The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 7, 1949
Page 5
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MONDAY, MARCH 7, 1949 "" JHE NATION TODAY jiitial Payment on Estimated 'ax for 1949 Due at Same Time [is Final Payment on '48 Income 'EDITOR'S NOTE: This is Uic Hist, of 12 stories explaining who |isl do what, about his 1948 income tax return. The deadline Is March By James Mariow WASHINGTON. March 7. M'j-Tlie estimated tax return, What. Is WIio must, do something about It? Some people, besides filing their 1048 income tax return by March | and paying up any lax owed, must Abo by March 15 file an estimated tax return . . . it's called a Icclaration of estimated tax" . . on their 1949 income and pay oti lai, too. ^ ^^____ I Who's in this group? Two kinds people: Jl. Those, like landlords and doc|vs. who won't have any lax at I! withheld from their 1949 income. |2. Those, like waRp-earncrs and Ilarled people, wholl have some Is. but not the full tax for 1949. Iiihheld from their pay. 1 Because "estimate" means just It says, the people in the I'D groups must do this by March 11. Estimate that, tlicir 1949 income lilt be and what the tax on it • loiild be. 1-'. Then start paying—in four tn- lallments—The difference between •ie tax n-llhlicld from tlietn. It any • id the full tax they'll owe for •H9. The other payments are due • me 15. Sept, 15, and .Jan. 15, 1950. 1 The idea is to have everyone on I pay-as-you-go system. Those with IJ1 tax withheld from them, will e paid in full by the end of I Those who must make an esll- lated return and four instnllnient liymcnu should be paid up in full I'ound lh(; year's end, loo. I If you will make $600 or more • Us year, and no tax. is'withheld, liu must make an estimated re• un. I (Because that.'income is so low. |)U may not owe any tax or have • i make any payments. Still, you •lust make a return.} 1 If tax is regularly withheld from •iiir pay—but you'll gel more than •100 income from which no lax is ••ithheld—you must file B return |"d figure whether you have to • lake those installment payments. I Generally, employers withhold I ill lax on their employes' pay up J} $4,500, plus $600 lor each' ex• mption claimed. J_Example: Jones, single, will get •5,100 in salary. He doesn't have li file an estimate. Pull tax is witli- leld on the first $4,500 or his pav •nrt then he gets the next $600 as I is personal exemption. I But Smith, single, with a SO 000 •ilary, must tile an estimate and Tirt paying the difference between '-- tax withheld and the fun lax ' Adams, married, has $5.700 No Estimate for him. Full tax is withheld from him up to S4.500. Then • e gets S1.200 (n exemptions $000 |or himself. $600 for hi.s wife. Estimate* Due on March 15 If you're wondering what all |his means, do this: If you know what you get a week |r a month in pay and how much lax is being withheld from you |very week or month. J So [igure how much pay you'll |:et this year and how much'tax will K withheld from it. Then—previous stories explained •low to do It—figure what your full • ax on your income for the year fhould be. If you find you'll owe more tax I han will be withheld from you Ihen you must rile an estimate 'and litart paying by March 15 the first • if the four installments on Ihe •Jiffcrence between the (ax withheld find the full tax owed. File your estimate on form IHMO-ES. It's a very brief f orm .. m blue ink. On the tack |)f it arc tiie same table and formula you used with Ihe 1040 long or l-hort forms in figuring i- O iir 1018 |:ax. Be sure in figuring your estimated |tax that you claim all your ex- wnptions and the standard cleduc- gftns explained in previous stories. ~ y And when you hand over, or mail, •your estimated return to the intcr- • nal revenue collector, enclose with •it the first of the four payments ou •any estimated tax you o\ve. 3 State Police Officers Quit After Probe LITTLE ROCK, March 7. lip,Three Arkansas and two Oklahoma stale policemen have resigned or been suspended after an Inve.stlRn- tion |p involving ~H< luor „„„ gl ,,^. Arkansas Police Director