The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 15, 1896 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1896
Page 4
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BY MlLtON StAftfi. SUB»TM MIES: tfnft Year, in Advance $1-50 Si* Months •fhtee Months 75 .40 PUBLICATION Ui r POSTER. The county board at their last meeting adopted the following: f Whereas, The board are satisfied that the county printing is costing Sii more than it* would if open to competition, and only a part of the people are deriving any benefit from the Sa Be e solved, That the attention of our senator and representative be called to this matter and be requested to have such changes made in the .law, asi will enable the board to place in the hands of every resident tax payer ot the county a Copy of the proceedings at a reas- ^Andalsoconsider the propriety of reducing official salaries. / The resolutions are too indefinite to in saying certainly They probably refer to the designation of official papers and indicate that Mr. Chubb, who fathered the resolutions, is dissatisfied with the working of the present law. In the absence of explanatory notes it looks like an attempted boycott on the newspapers and thq publication of the proceedings by poster. No paper in the county goes to every tax payer, and no paper, nor all the papers ever will. A certain proportion of the people of the county cannot read English, and many who can cannot be induced to read it. The poster, to meet Mr. Chubb's conditions, would have to be printed in numerous languages, and at greater expense than now. This matter of of- aaf«f as it might to KU . There is no doubt that the rail* road ftod prohibitory laws were passed in otodienee to the will of the people, and though some differences of opinion have arisen as to the methods embodied in these laws, there need be no question but the people are still overwhelmingly in favor of the objects which these laws had in view. The legislator who fails to take note of this fact, and Who allows himself to be led by the paid lobbies that infest the capitol will make the great mistake of his life. Ship wetii Mflfr. eonnty. V warrant anyone what they mean The present mulct law is a good one so far as it is a mulct law. In so far as it lays a new and just tax on a class of law breakers, it Wisely selects the class to bear the burden, and the terms of the law are well chosen with a view to the successful collection of the tax. But in so far as it provides for indulgences on petition of communities the law is unlike anything ever before the statute books. Senator Allison is in DCS Moines this week and Is receiving many honors at the hands of Iowa people, not to mention his unanimousreaomination foi'TJ. S. senator by the republican legislators and his almost unanimous re-election. The people of this state must bo getting a little tired of this perennial outbreak of opposition to every man for any office who has ever been an attorney for a railroad. Of course there are some deluded persons who assume that a railroad corporation is always so flagrantly wrong in its contentions that it has no right to the services of an attorney, but that is a pretty wild theory when you come to state it. Seriously, we believe that a man may have that basis of character which fits him for public trusts and at the same time accept any legitimate employment in the line of his business or profession. Annual Meeting 6F tfefc KfcSSutfa County Agricultural Society Last Satutday Aftfefntton. Satisfactofy Showing for th6 The ttew bfficers—Farmers' Institute will b<* Meld in Match. on V It is not probable that the present legislature will accommodate the brewers and distillers with a law legalizing their business. The democratic party took up their case during the campaign, and the failure of the party is presumed to have carried with it that of its friends. It is a fact to be noted, however, that there is a small element in the republican party that has some way got the impression that it is shrewd political management to coddle the beer and whiskey vote, which has always been against their party, and to punish the law abiding, respectable and substantial citizenship of the state which has given republicanism its victories. Another thing to be noted in GoV. Drake started in right by selecting the best man he could get for his private secretary, Capt. Wm. 11. Fleming, of Des Moines. Capt. Fleming has held that position under a number of governors and is undoubtedly one of the best posted men in the state. The REPUBLICAN'S readers had the pleasure of reading his instructive reports of the last legislative session, and of several before that. Judge Geo. G. Wright, of Des Moines, died Saturday morning at the age of 70 years. He was a pioneer and took an active part in early Iowa politics. He was a state senator, was a member of the supreme court for fifteen years, and was a United States senator for six years from 1870. He was a very popular man and will be widely mourned. ficial printing has been up in the legis- conn ection with this proposed manu- lature every session for the past quart- f ac turebill is that the reasons publicly er of a century, but we do not recall given cannot be the real reasons be- that the objection of undue expense r hin a it, because thoy have no force suf- was ever before raised, nor did it ever fl c i e nt to favorably influence any sane before come up in the form of a pro- m i n d not already committed to the liq- posed newspaper boycott. The news- uor interest. The plea that has been vapors now receive ONE THIBD THE seriously made, that the multiplication LEGAL BATE allowed and paid of breweries and distilleries in Iowa for other matter which the law w ill increase the demand for our corn requires to be published by an d barley is a sample, but no farmer private parties, and it does not seem w ho is not either drunk or hypnotized to be an exorbitant rate. The com- C an be made to believe that changing plaint on this