The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 5, 1896 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1896
Page 3
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The Olem case was, beyond doubt, the most bitterly contested criminal case of the decade, and the time intervening be^ tWeen the time of her arrest and final discharge was a little over eight years. Mrs, Clem Was charged with having killed Jacob Young and wife at Indian* apolis", Sept. 12, 1868, and was tried four times. Twice the jury hung and twice she was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, but each time the supreme court came to her rescue and reversed the case. After the second trial the case came tip here on a change of venue. Marion county spent over $30,000 itt the prosecution, but refused to contribute further after the verdict of guilty rendered at the fourth trial had been reversed by the supreme court and the case Was dismissed. Harrison's summing up of the case Was not very vigorous and his Ian* gtiage was entirely deferential. When the trial Was over Harrison said to Judge Palmer, who was hearing the case, that he would never prosecute another woman, and he never did. SUPERIOR LANDS INVOLVED. IV fee* NEW LESTER CULTIVATOR. m *>„{ >; ||/. : any Simple, Strong and no Breakage If your agent does not. keep it, write us. GALJE MFG. CO., ALBION, MICH. PLOWS, HARROWS, CULTIVATORS, RAK3S AND-] K IOWA. $j.OO TWICE A WEEK ™_ E T~R 1 K 1 = FOR ONE YEAR A Al " Tor $ 1.00, FOR ONE YEAR sent to the TIMES-REPUBLICAN, Marshalltown, the Semi"Weekly T.-R. will be mailed to any address for one year. 'This wllb'glve you two large, 8-page, 56-coluran papers a week oij every Tuesday and Friday^wtth-Iowa'.news Exhaustively rounded\up by our correspondents to date JofVea'ch issue,' Associated-Press and special telegraphic news of the ,world, special W'ashiiigton'and'Des Moines service, the markets twice a week, James Wilson's ''farm and dairy department, fiction by the most'noted writers of the day, and the i best grade of general miscellany. It is the largest and best Iowa Semi-weekly. Its 'leg islative report has been celebrated for years. 1896 is to be a year of exciting and i "important events. _Send your subscription now and get the benetit. > >~ The EVENING TIMES-REPUBLICAN, unrivaled in the Iowa news field, Quick, com- ''plete service, hours ahead of morning papers with all telegraph news and markets, on ly $5.00 a year, $1.25 for three months. A " J MARSHALL/TOWN, IOWA. rt \; ./Notary Public..^- <^_Loan Agent. : i Manages Farms .for Hon-Residents, Ite Bancroft Insurance Agency, ','*'<'«'' > ' . A ^^ •t"i ,; > * 14; J. A. FRECH, Proprietor. BfgJs always,oh deck with 12 good Obmpaniesto do-all kmda b ^f ; Jire, ( WgJitnin&Torna4o, Life, Accident, Plate^gl^ss,^and , , Insurance,;" The strongest agency m KossutJi coanty, Ue roost e'a'sy, and liberal terras, Correspondence, solicited, fy write Ii;swafipe ap!ywliere in KQ^suth Suit to Recover ICO Acres In the Wis- conatn City. CHICAGO, Feb. 1.— The United States court of appeals is hearing the arguments on a land issue involving a deed made 34 years ago for the sale of a tract of land in Northern Wisconsin upon which the city of Superior is now located. The'property, comprising some 160 acres, was purchased by W. T. Costa, a prominent Kentucky politician of ante-bellum days. Costa was "killed in a duel by Leonidas Metcalf May 8, 1862. His heir was his brother Franklin, married, and then living at Aberdeen, Ey. Richard Dawson was made administrator of the estate of W. T. Costa. It is alleged by the widow of Franklin Costa that Dawson made a fraudulent sale of the Superior lands in the fall Of I8ea and the summer of 1868 to 'Mrs. John P. Planter and secured a half interest in the property himself. The sale was for $800, and the property is now worth about $200,000. Bond Bids Are, Plentiful. WASHINGTON, Feb. 1. — Nothing definite can be learned at the treasury department aS to the number or amount of bids already received for bonds. As fast as received the bids are deposited in a safe, where they will remain nnti] next Wednesday, when they will be opened and their contents announced. It is certain, however, that a large num ber of bids have 'been received and every train brings considerable additions. __ . Indians 'Ha''o Some Crievanoes. DEADWOOD, S. D., Feb. 8.— Judge John H. Burns of this city has ( returned from a trip to the Pine Ridge Indian agency. The judge states that Feb. 10 7,000 Pine Ridge reservation Indians will meet at Red Dog's camp, on Wounded Knee creek, in general council, to select five delegates to go to Washington to confer with the "Great Father" and lay their grievances before him. Their principal kick is on rations. Grand Army Date Changed. ALGONA, la., Feb. S.