The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 29, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1896
Page 5
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supreme eotift. ttied§i{$ cttotest ftt the . A e'amp 8* instruction for thegourth * regiment wilt be held at AIMS ary it to 22, and all ddfflmissiofied of* fleet's ate expected to be present. Frfst Lieutenant Foster of Co, F intends to go dowli, . The Northwester a hag put on a fait stock tfaitt which leaved Algona at 8 o'clock every Bunda? morning. The - '— ---- > Monday mof nifii , and Mi*. Best Minnesota Patent Flour* $ .B5 Dried Peached 4 Ibs, for - «|6 London Layer Eaisins, 20 ibs for 1,00 G'OOd Eioe, per lb M - /- " *2§ California Prunes, ,-per Ib., -, «25 oz, bot, Selected Queen Olives ,25 ill Other Goods at Reduced Prices, AH of Our Readers Arc Sure td be Ihterested In Our New Serial, A QUESTION OF COURAGE, BY FRANCIS LYNDE. LOCAL M'ENTIONS, a meeting Council Twenty-six held Monday night. The A. L. A. will hold their regular meeting on Friday, the.31st. The Baptist's have their covenant meeting Saturday afternoon. •The regular meeting of the Belief Corps comes to-morrow evening. Oats and corn are "not in it" yet, but hogs were $4.10 the first of the week. Miss Norma Gilchrlst was quite ill last week. She is now much better. Haggard & Peek are advertising a half section farm near Algona, to rent. Miss Jessamine Jones has been too ill to attend to her school duties this week. . Dr. Garfleld was up to his office last .Wednesday, for the' first time since his accident. • , It is pleasant to see Sam Mayne'S name .second on the Normal School committee, >, . , • • • The Algona Dancing Club^gave a . **• " . ._i_ ^ :,,—*-,Vi f*.ttnf\ |WI/"»T1- train reaches Chic«, S v, ^—--., ——--= about si* o'clock dr before the matkets are opeh, Leroy Barton, a son of Supervisor Leander Barton, has, become a resid* eht of Algoba. He has established his family in the GfoVS residence on East Call street and is buying stock at the Northwestern depot. The phenomenally warm January weather has been our standing item all this month. We shall have to give it up now, as January is on its last legs. It is the warmest January in the mem* ory of the oldest inhabitant. The filing cases have been put in place in the Clerk's office and make a handsome appearance, as well as serv* ing a great and good purpose. Messrs. J. W. Hay and G. F. Peek gave valuable assistance in filling and placing the cases. The Ladies'Aid Society of the M. E. church will serve supper Friday, at the home of Mr. C. Dau, four miles north of town. Come to Mr. Gitmore's store any time from 3:30 to 6:30 for a free ride. Everybody invited. Come and bring your friends with you S. S. Sessions will move his family to the old Judge Call residence on Dodge street. This property is now owned by Sheriff Samson. Jas. Orr has been papering and renovating the interior of the house, and it will make a cosy residence. The committee on furnishing the city rffipoiuiu »uo v,wuuui. affdp§opi§» 'Will So* the fire department a ft the town, as well as an tectioh against fife. .Justice Clatke aet .,.-.., Monday, agaihst ft. K. FVaaer Tlrad Whitehill tot ffighteniftg Hettie Butler's horse Saturday night. Mrs. Bdtlet Was driving from the Kttrthwestern pepot .and met the men tlfbing rapidly and hooting abd ycll- ing as they went- Wheb they saw that Mrs. Butler's horse was frightened and alrfloat unmanageable they set in to finish the job by yelling the louder. ?,'hey were under the influence. Their JK.UCJ TVCJ.W ULUWOl. VUVi *•-•»»««« >*•«•- flaes were $50 and $36 and costs. A reception to Itev. and Mrs. Sinclair is being arranged for, to come off 1ft the Congregational chnrch parlors