The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 15, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1896
Page 5
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Ki"i:-. ' s Bargains! . s S'tftte- Bftnfc, and theft if nd belief arranged or mote pleasant law offices in the county. The board appointed W. H. Nycum, of Algona, and 1C. E. Sheridan, of Bancroft, to settle with the treasurer and auditor, and report the financial condition of the county. Adjournment was taken till February 11, when the committee probably will report. W. 0. Hart is president of the Algona co-operative creamery for the year 1896, Myron Schenek is secretary and manager, and J. B. Hofius and C. D. Ward are elected directors. The creamery is prospering and as high as $1.24 has been realized from 100 pounds of milk. The waterworks were closed clown a day and a half last week while 70 feet 3O INCH BOUCLE JACKETS, WOBTH 87.50, GO AT »3>5O. THESE ARE NICELY MADE WITH FINEST INLAID PEARL BUTTONS AND WOULD BE CALLED BARGAINS AT $7,50; BEC- OLLECT THE PRICE, ONLY $3,50. THE PAST WEEK OUR SALES ON CLOAKS, AS ADVERTISED IN THE REPUBLICAN, WAS QUITE AS GOOD AS OUR BEST WEEK IN OCTOBER. WE STILL HAYE A FEW OF THOSE BEST JACKETS AT $12,50, WORTH $18 TO $20. ALL TRIMMED AND UNTRIMMED HATS IN OUR MILLINERY DEPARTMENT ONE HALF OFF ON THE EXTRA LOW PRICES WE HAYE MADE ON THIS LINE. 1OO PAIRS LADIES' AND MISSES' RUB. BERS AT 25c. . 100 PAIRS MENS EXTRA HEAYY BUCKLE ARCTICS,; WORTH $1.75^ FOR $1.25. 5OO YARDS ALL WOOL REMNANTS AT 25c, WORTH 50Q TO $1.00. ffftg recently put in & SGT-faJrse boitetjkt (Minder and another at Fait View. He has met with severe competition, and at St. Joe he had a half dozen bidders against him.He is a fine man to do business With, and it is no surprise that trade Comes to him as it does. For the benefit of this kindly interested community who by their generosity and presence made the Charity Ball of '96 a successful and pleasing entertainment, the Belief committee present the following report: Tickets sold to the amount of $148; expenses $33.55; net proceeds $114.35. This will be expended in supplying the needs of any worthy person or cause in this community. "Thanks are due the young ladies who so cheerfully assisted, the Sterz- bach-Cady orchestra for their fine music, the pleasant company, who all con- IT is mm, AND mm, Th6 Library Was Somewhat Uisfigured Last Spring, But It is Still In Thfe Ring. The Annual Meeting Last Friday Evening—Four Thousand Books Drawn Out the Past Year—The Finances. jas. Taylor. uc*j twi.iv* c* titwxju iL*kJv .. -w—•— •• —- — of pipe was pulled up and a hole stopped, and other small repairs made. There was some surprise about town when the failureof water occurred, but probably nobody experienced any serious inconvenience* The machinery is working beautifully, again, Henry Warner, of Seneca, was in town Thursday last. He said the Seneca creamery was proving a great success. The old creamery burned January 26 and the new one was not ready for business until April 16, but the creamery took in last year 3,680,000 pounds of milk and turned out $30,000 worth of butter. The Seneca creamery always was a great success. Mr. O.Norton, 1355 Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111., in writing to Dr. T. W. Wood, of McGregor, Iowa, says the bottle of his Worm Destroyer given to his child has done it a Wonderful good. He wishes to know where he can get a new supply in Chicago. The Fuller & Fuller Co. and all the wholesale druggists of Chicago will supply all retail druggist. 