The Kingston Daily Freeman from Kingston, New York on January 8, 1965 · Page 17
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The Kingston Daily Freeman from Kingston, New York · Page 17

Kingston, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, January 8, 1965
Page 17
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fHE KINGSTON DAILY FREEMAN, KINGSTON, N. Y.. FRIDAY EVENING, Jack Ferraro, Shufeldt Rap 716-704 in Classic Shooting in rival anchor slots. Jack Ferraro and George Shufeldt, two of the city’s all-time best boulcrs, rolled 716 and 704. respectively. Ferraro, warming up for the National All Stars in Philadelphia, unloaded games of 224, 259, 233 in the anchor slot for Kingston I rust Company. Shufeldt bombed«2l4. 213, 277 for Smith-Parish Roofing. Ferraro's 716 j>acod Kingston# —-------------------------- ----Trust Company to a 3013 team George Glaser 244, 204, 213-661; series with 1002. 996, 1015. A1 w<xxl 241-604 ; 956, 979, 89o- C&blevision rebounded trom a 899 op ner with 1014, 1032 for ~ 2945 Augustine Insurance (2) — * John Ferraro joined in the Ralph Longendyke 208-574, familv fun with a 692 anchor Marts Hammer 213-560. Tim blast on 233. 236. 233 for Harold Schuller 222-606; Mike Cashara O'Connor Real Estate which to- ‘205-547. John Schatzel 204-584; taled 3010. 937. 1000, 934-2871. The scores: I * • * Kingson Trust Co. (2) — Ki’dv Rock Construrtion (0)— I^ou C'orrado 219. 255-661: Chet Her- i Pulcastro 543; Bruee Hinkley !"harles Manfro 205, nngshaw 212-542; James Amt dola 228, 201-597; Jack Ferraro 203-599 ; 891, 979. 862-2732 716; 1002, 996. 1015-3013. Smith-Parish Hooting (I John Schatze! Jr 209 2<>1 Boh Weishaupt 237. 25' George Shufeldt 7o4; 981, 1011 982-2981. • • • Garraghan Oil (2) — Bruc Davis 247-600. Ken William 202-0í8, George Mag*o\ 216, 21 1 i Keld-m 235, 222-651 4-5 r (ahlexision (3)—Joe Ausanio 212, 221-bo6; Mike Carlino 215600; 575; Joe Misa« 243-649, Chris 664: Gallo 267, 206-630; 899 1014, 32-2945. • • • llurlev Sand and (iraxel (0) — 622; Ran 928 100?. 1031-2966 Miron Lumber (I) — Kr Doilsharm 201-572; I^arry Pet 22 < -si93 93# ,vcs 836-26 8 Brothers Kgg I arms (I Sis Balasli Slams 611 Sis meshed a h' slam a 614 h di series in Sangi Mixed Foursome Leagu Mike Yon!a hit 211-573; Eve Gross 477; Nelson Hoff; Ca Freer 470. ludler 210-550, Bill Glamor 239-639; Herb Petersen 2**M>39; 947, 904, 1001- Harold O'Connor K**a| Estate 3 691 » '206-577, Leon 13-630; John F'er- 999, 1026-3010. Ml< KEY SCOTT’S 111 111 »3 string added up to 455 high il ee in the Ferraro's Earl} irds league. Rosomarv Paulu« P Forst s Market 2. D Weiners 1; Port Ew Market 2. G us Ycxrt McLaij* Kips 646 Merchants Iliiili Don McCaig was a loner in the Saugerties Merchants league in the “600” class, that is. His 646 series represented a nice re- txnind from 167 with 222, 257. Richard Pcctoom decked 210553, Rodney Ball 528. Robert Reynolds 2Ö7-570, Edward Rioz- zi 213-537, John Spada 550, Edward Olsen 202-553, Berme I/eszko 542, John Offerman 202538. Joseph Bruno 559, Everett Mower 209, 206-591, William Peter 224-577, Walter Erceg 556, John Dodig 532, Jerrv Smith Sr. 530. Douglas Coons 214-559, Jack O’Rourke 547 R< Carr 529. Joseph Maines 213-581. Team results: Fein’s Liquor 2, R&F Dress Co. 1; Saugerties Coal ar.d Lumber Co. 1, l¿ezetto’s Insurance 2; Flower Garden 1, Dick's Philco Service 2; Frank's TV 1, Thornton’s Insurance' 2; Naccarato's Tavern 2. South Side Men's Club 1. • ft llarland Hickrl 644 Series Is (’areer First Harland Bickel made his career-first 600 a 634 effort in the Champlain league. His games were 191. 