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FINAL HOME EDITION ribvmt WEATHER Decreasing winds, clearing skies tonight. Sunday, partly cloudy and a little warmer. Low tonight, 32; high Sunday, 50. Low by Monday morning, IO. VOLUME 55, NUMBER 159 EIGHT pages LA CROSSE, WISCONSIN, SATURDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 24, 1959 PRICE SEVEN CENTS Continue Negotiating Until Steel Strike Is Ended: Ike MOTHER, DAUGH TER REUNITED Margareta Faingold, center, is embraced by her mother, Mrs.

Emily Trzeciak, and stepfather, Franciszek Trzeciak, after the 17-year-old arrival in Detroit Friday. The girl was separated from her mother by the German Gestapo in Poland in 1943 when she was one year SWOOP DOWN ON 29 CITIES 142 Arrested In Gambling Raids In New York State By MARVIN R. PIKE (the State Police said the raids Miles' home in Buffalo. ap start wnten the of a gambling In New York City, a commis- ALBANY, N.Y. Pre- syndicate that spread into several sion official said the raids were cision-timed State Police raids in states.

(triggered by a long investigation, more than a score of upstate: a gambling operation in Ithaca, communities were hailed by a top 'Raiders cracked down on Ithaca crime buster today as powerful Through the syndicate, he said. pejj 15 arrested 28 persons and blow against big-time, organized bookies who had received bets on confjscated in New York. a particular sports event could other upstate raid sites includ- Some 200 troopers burst into 79 die wagers with other e(j Lockport Jamestown, Tona- bookmaking. policy and lottery money men, and thus spread the wancta. Falconer, Kenmore, Lack- GIRL STILL UNCONSCIOUS Declines after 7 years Gross National Product In Third Quarter WASHINGTON (AP) The lion dollars in the July-September national output of goods and serv- period.

This was 3Mt billions hampered by the steel strike, low the second rate, dropped a little less than one per ti ti ti cent in the third quarter. It was in another report, the Com- the first downturn since the econo- merce Department said national my began recovering from the re- income and corporate profits cession 18 months ago. jumped to record highs in the sec- President Eisenhower's econo- 0nd quarter, but it noted that the mic advisers estimated Friday steel strike halted this rise in the that the gross national product third quarter, fell to an annual rate of 481 bil-1 a sharp cut in expansion of business inventories was the largest factor behind the drop in; Barge Pact Is Reached Establishments in 29 cities and risk(villages Friday and arrested 142 The persons. YONKERS. NY.

(AP)Friday was Beverly Ann Wilson's 13th birthday. But it was no use having a party and birthday cake for her. Beverly lies in St. Joseph's Hospital. She has been unconscious for seven years, having suffered a brain injury in a 1952 auto accident in Keller, Va.

Unmoving, unbearing, unseeing, Beverly is fed through a tube. When, if ever, she'll regain consciousness doctors do not know. awanna. Rome, Auburn, Cortland, Solvay, Frankfort, Amsterdam, Saratoga Springs, Fort investigation commission said the raids would have ram- It was the largest raid of its) Cations in Minnesota, Adward, Johnstown, Rensselaer kind ever made in this Pennsylvania, New Jersey andjancj Watervliet. The Talks To Be Renewed Today By JOHN MOODY (consultation and negotiation until PITTSBURGH (AP)-Steel ne- lhey settlc gotiators prepared to resume bargaining today and President Ei- The head of the sender strongly" three-man fact-finding board la keep at it the 102-day steel tbe that he has been in touch with strike is settled.

The President made his new plea through an aide at his vaca tion headquarters in Augusta. Ga. James C. Hagerty, White Housr press secretary, said of the Presi- Joseph Finnegan, chief of the Federal Mediation Service. Dr.

George W. Taylor said he end Finnegan talked over the mat- MAJ. PEDRO DIAZ Admits Dropping Leaflets said Chairman John W. Ryan Jr. of the State Investigation Commission.

He described the foray as the blow against big-time gambling. ti ti Troopers made their biggest Connecticut. The crime agency did not elaborate. Ryan said Canadian police, working in conjunction with New York authorities, staged four raids in Canada across the border from Buffalo and Niagara Falls. In dent: sincerely hopes that when both sides renew their negotiations this afternoon in Pitts burgh, they realize fully the obligation they owe to the United States and that they remain in haul in Buffalo, the second Toronto, however, an Ontario pro- largest city.

