The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 22, 1896 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1896
Page 2
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DING.LEY BEWARE OF IMITATIONS! II K .HC^pA^-p.f urii^Fn L.-.U. ,r. .T^T^ [I —lUPMEADACnES CUBED fOP 33 LENTS 11~— t- FOR SALE BV AL.U [DRUGGISTS OR O 1 JACKSON MEDICAL CO. CtllCABQ ILL. 0 ? ^ 26O SO CLARK ST. IMPERIAL BXO'S. ' , § uN.B. Don't take any substitute $ < with the same name but different H 2 spelling on which yourdruggist 5 * makes twice as much • • • • • ••.•! BE.WARE OF IMITATIONS Frank W. Dlngley. WH AT THE; WASHINGTON, Jan. 18.—The resolu* Bon drawn by Senator Davis and adopted by the senate committee on foreign relations will prove to be a clear and strong enunciation of the Monroe doctrine when its text is made public. It is a more fofpeful doctrine than any that has been introduced in congress on ihis subject, and its terms are so ex)licit that they cannot be misunderstood. The maintenance of the Mon« roe doctrine, as set forth in the resolution is held to be vital to the Welfare of this country arid the countries of the American continent. 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JAOK^ON MEPIOAL OO., Chi eago,Jl|.,orouragent;,F. m mm CRAI „ ABSOLUTELY FREE, „,„ iVe 1mvo ooptraotea for two thousitml $10 ,_oyples vvbiuJj w0P«mosetpglv0FR|§ to now «£apwsoQ in every towusljfp In tho State • nit Offer Qpep foi TWrty Dm Oily. CLEAR AM) EXPLICIT SENATOR DAVIS' MONROE RESOLUflON ADOffED Uy the foreign Relation* Committee. Maintenance to the law tteld to fie Iritat to the Country's Welfare—Adqul* Ittloh of territory by a Foreign Potter Not fin Permitted. CUSHMAN E. DAVIS. 3n in force ever since it was estab- ished by President Monroe. The reso- ution declares it to mean that the acquisition by purchase, aggression or otherwise of any territory on the Amer- can continent by a foreign power is an unfriendly act, and such acquisition will not be permitted by the United States. The United States Sole Arbitrator. The most important feature is that which touches upon a new phase of tho Venezuelan question; the report that inglaud and Venezuela may reach an agreement, and that English money will settle the boundary dispute. The resolution declares that in case boundary disputes on the American continent jetweeii foreign governments and American governments are decided by arbitration, agreement, purchase, or in my manner whatever, the United States shall be the sole judge as to whether the Monroe doctrine has been violated in such arbitration or agreement. In fact, it seems that arbitration or agreement between foreign governments and governments on the American continent as to boundary disputes cannot become binding or effective unless sanctioned by the United States, and that no part of the American continent has been ceded to a foreign power by such arbitration or agreement. This practically makes the United States the arbitrator between foreign governments and those of the American continent in all boundary disputes. Far-Reaching In Its Effects. This portion of the resolution is considered most important and far-reaching in its effects. It caused misapprehensions among some members of the committee, as it is claimed that it may lead to many entanglements. On the other hand, the supporters of the reso* lution say that it leaves everything in the hands of the United States where the final decision should be, and that the United States will interfere only when the Monroe doctrine has been violated. The resolution is drawn with a view of covering every possible contingency that may arise in boundary disputes, or the acquisition, or the sale of territory by one foreign government to another, on the American continent, or islands that are considered a part of the Western hemisphere, IT IS JINGOISM GONE DAFT. New York World's Opinion of the Davis Resolution. NEW YORK, Jan. 80.