212, 231. Bob Lind decked 232-552, Frank Antalek 209-550, Ray Anderson 211-548. Ernie Gehrig 226-541, Chuck Slate 530, Bill 35 50s 2. Spit Fires 1; H o I xjs 1. Wee F'ive 2; Oubs 2 Nikes 1; Nasa-B 0. Mets 3; Wild Ducks C II YRI.OTTE MERRITT was o. 1 *hoo»er with 537 on 174. >4. 209 in the Friendship pague Marv Wvant had 477 Sprinklers Keep Three-Game Lead Mid-Hudson Auto Sprinklers of Kingston retained their 3-game lead wbth a 3-0 victory over Central Valley in the Mardi- Bob All Star Major League in I^oughkeepsie. Harold Broskie fired 610 for the Sprinklers. A1 Manojohn led Central Valley with 616. The score: Mid-Hudson Auto Sprinklers <3* 211 192 207 610 182 178 225 585 193 199 204 596 178 189 193 560 205 188 164 557 H. Broskie . L. Sickler Jr M R • T. Carlino J. Hfxjghlali 960 946 993 29» »8 C entrai 5 alley (0» L: Poillucci ............195 16o 179 5.14 M. DeLuccio .............142 178 193 513 J Rile> .....................180 170 137 487 J. Mo.vs .................186 153 186 525 A. Manojohn ..........234 214 168 616 937 875 863 2675 Ev Movver Slams 628 in Plaza I JHIÍ Flv Mower slammed a 628 high triple for F'erroxcube in the Fdaza Minor loop on games of 214-179-235. Other top qualifiers included: Paul Carr 213-580; Dave Latourette 207-581; ¡¿airy Campanella 212-562; Bud Myers 204538; Bob Lockwood 559; Gabe DePaola 204-550; Martv Saban 543 Team results: Ferroxoube 3. Knights of Columbus 0; Schoentag s Hotel 1. Wildcat Sportsmen 1; Utica Club Boer 3. Riozzi Masonry 0; Silver Lake Dairy 3, Plaza Paints 0. SI.IM TRIM — George Chuvalo, the Canadian heavyweight, used to be a roly-poly fighter, but that was before he trimmed down for his bout against former champion Floyd Patterson at New York s Madison Square Garden Feb. 1. M He! Di xi f i. I II YRni I) I’l \ I R \KBVR \ C ROSS'S all Mid-City Indies bow games were 179 128 IF results: Anchorag. Inn per-Gaffken-McEntee 3 Rod and Gun Club Ladie arv 2, Bobbv $ Gu »s 1 Beauty Shop 1. Mic Wine 2. Y MCA Fedi cames nf rores: Di'partment o! >ply G&E 2, Redeemer :r Street ( >ne 3 Com- Albany Avenue Bap- nton Avenue Method- Street Twt) 2, Tnnit\ M Hi 474. G i^ela Klomps i * lie ri ne I ¿owe 504. Mullen 468. Ret tv AlicenDi.Micco 4.37 -a 471 Jo Smith 4.56. 450, Ru th D>ylo 457; S t a H ium Diner 1, Store ! 2: Schneider's Trop Inn 1; sic Shr 'P 2. Se al test nton Hotel 0, Stevv- are 3; Lowe’s Viols GJone* Dari- dm R ' y no Ids Pho- Elston’ s Sport Shop leant yShop 2, Cen- No 2 iD; Y’ogeD Dì irai Hudson No. 1 i Jump on the Whip over the softest snow, the slickest ice...up to 35 mph. ‘SCv.-KW#* * t. * . .vji The Bombardier Ski-Doo now offers the fun of snow travel to everyone who loves the great outdoors. On a Ski-Doo, make daytime safaris over the snowfields — with a sleigh-load of kids in tow. Go night riding with a white moon over your shoulder. Race . . . rally . . . jump . . . climb hills! Fresh air by the lungful, healthful exercise, sheer enjoyment! Ski-Doo is practical too! You can cruise to your snowed-in cottage, go out on the lakes where the big fish are, explore and hunt areas not accessible in summer. Your track will show you the way L ,ck. Bombardier’s many years of