The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 8, 1966 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1966
Page 9
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Kathleen Lierley Bride Here In Sept. 4 Nuptials The First Congregational church here was the setting at 2:30 p. m. Sunday, Sept. 4, for the marriage of Kathleen Lierley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lierley of Algona, to Robert Lawrence Eppler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Eppler of Florham Park, New Jersey. Rev. Frank Harcey officiated at the double ring ceremony in the presence of relatives and guests. Vases of bronze, gold and yellow mums, pompoms and foliage were on the altar. Spring rye was twisted around the candles. The pews were decorated with bouquets of bronze daisy poms. Preceding the ceremony, Mrs. E. Anderson played appropriate nuptial music and accompanied Larry Small, a fraternity brother of the groom, who sang "The Lord's Prayer." Karen Lierley, sister of the bride, was maid of honor. Patrice Lierley, sister of the bride, Nancy Eppler, Florham Park,. N. J., sister of the groom, and Jan Aube, Matawan, N. J., sorority sister of the bride, were bridesmaids. The attendants wore avocado green floor-length gowns with long sleeves. The neckline came to a V in the back with a bow; the ends of the bow fell to the floor. Their headpieces were avocado green bows. The maid of honor carried a cascade bouquet of bronze daisy poms, yellow spider mums, and natural and orange wheat. The bridesmaids carried one large bronze mum. Serving as best man was Paul Derrickson of Florham Park, N. J. Ushers were Gary Domayer, Sheldon, la., Lloyd Garrels, Storm Lake, la., both fraternity brothers of the groom, and Robert Wilson, Florham Park, N. J. Escorted by her father, the bride wore a floor-length gown of white crepe with long sleeves and a scoop neck. A four-inch band of white Venice lace emphasized the empire waist. The chapel length train was attached below the shoulders with a panel of Venice lace down the middle. Her imported illusion veil was attached to a lace-covered pillbox. She carried a cascade bouquet of bronze and yellow spider mums and poms. The bride's mother wore an orange and beige brocade dress and coat. Her corsage was of bronze and brown spider mums. The groom'smother wore a dress of green and'gold brocade. Her corsage was of bronze and yellow spider mums. The wedding reception was held at the Algona Country Club. Mary Ann Kuhlman and Mrs. William Eilers poured tea; Kathy Lees and Lanette Carstens poured coffee. All are sorority sisters of the bride. Mrs. Lloyd Garrels and Mrs. Gary Domayer served cake. Ann Evertson, sorority sister of the bride, and Cheryl Rusk presided at the punch bowl. Sherry Boyd registered guests and Carolyn Buddenhagen received gifts" Both are sorority sisters of the bride. For her going-away outfit, the bride selected a three piece suit of gold printed hopsacking. Her corsage was of bronze mums, wheat and ivy. After a wedding trip to Minneapolis, the couple will live in Storm Lake, la. The bride attended Hood College in Frederick, Md., and received her B. A. degree from Buena Vista College in Storm Lake, where she was a member of Delta Phi Beta sorority. The groom received his B.A. degree from Buena Vista College, where he was a member of Gamma Sigma Phi fraternity. Mr. Eppler is employed as a special education instructor at the Cherokee Mental Health Institute. Saturday evening, the wedding party was entertained at the Algona Country Club. Following the reception, relatives, the' wedding party and out-of-town guests were entertained at the bride's parents' home. (Poundstone Studio Photo) ONE OF MY FAVORITE COLUMNISTS, Hal Boyle wrote recently, "The biggest puzzle to a husband is his own wife. She's the greatest mystery of his lifetime, as much of an enigma on their 50th wedding anniversary as on the day she married him." He then went on with a few "whys" illustrating his premise. - o - I AM VERY GLAD MR. BOYLE thinks wives are mysterious, because that way we may gain a little unearned glamour. But when it comes to finding a puzzle, a gal doesn't have to look any further