The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 5, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1896
Page 5
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%rr-M ML etous offef was vet., -.„_,.....,_-of course, atrd the trial of the idea will be watcned with interest. It is safe to say that this time the washing will be postponed. Thpre has been some interest felt in Alfiona busineSd Circles over an itetti in Saturday's dailies, which records the i> . Ate Now Selling at the Following Prices;. X/U IAA \>U 0C4I i. i WA. U I4FjftBly attended, uoat/*^ v^« i? »—...-;— pleasant weather, upwards of ISObeitig tfatf and the oeeassioti was onfe of rate enjoyment. Abfief literary and musical progfam was a feature of the evening. The latter was under the direction of Miss Kate Smith and was one of the greatest musical treats ever given in Algona. Misses Maggie Hunt I I'-vi : 4 M3l it,* CM& ii»t3 Best Minnesota Patent Flour, $ ,85 Dried Peaches, 4 Ibs, for - »25 London Layer Eaisins, 20 ibs for 1,00 Good Bice, per lb., - - - -Og California Prunes, per lb M - .05 SO 02, bot, Selected Queen Olives ,25 11 Other Goods at Reduced Prices, W^ ', MvV' 5|W«V". •«$K' "•^ • •••* and Bag- forown in, Chas. L. Miller, city editor of the Sheldon Eagle, was haled over here last week by Sheriff Samson to answer a charge of selling mortgaged property bought of the Way Bros. He went borne under bonds. Jas. McLaughlin, formerly a clerk in Bowyer's jewelery store, died ot typhoid pneumonia at his home near Lu- V erne yesterday morning. The f uner- al is to-day. He was a young man very highly respected here. Rev. D. R. Landis, of Jefferson, has cts. cts. 1J.I kJ«ULll V.ITHJ tJ \*l»»»*VMJ ..—- — -- - „ failure of the Union Shoe Company, of Cl.illicothe, Ohio, with $100,000 liabili* ties and $50,000 assets. This is tb& company whose output was sold by the firm that, a few mouths ago, wanted to start a shoe factory in Algona. The Algona Deposit & Loan Asso* elation has averaged a dividend of 15 9-10 per cent, on the business of 1895. State Bank Examiner Homer A. Miller has just made a thorough examination of the company's books and finds the business in excellent shape, lh" tending investors are invited to investigate the merits of this association. It won't make any difference to any of our readers, we ttust, but that yarr about there never having been two full moons in one taonth from the Christian era to last December was a fake Data published by the Congregationalist, a copy of which Mrs. Stacy hands us, shows that there were seven in stances of the kind in fifteen years. The Opera House management have made sure that the leading peopl Who gave Hoyt's "A Trip to China town"' its great name in the east are with the company which will appear herein that much celebrated farce- comedy on th>> 13th. These are Bert Haverly and Laura Bigger. This company will play at Cedar Rapids and Fort Dodge before coming here. Photographer Peterson is introducing a new line of photography, known in the art world as the platmotype. This Is a new process •which has been too expensive heretofore to make its use practicable, but new discoveries and inventions have enabled its general introduction. The effect is about the same as in steel engravings and is very beautiful. Emmetsburg Reporter: The Algona UlYCm 1H JCXI^V/JLJC** *JA.AOWV w ^*.vf^ K ~~ — and Abra Robinson performed a duet, Mr. B. T. Smith sang "Ben Bolt," and Miss Smith rendered the "SWaneeHiV- Bf ''with violin, receiving an encofe, abd responding with the "Mocking ttrd." The Algona orchestra were lown for one piece, but Were obliged ,o give two, being accorded a vigorous encore. Miss Cornie Ingham took Mrs. Maud Smith's part at the piano With »reat success. Features of the literary irogram, under the direction of Mrs. McCoy, were a paper on Clara Barton s Bed Cross work by Mrs. C. A. Ingham, a talk on church work by Pr. McCoy, and a war paper by M. Starr. Rev. C. E. Sinclair gracefully performed the part of presiding officer. Refreshments provided by the ladies were followed by a social, which closed a unique entertainment successful in all its features. t BALL PLAYER SHOT, James ayn,-, bOf:»' ',A. ' i ty , I 1 ." •' BtfvjV- $P*b.' 12-lb. sacks, SO 24-Ib. sacks, 55 o .AT THE Water + Mill, or our FLOUR STORE ' .