The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 15, 1896 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1896
Page 8
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Yon Can t „ D With your ejres shut If they are shut, open them and look at the fine disfolay of Lamps, Crockery and Glassware. LANCDON &, HUDSON. THE COUNTY. fetfif ft fifttt HafVet BAES, ABSTRACTS, LANDS, LOANS AND INSURANCE ADVERTISEMENTS, Ambrose A. Call, President. D. H. Hutchins, Vice-Pres. Wm.'Ii. Ferguson, Cashier. C. D, Smith, Ass't, Cash. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, ALGOHA, IOWA. CAPITAL, $5O,OOO. on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties who furnish first-class security irectors—D. H. Hutching, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweller, JP. H. Vesper, Ambrose A. Call, It. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson. Honey Directors CASH CAPITAL—S5O.OOO.OO. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, A. D. Clarke, Pros., C. 0. Chubb, Vice Pres., Thos. H. Lantry. Cashier, Geo. L Galbraith, Fred M. Miller, Myron Bcfienck, Thos.F.Oooke. Algona, Iowa. GENERAL BANKING- Private Safety Deposit Vaults. Interest Paid for Time Deposits. W. U. Iiigham, President. Theo. Clirischilles, Vice President. Lewis U. Smith, Cashier Kossuth County State Bank. ATnrkxr* Twro-A * OAPITAL S5O.OOO. ALGONA IOWA. ' CAPITAL $5O, Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. Directors— W. H.fngham, John G. Smith. J. B. Jones, T. Ohrischllles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth. Barnet Deviue. Fays 6 Per On Money Left for Three Months or Over. Money always on hand to Loan on First Mortgages, Second Mortgages and good Collateral. Notes purchased. ALGONA, IOWA. DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES ON<«Nlr Abstracts of Title. Our books are thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors has over written a word in them. Our work is done by competent persons, and is guaranteed. Good work will cost you no more than poor. Bring your work to us and you may. bo sure you get what you pay for and take no chances. ESTATE FOANS, FARMS AND WILD LANDS. HAY & RICE Algona, Iowa. Opera House Block. Abstracts of Title, Real Estate, Loans, and Insuranee, . N. E. Sheridan has beefi at Atgdfta assisting in checking up the ebtihty' officers books dtii-ing the p&st week. The Bancroft of-earnery is having a big boom. August JohhSoti says that he is taking in 8,000 pounds of milk per day. farmers are beginning to realize that there is more money ih feeding oats to cows than there is in hauling it to market at iOc. per bushel. W. T. Hall was over from Germanialast week to interview and patronise Dr. O. H. Bemis the boss dentist of this part of the state. The Sons of Veterans will have their in^ stailation of officers next Friday evening as they could not get ready to have It at the time the other patriotic orders had theirs. They cordially invite the W. E. C. and G. A. R. to attend their install tion. Prof, and Mrs. E. C. Anderson attended the charity ball at Algona last Monday evening and report a very pleasant time. John Williams returned last Monday from a three or four week's trip to Dubuque, la., and several towns In Wisconsin. Ho reports a good time. R. M. Richmond was down from Swea City Monday on his way to t)es Molnes and Chicago and ho may also go to New York before he returns. Mr. and Mrs. V. S. Ellis, of Swea City, were in Bancroft last week. James Galllon, of Armstrong, started from Bancroft yesterday for Missouri where he Is going to look up the land business a little. He is now engaged in the land business at Armstrong. Chris Boottche is talking of taking a trip to Germany in the near future. At the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Farmers' & Traders' last week the following were re-elected. President, R. M. Richmond; Vice President, B. F. Smith; Cashier, A. B. RichmoiVd; Ass't. Cashier, C. J. Lenander. The