experience with snow vehicles since they invented the snowmobile in 1937, provides the Bombardier Ski-Doo with the ideal balance of power and weight. Its patented rubberized track exerts only a quarter pound pressure per square inch, floats over the softest snow, lets you leap from drift to drift. Fun to ride . . . easy to run . . . and economical too! The Ski-Doo’s rugged motor takes you half a hundred miles on a single tank of gas,, oil mixture. Safe, speedy, sporty, Ski-Doo — see all three 1965 models soon! LIKE A FREE RIDE? SEE YOUR NEAREST SKI-DOO DEALER! Your Local SK-DOO Dealer YirnDvnirc rowE* pit cottekill road UJbUIlIUA M EQUIPMENT ||Ui Telephone 687-7107 STONE RIDGE. N. Y. GI [¿ORI A SMITH linke d 149, 156, 177 fo ir 482 high tri iple in the Sawy e r Women's 1 league. ; Gi ac :e C ah ill decked 47( ), Ar- I« ne Kiu sh er 463. Mar}’ Coons 459; Sai 101 Sizzlers 3.Rie- ! ca rd iris 1; »chroder’s Atlantic 3. : Kat ' •baan il nn 1; Hamm Bi nick 3. 1 Paiaimour It Pharmacy 1; ’ rhorn- tonettes 2, Wynne Pontia< ‘ 2. DETROIT (AP) — Harry (Cowboy Hat) Gilmer, onetime collegian forward sensation, is the new the Detroit Lions of the Alabama passing COt Na ch ( ion: .IOAN BEESMER add- 186, 159 for 494 high slam Mid-City league. Shirle> fired 466. Ann Burch Carolyn Finright 454 O Barbara C 451, ■ team i Kingst< 0, Sch<¡ 13 Mai furo 3, u siue: ag lina 3; Hess 1 I. 1 149, m in the Hooker ins 467, "a F'reer le 459; Inn 2. E-Z Do I >ouble- I>e Coif- The owner Gilmer $35.000- secret quartei F'oot Lions W Thu (jail Le and i Clay day to Lions igue. millionaire Ford signed a reijorted -year neeting contract at club at a head- jilmer, lured away from the Lions’ month. The st a r of teams 1940s a lore for by the 38-year-old Alabaman, the great Crimson Tide >f the middle and late id who set records gall,s era, was grabbed up Lions less than three Don Lawson 605 31ajor Hi Kaj)8 resignation of all his >n Tropi in I¿avvs< eague PAT games nigh t Cap " Ot Nell Knot Aniti Fred I A i B< 174: >rs ina 1 538 on o take îe Ni te Ai T1ANO s of 143- tnple hor [¿eague. icr top qua Alversen h 497; i Co\ 48 i Dolcemaseoio as 475; Marie Jo> ce Kniekei ( Jerry Farrell 466; L stein 466: June \'an Fivelyn Nitsch 459; Stella Napoli 456; Virginia Lillberg 451. Team results: A1 s Gals 2. New Paltz Savings Bank 1; Corwin's Insurance 3. Chez Joey 0: Reid's Heating Sen ice 2, Savago's Insurance 1; Dougs Auto Service FU ,uk luded: anette . 496; n 481; Jane pening 467; len- 161; D Maj on lines of Tim Schu Peper 227-.' F'red Allen 560, Paul Madsen 532 Craig Smi ill* n led Woodstock bowlers with 605 20. 196. 189. !er rapped 555, Art 7, Jim Kinns 538, >26, Floyd Perkins Kaminskv 248. Bob 2, Joe Wilson 224-572. h 549, Joe Modica 223- ' ei- nai ,4, F a Vail 200-543. Bill Wa- 212-553, Joe Lukaszewski Herb Wyman 532. Tom Ber- •dini 219-569. A. Milak 207575. Herb Vogel 544, Hank Yochmann 214, 202-574. Team results: Woodstock Sport Shop 1. Ted's Es>os 2: Rolling Acres 0. Safeway Vending 3: Deanie's 1, Salvucci's 2; DeWitt Cadillac 1, Oehler s Mountain Lodge 2. 2. FYiwdor Rom zu and tillo s 2 Gi Box Van ady’s 1: Lofai Vlack TV 1. 1; Tan- this week3 ROBERT \ RON E N B E R G rolled a 4S8 high triple in the Thursday Afternoon Ladies League on a 159-153-176 series. June Koltz hit 462. Team scores: Rrattain's Skytop Steak House 2. Phantoms 1; Oehler’s Mountain Lodge 2, Whispell Construction Co. 1; Dick's America net tes 2, Lou's Boa t Nok< Basin i Phar 1: Dick' macy. Texaco 2. 