— The World de eoribes the new movement in the senate as jingoism gone daft, and de nounces the resolution of the foreign relations committee as uncalled for, as borrowing and inviting trouble, as based upon false pretenses, as danger* ous, and calls upon the common sense and real patriotism of the people to make themselves felt at Washington. But Washington, at the present mom* meat, seems to be living a life of its own. gatolll Hasn't Offered fceo's Services, WASHINGTON, Jan, 18. — Cardina Satolli has not tendered the services of Pope Leo as arbitrator in the Venezuelan controversary, nor has the cardinal received, up to this time, any in* timation that be will be called upon to offer the services of the pope for thaj' purpose, Will JTurnHfc Ww»Jp Free, OBIOAQO, Jan, gO.'-In order to brioj about a more general observance o; Washington's birthday, the Union league club announces that w co-opera jfcion with the express companies, # furnish the words and music of "Am jtea," "Hail Columbia," "Jted, White and Blue," and "Star Spangled Banner," free to any organised celebration of the day anywhere jn the United iSt&tes. . TOOK f tne «f tfae WASHINGTON, Jan. I 1 ?.—¥he fiemo* tfatic" national convention will foe held at the city, bf Chicago on Jtiiy 7\ That was the decision reached by the na- ional Democratic" committee afte*ah interesting and at time's exciting sea* eion, which ootitihued tmtil it p. m. There was considerable difference of opinion as to the time f 6r holding the jonvention. One proposition, advanced by Allen W. Thtirmau of Ohio, who leld the proxy of the New Mexico member, was 4o hold it June ?, two weeks before the Republican cbhven- ion, and the other by Httgh Wallace of Washington state, to hold it July 7< The committee decided tipon the latter date by a vote of 82 to 18. New York, Chicago, Cincinnati and St. Louid were contestants f9* the con* Vention, and the stnuggle was bitter. On the 29th ballot, however, Ohcago received a majority of votes and was de- flared the place of holding the convention. An examination of the vote by states shows that St. Louis had practically ;he solid support of the free silver votes in the committee. AIDS THE MORRISON BOOM. Location of tho Democratic Convention it Hnlp to the Illinois Man. CHICAGO, Jan. 18.—The Post says: Prominent loeal Democratic politicians, representing both the silver and anti- silver wings of the party, tmhositat- ngly declare that the location of the Democratic convention at Chicago has vastly improved the chances of Colonel William B. Morrison as a presidential possibility, and makes Irbn at once the nost prominent among candidates. FORAKER NOW A ^ Receives the Full Republican Vote of tho Ohio Legislature. COLUMBUS, O., Jan. 15.—J. B. Foraker .n the senate, received 29 votes for United States senator, Brice G, and George A. Groot of Cleveland 1. Tho senate has SO Republicans, one of whom, Senator Porter, was absent, on account of sickness in his family. In the house the vote stood: Foraker, 87; Brice, 21; John H. Thomas, Springfield, 1; Mr. Gage, 1; Judge Blandinof Cleveland, 1; Lawrence T. Neal, Chilli- cotlle, 1; all of whom except Foraker, are Democrats. Foraker received the full Republican vote. . . MR. ALLISON RENOMINATED. Tho Iowa Senator Endorsed by the Legislators. DES MOINES, Jan. 1(5.—The Republican joint legislature caucus met during the afternoon. Representative Allen was made chairman and Senator, Ellis nominated W. B. Allison for United States senator. The speaker referred to Mr. Allison's fine record and paid special attention to the fact that he is a very available candidate for the presidency. Every allusion to Allison for president was greeted with great applause by the members and visitors crowding the lobby and galleries. At the conclusion of the speeches Allison received the unanimous rising vote of the caucus for the nomination and was declared the nominee. Balloting for Gibson's Successor. ANNAPOLIS, Md., Jan. 16.—Balloting for a successor to Charles H. Gibson in the United States senate began at noon. The result of the balloting shows that both Democrats and Republicans are badly split and that the fight is likely to be a protracted one. NOT SATISFIED WITH THE RT ES Committee Goes to Confer With Com- mander-in-Chlef Walker. ST. PAUL, Jan. SO.