16 - 17 Jas. Taylor does not subscribe to the notion that warm weather is a bad thing for business. He made sales ot cloaks last week to ladies as far away as St. Joe, Livermore and Swea, and he knows they could not have got here to trade with him in some weather that some folks think is ideal for business. But then Taylor is a great man to draw trade. The Chubb house in the north part of town,'which was rendered uninhabitable by Saturday's fire, will not be repaired. ' It has served its time and u the spring it will be moved away and a new and doubtless fine residence will rise in its place, which it is understood will be the Chubb home. The grounds are very beautiful and are idorned with large native trees. Joe Cordinglev has been troubled of ate with an ailment Which developed some dropsical symptoms, but which lis physicians were at a loss to diagnose with absolute certainty, and so on Monday evening, in company with ms sic, tue pleasant company, wuu uu *;uu- tributing to make it the most all-round The annual meeting of the Library Association was held in the reading room Friday night, when the directors whose terms expired, Dr. H. C. McCoy and Mrs. A. J. S. Garfield, were reelected. The report of Secretary L. J. Bice showed the following financial LOCAL MENTIONS. The United Workmen installed their -officers last night. Gr,o. C. Call has loaned some interesting zoological specimens to the public library. ; „ .; x ,H ". The'upstairs walls of the City hall are receiving their finishing coat of .plaster this week. .,.._.... f The Baptist Ladies' : Missionary Society is to meet Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock with Mrs. W. C. Danson. Dingley & Pugh have got word from Dr. Quinn that owing to sickness he will not be here next week, as advertised. • It is the general understanding that the concert to-morrow evening is going 'to be one of those entertainments not to be missed. ., ' Guy Taylor received a late Christmas present from a Minneapolis friend, Monday. It was a diamond shirt stud and is a beauty. . ' The annual meeting of. the stockholders of fhe First Rational Bank was held yesterday afternoon.-The 'oMt ooard of directors were re-elected. About twenty Algona masons went to Burt Thursday night to see tnat &a, . Murtagh and Mike Walsh were prop- j erly inducted into the third degree «t x .masonary. ''' Rev. Amos Weaver, of Tama City, ^"preached two fine sermons at theBap- ' r.*T** . ... i i. a Ar.-^ Sinma min- I/JL 1 IkSU UiiJti \j\J Ltl tvtkw J. v w«-«v> ijj.v*j« *.»»- -.**• satisfactory entertainment of the season. Visitors at the court house yesterday noticed that the halls were nearly filled with big boxes, but not all were aware that the contents would cost the county a plump $750. The boxes were from the Office Specialty Manufacturing Company, of Syracuse, N. Y., and contained enough steel filing cases to cover the side of a house. They are to be placed in the vault of the clerk's office and are intended for the recep" tion and preservation of the court records, many of which, owing to the inadequacy of present accommodations, are heaped up on the flcor of the vault. This improvement is one which has been demanded by the needs of the clerk's ofiiee for 20 years. Mrs. Bert Masten, of Sexton, died Saturday of acute peritonitis. She was taken sick only the day previous, and the fatality was so unexpected and startling that some unusual occasion was.suspected, and Coroner Morse was called to investigate the cause of death. The doctor says the disease developed so acutely as to cause shock, and the usual attendant symptoms were absent. He says nothing that could have been done would have auailed to save her life. The deceased was only thirty-eight years of age and bad a family of seven children. Mr. and Mrs. Masten had but recently settled in the hotel business at Sexton. The death is one to cause deep regret Bev. Southwell visited Charles City last week and interviewed the evangelist Williams with a view to securing lim for revival meetings in Algona. He found that this much sought man . transactions: R 0n\?and .tftnuary 1,1895 $2 71 Subscriptions received 199 »•> Kent of A.TL,. A. books. 