bank is in a very prosperous condition. Their annual report will be out next week. Geo. C. Frisby, of Seneca, started for a visit to South Dakota last Monday. He will be gone about two weeks. Quite a large delegation of Bancroft Odd Fellows attended the funeral'.of Fred Wilcox of Burt last Sunday. The funeral was in charge of Burt lodge I. O. O. F. Joe Murray was in Chicago last week with two car loads of butchers' stock. He happened to strike a very high market. Below will be found the Bancroft market-report for this week: Flax 73c., oats lie., wheat 43c., barley 15c., baled hay $4.00, hogs S3.35, cattle §2.00, steers $3.50, turkeys 6c., ducks 5c., geese 4c., chickens 4c. BURT. "To the life, of life the fount; To the mind, of mind the force, To the love, of love the source, : To the highest, noblest, best, Jesus and eternal rest. . Crowned and robed and glorified, Can we say that he has died." Friday morning before, nFred W.llcox passed away into the future from which no travelei returns. For seven long weeks ho has laid on a bed of pain and sickness, while in the next room his loved wife battled with the same disease, but loving hands have both and nothing that love or skill could devise was left undone. But the disease was too strongly fastened upon him, when'he left his home at Armstrong and came home to his wife's friends for medical skill and kind care to help him. The funeral ceremonies were in charge of the Odd Fellows of which order he was a member, and were hold at the Methodist church, which was crowded to its utmost capac.$y, with a hundred Odd Fellows being present, representing lodges from Armstrong, Algona, Bancroft and the home lodge at Burt. Rev. Mr. Mlddlebrauf preached the fun- ell- one of the fittest Suppiefi etet giteft in ttnrt, served by th« ladiee of the ftebec- ci degree. « Wednesday evening the maSons gave a Supper in honor bf their Worthy M&stefi ft. E. Allen. Suppef was sefvei at the Gem festaurahti All who ^ete present Sp«ak in the highest telfflS of M>. and Mfs. Cailahan's ability in that Hiiei , Tlie cake presented to the of der by MfS. Callahah, was afterwards presented to Mh Alien. A number were present froifi Algoiia. PitrM CBBEK, Jan. ii«—Mf. and Mrs.- Fred Miller Visited the lattefs sister in Clear Lake, returning home the last of the week. * ' Henry Warner, of Sehecaj spent Thursday night with his bi-other Harrison. 6. Rice has a hay press gang at work at his place. Norman Mayhe suffered the loss of a shot gun last week, it was stolen white he was absent at a skating party. Pork buyers Were in the neighborhood offering $3,2S. Geo. Holmah has been pressing and hauling hay to market. Fred Schaller, Emil Hugh and Oscar Walker have left us.. The first two went to Dubuque, and the last named to Illinois. Julius Leek and Fred Holman have had hog cholera In their herds. There is a good opportunity for some likely youngster to Jive with Harrison Warner and go to school if he wants to. Mrs. Bohn came home recently from a visit to her son Julius at Minneapolis. 6dl&tn4t», etrtrstairfgj fSd&J A foefgj assessor §&d6; S. IV oi sehools, $t,dflfy A- 0. Mlssftll, Stable, $500; S. ft. <M&rd, Justice, ei8dl» $l»OtJ^ 0. At felltef, stifvejroFf 81,000! & 1. Bfa> too, defaty sheriff, $^oo« Moved ftftd seconded tbat the road fcetitibiied fof by £ rack ftieotiiia et ai be laid as ijetitioised fof tifoviditid fcetitfbtief pays all eost. daffied* Thestatetflefit of fees collected by S. f» Ofose clerk of the district eotift and paid to treasurer, ffotti Beptetobef Sth to November; 9,1895, of SS9.95 Was approved. Aanual report of E. H. Clarke, J. P M for 1895, approved. Statement of fees atnoutiting to $14.65 collected by B. f, Grose, clerk, from Nov. 11 to Jan, 1, '96, was ap* proved. Annual report of 0. 0. Samson, sheriff showing amount of fees collect" adj6tifn f MS feb. » . t*. 15. dAtktM, Atiditot.' At»L6WfeJ3. E fi Joiititon, tf p clerk .... ............ * 13 tf. SaWeta » drafrmg ... .;.. ............ .loo E 0 g attle 6tie y day balitt., . . 2 o§ L J N6 *«if. clerk etc . i ...... ..... i . * ..... I . ..... ..... . Mtt SSIDletali cleaning court house ..... Wm0»dd9, wustee.... .. .<....* WattejPS i Bros, aS9«8861 abd tax books. . . WBU Morse, coroner.... M Weisbl'od, trustee woi-k B W . . ..... .... VanBoristeri ( trustee etc .... ....... ttiftfl SDofgej ti-ustee work, claimed W) 260 8 00 104 00 800 lot) 960 j + 60, allowed... .> ....... . ......... JohfiSpeicheh appraising land etc ...... , 8 <W K poftlkinsj deputy hire .......... » ..... iOoW' 1 M Triiflbie, jiistieei coastable fees fets, ciftifiied 836 86. allowed... s ........... ' Ms5 e^ W Smith, trustee work ...... ......... 8 od E N Weaver, niaklftg roller shelving.... 138 28 F D Oalkins, ejcpensea of office ..... ...... 37 « John Markgraff, ttustee ................. 2 00 P \VLpfittley.teainwork.... ............. i 28 & 6 4 nyu °.Sm rlti J t , lng P°- l edeef for treas ..... 6 M Win smith, Cleaning basement ........... 2 25 Sahf ord Bowe. trustee work .............. 7 oo F M Ely, court i-eporter. , ........... , ..... 6400 GUI Lamsoti, bailiff. ..... i ............... , is no U Des M, pi-luting etc . . .. ............... gg & E W Adams, tax compiler etc, claimed 846 Op, allowed. . .... . . . . ...... ......... 40 00 ft; HARBISON. HABBISON, Jan. 12.—Mrs. Casper Lang entertained three of her lady friends very pleasantly on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Oran Westfall had his nose frozen on the third. P. M. Slyter's children are having tho whooping cough. A number of the farmers are having their corn shelled. Mr. A. Blgelow is pressing hay east of Bancroft. His press seems to pay. F. M. Sly tor made Swea City a short visit on Thursday. He reports the town growing and looking quite business like. Poultry buyers are quite plentiful but are behind the times. The poultry are mostly sold. There Is talk of F. Jenevo and family moving to week, where he has purchased a farm. Two of Mr. Fred Hartzel's children have tho whooping cough but. are much better at present. .'.? ' ' Frank Slytor Is agent for , the Ottawa cylinder corn sheller. 'S. B. Eckhart and F. Sullivan purchased one last week. John McHoughlln has bought a farm in northern Minnesota and will move there in the spring. BUFFALO FOKK. BUFFALO FORK, Jan. 13.—The L. M. S. will give a leap year social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. Fox next Friday eve, Jan. 17. All are cordially invited. Clyde Bobbins, of Belmond, is visiting hisaunt, Mrs. Manly. Mr. Faulk is slowly improving. FENTON. FENTON, Jan. 14.—F. C. Boevers lost quite a valuable horse last Monday. George Funk, of Blackhawk county, Is in there parts visiting relatives. Ho intends to stay a few weeks. The Fenton co-operative creamery company were hauling coal last week and now they are hauling their ice. Miss Stella Hayne was visiting her parents in Hobart Saturday and Sunday. Frank Bally and family are visiting parents and relatives' south of Whittemore. Lewis Hable, Sr., is going to give an oyster supper next Wednesday night. All kinds of Insurance sold by The Bancroft Insurance Agency-], A, Freeh, Prop, $4,000,000.00 , Rockford State, Dew Moiues.. TUB FOLLOWING COMPANIES FOR CONSIDERATION I Cash Capital. Assets $10,847,816,36 5,588,058,00 00 6,754,908.00 5,191,055.00 2,345,353,00 3,863,607.00 1,031,537,00 463,814.00 HE OFFERS Company. Aetna, Hartford *S'ooo'ooooo Phoenk Hartford •••••— $g$g$ Continental, N. l '---' Fire Association, Phila.. : oral sermon, assisted by Rev, . of Bancroft, a brother Odd Feifo'w, ' Mr, Richards, Noble Grand, read the ritual of the order in a most impressive manner and the responses wore repeated in a way to impress upon that largo audience the fraternal feeling existing between the brethren. Mr. Wilcox's aged father, from Carroll, Illinois, was present and two brothers and a sister-in-law. Mr, Wilcox carno hero as the first butter maker in the now creamery