The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 29, 1896 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1896
Page 2
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l^W 1 1 WW^l •* E l/CSK Ml afeftasju 1' ."te^tfeS T%&ySAi<m§ m MAVAM. «f tie* Aw fa ft ***«* »* fif' WE ARE MANUFACTURERS — be— Desks and all kinds of Office Furniture. 6INO Poa CIRCULAR. We want youc Business. The Hamilton Mfg* Co, TWO RIVERS, VV1S. l&emtD QUICKLY, THOROUGHLY FOREVER CURED. ENGUSttJJUICIi ISIBDAY IIPINIIC rii iJt^TaafflttiiEbr vond human nld You feel improved the flist Say: fpel a benelH every day: soou know yonrself a kiiiK amoiiR men In body, mind and heart. Drains and losses ended, every obstacle to liaPPV married life removed. Nerve force will, enersy, brain power, when f ailing are restorert H neglected troubles result fatally Medical aSvice free. Mailed everywhere, sealed for,*!. Six boxes for $5. JACKSON MEDICAL OO. Ohlcago, 111., or our agent. I'KANK.W. DiyGLKY.AlBona.Iowa. w 26.—The now"have~'to face a seriotis 'Ihdfe. The prices of all kittds of r . io*i« are going up rapidly efefy day. fn ,pite of this people ate nocking into Havana from the country districts and t,< W provinces, and in many oaieS the refugees are people who have lost almost everything they possessed, and a very great number of them, here and olsRWhete, are depending upon charity. Ike cost of the War has beeti enormous and the drain created by provisioning the army has been very great, douse' quentlythis extra espefcse which the authorities Will have to meet in some manner or other is causing them a great deal of anxiety. Many fleeing the Conhtty* However, there is a large and ever in* creasing exodus of planters and others from this city, hundreds leaving by every ship bound for the United States, Jamaica, Hayti or South America ports. The increase of crime in all the proV- inces is said to be enormous. Business is almost at a standstill and commerce is practically a thing of the past. In spite of this assurance, however, a feeling of gloom and depression prevails here. There is no longer any talk of settling the insurrection by a crushing blow, and, although the advent of General Weyler is looked forward to as likely to be the signal for Morn Active Operations against the rebels, the feeling grows that the struggle is a most exhausting one for all concerned and that much more blood and treasure must be expended by Spain if the insurrection is to be queUed by force of arms. Under these circumstances it is not astonishing that a feeling in favor of some compromise arrangement is steadily growing and all eyes are turning toward the United States as likely to be the great factor in bringing peace and prosperity once more to unhappy Cuba. SAY GOMEZ WILL DIE SOON. are the most Powerful, Safe, 1?roinpt an I Reliable of this kind in the market. The original and only genuine Woman's Salvation. Ask your druggist if he dou't keep them Write direct to us acid we w 11 send it dlrect upon receipt of prioe, 81, seil ' ednb XnN MED~ paid. Medical advice free. JACKSON MJiD- TOAL CO., Chicago. FRANK W. DINGJjEl. BEWARE OF IMITATIONST, owottuc. E.V At-U DRUGGISTS ~~ JACKSON MEDICAL CQ. CHIGA60 IllPj 2QO SO. CLARK ST. IMPERIAL B'UD'G. • £ N.B. Don't take any substitute ^ wilh the same name bur different H spelling on which your druggist o makes Twice as much >>•••• •*.• ^ BE.WARE OF IMITATIONS Frank W. Dingley. The Insurgent Leader Far Cone With Consumption. HAVANA, Jan. 2o.--For some time past reports have been in circulation here concerning the physical condition of General Maximo Gomez, commander in chief'of the insurgent forces. One story, has asserted that he was suffering from wounds and that he was seriously ill with fever. It seems from information derived from trustworthy sources that neither of these reports are correct, but it is positively asserted that the insurgent chief is a very sick man. It is stated upon the authority just cited that the doctors in attendance upon .General Gomez recently- held a consultation and diagnosed his. case as being an advanced stage of consumption complicated with fever. It is further stated ..that .the.,, physicians have