The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 29, 1896 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1896
Page 4
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SOIBCMBK* Yeat, in AdvlhdS *'§& gist Mofitfis "• »» <f fcffcft Mofttfa^ ..;. .4* Senator ttftbck has introduced a bill Id give boatds of supetvisots the power , td order the construction Of new cotift • houses Without submitting the question to the voters. This would seein to be a rather tisky power for some boards to handle. _ Whatever the legislature does or neglects to do, it should not be remiss in providing for the erection of suitable monuments to the valor of Iowa soldiers on the battle fields now being dedicated as military parks. And it will call for something of an appropriation to cover the expenses at Vicksburg and . ihthee«te^fthe the dhetokee asylu&ij ot by S aloft, will bi§ action which ina? .de* differences of opinion araOfig Shiloh. The democrats are beginning to enlist under the banner of Allison. Ex- Senator Knight, of Dubuque, has declared for the Iowa man. This is what he said to a reporter a few days ago: "I am in favor of Senator Allison first, last and always He is wise and iiLQIU H1OU r**.n_«. i»»'i»»j—- — conservative and understands the problems of government. He is a man above reproach, pure hearted and clean handed. It is my sincere wish that ue may receive the nomination." those favorable to the general pfOposi* tion. Just when everybody has taken pity Ottftarveyand Chubb and has quit asking questions about that resolution and that letter, the Butt Monitor begins to take a deep interest in the great thetoe. It has written an article on the subject of the county printing, and now it makes a special request that the BEPUULICAN print a sample paragraph of its tangled argument. We are afraid the BSFUBLICAN could not give it a circulation proportionate to its importance. Would it not be Well to get it printed itt supplement form and put in all the papers? But we want to ask the Monitor a couple of questions, and if it will answer them honestly we will print its whole article in condensed form-without condensing the thought. First.boW does it happen the conibined lists of the three papers of largest circulation in the county cannot give sufficient publicity to the proceedings of the board, when the law allows more than a thousand pieces of Kossuth county land to be sold at tax "Vfetott,* ate tfc« ~-r,- r - T,^^« fe Military service* fete.* willj.Wnen^t, In i, giVe Iowa th<*'finest wbfk.fftMrM* "P . _ it - _ 1 ...... „** £., .. 4ii_i i A~ 3 ft. ~ , ttiehtalafttobe fottftd west, These will be r — , same are completed, aftd ftioflg with them two groups of the much diseosserd liofis. . • • .. McClufe's Magazine for frebru&fj? t&bes Its first grasp of tire readerV attention with eight portraits of Lincoln (asVeratw thetn Very rare), softie twenty other Liti* coin pictures, and fttt account, abounding In Vivid personal details, of Lincoln's ttis* fortunes as a country merchant; of his entrance Into the legislature, and thfe be* ginning of his acquaintance With 'Doug"* las', of his work as a village postmaster and a deputy county surveyor; of his study of Shakespeare and Burns and a copy of Slackstone found by chance in a barrel of refuses and of his romantic courtship of Ann Rutledge, and his affliction at her death shortly before the time appointed for their.marriage. •" A f&m EstersOB.Weft i«<t ifi the ifiteftst d dtjiaiaathat if can be bsjflght tt ttdSellitffolfi IStd 20e» , has^ usually AtttOKA, IOWA,: latent) 7M M of the aextWtief al AssemblFott fflhttiftl iflatirBiJfc It is no stretch of the truth that this. ] its eQtial itt mo icK""*"".* w > "Y"*"'if«iJiS any representative goyethMeflt. This comtttissiofl *M erjeated by- theMast General AssemblyJo| the m&*& codifying ouif statutes the last codification of Since 18?8< the laws of Eedresentative Mayne, of Kossuth, was well treated in the committee assignments by Speaker Byers. He was made chairman of the committee on State University, was given second place on normal schools and second on building and loan associations, and was placed on the committees on judiciary, third division of code revision, elections and private corporations. Here is work eneugh laid out to keep our member busy. The normal school committee of the house is ah important one this year, in view of the probability of a strong movement for four or five more normal schools. Here are the names of .the. men who comprise .this influential com* mittee: . Normal Schools—Bay, Poweshick; Mayne, Kossuth; Bell, Washington;Brady, O'Brien; Chapman Wobdbury; Cornvvali; Clay; Whelan, Emmet; MU-. sale