sioux Center. Mr. and Mrs. Ron Brink of Sioux Center furnished the special music. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kuiken and Mr. and Mrs. Arie Colenbrander were coffee guests in the Frank Kuiken home after the service. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Maassen of Sheldon attended church services here Sunday morning and stayed to see the slides of the Netherlands shown by Miss Gotink at the Sunday school session. They were dinner guests in the John Maassen homo. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Do Jong, Rachel and Gerald of Tucson arrived at the home of Mrs. Anna Mnilenburg Saturday evening. They camr> for the wedding of their son, Harlan and Glpnda Rensink which will take place Friday evening, September n, at the Reformed Church in Hospers. Monday evening M lilenburg relatives attended the bridal shower for Miss Rensink at the Sam n^ Jong home in Orange Cit;. A ^ I FURNITUR SALE ANOTHER USED FURNITURE AUCT.ON. WE NEED YOUR USED FURNIIl r. eth Van Wechel and Muilenlmri' ol the r'.e Grocery have pur- the binldiru 1 the-, now I The Sanitary Bakery Ne.i] Dykstra. The reported as *24,000. \lliei i Ileemstra has re•.'nei| In-, position at Northwestern Junior College, and .•.ill lie .is.sociated with f '.N. I'os-- in the 1 liter's business, the '.ioux Count . Abstract Co. Mi•-.•-. M.H |iii |e Van Older, daiii'Mei ol Mr. and Mrs. Dirk V m Gelder, will lie married io John I . Swets, Sep- n n, ,i i 1', in the I irst nsii.iii I'elormed Church, • oi 1" men turned .,,,1 ii.i the lirsi lootball prac- i ; i i oi the season. North/., i, 11, Junior College is : 1 ilii lirsi Junior Col, ; the slate to start , ,.. These |||"ll ie- the lirsi practice: . fjraal, Hilly Top, • is. I red liruwer, , De llaan, I;elmar iifeiie llarsevoort, Valois, Dave Donald l-oreman, i.n. I arl lionnema, e Dykstra <Jort. .,i, *, i i ll;irr, fiimniiik, :.nd Allx-ri Van 30 YEARS AGO Mr. and Mrs. Dean Duistermars of Pella called on Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Vin Pelt Saturday. Another grandson, Kim VAn Pelt of fipllflowtT also callerl there recently. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Peelen of Sibley, Mrs. M.irie Boerhave and Mrs. Van Veld- huisen of Sheldon called on Mrs. Minnie Peelen in the hospital in Orange City and the Jake Brink home In Maurice. Coffee guests in the Hay De Jong home Sunday evening were Mr. and Mrs. John Slander of Orange City after attending church services here. Mrs. Minnie Peelen left the hospital in Orange City Monda\ and will lie cared lor in the Cornie Stegink home. Mr. and Mrs. John Fennema of Alton took in the services here Sunday evening. Mrs. Dennis Conrad and son came home from the Orange ("jty hospital Saturday and Ills p;irents from Scotland, South D.ikota, six'nt the weekend here. run Hor'-'id ul or:tw.<-<"ity liail ;' iicirki-t-lopplriK shl[i- ni(-iit ol porkers at Sioux City Momla, , 20 Imtclii-r lions avcr- uuiiiy. 210 pounds that sold lor ¥12. 1 r,. Ml.v, Uaili-nc I'otti-r and uiollii-r, Mrs. l-on-sl Potter v.i'ii. calli-rs ill Hi'' I'-'l '*' J-HMT lioiin- Sunday, visitiiil/ I,,.; tricnd, Orvillc Uorsch- m-r, who is assistant to the f.'onniy l-.m'.iiii'iT. Ijr. Joliii Hloi'iiiiTidual our iii-w lienlisl has made ;trranR«- nii'iits willi Herman Wobbenva to have his ollice in the rear Mart ol the store. Several rooms in Hi' 1 rear ot the WobU-ma Store are U'llili atlraclively i|ei-iir:iled and entirely, remodeled to accommodate Ur. Bloeineridaal's new oltice. Kntrunre to the waiting room will I* on " ie north side ol the building. 'Hie Goodwill Truck will stop lor a pick-up Thursday, September 10. Miss Jenel Vlieger entered Western Iowa Tech to lake Up Police Science. Mrs. Levering and Mrs. Jalm called on Mrs. llattie Vande Brake in Orange City Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Arie Van Kley ol Sheldon, Mrs. Bert M'-imlng, Mrs. Ralph De Jong and Mrs. Stella llousma all at Orange City were visitors in the John Welles home to observe the birthday of their slsiter, Mrs. Melles, which was Septemlier 10. Mrs. John Klelnwolterlnk of Orange City called on Mrs. Levering Wednesday afternoon. WE'LL ALLOW UP TO _ for your used 3-pc. bedroom set on a new 3-pc. Bedroom Set $229 WE'LL ALLOW UP TO $ 25 Well allow up to for 50 .our used studio couch on a new Studio Couch priced from .& up ',$ We' allow 4 up to _ for your used large chair or rocker on a new Rocker or Lounge Chair Priced $ Jrom for your old mattress or - box spring on a new Innerspring Mattress or Box Spring priced from & up Well allow up to on your old table lamp on a new Table Lamp Priced from up for your old davenport set on a new Sofa If you have no trade-in we'll give you a LIBERAL DISCOUNT Ijfl iimmiiiiiiii iiiiiiiimnmimiiiimmiiiiiiiiiiiuniiimiiiiiiiiiimmiiiimiiHiiMiiiiim ^__^_,—^^» "^••^••••^•^^••^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H We'll allow up to $ 100 '20 We'll allow up to $ 6O Priced $1£,95 from »" up for your old dinette set on a new Dinette Set for your used dining room set on a new Dining Room Set priced from We'll allow up to for your used small chair or rocker on a new Chair or Hi Base Rocker Priced from 79" '398 Well allow up to Priced from '139 up & up 8 We'll allow up to *10 We'll allow up to for your used desk on a new living room Desk £r *89 for your used occasional, step, corner, cocktail or lamp table on a new Table [for your old floor lamp j on a new Floor or Stick Lamp Priced from up & up priced from '29" & up orth side 01 me uuu'ui'fc. lutini. __/ .-TIH-: S.OUX COUNTY CAPITAL, Thursday, September 16, 1971

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