Oft Friday evening of this week. The affair is in charge of Mrs. H. C. .McCoy, Mrs. H. Putsch, Mrs. B. F. Beed, and Miss Kate Smith, the latter hav- tig the musical program in hand. It ig understood that there will be a brief literary program, and that refreshments will be provided. The youbg bgople are given an especially urgent and cordialinvitation, and it is expected that they will be present in force. Arrangements have been made for union Sunday evening meetings once each month during the winter season, at which the pastors of the several churches will preach in turn. The first of these meetings will be held in the M. E. church next Sunday evening, ttev. C. E. Sinclair, of the Congregational church will preach. If the aud- itoriuma can accommodate the congregations the arrangement will be a good one, and a pleasing evidence of the spirit of fraternity existing between the Algona churches and pastors at the present time. Alvin Hodgson, of Burt, was a caller at the llisi'UuuOAN office Monday. Mr. H. tells of a recent sale of hogs which was not made at a figure below the cost of production. He had a litter of eleven pigs, and with the sow he fattened them and sold the even dozen When the >'t i&Son Opposite the Postoffice. TOtJ WILL FIND JUST WHAT YOU WANT TO EAT, IF YOU HAYFT TIME TO DRESS JJP TO MAKE A VISIT " Telephone Them—No. 19, J.DO AlKUiJoj a-/c*iAWJ.t»^5 v» — — -yt ~ • pleasant party at the courthouse Mon| day evening. .-•-,.. - • . Naudain &-Pair,eput in a bran new safe in their Pffiee .at the North westein depot yesterday. .' Councilman Yesper has been kept at •home most of the week by rheumatism, but was put yesterday, . Sheriff'Samson is, about on crutches this,week. ,His knee gives him more bother chan his big salary. . The- ladies of -the Congregational church 'are to" serve supper m the church.parlors tomorrow evening. The BiEPUBUCAN expects to ^ell about an interesting marriage very soon „„,,, '.WAi? aD y 's!nr>n"iis ifc comes Ofi. ^'.' * * hall has bought stoves, chairs and other furniture for the council and fire rooms and the fire company will take possession of their new quarters tbis week. The finishing work of painting was being done the first of the week. Geo. E. Clarke was up at Estherville last week, acting as council in the saloon injunction cases. They were not disposed of, but the fight is on again this week, and Mr. Clarke will be there until the hearing, which is before Judge Quartos, is concluded. i The members of the Baptist church, at thwir meeting last Wednesday evening, voted to extend a call to Rev. D.- B. Landis, of Jefferson, Iowa. Rev. Landis filled the pulpit on the bunday previous, and with such, acceptance as to'secure him the unanimous tender of a call. .,,.,.• Dr. Schooler, Of DesMoines, was in .«;*. i,nator*r\tiir nnnanlt-,1 nff f With Dl'. pigs were nine months old. Tbe lot weighed on an average 3474 pounds ftpiece, and at $3.65, the price at which he sold them, they brought Mr. Hodgson $152.20. Half a dozen sows show- •",* t £ UM9 *i**W4UVfcw* *** *«*MI»««»|^ ** ••»—»• •—— • -/• ?lsptc«J wltfi, enough adyentwe to make •" H highly * l iflteresting«i£'<^<^i^«^*«£*«^*«^* < ^* COPYRIGHTED AND SPLENDIDLY.ILLUSTRATED. 'Thing on Eaith! ^.-Jj."'^^ ,( ,,,. J ri * ^^ » |KOf,^?.( •!,">,' Ttfi J f^f Lj ^^& m HJ.O «w**y*. UI PWi.rft5'rt*7^f-. i ^* ien(OHT,yttlef!lsaa9,Mortonv E- town „.... McCoy in Dr. consulting 11 with •arfield's case. It Dr. was' sus- MA.\J\J\JJ J.tA J-'JU* v* **i».»-»v««i f — found on examination', what was r pected', that the arm was out of place. It was reset, but again'slipped ""*•• nf the socket, and is giving very out of serious trouble. Already the annual bean supper is being talked. It will be the appropriate ' celebration of, Washington's , birthday-and will; come off with the usual eclat. HAND SEPERATOR For Farmer's Use. 