The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 5, 1896 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1896
Page 4
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SWflPTIOH BATES { Vear, in Advance. Si* Months Months < .40 It is being talked that it will cost delegates to St. Louis $500 apiece. presideiit-nmkingprivileffes come high. The deticit is growing. of the national treasury were $3,459,000 short of tUres. The receipts for the January expend! noble mefl be said, and with equal truth and force, ofH&rfisOiiandfteed. It to perfectly proper, because unquestionably true, to say that Iowa is solidly and Sincerely for Allison, but that does hot itflply any radical objection to other tnen who are bis competitors, does Hot to any large The objection extent prevail and men who are turning themselves itiside out to demonstrate that they ate the only true blue will be the first to testify to the fact should any other candidate than Allison be nominated. j^ JLHJ w utv/A v »-«**«•**" — -~ — ~ in obscurity, and it is likely to so ih a large degree until the vef? tto tnent when the name of the fifexfc pfesi* dent is authoratativety pronounced at St. Louis. . THESE ARE WISE Marshailtown It looks as though we were going to have a regular Spain and Cuba time m our presidential campaign. IjTo news is worth anything that comes from the other fellows. MUTUAL INSURANCE. Some portions of the report of code commission the Iowa republicans should not lay .the flattering unction to their, souls, $iat MclCinley has no Show as a president: ial candidate. Little credence should be eiven the stories purporting to come from Ohio to the effect that there is a hopeless split between the McKiflley and Foraker factions and that the f Of nv et'fl friends are deserting him in large numbers. Nothing is to be gained, The anti-cigarette bill passed the senate on Saturday by the overwhelming vote of 31 to 11, most of the negative voters coming from the democrats. It is expected fiat its majority in the house will also be large. It is a good bill. Dr. Geo. F. Magoun, the founder of Iowa College, died at his home in Grinnell last week, after a long illness. Dr. Magoun was not only a distinguished scholar, writer aud educator, but he was* an influential public leader and one of Iowa's best men. look very queer. It looks very queer that these commissioners should, for instance, conclude that mutual insurance companies attdbuild- ing and loan'associations should be driven out of business. To What public demand is this action of the commissioners in legislating these institutions out of business a response? The large business which these institutions Lave done is evidence of a demand for them. What are the evils or abuses calling tor their suppression? The answer to these questions' may be very easy at Des Moines, but in Kossuth county there are numbers of people who cannot explain this unexplained attack xvpon what up here are deemed legitimate and useful institu- either by attacks upon the pro tection apostle or circulating disparaging reports relative to his character, his career or his candidacy. Allison himself would not endorse such a course. It would displease him greatly, in fact, to learn that his over-zealous supporters were striving to advance his interests by personally assai ing any of the other candidates. That's not Allison's way of conducting a campaign. Iowa is ready and anxious to promote bis canvass in every legitimate and effective way possible, but we don t want Senator Funk ; s fish bill, which was the first bill to pass the senate, went swimmingly through the house last Friday. It prohibits the erection ot any kind of shelter or devise for keeping warm on the ice while fishing and of course is intended to discourage fishing through ice as a business. It is a good law. There are not enough fish in any Iowa lake to warrant their being caught on any large scale. to slop over and really injure his tions. The REPUBLICAN last November gave a list of about seventy farmers in Kossuth who had been paid losses by a single mutual company during the season. We do not know how many farmers in the county were insured in this company. There were probably several hundred, and there may have been a thousand. If anybody thus insured had any complaint to make against the company it was not made public. The losses were adjusted promptly, without any friction or dissatisfaction, and the rate of insurance was not above five chances by unwarranted and unpoliti- cal arraignment of McKmlev or any other candidate. As is truly said in another article on this page to-day, McKinley has many devoted triends^in Iowa. They will resent any attempt to abuse or belittle him, and if they are to be held in line for Allison it must be done by different tactics than by knifing the Ohio candidate. Wetru^that Senator Allison will be spared tae humiliating necessity of pleading to, be spared from his ' 'fool friends.'