The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 22, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1896
Page 5
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,Jflf Short i man Knives 1 AD company yesterday—one knife short—plate worn off- felt ashamed —and the best table knives only $2,95 a dozen —makers' prices, We bought a lot of 'em—want the money more than the knives—'Nongh said. Dingley & Pugh,Up-To-Date Jewelers. 1 Spring Line Of Hats in the Latest Blocks, just received at the c house. Gome and see the latest styles. We have also a large assortment of GOLF GAPS, Yours truly, Pine Slabs. For Kindling, HAMILTON ;v l IS IT We Can Say Yes, Most Emphatically, To This-Query. WE REFER TO OUR NEW SERIAL, A -X* LOCAL MENTIONS. 'Prof. Webster tells of -Henry Clay tonight. 0. II. Slagle and family are again residents of .ASgona. The semi-annual examinations begin t& the pub lie'schools today. There will foe a business meeting of fche Baptist church to-night. „ F. E. Totter and W. W. Annis are fche new directors of the Hobart creamery. Sheriff Satason is laid-up again .with that knee of siais. 'Heiis<confined to'has residence. Chas. Walter arrived -home Saturday morning from Chicago, where he 'had been with cattle. An open load'of potatoes was to be •seen on the streets of Algona yesterday, an odd sight for Uanuary. Company<F hold an-eiection tonight J. W. Suilivan returned the last of the week from Chicago, where he went with Joe Cordingley. The latter remained in the city for treatment for a few weeks. The physician found bis trouble to be an enlargement ot the liver. Secretary Butler, of the farmers' institute management, has written to Ex-Gov. Hoard, of Wisconsin, to secure his attendance at the March meeting, and it is hoped that he may attend. The program will be given to the public at an early day. Another week of the most remarkable stretch of open January weather ever known exemplifies the wonderful possibilities of this climate. But look out for a freeze. The roads are about as beautiful at this writing, January 21, as the county has seen. Mrs. C. A. Ingham has performed a generous and graceful action in presenting the library association, in the name of her daughter, Miss Anna Ingham, who died in Chicago last summer, with a check for450, to be used in the purchase of books. Rev. D..B. Eandis, of Jefferson, Iowa, occupied the Baptist pulpit bun- day, preaching two sermons that were highly praised. There will be a business meeting of the church to-night, when the question <*f the pastorate will be up. Preaching 'is expected next Sunday. The United Workmen installed then- new officers' last Tuesday evening, the ceremonies'being in charge ot Dr. Sheetz. At the conclusion or the meeting Master Workman Will Ladendorf invited the lodge to a handsome spread which -was ]ust the thing to be appreciated by the brethern. The county auditor's office has just, installed the most .elegant piece of fur-, niture ever seen. SI. is called an om- 1 The firemen are already in the field announcing a ball for St. Valentine's day. Their dance New Years was the largest and best conducted affair of the winter. The company is made up of some of our best young men and deserve the support of the community. The recentlv Heated officers are: Geo. Hamilton, chief; Will Hart, 1st foreman; Geo. Campbell, 2nd foreman; A. F. Bailey, president; A. II. Allen, secretary; Ed. Hackman, treasurer; Roe Nehergall, Elmer Wilbur, Frank Willson, relief committee. It was a pleasant surprise when it was announced Sunday thatProf. Webster would deliver another of his historical lectures Monday night, his subject to be Webster und Calhoun. There Was a large attendance in the lecture room of the Congregational church Monday night and a very interesting talk was given about those great men, who took such influential parts in making 'the history -of their times. Prof. Webster addressed tho students of the Normal yesterday forenoon at 11 o'clock, and to-night he is announced for a lecture on Henry Clay at the Con 29 years, 6 months aud 9 days old, and a son of Wm. Carter, one of the old and respected pioneers of the county. [Ie was a young man of a lively dispos- ,tion who had lived in the county since infancy, and was known by everyone. His untimely <'eath in the prime of young manhood is sad to record. His marriage several years ago to Miss Fannie Trask, was followed by her death after about a year of happy married life. A little girl born to them is now left an orphan in the care of its grandfather. You *re sure to a&nire'the story, and after reading it will .agree witfa .as, jtLOOK OUT POR> OPENING CHAPTERS. Best Tiling on Earth! For Farmer's to tlie agent at get paptioulw to choose a Oust lieutenant in the place i<sf C. T. Chubb, who has resigned. 