than her own husband to find a giant- sized enigma. An ordinary husband isn't very mysterious to any woman unless she happens to be married to him herself. It's fairly easy to figure out the other girls' husbands. It's only our own husband that keeps us guessing. IP I WERE TO TAKE AN informal poll of wives, asking "What puzzles you most about your husband ?", I bet I'd come up with some of these : - o - "WHY HE'LL NEVER STOP TO ask for directions when we're on a trip, no matter how hopelessly we are lost. He'd rather go 150 miles out of his way rather than ask if we are on the right road. Or he'll insist that the six year old road map just has to be right in spite of the little woman telling him about a sign she saw three miles back. - o "WHY A $29.50 FISHING OUTFIT for him is a necessity while a $10.95 dress for me is an extravagance." "HOW HE CAN POSSIBLY watch a football game on TV and listen to a radio report of a baseball game at the same time and still know what is going on in both places." - o - "WHY HE'LL NEVER TAKE ANYTHING back to the store when he finds the quality isn't what he meant to buy. He just crosses that particular firm off his list of places to buy without giving them a chance to make it right." "WHY HE COMPLAINS BECAUSE I left out the spoon in his lunch bucket today. He knows I'll put in two spoons tomorrow." - o - "WHY HE'LL SCREAM ABOUT THE COST on a grocery list that includes flour, sugar, shortening, hamburger and coffee, and the next minute asks why I don't have anchovies, herring in sour cream, and a couple of fancy cheeses for snacks in the house more often." "WHY HE'LL SAY MY FRIEND WHO just went blonde via the bottle looks real neat and then laughs himself sick if I suggest touching the grey in my own hair." - o - "WHY HE'LL PAY $1.75 TO HAVE his own hair cut every three weeks and yell if I spend $10 on a permanent twice a year." "WHY HE'LL WHISTLE UNDER HIS BREATH at a bikini-clad gal on the beach and then have a fit if I wear anything more naked than a pair of Bermuda shorts in public." "WHY, AFTER I'VE SPENT ALL day ironing and mending he'll want to wear the only shirt that isn't pressed or lacks a button." - o - "WHY HE MAKES DEROGATORY REMARKS about my meat loaf and then when we go out and the hostess serves the very same dish from the very same recipe, he simply raves about it." "WHY HE INSISTS I WRITE all the letters from our family, even to his own parents and sisters and brothers and then wonders why he doesn't get more mail addressed to him personally." - o - "WHY HE COMPLAINS SO MUCH just because I clip coupons and news items out of the newspaper before he's read it. Why he makes a federal case out of it just because I've wrapped the garbage in the sports section." YES, MYSTERIOUS ARE THE WAYS of husbands. But one thing puzzles me most, and I think many wives will agree with me. Haw come my husband married me in the first place when he was having it so good as a bachelor ? - o - THIS WEEKEND WE WILL HAVE to miss ajiother wedding of a girl whom we watched grow up - Kendra Seely who was kind of a third daughter at our house and another sister to Mary Ann. But this time I'm doing better for I did get to see the wedding finery — the bride's gown and the attendants'— when we were in Algona. Kendra isn't changing her name at all for her bridegroom is Keith Seely of Whittemore. What's more both mothers of the couple the young couple. are named Helen Seely! Best wishes to - o - DURING THE WEEK OF SEPT. 4 through 10 birthdays include those of Carol Gotten, Rachel Yungeberg, Hazel Lusby, Bernice Holt, Fern Specht, Bill Specht, Arlene Knoll, Joyce Woods, Noma Buchanan, Inez Wolfe, Roger Keith, Barbara Bartlett Seller, Sharon Sundet, Maynard Miller, Jeff Stephenson, Maureen Ruhnke, Marcy Diamond, Tom Carlson, Philip Miller, Bob Hardy, W. C. Taylor, Arlon Struecker, Jim Cowan, Brian Meyers, Claudia Sherman, Nancy Snustad, Helen Dooley, Danny Ruhnke, Cynthia Christian, Jack Davis, Mike Ruhnke, and Howard French. Mr. and Mrs. Les Kenyon, Mr. and, Mrs. Verle Elmore, Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Smith, Dr. and Mrs . Robert Horton, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Furst