243 >st a Bar- WAI.T HARDER tackec onto games of 187-165 to l 595 high triple in Manme’s her Shop League. John Curnan rolled 221-392; F3ob Baxter 229-591; Marsh Hughes 227-570; Fred Bayona 525; Boh Bartz 204-572; John Schatzel 225-549: Walt Dougher- Bosco Tomaszevvski Bahl 204-554; Jack 211-211-581; Stan Joe Murkoff 201- Hartman 579; Irv George Brown Amato 214-573; ty 213-558; 535; Aaron Shoenvold Kaplan 538; 577; Jack Brown 221-558; 201-542; Mike Dick Phillips 534; Lcn Ward 549; Clary Buddenhagen 201-572. Team results: Sav-On Rentals 3. Modern Vending 0; Stuyvesant Barbei^hop 2, C&E Trucking 1; I3o(> Perry’s Service Station 2, Central Hudson 1; Kingston Coal and Oil 3. O'Connor-Kershaw Realtors 0; Tony Lynn Maternity 2. Utica Club Beer 1; Kingston Oil Supply 3, Rondout National Bank 0. PETE SUSKI was the Mid- Citv Sportsman’s best kegler with 587 on 190, 202, 195. Nick Naccarato shot 206-526, Dan Donahue 205-563, Ray Hendricks 551, Warren Wood 530; team results: Armstrong's Bar and Grill 2. Sal’s Barber Shop 1; Ostcr- houdt’s Builders 1. Nick’s Heating 2; Reub’s Service Station 1, J & A Roofing 2: Miron Lumber 2, United Commercial Travelers 1. Roll* 176 Irene Skurla led session of the Pianette League at Plaza Bowl with a 476 series Her games were 122, 144, 210. ♦ * * LARRY DEEYE Inked 162181-209 for a 532 high triple in th^ Woodstock Church I.ctgue. Team scores: Slow Starters 3. Windmills 0: Dreamers 2. Odd Balls 1: Wooden Shoes 3. F'lying Dutchmen 0; Stikers 2, Go-Getters 1: Untouchables 3. Cook's Clan 0; Changers 2. Woodchoppers 1. * * * ESTHER STEPHANOS 470. with 177. 143. 150 was No. 1 series in the Central Rec Women's league. Ora Fknighton shot 463. Rosemary Den ter 456. Betty I¿arnoreaux 466: loam results: Cissy's Beauty Shop One 0, jSchabot’s Auto Body Shop 3; Johnny Walker Paint Stores 3, Hi Lo I>pt. Store 0: Vandorlyn Battery 3. Dawkins Grocery 0; Jim’s Atlantic 3. Stone Ridge F'ire Auxiliarv 0. * * * BILL SINS YB v UGH posted a pair of 208 s after 158 for 574 high triple in the 13ene-King Hospital League. Doris Struher hit 465; team results: Lucky I ¿arks 3. Tornadoes 0: Lucky Stars 2. Dreamers 1; Twisters 0, Flying Squirrels 3: Five Bn- I3os 2. G-Clefs 1; Atom Cats 3, F'ive Sticks 0; Sprinklers 2, Convertibles 1. weeks after Wilson’s following the firing five assistant coaches. Ford, of whom fans here were critical for his handling of the pre-Christmas coach removals, said he was happy to get Gilmer. Y iking Approved The Lions ro{x>rtedly received the approval of the Vikings before they made their tender to Gilmer. The clubs were said to have talked together beforehand and the Vikings gave the Lions a go-ahead in their effort. On one score surely the Lions have added to club luster. Gilmer, a horse lover with a stable of his own, is apt to wear his 10-gallon hat and cow'boy boots out in public as well as on the football sidelines where his getup is a familiar sight to NFL fans. Detroit won’t be new to Gilmer. He played quarterback for | the Lions in 1955 and 1956. But i ¿n those seasons he was in the shade of the illustrious Bobby Layne and seldom saw any action. The Lions traded him to the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1957. Private Signing The Lions signed Gilmer in a private session at club headquarters