— The council of administration, Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Iowa, has changed the meeting of the state encampment at Cedar Rapids from May 12 and 14 to April , 28-80. This .was done on account of a conflict' of dates with the state encampment of Illinois which would prevent the attendance of the commaniJer^in-ohief at one of the oncampmentS. _ , Found a Safe In the River. ,, MAPIBON, Was,, Feb. 8.— Workmen repairing a bridge across the Catfish river fpr the Chicago, Milwaukee and gty, Paul railway company found the safe of Dow"& Son", , millers, which was carried off by burglars s'opxe, jtijjxe ago. , OJhe bwglara had evidently dumped the safe j» tb<?<oreek afer futile- attewps to peij jt, " The contents were found i». H '<>/£<'M 'W& A Populist meeting at Powhattaft, Ark., broke up ih ft riot in Which several persona Were seriously i&jured. W. A. and O. S. BroWfa of Matifaette, Wis., have purchased the Last Chance gold mine in the Cripple Creek region. As the result of a firs at the house of John Steele at Pittsbtifg, two of his children ate doad and his Wife is dying. W. T. Jacobs, George Pi-ops and Thomas Higgins were drowned at Sew£ll> W> Va., While crossing New river in a boat* Colonel Theodore Seminario, the hero of the Northern campaign in the recent revolutionary movement itt Peru, has committed suicide. The Fratiklin mine at Houghton, Mich., has resumed Work after two months of idleness caused by the burn- ng of the engine houses. Near Sulphur Springs, Ky i( John lora, a wett'to'do farmer, aged 65, was shot and probably fatally injured )y his wife, aged 26, While trying to kidnap their child. Wednesday, Jan. 29. The annual meeting of the National Board of Trade is in session at Wash uigtou. Sir Joseph Barnby, the Well known musician and principal of the guild hall school of music at London, is dead. The treasury lost $70,000 in gold coin and $16,600 in gold bars Tuesday, making the reserve at the close of business §50,355,463. General Joseph H. Porter died at New York. The immediate cause of death was complications from a gunshot wound in the lung received during the war. The New York Republican delegation in the house will hold a conference within a few days in the interest of Levi "P. Morton's candidacy for the presidency. George Cochran Lamb Dinan, the well known artist, is dead at Philadelphia, aged 66 years. He was the eldest son of the late James Reed Dinan, the distinguished portrait painter. Thursday, Jan. SO. Columbia Harrison, cousin Of ex- President Harrison, is dead at Decatur Ind. The president has nominated John M. Lenihan surveyor of customs a' Dubuque, la. The Rhode opera house, Kenosha Wis., was destroyed by fire. Loss $40,000; insurance, $20,000. A young couple of Lawrenceburg Ky., have just announced that they were married four years ago. : John L. Sullivan, while drunk,walkec off the .rear platform of a Rock Island and Peoria train. He was not much hurt. The boiler at the lumber mill of the Southern Pine company at Offerman, "Ga., exploded, wrecking the. mill and killing four employes. Friday, Jan. 31. John L. Sullivan's injuries from his fall from a train may prove fatal. .Associate Justice Killam of the South Dakota supreme court has resigned. Ambassador Bayard was the subject of bitter partisan discussion in the house. / A colored bishop of Ohio was barred out by leading Boston hotels because he is black. Indiana's legislative apportionment was declared unconstitutional by the supreme court. Cuban General Gomez is hardly dead, as reported. He has broken through the Spanish military line to support Maceo. The St. Paul Title Insurance and Trust company secured a favorable decision in proceedings involving the St. Cloud street railway. Saturday, Feb. 1, The treasury deficit for January is about $3,600,000. The anthracite coal combine has raised prices 80 cents a ton for February, TJie* Reed men captured delegates at large in the Louisiana Republican con- The president has nominated William Oanw for United States marshal for the Western district 1 of Wisconsin, THe' boiler of the staye, will on Will. " i farm new Fjreeport, 0., killing three persons a»^ in» WOMAN .Ji-TH-ill. , It isn't to be wondered at that there are so ftiaay sick aud half-sick wolnen. Most of them suppose their peculiar troubles call only be cured by the physician* Thatliieaus local treatment and examinations. No wonder they hesitate, And hesitation gives disease a stronger foothold. the truth is that local treatment and examinations ard nearly always unnecessary. _ They should not be submitted to 'till everything else fails. 