come to the conclusion that Gomez can only live about two months longer. These statements have caused considerable anxiety among the insur- genrs and their friends, as even though his condition may be exaggerated to some degre, it is believed the main facts are correctly stated. chaifinan, Submitted i& ft'fidfi fl§ resoluMbtis end with this atfcl&Fa* tidfi: "fhat ofe* and afcov<§ all otMtf questions of pxuic^we afs ift fajvofisf Kstotittf to the jiedpie Of the Umfo§d Stated thS time* fabnoTfed ttuMie'f 6f im 6on§tittiiiioii» gold aHd silVei?»n8t Ofte? but both. We thefefofe confidently ftp- toeal to the people «the United States thai leaving in abeyances fo* the MS» ment all other questions, hoW&vef iffi« fioftant, even momSntuotts, they ffiay appear, and, sundering, if need to, fortoef party affiliations, theytinite In a supreme effort to it ee themselves and their children fftim the domination af the money power, a power mure de* structive than any which hasevwbe. fofebden fastened ttpon civilised in any race in any age." The report was wildly and loudly plauded as it Was read, and the con ence seemed to be filled to the fullest extent with enthusiasm. It was read by Senator Jones, chairman. At the conclusion there Was a big demonstration. The delegates arose to their feet and cheered loudly and called for Senator Jones. He spoke for about 10 minutes and his remarks were vociferously applauded. ' It was decided to hold a national con* vention at St. Louis, July 22, the date of the Populist convention. .^CERTAIN TO BE DEFEATED. Remedial . teg-Ulatlou tlnnnot <5et Through the Canadian Parliament. OTTAWA, Ont., Jan. 27.—Mr. Tarte, one of the most prominent French liberals in parliament, has called upon the government to appoint a committee of the house to investigate the Manitoba school question during the session, so the case may be settled without coercive legislation by this parliament. He called upon the Quebec supporters of the government to consent to this because federal interference in education would do the Manitoba minority no good, and might in its ultimate effect endanger Roman Catholic schools in other provinces. The whole tenor of his speech was that he would himself vote against remedial legislation. It is the first intimation that the government's reliance upon the 3?reri<5h liberals in the house to pass their bill 'is not warranted, and that their bill will certainly be defeated. LimitAtlfltt fcf ah Agreed** fl itttft fttc Wflt ttt Anotne* ' '" * '$?* the THE DAVIS RESOLUTION. , Walkef, .e6ffimSfidef»!ft*ehi6i. Braid Afmf of the fteimm n 6i6fci§ed ov$f tfa§ fjessibl^f f esal trf the WSstertt JPaSsMge* ftitoisl&tldfl td extend ttti^fligsi asked fdf infos way of limitation of tickets td the ae±« gf and eficatttpient, ¥ h& rats of i 6eat a mile eaeh way ffbm the Atlafltle sea* board has bedii eOtifidded, but thS Bag* sengef. aSSooiation desires id limit tickets to two days af tef the eonventidn for the r etttftt, . . Genfif al Walkef held a eonf ereaes itt his fooms at the Palmer Hottse with a committee from St. Paul, composed of General E. 0. Masott, ex.GoverliOir A* R, McGill, General M, D, Mower, C5olouel Peak and Colonel A, Schaeffer, These gentlemen Were informed that the directory of the Grand Army expected a guarantee of rates, and that the mat' ter has been pending since last becem* her and must be settled within the next 10 days, A member of the Western Passenger association was present and the entire matter-was gone over with him, He held out no encouragement that the privileges asked for would be granted, and St. Paul's chances took on a very sad outlook. A HOT FIQHT WILL RESULT, Meeting of the Western Passenger Association Called to Fix O. A.£i. Bates. CHICAGO, Jan. 26.