^ Leading republican papers, that are not dominated by prejudice, and even the democratic press, now concede that the stories of a split in the Buckeye slate are mere political fabrications. Will b& tjtodd fdt So~y§ Wb<5 Vet ttave Softife B?aifit-4teceS9ity fot EcSftd* my this Veaf* DBS MOINES Feb. 3.—The re-eon* vetting of the assembly on Tuesday afternoon Wtt6 the signal for beginning earnest work. The visiting cotnttitees had returned, bringing generally fav* orable reports and ready to recommend all just appropriations Two features of these reports attract especial attention. The sentiment of the committee Which visited the Fort Madison pentitentiary favors abandon* ment of the old buildings and selection of a new and more accessible site. The admitted opinion of the Anamosa committee is that there may be some foundation for the charge that the warden has used the state's stone for private use. Nothing may come of these reports, however. Investigation of the charges made against the Independence insane hospital for using Illinois in preference to Iowa coal shows' that there are two sides to tbe question, and the report of itlieffgularmdtithty tittfr ttotmcil Chief 6f th§ fife department Stibmlited following very interesting ftpOrf 5 To the Honotable Mstfot and ftffifilfr mefl Of the City Council: ^^^ Pursuant to section ll» ordinance nttmber 65, the following report is sub* ffiittedi The proprety now in service* able condition is as follows; one hose cart, one ladder truck equipped with two extension ladders, otte l8-f oot sm* gle ladder, two short roof ladders, two 16-fcot pike poles, one pulMpwn rope< two fire axes, one pick, six rubber buck' ets, 600 feet 3-inch hose, with pipes for same, ohe leak stop, one lantern, two patent respirators, six rubber coats, siX pairs of rubber boots, 20 department caps. In addition to the above there are 200 feet of 2-iuch hose, which however cannot be practically used. In regard to apparatus 1.would^recf ominend the purchase of 300 or 400 feet of 8-inch hose and one shufrqff nozzle for same. Also a supply carriage to be used for conveying extra hose, rubber coats, lanterns, chemical extinguishers, axes and numerous other tools. Such a carriage is an actual necessity, as the above named articles are needed from the first at any fire, and unless some provision is made for them they are liable to be in the hose house When most needed. Other additions to the apparatus now needed are two or more chemical extinguishers, two tips for the fhe t&mtel As&sffibty is ift tfas Mdtwt ta tfcipeft&s ta T 1 hete,is evidence of a seriouT posed on the part of the present gW» ; ; , al assembly to go ahead and do sdffleXff thing towards carrying out the itormar, school idea. Here is what is Said by. Bicknell in the Times-Eepublifcatt ,6f • Monday. * Mote notmal instruction is as inucu, desired by the edueatfbnal people a& any thing- probably more than anything else by the rank and file of the teaching profession. The state haft , but one normal school. They ate going to askf or the creation of five mote, to cost the state $6,000 each per year for teachers and $2,000 for contingent , expenses, or $80,000 for the biennial period for them all. The buildings and grounds must be furnished free to the* — " i! "« *"" ftltt state by the towns co for the the committee will doubtless receive more than ordinary attention. Speaker Byers' popularity increases. The promptness and justice of his rulings make a good impression. He was commended by all for- the emphasis with which on Tuesday he ruled out & resolution for a deluge of extra committee clerkships, on a point of order made by Funk, of Hardin, thus solving a problem which threatened to make a useless wrangle. JWMIA \^^»Ui"^ M*M«-«W.»W j — •• — - -*. - , pipes, one a H inch and one three- fourths inch, to be used in case of low pressure or when a higher stream is Our present fire alarm should be improved by a double- clapper, This would give it a decided ring^of its own 0UC*VV> fJ J. *>J-» w ww «» »-« . ~^ *' k » «*? « '!_». I-.' 1 ' **' • schools, and no town is eligible to be a. candidate until it has put up deed and security for ground and buildings with the auditor of state. The buildings must be large enough to accommodate 300 students in each school and if new must cost $25,000. The locatons are to be made by the legislature in joint con" vention this session mu "- 1 —'<• «»«* be in session at least The schools must 26 weeks every This company carried risks last season amounting to nearly $8,000,000, and it paid losses amounting to $85,000. Is this an institution to be placed un- Congressman Dolliver is evidently a popular temporary chairman. He will ce nts an acre, fill the place in the state convention for the third time next month. He presided in 1884 and again in 1888 in the conventions which elected delegates to national conventions. The meaning der ban and driven from the state i of his selection is only this, that it i s it supposed that this high and takes Iowa's greatest orator to fitting- mig hty commission were aware of some ly set forth Iowa's ideal of a presid- iniquity in this class ot institutions ential candidate as embodied in Alii- above what