> next door south of tlie REPUBLICAN Office. JONES & SAACY. B,ev. D. li. J-ianciJS, 01 <jeueiBim, 110,0 jijminBWJUiu.g .noyv.uwi.. *,.« ~.,,----accepted the call of the Algona Baptist papers are engaged in an f .unprofltaWe church, and will arrive here, with his discussion of county printing, brought ^H^"',-£ij \u4- ™»ir Wo will HVP. „„ i^vr « r D anlnt.inn nf the board of sup- Ames, of forest City Base Bal Fame, Shot in the Knee. Buffalo Center Tribune: Last Wed nesday night near Forest City occurred a shooting affair that nearly caused th death of James Ames, the far famed ball player of Forest City. Jim and a Mr. Hayden, from Albert Lea, (who by the way is a member of the farm of Gage, Ilayden & Co. who are selling a lot Of their shelf worn goods at Forest City now) went down to a dance m Ellington township and" on the way Hayden stopped to make a friendly call at the home of O. G. Nelson, who, by the way is a bad man in more ways than one. Jim waited for quite a while for Hay den to come out again, but aa he did not come Jim tied the team and Went to the door to call him. Nelson came to the door and told Jim to leave Having bought a large lot of Milk .Caiis, We now offer the Best 8-gal. Iowa Can, $1.65 each Best 10-gal, Iowa Can, 1.75 each Elgin Style, 8-gal, 1.80 each jglPThese cans are made of the very BEST material and weigh 16 pounds, and are usually sold for from $2 to $2.25, Every can is warranted, Spurbeck & Lambert dreamery Supply House, ALGONA, IOWA.- A MARVELOUS LIGHT. Will Enable the Camera to Penetrate Wood, Flesh, Etc. ,, , . LOCAL MENTIONS. '-, ' '-John Dillon will be billed for Algona '„• for March 3rd. > "A Trio to Chinatown" had a run oi A .iiiy .«• , T —York City. See their ad. . call for the •t-m /it is.expecwu uu^u uuu «.»- --- l ! lepublican county convention will be ,'out'next-week. , i 1 it is understood that Editor Henry .Wallace will speak at the farmers' Institute next month. ; Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Odwlee! enter- '^saswa&r*' l-JS&sa&.&FFg'^ ,.all are served. Supper, 16 cents. \ Justices of tbe Peace will notice the V BSPUBLICAH'S announcement of 'f blanks for their use, We have a iuu ; H. C.Utleyis the new Jeweler at •>s He comes from Bancroft a pleasant appearing young neighborhood in Kossuth that 'without a co-operative °TCS7 i one. They are a great and bowl- UJ-lu J. VJIJ • t,w«-*w IT-- — — « • — - ^ «*i 1 » wife and child, this week. He will live in the parsonage. ReV. Landis will occupy the pulpit next Sunday. Spurbeck & Lambert are running their butter tub factory full blast these days and and anyone visiting there will be convinced that Algona has one ot the liveliest manufacturing institutions to be found anywhere in the state. Some of the Algona boys who went to the Whittemore masquerade are mentioned amongst the best masked people in attendance. Nick Ray as Uncle Sam and Bert Williams as Me- phisto looked and acted their parts to perfection. Anybody who wants to buy a landmark has a chance now. It is the house that Father Taylor lived in about all the time he lived in Algona. It was built in Irvington and moved to Algona forty years ago. It is still in a fair state pf preservation. ( , For the grand jury drawing County Clerk Grose has had a box made by E. N. Weaver, and Mr. Weaver says the material ,was from the first t black walnut log sawed in- tbe Irvington sawmill. "'This mill was located under th,e or he would shoot him, and U1OUUO01UI1 ^"- \J\J*.'"