— Chairman Caldwell of the Western Passenger association has been asked by two of the lines in the association to call a special meeting for the purpose of considering the advisability of extending the time limit on tickets to the encampment of the G. A. B. at St. Paul in September ' next. He issued the call during -the afternoon and the meeting will be held on next Tuesday at 11 a. m. There is a good chance for a fight over the matter before it is settled, for several of the roads are very much averse to granting the extension desired, and the more direct roads to Minneapolis and St. Paul are in favor of allowing the request for the extension, in part at least. Want the G. A. R.' Encampment. INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. ,28. — Adjutant General Bobbins of Commander-in- Chief Walker's staff announced that Buffalo, Cleveland and Philadelphia are the three cities that want the G. A. R. encampment if it is taken.away from St. Paul. $etiM Ibis jmt fof 18,600 td tftiiar eoiie;g8 «d fetrnd 8f -^LifcBij^ij^ijuijjj^Lto&jAr''* * .,? -WW^i ' < '.V^^r- 1. Iff »tf Wn»ilW£«K» mU n tMUHM jiSBsi^Jte; j <!..• ..fc.ra.ii*.^ t»»a-? ! •wtttfKMdh'^ TW" .',?t J ,j eetta is deM, aggd »u, fl was - att tfMMPaeWeaifietoif the old t^ree Soil paffcy with headquarter! itt Sostbtt, made an assignment, thd claima against the tsoneef n aggregating lal'd.OOO, , f Oardinal Gttilltttime R6n6 Meignati; arehbishep of 5?6tir9 t wa§ fotiiid dead in bed at fottrs, tfance, Be wai torn i& 181? and was created a cafdinal in 1898, \Vedneftday, Eighteen million JnOfe sitV6* dollMS ate to be coined by the government, A bill will be reported in the house authorizing a cable across the Pacific. In a speech at Albanv Mr. Depew said we should act cautiously in the matter of the Monroe doctrine. Spaniards arrested American citizen at Havana and Call of Florida brought the matter up in the senate. The wife of Hon. George N. Curzon of London, who was formerly Miss Mary Leiter of Washington, has been delivered of a daughter. ^ Gossip 'has it that Tim Byrnes' election as sergeant-at-arms of the Republican convention means a MoKinley- Allison alliance. Byrnes denies it. Prince Henry of Battenburg, husband of Princess Beatrice, is dead. He contracted the fever while in Africa with the British expedition against Ashanti. STEAM and GASOLINE ENGINES Portable and Marine. If you think of >rkln will do if used as a wash according to directions : prevent transmission of blood diseases. skin diseases, acute and chronic ulcers, stricture, flssiire-ol the hands and feet, Eczema, letter, Salt Blieuinatism. Inflamation of the Bladder. Diseases of the bones, joints and muscles, Syphiletio Insanity, Scurvy, Scrofula in many forms. The above and a hundred other forms of disease are traceable directly or indirectly to SvDhilitic Kiootl Poison for which the Dr, Jackson's English Safety Tablets is a sure pro- ventattve, ano is a safe Germ Killer, rendering contagion hardly possible, hence its valiie. If neglected such troubles result fatally. Mailed anywhere sealed, Si; six boxes for $5. Medical advice free. JACKSON MEDICAL iiO., Chicago, III., or our agent,F. W. DINGLEY. For anything in the crockery line call on Patterson & Son. County Map Of The South, Tree. If you are interested in the South and would like to have a county man showing the principal counties in detail in the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and a portion of Mississippi and Florida, send your address to P, Sid Jones. Pass. Agent, Birmingham, Ala,, or C. P. Atmore, Gen'l Pass. Agent, Louisville, Ky. This map is made to fold up m conv.op lent form, and contain letters written .by several northern people who have settled at different points on the Louisville & PRINCE HENRY IS DEAD. Bon-in-I-aw of' Queen Victoria Succumbs to the African Fever. LONDON, Jan. 28.—The Press association has a dispatch from Cowes, Isle of Wight, saying that news has been received at Osborno that Prince Henry of Battenburg, who went to Ashanti in a special capacity, and who contracted fever there, is dead. Prince Henry was the third son of Prince Alexander of Battenburg, uncle of Ludwig TV, grand duke of Hesse. He married Princess Beatrice in 1885. They have four children. He was born Oct. 5., 1858 and was the governor of the Isle of Wight and of Garisbrook castle. THE WOMAN'S BIBLE. TAX SEB MICE, ToJ F. Mack: You are hereby notified . ttjftt on the 7th day of Deo., 1891, tfie follow, ^gg described reaf estate, Mtuated in the , UM> t**" *4V».Vt-'7 ' of Deo., 1891, the jnu-iuJsuFJwou *v»* estate, situated ... county P* Kossuth, and state of Iowa. ,--No. four (4), block No, ope hundred and eiffhty (180) Call's addition to Al&onu, fowl, was sold by the treasurer of said coun* ty to 0. M. .Poxsee, and duly assigned to B. y. Swe'ttliur, who is now the lawful holder of the certffloate of purchase thereof. That the right and redemption will expire and a Wfo*wWJW4Mw^^^^ Won from buo d! lays from the oojj&U ue. Dated thisTOid £i* -V » B> W ^"^"J-'J-^l W, Holder of Oetrifloate, be ipade within ninety eted service of this not- 15-17 Suffragist Copventlon Refuses to Torn It Down. WASBJNQTON, Jan. 36.