'The Opera House management are tuying to .secure John Billion, the great tomedian, asfcheir next attraction. Threshing >5s not -yet over. Joan Sehirmer, living north of Hobart, 'finished threshing his grain last'Friday. Miss Norma*Gilcbrist has been very sick for the.pact week, and is so still. Bhe has ha'd symptoms of *lung fever. <$irs. reported t© be quite sick. 4She is being attendeQ by 'her daughter, 'Mrs. 1 Sadie Tattersou. Al. Falkenfeeiner is getting along nicely and it is'hoped that'he .will soon be around again 'from' hia severe run of typhoid fever. ItiiS'the talk tfaat some of the friends of (the public library will get up anoth-; erbigfaall for itsiQnanciarbenefit some time next month. Librarian E. P, •McElroyhas been ill and'unable to perform his -fluties for about a week. He• visited 'tUe 'library yesterday afternoon. J, W. May has found a sum-of money and'he wants to 'restore 'it; to its rightful -owner, When the 'totter iSj identified. Tbat's'fair, The tEpworth League .will give ,a dime social at the residence of w, and Mrs. A. '3D, iFern tomorrow -owning, All are corflJaUy invit§8>to attend, J, L. 'Peters, of St, Joe, died a$ .Ms home Thursday morning, after a Jong illness, conawnptiou being'his-disease, He was ,a 'brother of Dr. JPeters of'Burt, Frank Loss'and Miss Lena 'Pisffer' have provided themselves >wjtJh the customary dooiwent that -the preacher must see foefope >jie pronounces a-co»pltj man sn4 wife, Mrs, Geo, J. Maws, with a, para'lytio'pfcroke a , jslmpiwi'Rgsorae, buUp far she not recovered /the use Of !iW 'lWb.8 the sid? »$e$e«. <Hey; (VS. S&elaw pfeacUsdfP fi^woq, guoaay wming, m *$> ot a Ubeval BPiipwtfli: U§ publte r&ry, KP taq JJiliUlU CVO1. 0\J\J**« w-»- *« w—--•-— -i n 'i nibus, and it carries for its load of pas-? sengers the books most frequently con-., suited by Auditor Calkins and Mr.' Weaver. It is not -run by horse power; but yet is on wheels. It costs about: . and is worth more than that. M. Z. Grove & Son are very well' 1YJ-* fJt \J\L*J T *s w i*/w w. "•- — , • —*/ f settled in their »ewi.quarters v opposite hard! greg'ational church. No admission is charged. Algona Mends of the Carletons, of Spirit Lake, were shocked at the news that Victor '.Carleton had committed suicide. The.deed was done at an early hour Monday morning. The Register special says; "The young man was very bright and intelligent, about 20 years old, and had been 'fot a year past in the employ of the electric .tight company of this city, and was a .steady Christian boy. No cause is fcnown for this terrible deed, except what can be surmised from a note left to his father, wherein he stated fhat his reason was that he was tired of fife. All'Oitizens join in sincere sym- tpathy with-the bereaved family." The •boy was the son of E. D. Carleton, who was fish commissioner under Gov. Larrabee, and was a cousin of Miss Mabel ..Carleton, 'formerly a student of the Al- !gon a Normal school. 'One of the many sorrowful incidents in connection with the growth of in- 'sanity was the commitment of Emi'l H. SOME NEW BOOKS. Though the Monday Club has turned its books over to the public library, its members still continue to tax themselves to increase it. A few new books have just been added and here are their titles: Manual of Mythology, by A. S. Murray; Constantinople, F. M. Crawford; second volume of Brice's American Commonwealth; Recollections of Lincoln, Ward Hill Lamon; Twenty-Five Letters in English Authors, Mary Fisher; Boys of Sixty-One, Charles Carlton Coffin; Natural His- torj, J. •(*. Wood; Fisk's History of the United States; Love hood, Eugei e Field; Songs of Child- Beside the Bon- PERSONAL MENTION* Geo. C. Call was in attendance afctls*. banquet at Sioux City last eve»J3afV- given by the business men of that eis&sf in commemoration of the completSca* of the great bridge across the Missowsi at that point. His brother, A. F. delivered the welcoming addresw. Charley Walker was up at. -L.