and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Detrick have wedding anniversaries. - o - THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS FOR Cucumber Relish. I haven't been able to get any fresh cukes down here for canning and how I miss making my own pickles and relishes. You'll probably have better luck. 5 cups ground cucumbers 3 cups celery, chopped 3 green peppers, chopped 3 red peppers, chopped 3/4 cup coarse salt 3 cups vinegar 3 cups sugar 2 tbsp. celery seed Add salt to chopped vegetable. Let stand overnight. Drain well next morning. Bring to boil the vinegar, sugar, mustard seed and celery seed. Add vegetables, boil 10 minutes or until vegetables are done. Seal in sterilized jars. Makes 6 pints. GRACE William Gades Of Whittemore Mr. and Mrs. William Gade, Whittemore, were honored at an open house at St. Paul's Lutheran church parlors Aug. 28 in observance of their silver wedding anniversary. Hostess for the event was their daughter, Mrs. Charles W. Bierstedt, assisted by the couple's sister-in-law, Mrs. Russel Gordon. Mrs. Larry Nauss, had charge of the guest book and Mrs. Carl Nauss, and Mrs. Ray. L. Sweet, sisters of Mrs. Gade, presided at the punch and coffee table. Several ladies from St. Paul's Aid assisted in the kitchen serving the cake and ice cream. Special guests were Mrs. Laura Gordon, mother of Mrs. Gade, and Mrs. Minnie Cullen and Tom Birkland, aunt and uncle of Mrs. Gade. William Gade and Frances Gordon were married Aug. 31, 1941. They have one daughter, Willetta, Mrs. Charles Bierstedt. LuVerne Group Tours Twenty-nine patrons of the Lu- Verne Cooperative Elevator e.ived a tour of modern, regional cooperative facilities when they visited Farmers Regional Cooperative at Fort Dodge, Iowa. The group arrived at the plant at 10:00 a.m., were guests of the Regional at lunch and made a comprehensive tour of the facilities. The tour included a trip through the mill, the Vitamin Plant and the Mineral Plant. ledyard Festival LED YARD - The annual Hir- vest Festival and dinner will be held Sunday, September 11 at the Sacred Heart Catholic church. Wed 50 Years An open house in honor of the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Undhorst was held Sept. 4 at the home of the Jim Lindhorsts. Dinner guests were Margaret Ewoldt and children, Whittemore, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lindhorst, Iowa City, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Lindhorst and children, lona, Mr. and Mrs. John Christensen, Great Lakes, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Barber and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lindhorst and children, Algona. Guests later in the day were Messrs and Mesdames Q. A. Bjustrom, Albert Olson and John Alke. The honored couple received a phone call from their daughter, Mrs. Francis Platt, Ontario, Cal. St. John's School Ass'n Elects BANCROFT - The St. John's Home and School Association held the first meeting of the 1966-67 school year on Thursday evening, Sept. 1. One hundred forty people turned out to meet the 10 new members of the faculty and hear talks by Msgr. J. H. Schultes, Fr. Victor Raemacker, new high school principal and out-going president, Tony Accurso. Officers elected for the coming season included Phil Inman, president, Ed Richter, vice president, Mrs. Joe Kramer, secretary, and Mrs. Dean Kienitz, treasurer, A social hour folio wed the business meeting with lunch being served by the following committee: Mrs. Wm. Hellman, chairman, Mrs. Ed Menke, Mrs. Phil Doocy, Mrs. Ed Blocker, Mrs. Elmer Hellman, Mrs. Dennis Hellman and Mrs. Allen Vaske. LuVerne 4-H Had Much Success At County Fair The LuVerne Live Wires held their monthly meeting at the home of Zelda Wetzel and Sharon Shorey. New business was ordering pins and hard covers for record books. Older members helped the younger ones with their record books. Nine members of the club received ribbons at the Kossuth County Fair, on the garments they had made. They are: Norma Heinen: an outfit bought or made with a group of three accessories; blue, skirt; blue, a blouse with sleeves and collar; blue, jumper; blue, dress; red, dress for better wear; red