The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 29, 1896 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1896
Page 3
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King f he senate pilt Aside finance andfofetsn affairs afih gfev6 the day to work OH 66M- *billa oti the 6a,lefidaf. Abotlfc fO bills w.ete passed, clearing the" Cftlerida* of triudli adcUmtilation afad leftv* inpt only the important measures pending. The house passed the Urgent deficiency bill. The bill carried |4,4I6,92A *8,212,682 Of which was for the expenses .of the tfnited States courts. The abflofifidl growth of the expenses of federal courts eame in for & good deal of criticism^ abd the?e was a general expression in favb? of a salary system. W<jdfl**ilny, Jail. 2!J. Senatof Wolcotfc spoke for an hotl* on Venezuelan question, criticizing the attl* tude of the president, in the ttftetAooltt there was a great debate on the financial question, Senators Sherman Teller, Go*' mattt Aldrlch, Lindsay, Gray and others taking part. tn the absence of any regular business before the house, the session was devoted to the consideration of minor matters and legislation by unanimous consent. Thursday, Jan. 23. The senate continued debate on the Monroe doctrine resolution, and the bond and tariff bills. No action was taken in either. " In the house the debate on the adoption of amendments to rules was continued. Friday, Jan. 34. After a brief but stirring debate the senate agreed to the concurrent resolution urging decisive action by the European powers against Turkey and pledging to the president the support of congress in the most vigorous action he may take for the proteAtion of Americans in Turkey and the redress for injuries to American, persons and property. Mr. Jones of Arkansas gave notice that on next Thursday he would ask the senate to sit until a vote was taken on the silver bond bill. MINISTEft RUNYON DEAD. trotted'. States : Ambassador to Germany. Expire* Suddenly 4n Borlio. BBBUN, Jan. 37.—Hon. Theodore Rtmyon, United States ambassador to Germany, expired suddenly and unex- THEODORE BUNTOW. pectedly at 1 a. tn. of heart disease. Mr. Bunyon had been in' somewhat feeble health for some time past, but no immediate fatal results were anticipated. THE WRECKERS HARD AT 'WORK. Expect to Have tbe St. Paul Afloat Before tbe End of the Week. ' LONG BRANCH, N. J., Jan. 27,—President 0. A. Grigwold and all the other representatives of the International Navigation company, popularly known aa the American line, have , taken a de' cidedly more hopeful view of the sitna- , tion of the stranded'steamer St. Paul, which went ashore nea^ here Saturday. They place great reliance on;the Meritt and'.C&apm'w 1 Wrecking companies, wh9haye"'charge 1 of the pulling,off of he big steamer, and they hope to h^ve !the,St,-;pa,uVat her berth at the foot 'pf Vez'ey'street,' JTew York, bejfore.'the'end pf ,this week,- \ /_ ' •''''-" '-, . ;; -» : UTB'BT-', JIABKKT £'',ij./, '". , , .-H^' "' " ' i &m^^^f^Wm^^ * " l ]li»feS|i|«-^^ tfeaff,,:^ sr, Jan. at.-iffre state partment has given ottt the following statement: Maniofc, eofcsttlar ageflt at jfofaannes- fg, cables Beer-etafy* dine? tfaat all American prisoner^ are out on parole, except Hammond, whose Case differs from that of the bthers, ia that ftam* inond sighed tiottstitttttohfti invitation to Jainison to come to Johannesbutg in case of extreme peril* Jamison matched towards Johfttmesfotu-g, fcfrwsvdr'f before trouble arose, Wheti thifl Was disebv* ered Ainefieatt and other leaders issued a prociamatioii calling on peb^e to re* ffain from hostilities. Instead of inciting rebellion, Hain« mend, in the beginning, raised Transvaal flag, and all in the movement swore allegiance Clement and other Americans took arnis from many and sent men home. 'Not a, Shot \*i» fifed by the Johannesburg party j there was no disturbance, not a single act of hostility; arms are peacefully surrendered and every effort made to maintain the republic as against the encroachment. The cases ag'ainst the American prison* ers arrested Will be tried in court, al« though the government has not yet in* dicated the time of prosecution. He adds that the Transvaal government has acted magnanimously." In view of the is believed that tteither Hammond nor any other Americans are in serious peril. The state department has cabled Manion to use the most active and vigorous measures for the relief of the Americans, and to that end to make to the Transvaal government direct representations on behalf of the United States. TO HELP THE GOLD RESERVE Sug- The Postmaster at Cleveland Has ges ted a Scheme. CLEVELAND, O., Jan. 27.