2060 Rent of Monday Club books 1515 Kecoived from Ladles' Society J__ Total 30791 Disbursements— t . For books.. * J 8 ?5 Expenses of library 4<J 1° Pam for magazines <}7 &> Salary paid £9 Co Kehiodellng rooms. o* ** Total 2S936 Balance on hand • • *» so The report showed that the library had a debt of $184.51, for rent, expenses of fitting up the rooms, etc., with outstanding subscriptions which would reduce it to $100. It was not the intention to allow any debt to be created, but now that tbe association has one it will at once proceed to get rid of it. Ways and means for the future were discussed, and committees appointed. Librarian McElroy submitted a very interesting report showing about 4,000 books taken out. There are now about 1,600 books in the library. The institution has made great progress the past year, having established itself in permanent and suitable quarters and elicited a public interest not before felt. If you tow*'«» to the fiMtfiettft tntt toll M should advise yourself 6!fcb from the North and West. This Louisville & Nashville Railroad, wfilcli is running double daily trains frqA Sk Louis, Evansville, Louisville and CiJ* cinnati through to Nashville, Cbfttt^ nooga. Birmingham, Atlanta, Montgomery, Thomasville, Pensacola, Mobile, Jacksonville and all Florida points. Pullman Sleeping Car Service through. Specially low rates made to Atlanta during the continuance of th6 Cotton States Exposition, and tourists rates to all points in Florida and GUlf Coast resorts during the season. For particulars as to rates and through, car service, write Geo. B. Horner, Dm Pass. Agent, St. Louis, Mo., J. K, Bidgely, N. W. Pass. Agent, Chicago, 111., 0. P« Atmore, Gen'l Pass. Agent. yl .',<"-• if ' - J /J For Banquet Lamps & Son. visit Patterson -»••<•*Try our HUDSON. sorghum. — LANQDON & was engaged up to next May, but could }te ag white ag tne New York mix . probably come to Algona at that time fc fc in tn08e e i e g a ntly tattooed __ —_ *u»—*-. u,~» Q -R QV <sm,t.h. I Ck1 _ indleed we know how to make or soon thereafter. Since Key. boutn- well's return home a formal invitation has been extended to Williams by the pastors of the Methodist, Congregational and Presbyterian churches and by the officers of the Baptist church and it will undoubtedly be accepted. It tfsFcliurch'last Sunday. Some minister from a distance will Sll the pul- *' pit next Sunday, . .,-', Norman Bobinson, son of J. W,Robinson, has been threatened with pneu- ' fmonia, but it is taught he will escape • -tiWons attack. "Claude Stull, at is £epQrted,.is down with this Disease I > I _. - i v _ ^ fTil. n it Tr* vi it nTITT Bebecca McKenzie's concert comes at the Congregational church to-mor row night- ' ' . M. Z. Grove & Son will move their grocery business to the store room vacated recently, by,Patterson & Son, op- positevthe. postoffice. They will make the change next Monday. Prof. Bice, who has been conducting evangelistic meetings for some weeks at the court house, gives >five lectures there this week. The admission is 25 cents or $1.00 for the course. The lectures tell of the Professor's travels. 1 The Christian Endeavor society will give a missionary program next Sunday evening at 6:30, Jan. 19,1896. The subject will be Fisk University and missionary work in the south. A cordial invitation is extended to all. As a result of the special meetings conducted by Prof. Bice, the Presbyterian church on Sunday received into membership twenty-one members. Prof. Bice concludes his good work here this week and goes to Avoca. D. A. Haggard is' kept very busy these days auctioneering and attending to New England Loan & Trust Company business. He is special examiner for this company and inspects all the loans made in this part of the state. Senator Bowen, of Wright county the papers say, is bound to be chairman of the committee on re-organiza tion of jaals. Would it not be a gooc thing to send down to Mr. Bowen and have him'Come up and recognize our jail? There was an interesting meetiog of the Tuesday Club last night at the resr idence of Mr. and Mrs. Jas, Patterson, Art was tbe theme,and tbe ladies made it interesting, and instructive '•- ' u ~ BUCKWHEAT FLOUR. We make it at T/ie Water Mill, And users claim it fills the bill. We hull the wheat before we grind, Then with polished rolls make it fine. , That may not be very good poetry, but the flour is o. k. It may not be it whiter and cheaper, but you would ask "Is it the pure quill?" "Is it pure?" 24-lb sacks, 75c; 12-lb sacks, 40c. JONES & STACY. >< irtenow the Wth of January, andjmen foVk¥. Supt.B.F. Reed .gave> au with tbe exception of a day or two we interesting talk on'art in eamcature January- temperature. The weather-wjse will reeor4 tue ,fact lor hislory apd get ready f PC sorrow, '' E.'Q.'Tattle has j«Pt received a let•' son Guy, which. says that »*TSSKSSBW6W,... •*:m mv&t's.s&.sw- Letters are advertised for Emil fjrickson, Mrs, Grace Essec, J, E. Fer- Buson(2), T. M. Minard, Cop Pbelw, Mrs. Clara C,, Smith, Bertha- Htoeto, Miss J. Strattep, E. »- SulUvan(3), E, £ Tpttle, Will H, Swarty, J. ». (package) A meeting of the scbool boara - was AIJL\/UUC*J V» » v»-»«ei — *.