~J f- ni - - •* up by a resolution of the board of supervisors. If the plan outlined by tbe board was adopted it would cost more in the end than it does novv and would not give as good satisfaction. In our estimation . supplements are a poor medium to advertise anything in. A special from some east Iowa town to the dailies last week announced the death of B. F. Reed. Of course our Ben saw it, but he says he was not so startled as he was one Sunday at a Methodist church in Mason City when the preacher got up and said: Next Sunday afternoon there will be preaching in the country at the house of Bro. Reed: Bro. Ben Reed—Bro. B. F. Reed." Judge Quarton heard the Estherville _i ±«.;.i.-.si4-inri nnoaa laof*. WP.P.K. find Jim took \J}. JJtJ Hf \yU»AV% »_»»-•"«•• « 7 w 14. the hint and started for the teanr but When he had got about forty feet from the door Nelson leveled his gun and fired, the full charge taking effect in Jim's leg at the knee, tearing away the flesh and shattering the bone so that the lag had to be amputated about four, inches above the knee. Hayden remained in the house and did not show up in Forest City until about noon when be took the first train for Albert Lea. This looks like a mean sneaking trick for a man to play on a comrade. At last repbrt Jim is getting along nicely and Nelson is still at large. WATER MILL FLOUR*. "SnowQueen" (Fancy Patent), Pe * Family Favorite " (Straight), 80c Metal •Weights In Bones and Bones In the Hand Snccessf ally I'hotographed-Prof. Koutgcn, of Wurzburg University, the Discoverer. 85e Bros, selling Califor- •unes at 25 cents per pound last 'rfii tjeir ad., when in fact they --' best'at 5 cents per pound. fine premium, • and 'Bec- have ' to- De witb- 'TbesuppU is run- SXred on We O. BuTf^R^n^ing • TOK, *M* A'3sM.;,3?. entlyKHele JU, YTMJV** "V KH»^nr».TrT»- r_. fa reported to have-bought IH E ' IT ' Ju U1Q ****»Jk »t fc*u • ww •»•*•—. — —— hill west of the present village. Owing ,to the fact that Washington's birthday comes on Saturday this year, the annual celebration by the Post will be held on the night of Friday, the 21st. This will enable those who attend, and we must all go, to get those beans fairly digested during the secular week. Shelley & Pettibone report a fair business in marble these' days. Mr. Geo. Shelley, who bas charge of the cutting of all stones going from their place, is truly an artist in his line, and it is well worth a visit to their shop to see some of the beautiful pieces now displayed. Deputy Sheriff Mark Boyle went to Germania yesterday to arrest Gallagher for his old offens'e of illicit liquor selling. When he was up for that offense before, Judge Thomas promised him a year in the penitentiary should he ever be brought before him again. The city election takes place on the first Monday in March, when aldermen are to be elected in each of the wards. Those whose terms expire are F, H. Vesper'in the first, S, H. >,PetU- bone in tbe second, J.. «X Magnusson in the third and J, F, Nicoulm in tbe fourth. ' President 0, D. Pettibone authorises the notice that the annual meeting of the Algona Cemetery Association wm be held next Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, at the office ofW. H. Nycuw, This is an important meeting and should be attended oy all interested •• saloon injunction cases last week, and the trial resulted in his dissolving the temporary injunctions. The three saloons are running again. It was proved that a bar tender had violated the statute by giving beer to a minor, ana by consent he was made a defendant, and duly enjoined. ' Estherville' probably bas the most virtuous saloon keep r ers in the state.' ' ' ' The fire bell has been moved to the cupola of the city hall, and has been equipped with two clappers. A rope is attached to each clapper, and the two are pulled alternately. The sliding door of the engine room is left unlocked and can be pushed open by anyone having occasion to ring an alarm. After the bell has been rung a moment it is stopped, and after an interval the number of the ward the fire is in is tolled on the bell. The engine room is always lighted. Booming the county by the use of boom editions of any description gotten up outside of the county have always failed. No scheme contemplating a boycott of the newspapers by taking from them their legitimate patron- aee will permanently succeed. Home newspapers will always perform any service in that line that is demanded and paid for, Still people allow themselves to be taken in at frequent intervals, and the outcome is that they expect tbe home newspapers .to dp for nothing what outside booming, twice paid for, fails to do. C. D. Pettibone has sent in his Weather report for tbe month of January, from which it appears that the minimum temperature was 13 below, _ on the third, and tbe maximum 53, on provedTin health, the 29th. 