— The woman suffragists, by a vote of 69 to 16, tabled a resolution to disavow responsibility for the so-called Woman's Bible, The discussion caused a number of personal controversies. The report of the treasurer, j»rs. Harriet .Taylor TJpton of Warren, O,, shows that the amount of money ban» died during the past year was almo9t twice as nwch as in law and more than was ever handled by a national twas* wer in apy previous yeajr. TWO WTAH SiNATORS OHO§EN, a For, Re« the Mr. Lodge Able to Find But Few Sen- •atorg Against It. WASHINGTON, Jan. 25.— Senator Lodge has made a canvass of the senate on the Davis resolution affirming the Monroe doctrine and says that he has not been able to find, more than eight votes that will be cast against it. He says there are still* a large number ^of speeches to be : made on the subject aHa^ that it is too early to say when -a vote will be taken. But debate will b^ pressed along rapidly after the bond bill shall be disposed of. THE SULTAN HAS CONSENTED. Belief May Be Distributed Privately in Turkey. CONSTANTINOPLE, Jan. 2?.—In response to the representations made by Hon. A. W. Terrell, United States minister, the porte consents to permit any one whom Mr. Terrell recommends to distribute in Anatolia, without distinction of race or religion, the funds subscribed in America for relief, but declines to allow the Red Cross society or any similar society to make the distribution. • ENGLAND AGREES TO IT. Commission to Be Appointed to Settle Claims of Canadian Sealers. WASHINGTON, Jan, 27.—Secretary Olney was called on by Sir Julian Paunoe. fote, the British ambassador, who submitted the final acceptance of the British government of the plan of a Behring sea commission to pass upon the claims of Canadian sealers seized prior to the Paris award. It remains only for the president to submit the plan to congress; and as the legislative branch has refused to pay a lump swn for the sei#> ures, it is considered that the commission arrangement will be approved, It is quUe likely that the president, in submitting the $an to congress may suggest once more the. desirability of a lump payment as the most expeditious. means of tett f ment. AN ADVERSE REPORT. Secretary House Smith Opposes the "Free Home'! Bill. WASHINGTON, Jan. 22.—The house committee on public lands has Deceived from Secretary Smith a strong adverse report against the "free home" bill. The bill absolved all persons completing five years residence on the> lands'^taken and "occupied under' the'/homestead laws from! making •fhrthe'r; paymenti'\to secure their title other than fees" incident to filing and chaining proof.' The measure is a sweeping one, and land office officials estimate its passage would involve at least $43,000,000 of cost to the goverment and $15,000,000 in Oklahoma alone. This is the amount paid to the Indians for the 'relinquishment of their lands there. f RUSSIA AND TURKEY. An Offlensive and Defensive Alliance Formed Between the Two Nations. LONDON, Jan. 25.— A dispatch to The Pall Mall Gazette from' Constantinople says that an offensive and defensive alliance has been concluded between Russia and Turkey. The Gazette correspondent adds that the treaty was signed at Constantinople and that the ratifications were- exchanged at St. Petersburg between Aarej Pasha and the czar. The basis of the treaty is declared to be on the lines of the Unkiarskelli agreement of 1888, by which Turkey agreed, in the event of Russia going to war, to close the Dardanelles to warships of all nations. This treaty was abandoned, owing to the refusal of the powers to recognize it. The Gazette correspondent