and play clothes; blue. Zelda Wetzel: sleeveless and collarless blouse; blue, blouse with sleeves or collar, blue, skirt; blue, and play clothes; blue. Phyllis Blumer: skirt; blue, dress; white, and suit; blue. Kathy Shaw: play clothes; blue. Teresa Gilligan: blouse; white, and robe; red. Diane Curry: homemade sewing box; blue, jumper; blue, and drawstring bag ; blue. Heather Brandard: homemade sewing box; white, skirt with band; white, and sleeveless and collarless blouse; red. Peggy Shaw: headscarf; blue, jumper; blue, and apron; blue. Sharon Shorey: blouse sleeveless and collarless; red, apron; blue, dress; blue, and drawstring bag; blue. One senior girl, Phyllis Blumer, and one junior girl, Sharon Shorey, were entered in the Style Review. Phyllis received a blue ribbon and Sharon received a red ribbon; also, Phyllis had a garden project, and received a blue ribbon on her display. "KMMrtfc Cout^i Favorite Newtptper" Thimdoy, September 8, 1966 Algono, (la.) Upper DM Mdinet-9 First Meeting Algona C. D. A. will hold the first meeting of the fall Thursday, Sept. 8, with a 6:30 p. m. dinner, with a meeting following. Tillie Ristau will preside at the meeting. Frances Holtzbauer and Marie Ewen are chairladies and the following ladies will assist: Mary Barry, Avis Bradley, Judith Diekman, Vienna Frideres, Ann Goecke, Dora Hagg, Imelda Heinen, Helen Klooster, Anita Lallier, Mary Lucey, Camilla Metzger, Louise Murphy, Alma Pearson, Mary Rich, Colette Schneider, Leona Smith, Alice Thilges, Florence Valentine, Ida Winkel, Donna Merer and Pat McEnroe. Host Caller The Algona Promenaders will be hosts to their first national caller Monday, Sept. 12, at the VFW Hall. Frannie Heintz of Monson, Mass . will begin calling at 8:30 p.m. All square dancers and spectators are welcome. Fire Call Firemen were called to Ron and Jack's grocery store here at 9:45 p.m. Tuesday - but it was a false alarm as an employee of the store was spraying the inside of the building at the time. A CLASSIFIED AD GET FAST RESULTS MANY THANKS TO ALL VOTERS WHO SUPPORTED ME IN THE PRIMARY ELECTION TUESDAY, SEPT. 6. YOUR SUPPORT WAS APPRECIATED. CHARLES PLATHE SUPERVISOR FIRST DISTRICT STORMOR DOES MORE "IF YOU DON'T WANT A LOT OF SMALL BINS, GET A BIG GRAIN BIN" Stormor has the answer to bin-capacity gram storage at rock-bottom per bushel cost: a "Super" bin in 36. 42, 48 or 60-foot diameter. Capacities range up to 105.000 bushels Heaviest gauge, full galvanized steel wall sheets; hill-and-valley bolting to permanently seal all seams, angle iron base ring; exclusive rigid root design make these big storage units an outstanding investment. Aeration, filling and unloading equipment to lit every unit. KYLE KEITH - Algona Representing STOCKDALE'S of Iowa Fall* Dry 0 Mation • Batch Dryer* New Speed Tanks • Cribs Oi»gen-Fr« Storage TORMOR Bulk Feed Bins .-.. . The Friendly Store SHOP EARLY Stocks Limited! SEPTEMBER SPECIALS UTILITY BRACKETS Compare at $1 C/ 77< Xs^sX P»r Pair Giant hooki with safety tips keep your garden and work equipment off the floor, within easy reach! u Regularly *'•« 3QT. STAINLESS BOWL i ^ 2/ V All purpose bow! for mixing, serving and storing food! Filigree Fixtures 88V Fill Into existing ceiling future. So decorativel \r-4itt POWER PAC Additive 59 C Added at oil change, reduce* ring & bearing wear, Increases oil pressure. 44941 6-V. All-Purpose Battery For all-purpose Ignition and for electric fences. 6-volt ieoled-in power. Reg. $3,59 Reg. $1.45 12-or. can hai easy-action thumb control. More power. 4-ilM Reg. $5,98 NIGHT LATCH Full »?*e genuine pin tumbler rim latch will fit as replace* fnent for most latches. it-4iti Heavy Duty POWER CORD $498 50-fr., 14/2 cord has heavy-duty waterproof neoprene Vubber jacket. Save n.ooj Duraflo | OIL FILTER Reg. $1.29 89 C I7-3JOJ High qualify replacement filter for ford, '57 to '66 and others. Protect engine from impurities. IO-IMI J Choice! "Regal Spten* dor" or "Wheai) leave*" pattern. Ail* metal. el f Ml 11" Lazy Susan IT} White plastic turntable with ball-bear* Ing action! is-l»4 Kitchen Tool Set For Teflon® pansl 2* pc. nylon spoon and ipotula set. fo-4171

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