—Albert Scheffer, General Flower, Ex-Governor MoGill and Judge Kerr have left -post haste, for Indianapolis. The object of their journey is to hold a conference with Commander-in-Chief Walker of the G. A. -R., and to attend the meeting of the council of administration, which occurs early in the week. Commander-in-Chief Walker, it seems, is not altogether satisfied with the railroad rates. At Louisville he was given power to issue a proclamation declaring the place of the next encampment upon receipt of satisfactory evidence as to the status of railway fares. The local committee carried out its pledges made to the encampment at Louisville, and sent a statement to Commander-in- Chief Walker, but he is not satisfied with it. The seven-day limit on tick ets is the principal objection. THE SYNDICATE DISSOLVED. Jeeii Rhod>» ftfid mbe* Oftel&il tttftti* oatfed ift th« t ttttfattl iftvttitifc ftfcw tofcK, Jan. 18^A LoftdoU Ablegram says: the feiegfaM ffoin figh Commissioner Sit Hercules Bob* neon is the fit st official Confirmation >f the rftmofs rife itt Ltdidbfi for the ast week that President Krtiger has ecured evidence on the field of the trugefsdorp battle afld elsewhere, ully proving the complicity bf Cecil Ihodes and othef officials of the Char- ered company in a well and long or* BON. CECIL JOHN BHODE8. ganizod conspiracy to seize the Transvaal republic. Sir Hercules cables from Cape Town! It is alleged that the government has Locunientary evidence of a widespread ouspiracy to seize upon the government and make use of the Wealth of he countiy to rehabilitate tho finances if the British South Africa company." If this is so, and if Colonial Secretary Chamberlain makes good his fine pro- estations, the trial of Cecil Rhodes and his associates must prove the most momentous to England since Warren lastings was arraigned in Westminster. GREENWAY WAS VICTORIOUS. Hanker Morgan Confldept That the Ho WW T»Ue the Bonds. NEW YORK, Jan, 16, — The bond syn« dicate has been dissolved. Members of the government bond syndicate received in their mail a circular letter from J, P, Morgan & Co., releasing them from their committments to furnish their prorata of $100,000,000 in gold, and a second $100,000,000 if desirable, taking their payment thcrefOF in 4 per cent government beads, Accompanying thi& letter was a circular explaining why the syndicate was formed, what action was taken in its behalf, and why it was dis solved. The circular concluded: «<J feel perfectly satisfied that there is no question fts to the success of the loan." Consul Carl Jowas , Wis., Jan. 19.— A cablegram from. Prague announces the death at that place of Carl, United gtatea pOBSUl. Mi 1 ' Jones was op&suj a| Prague in President Cleveland^ first, term. $e was afterwards ejectsd of ,/,,, $ -~ ), Sentence o .f Jan. J5,*-Tbe trial of B. „ _.._„ the American horseman charged with ftawdujefttly entering ttj$ mare PetfceJ in ra_cej und,ey fee najne NeJlje Kneefcs, resulted in ft verdip* of guilty, K,n§ebj8 W&B sentenced tQ nine months imprisonment, to pay a flue of 6,00,0 j»a,rfes, a»d to three loss oJ late civil rights, in ware agreed pn George ^jler Q| siwwous fight, HiuL Juwes ' " re PIS^VI rr» His Position on tho School Question Endorsed by Manttobans. WINNIPEG, • Jan. 16.—Results in the Manitoba general elections were most Lisappointing to the opposition and a iomplete victory for Greenway. The chool question was made the sole issue. The day was cold and stormy, which prevented hundreds of farmers from •oing to the polls.' It is a notable fact hat the towns and villages generally •ave majorities for the government candidates, while the country places usually went the other way. In Port- ige la Prairie Hon. Bobert Wilson was elected by a bare majority of 11. This vas the smallest majority in the whole ist. The seats gained by the government ire: Avondale, Deloraine, Morris and Norfolk. Seats gained by the opposi- ion are: Caillon, Kildonan and Turtle Mountain. Jackson's majority in Elookwood is small, but returns are incomplete, and it may go to .the Conservatives yet. In that case the government has the same strength as in ;he last legislature. WINNIPEG, Jan. 10.