every year on the strength of a notice published in a paper of smallest circulation in the county, and you say that part of the law should not be changed? Second, why don't your reform paper syndicate say what you think about Mr. Chubb's proposition to put official salaries on the basis of 10-cent oats? LOYAL WORKMEN WIN. A case in which several hundred len, Henry; Haugen, Black Hawk; Haugen, Worth; Huntley, Lucas; Thompson, Fayette; Spaulding, Eloyd; Sullivan, Clayton. It is occasion for thankfulness that several of the perpetrators of the dynamite, outrage in Muscatine in 1893, by which three residences were destroyed by saloon keepers of that city and their Kossuth county people have for a long time felt a deep interest has just been decided in the supreme court of the state. It is the somewhat famous A. O. U- W. case, in which the right .to use that name was involved. The history-leading up to this contest in the courts, began with the secession of Iowa members of the order from the national, jurisdiction on a question of taxatien.and.the organization of an independent grand lodge ; within the state. The national or supreme lodge still maintained a grand lodge in Iowa, and seems never to have discontinued the use of the name in .the state. S'o for a, number of-years two'grand lodges have been running side by side, under .the same, name in Iowa, and. recently there has been a lively competition between them. The seceding or "rebel" grand lodge a few years, since deter- Itf THE LOOAL HELD, The question Is being asked whether tho library tax proposition is going to bo submitted at the city election next taohth. As the REPUBLICAN sizes tiie matter up, that depends. There is no agresslve spirit being manifested oh either side at present. There apparently Is a disposition to Inquire of tho oracle of public sentiment. If In advance of any agitation of the measure it appears that a majority of tho voters of the city favor that plan of supporting the library, it will ho strange, if the friends of tho plan do not ask to have the question again submitted. On tho bthcr hand, If the sentiment is apparently' adverse it will not be submitted. But In any event no such fight as that of last year will occur. There is a feeling on all sides that it is not going to yay to stir up bad blood over the manner of raising a few hun'dred dollars. Tho feeling fororagainst the little tax is of no consequence as compared with tho feeling against tho gro- cepltation of- a heated contest over tho matter. Consequently nobody . will care to take responsibility for such- a- contest. Or if anybody rushes in where angels fear to tread he will be mUde to realize his sol-, itary condition. We think there can be ntf doubt but tho .library is at this time a very likely candi- amendtnents have been made and new statutes have been enacted. So numefduB had these become that & demand arose fon a revis* ion of our code-a simplifying, orderly compilation of our laws. Hence this C °Now S fnst a e'ad of confining themselves to a systematic, orderly arrangement or digest of our laws, this, commission proposes to be the law-makem it possible, themselves and foist upon the farmers and others of Iowa, a law that will knock out altogether some of the best mutual insurance associations of No greater legislative swindle was ever attempted in the state of Iowa. "Sec. 1. Any number of persons not exceeding two thousand may,',' etc. How quick this would l 'do up-' our State Tornado mutual. It now has over 30,000 members and is powerful for relief and cheapness only through its ubiquitous greatness. Annihilate it as this proposed law would do and we would soon—very soon—learn the difference between mutual Tornado and Stock Tornado, between four mills in 12 years 24 mills in twelve years. • The Town mutual association too, would have to go and Town Resident insurers would quickly learn the dit- ference between.$2.60 and $4.00 per annum for $1000 insured. And the Hail men would look wild over the difference between ,H per cent pef§ftffc. to . ,. "Keek Bottom" ? Delivered. ;five = centa off to those §8 dents 1Q eents who take at the mill or store 12 Ibs sacks 5 Buckwheat flour 24lbs sacks Buckwheatf lour Try our flour and convince yourselves that Algona and Kossuth county are not dependent on any foreign country for bread. & ffloe otet Kosauth Oouaty §t&te fiftBk. 