Hcnnmi Lindscy said Sgt. Clyde Orlgsby of Fort Smith, m char B e of seven Arkansas counties, had been suspended, and that Patrolmen M w Ixjudortnilk and Joe nock, both sir^ tionca nt Port Smith, had resigned Two unidentified stale troopers resigned in Oklahoma. They were For t t 01 S,nU 1 !;. EnStenl0k!lll -»'"'- Lindscy said the investigation ion covered "all phases of state police operations, tnclutllng iin uor and Bitmbline." The probe stil is •inderway and no furlhcr informa- •ori will be made public until af- ipr 'I is completed, Lindscy added He said he will make a complete report to Governor McMath Crisby declined to discuss his suspension. Bock said he resigned Jo ake a belter job and Loudermi k was not reached. BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' OOtJRW* KIWI New Towboat 'Truman' Expected to Cut Two Hours Oft Lee's Record ST. LOUIS. March 1. W,-J lL ,t '•» couple of hours off the record" ot he Robert E. Lee's s| «cd run up 1 ?J lssli '''PP' River is the target for the new river towboat Harry S. Truman. The Lcc, a F (e«mboat. raced UK Natchez Irom New Orleans to SI Louis «) three days. 18 hours anti U numitr.s. That was In 1870. She burned some years Inter riving me to the story she blew up at the finish of the race. The Truman, a diraei-powered ySf 1 ', wi " low a bar s c loa<l «i will. 1.000. tons of general merchandise An official of the Federal Burg" lines, operators or the Truman announced the boat will leave New Orleans 5 p.m. tomorrow, the starting hour of the race of "70. Conduct Firing Practice Near Airlift BERLIN. March 7. W, _ The Russian.? started aerial firing practice today in the Berlin airlfft cor- , A three-power verbal protest had been -lodged with the Russians as soon as the firing was reported An American officer said there was no indication that the cancellation was ordered as a result of ihe protest. "It may be that visibility is poor," the officer said. • Read Courier News Want Ads. CHEST COLDS! 'Jilt M yi m, t,n'i think of « nictr p,«, M lftn i fo r „„,;„ Idas In htr tatl IP-Has kilchtn." \V« will jdmii iri>t tbij Ijdy mar h« overdoing ii, but >a LP-G»s kilchtn docj seem like > summtr resort compared to , kitchen with an old-fab- loncd cook nove. We'll b* K lad to show )ou how ion on enjoy the convenience, pleasure and economy of i modern [.P-Gas kiuhtn. Phont, »ri.« or come m soon. Blytheville Propane Co., Inc. North Highway 61 p hone The Arm Lends a Hand Soy's Camping Trip in Japan Ends on U.S. College Campus What may be Ihe answer to the phonograph record muddle Is Uiis new pick-up arm, which will play the standard records and new long-playing ones. Displayed in New York, the pick-up him twin sapphire points. One plays the standard va-rpm records, Ihe other both Ihe 33',i-r|>m ami 45-rpm discs. As the arm switches Irom one point to the oilier, the pressure on the record iilso changes. Changes Looming in Administration Labor Bill Obliterate T-H Measure WASHINGTON. Mnrcll 7 ,,!',_ The administration's labor bill, ap- [ proved by the Semite Ijibor Cinn- milioe would knock out these things by reiiealing Ihe Tall-Hartley Imv: 1. The ban on closed shop nurcc- nicnts. In a closed shop, employer* ran hire only union members. 2. The requirement that the union officers sii;n noii-Comtnunlst affidavits before their unions ean use facilities of the National Labor Relations Board. 3. The han on union political spending. 4. Tile rc[|Uirinent that unions I bargain in good faith. Ucsiitcs repealing Ihr Tnil-Hart- If.v law, the administration bill would:. I | 1. Restore (he old Wagner Act. ! In brief, that act^-cnactecl in 1935 and radically revised by the T-H niciisiire In 1947—guaranteed lh<- rjRhl of employes to organize and bargain collectively. It required em- i Jiloyers 1 0 avoid certain "unfair [ labor practices." but listed non lor i unions. 