also pays that the,Fre»o h ambassador, ji, Cambon, con* erred with the sultan, and that it is prpbable France will be included in the new alliance. Thursday, Jan. 83. The Montana Lumber company lost $25,000 worth of stock by fire at Helena, Matthew Arnold once spoke of Lord Salisbury as "a man likely to produce shocks and convulsions." . ' The South Dakota Republican, state committee will meet at ftturon. Feb. ,6 tofixa'dat6;for a convention to elect national convention delegates. The Chicago Daily News disapproves Yvette Guilbert's songs and will print the name of every well known person in Chicago who attends her performances. The- convention of - Structural Iron Workers and Bridge Builders, which was"to have been held at Pittsburg to form a national association, has been postponed. Colonel John L. Peak of Kansas City, recently appointed United States-.minister to Switzerland; sailed for Gibraltar on b'oard the steamship Kaiser Wilhelm H,',-*en route to his post. i, ; ^^T-,.^'."--^^ 1 ^ -' } ""'X > . " s Friday, Jan. !S4. " v<( r Bannock Jndians^at, Jackson's ,Hple.,; Wyo.,-promise naore'" trouble. • r ' *', Congressman H. D. Money is to-succeed Senator George of Mississippi. Lasker is final .winner in the international chess tournament. Pillsburyhas third place. Russia; and Turkey, it is reported, have formed an alliance, and France, also, may join. The London Times has become more favorable to the arbitration of the Venezuelan difficulty. The Sixth District Immigration association was permanently organized by the Duluth convention, with Dr, C, A. Kelsey as president. The National Woman Suffrage association, in session at Washington, re- disavow responsibility for the publication of the Woman's Bible, The silverites will hold their convention at St. Louis July 83 (the same place and time fixed for the, Populists) and nominate a presidential ticket. „„„_ - buyliif? an engine or any size-,, or kind send for our CATALOGUE No. 30, containing Illustrations and prices of every kind of small engines up to 20 horse power, - at bottom, prices, or LIST NO. 20 for yacht engines,boilers, and boat machinery. Either sent free. OHAS.'P, WILLAED & 00., , 197 Oanftl Street • - ' Ohioago, V/,f« JAVA and MOCHA; COFFEE. Finest Can Coffee o HIGH LIFE ife ---(pF 'M « cSlS "i ' H/X. t p *' -»»jfc • i: JHfe ?5W •' Jveli Blue Label. A combination of the finest Aden Fancy Mark Java, *~ air-tight cans, ther—., .. ma and freshness lost In the elements, ReturnaV>l r .- —- ~~ Never sold In bulk or In ijaper, foil board peckages, \ " » '" LANGDON & V HUDSON," Sole ~' " " "— MR. OHAMBERUAIN'S SPEECH, SHERIFFS SALE, faf'* ; Iffi ? r f ' %¥ '*{» teftv* ni ,v, vlw js hereby given, that by virtue of iclal execution, to me directed by the clerk ofithe district court of Kossutb IcQunty iowft. ag&fftsv t^ e ioods, chattels, landg/fejaeniente, etc., of RalpU Johnson ftug, ^rs, Ka^le 0- Johasofe defendants, in laypr.jof Eugene 0, BpiteS plalntw, I wjH offer*at pttWeal 8 . t« * e hlghes an4 best ^KAWssf-s s ,rs KhWK - " iwlafde^cjr; .IggaNf a& |u4 imMte&A sit' . Ig^it; pettt^ A p'4w» 9 -Jft "" Utah, Jan, 88. — United States senators the entire puWcaw vote in both branches O f legislature wan past for Frank J non ' wd Arthur Brown, the ftomineea, e»pepti»g oae vote for uett g«d one for Goodwin, The oerats voted for Thatcher and Chronicle ThlnHx « Wean* Ar}!| tratlon In Berne Fprni, 37,-*The Qhrqnioie, editorial on Colonial Secretary of the Ve»e« wade ift aepeeoh,'i*t BELIEVE J?>au»lblUty of »noe an RQS5IBUE, ^ftygbe§» tb9 report of toe ,^l» eptteof * ee from m«»y Sftturday, Jan. 38. A federation of Missouri Women's clubs was formed at St. Louis. The next'Jllinois state G, A, B. encampment will be, held at Cairo in Mayi The Ye»ezuelan government h'a^ or. four torpedo bpats from ' ' 0, -Bailey, 9m of 4ied FOR OUR ,, . <J ,/<R f '™^ l >tl?*-s!)</J i ^ lirtfy' •*- of negotiatjOBI i W» pft ft We must rf gaja this sing tUe deliberate arbityatiQ» i» sows a An tiaie tat Wr**** JsTSfv P** 1 7«j"»V'JTT i «i.'in t v ••• jjT, "; ; g^^rfWtoKMw .Wflw&fc? 1 IjvzrjiTXjS 1 .;. 4.vT2-loof -m«A!T .' i. * w,^ti,A%X' WK'SmJ^m %

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