4»f~t tools, have been identified," and indicted and jailed. One of these houses , -was that of John Mahin, the prohibition editor of the Journal. The houses were occupied at the time and so murder was necessarily intended. The old rule is proved true in many cases that "murder will out," and it is especially gratifying to note its verification in this case. Apparently well grounded reports of a secret treaty offensive and defensive between Bussia and Turkey have been an occasion of great concern in England the past week. If such a treaty has been negotiated it will be no more disgraceful than the one existing between England and Turkey, on the strength of which as a shield from the consequences of his infamous administration the Sultan has gone on for these many months in a campaign of extermination against the defenceless Armenians. In fact, it is understood that Bussia undertakes to restore ordei in Kurdistan. If that is so there will be an end at once to the outrages which England has seemed to be responsible forf mined to drive the loyal grand lodge from the field,'by'a suit the courts to deprive it of the use of the name the two had used in common, and in the Dubuque district eourt the "rebels" were successful, securing an affirmative decision from Judge Husted. The case was taken to the supreme court, and now that tribunal has reversed Judge Husled's decision. The court in ruling on the question whether the seceding A. O. U. W. has an exclusive right to the name of the order, . date for public favor. There Is a pretty unanimous feeling that the institution, under the administration of Mr. Mcelroy, is wellconducted, ;aiid all understand how much it means to have a cultured gentleman in'such a position. There is no doubt that the library has made great progress within' the, pSist year. It has secured permanent quarters, the best'it ever had. It has accomplished the practical consolidation 'with it of the fine library .of theMon- day club, doubling the number of volumes and more .than doubling their valued It has secured donations in greater number and : value , .than , ; during,; all previous years, of its existence. made the first • prononnced success of a .public .reading room in the history of -the town. It has circulated 4,000 books, probably a larger number than the jombined results of previous years. The library is today the accepted public institution of the town, and it has established itself firmly in the confidence per annum and 6 per cent, per annum. With the four words "not. including two thousand" and the phrase preventing taking risks in cities and towns, stricken out, there would be no great harm from it. With them in, it will harm only the mutual interests in insurance. Why is.there a need for this limit? Simply and solely for .the, purpose of crippling these large, associa- fimisthftfc are nrovine so successful • Ito.has, tionsthat are proving and saving hundreds of . thousands of dollars to the members. The stock or old line companies have no arrangement tor ' membership. • Their ownership consists of stockholders of a limited number. - This-broposed law cannot cover them; it is not made to ^cover them 1 , it is only applicable to our mutual insurance organization. Some ot our county mutuals mjgbt have to succumb, but the sbaft is meant particularly for the destruction- of our .three state associations, the Tornado,' Town and Hail mutuals, and it remains to be seen if our farmers and others throughout the state who have,, been receiving the benefit 'of the cheapness', -th? • efflc- iencyand security of these associations, will sit idly toasting their shins around bard coal base-burners this winter and allow this swindle to "be consumated. To-dav is none too early to get to work, and don't let a single representative or senator start for the state capitol with- MRS. J, V. SWEttlNG. The Berlin, Wisconsin, Dally Journal of January 20 has the following notice of the death of Mrs. J. V. Swotting of that city, mother of E. V. Swotting, Esq., of Algona: • The community was surprised and shocked this morning to learn of the death of Mrs. J. V. Swetting, the wife of the well known pioneer citizen of Berlin. The sad event took place at an early hour this morning. It appears that she had been in poor health for sometime. She had suffered from a severe cold but had kept up and was about her daily household duties and was not considered seriously ill. On Sunday Dr. Wolcott was called in the afternoon and left remedies, ithe cold having seemingly settled upon bei lungs. At 5 o'clock this morning Mr. Swotting administered the medicine and then went 1 out of doors to do the chores at the barn. Eeturning about 6 o'clock he found his wife ,in a "stupor from which he could not' arouse • her. He called in Mrs. E. Doherty. the near• est neighbor, and - exaniination;abowed that life was 'extinct!'"Dr.'