The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1953
Page 2
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TWO BUTrTEVTl.M"! (AHK.V COURITO NTTVTS TfTOKESBAY DECEMBER, 1, Ike's Atom Poll Proposal Puts Russia on Spot Vital Decision Now Must Be Made By the Communists (Continued from Page 1.) defenses, which can never be adequate, fl^afnst atomic attack and to amass terrible power of retal- ' involved, lo the extent permitted propose or MiRResl that the Soviet union surrender what is rightfully hers." In DIP same vein of deeply sin- rere purpose, he recalled that the I United Nations Assembly called ' only last Nov. ifi lor secret talks \ on control of atomic and conven- ( lional weapons. He nnnounced thai ; the United States is "instantly pro- j pared" to join these talks nnd will j carry into them "a new concep- j tlon." 'To hasten the day when fear of the atom will begin to disappear from the minds of the people and the governments of the nnd Wfsi," lie snid, (here are cei'laiN steps that can be taken now. "J therefore make the following proposal: : The governments principally Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton (12:30 quoUttonM .. 3238 3288 3273 ... 3312 2313 3308 ... 3324 3327 3321 ... 330T 3308 3304 Obituaries PARADE I Dec •Mch May July 3283 3311 3324 3304 S. K, Rushing Dies At Memphis Baptist Hospital Dec MCh Mry July Orleans Cotton 3290 3290 3283 3314 3315 3310 332S 3327 3321 3308 3308 3304 against ihc auaek^r. "To pause th°re," ho snid fn words of RTivnm°M warning, "would be to c-ipf'nn ihe boneless fin^Jitv of a h""rf iVl two nlornir co'o^si pro r'"-'n?'1 to eye ^nch ot'*er indefinitely across a trembling world. "To ?t.on there would M to ac- rr-ni helplessly the nrobnbilitv of civilization dr^fro'-ecl, f'^e annihil- pf'on of the irreplaeea' 1 '' 1 hTita^e of mr.n'nnri hinged dovn to us from ffenrrnt'O" in fT-rrrat'oii. ^"> r \ th? condemns i'o'i of mankind to b"" i !n nil over fi^'-i the r?-' i -o 1 ^ stiu^'e mnvrrd from pi':r f :prv toward rt?o" t T"\ ii-st 1 '" 1 . flnd rlT;ht. IVorld Pe No Vlclo-y "Surely no sane member of the human mee could rt'scover victory in such desolation." The sneech hnd been months in preparation. The President, hr»d Ion* wnnt«d to report lo (!IP Amcr- irpn neoole on t^^ rtn!i"et'R of the atomic fige. and siipnly some new information on the mnvcr of atomic and hydrogen bombs. This information he summed up in a single sentence: "Atomic bombs today are more than 25 times as powerful us the weapons with which the atomic aee dawned (July 16, J9<15), while hydrogen weapons are In the rane- es of m i llions of tons of. TNT eouivalent." To this he added the comparison that the U. S. stockpile of atomic weapons, which is increasing daily, already "exceeds by many times the explosive equivalent" of all bombs and shells drooped or fired nil over the world in World War n. Eisenhower then related the Momic problem to other differences with the Soviets. He recalled the loni? series of conferences and attempts nt negotiation to settle j such concrete problems as Ger- j man unification, Austrian independence and Korean pence. He said the U.S. Government is approach insr the proposed four- power foreign ministers' conference at Berlin "with hopeful nln- ccrity." No Surrender Sought "We will bend every effort of our minds to the single purpose of emerging- from that conference with tangible results toward peace —the only true way of lessening International tension," he declared. "We never have, and never will. by elementary prudence, to now nnd continue to make joint contributions from ther KUvtkni'"* of normal uranium find fissionable matfrlnls to an tni'M'un.tionM nlonv ic energy agency. We would expect that such an agency vould he set up under the acyis of the United Nfliions. "The ratio of contributions, the pror.cdurfR and other details would properly be within t'ift scooe of 'the 'privntn conversations' I have referred to earlier. "The Uirlcrt States is prepared to undertake th°se explorations ;n " .i^d f?'!h. Any partner of i'n United Si.ites n not unreasonable or ungenerous apsociflte." Con lei Avoid Suspicions The President pointed out that, by lackl'ng the problem in thi.s way, the atomic powers oould avoid the "irrii.nlions and mutual suspicions" whi<;h have arisen with all efforts to work out nil insn-v:- tion system for plants within individual countries. Chicago Soybeans .Ian .... 308*, 308V 2 304Vi Mch . . . 30!Hi 310V, 305' /2 May ... 308 308 303 July ... 303'/j 304 209& S. K. Rushing of Memphis died at the Memphis Baptist Hospital this morning from a heart attack. I funeral arrangements are not- I complete, 3287 i Besiflns I 1 ' 8 w ''f f '.. Mary, his is survived by a son, S. K. Rushing, 'Jr.; a dnu«hier, Mrs. M. P. Hively. both of Memphis; brother, Arth'.r flushing; nephew, Allen Rushiu- 1 ;, both of Blyihevillc. 