The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 22, 1896 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1896
Page 1
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VOL KOSSttftt ttOtttll% IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2*. 1896. re Opposite the Postoffice, with a fine stock of everyt^^-^jVou want to eat, and room fe-,:* jy^to wait on you well and maSe you comfortable. Come and see us. M, Z, Grove & Son, TELEPHONE NO. 19.. gffiKpgfP'*^^ SOLONS OPEN THE BALL. Opening Seeties of the Twenty Sixth General Assembly of Iowa. Governors Make Their Speeches^ TTh Places of Honor and Emolument Dli» tributed — Senatot Allison the Center of Attraction, -..•'• DBS MOINES, Jan. 20.—Work in earnest when the senate and of representatives assembled at 10 a. m. on Monday, January 13 der the provisions of the "Chassell bill, 1 ' passed during the last session-,' both temporary and permanent organizations of the two houses were effected the same day. The spirit of the assembly seems to portend the dxpeditioti. Which is demanded by the amount pi! business on hand. Permanent officers were elected in both branches. One of. the pleasantest features of the house election occurred when the democrats- seconded the. nomination of Speaker Byers and made his election unanimous. Resolutions of respect to the.' lamented Judge Geo. G. Wright were adopted in both houses. In the senate a building and loan committee consist; We've What we Advertise, just as represented,^- BROfNELL'S 'Prices are • Right. . bitlder; N, N< JPfieS for warden Fort Madison penitentiary, P. W. Maddefl for warden Anamosa penitentiary, The election of these officers will be Held to-morrow; .While a disctlssioh of a code revision Wasi carried on in the house on Thurs- aay'morning 1 , several resolutions were presented in the senate. One df these ean6urred tflth the house in the an- pqintmetit df «T visiting committee whfeh was adopted, At 2;45 both houses assembled and marched in a body to their places iitthe rotund»«pftlifreapitttf to witness the inaugural ceremonies. Several hours before the exercises commenced the corriqors of the building were crowded witRiinterested spectators. The oath Of office was administered by Chief Justice Bothrock. The governor's ad- Hress, delivered in a clear and effective manner, was well received, Music by the|Des Moines Union band and the Drake University Glee club added tP the pleasure of the occasion..> During the session of the senate following the inauguration, Lieutenant Governor Parrott announced his selection of standing committees which are forty-one in number. An even larger crowd gathered in the capitol in the evening than in "tthe Afternoon. The outgoing and incom- Ittg extioutive officers aiid.their ladies, iiceoinpiinied by the military staff, received the , public in the governor's rooms which were decorated profusely with flowers and ferns. The reception 'Began at' 8:30 and continued until 10:30 :o;clock. 0« Friday morning the house and ;setf»te adopted a concurrent resolution ing of eleven members was created. Nothing further aside from routine work was done, and adjournment was' made until 10 .o'clock Tuesday "Tcaorn>; ing. This gave the afternoon so that 1 ; all who wished might attend, the If you pay'jrinpre, you pay too muchi; if you pay • less you'll get poorer " In the BOSTON EOCK, is the Place to Iray your SHOES rAlgona, Iowa. 5 I ' V , \, ^'w i(&/V$ ORTON, LUMBER! . I have a few STORM SASH left and this is a good time to put them on. Get my prices and you will surely buy. ^ : — F. S. MORTON. Not Necessary I * "TTCT"E can sell you a nice new five-drawer Sewing Mav v chine at $20, a still better one at $25, so it is not necessary to