- - » _ brother-in-law, Attorney Sullivan., he left for Chicago to consult Dr. bmn. Aonessage received yesterday conveyed to his friends here the good news that no operation would be necessary and that he would be home on Thursday. The annual charity ball passed off verv pleasantly at the court house Monday night. The attendance was very large and the net proceeds were in the neighborhood of $110. The music was furnished by the Sterzbach- Cady orchestra and of course was very fine. The ladles never looked lovelier than on Monday night in their calico gowns. Much credit is due Mrs. T. H. Lantry and Mrs. Nannie Setchell for their successful management of the enterprise. Schu & Waterhouse is the new cigar firm at the Schu-Hudson stand, Fred Waterhouse having purchased-the Hudson half interest. Fred will go on the road again as salesman, where he has an established reputation among traveling men as a great story-teller and all-round good fellow. The new firm will keep up the reputation of Algona cigars, which are the best sold. Mr. Schu has charge of the buying of tobacco and manufacturing, and bis judgment and experience are well known. Al. Falkenheiner, who has been the pharmacist and clerk at Dingley's for the past three or four months, is having a severe run of typhoid fever at the home of Mrs.' J. M. Pride, where he has been boarding. His father and sister- in-law ave here from- Dubuque to attend bim,and Dr. Kenefick has charge of the-case with tbe assistance of Dr. Ed, Watson, who remains at the bedside constantly. Mr, Falkenheiner has gained many friends since coming here and they will be glad to learn that the fever is thought to be broken, Dr.'Morse's new electrical outfit for illuminating the'insides of men has been a pine days' wonder among us. By its aid the Doctor turns a light on the stopach and easily inspects the bladder, The interior of the nose, the ear and tbe throat are made;lu,mmQiis as day. The electric light is supplied from a storage battery ^bieh has to be sbipped to*an electriolight Plawt fr<> m B P to &e to heehargedv'iThe Rear- Splji^now.Js^awiMfcbHt."' 1 '" °— f ">» puts in electee 'lights, the ... T jin send ^ d'ovn there apd freight- ( a T ^ t& 4 Mr»wp» •WWIK W'WW/OTO* that the mm it-win uuuuuuucuij wu n «»« r >Y, • •- -i WE maKe a spe< is expected that the meetings will be Q1 d & Haggard. I IO IH In Mr. Williams' bur tent, as no wouu °" """^ WE make a specialty of collections. held in Mr. Williams' big tent, as no audience room in the city will be large enough to .hold the crowds that will attend. , ; The Deposit and Loan Association was.a trifle slow in getting in its best work, but the report of Secretary F. M. Estray Notice. Strayed upon my premises, one mile south of Algona, Dec. 25,1895, a dark bay mare, blind in right eye, with narrow white stripe in face and large collar mark on left shoulder. Owner is requested to come, pay charges and take her away. J, W. CtJims, Cresco township, Dec. 26,1895. Pure Apple Cider for mincemeat at Patterson &Son. County Map Of The South, Pree. If you are interested in the South and would like to have a county map showing the principal counties In detail in the states of Kentucky. Tennessee, Alabama and a portion of Mississippi and Florida, send your address to P. Sid Jones, Pass. Agent, Birmingham, Ala., or C. P. Atmore, Gen'l Pass. Agent, Louisville, Ky. This map is made to fold up In convenient form, and contain letters written by several northern people who have settled, at different points on the Louisville to Nashville R. R. Pillsdo not cure constipation. They only aggravate. 'Karl's Clover Root Tea gives perfect regularity of the bowels. 