and became acquainted with his wife, Miss Clara Coffin, the second daughter of Mr. C. Coffin, one of Kossuth county's first settlers. Their wedded life has been very happy and the sympathy of a host of friends is given to the young wife, so early in life a widow. He has had charge of creameries in Bancroft and Armstrong and at the latter place contracted the disease which proved fatal. "So fades a summer cloud away; So sinks the gale when storms are o ei, So gently shuts the eye of day; Kn runs t.Vin wave along the shore. COUNTY SOLONS IN: SESSION. The January Meeting Brings Up Numerous Items of County Business, Supervisor Barton Submits an Interesting Report on the County Poor Farm.— List of Claims Allowed, ^10,150,000,, Aetna Life & Accident Insurance Co. • Assets, ^3,977,586.08 We believe this is as good a statement as can be made by any agency in the land iind we solicit your patronage. have ar"land CO T1ICB A WEEK ™_ E T = FOR ONE YEAR 1 .QQj WcoUydvR^wfn be \nailed to'any address for one year, you two larg'\ 8-pago, 50-coiuron papers a week on every Tuesday will, Tmv-i news exhaustively rounded up by our correspondents to date TOras^ Washington and Pea Moinos service, tho markets twice i»wi.eK. James wiison § (infl dairv deoarunent, fiction by the most noted writer*- en tno aay, ana tne S a oYga!,vl mlscell^ ' " henollt. „„.»«.«. .* ,--,-.,- wows field, Quick, comr rcerUouVslv'i{e^ of moniiiig, papers with all telegraph news and jnarkots, Tills w „ and Friday Messrs, Gortner and Buell ranged so that people can visit that of promise," Missouri, at cheap rates. Mrs. Nafus received a telegram last week announcing the death of her sister who had recently moved to Soxtou. Mr. John Chapin, who has been visiting with his daughter, Mrs. Ferry Macdonald, returned to his home in Humholdt, Friday, He has the selling of one of the finest bibles now printed. All who wish one for their owii use or to present to a friend would do well to see his. Elwin Pavidson seems to be Improving. George Richards and Everett Macdon* aid return to school Monday. Burt lodge,!, 0.0. p., held thotr ilwt public installation Tuesday evo«jpg. Bach member of the order waa at liberty to in> vjte a gentleman or lady, and all respond,- e4 to the inYJWtlon- Rev. kajdjey BanoroWi was the installing ojp,eer, rftade remarks after the Inst^Ufttiou m%}& a«artfitt0 furnished the AUPITOB'S OFFICE, J>p. 6, 1895,— Board met in regular session at 1:30 p. rn. with all members present. Minutes of last meeting read and approved as read. Moved and seconded that 0, 0, Chubb act as chairman of tne board of supervisors for 'the ensuing year, Carried. Moved and seconded that George Turner be allowed .$10 per month to care for Mrs. Turner, providing she is discharged from the asylum and re* turned to his borne in Algona, without additional cost to the county. Car' ried, Moved and seconded that the class' jflcations of personal property for 1896 be the same as for J895, -Carried, Balance of forenoon Vpent jn Approving bonds and [auditing bills. Moved and second^ to adjourn yntU 8 a. w, tO'tnomw, Carried, • Board met pursuant to with all members and se,conde,4\thatj the of I. & Pfljfce treasurer be accepted The following feoMs pre ed to be $1,394.89. Approved Moved and seconded that the road petitioned tot by L. Eftl ( be laid as petitioned for. Carried. Moved and seconded to adjourn until 1 p. m., carried. At 1 p. m. board met and proceeded to audit bills. Resolved, That .the county assist Henry Blinkman to an operation on his eyes and the auditor is instructed to investigate and make necessary expenditures. Adopted. Moved and seconded that Henry BUnkman be allowed $8 per month until further notice. Carried. Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by J. B. Sexton et al be laid as petitioned for. Carried. The report of fees collected by B. F. Crose, clerk, showing $561."70 fees collected from June 10,1895, to January 1,1896. Approved. Justice annual reports approved as follows: Joseph Packman, H. P. Hatch, Obid Eobinson, F. M. Trimble. The appraisement of school land, section 16-100-29, approved as per statement. The appointments of Mark Boyle, B. I. Brayton, W. S. Wickham and Jas. Cosgrove, by recommendation of C. C. Samson, sheriff, were approved. Resolved, That Mrs. Merthew be allowed $6 per month until further notice, and that One month's pay be advanced at once. Adopted. The report of county recorder showing fees of office from October 1st to December 31st, 1895, to be $936.40. Approved. . Remainder of afternoon was spent in auditing bills. Moved and seconded to adjourn until 9 a. m. Carried. Board met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. . Moved and seconded that the school loans made .by the auditor be approved. Carried. • Resolved, That N. E. She"ridan of Bancroft, and W. H. Nycum of Algona, be a committee to settle with the treasurer, sheriff, superintendent, recorder, clerk and auditor. Adopted, The remainder of the forenoon was spent in auditing bills. An adjournment was taken at 1 p. m. Board met at 1 p. m. with all members present. The following resolution was read: Whereas, tbe Board are satisfied that the county printing is costing much more than it would if opened to competition and only a part of the people are deriving any benefit from the same. Resolved, That the attention of our senator and representative be called to this matter and be requested to have such changes made in the law as will enable the board to place in tbe bands of every resident tax payer of the county a copy of the proceedings at a reasonable cost. And, also, consider the propriety of reducing official salaries. And the selecting of official' papers be laid over until the adjourned session, Adopted. ' Moved and seconded that the official salaries of county officers for 1896 remain the same as for 1895, Carried, Moved and seconded that Jj. Barton be a committee to look after poor farm for 1896. Carried. Resolved, Tbat the auditor be in* structed to furnish no blanks or sup- Matt Parrott & Sons, stationery, books;. 27 26 Boohe Blank Book do, " •• .. 2900 Egbert Fldlar & Chambers" " .. 63 90 C A Olson, trustee.......;.. 2 Od B F Grose, state against Bafnsey etc..... 46 60 HP Hatch, justice fees etc io 68' M0 Greer,court reporter.... food B F Keed, Co Supt, salary IIH 510 Grant Benschoter, trustee meetings.... 4 00 Algona Courier, pub board proceedings. 3133 M B Allen, trustee 400 H Kllngelnoffer, trustee.., 2 oo I E Dodge, dep treas 4oo 00 Watters Bros, books and stationary.. .. 7005 M Z Grove & Son, mdse.... 080 N H Beard, trustee, claimed 820 75.. 17 00 A U Maudaiu, coal for court house 78 do it D Grow, publishing notices. 700 swea Olty Herald " " '. 025 E J Skinner, twp clerk etc 14 00 Mrs Schlchtel, cleaning court house.. i"... 4 oo Frank Wlnkoi, mdse. 205 Marshall Printing Oo, blanks & books... 130 35 Jas Orr, painting etc... •••;•••••-•••••; |»' , Mrs Grose, cleaning court house 2 60 Geo Twist, twp clerk.... 1200 OOFlsli. " " claimed «8 oo 4 oo EL Hand, " !'claimed $12 00 11 BO John Beruhard, trustee 8 oo B F Grose, state cases 82 75 OK Hand, twp trustee... 4 00 Courier Blank Book Co. books etc 43 00 .T EMcMullen, publishing notices 7 00 J A Carlson, twp clerk.. 600 F M Trimble, justice fees 3 85 » •• •• ".....,.. 2410 EH Clarke, JP fees..... 35 05 U B Mason, bailiff 1800 A D Fern, bailiff. •• 800 Win Smith, cleaning vault. 500 Daniel Kasmusson, trustee 10 00 Jos W Wadsworth, rent of room and returning poll books , 400 JF Smith? bailiff 1000 FL Parish, mdse. 744 OMDoxsee.mdse......'. l 80 Carter & Hussey, books and blanks....... 48 95 Samuel Warburton, township clerk. .... 11 25 Acres Blaeners & Co, books 7 25 MStanvprtntlng... 6133 A J Dunlap, trustee work 24 00 C 0 Samson, boarding prisoners etc—.. 425 90 Iowa School for deaf, patients. 2310 F. E. Foster, cutting prisoners hair 1 00 Iowa hospital for insane, patients........ 