2- Set up a new procedure for dealing with strikes or dispute.; which endanger the licallli or safety, under it, the President , would ask that there be on strike ' or lockout for 3o days while an ' eincrgcnty board investigated am! then recommended scltlemenl to i bring rboul acceptance, ot the 1 terms. However. Attorney General , Clark has said the President lias "inherent ixmei.s." outside of any legislation, to which he could resort if the Ixj.ud'.s rceonnnemhillunij lulled to settle a strike or dispute. 3.. Ban jmlsdicllonul strikes and "unjustified" secondary boycotts by making them "unfair prncllci>.s." The NLIlll could enforce its rulings by eettins; Injunctions—the only pivvlsioiK In the bill which liennit.s iujiinctions. •1. Stale it i.s the "public policy" of the Uiiliwl Slnto.s for labor con- tract.s to Domain s pravidini; lor iirbltiiUion of dispntiM oi'er in- lerpvelatlon of contracts. 4. Return Ihe Federal Conciliation Service to the Lalxii- Dc|inrt- meut. The T-H law made it an Independent agency. C. Nullify slate laws which ban the cluicd shop or any oilier foun oi compulsory union membership. Frisco's Diesel Engines Speed Freight Shipments ST. LOUIS, March 1—Diesel locomotives placed in service on u,c St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company lines in mid-year 1[H8 partly off-set labor and material cost increases by nidiiiR in more efficient freight Irnin performance records. President Clark HmiRpr- fnrd wntl In a condensed annual report infilled to halclens of Frisco NKA Kfrvlr« NEW VORK-(NM)- Jsanc Shapiro went on a solo camping trip In Japan wiifti he was 14. Tlmt wu nearly five year* ago, mid h« hasn't been home since. He would up Imt year us a fre.s)inmn at Ooltimbla University to begin the laat chapter of one of World War in iU-angcal stories. ^ An anonymous Marine colonel really wrote llic last chapter of Ike's Ktory. 'Hie LoMhomeck Isn't anonymous Ui Ike; It's Just thai young Shapiro, who marte »om« lighting-like moves from a J»p. nurso lortifiert rone to Ihe U s Army to the MarliH'.s.'t want to put Ills benefactor on the spot. After all, ike pointed out, It was Rood Marine salesmanship Ihal sol him where ho is rlnbl now. His camping trip begun soon utter the niinislicc, when Ike sot restless, over long mouths of coiifiiifinont In Yokohama's for- tlfi«l zone. The camiiiiiR Idea was an excuse to gel his father's permission to Ic-uve home; Inslcnd, he sciimix'i-fd off to Tokyo to see what the Ynnkei'.i linked like. He hiiitn'l. Sft'ji one before, &f fnr iis lie could remember. Ike's White Uiissinu falhcr Is n 'cellist and conducts the Tokyo Symphony, li.'s nmllicr a pluiiLsl; they kept their son (airly well sheltered m. home ami Ui Japan's jiiuwhlnl schools. 13ut he learned English, us well us Japanese and llussliin, When Ike got to '1'okyo, the Army almost got him. Outside. MncAvtlmr's hciulqtiarlors, he helped out an-Ariny captain who couldn't make himself understood to a juiiniicsc bus driver. The officer offered Ike n Job us interpreter, nnd even took Ike Into headquarters to meet his prospective Ixvss. It was on Die way out of Ihe voting trust ccnmcntes. "Hy mid-year." lIuiiBerlord snld. we received fouricen 4500-hcnsc power freight diescl locomotives, which are (o be aiiKinented in 104!) by twenty-two 4500-horsc power locomotives, ten of which were plnccd In service In January The rcninliiliiK 12 arc expected In March nnd April. The report contained the consol- Idnlon iiirome nccniint and the condensed consolidated Ri'ticrnl balance sheet for the year. showlliR that and Frisco In 1C48 hnri totnl OIKI- allng revenue.'! of Jl 18,724.071. net railway operating income of $12,585.- 5D1, and balance available for fixed charges, of J13.1D7,03ti. The balance nfter nil charges totaled *1.3C1006 as against $6.flB[>,812 in in47. an Increase of *1,601,2H4. or 255";. 1:10 Sli;i|,lrn: Viikohliamn tj Army u, MUI-IIICH to culli'Rf. Inilldlnn a lew minutes Inlcr, lint Ihe Murliu's tixik over. A iiist-inlk- i»8 Lentliei-iiei-k lieutcnuut, wllli whom Ike slopped to chut, sold him on the idem of Hie sutm; J<>l>, i,| u . s better loud mid t|iiiirter.s. lit tlic U. S. Nuval Air Ilnse lit Yokttsilkii. One week Mur. Hie buse bfi-nm!