—Postmaster John 0. Hutchins of this city has suggested a plan to Secretary of the Treaa- ury Carlisle, which will probably be acted upon and in a measure assist the government to maintain the gold reserve, and considerable correspondence has resulted between the authorities at Washington and the postmaster; A large proportion of the receipts of the "postoffice'in Jthis city ia ; 'in gold, and Mr. Hutchins suggested that if the gold received at all the postofflces throughout the country, amounting perhaps to 'millions of dollars annually, could be Placed in the United State* Treainry > and not deposited in national banks, as is done in each city under the present system, the scheme would result in materially helping the maintenance of the gold reserve. • i Tho postmaster has received a letter 'from Secretary Carlisle thanking him for the suggestion, and has also had .considerable correspondence with Postmaster General Wilson in reference to the subject. The postmaster general has instituted inquiries among the larger.postoffices as to ' the amount, of gold.received and where it is deposited. 1 AN INNOVATION IN 'ALABAMA. Democratic Primaries Open to All Citizens, White and Black. MONTGOMEBY, Ala., Jan. 25.—For the first time in the history of Alabama the Democratic State Executive committee passed a resolution opening its primaries to all citizens who would agree 'to support the nominee and principles of the party. Heretofore negroes were not permitted to participate, and only those white mm who had voted for the nominees in the last'election were made eligible. The friends of Congressman Clark, the sound money candidate for governor, fought the innovation hard, but the committee was controlled by the friends of Joseph F. Johnson of Birmingham, the opposition candidate for the nomination. April 21 was selected as the' date- for the state convention, whipK will be held here. Orders all Unmuzzled Pogs Shot. , L4|Ci?09sp, '.Wis., Jan, 85',^-There 1 was ;coof iflerabL? • excrement when it became, k'sown that State Veterinarian Scoti^had been called here to examine a dog susj^Qted of hydrophobia -and hald' 'pronpnn'ped' 1 th,e animal- mad. It has bittej|'Vl n w»ber pf other dogs in^he, last t^9 $ay's; apd, tbV chief,,of -"' cpnsia$$ ; the situation ty$ ySjffiMw •* v"N '«TT lVj,V'£ / f '' * '^K'S*"' $ P*iwi«w»hlV-J"2 :• ,v K'VTWB^ 3wttw&SHSSIm*pi %^iiiwm fwwfe* Jwftft.9t m s ,i tmsi BSffiLIi^^^'VP W^RSS^** 1 »t'ff'fe^TO4?TS} i ff^f Phyilial Srefdi-bi tltdB* Wfao fteftlft t« fete*! In let ftifcl^. lypicai ep«ed fikfttcf haS a short toddy, fcapaeibua, rffiihd ch^t* with black{ his thighs are and very l6«g, As ai-e also his legs. His feet afe large and flat. Hie weak polnte are hie calves, due to the long. Mat skate fo whifih his flatteneid foot is BO closely bound. l*he large muscles of his chest are not exercised, and his alms, held lySiigf idly along his backj are unused except in an occasional ispiift, when they are brought down and BwUiig straight f rdfti the shoulder. They say that they catch less wind lieJd that wfcy, and that the position is restful to the tense extensors of the back. This is, no dbubt, true, says Popular Science Monthly, but the result is disastrous to symnietrical devel- optaeiit. This type of figure is seett at its best in such skaters as the Dona- hues, McCottiiSck, the old-time profes* sioflal, who still skates a fast race, although how 40 year's of age, and in Wilson Breen, a professional, who has been a winner of much gold and glory by means of his long legs and powerful thighs. The conclusion that speed skating alone is not a good exercise to develop a well-built, symmetrical man will be patent to anyone who reviews the facts. If Indulged in it should be, as clone by McCulloch, in conjunction witl} other forms of athletics which bring into action the muscles of the nrm, calf, shoulders and chest. PLANTS THAT GO INTO A TRANCE Eastern Man Invents n Plan for Arresting Vegetation. A curious exhibit is made at the Mechanics' fair. It is nothing more nor less than a display of "mummified" plants. It requires a label to inform the people that they are dead, saj's the Boston Transcript, for the plants appear exactly as if alive and growing. They are not made of wax, or of cloth, but are genuine plants thathave grown )n the earth until they ha-ve reached a good state of development, when, by their be^ng treated to a certain injection, the growth is