3313 ' 3304 [ (Continued from Page 1) ft Child Is Born." Slowly-falling rain seemed not to bother the spectators when the parade was almost two-thirds past. The last flo;it bearing' Santa Glaus started the crowd scattering beloro un oxm-clcd downpour of rain which followed. Floats in !he piurde were furnished by the following organizations and chinchf.s: St. Stephen's Episcopal, First Chmtnin. Lutheran, New Liberty Baptist. True Lieht Baptist, and Knights of Columbus. . First Methodist, Blythevilie Y, St. Luke's Baptist. Assem- Negro Deaths Will Cotton Services for Will Coston, 64. who died at his home yesterday in Cherokee Courts, are to be con- dueled Sunday at It a. m. at Home Funeral Home Chapel by Rev. j. J. Mitchell. Burial will be in Sandy Ridge Cemetery, Survivors include his wife, Henrietta Coston; a brother, Steve Coston. West Helena; and one sister. I.ovie Jackson, Youngstown, o.; three suns. Manuel and George Wilson of Philadelphia, Pa.; and Rev. Samuel Wilson, Memphis; five daUKlHcrs. Susie Mae Roberts and Fannie Mae Williams, South Bend, Ind.. MnKfiic Lashorne, Chicafjo, MARSHALL Chicago Corn Mch ... IS!) 1 /, 189 >,i May ... 160 ]«0'-i 188 V4 ISO'/, 304'/, 305'/, 303 290 '/i Chicago Whear Mch ... 21l',i 21 Hj May ... 210% Jiov, Nc- 209 208 : York Sfockj quotation*) ATOMIC (Continued from Page 1) the Eisenhower plan "would replace a complete deadlock with a fonn of action." The Dflily Herald. Laborlte: "It is possible this American gesture may flt last see the lifting of the burden of fear that weighs heavily on men's hearts." The Daily Express, Independent: "The impact of Eisenhower's speech will be frit not only by the statement of ihe world hut by all humflnit.y. It must, surely increase t.he longing for pence which already fills the hearts of all peoples." IA T and T | Amcr Tobacco Anaconda Copper . j Beth Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N y Central Int Harvester Republic steel Radio Socony Vacuum ... Sltldebnkpr | Slnndurd ol N J ... j Texas Corp 56'/i Senrs 6B U S Steel 39 Sou Pac 371 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Ill so iai— (USDAI—Hoss 7.500; fairly ac live; weights 180-230 Ih mostly 3 lower; heavier weights little changed; 170 Ib down 50-1.00 lower sows 25 to mostlv 50 lower; bulk choice 180-240 Ib 23.50-85; tew loads mostly choice No. l.s 24.00 240-270 Ib 22.15-23.60; Jew 270-300 Ib 22.00-25; 150-170 Ib 22.50-23.75 smnll lots 120-140 Ib 11.00-22.50 sows 400 Ib down 2050-21.50; heav ier sows IS).25-20.25, Cattle 4.000; calves 1.000; very little done on steers, heifers am yearlings; cows finding; moder- . D .,. , , , , , , "'ely active demand at steady , a ,n u ,"; S " n< ; rlncndcnl prices: utility and commer of Blytheville public schools, w:,s M largely 1000-1150 presented w th an honorary mem- . „ j ,, bershlp degree In Future Farmers f " " " I ?, ""? " '"* ot America this morninjr in an :,*. 10 : 00: blllls «" d ™" lcrs ^ en <>f' FFA Honors W. B. Nicholson sembly proRram at the hlRh schoi Mr. Nicholson w: 1 . 1 ; chosen for the wee for his "outstanding help in furthering FFA work here," Bill McLeod, agriculture teacher said. It w?s i>e second such award given by the local club. n 'is I hool " UIit y and commercial bulls 10.5012.50; cutter bulls 8.00-10.00; grood and choice venters ID.00-25.00; few individual prime to 28,00; utility and commercial 12.00-18,00; commercial and good slaughter calves I Ini-Rcly 13.00-18.00.' You'll serve Coke often during the holidays 1 Get an extra supply today 24 bottle case $1.00 Plui Deposit—At lour Dealer lOtlltO UNDIH AUtHOHm Or IMI COCA-CO!"* COMPANY |Y COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF BLYTHEVILLE " If fl r«flitl*ffd lrad*.moffc. ^1 t»S3. IHt COC*-COU CO Services Held For Mrs. Dobyns ., Services for Mrs. George Dobyn.s, 'mother of W. A. Dohyns of BIyihe Enoch Cbnpel AME First Church of the Nazeronc. Morning Star Baptist. Carters Temple CME. the Merchants Division of Chamber of Commerce, and Mrs. Joe Trieschmann's Kin- The four high school bands were _..., _., , from Blytheville, Steclo, Mo., ville, were conducted yesterday aft-j De "' nn d Osceola. ernoon in Ft. Smith where she I A last-minute substitutioi made her home. I Mrs. Dobyns died Sunday. ! Other survivors include two sons. Devore Dobyns, Hot Sprinss, nnd i Ray G. Dobyns. Baton Rouge. La.; | six grandchildren and. H great-1 grandchildren. ! lily of God, Baptist. First Roberta Pottee, BlytheviUe, and Marie Rayford, Blytheville. ] Home Funeral Home is charge. (Continued from Page 1) • vegetable garden In back of