3 TAKE NOTICE. Schu & Waterhouse have bought the largest and finest lot of tobacco that ever has been brought to Algona tyr the Sportsman's Game. Best 5 cent cigar in the West. ^ , ,, , I was nervous, tired, irritable and cross. Karl's Clover Root Tea has made mo well and happy.—Mrs. E. B. Worden. 2 P. L. SLAQ-LE, Manufacturer of and dealer In Harness and Harness Goods, ' ALGONA. IOWA. Ohrlstensen's old stand, opposite Tennant Bouse. • •ji JUDGE QUARTON. Eolfe Eevielle: Judge Quarton is quite a young looking man for the position he holds, and on and off the his conduct of things legal. Off the bench he is sociability personified, anc and enjoys a good story and a good game of whist as much as anybody mentsin home-building, because the 'people i generally did not understand its buiftirig and loan features, but now, as the secretary says, business is TINNING .PLDMBIE JJUVV* C*O UL1O O\JW»V»«MI*J tjvuj w] — ~— t coming and much benefit is resulting to all parties. The statement for last Julf showed very satisfactory earnings and these will probably not decre-R§e with the rapid growth of membership- now going on. There were 3,531 shares in force Jan. 1. The management, is careful and conservative and the investment firstclass. PERSONAL MENTION. Bancroft Register: Mrs. S. Mayne and little daughter left Wednesday for Stuart, west of Des Moines, the home of her parents, where she will stay during the coming session of the legislature. It is much nearer the capitol and the railroad connectons make it easier f Or our representative to spend the Sabbath with bis family than woula He does not, like some men on the bench, so feel the importance of his position that he cannot associate and enjoy himself with average humanity. For anything in the crockery line call on Patterson & Son. Look for us opposite the postoffice Jan. 20. M. Z. Grove & Son. ON THE GREAT COMMITTEE. Ft. Dodge Messenger: Congressman Dolliver has reached a place on the most sought for committee of the house —ways and means. It is considered a great honor to a state to have a member on the ways and means committee, in which must originate all tariff and revenue legislation. It is an honor which is never reached except by mem- Shop in the Byson building, south Of the Court House. ANDREW HANSON. Live Poultry Wanted ! ItiiO KJ«iUUC*U*-4 'ff AVU M**-> *»****»-j " - be the case did she remain at her home here. Dr. McCoy went to DesMoiues yesterday to attend the meeting of the council of administration of the Grand Army'of the Bepublic, to bo held in that city today, Mr. Morrill, of Osceola county, was a visitor in Algona Saturday last. He looked ipto the workings ot our telephone system and was well pleased with it. j. W. Sullivan and. wife are back from their holiday visit at Mr. Sullivan's old Johnson county home, They had a very pleasant visit. Ed. CbaSee, of Burt, was a caller at the BtSSPUPMOAN office while in town Monday; He'states th^t be will soon locate ip Poll? county. 9°»°1':5i?»& Sl^lKISJ bers of several terms standing. I have in stock and will sell one oak heating stove for $14, two $16 heaters for $12 and two $12 stoves for $10. All new stoves. Want to close them out. At above prices they are bargains and will go quick, Call early at tbe store. C. M. DOXSBE, Hard ware. Bargains in groceries House Grocery. at the Opera The best cough cure is Shiloh's Cure, neglected cough Is dangerous. Stop it once with'Shiloh's Cure. 3 AFTERS* Monday, Nov. 18th. .C, B. BLOSSOM. /1- SWEA CITY. Best Thing on Earth!, a row Bpd>» meetipg of , of tbe Spencer ness College, was, in town-Friday, school opened with 85 pupils w; w/Jjobnson, of Minne in AlRWi'fPV a <ew day§ attending to SOCIAL EVENT, A dance will be given Friday, evening, Jaouary 24, in Clarke's Hall. Good music will be provided, and a invitation is given to all. J,L. Suttoo. AMERICAN CREAM ;/ HAD SEPERAS ft," Chase & Sariborns famous Coffees and Seal Brand Tea for s 9ton-5 Jeon For Farmer's Use* ^ 'Write to the ageat at' ly by Walter heia-Mo»day decided to introduce pf rea4eF8 into tbe public sebopl ' wlU be 6, 8, HcPHERSOM 3$ll_; * m «••«__ 1 ^J'/tWwKMnvtVT ' &j? gome tiwe tbe Bancroft atives »n4 fnends g§ paunas of r&lsjnj irf&Fn&gffffiiteMi! .,__,.„, is«rtff:*:»» t ' v

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