where he talked with Ford, General Manager Edwin J. Anderson, personnel boss Russ Thomas, and Bud Erickson. assistant general manager. F'ord said Gilmer was the Lions’ first choice “from the start" and was the only man to be offered the job. The list of rejjorted possibilties had included at least 20 men. The Lions finished fourth in the NFL’s Western Division last year after being crippled through much of the campaign by the loss of key players through injury, including passer Earl Morrall. Wilson, coach for seven years, resigned two days after his five assistants had been fired. F'ord said the firings were effected in I an effort to get a ‘‘fresh coaching stari" for the 1965 season. i 221 onto post the JIM ROSE slapped a openers of 153-215 to high trinle in the Kountry Keg­ lers at Boiceville. Other qualifiers: Joe Vanaeore 570: Ed Witko 202-536; Paul Jordan 203-530; Charles Link 214-531: Frank Davis 222-555; Jack Schneider 201-537: Joe Worzinski 529; Tony Pellanger 537; A1 Steigervvald 204-551. Team results: Minervmi’s 3, Davenport’s Fuel Service 1; Well Drillers 4, Frances Follies 0; Minervinis Flying “A’s” 0. CALL US FOR EVERYTHING IN STEEL When You Want It at the Most Economical Prices Just a few of our many products always in stock: • Corrugated Culvert Pipe • Diamond Plate # Beams, Channels, Angles • Concrete Reinforcing Rods • Wire Mesh # Steel Sash and Aluminum Sash # Lally Columns Cut to Size • Kalamein Doors, Hollow Metal Door Frames FE 1-4099 — FE 8-4620 B. MILLENS & SONS “Everything in Steel & Metals” 290 EAST STRAND KINGSTON. N. T. BILL COTE linked 210, 170, 199 for 579 in the Ponderosa League. Joe Barrett fired 332. Fid Cunningham 207-563. Irv Etchells 200-566. Bob Weiner 531, Walt Thomas 209-530, Ed Smedes 227-566, Joe Dulin 204-553, Gil Adin 210-544, Larry Diswood 529, George Part lan 202-568; team results: Ten Grand Tavern 2. Ang-Els 2; Bluestone Inn 0, Utica Club 4; FIconomy Cab 2, Berardi's Heating Oils 2; Light’s TV 3. Beckert’s Trucking 1; Mil| ler’s Gulf 1, Kiom and Cana van 3; Carpino’s Real Estate 3, Ca| pn 400 Motel 1. * * * MAUDE SIMMONS added 168. 140, 217 for 525 high slam in the Plaza Quads league. Frances Eckerlein posted 498, June Addesso 202-472. Mary Coons 194, Betty Saban 454. Marge F'airell 485, Tulu Berzal 246-458. Bev F'ondino 209-511, Eva Kuriplach 510, Peggy Smith 506. Bev Kelderhouse 473. Gladys Smith 450, Rose Lechner 484, Martha Brink 470; team results: Wynne I%ntiaes 1, Simmons Plaza 2; I3aul’s Shell Station 0, Greco Brothers Amusement 3; Ann's Hairstylists 1. Halpert’s Jewels 2; North Texaco 3, Pepperidge Farm 0; Brink’s American 3, F'rank's Pizza Queens 0; Corner Shop 1, Utica Club 2; Stanley Home Products 3, Frank's Pizza ^dge 0. * * * ROGER BRANDT led all Telco keglers with 184, 209. 178 for 571. Harry Van Wagenen posted 552. John Sheiman 546. Jack Spader 555, Dan F'itzsimmons 210-563; team results: Rosendale Bar 1, Scramblers 2; Hilltoppers 1, Slack Pullers 2; Ringers 3, Kingston RS 0. * • • FRAN DUFFY scored 123, 181, 151 for 455 in the IBM Busy Flees league; team results: Bee Flops 1, Honey Bees 2; May Bees 3. Wasps 0; Bumble Bees 0, Beetles Saugerties Grapplers Hammer Beacon, 46-6 Former Alabama Star Harry ‘The Hat’ Gilmer New Detroit Lion Coach Minnesota Vikings where he was a top aidp to coach Norm Van Brocklin for four years, succeeds the resigned coach George Wilson, victim of the coaching upheaval last Saugerties High j U i O o ’ grapplers mauled Beacon High 46-6 in a match Thursday at Beacon. Coach Fred Seither’s hoys won 10 of the 12 matches and took a wide margin on decrikm points. The Sawyers, who now own a 2-1 record, are scheduled to meet undefeated Rondout Valley tonight. Results of yesterday’s match: 97-pound cla s. Chai :y Lillis (S) pinned F'red Romanelli with a half-nelson, in 1:34 minutes. 