They took 86 persons! vmcial police official said he into custody, but had booked of raids in Ontario Castro Demands U.S. Stop Leaflet Raids From Florida erate in the event the fact-finding board is reconvened. Taylor and Hagerty both denied a published report that Taylor had requested permission to resume mediation efforts. The new negotiations were arranged under a federal court directive. ti ti ti Neither the United Union nor the industry would comment on the possibility of new proposals being made.

In Washington, Finnegan said if Diaz Lanz also maintained that the talks mired blemish place on my life is in danger. have will summon both sides to Wash- information from Cuba that they mgton we are required to do want to kill he told report- under the This possibly I HAVANA (AP) Mysterious Castro Friday for 60 by early today. Most of the! McGarvey said advance notice planes slipped past Cuban air you have tried to 60 were charged with conducting of the raids had been given chiefs force patrols and showered Hav- husband iftMprv fpinnv of police in the communities hit ana with more antigovernment ti ti Other cities hit in the 3 rn by the troopers. No local police leaflets Friday. I a letter to Castro, published Friday.

"No "ne has could come today tomorrow, next crackdown included Niagara tooh part. The raids were the latest in a by three Havana independent been hear what Matos has. week or not al all. he said. add- ti series that began newspapers, the mother of four 11 a11 dePends on the day that brought the most violent declared i denouncing Matos, Castro ress made.

ThP swooned down on superintendent said federal jshow of opposition to Fidel Castro! (the Cuban people) believe bnkcd him with Diaz Lanz Finncgan said hc telephoned had not been I a he took over the Cuban gov- vou are him and Manuel whom the Taylor Friday night to pass candy stores, shops, news-, Advance word leaked out, how-1 are 01 orderinK discussions he held with Seer paper stores, apartments and pn- ever, to some of the places troop- vate homes. iers planned to raid. These were Falls, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Schenectady and Troy. on Supt. Francis S.

McGarvey of G.N.P. This reflected the end of prestrike buying of steel and later gipping into steel stocks to main-, tain production after the walkout began. ti Part of this inventory drop was Accidental Blast From Shotgun Kills Youth, 14 found locked. Warrants were issued for some iernment New Day. killed and then claiming revolutionary leader ousted as discussions he held with Secreta- Castro charged that counter- he committed suicide.

After this. president. ry of Labor James P. Mitchell revolutionary planes based in the Dr Castro arrest me km me or over whether to get both sides to United States carried out the ignore me or do what you codder! MIAMI, Fla. Coun- resume negotiations voluntarily or (raids, He denounced U.

S. author- most intelligent, because about chief lawman has promised to order them to Washington, halt them, i j- I ncTon Dm. Asked you I doubt known gamblers not grabbed in Ujes for to S- I He is expected to take quick The commission said one o( Bu -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------rant was issued for Marshall reau of lnvestigatlon report Fri-i ii a 11 nCCD CCT IKJ Miles, once a manager of former thal former Cuban revolution. MAIL, VjC I IIN heavyweight boxing champion Joe ary ajr (orce pfdr0 STRUM, pxuutn, 14-year-old looking over the ST. LOUIS (AP) A tentative by other gains: sPendlnS jStrum youth was shot and killed shotgun the Landauer boy had p'eement has been reached be- by his own gun in the hands of a ceived a week before.

Quinn said the shooting was ac- Larry Landauer, 14, son of Mrs. I Louis. Investigators said they eaupp i Lanz flying a leaflet ad re I hundreds of policy slips over Havana wednesday. ion and three barge lines in a and uivestment in dispute that has halted the bulk businesses and factories agreement nas uceu im- DV tween the Nations. Maritime Un-: about 2 p.m.

Friday. in (Vivian Landauer, Strum, and The gun discharged, the load of the inland waterways 15-year-okl pal were the Landauer boy in the ff. I The Commerce Department said traffic. Federal Caiciliator E.J. Barry corporate profits rose to an hookey" fqpm school at the Lan- upper chest.

hUhnn dauer home- according to District C. guinn and I Valley Barge lines had come to terms. An NMU spokesman said the membership would vote on the proposed settlement today. Details of the proposed new contract were not disclosed. They were believed to be similar, although scaled down, to settlements offered two other unions involved in the dispute the Master, Mates and Pilots, and the Marine Engineers.

The MMP and lion above the preceding three months. National the money earned by individuals and a 400 billion dollar annual rate for the first time. Freak Tractor Accident Hurts Waukon Farmer Suspended Sentence Received By Hunter GREAT FALLS, Mont. (AP)Archie Cummins, 49, Lancaster, received a three-year pended sentence Friday at the time. Mrs.