'There was a cold snap on the * „ ^ ,, Dodee a 3rd and 4tb, and on f pur pther days the , .^; ^*J; ~,5> a ** mercury descended be'low the sero line 33T. T_ j«-» sliminnt 4-lm Tvinnrr nftl" ^H.f*l:C "Bock Bottom"'(Baker's Patent);70c 'Delivered. Five cents ofE to those who take at the mill or store. 12'lbs sacks Buckwheat Flour, 30 cents 2'4'lbs sacks BuckwheatFlour, 65 cents • -cfl?ry our flour and convince yourselves that Algona andKossuth county are not dependent on any foreign country for bread. JONES & STACY. 100 thirty-five cent bottles of Bell City Silver Polish at 19 cents, at Dmg- gley & Pugh's. % 100 fifty-cent song folios at 19 cents, at Dingley & Pugh's. The noise of wax's alarms should not distract attention from the marvelous triumph of science which is- reported from Vienna. It is announced that Prof. Eoutgen, of Wurzburg university, has discovered a light which, for the purposes of photography, will penetrate wood, flesh and most other organic substances. The professor has succeeded in photographing metal weights which were inclosed in a wooden case; also a mon's hand, which showa only the bones, the flesh being invisible. . It is said that the discovery is simple. The professor takes a so-called Crooke's pipe (a vacuum glass pipe), with an induction current going through it) and, by means of rays which the pipe emits, photographs on ordinary photographic plates. In contrast with the ordinary rays of light, these rays peneirate organic matter and other opaque sub stancea just as ordinary rays penetrate glass. He has also succeeded in photographing hidden metals with a cloth thrown over the camera. The rays penetrated not only the wooden case containing the metals, but the fabric in front of the negative. The professor is already using his discovery to photograph broken limbs and bullets in human bodies. THEIR MARVELOUS SCENT. Remarkable Test of Bloodhounds In the Streets of Indianapolis. An interesting test of the skill of bloodhounds in man-tracking through the streets of a populous city, over ice and snow, was given at Indianapolis, Ind., tbe other day in connection with, the pet stock show, which hn.s been m progress for two or three days. I ( our , dogs were entered in the test—Brady and Countess, belonging to S. M. Miller, of Darlington; Prince, owned by Bowers & Harris, of Nobleeville, and Bright* owned by W.S. Fields, of Whcaton. ; , Dr. Bell, of Kokomo, left Tomlinson hall early in the morning, and, after ; walking through alleys and streets, he- placed on a pair of aretic overshoe* and continued 1 his walk through the parks and on the streets frequented by- pedestrians. On the line of march _he, saw a runaway team, and in connection, with the crowd assisted in catching- the horses. He then returned to the, hall, where the show was in progress. An' hour later the dogs were placed; on the trail and followed it with com- , parative ease, except at the point wh^re the runaway was halted, and one or two other places over which there had', been considerable travel and around^ which the crowd following the dogs, surged until it was almost impossible^! ,to break through. With unerring in^l«&, stinct,, however, the dogs again foi the trail, followed it steadily over •.. if entire line which Dr. Bell had walked,,; 1 and back to Tomlinson hall, where they picked him out of a crowd of pey-^, eral hundred people, going up to'him; . and indicating his identity by barking. ,V