105-pound class, John Warren (S) pinned Mike Mitnevich, cradle hold. 1:26. 114-pound class, J. Letterie iBi decisioned F'red Fetty, 8-1 on points. 122-pound class, Ken Wood (S) pinned J. Ma.ssoi half-nelson and arm bar, 5:45. 129-pound cLss. Art lsat>ella <S) decisioned Stein, 11-3. 135-pound class, Charles Hudson (S) pinned John F'asulo, haif nelson, tight waist, 3:21. 14(J-pound class, Terry Reissler (Si pinned F'rank Amunson, half-nelson, tight waist. 2:33. 147-pound class, Weme Wirts (S) pinned Joe Stella, stack. 3:10. 156-pound class. Ray Newkirk <S) decisioned Joe Wilson, 8-7. 167-pound class, Dave Greening (S) pinned Mike Habonie, butcher, 47 seconds. 182-pound class. Randy Bielinski tS) pinned Paul Stella, nelson and arm bar. 2:30. Unlimited class, Emigh (B) defeated Mark Carney, 6-4. Tenth Straight For I,oho Capers By TED MEIER Associated Press Sjwirts YVrltcr Ira Harge has graduated. So have Claude Williams and Mike Lucero. Nevertheless the New Mexico Lo(x>s again are in the forefront of college basketball teams. Coach Bob King’s boys from Albuquerque won their 10th straight and upped their record to 11-1 by whipping Arizona State 69-48 Thursday night. At this rate the Lobos may better their 23-6 record of last season when they tied for the Western Athletic Conference championship and finished runner-up to Bradley in the NIT. Dick Ellis, a junior from Indianapolis, led the Lobos to their home-court victory with 16 points. Davidson. No. 10 in The Associated Press poll, also made it 10 in a row and 11-1 over-all by downing NYU 82-73 in the feature of a doubleheader at New York’s Madison Square Garden. And fourth-ranked St. Jo- sej>h s of Philadelphia similarly made its record 11-1 by crushing Lehigh 85-55 at Bethlehem. Pa. The Hawks and Davidson were the only teams in The AP Top Ten to see action. Davidson had to come from behind in the second half to beat NYU. The Wildcats, down by 5347, were rallied by big Fred Hetzel. Held to two points in the first half. Hetzel led an 11-point spurt that put Davidson on top. He finished with 12 points. Iona upset Duquesne 63-61 in the Garden first game on Warren Isaac's 40-foot long shot with just two seconds left to play. Bradley, Utah State and Arizona ail came through on the road. Bradley came from 10 points back to edge Tulsa 71-69 helped by Chuck Buescher’s 10 points in the clutch. Albert Johnson's dunk basket with two seconds left gave Arizona a 62-60 overtime triumph 1 over Wyoming. Roy Walker’s j 20-foot jumper with 17 seconds! left gave Utah State an 86-84 victor}’ over Utah. Prick Barry, the nation’s leading scorer, tosse ’ in 45 points against Jacksonville as the Miami, F'la., Hurricanes overcame a 15-point halftime deficit for an 86-82 victory at Jacksonville. Ilelmeled Aces Rip Pittsburgh In lee Tilt, 4-0 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Don Blackburn, wearing the Quebec Aces’ required headgear. came up with a topper