send your money east to get a machine that when you get you will never what factory it is made, and -when you should need repairs you may not be able to get them. It, also, is not necessary to think about the freight, for— WINKEL PAYS THM NOTICE'OFPROETB OB WILL' STATE op IOWA, If ossuth. county, as. Dls- iet court in ai}d for Kopsuth county, To all whom it way aowpew; Whereas, QU '/ the 14th d.ay pf January 1893, a pape? pur* Mi Warner late of said <?ovinty, .,„---,, was tiled jn ray gfftee, and was jneopoped and publiely read; and the h day of Mareli. W^. appointed and flsed fts the time wnaivtbo §we will coijjo the cQurt. at the March term there* Tr ,i to i>a held, as tao 4u{y p^pouted , will and wwnent of the said Mar; Wal'iiw doused,' at \yhJ»U tti \vliy tup sai,ne sliQuJd upt bo ;obate. patedthJjSJjhd— iBfflW^ 1 '- «3»T-| < |^ Tl ;?r, " , —;.. • V^T,W«>—.-T^VICIK, the position-last session.' II /^l«,.V HrT4.o» T?^n T-.iTrinrt On eral of. Judge \\Tright, whose recenb. death was such a blow to the people i Iowa. •-•...-.. • • •:•• • ;-.•,,; -;.,;: •••• .Th« list of officers selected to fill the 1 different-positions is given below.' thfe senate: .-••-.,-->> Secretary-^William Bullard.' > First Assistant Secretary—Charles J,' Talmadge. , ' • ; Second- Assistant Secretary—S. H, Sibley. Journal. Clerks—L. E. Hollowell and G. A. Nichols. 'Engrossing clerk—Mrs. Carrie D. Sherman.' •Enrolling clerk—Miss Capitola Maft ,-Wh'a :—MrstTEva Livingston.-'—,/ Postmistress—MiseJFannie Beebe/ Sergeaht-at-arms—J. B.'Satterlee.^ Chief Doorkeeper—W. H. McFarland. Assistant Doorkee p e r s — E. N". Brown, T. B. Bickley, P. E. Greor, S. A. Moore, Grant Townsend, C.S.Hub- bard', H. C. Jordan, G. W. Smith, Janitors of cloak Koom—Jeff Logan, J. W." Thompson. Janitor of toilet room—George Burnaugh. In the house, H. W, Byers of Shelby county was chosen speaker, with the following staff of officers: Chief Clerk—James G. Bo wen. First Assistant Clerk—Sherman Myers. Second Assistant Clerk—Ford IIow- ell. Engrossing Clerk—Mrs. Mollie Heist. Enrolling Clerk—Miss Minnie Nebergall. Assistant Postmistress—Miss Lorena McQqin. Sergeant-at-arms—J. H, Wilson. 'Chief Journal Clerk—John M Bixler. Assistant Journal Clerk — F. W. Beckman. Bill Clerk—Miss Belle Metcalf. File Clerk—A. C. Boals. Chief Doorker—A. 0. Boals. Assistant Doorkeepers—J. Heffelfinger, B. S. Harriraan, W. H. Doane, Henry Johnson, B. Blizzard, A. C. Gaston, B. M. Boyd, H'. S, Price.. , Janitors—Nate Middleton, Ed.Good, George Stovail, Pages—Pearl Tibbets. W- P« Murphy, Aiva MUler, Jessie Danforfcb, Fay Ashley, Harold Meysent, PearI"Ift>ane, Fred M}en and Ella Potts, On Tuesday morning the twp hpyees reassembled and received the gpvern- or's bineuoial message, This they ordered printed without reading "" message is a comprehensive paper wliieU GPV, Jackspirdiscusses the ai' faivs PS state upd SQts fprth ide^s aod ' ft'pm his yeqent as m .eseaiitiye - offlcej, Jo disQUSsipn pf _ .... a ...."in the pf a cpwmlitfcet Pf ssveo tP qn , .... .„ fpi'ffliU^e a.plan ipr the toeet means or taking vjp ttiig wprk, ' At g "«'«!""> « m, the house-met in jpi.ot fe^t&ndihg their sympathies tP the in- h'abitants of Cuba. ^ The discussion continued in the house and the majority and minority tdports were recommitted. A number S)| bills were introduced in the senate. ff;l. To define fraternal beneficiary so- icieties and orders and regulate the same. for . 2. To make an appropriation weather and crop service. To" allow the establishment of ._.. ikindergartens. in ?fy• i^'v ,-c'Vw/j, v t * " ! "i', tf l-rfi^.A/eJ^t^i* 4; ,To provide greater protection for •fish and game. 5. To make changes in public libraries. s ' 6. .To prohibit manufacture and sale of cigarettes. 