1C M. P. If AGKJAlfc. Successors ttf * & SMflttt REAL At&OSA, A, D* Clarke & Rear Al^ona State Kaftk. cures painful menstruation, irregularities, life-sapping drains, falling of the •womb and floodui}£. It cures all the pains and troubles by innlnug the feminine organs perfectly strong and healthy. Its action is wonderfully beneficial to girls just entering womanhood, and to women passing through > the period knov. a as the "change of life." No need to hesitate now. Cure can be had right at home. SOLD AT $i.OO A BOTTLE QKO. E, CLARKE. OHAS* Clarke & Coheitoitiy ATTORNEYS AT LAW, ALGONA,10WA.' Geo. R, (Successor to W. B. Quarton) ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. - ;-! ALGONA, IOWA, Office over Kossuth County State Bahk. !,< Sullivan & McMalion, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, PoAofllcc Block. AtOONA, E. V. Swetting, ATTORNET AT LAW t , GREAT SALE —OF— RAIL LANDS ! -.''•' —IN— Southern Minnesota In the Fertile Minnesota Valley. These rich prairie lands are dark loam soil and are very productive. This partof Minnesota is well settled and has school houses and churches. These lands are located near THE. IOWA COLONY, nearTaun- ton, Minn., a bright new town and first- class locations for all kinds of business. Blue Joint hay grows in abundance on the upland prairie, making it a fine stock country; We are selling these choice prai- rio lands on very ; easy.' terms at prices ranging from $7.50 to $12.50 per acre. One- fifth cash and 0 per cent Interest, titles perfect and no payment the second year. Two years to make second payment and the crops will pay for the land. We rebate round trip faro to purchasers of 160 acres over the Northwestern Line. 50,000 Acres of Fine Selected Lands At $ 1 O to $ 1 3 Per Acre. 100 CHOICE IMPROVED FARMS for sale on easy terms at §14 to $17 per acre within 3}£ to 5 miles of R. 'R. towns, also several section fartps and 13 sections of wild land. We also have some finely improved farms near R. >R. stations at from $16 to $18 per acre on easy terms. G. F. HOLLQWAY, Agt. BANCROFT,' IOWA. Money to loan. AtGONA .T. L. BONAR. H. H. FALLOWS.. Bonar & Fellows* ATTORNEYS AT LAW:, , Collections will receive Rooms 8 and!), Algeria Branch office at Wesley, Iowa. rompt i promp State B ankBl'dff. AtGONA, IOWAll?ii Damson & Butler, /•'?$$ LAW, LOAMS AND LANDS'., i' „ Collections a specialty. Offlue hi Gardneii? Oowles' new building'. • J AZ.GONA, IOAVA. Welt Miller, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR' AT LAW. » . •,/; Collections made, All business promptly".» attended to. - ' ,-,;',: WESLEY, - IOWA. 'i'-tf S. S. Sessions, • Amy.; the TO? . tatep is -to ; be • -west}*' \m^w$ ?^-^F^-«B^?-W^TJ pgjittewSp ^r- ;^ J « , T^^ WANTED. EXPERIENCK NOT NECESSARY. Permanent positions guaranteed. Salary and Expenses or liberal commission. (Pay weekly.; Special advantages to beginners, Stock complete with fast-selling specialties, We guarantee what we adverttee. Address, GL.KN BROS., Nuserymen, Rochester, N. Y. (This Uoute is reliable.) 0-18 ATTORNEY AT LAW;' Loans and Insurance. Special atteritlofif^ given to col lections of all kinds. Over Ohrlschllles" Store. Ju. K. Garfleld, PHYSICIAN AND State street. ALGONA, IOWA M. J. Kenefick, M. , > Over Taylor's Store. AT.GONA, -. - IOWA, i'; m AGENTS Salary or Commission to go oil Men, Fast selling Imported Specialties, Stock Failing to LITB Replaced Free, We sell only High Grade Stock and [true to Name, Also PuretSeed Potato Stook our Leader. LUTCHFORD & CO. Betters promptly ansVered. Dr, H. 0. McCoy,/ ,;; PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON^ Algona, Iowa. ,)$, Office with Dr. Garfield, State street»'' Besldence McGregor street.'. F. L. Tribon, HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN. SURGEON . 'o Office and residence:' Ne\v Boston Dr. L. A. DRUOQIST AND, Prescriptions filled, Deals In r ^11*^,5, \* Boolcs, Perfpinertea, ^tQ,"^ -//« of PTewton, the tbjrd died '»t W an^ WfVFM of mm, ANP S^, PAUL, BABT, 8passepgey....,,,.',„,,,,',,..„,,JO ;?!? ^w 4pwsen|er,; .,',,,V,,..MM..- .esftipw, 76 IrelghfoavrJes p^ssengei's ... 8;20 p ro . M ft«»gl|| oawjes pags^ugers,., 1,^5 p n? ' " Vtf.' .»,»: »n- fflMr,..yj, HM ,,.wV»" ""•'<* 3 Jl ! P * EM'"v»««Wi ,.«> <l\it.-^»MM 2M»-ra m^M.J}vM'iiM tf .i...wvM^ I -myM T.opftl apaesthetjQ tor " " J v«

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