- nn nll-Min itic oiienilloii. Ike's in'W comiiiaiidiint, the colonel, told him U> stick nround. Ike's been stii-klnu iimiind, .so to «peak. ever .since. '1'lie coloiiel-iiiterprcter rtliilion- Jslilli rliwued Into 1; wurnifrlond.slii)! belweon n officer and u wllUiiK-lo-lciirn ymuiftsler. And thu colonel dM'ldctl to do soiuethin:. about Ike's iuliire. Wlicn lie was Irnnsierml lo Honolulu, tiie colonel sent for Ike. nnd Hot him Into a Hnwiillan high school. The report cards rccordt'tl The Krioiidly Yard hnn Coinhinndon I)(K)rs B. C. Koliinson l.unilier Any da>; now comes one of spring's biggest liiri!ls-(hal first carefree cruise into ilie country on tlie wings of your Buick-witl. the mr warm nnd full of promise, and you falling in love with your Buick nil over again! ^e want you to get trie most out of tins affair, because we've been around Hnicks so much we have n deep and.loving interest in them, loo-so we've got everything all sel in our shop lo get your car all set { O r the season. "pork plugi, dliliibulor, car- bur«lor,radiolorcndcoo1ino lyilcm, ballery lerminal.. k plug,, Ignition liming vol\.«.|appol turtlor. crankcoie, traoimii,ion. <niT««ntlol, chaiili Vfhe«l biarlngi, itecring — do compile engine hme-up. liningi for wear, leil SoH and add water. Changing your oil-flushing ovil your cooling system-these are only starting points (or us! Any mnchine ns line as your Buick deserves a complete check-up lim i luiie-up-and we have the men, ihe lools, the experience, lo tlo it as no one else quite cnnl Drop in this \\cck and let us fix a time for bringing your liuick beauty up in its new-car thrill-level, [-"or that magic Saturday morning, sometime soon, when there's a heady invitulion in the air to get under way someplace ~ts ready! Buick ^»J«J ^~ H Buicks Langston-Wroten Co. Walnut at Broadway Dial 555 For Service PAGNt Uifiif but "A," »nd the <»Jon»l WRIM A lelter-cnmpftlgn to get Ike '•Ho a U. ». college. Tills month jko settled down to >t> fouv-yenr jfiijid nt Columbia, id Ilia colonel jailed off for * mr of sea, duty. There will be a wlinle of • two mim reunion, coiuu June, 1052. BABY CHICKS SPECIAL! Tills Week Only Chicks hundred L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. Clim-y .Is llutlruiiil. I'liuiic 4493 J Pickard's Era. and Market 1044 Chiekcwowba We Specialize in Fancy M«at« and Groceries Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking Space COTTON Chemically .li-ilntril e.Unn wed ttrmlu.te quicker, pUni unil plow tins sAinc wrek. Kriluce choppinj product) mure cotton per acre. ST.VI-K CKIIT1FIKII VAItlKIH.H AVAILABLE II. * 1'. (,. No, II. |irr 60 Mi. II:> B . l>. A I'. |» No, 13, Per 20 I.b. Iliijf. Slimevlllti •{ II, |',.r SO l.b. HUB.., SloliKvllln Z C, IVr SO 1,1, Hug... Itini-dcil Jl-H, I'cr 30 l.b Hut;. Hall * fliilf (Illliri'dl. l'<r !><J fl: ( Cnlirr's 100 Wilt KrsMaiK i> rt so j b I'nilla. IVr riO I,!,. Hitf.. Kmiilrr, IVr 50 l,l>. iin B . Cuinn In and tilucci vntir nrilrr or ret y BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. V'"""' »»« IHj'lliBvlllf, Ark. Phone §17 llrundin: l.cathvlllc, Ark.. HnrnctsvllU-, M». I nlul Senath, Mo. »10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.0* 10.00 10.00 today. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION ^ree Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLOG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. Phone, 3646a^2 Clink. 514 Main. Blythevllle, Ark. Phons 392! Seed Soybeans Our Specialty SPRING PLANTING OATS Air»!fn, I,csncilc/a, Sweet Sudan, Sudan, Pasture Mixtures, Lmvii AlixLures and other field seeds. Cull (Is for Your Requirements '. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION Blytheville, Ark. 856 Phones 857 16. Nu-Wa Offers You the Biggest Laundry Value! ROUGH DRY lAc BUNDLE »V ALL FLAT WORK FINISHED WEARING APPAREL STARCHED Shirts Finished ...,.,.,.„,... .12c each Extra Pants Finished 20c each Extra Call4474-4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS Six Service Trucks • MEAT CURING • STORAGE • FOOD LOCKERS • PROCESSING FOR HOME FREEZERS BLAYLOCK'S Highway 61 North — Phone 3172 Baby Chicks • Custom Hatching • Eggs

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