Landauer was (teaching at an Eau Claire elementary school and Larry's two and one brother were at- Riding Mishap Kills Houston County Youth sus- after The disclosure is expected to bring new and stronger demands from Castro that Washington take action against Cuban refugees in the United States wanted by his government for trial as war criminals. Diaz Lanz, now living in fled Cuba last July. He; charged that Castro is a Comrnu-1 rust and his regime is riddled with! HOUSTON, evening, tending a grade school at Strum, horseback resulted in death for A sister, Linda, 12, returned; Ervin Nation, 18, rural Houston, home about 3:30 p.m. and found about 8 30 p.m. Thursday, the boy's body in an archway be- A 'MISUNDERSTANDING' WAUKON, Iowa- Engmeers are composed of boat 26- Waukon, sustained severe Montana's big game season.

Diaz Lanz laughed at claim that the leaflet planes had (dropped bombs on Havana. pleading guilty to manslaughter in was horse at the who were killed and the death of another hunter last lvme or S' wounded were hit by wild fire Sunday. tde shotgun lymg three south of Ridgeway when the from irresponslhle at the Cummins was charged in the a hokrf stumbled and kfcU on antiaircraft guns and by ant, death'of Donald Marko, 26, Great Marlah a rn PpoPle drlvinR through Falls, who was toppled off a horse, "ho 5ald death streets." he stud. Donald Tobin, by bullet on the first day Ma, Hutot Mains, the military commander in Camaguey prov- officers while the NMU repre- cuts and bruises on his right arm! a coroner jury Thursday il(- I INauon was riding with three ince) agaJn raised the issue of sents non-licensed personnel. 'Friday afternoon when he was run (found Cummins companions.

Ius brother infiltration in resign- A fourth harge toe, American over by his own tractor in a talk negligent" and directed he be hack yard rn a hurry about 2 p.m.stanley McNanier. 16. and thls wwk Commercial, withdrew from the; accident. negotiations prior to the proposed Tobin was using the tractor to grind feed for the cattle at the Winneshiek County farm of his father-in-law, James Neeskem, An MMU cnnkpcman said his when the way. pended term.

The boy was Placed in the and Matos and 30 junior officers who I in talk- with shifted into reverse, knocking To- At the inquest Cummins testi- tention quarters for questioning by dead on arrival. Dr. resjgned W)th him reportedly are bin down and running over his fled he was in primitive mountain Sheriff Eugene Bijold and was to Robert B. Tweedy. Winona Coun- beld at an army prison right arm.

'country some 65 miles south of appear in Juvenile Court Monday, ty coroner, said no inquest will be near here. There was no report, who was also pres- here and was standing near his! The body of the Landauer boy held. on whether he had been formally' closely abou ma en a a Ervm worked with his father WAY OF MONROE COUNTY CARS SPARTA, E. 61, a rural mail carrier out of the Tomah Post Office dumped a load of mail into the creek when his car landed bottom side up in the water six miles southeast of Tomah Friday morning. told Traffic Chief Wallace Brown that he applied his brakes to slow for a mud hole and the car went out of control and struck the bridge railing.

The car went off the bridge fcnd landed in the creek. The mail was recovered. was shaken up and bruised but did not require hospitalization. In another mishap Harlan E. Becker.

19, Sparta, drove off with the family pickup truck in search for two stray pigs. As he came over a knoll on County Trunk SH miles north of Sparta, he struck a pig in the highway, injuring it. However, it was not the pig he was looking for. It belonged to Ed Nichols. Adelia Haselow, 62.

Hartland, struck and killed a deer seven miles east of Sparta on U. S. Highway 16 at 2:15 p.m. Friday. See CASTRO, Page 6 lf he knew of any being made by either side, said he did not.

The government already has obtained a Taft-Hartley injunction to send the 500 OOO strikers back to the mills for 80 days. But U. S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals blocked enforcement of injunction pending outcome of a union appeal. t5r A But the court directed both (sides to make every effort to settle the strike by collective bargaining while the appeal was being studied.

A court ruling on appeal is expected early next week. The meeting is the first joint negotiations collapsed last week in Washington. In Washington, Secretary of Labor James P. Mitchell said ha was gratified to see the two parties resume peace talks. He urged the until the dispute is settled.

settlement with MMP and Engr neers. at any union was ready American Commercial time. The barge firms called in their boats last July I unions declined to work under a contract extension. The main issues were job secur- to the fullest extent ti -it sister Judy. They had just left; scholarly, 40 year old of the I The boy was picked up and and were heading for wjK) fought with Castro in DiSt.