- Wolcott state&'that congestion qf the lungs was' the disease that caused her death. She was 69 years of age and- had resided in Berlin since 1850. She is survived by her husband and four children, all grown up: E. V. Swotting of Algona, Iowa, L. F. Swotting of Enid,. Oklahoma, Mrs. W. H. Bassett of t JJult uth-, atid-Miss Kate'Swett'i-n'g, .wholeft home a few weeks ago for Seneca, Iowa, where she is teaching school. .; DEATH OF MRS. GEO. 'BARR. -* Mrs.'Bosa Brqsvn Barr, wife of Geo. Barr, died-at-the home..of ;,heri father, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Postdfflce Block. " E. V, Swetting, AMO&lhFr AT LAW, Money to loan.' .« .- S AI.GOKA» J. L, BONAB. H. H. Boiiar & Fellows, t , ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Collections .wLH/reeeivejoUompt attention. Booms 8 and 0,.Algcma State Bank Bl'dg. Branch office at * Wesley, Iowa. ALGONA, IOWA. Danson & Butler, LAJT, LQAXS AMD LAXDS. * Collections a specialty. Offloe'ln Gardner Oowles' new building. ' AZGONA, IOWA. Welt Miller, < ATTORNEY 'AND COUNSELOR* "A ,. , LAW: > Collections made, All, business promptly attended to.. •'•-* IOWA. Alex township, 1 af;7 near- • '" 'S. S.''Session's, J , •-' , ' ATTORNEY AT 'LAWl ., ,; i . i, , f < - . A ,- S. v> < , • «• ,i : :»• ' ^ Loans and Insurance. Special attention given to'colleotions of all kinds. ••> „ , „ Over OhrisoliilleB' Store. .'? m , rJends''Were neither such prior have says: "It seems to us they have no right. The defendants have a right to use of the name, as they been using it by permission ot the supreme lodge continuously from the time of the organization of the original grand lodge up to the present. The fact that they are not incorporated is and liking of the people at -large. The REPUBLICAN is well satisfied with the results of the year, and its satisfaction l is heightened by the reflection that their a/t- taiument has demonstrated anew that "Peace hath her victories No less renowned than war." ,. DAVE HENDERSON'S LATEST. Congressional Record, Dec. 26: Mr. | constituencies, this is a business matter, for is people, and should be met in a business _ way. A few days out giving bis pledge , against . this usurpation. There are millions ia it for those who propose it and will tavor it. In general, there is greater importance to be attached to the work of the incoming General Assembly than for many years past. The corridors of our capitol will be filled, by men working to get monopolistic swindling legalized. Shall we stand idly by and let it go on, or shall we raise such a dm around the ears of our State Solons, that they will be mindful of the interests of their The baby, a, boy, is by its grandparents, Come and see us opposite the -M. Z. GBOVE & SON. post- Itvub liuc*u l-nwj M-fcw -jwv -.-..---£- . wholly immaterial, for they have been ago doing business under the name with the implied assent of the state authorities during all these years ™«v luwn not adopted a name when this House \vas d resolution, we were taunt- gentleman from Georgia (Mr. that we dared not take resppn- MONEY FOUND. T'liov hnvp *- iiiB l'; ul *"*' ""- 1 ww , , ~w—~ .--f,,.. S h hi the sibility. . We will sbow_ him today Call at the office of Hay & Bice. j, \v. HAY, or to create the impression are identical with the Eheumatism positively cured. We nlaitifciff nor I f#v«."~~ ~~- *"—~ ~~.». .j i •,_ i^_ K ^ *~~, ., .,-•- y , i Vi/i *,; er this country is presided over by ~, have they done anything calculated to e . )ublican OJ / a democratic executive, '^^Sff^^S^^'^\^yiSSs f *^^ wa * > ^ plaintiff in amending.articles of i«~»«.' DBUQW, w«nmw '" euarantee to cure the worst cases by l-l" j i_i „ nn ,inon nf TTiHnfiVlrnva. or sui- shirks We have been giving out many cop ies of our premium, the Farmers' Account Book, and it is much appreciated. The Fort Podge Messenger.which offers the same premiums, say of it; "While it is not a pretentious affair everybody agrees that it meets a l° n s felt want. It is not elaborate or complicated but is a simple affair, ruled to allow a, page to each month of the year on which can be entered receipts and disbursements. It is an admirable way to keep a record of such things. Five years from now if you want to refer to a payment made during this year you can readily find it. A Joose receipt be lost. The book is riven tree We are taunted with working v I want to say to my Tennessee (Mr. McMiJlin) I discourage falls into the Before Algona got taking a course of Kidneykura, iee ad. _ T _ , - ft - A PATHETIC APPEAL, An Algona grocer who has been of- booming a little side-tracked old mill up in Minnesota, gets more and more discouraged as his flour trade dwindles, m Us this wont to » all our subscribers paid for J896 you are, paid up call or write for it. If If „,,. are in arrears now is a good, time to make payment,", We have pome on hand yet, and it will pay any farmer whp ia not the pas- ge>9ioj,-,of one to call and secure a copy. The agitation wbieh has been going AU during the past few years, led by , jilfluentiftJ eaupatprs °J the etste, i» vpf $he fpu,nd.i-ig,Qf »ore s, |g n,o.t l^ely tp pa in •of " "' • \$$m to famous flouF SP dearly Joyed; I But since the npw Algptia . began state auditor have name that was theretofore in use by the defendants, and of which they can not be deprived., simply because the plaintiff sees "' poration name whether the „„,„-„,,. „. use the name. We dp not think a corporation can select a name which is then in use by some other person or corporation and after recording its articles insist that these persons should i gjjTp'SJpig; T $y' (Rp'd, t'bere is no *^$^E&3&fa$ffl^^^& aeayly Joveo. _,. i corporation * fTo^such; i"»™ it to I |^Vcfatfe7ouK SB? Vbbed "JR I llWISSg^*«F wSS^*m t ^l^^fff^^rff^ Sa^fcC^rAtasafe I mSm^™^ ^ ^. M further holds that even were it conced. ed that plaintiff had at one time the exclusive right to the use of the »»»»» it has by its acquiescence and latches closed the 4oor to relief in equity." ^ u ~ Brown, in , Cresco .,.._ Thursday-evening, January., 23,' o'clock. Mrs. :Barr bad been si'ck: Jy four weeks, .her illness dating;.,'frpm the birth qf.her first child' : Dep."28,1895'/ A i? i. *j.'—,^' I«m n 1*n fi »x i-iV4'A aV\^<mAr\*ti\m J ia About t'wo'weeks i W-P 'S*\A-r\«*!r'itr^Trianf: L O Of improvement; and her^frienc hopeful of her recovery/• 'But their hopes or loving care' could save her from the grim hand*of death that had seized her for a victim, and she was gathered to rest Thursday. ' Deceased was 28 years, 9 months and 26 days old, Mrs. Ban- was well known in this community, having spent, her girlhood days here, and was beloved by all for her womanly qualities, and cheerful disposition. 'The funeral was from the residence, Sunday afternoon. Eev. Southwell, of the M. E. church, officiating, the burial being in the_ A.1- gona cemetery. being cared for __ „ . Mr, and Mrs. Alex Brown. The reaved husband and family have sympathy of friends at her untimely death. WJNNING ITS WAY. , Nothing can be more certain than tbat the library and reading steadily, surely winning its an indication of a change that has been effected in public sentiment, here is, what the Courier said last week: We would like to see our public 'library put on a basis so that'it could, ex< ist without'an annual passing, of the bat. The library is now a very credjt- able institution, under the efflcJept management of Mr. MoEJroy it ' w 'or much public value, We think • that if the question of a tax for its, support shpuld be again-submitted, and, some of the features, that' marked .the las* submission qampaign be the measure. wpwW pass like to have oup /•li/^^arfleld^M^ipi."'-^!!! PMAci^^SU^of^^ , ,, •" '• ' a ^YV^!»-r?^ State street.'' . f > 'Over Taylor's Stove. >- AT.GONA, -, - IOWA. . H. 0. McCoy, M.^^ffjM YSICIAN.AN.D f SURGEON,:^.\pM^ PHYSICIAN Algona, Iowa. Office with Dr. Garfleld. State street* Re'sidence McGregor street. '*!& F. L. Triboii, HOME OPATHIG PHJSIOIAX ._.-,„. , rt , SURGEON. ;;$£* Office and residence: Hew Boston Block. Algona, and great, ap* Georgia teljs W , *,«. „.„,,- ^- - r ••_ - -.» ^ - , „,„purpose "of taxing putting out tb w flow .for less, rapt F, ,._..__._ lhan'*the grocer's" "fanjqu&'flOUr , f « IP_u»H VMSj,*vv >_*• „„„ tl _ bu$on.-bQJe tion at the J#jfWffH0»'W : W*>W, ?T-.L. _T^1^ ^ QW , 6}w f yjjy '.jjjjg j$L of Snw^Ke r dewbMafi61iamta%^iwi I fug WM$K button bplej teat went into ppwer on the 4th of Mwrab. bit old oiwttwaws gp »»{( W 18?3, (Benewed applause,) They M MTOjIow, as they ragM g. of sneed in behalf of the Treasury,. K» [}Qm P* patoy tta4e to not. wfi This opinion disposed of the matter all, ' And it does not seem that an opinion so well in gpod sense can fail ,of being good law, . once fpr possible „„„, (Benewed appi of speed in behalf of the Treaeury,,. they forget th.e gpeed with which \4. . Qcratie policies have empUe4 the' Treasury? (I/augbtw»). They. JOT emptiedlt.aMwe. ey r tbere t D -— 4 pfpaltyytra4ei§ theteoaephe&rt rnuehaa th,e jaaerftouypatfonsw an4'injure ... ------flow, -W« oscillating W 8 jet te Mtmw&A ^«.*.A\nA-M99"ciWavYin/ aran4 AW Dr. Ii.- A. Sheetas,- DRUGGIST AND Prescriptions filled,''tn-'Pafp.ts) P^ Bpoks, Perfumeries, Etc Oor. State and Tliorlngton, Half geptiQp, pp^e, but ,wp,ul4 t .n.qw coraiall}' 8URpoy^it»' ; , t

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