'r ™ * I Wesley The radiators have *een placed m, the offices and the'court room, and (the healing plant is practically installed. Horace Wheeler, of Union township; was in town Monday. He reported that his wife was much improved in health. A. P. Hall has been critically ill with pneumonia"and is so yet. He was thought to be a 1 little better this morning. The G-. A. B. and Belief Corps are to hold a joint meeting to-niglit for the installation of officers of the two organizations, ? JackSchu received a telegram Monday from Minneapolis stating that bis .father was dead. - He left yesterday to attend the funeral. B6v. F, 1 'M. Copley will hold services at St. Thomas' J-'churdi next 'Sunday morning and evening- -TTjie public are cordially invited to'attend, •It is expected that Algona well represented at the winter meeting of the Upper Des Moiries Editorial Association at.'Boone next' week, -- ( ' --.'--'-"-"-iL jja'g b e en - cqrres- no feast that iC'r/leasant'-occasion v. ~ JD v-, -' the "Aleona lodge' of United 1 Workmen, visited' the sister lodge at Burt last Monday night and came home'with an invitation to the Algona lodge to be present at a banquet to be given at Burt February 10th. No doubt Algona lodge will be well represented. Those who went from Algona to the Wbittemore marquerade dance last X ri- day night report a large and pleasant party. The Sterzbach-Cady orchestra, which furnished the music, received many compliments, as also did Henry Thompson and'Corry Bidgeway who were the promoters of the affair. Secretary.Butler has received a letter from ex-Gov. Hpard in which be says that it will be impossible for him to be present at the Kossuth'county meeting. Mr. Hoard .speaks of- the pleasant time ihe enjoyed at the inter-state i meeting in Algona and says he would like to be present, Most pf the local-talent invited to take af part in the program haye accepted, and a good meeting is assured,'." The Grand- Army post committee has DUli 5>JLU*i)i*iJV* J.JLMH.*. MI V»VMW« ««.-— ibg equally satisfactory earnings would do much to neutralize the blues-producing effects of ten-cent oats. And as for 14 cent corn, there ought not to be<any left. There was a large attendance of the members of Company F Wednesday night, the business on hand being the election of a first lieutenant to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of C. T. Chubb. .There was but one candidate in the field, G. F. Foster, and he was chosen to the position with a hearty unanimity. The new ot- Qcer is a member of the firm of Doxsee & Foster and is a graduate of the Iowa Agricultural College, having taken his degree in 1892. While at that institution he was four years under Col. Lincoln in the study of military tactics and attained'the rank of captain. -The company has made an excellent choice. •By an accidental discharge of a revolver in the hands of a neighbor friend last Thursday, 0. Mansmith", of Cresco township, had a ball shot into one of his lungs. Doctors Morse and Kenefick were called and paid the injured man sever'al visits. They report that no lerious.'result is likely to follow. M an ; 'smreiFls'twenty-three years,old ana lives with his mother, the widow of Levi Mansmith. It is said that this is A home dramatic entertainment i is understood to be one of the coming events. Algona used to get up very popular plays at a time when a 'aew stage had to bp fixed up for every such occasion, and those who participated were the local heroes 1'or six months. Afterwards a stage was built in sections for the court house, a great deal of scenery was manufactured, and a painted drop