arrested. Then comes the strange part, for the plants so treated do not droop and die, the leaves remain fresh and bright, nnd the plant stands ereot. : : It is, moreover, impervious*to'<heat and ing seems able to deBjix repose. The most striking part of the exhibit is, a collection of large palms used for decorating. These plants are noted for being very tender and susceptible to almost every influence. Those on exhibition have been dead for six months, yet not even when the leaves are carefully examined would the fact be suspected. The exhibiit promises to create much interest among visitors to the fair, as the many advantages of having plants thna impervious to all conditions can be readily seen'. The credit of providing the exhibit belongs to a New Hampshire man, who discovered the process of treating the plants. , > 1 OHAMPtONi MEAN MAN." * A Discovery In Virginia That Far Eollpsea , All Previous Ones, "I located the meanest mon in the world n few days ago,'* said a traveling man, according to the Washington Star. "I stopped at a small Virginia town, and, the hotel being crowded, had to sleep in the room with another man. I left 'a call for an early morning train, and when I was awakened found that my roommate had taken a Btill earlier train. I also discovered that he had taken my trousers, in the pockfts of which wer« about $30. I complained about it to tho hotel and the clerk _ said the man was a horpe, buye^ 1 , and it would be made all right, BO I took the train to a town about. 100 miles distant, On the train. I exr amincd thc> /pockets of the trousers I had on and found a wallet containing $3,000, I telegraphed, the real owner at once, saying J would return them,. which I 'did, not paying the express, charges, as I was out of funds, he having all my money, After two days, during which I wore borrowed trousers, I received mine with, express charges unpaid and a C.; Q/P, bill a>' tached' for 85 cents he Jiad paid on his) own. I -borrowed the money and got 'the package, but if there is a prize a> ; tacjied to the discovery pf the meanest- rnaij in the woric|, J want it,"' ; *^-* «•**-»l-»S*-t «^*Wrt ntvrtft**. An^ ;- T V WIN w»w« OP •:>•$& WOMAN'S RELIEF for monthly pains in the sides* -5, hips, back) neck, shoulders, bead and limbs. These pains arc symptoms of ' dangerous derangements pecul* iar to women, •' McElree's Wine of Cardui correct 1 ? these derangements, cutest Wliitesaml falling of the Wotnb, ' relieves Suppressed Menstrua-;', tion and flooding, quiets the nerves and brings happiness to' , afflicted women. For Sale by Mctllclne Dealers "At;' • ONE 1>OI,I,AH A BOTTLE. ?i> GREAT SALE -OF— X' RAILROAD LANDS! Southern Minnesota In the Fertile Minnesota Valley'.;^' 1 These rich pralrio lands are dark loamfjv soil and are very productive. This 'part ot^fel Minnesota is well settled and has sctiool'l houses and churches. These lands'are 16-f;, cated near THE IOWA COLONY, nearTauri-fe ton, Minn., a bright new town and ,firs,t%l| class locations for all kinds of buslness^M Blue Joint hay grows in 'abnndance^qXI the upland prairie, making It a fine, stocki country. We are selling these choice prai£l rle lands on very easy term's at ?,prlces| ranging from $7.50 to $18.60 per acre. 'Ones! fifth cash and 6 per cent.fnterest.^titlesf perfect and no payment the- second -years Two years to make second payment fan'dj the crops will pay, for .the, Jandp ( We1j$i| bate round trip faro to 'purchasers}ofilr acres over the Northwestern 'Ll.nei i ,f^ 50,000 Acres of Fine Selected Lands At $ 1 O to $ 1 3 Per Apjfce. '' ; v^| 100 CHOICE IMPEOVED'"VF,^EMS3 for sale on easy terms 1 at $14 to $17 per acres within 3% to 5 miles of E. E. towns; :also*| several section farms and 12 sections £0*0 wild land. We also have some finely im's proved farms near E. E. stations at " $16 to $18 per acre on easy v terms,< t , ( G. F. HOLLOWAY,;^ BANCROFT, IOWA. j ? " If 17 IT lyi L IU iliJJlll NECESSARY. ent positions guaranteed; SajU»,j,«v,.,v,. Expenses or liberal'commission^ Pay weeUly.) Special advantages tobegipej*! 3toc,k complete with fast-seinngs^peciiptlefl We guarantee wl\at we advertise. * AddregJ'tSSt 3 GLEN 1IKOS., Nuserymen, .RonliestfivSW Y. (Tl>lsliou»elsrelmblB.) ( s' Salary or'goo<"~ Fast (--•"- - • - T -' >e * v -' We sell o^Jy High Gmrte true tp Also Pure Seed Pjpta^p^3|9M|) £ •.; f = r , ?; w? ? w^Jitpfi gp, 2 pas»wgerM", ? :T,:Vf, ! ,?J;,SSl JjQ,i i pa«B«nB«i'; i«???fA-(s%.jTlsi^l4«f 5iif'V-lry*VA!l(»M« BS', « t u , MitJJI IM t*

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