other insurance companies, which they graciously exist, . are : guil- A JUST MEASURE. Correspondence Times-Republican: Senator Healy, of Fort Dodge, has aimed a blow at oppression that ought to win. Under the present law a man can make a contract for the purchase of real estate, make his payments regularly and make large improvements, and if he fails for one day on the last payment, or on any payment, he forfeits all he has put into it, if the contract so provides. He has no redress, no day of grace, no chance to redeem. It has worked a terribly cruel hardship on many,an unfortunate person. Senator Healy's bill provides for giving The present condition of the state's treasury justifies the suppression of all such needless expense. It is necessary that this year's appropriations be for judicious expenditures. The constant flow of bills, petitions, resolutions and memorials in the short session of Wednesday was accompanied by a listless spirit of affairs. The members of the house seemed to awaken and take a little more/interest when Morrison of Keokuk introduced a bill for the suppression of intemperance and lying. The house concurred in the Armen- notiue to the purchaser that the holder ian resolutions of the senate, without of the contract intends to take_ advan- commen t, although the Hepburn epi- glV1DR sode in the national house was a. not- I iceable topic of conversation among days to redeem. son. and by it fires could be located in different wards, i . • I would suggest that *a street lamp be placed opposite the stair entrance to the city hall. This would light up the room below when the door is thrown open, and the carts and trucks could be more quickly run out. . The company now have a full membership of twenty who are as follows: J.O. Anderson, A. H. Alleo, Geo. Campbell, A. L. Calkins, A.F. Dailey, F. E. Foster, Frank Burt, L. Horan, B. C. Lewis, H. Norton, Eoe Nebergall, Will Richardson, E. Hackman, W.E. Hart, G.E. Hamilton, Guy Grove, Chas. Johnson, E. E. Wilbur, Frank Wilson, II. Williams. The following officers were elected for 1896: Chief G. E. Hamilton, 1st Foreman W. E. Hart, 2nd Foreman Geo. Campbell, President A. F. Dailey, Secretary A. H. Allen, Treasurer E. Hac*kman. , „ , . , „ The company are all stationed and are when two lines of hose are laid 2 hydrant men, 6 nozzlemen, 2 linemen, 2 detailed on ladder truck, 6 reserves. The company are taking an active intesest in all matters relating to the department and good service may be expected from them. An indoor drill will be arranged for year and the charge for tuition is to be not more than $6 per term with $1 a. month for contingent expenses to students, who sign a statement that they intend in good faith to follow the busi-, ness of teaching in Iowa. The trustees- may receive other students if they have room, at such.tuition as they may fix. Both these proposed laws, it will be seen, are for the benefit of the country schools. Superintendent Frank B. i permitted to The republican state convention has ty of ? been called for March llth, only a lit- We do not know O f any interest tie over a month in the future. The . g endanffe red except that ci: compet- business of the convention will be to inff stock comp anies that charge five to choose delegates to the national presi- t times what t bey do for the same dential convention to be held at St. Bervice | chairman WHAT SUITS US BEST. [the legislators and many free and em- metsbure Reporter: We notice .pbatic opinions were expressed. I winter as-soon as the company thaTSresentative Cornwall is .cliair-| Senator, Lathrop's. bill to establish^ | quarten>d in the ^new (t .1 _ • .- Jl I *,! r* ..n nr\ m W» 1 i"i-Qa 1 tl 1'ViO are QV/U\y V^AW* j^w^v*.*..""*"^— — . — - -- • . — f - , Cooper is generously giving his time ico looking after these interests, and the Des Moines school board is quite willing that he should do so, though the city schools are not directly affected. County Superintendent R. C. Barrett is- here helping him, and is a very efficient lieutenant. State Supt. Sabin is supporting 'these measures with all his might, are all the educational influences of the state. The township organization plan has been tried in Ohio, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire; -Michigan and New Jersey and has been round a.: good one. This is a proper connection in which- to make public the fact that the ex- ' ecutors of the Call estate are again in the field witli an offer of asite- on condition that some such bill shall pass and Algona is made one of the- , -points for a school. About five acres ; surrounding the present grounds ( are ,t, U'.,, •4p •KJ&3 man of the judiciary committee in ..the and is also a member of various commitiees. Whelan, of Emmet, court has been freely 'com- pon with varying expressions, but the general prediction is that the i fully submitted. 1 Mi. Chen. _ of the committee on State University and on private ,. . _—...