~. City last week for two days playing? an orchestra for ahoineentertaiumeat©-* Charley belongs to the Call -Opasaa- House orchestra, and is one of the bssgfc. violinists in this "neck of the-wooda-t 5 "' Dr. McCoy, Col.T. F..Cooke andMssst A. D. Clarke returned home from ~~ Moines Friday afternoon, after ing the inauguration, but-Mr. went from-Des Moines to Missouri coos* -.short business trip. Mrs. S. D. Patterson ia in nortueaaa Kossuth this week. She will.visit teoar daughter, Mrs. C. B. Sarchett, of •--B&»croft, and her son Fred, who iV rsm- ning a successful general store at- -Geis~ man Valley. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Jones are now-aUb Orlando,-Florida, where they are cceas- fortably and pleasantly situated- ~ « i ;M 1 the postoffice. The^ store has made almost new inside, a new nie Brier Bush, and The Days of Auld Lang Syne, Ian Macluren; LiHth, Geo. Macdonald; Gunnar, II. H. Boyesen; Somebody's Neighbors, Kose Terry Cooke; A Singular Life, E. S. Phelps; Agnes of Sorrento, The Pearl of Orr's Island and Uncle Tom's Cabin, II. B. Stowe; Polly, Thomas Nelson Page, and Little-Women, Louise M. Alcott. HOBART CREAMERY. The Hobart Co-operative creamery held its annual meeting January 11, to elect officers. A. Gilmour as secretary and J. W. Wadsworth as treasurer were elected tosiiceeed themselves. F. E. Potter was elected a director to fill the vacancy caused by the resigna- Erickson to the care of ence insane "asylum. JJ_lCtUD c*I***vaw mjfii *-.-M» — — i floor has been laid, and every part of! the wood work is -covered with new, paint. These enterprising dealers will- have larger quarters here, which are filled with the best (goods in their line. The EEPUBUCANthas just received a uuique calendar published by the Chattanooga Medicine Co,, manufacturers of McElree's Wine of Cardui. Besides the usual chronological information, Prof, DeVoe's Weather Forecasts tor every day in the year 1896 are given., Our readers can secure copies ot ttie calendar by enclosing-lO cents at once fco the Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chat- ,tanooga,-Tenn. Readers of the BisKOBLicAN are this .week given an extra.treat in the shape of a four page supplement, "contains the annual message of Ex-Goy- ecnor Jackson and ^the inaugural ad- deess of Gov. Drake, an4 if anything is .lacking in the presentation of information relative $o statesman's and interests the omission is-doubtless to be attributed to lack of space .and the brevity of life. .'This is *be time, evidently, to post up. Jotinnie Bestenlinei-, -eleven years old, whose widowed mather resides -near *be Milwaukee depot, died of lockjaw Sunday night. The boy was iun-wwr a week previously,-while play- in*he road, by a tewnwbwb was train and baoaro? - rooms and are enjoying the genial «? mate. Mrs. Jones is improving, healtli. P«i, A. Frise. of Pocahontas was in town the first of the week. is living on a farm a short distaasoas* from Rolf e and is well pleased things. Guy Dalton is here from Lenor r D., for a visit. He is still in charge- J. II. Queal's lumber yari 1 a and says Dakota is all right. Jo. Misbach, who is the standby Jas. Taylor's store, returned fron& visit at his old Marengo., last week. . . 6, S, KHERSON, Agent the Independ- v»w i^<«-~ ~~j He was teied Saturday afttrnoon, and evidence was presented'to show that he was "»not quite right." Ho was afflicted with the hallucination that somebody was after do him injury. He was 'questioned-by the writer on his return •from Chicago and he would take nothing back of what he had told the Chicago officers. He connected the conspiracy against him with the fires of a year ago, and thought somebody 'had poisoned his food and cigars. He eeemed always to be one of the straightest and most inoffensive of our •young men, He was adjudged insane and on Saturday evening he was taken 'to Independence by Deputy Sliedffi Mark Boyle-and John Patterson. SOCIAL OUNION PROGRAM, Social Union will meet Friday evening of this week at eight o'clock*, with the following program: iPiano Solo—Miss Helen Starr. Paper—James Monroe, Mr. Coue- 'Kecitatjon — "Trying to Lick the Teacher," Mr,'@eo, St, John. Vocal Solo—M3ss Kate Lantry. .Paper—A -Sketch of Milton, Mrs, MflJe' Quartette —Messrs. Setchell, Smith, Stebbins MdJMUer, All ent. tion of A. C. Kedfield, and W. W. 