—Complete re;urns show the election Wednesday of 29 Greenway government supporters, 5 opposition and 6 independent. RED CROSS SOCIETY STATEMENT Committees Already In Turkey Can Distribute Armenian Relief. NEW YORK, Jan. 15.—The following statement has been issued from the leadquarters of the national Armenian relief committee: The reported intention of the Turkish government to refuse the American Bed Cross society permission to enter Turkey will not cause the national Armenian relief committee and its oranches throughout the country to relax their efforts for an instant in raising funds to save the 850,000 Armenians who are perishing from starvation and exposure. The national committee is the authorized agent throughout the country for raising funds and supplies to be distributed by the Red Cross, provided it enters the field, but, in case the Red Cross is excluded, the national committee has authority to exercise existing agencies on the ground or organize new ones, so that all contributors may be assured that their gifts will as speedily as possible reach the sufferers for whom they are intended. THE CHARGES AGAINST ADAMS, Report on the Wisconsin University President Soon to be Made, MAPISON, Wis,, Jan. 80,—President S. A. Hubbard of the State Agrioui' tural society; J, W, Wheelan of Mon dovi, and R, H, Halsey, superintendent pf schools in Milwaukee, spent the day in the city inspecting the university, They constitute a portion of the com* mittee which has bee.n investigating the "aristocracy" of President Charles J. Adams, and the affairs generally of the university, It is understood that no mare's nest was disclosed to them, Rttd that they found Adams quite Qoratio, The whole oommitte of seven members will hold a meeting ta the capital city Monday, wnen, its report will l>e tpanstaittfd to the board of visitors, which in turn will pass it over- jbe following day to &9 ' O» toe Site of tho jfttgnj iruTsiees of fy$ i?pr$iwester» university hare Decided tg erect a j»o4§rn. ojfese buiWJBgon Its Shalt of the site el " 0rand, Pacific tote],, Tfee il. The Statement of the condition of the reaMry v show8 available cfish balance, skatifcg Sfttiday toighfc on the faU&oiS rite* at Lacon, His.,bfoke ,hrotigh the ice and two were dfowhed. Judge Cornish, Master iftfchancefy of he Union Pacific fedefvefship, has fee* immehded the payment of the interest Of the first mortgage bonds. Colonel t & Waikef t coittmandeMn^ chief of the d> A, &, is th6 iiewest" candidate for the ftepublidan Hdniina* iott fdf goverfibf of Indiana. Explosive ehemicals set fire to the [rug store of Backhatis & Sons at if arslifleld, Wia, Several other bttild* ngs bnrned causing a total loss of -botit $8,000. At Somersville, N» J., Jacob S, John* on, colored, an ex»preache*, who on Saturday was fottnd gtdltjf of the mtus der of Sarah Ann Rogers, has beeb cbn» demned to be hanged March 11, Wednesday, Jan, 1C. M. Henri Brisson has been elected (resident of the French chamber of Leputies. It is said to be probable ex-Queen lilioukalani will receive full pardon Jan. 17, the third anniversary of Ha- vaiian independence. At Pendletou, Or., Postmaster John- ion was held up by a masked robber at he point of a pistol and compelled to urrender $500 of postal money order unds. According to information collected by the embassies, 8,000 Armenians were llled at Orf ah on December 28 and 29, and at Bredjih, Roumkole and Djibiro, 600 were killed. The pfan of reorganization of the Wisconsin Central railroud issued by- he Coppell committee has been unanimously adopted at a meeting of the first mortgage bondholders. The Forth German Gazette declares Jiat no communication on the Trans- aal question of an apologetic character lave been sent to London from author- tative sources in Germany. Thursday, Jan. 10. Arrangements have been completed 'or the handing over of Dr. Jameson and his men to the English authorities 'or trial. The death sentence of Joseph Donnelly