curtain, which nobody who ever saw will forget to his dying day, completed the outfit. Some of the local plays had a run of two or three nights, or until the players and the public succumbed to mutual exhaustion. We do not anticipate that the glory of the old days will be brought back, but it would be worth a year under Cleveland to see those plays again with Bir^e, Butterfield, Setchell and Comstock playing the leading roles and with new Algona taken back tor a night or two to the old scenes and surroundings of those always grand dramatic entertainments. We do not know what talent We may now bave, and probably those who uiv i vi »••-*» ir •" — — — , possess it may not know. Let us have a good old home show in the new opera house, and if it is riot patronized and enjoyed by everybody who can raise the admission fee it will ,not be like what we us'ed to have. PERSONAL MENTION, Geo. C. Call ar-ived home Thursday from Sioux City, where he went to be* present at the opening of the new, bridge across the Missouri at that me" tropolis, and to attend the grand bam quet which was one of the enjoyable, features of the celebration. At the latter his brother A. F. Call delivered the address of welcome. The bridge itself * is one worthy of the elaborate celebration attendant upon its opening. It is- 6,609 feet in length, including its- approaches, and the highest point of the* superstructure from the bottom ofl the t piers is 200 feet. It is the greatest bridge across the Missouri. It takes ! forty of the largest built locomotives to. coyer it, and the structure would' sus^ tain their weight without taxing its*-' full capacity. - \ , A. D. Clarke returned yesterday' af- ' ternoon from Missouri, where he had 1 been since the inauguration. He visit- „' ed St. Louis, Springfield, Lebanon and other points, and met a number of for-v mer citizens of Kossuth. He spentone < 100 thirty-five cent bottles of Bell City Silver F lish at 19 cents, at Ding- gley & Plight. , CITY BUSINESS MATTERS. L*J\SA. VI VJ.XJ\JJ.JU VA. .LJh.Vfl30ltVt.l« JLJ.VJ 0£SU 11 U W*JI W ' f day with Mr. Matson at Holla and one '^ day with Mr. Evans. He was in Leb- • •'' anon, where E. B. Eddy has settled, ,',for three days, and he says that at the '' hotel there were nine Kossuth cpjjnty •, boys. He found Mr. Eddy.very peas- •>• antly situated in his new home. 'He, ' was in St. Louis only one day.'',•* ports that there is considerable Allison! •• sentiment in Missouri. 'Mr/ Clarke ,5 was enjoying poor health during ,the .', whole of his trip. • > n x 'V'',,;, only-one of a long' series of shooting accidents of which he has'been the un- usually'fortunate victim. He is said to have had five bullets shot into him in the course of his not very long life, and that he has a bullet safely lodged in l\is lung now. There was the usual crowded house at the Social Union on Friday night, and it,was amply justified by the fine program, the literary features of which were' instructive and interesting papers on 1 John Milton by Mrs. F. D. Calkins and on President James Monroe by C. A.'Cohenour. George St. John recited ."Licking the Teacher" in a manner to win great applause, and the boy quartette, made up of Sidney Smith, Carl Setchell, Walter Telher and Walter Stebbins sang so well as to get an enthusiastic encore, Other mu- sicaMeatures were a song byMissKate Lantry and a piano solo by Miss Helen Starr, Miss Cornie Ingbam's terra as program committee having expired, President McCoy appointed 0. A. Coh- '' , , .China, town company, If this engagement is secured F^uary-12 wiUJbe tfoe.da.te H, A, palne'sayp;that>M has sold carload of bale wire' in"the J. HD VflJ.M'"^* •***f»* - V f .