PERSONAL MENTION. Mrs. C. M. Wilson left for Florida last Friday. She will visit a sister. Miss Mattie Haggard has been quite sick with tonsihtis for several days. Misses Emma and May Henderson spent Sunday in Burt visiting friends and relatives. L. H, Mayne, of the Emmetsburg Eeporter, was visiting old friends m Algona on Friday. C. W. Craven, of Jasper county, a brother of Mrs. Mansmith of Cresco, was visiting in the county last week. Clarence Robinson visited his brother, Earl, up at Estherville last week. Earl is,in the restaurant and lunch room business up there and is prospering. , Joe Cordingley returned home from Chicago Monday morning, alter several weeks spent in the city under medi- ?al treatment. He is somewhat im- OREGON NEARLY READY. Prepared There was no day during the, month when it was below zero at 3 p. m ' Big Battleship ,WU1 Soon Be for Active Service. The battleship Oregon at San Francisco will soon be ready for sea. The last of the armor plates for the turrets have been shipped from the Bethlehem •works in the east for the Union iron works, and according to the contract the vessel is to be completed within 90 days after the receipt of the plates. The armor for the sponsons and barbettes has long been in position and nearly all of the eight-inch and the smaller guns have been mounted. The lour 13-inch guns that are to be protected by the turrets cannot be mounted until the armor plates are in place. One of the turrets was finished a few days ago, but the big weapons will not be placed in it until both turrets are ready; then all four guns will .be mounted at once. 'Nearly all that remains to be done to the big -Wp is to complete that one turret, tuiw it will only require a few days after the arinor plates arrive to do the work, The engines and 'other machinery of the vessel, have been tested and found to be. perfect, and the big battleship can now be- made ready f pr service in a few days, , j,)1<? CHEROKEES AVERSE TO CHANGE They Wish to Keep Their Present Vmmf^, of Government. ,' J< ijj The opposition of the Cherokee In- $. dian nation to the proposed change,of,t;3, form of their government was discussefl^j at a conference the other day between, ;';:•< Secretary Smith, and the Cherokee dele-^ ; | gation. The party consisted of |*^-:4 cipol Chief Mayes, ex-Chief Harris; andA| Delegates Smallwood, Young -«•*** iBenge. They x made a vigorous against the proposition's of the commission, and urged that the 'in form of government, if^mad^^^.-wKB would be very detrimental to their \vel-j;|| fare. They cited the treaty stipula%»a^».€ made with them by the federal govern; nient, and asked that they ww^^i 71 force for the present v 7 '* ''V%'^ » In support of this requestitTV»^ ur g'S. that many Indians do not upderstjjp the English language, and ^re.laffcfj^ ignorant of the laws and customs $!J|i$ whites. Progress, however, ^•^V.MT* made, and in course of tim< kees would be adapted to favor the changp of gpvej agree to divide tjieir lands in' Secretary Smith told ( -the^ ?7 ^, the a4mof the government was t$ the condition Pf the^Jndian.8,, " newed former expressions' • that it would *- -' A m. after toe 4th. that the average Peter Skow, of Wesley township, bas. ' » h 8 s sold bis toe wsi , , . had a family of three gu'ls andtwp boys arrived home yester- to Mjsspur e of ope ot ' t en ? p^Fe,wa ! _twQ i degrees : bgow for eight years, but - WS5«Sof?J»5WWM evened UP, as a -good healthy boy pmipitatiori last mpnth was. only ' ' ' and, Mr*. Skow Sunday, fee.? hu'ndreaths of an W9h ' Of government^* tribes: ' ladies Qf -the Extern stay gave , , lorp§s che s eo we cpuW y Deports tbe vw pleasant -p! J?wS Jpdg? rqpm aaa '' f fta ^ fc - ''Unbebn 3'»W\4»¥ f-#»tt****** T ir-T, T ^-_---- T-fcey,MH recommend »•, «ft i.JT44t BwMftuW'J* JSW9ll'*fa«*P' r V3" %*: M|y||lto*ing,M ?eav' |l9Q W£?-., W% M msfPl fmaranteerIDMJUWi tha worst case$ by f SSffift *$mf a pf>d D eyk54 §e,e A '- -'"" "• • • " '' ' ' mm^^&i

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