The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1953 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1953
Page 1
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TWO R!.YTHEVIU,E fAKK.) COURIER TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8,1953 Opposing Sides Study Plan For Ending Newspaper Strike ! By KVOF.NK IJCVIN NEW YORK (AP) — Federal mediators today hammered out a proposal for ending a strike' against six major New York newspapers and called in both sides lo look the formula over. "1 am for the first time optimistic," le '.oral Mediator Walter A. Maggiolo said, Top negotiators for \\\? nows-.n f net-f incline bonrd—instead of nr- [ up by the .strikebound pufoM.shers, pHprrs nnd the striking AFL photo- I bitrntion ns prnposrd by thp piib-Uiiid yrstprday ilw avnrncr hnur- encrnvcrs UTro with MnECiolo nnd ilishrrs nnd rejected by the strikers My «arninf?s of newspaper employes •tJirr for news pholoff- j —would bn set up to study the [arc the "htRhpst ot any industry \VRRC i.SSUP. SI5 Inrmise Sought The ensnivers asked ft $15 \vofk- ly pack H HP i n f r c ;i s e envoi me; wayp.s. hours, holidays and welfare benefits whpii the strike startpd and have since out (In- demand in half. The publishers havp ottered it S3.75 package. Current base pay now rancps from $128 a week for day work to Sl.'il for nif;ht work. Tnvolvpd in HIP sl.rikp. nn* thp finip SU1CP l\ is I posed rapher, c for the first the strike stni'tert Nr now in it? nth day. D(M;i!ls of the trrmuln \ve'-e not disclosed, but there were indications it hinqed en creation of a fact-findine hoard, Mii'j" Solo's announcement came af'er hours-!oirv rffcvis 10 settle the \viisp dispute. S'"on]y after mirini'iht Drnis M. Burke, president of the striking Iocs!. and Wilhj-ni Mnpr 1 . president of the PubJisrrr:. A^sn. of New Yo'-k City, went into eonsul- ' tat ion. The announcement by Ma^ioio, • ith Burke and Ma pel present, followed. Could Kml Today Burke said thai if his union's bnrpaimnq committee Accepted ihe mediator'.* proposal he would al- iempt to call a union membership meeting for today. If the strikers at this meeting ratified thp plan, Burke atieri. pickets could be called off within an hour. The picket line? were a major reason for the suspension of publication by the six papers. Only 400 photo-enRravers—the. mp.ii who : make the metal plates from which j photos and other illustrations are i reproduced—siruck; and the pa- j pers could have published picture- i less .editions. U. are in America today The bureau quoted ihr Department of Labor as Kiiylny newspaper employes nvprased as of last Atmust $2.51 an hnur. rom- pan-d with av'eraye hourlv earnings of $1.71 for all iiianiifHc(.iir- Also discussed by the bureau was tike insurance. Tlir bureau said the publishers associnlion has no insurance arrangement?, while Times. Daily News, Daily Mirror, j newspapers havr strike insurance. Post. Journal-American and World- J >ome do not." The bureau added : Telegram and The Sun. j HuH strike losses io ihn papers I Only HIP Hernkl Tribune was no! i will he far Rreater than any in- r.(feried iimone the city's major ! surance they hold, newspapers, and it, suspended publication for five days last week in sympathy with (he other ncwsna- pers-. The Herald Tribune, which resumed publication over the weekend, has ii.s pboto-eiifiravinfi done by an outside commercial firm, i A Federal Reserve Bank of New; York announcement yesterday said | retail sales "seemed to be holding j coTVmm'd a stranser nsleep in his up very well in view of HIP com- | dosH VPSlPJ( i Jiy . he not out his lool plele loss of newspaper advertis-| chm and n;Uifld , hp door . shut inpr promotion." Thou he called police. The bank said sales of ]9 New A 2B . vcnr . 0 , d New York , John York department stores dropped , Cr(lddocki Pm ,, Krd flff . P| . , hft | ast 5 per cent last week from (be I ..... wnK r * mflVM i nm . Pxn h,inrrt The Room Did Seem to Be Awfully Small' BALTIMORE '/TV-When Georpe SHE WON'T BE COLD -Lovely Hot tie Harbin, \slto rci«ns as "Mi<s Fort Worth." is as cute a? a bunny She's murtelina ra!-liit furs whivh were on exhil'ilion a» ihe Snuthwest H;ibhit Bieedcis As?oci3tion show in the Will Hogers stuck bains Texan and Egyptian Wife Divorced HOUSTON. Tex. (/TV-The mar- * riajje of Texas playboy-heir Shepherd r Abdullah' King and ER.vp- lian dancing girl Samia Gainal in However, (he announcemenL said the normal Crhi.stmas seasonal sales increase is just, about the However, 20.0DO employes be-j same, as last year, longing to other unions refused to) Stores have stepped up their like evangelist Billy Graham said it would. But the evf-r-hnppy King, who changed his reli.cion t.o tlie Moslem laith to marry the voluptuous Nile cross the picket lines. Amonp these were editorial employes he- longing to the CIO American Newspaper Guild and shop workers affiliated with unions in the AFL Printing Trades Council. Neither Burke. Maggioln nor Ma pel would comment on ihe proposed formula. • There was, however, a slip by Burke, who started io say, "II something should be done abont- lact-tinding—" find then broke off. All parties previously had dodeed questions concerning reports that radio and TV advertising. Survey Taken A survey of some biff department stores produced these reporls: BloominRdale—"Business is pret- i tliiion ty Rood." Gimbols--No comment. Lord and Taylor—"Very, very crowded" with shoppers. Macy's—Shoppinc crowds "enormous" with last wcek'f business equal to or slighUy nhead of the same week a year ago. The Herald Tribune, following j the Federal Reserve bank, report., J took another survey of department .store executives and quoted them •as saying almost unanimously Hint j sales would have equaled or perhaps topped last year's had there been no newspaper strike. Other details of the Herald Tribune survey included: All stores queried indicated their phmvmas would have been at least 5 per cent better had they been able to advertise. Some believed i aunt. He said he had cnmr to Baltimore with a friend to visit his aunt. had lost, both antl somehow entered .,„„„ „„ w Cox's house, walked into the closet j charmpr/sUli'' could crow ft little, and fell asleep under n pile of ; Graham predicted the m a r r i a e. e clftf - ncs - - i wouldn't, last six months. H en- Maeist.rnte E. Everett Lane fined him $15 for disturbing Ihe peace and suspended the penally on con dtired about, i.wo years. "leave (own right away,' Contractors Pay For Flying Stump Broken Leg Won't Halt \ Susan Ball's Wedding j HOLLYWOOD W — A broken lei; ' is not gointr to slop actress Su?.an ! B.all from being married next week ; to aclor Richard Long. . | Miss Ball, 20, who broke her log ! for the second time Nov. 23, studl their performance, would have been CHARLESTON. W. Va. (ff>\- contrnetors yesterday agreed to pny j thnl, she and Lonp, 26, will be mar$174,000 in damages bpr.ausn a heavy ried here or in Las Vegas, Nev. tree stump wns blasted ripht into an open convprtil>le, seriously injuring two Wesl. Vii-Rinia youngsters. The freak accident happened last June us workers VVLTP. blasting -slumps to clear n way for the new Wrst Virginia Turnpike near Ponda. The contractors, Morrlson-Knud- sen Co,, Inc., and Ralph K. Mills Co. of Kentucky were defeudnnts in Milts brought in bfhalf of the injured, Olenna Dmmln.s. !-^. of Chelyan and .Jnineu Russell Silman, WILL YOUR HOME BE HOT AND COLD THIS WINTER? 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