'Annis was elected for three years. The secretary reported that there had been received at the creamery from January 1,1895, to December 3, 1,564,022 pounds of milk, from which 67,925 pounds of butter had been made. There was paid to patrons for milk $9,7.97.38, paid on indebtedness $900, and expended for other purposes $1,259.80, leaving $194.56' still on hand. The receipts for milk showed au increase over the previous year. The creamery shipped 16 tubs on the 8th and 17 on the 15th. The creamery paid 22 cents for butter in November and 23 cents in December. The board of directors held a meeting on the llth and elected B. W. Barrett president and hired August Neu- relfor buttermaker for the ensuing year, the salary being $600. E. V. Swetting was-called -by gram, Monday evening, to Berlin, WI»~ consin, to attend the funeral of [mother. Howard Robinson has been spen a few days at Minneapolis visiting the University students. Tom Sherman, of the Bancroft bank, was a visitor in Algoua. day. Mrs. Winnie Sterzbach.anddau Dona are visiting relatives in ' E. J. Gilmore was looking, after farm interests at Ledyard yesterday Mr. Trimble, .of Ledyard, was a ler on the KEPUELICAN Sathrday^ Harvey Ingham was a spectator the inauguration of Gov. Drake*. <* v 25 pounds of raisins DON & for $1.—LANG- nj»beingTnir«toa, —Tfiff (^W*^ WE ~i,-*T"B—t« »•*».-•» T -*• •-" - i . J,Mfo lay has had Y ery WDomgtox repurte PjliB «« S >V^8P*$L$$ g5§5iw'LftWft' tbp fieg_d a| fo-dd Sfiffli' .. ....... ..... * ws .j.«^»*wsnuntUlo6kjaw set in. Tie funeral was yesterday foawoon, Cloud ,., Mr. il»ee in bw been m QOBtftues at the o 4 cordially Invited to be pres- ^hasreeen fevy UlHwyi' Mr§, ,-- REP MEN INSTAU-EP, Something of ansvent.was the In- llation, Thursday «venjng,of tlie of' fleers I have in stock and will sell one oak heating stove for $14, two $16 heaters for $12 and two $12 stoves for .0. AH new stoves, Want to close them out. At above prices they are bargains aod will go quick. Call early at the store. 0. M, DOXSEE, Hardware. Chase <& Sanborn s famous Boston Coffees and Seal Brand Tea for sale, only by Walker Bros.—I8tf SOCIAL EVENT, A dance will be given Friday evening, January 24, in Clarke's Hall, Good rausic will he provided, and a cordial invitation is given to all, J, L> Button, READING ROOM NOTES? The reading room starts« out favorably in the new year. The- ers elected for 1896 at the naeetingr, Friday last were as t'ollowst Mrs. J. W. Hay;,,Vice Pres., Mrs, Ingham; Sec,, Mrs. Geo, Platfc;, 1 Mrs. L, A. Hamilton, A program 1 interest will be planned for the year. Five new members were to the list, Mrs. D. H. Hutching, E. Telljer, Mrs. Walters, Mrs, „ Hobn, and Mrs, S. C. Spear, A?gifft five dollars was received from Nichols for the library, for w felt grateful, Thezoogical donated by Mr,- G'eo, C, Call waj» Jy appreciated, and will add mtp the interest of, toe reading room- „ the beautiful golden eagle plaee$' exhibition by Mr, Eugene Al —' well as the case of birds- Hon. Ge'o. E. Clarke, « Try our HTTPSOJST, wv- _ :e oflw ,., _ Bed Men, Toe mstR,,-, omc§y was A. B. McCowm, the Great Keeper of Records of the Grand Lodge, FSBiBg are the names of the offlcwra; , Junior Sagawore; J, L, , Keeper of Records; Bay Gfr Wampum-, L », CM. ps Ue Peugnet, See- Pavenport, Guard of . QP, a»ard 9? Forest- WP Jone in tlie adoption degree though jt has been a y»ar, to a wll awong us, a B a h^s a about thirty, Itsweetingf ' We make jta.t The Water Mill, And users claim*KMflils the p,,.. We h»U the wheat before we goad, Then, with polished rolls m^ke it flue* That may npt be Ye,ry gopd poetry, ,buttbe flour is o. k, • ft may not .Pg quite ag white as the -JT§w Ipjfe J&X* ture put UP in those elegantly tattooed eacbs^jndeed, we l^now bow to mm§ it wMkr and cheaper, but L you would ask "Is ittheeJieaf quill?" » l lBrtp»»fl >l 84'lb gsefes, 75c: Jgrjb sacks, 40> ft" * 1 f¥Ml" l «. _ nvu . A . ' CL/~\1rl T.rtrt* /^oV\^M5

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