of his own. Blackburn scored the hat trick accounting for three of Quebec's eight goals in an 8-2 victorv’ over Pittsburgh Thursday nigtit. The American Hockey League’s Eastern Division-leading Aces two weeks ago became the first pro hockey team in over 30 years to equip all its players with helmets. Blackburn s three goals and two hv Geland Mortson paced the Quebec attack and the Aces ran up a 4-0 lead l>efore Pittsburgh managed its first goal. Ex Hoekstra and Blackburn , hit inside of 56 seconds midway through the first period and Quebec was never headed after that. Ijindquist Still Chess President Kings Knight Chess Club of I Kingston has re-elected Carl : Lundquist president. Other officers for the coming year are; William Wetterer, vice president; Nathan Katatsky, treasurer; Herbert Stork, secretary. Lindquist announced that starting tonight and continuing through May 14, two round robin type tournaments would be held simultaneously — one for United States Chess F'ed- eration-rated pla.vers, and one for non-rated players and new members. A total of 20 entries has thus far been received. All interested players are invited to compete. The club meets at the Elks lodge on F'air street Fridays at 8 p. m. Celts Put Streak ()n Line Tonight In San Francisco LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Boston Celtics, who have never looked better in National Basketball Association play than they do this season, take a 10- game winning streak to San F'rancisco tonight. Ten is a significant number also in the San Francisco record books. That’s the number of consecutive games the Warriors have lost. After the San Francisco contest, the Celtics return to Los Angeles for another game with the Lakers Saturday night. The Celtics had things pretty much their own way in racing to a 112-104 victory over the Lakers Thursday night. They sank 18 field goals in the first 12 minutes and led 42-18 at the end of the first period. Elsewhere in the ¿NBA, Kevin Loughery scored a career high of 31 jKyints in leading the Baltimore Bullets to a 110-105 victory over the Detroit Pistons at Baltimore. The Bullets were ahead 56-43 at the half. Soccer Official NEW YORK (AP)—A. Huntley Parker of Brockport State Teachers College has been re* elected to a two-year term as vice president of th International Soccer Football Association of America. John Eiler of East Stroudsburg, Pa., State was re-elected president of the 160-member organization at its annual meeting Thursday. College Hockey By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Bowdoin 6. Penn 2 Norwich 4, Williams 3 College Basketball BY THE ASSOCIATED TRESS EAST Davidson 82, NYU 73 R. Island 98, Holy Cross 75 St. Joseph’s 85, Lehigh 55 SOUTH F'lorida St. 64, Georgia 55. ot Maryland 67, Clemson 65, 2 ot Miami 86. Jacksonville 82 MIDWEST Bradley 71, Tulsa 69 FAR WEST Utah St. 86, Utah 84 Arizona 62, Wyoming 60, ot JIM MOFFAT “36 Broadway Kingston FE 8-6432 FINAL TWO DAYS FRIDAY SATURDAY OF OUR INVENTORY SALE OPEN MON. - SAT. 9 - 5 MON. and FRI. NITES TILL 9 •••••••••••••ft FE 1-6600 ••••••••••••< RELAX - PLAY BILLIARDS at Buster Ferraro's Golden Cue B’way & Maiden Lane Kingston, N. Y. Our new family room now open > Special rates for entire famUy. Brunswick Celebrity # Executive 8 • Executive 7 • Home Tables • Cue Stick* for sale. J

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