his home on the outskirts of Leesburg, Va. He occasionally shows up at the local grocery store for a bit of shopping. The general likes football, a sports interest that dates buck to bis student days at the Virginia Military Institute at Lexington, Va. Newsmen tried to ask his views on current world affairs—on Rus, on the general European situation. But he made it plain he no longer was an official; that when he left the last of his four big jobs, Secretary of Defense, he became just a citizen. "When I retired I walked straight out." he said. ' CONGRESS (Continued from Page 1) lo prove whether they want p-.,«c« and human progress . . or confusion, fear anU conquest." Sen. Dworshalr (R-Idaho) said Eisenhower's proposal will have to stand or fall on "positive action, not merely an indication, on the part of Sovelt Russia to establish good faith and guarantee full cooperation and compliance." NEW! SAFE FOB CHILDREN'S HUD COLO SNIFFLES, SNEEZES St. Joseph Nose uuivi rout CHUB'S COUOH" JB lo colds with new, pleasanMjsHn . JOSJPH COUGH imini ron emu,, A last-minute substitution of floats resulted in lack of identification of one in the pictures on pages 12 and 13 of today's edition. The unidentified picture shows the float entered bv St. Luke's Baptist Church at Clear Lake. U replaced a float scheduled to have been entered by Calvary Baptist Church and the Identification was not learned early enough to include the name under the photo. MEET SANTA IN PERSON Eubanks to Head Joiner Masons t Rayford Eubanks was elected! ' worshipful master of the Joiner' c in j c t • t Masonic Lodge No. 745 at annual ipeed bond forfeited elections held Monday night. Due to mechanical error. Mr. Eu- Barney Cagnrt forfeited a bond bunks' name wns omitted In a story of $19.75 in Municipal Court this of the election yesterday. ' morning on a charge of speeding. KIDDIES! Sanla is returning (o Sears On his last visit a short time ago some of the children did not get a chance lo talk with him. So as lo give everyone a chance he'll be back for two days. There'll be a gift for you, too! Fri. and Sat.—Dec. 11-12 Tomorrow NEW (954 fflERCURY With Hew 161-Horsepower head Va've ¥'8 Engine Htn uIlLInu, NLW INFERIORS! iVlcrcurj- i now in drsign, front and rear — looks wider, longer, lower than ever. Stunning new colors, many new fabrics never before available. Entirely new performance that makes any driving easy! D RIVING case is something everybody wants—bul you don't know what easy driving is until you drive this new 1954 Mercury! The new 161-horsepower V-8 engine is only part of llie slory. New engine design gives ymi llic easiest, smoothest, .w/('.s/ re^pon-e you've ever experienced in an aiiininubile—and \dlh greater eeouoiny. Ino. You use only a snmll part of that energy for normal driving—so you've a tremendous reserve available on hills, highways, in Inillic, ntiyiclicrc. Hnli-Joinl Kront Suspension is found only in Merniry in its price, class. A lew minutes hehind llie wheel of this wonderful ITvl Mercury can lell you far more than words how much easier and safer il makes cornering, hirninp. and parkin/;. For thr easiest driving you can buy—drive a Mercury! All-niw V-1E1 In aasier hsnillini! Here's the finest ermine c.ver uved in a popular-priced car. And it has a nt'w 4-barrel vai ninn-n[)eratc(l carburetor and valves, lls 161 horsepowergi\cs Mercury more power per cubic-inch displacement than any car in its class ior easier, salcr acceleration , . . and even greater economy. NCK bill-joint suspension lor usiif. uln cinlrol. This is a i\ten:urv iirst—exclusive in its class—and £;ives an eflortless new kind of handling ease— better cornering and road stability—easier parking. Mike driiint is iisr is »o» wish—S optionil pown Inturisl 1) 4-way I'mvcr Seal, 2) Power Steering, 3) Power lirakcs, 4) No-shift Merc-0-Malic Drive or gas-saying Toiieh-O-Malic Overdrive, and 5) Hcctric Power Window Mfts. First IMnspmnMop produclion t»—The Mercury Sun Vallc*' opens up new horizons in automotive design —a dream car of tomorrow come true today. Now you can enjoy overhead visibility with the comfort, the wind and weather protection oi a coupe. The permanently fixed plcxiglas roof is specially tinted to keep out glare. Exclusive interiors add to its distinction. The cost? Much less than you would expect. Here's the car that will cause more excit* ment than any other on the road in ! ( ).ytl Don't miss i.i, c M f television hit, "TOAST OK THK TOWN" with Kd Sullivan, Sunday evening:, 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., Station WHBQ-TV, Channel 1J STILL MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at First Street

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