7. To permit the manufacture of liquor in the state. 8. To require board of supervisors to keep within the limits of their revenues. •' ' '<9.,' To authorize trustees to procure and Eold 'property for public use at the expanse v p£ their township. , - '^m^'-Tb provide for -better"' protection of luniber. ^•--«,. .,., ,-- ;-' 11. To, regulate building and 'loan associations. 12. To raise the age of consent to 18. A bill was introduced and passed surrendering' the jurisdiction of the state over the Indians residing in Tama county to the United States government. The senate committee on code revision, consists of Carpenter, Trewin,Pusey, Craig, Corney, Berry, Lothrop, Junkin, Hobart, Funk, Gilbertson, Waterman, Rowen, Eanck, Harper. Members of the senate committee on building and loan associations are Eaton, Lotbrop, Cheshire, Ericson, Junkin, Funk, Waterman, Eowen, Ellis, Sargent, Downey, The announcement of committees appointed by Speaker Byers is uwaited with interest. Jt was not expected that any serious legislation would be taken up until after the inauguration. The work of handling the code has been thoroughly and animatedly discussed by both houses and a number of plans proposed. It is probable that an extra session will be held. A committee of fifteen senators was appointed for the purpose of sub-dividing the work of the code and assigning it to the various standing committees. Among a number of bills introduced in the senate Saturday, three are of especial importance. Senator Perrin, by request, introduced a b_Ul to require every purchaser of intoxicating liquor as a beverage to secure a license and providing for penalty in case of failure to do ^o, Senator Carrol introduced a bill to amend the Australian election law, which will pass, Senator Rpwen's bill provided for important changes in the Ubel laws, The arrival pf Senator Wm, B, AW* .tKe; city Pn Mpnday was the of great interest. When nptifled of his; renpmination he appeared be» fore trhe'3'Pint caucus and aoknpwledg" ed tb.irjid.ae4 lionor'in a short and ex- The,} r.gmarfe abput the halls is thS'laj-ge., number Pf cpmparaUYeiy 1 ip the assembly- G, W> :, of Bolfe, 3Q years of agei and H i e»"ry,tj:pgper8 pf Omng§_PJty, Q5 j At % . ault ww anopynaea -'aw4 Franpw Ppafee a»<i Matt P»n»3f ws ye INCH BOUCLE JACKETS, WOETH S7.5O GO AT S3.5O THESE AEE NICELY MADE WITH FINEST INLAID PEAKL BUTTONS AND WOULD BE CALLED BARGAINS AT $7.50; RECOLLECT THE PRICE, ONLY $3.50. THE PAST WEEK OUR SALES ON CLOAKS, •-.' AS ADVERTISED IN THE REPUBLICAN,: WAS ;QUITE AS GOOD AS OUR BEST WEEK IN OCTOBER. WE STILL HAYE A FEW OF THOSE BEST JACKETS AT $12;5Q, WORTH^ISTO^SO. ALL TRIMMED AND UNTRIMMED . liATS IN OUR MILLINERY DEPARTMENT ONE HALF OFF ON THE EXTRA LQW PRICES WE HAYE MADE ON THIS LINE. 1OO PAIRS LADIES' AND MISSES' RUBBERS AT &5c. 100 PAIRS MENS EXTRA HEAVY BUCKLE ' ARCTICS, WORTH $1.75, FOR $1.25. ^$^i$p^ '25c, WORTH 50c T,0,$1.00. ** -,'t 'iis > nt }'<*, $ Jas. Taylor. . $ ,(/«', •m Special For the Next 30 Days WE WILL aiYB A DISCOUNT OF 1 0 PER CENT ON ALL OUR IMMENSE LINE OE CROCKERY, GLASSWARE, LAMPS, CHAMBER SETS, WATER SETS, "ETC, i > , in need pf anything In the above line, call at onqe and take advantafle of this great reduction, - TRADE AVITH us AHD QBT- SOME P.. E,, , is . n pf Ajpia, 70 . Tbe yfpPrti ejf 8ftfflmitt§§s on j ' adapted PP '&ff*'Je&£-^Wtf^A^^^^''r?'^' wmmiim Our New Goods are ,tH& . . . : t,^n^;-W$ ' t V*V ',.'>•-rfel w^«^«^^^lX^f.'5s —.* _ M ^^^^ ^ - Ml •••k'T _^^_.' Hf , t J J f V J. _ ,-?»- "1. '•". ? ^0v- '>'! A '•••"' ^' ^ ' "'i^^tw • «,a^;sf s '«f«« ?8^&ffi^h»h't:^'iliMlM PPJ W ;',** if'f\i *' ',i 7* 'i "•*„! '"'i4 W$ t^iiff"

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