- . the gjnce the assignment of committee | g 0 i<i Thousands of cases 'of consumption, asthma, coughs, colds and croup are cured every day by Shiloh's cure. 1 CJnl^ Wr* llVnnlr TUllirlAV. or- rooms and hours of meeting there is no Dingley. Farm For Bent. «V^«-»*'*«-"™ — ._-- ^ i uw*. • ~ —• — i JjLltVUU W J-IJk T \J*.*J**ij *~~- — fc Louis next June and to give Allison's sti ii ib is reported that this strange tions> Butwhat suits the Kos-,--"-.. h n been named for temporary chairman. they would do we ll to get their reasons : slature he will be in a position to * giderable work before them already It is safe to anticipate the greatest con-1 - - -- -»^- wi,««-. mi<riit-. tin I ,*,_._. ^ <.„ anma „„«<* -, n that I consiatuduio VYUJ. -vention ever held in Iowa. available, and a deed for it for t pose can be had apy time itMs for. As' to buildings, "if ^the -present building of the Northern lowa.^ormalt School should be deemed inadequate, ,' an additional building answering 'every demand, would be very promptly guar- •; anteed by the people of Algona. The ,. site offered is one of the grandest this north central region. •' ' Senator Quay has done a popular thing by introducing a joint resolution for the appointment of a commission to ascertain the sum of money that would be required to buy up all the canals in the country. It is estimated in advance that something like $200,000,000 would be required. That would be a trifling sum compared with the money invested in railroads, which some inconsiderate people want to have owned and run by the government. Senator Quay's plan is urged as a solution of the problem of cheap transportation. Senator Gurley, of Decatur county, has introduced a bill providing that the township trustees of any township may authorize persons or clubs interested in bicycles to prepare a track on one side of public highways for the ex. elusive use of bicyclists. It limits the width to six feet, makes the parties interested bear the whole expense, and prohibits any use of the way other than as a bicycle track. It seems to tie a very reasonable and sensible bill, and no doubt if it passes numerous clubs will avail themselves of its provisions, before the public statesmanship with a well paid lobby |ii ne . might not look like it in the unsophisticated rural press best society toe give'a springy knee action like that ishing combinations between THE ALGONA STYLE. I surance companies Britt Tribune: Wooden shoes .are sup p 0 rt in the house, very fashionable in the _ best society interested parties are beginning to HAEIUSONNOTAOANDIDATE.^ T^yle^^^ aRainst the new Ex-President Harrison has written a T y roles {, beauties and cure all diseases Uode's proposed restrictions upon mu- letter positively declining to be con- of the teet . All the ladies of Algona tual insurance companies. " •' •-•--- wear wooden shoes this^ winter. When I. Bepl . esent ative St. John's bill pro- for the a babi e e y s. CA Howev-| viding a system Tpiisentative Smith's bill for pun- FARM LOANS AT SIX PER CENT. 3 between fire in- And the expenses of making the loan will receive a large can be paid at the option of the bor- Will loteivo •* «"h° r T«4- Q ^nc,«- •nutru.hln n.nmiallv. sidered a candidate for the presiden-' tial nomination. The letter was ad-| dressed, Monday, to Capt. John K. Gowdy, chairman of the Indiana republican state central committee, and is as follows: Hon. John K. Gowdy, Indianapolis, Ind- In view of the resolutions passed b.> the state central committee at its recent meeting, and ot the fact that delegates to the national republican convention are soon to be chosen in this state, I have concluded that some statement from me as to my wishes and purposes should be made known to my Indiana friends. Hitherto I have declined to speak to the public upon this matter, but scores of friends to whom I have talked, and many scores more to whom 1 have written, will recognize in this expression the substance ot whai I have said to them.'' To every one who has proposed to promote my nomination I have said "No.'' There has never been an hour since I left the White House that I have felt a wish to return to it. My Indiana friends have been most devoted and faithful, and I am their grateful debtor, The republican narty has twice in national convention ". r. ji.™ rt^/IrtwafnYiant: and t,nn.t"i 1R rower. Interest payable annually, unless otherwise preferred. This loan be paid in whole or in part at any interest date. Hoxns & BKUNSON. We want to all our old friends and lots of new ones opposite the postoffice. —M. Z. GBOVE & SOK. warehouses I cp^ption,, LaQrippe, Pneumonia, 'REMOVAL SALE. I will sell from now until I remoyeto, my new store in the Boston Block wi Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Silver-, ware at reduced prices. Call and se-cure some of the Cowles Block. n^l ocj u nrndlft ffir lllfi baUleS. 1IOW6V-I VlUiUK «i a.tavum m- ^-~--~ „ (JOUSUmpUUU,, uuvjiilJy 0 ! i uv>""*««—> er 1 , "the SsynSacies of fate always is in line with the recommendations of and all T^oat and Lung troublesawcur- seem to militate against the poor, for a tbe ra n roa d commissioners' report. Mr, |£ 1 5 yb ° n ^k Dingley. . Dear PCUAAA UW *i-i.