Judge R. J. Nelsbn warned nutted firing the gun accidental- road when the accident happened. mountains, was arrested and Cummins Friday that he He said he became frightened; The youth was taken denounced as a traitor by his old never handle a gun during his SUS- 1 and left the house. fathar and I mu I i I AL IKai 4 rioMo mor ansi tifQ IVA-! pended term.

Officer Faces Discipline For Refusing Birth Help MIAMI, Fla. (AP) Discipline (drivers will be recommended for a torcycle policeman accused of re-' Police fusing to help a mother who delivered her own baby in an auto- Lt. A. G. Tombley said he had questioned officer C.

W. Smith sometimes cause The union was first to suggest reopening of negotiations. USW President David J. McDonald sent telegrams to 96 steel companies, inviting them to meet with union committees in Pittsburgh Monday, acci-j A short time later the 12 big (companies of the steel industry Chief Walter Headley proposed that the union meet tooter called it a (day with the four-man In an emergency, escorting is up team that has been doing mosfc to the officer. It is (of the negotiating for the industry The mother and her son are re- since contract talks started last ported in satisfactory condition.

1 See STEEL, Page 8 Neeskem, who was also pres- here and was standing near his, ut thp thrpp stopped the tractor and took truck when several elk broke from was taken to the Strand Funeral Ervm worked with his father arraigned on the treason at first was unable to re- Tobin to a Waukon hospital. No I the woods. He said he fired once (Home in Strum. In addition to and brothers on the home wife publicly denounced member it. bones were broken.

Tobin is the and did not know there were his mother, the boy is survived by He had previously attended school------------------------------------------------1 it hard to believe that father of seven children. Both and horses in the area until two sisters, Linda 12, and Chris- in Winona. Ai. a man could forget an incident of Monthly nav and Neeskem families live he walked toward the clearing tia in the fifth grade, and a broth- is survived by his paren I lOnGGT Al nature so easily in less than hy. nlH hi body.

ler, K.m, in first grade. four brothers. James. Alvin and the old contract ranged from $9a0 at home Roger, Wi- ll sister, Mrs Arthur GT PG TS rGITy 24 for master pilots to $385 for deckhands. The MMP and Engineers are currently taking a mail ballot of their proposed settlement.

STILL A MYSTERY Tug To Try To Free Grounded Freighter GRAYLAND, Wash. (AP)-The nona; one Baker, Winona; one half sister, Mrs. Marvin Wikra, Altos, and his grandmother, Mrs. Mary Henderson, Winona. Funeral services will be held at 12 p.m.

Tuesday at Central Lu Is Dead At 90 said Tombley. ti ti ti Smith denied he knew Mrs. Rudy Blakey had given birth. He called Hie incident terrible Fifteen-Year-Old Evelyn Hartley Disappeared Six Years Ago Today It was on an early Saturday Richard, were both instructors at duction of the girl took place powerful tug Salvage Chief was evening exactly six years ago to- La Crosse State College. sometime between 7 and 7.30 to be pitted against the hard sands day that 15-year-old Evelyn Hart- The Rasmusens left their house p.m., probably in the latter 15 of the Washington Coast today in jey disappeared while babysitting about 6:45 p.m.

Evelyn generals minutes of that period. an effort to pull a grounded, 422- dere in a home in a new South phoned her parents when on a What happened in the time aft foot freighter from the beach. side residential district. baby sitting job. She did not phone er the Rasmusens left and Hart- The Liberty ship six years there is stm no that evening.

Her father phoned ley arrived? low water levels in Lake Ontario In 1894 he was married to and said Billy help Lipan, a U.S. flag trace of the girl and no Rasmusen residence. His calls! No one, except the abductor, 'n and the st. Lawrence River may onica Houlihan at Prairie We wanted him to escort us rammed onto the sand Friday 0f strange and puzzling went unanswered. He drove to the abductors, knows what happened force a reduction in the available Chien.

She died in 1924. HARPERS FERRY, Iowa-FU-1 glakey, 27, an aircraft mechanical services for Thorwald A. said he was like theran L. E. Bryne- Astern, 90, pioneer of Harpers about 6.30 p.

rn. Wednes- stad officiating. Burial will be in businessman and former day as his wife delivered an 8- Woodlawn Cemetery. postmaster, were held Thursday pound, H-ounce boy. A few blocks afternoon at Waukon, the Rev.