<V f\ 4- made arrangements,witft oapt mans of Fort Dpdge, to deliver ~ n Algona. withi,n the next -- 'HewiMectqreontbe lec- few near \X£.\j\4\JJ M( v/JMvr*** v>*«« -v - — — * — -i '••' ;, to serve in that capacity,, Th'eVWticulars of the suicide of young'Victor Qarlton, of Spirit Lake, as given ip the Beacon, indicate a de- spondent'condition of mind as the caus?6£ Jhe, .deed, The victim was be- twe,enjeventee»_and eighteen years of Fire Chief Hamilton Makes a Report. Bills and Other Routine Work. • ' ALQONA, IOWA, Jan. 25, 1896.- The City Council met in regular session, J^ayor Haggard in the' chair; members present, Wadsworth, Ferguson,, Petti; bonej Henderson, Magnusson, J^icoul- in and Sayers;' absent, Vesper. Minutes of the last regular meeting read and approved. . w v The following bills, audited and approved by the finance committee, were allowed and warrants ordered drawn for the same: ', Wm. Miller, light! ng lamps ....... .... ,$16 00 Laidluw, Dunn & Gordon Co.. supplies. 4 15 Laage & Campbell, blacksmlthing ... . l 85 W. H. Horan, salary and express paid , 40 90 Mullica & Ohnsted. check valve. . ..... 1 W Alg-ona Fire Department, fighting flre. 3') 00 Thos. Henderson, taking out pump,.... 3 00 Andrew Hansen, copper hall city ball. 2 50 J. H.MeNaU, blacksmithlng,... ....... 435 Geo. M. Bailey, insurance premium.... 10 50 J B. Willey,' salary and cash paid ..... 4010 M. Starr, printing... .................... 875 •\ValkerBros,, supplies .................. 1235 Yeas— Wads worth, Ferguson, P.qtti- bone, Henaerson, Magnusson; Nicoulin and Sayers; noes, none. Carried, • The ..building committee reported that the Gtyy Hall was completed and had been accepted. ' It was moved and seconded that the building committee be authorized to go ahead and furnish the City Hall with" the necessary furniture apd furnishings necessary tpmajse It ready for occijp- apcy. Carried, ',, ^ The report of the AlgouaFjre pany was read and plaxsed o» file L. H. Weldon, a son of Judge,'YYC.I-,, don, of Bloomington, Illinois, is here, looking after his father's landed>inter--i ests and conferring with his agents^'f Haggard & Peek. The Judge, owns ;a , 500-acre farm in Cresco township.' M ',\ i',tf Lu.Verne News: Leroy Bartonj"^-- ed his,goods tp Algona -, today! ^ItTJSBj with sorrow our people see Mr. Barton .and farhily leave here for. they- among our best people and will missed by all. *, Miss Emma Dickinson, of Valpar-'•. aiso, Indiana, is the guest of Mr. 'and*' 3 . Mrs, L. J. Bice for the winter. .• -Miss ? 1, Dickinson is a neice of Mrs. Bice.'" //jj^ A. W. Moffatt, of Chicago, was ia$f< Algona last week attending to business"/ 1 ^ interests. He stayed over Sunday. ' *,. ^ Mayor Haggard was doing t business^ f £^ in northern Kossuth Monday arid Tuesr • ;f® : 1 County Clerk Grose was a visitor' Des Moines for several days last ,Grus F. Peek spent Sunday at , cer visiting relatives and friends. E. F. Clarke, of Bancroft, na^a business visit Monday. E. T, Swetting arrived Wisconsin yesterday.' Word comes that Pro£ quite ill. *- -i .'$ Diseased blood, cpnstilpatJdqV apft' 1 ney, llyer and bowel troubles are wri Karl's plover Root Tea. • , '•'.'* . —n . 100 fifty-cent song ' Eggs at i?c. per dozen,- at' Patter?! fcSon's.; t ,. J ' ! '''*."V^ f ;$8 JQ.whic;h lie came , . , being a particiPiaRt. The Proceeds, of Si Setuw jrtlf go to- the*' *u«« |9- • ge- ^ was employed )>y the ower company, The 10 Ws brain aboute: boy It was moved and seconded that^ the flreWmra'itt,ee be authorized to aet with the fir? company l in j » flre cart a^ pn the 'obcassioncf »,ext ,t'V ' ''""' ''''H'^'i pot cureoonsti aggra,te, bythewjj9lesale ,i rtev. w» *VjpM?M uoi 'W» *y**»vt«; v»t~ m^K.^mys&^J& was 2yffl?lE»r Of Elka.cler,

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