504 00 Geo B Marble, rent oi room for election claimed «5.00 300 ADMcGregor.mdse .. • 1075 H C Hollenbeck, ducking for voting book l 00 M F Kandall. clerk lure etc 253 47 BRIDGE FUSD. JM Farley, lumber. 13 80 Bailey & Haight, grading. 235 84 Miller & Kobertsou, mdse 13 60 A Johnson, bridge work 67 89 Northern L,br Oo, Imbr etc > 2 08 P A Salllsbury,rub stamps 815 Bruer Bros & Go, Ibr 5846 McDonald Richards & Naf us, Ibr 15119 BF Smith, com work... 4 54 0 A Tellier, measuring grade 60 50 John Paul LbrOo, Ibr.... 7 90 work , 3JO KOAD FCTND, , .* J A Stacy, hardware........ 7"B5', J W Sampson, work on bridges 34 60 Thos Henderson, ^ ^ 3375 J-'O Hatch,' " "',..'.'.'..'.'."..'.'. 1965 John Wood, " ". 2225 Haney Bros, lumber... .• •• 864 W W B aight & Bally, grading 5074 J O Hatch, grading • 298 Elmore Twp. Minu, grading state line rd 24 03 J.NZeller,spikes...,..- 100, JO Hatch, grading..... 14800 Haight & Bailey, grading 153 64 John Wood, bridge work 2895 Jos Dunwoodle, lumber 435 work 54,308 E Potter, Jr, repairing bridges 5 50 < S W Henderson, bawling plauk 3 00 J O Hatch, grading 6 QO J w Hunter, ditching .'. 1600 HO Hollenbeck, com work 370 Peter Ewen, bridge work f> 80 Bruer Bros Lmb Go, lumber lO'OO i. » >' •' " , 34 71 G A Healy, work on bridges 6 00 Olty of Algona, plank... 4800 : ' ' • POOH 'FUND. Hall & Vesper, mdse 150 H 0 JSokart, rent of house for James family;claimed$40.00,..: 2500 HC McCoy, disinfecting etc '.... 3-50 G H,Lam'son, caring for poor to Jan l. .. 10 00 AHNaudain.coal,,.,..,. 29 John Goeders, mdse lor poor 22 . Jas Taylor, mdse for poor, 81,60 not al- N lowed. _ „ McDonald & Nafus, cqal. , . ............... B 60 Geo Schmidt, mdse.... ,. ................ 0,94 E JGUmore.mdse.. ..................... 3735 Pattersons Son, mdse.. .......... .. . . 30 ( 1P MA Wicklev, casket etc, $47 claimed ... 18 oo AHNaudain.coal... ................. 6'go 't II Ml'jlen, 04 chickens ....... '..,,,. ...... 17.80 Jas Taylor, mdse for poor ............ . ., « 3,34 F D Calkins, pauper's fare to Mason Olty ; 1-75 i-'fll 4 jM W« j.M Parlay(coal for poor , 5180 --'WBoulfcr ' claimed , ....... , ..... ... F W Bouikman, coffin for pauper, $10,50 75 18<S6~. 9 78 plies to justices, except codes aqd session laws. Adopted. POOH FARM AOCOTTNT' The folio wj OK report of the Poor Farm was submitted by Mr. Barton, for the year 1895; , Receipts from sales ...... , ....... , ..... ,,.$813 96 Corn on hand, Jan, 1, 1000 bus ............ 140 00 Oats do 1400bus .............. 14000 Barley do BOO bus ............ ,.10000 Wheat do 150 bus ............... 00 00 Potatoes 4o 00 bus., ...... . ..... SO 00 Beans do 1 bushel.,,.., .,,, , I 50 do 80 tons .......... ,.,.18000 11,804/46 Total Pxpense of f aym .......... ,.,,, $1,447 40 ,,, J Studley, medicine for poor,.,,.,, . Bradley & Nicounnj »«dse and repairs,., D B Avey, mdse and repairs.'...,., Brownelf & Allred, i pair sox ... L Barton: expenses at poor farm. ...,•.,. Jones & Stacy, feed for poor farm ,.,.-• DOMJSSTIO ANIMAL .FUND, B p j^arspn. one sljeep, §5 claimed,.. , Diseased blood, constipation, and kid»\f,"f| ney, liver and bowel troubles are cured by- Kari's Clover Root Tea. SHEWS SM Notice is hereby given, that by virtpe ofrf; a special execution, to me directed -\- " clerk of the district court of Kossutli ty, Iowa, against the gopds, Mr. was, i permanent Improvement® 887 60 Total value of fena products. ense, Jess pei'jn'nt imprpvetuentS Inventory pf stoofc Joss Jan, J, }896 , , , lands, tenementa, etu,, of MaryMerr}sa Thos. Morris defend ants, in fftvor of J Whittake plaintiff, I will offer at sale, to the highest and best bi^ cash, at the dqor qf the court house, town of Algona, county of Kosguth, on the 1st lay of February, 1890,- bet- the hoyrs of 9 o'clock a, ra. and 4 p, mf said day, all of sad Mary, Morris Thos. MerrJs'JCight, title and and to the following descrl in Rossuth eouaty Paupei'i U,op.tflm48fir year; Spencer,. irea deputy

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