A. father along his wife saw Smith Valier officiating, and burial in on his motorcycle. St. Cemetery, the Rev. recognized him as an old J.

Peters officiating. school friend and the husband of Mr. Oestern was born on a farm a girI fnend 0f Blakey; MONTREAL (AP) Continued near Harpers Ferry April 18, 1869. said rolled down the win- Low Water May Cut Depth Of Seaway lr 4 iii i wM night rn six to eight feet of water. tery 0f what happened to her.

Rasmusen Ten and 12 foot breakers broke The trail of blood in which she drive, against the vessel some 150 yards disappeared is becoming colder from shore all during the with the passage of time but the The' 36 crewmen aboard the I baffling disappearance of the prot- Lipari, inbound to Grays Harbor ty( studious, honor student, re- from Japan for a load of lumber a dark memory for many, for East Coast ports, stayed on ti ti ti the freighter after her master' The cnme which dwDly ing. asked and received permission to stBcked dty and area The keep his men on the Lipan. five minute but certain facts support this story; ti ti ti A man attempted to get into the I to the hospital. He said he of the Seaway, it was dis- Mr. Oestern was a member us but follow (closed Friday.

'the Woodmen of the World. He! f0nowed us for a couple of The Transport Department said; came to Harpers Ferry as a and then turned Smith said he hear anyone call him by name. ti ti ti car window was rolled up Bureau Of Standards Chief Suffers Attack The house was well-lighted. Hic house. (it may be necessary to reducejman, studied telegraphy, and doors were locked.

Hartley could! The man failed to pry open jmd at short notice worked as a depot agent at summa! no one to the door. He dows of the house. He then took mailable depth in the seaway chis stations for the Milwaukee found a basement window open a screen and climbed through channels between Prescott and Road, served as postmaster in and hooked to the basement ceil- a window to the basement which jr0qUOls Harpers Ferry, operated a hard- was dark. Present minimum depth of the ware store, general store, pio- part of the time, the motorcycle father crawled feet 11 believed that Evelyn ab- seaway is 27 feet with vessels be- neered in the automobile business was making noise, and I assumed occurred just six years ago on a first through the basement win- doctor either took her through jng permitted a daught of 25 feet, and installed and operated the the woman had a facial injury be- chilly evening lighted by a bright dow. He found one of his daugh- tbe front self-locking door or inches.

first electric light system in Harp- cause she was holding a bandage full moon. ter's shoes at foot of the base- through the basement window. Water level in Montreal harbor ers Ferry. across her he said, i It was the night of the home- ment stairway. Her glasses were A blood stained spot was found now js three to four inches below He was a member of the town What Smith took to be a bar.

coming football game between La lying on the living room floor ck)se 10 tbe house about 20 fee the 35-foot minimum, although council for several years. He dage was a handkerchief. Mrs. WASHINGTON Allen Crosse State College and River There were signs of a minor basement window, earlier this week it dipped six moved to Dubuque in 1922 where Blakey said she was biting on it. V.

Astin, who has headed the Falls State College. scuffle. A radio played softly. Blood was found on the corner of inches below. he was in the wholesale oil busi-j There was no indication what National Bureau of Standards Evelyn was with the 20-month- Hartley looked through the en- the bouse.

Bloodstains were dis- Herbert Land, chief channel en- ness and operated an auto acces- disciplinary action might be taken ainee 1981, is in a hospital recov- old daughter of the Viggo Ras- tire house. He found no sign of covered on a garage about IOO gineer, said a hot, dry summer sones store. He died Oct. 21 at'agamst the officer, iring from mild heart attack, jinusens at their 2415 Hoeschler Evelyn. north of the house.

Aides said Astin, 55, was residence. Police were called at 9:49 p.m.: Bloodhounds followed en Sunday. I Rasmusen and Evelyn's father, I It was later deducted that the ab-1 See HARTLEY, Page 6 disrupted normal flow. I vale vehicles because excited philip MDP 100 gineer, is mainly to blame. Construction Our Lady of Lourdfs Home, Du-j Police said a regulation pro- new power projects have also buque after an illness of officers from escorting primate SALUTE TO HUNGARY Lights in the windows form a cross on the Philip Murray Building in Washington, D.C., headquarters of the AFL-CIO, in commemoration of the third anniversary Friday of the Hungarian revolution.

Three years ago students rioted in Budapest, touching off the bloody battle for freedom that was finally smashed by Russian tanks and Unifax..

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