*«*v««— —n- 1 *• . ' , poor Kossuth county lady with only one leg recently gave M -* u *" *"""" and had only one shoe new sus . Here is The new code is bringing t»icion upon itself every day •wbat F. W, Bicknell says in tbe Times[Republican: . «' Just why the code commission took the governor and s{ate i superintendent of public instruction off tbe board of aregents of the State University has not Wen explained by the commission or Sy one. The state superintendent is KITVM me its endorsement, and that is enough. I think the voters of our party are now entitled to have a new name. For the sentiment, great or small, there has been manifested for my nomination, I am grateful; and of the wider respect and kindness-breaking party lines _ W hich have been shown me in so many ways, lam appreciative. I can CONCEDED TO ALGONA. Wesley Reporter: We hope the' citi-1 sens of Algona will roll up their sleeves and make a determined effort to secure the new normal school if anpther is to be built in the state. This is something which eveiy citizen-of Kossutn is willing that Algona should have. FLORIDA AND SOUTHEAST. If you have any intention of going to the southeast th?s fall or winter, you should advise yourself of the best route from the North and West. This IB the Louisville & Nashville Railroad, which is running double daily trains from St. Louis, Evansville, Louisville and Cincinnati through to Nashville, Chattanooga, Birmingham, Atlanta, Montgomery, Thomasville, Pensaoola,; Mp* Bile, Jacksonville and all Florida points. Pullman Sleeping Car Service through, Specially low rates made to Atlanta during the continuance pf the Cotton States Exposition, and tourists rates to all points in Florida and Gulf Coast resorts during the season, For particulars as to rates and through car service, write Geo, B, Horney, Piv, | St. John says it is intended to enable i to practically hold their for best prices. There is a prospect for the passage of some strong legislation for the regulation of private banks. The house committee on banks and banking is a strong one. Representative Neibert of Linn county is chairman. Senator Eowen on Wednesday intro- nuced a bill for distributing county printing. If it passes it will make a clearer law than the present one and avoid much confusion, On account of the low state of the treasury many members of the assw CHICAGO, ILL., Dec. 26, 'i W. WOOD, McGregor, la, After using your Woi passed a tape worm 22 f e?t long and all. I was troubled for t time with pain in my stomach and i^ Sold by Frank Dingley PORK BARRELS. The best hand made .white oak full I tiTankfol and shall take pains,- in bound pork barrels, holding 300 pounds, -- - •• $1.75 and $2,00. These barrels are usually sold for $2.00 and $2.25, SPURBECK & LAMBERT, Eggs at 12c. per dozen at Patterson & Son's. . president of the board of trustees of the Itate noymal school now,, but the new has mad.e no provision, for his liav . , Sg anything to do with the board. The ffilature is likely to fix' this UP by Sing the governor and superinend- , not consent that my name be presented to or used in the St. Louis convention, and must kindly ask my friends to accept this as a sincere and final expression upon the subject (Signed) bly who were veterans in the late war oppose the measure for appropriations for monuments to the memory of Iowa soldiers. One member expresses him* self; "It is better to take carp of fhe living soldiers w present; the Almighty will take care of the dead," The question of ap extra session still agitated, A resolution offered by the house cod^ committee pvoppsed t9 service, write Geo Pass. Agent, 8t, Pass. Agent, 8t, I^ouis, Mo., J, BilgelyTN, W, Pass. Agent, OhwagQ IU,, C/p, A-tmpre. Gea'l ?ass. Agent suspend all epfra. work until t.he code work be completed, This wo«Jd practically making m extra session the present b«e and to be adopted- HOUSE FOR SALE. Mrs. L- M. Horton will sell cheap, to any party who will remove it, the house on her McGregor street lot. , Apply early, ' 741 E, Vanbureii Go to Patterson & Son for day goods. Their line is complete,,i||,^ Heal tli and sweet breath .secured . b' *"** Job's* Catarrh Remedy, Try our HUDSON, sorghum, Nasal Injector free al Inj by F Sold by Fyank Plngley.- Grove &Son were the, low priced canned 10949. ' ' First mortgages For Banquet Lamps yjsit Patterson 5 Son- • same »QW Syvup" that you Uke,d go son & again at sample bottle we were ^e pioneers in making optipnal farm, loans. ,at cent, annual interest The borrow* cs^ o« ail •i»UlM»l*UAt HAKBISON. This is positive and, final, and it takes from the field a name great to conjure with. Harrison, bad he-been a candidate, would in one inspect, have been the strongest in t}ie Peld. Each of the other candidates has made a record of pronounced puepess in the particular duties to whieji he Mas been but no OQejDfctfcew has demonstrated in wtiua.BOTlW tlie we capacity qualifying Ww fJ'-^e great duties ' I am loanipg money on farm atsix pev owFtaterert. Only charge will be made for procuring

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