of Audrain county, Missouri,!was iomrnuted to 50 years in the peniten- lary. The steamer Congo sank near Ca- •uthersville, Mo. Four persons are be- ieved to have been drowned and two were injured. Tho liabilities of Keen, Sutterlee & Co., leather dealers of Philadelphia, who failed Tuesday, will reach $4,000,000; assets unknown. Congressman Henry H. Johnson of the Sixth Indiana district, caused a sensation by coming out flat footed against General Harrison for the presidential nomination. Friday, Jan. 17. Captain General Campos has formally resigned his command to General Marin. The Argentine chamber of deputies has passed a bill granting bounties for exports of sugar. Seidenberg, Steifel & Co., New York cigar manufacturers, have made an assignment, without preferences. The Benedict Paper company, wholesale paper dealers, Kansas City, has failed, with liabilities of $59,000, and assets about the same A dispatch to the Exchange Telegraph company from Cape Coast Castle says that King Prempeh has accepted terms of the British. A. L. Shipley, agent of the Illinois Central at Rowena, who reported that be was held up and robbed by masked men on Saturday night, is now in jail at Sioux Falls, a self confessed embezzler of about Saturday, Jan, 18, Cecil Rhodes is alleged to have been implicated in' the Transvaal conspiracy. The Lake Carriers' association has offered all its vessels to the government in event of war. Premier Greenway of Manitoba will have only seven opponents 01 his school policy in the new parliament, Comptrolley Eckels has se,nt a piroular to natipnal banks, offering inducements to buy bonds and increase their circulation. Senator Sewell pf New Jersey introduced resolutions on the Monroe trine at yariance with the position. It is believed that the YenejBula blewtti be settled within Ivro mp,nths by arbitration, M ori by the United States, h^i pope to act as arbiter. STEAM and GASOLINE ENGINES and Marine, If you think of btlyliiR an fthglne ot any size or kind setid for our CASALOGUM No. 30 ( containing illusti'atioiig and prices of evei-y kind of small engines up to 20 HOrsS powel 1 , at bottom prices, or List NO. 20 foi- yacht engines, boilers and boat machinery. Either settfc flree f OSAS, P, W ILL AID & 00 M 197 Oanal Street • • - * Chicago. HOME SEEEEES' EXOUESION TO THE SOUTH, On January 14, 28, February 11 and March 10, 1806, the North-Western Line will sell I-Ionie Seekers' Excursion Tickets to a large number of points in Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Texan and Arizona. For tickets and full information apply to Agents Chicago & North- Western Kailway. Daily Newspaper $ 1 a tear. Tho Des Moines Dally News, has solved tho problem of placing a first-class condensed daily paper within the reach of all. The regular price of the Daily is' S3 a year but until.February 29,1890, any person can take it at SI a year cash In .advance. Only yearly subscriptions taken at this rate. Present subscribers can extend their subscription one year for $1, up to January 1. Thus for SI you ca ri have a daily paper during the coming legislature and throughout tliopresidential campaign. No such offer was ever in ade, before. The News gives absolutely all the news of the day in condensed form. Address, THE NEWS, Des Moines, la. J 1 JAVA and " MOCHA COFFEE. Finest Can Coffee on tne Market, Blue Label. A combination of the finest Aden Mocha and Fancy Mark Java. Packed in t and 2-pound air-tight cans, thereby retaining all of the aroma and freshness lopt In bulk coffee exposed to the elements. Returnable if not satisfactory. Never sold In bulk or in, paper, foil or pasteboard peckaRes. LANGDON & HUDSON, . Sole Distributors. SEND FOR OUR Fall Catalogue The legs victory for t^9 British, . H Germany celebrated, the ggtji w$» versary of the ewp^e gatW?Jipy» Populist, will b§14 th^ir natiooal Styles in Men's and •*• ™ • " ' The' American Red Cro^ .society has tg . 1 " t t j i / - • f i 1 * F i * * O s J ! r^i** ^ , t i j ' ** , fl *y i -\ •"'- f "n) v <- * •>* -^it* 4^i J)

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