score is on a par with the the place where these grains are bought talk that a county officer ought to be an d consumed from some point outside willing to work for a dollar a day. A the state to some point inside will m- proposition to cut down official salar- crea se the quantity demanded or the ies does not come with good grace from p r i ce offered 1 for it. The best home Kossuth county, whose officials do manufacture that our farmers can pat- about twice the work for the salary, ron ize is that which is being carried on owing to our double territory and pop- by the Iowa hog, right on the Iowa .ulation, that those of our neighbor | f arm . There is only counties do. The suggestion of throw- to competition" is COUNTY NOTES, The Burt Monitor publishes a creamery report of Secretary Angus for 1895, showing 4,188,667 pounds of milk received/for the year and 186,812 pounds of 'butter made. Mr. Angus hopes for a record of five million pounds in 1896. The patrons re-, eived upwards of 831,000 in cash ahd butter for their milk. The Burt creamery,, s one of the most prosperous in'the coup-, y. The officers for 1896 are G. N. Patteron president, C. P. Stow vice president and G. S. Angus secretary. E. P. Kefth vas added to the board of directors. Sexton is to have a bank, and it'is to ,be conducted by Stiteel.X. Way, L. V. Ham. by and others. Business is expected to open this week. Mr. Way has been .the cashier of the Wesley State Bank and is a wide-awake and successful business man/' ing things "open Mr. probably not meant seriously by Chubb. At any rate it is more than likely that he will have to wait a long time for his pet newspaper law, and Awhile he is waiting for it he can perhaps save the county money by throwing numerous things "open to competition" that the law puts wholly within the control of the board. In truth it is an astonishment that Mr. Chubb should apply to the legislature for a grant of power to control a little piece of business now unhappily placed beyond his discretion, while refusing for all his years on the board to apply the principle he sets such store by to items of The annual meeting of the Kossuth County Agricultural Society was held at the Court House Saturday afternoon and in the absence of the president Capt. Dodge, .who was detained at home by sickheesy Was presided over by vice president E. P* Keith, The re* ports of Secretary E. B. Sutler and Treasurer J. W» Wadsworth showed that the society is in a very satisfactory financial condition. The fair last fall was the largest in attendance and receipts the society has known, The gate receipts amounted to $1,164.16, The premiums, race purses and special attractions were on a like scale, so that the society is not troubled with a surplus. Following is the consolidation of the reports showing the condition of the society's finances: Receipts— Balance on hand....... * 24 10 Premium list advertising : ... Sb 00 Gate and ampitheatro tickets 1,164 15 Entrance fees ' • 30 00 Booths, exhibitors' tickets........ 176 25 State warrant 200 00 Total $1)0*4 50 Expenses— Premiums S 687 77 Band and attractions. 121 95 Race purses «• • • 336 00 Expenses 406 39 Total.'.. '........ $1)642 11 The extension of the fence to include the new ground made a portion of the expense of the year, but it could well be afforded for the purpose. i The election of officers resulted as follows: J. W. Wadsworth president, E. P. Keith vice president, E. 13. Butler secretary, O. A. Potter Harvey Ingham treasurer. The directors arc as follows: Algona, T. H. Wadsworth; Buffalo, Milt Gray; Burt, «» i *-+ _ «»i „.' /"I.*'** MX* X.' 4 T /"! T?oTiTo/\r\» . fast ft teffifd fts Site felled tt. etftise It Would be diffictlf. Id Hiss Felloes' youfig Mb itfo highly, her fame #ould &eeto,to be already as- aufed.—Mf. Howard Tickhot In Boston Home Journal. Among the musical attists of the capital, who have contributed to the development of music ift our midst, none deserves mote credit than Miss Bertha O'Keilly, of the OanadiaH Col' leeebf music, This talented yotiat lady havittg for a numbefof years, foh lowed the course in the Hew England Conservatory of Music, Boston, and having successfully passed the severe examination required by the graduates of that institution. Was awarded the high distinction of an artist's diploma* While in Boston she was a pupil of Otto Bendix, and tinder his tuition has acquired the fine musical finish she now possesses. Her Excellency Lady Stanley has just engaged Miss O'JReilly to give instructions in pianoforte to her daughter at Rideau Hallr The College of music are to be congratulated on having secured the assistance of Miss Bertha O'fteilly as director of the piano department. -• Ottawa Free Press. . Peek, > Successors to, JoSES & SMITH, ABSTRACTS) REAL ESTATE, OLLECTIONS. A, B. Clarke & Co,* feea* Algona State Bafik AlttdkA» lA.. THESE PREMIUMS_ARE GOOD While They Last, and Those Who Speak First with their Money Get Them. BBO. a. OLAttfcii. otfAs. Clarke & Colieitbiti«j AT LAW, AlOO&A, IOWA, ...-..: ^..^. .•.-:_-_- - , - • • - - J^L' -" It. Cloud, (Successor to W. S. Qtiafton) ATTORNEY AN AT LAW. ALGOJ*A, iOWAi Office over Kossuth County State Bank, Sullivan & McMulion, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Postofflce Block. AfcGONA, IOWA k The Republican and the Farmer's Labor Saving Account Book for $1.50— Liberal Clubbing Offers. B. W Swettiiig, . ATTORNS? AT LAW, Money to loan. AtOONA, IOWA. C Clark Coffen-, Cr'escb, „. Eagle, John Lindbloom; Eanney; Garfield, M. H The Corwlth Hustler says: Mr. Hanna, of Lu.y.erne, occupied the M V .E... pulpit last Sunday morning. Mr. -Harina. is attending C9rnell college at Mt. • Vernon, Iowa. • , ; . , >' ::: business which are state laws. not hampered by LEGISLATIVE TOPICS. The legislature opens its biennial session this week, and legislative topics will be prominent for some mouths, Thet-j topics will probably cover near dy the whole field, as the report of code commission does so. the * * * It seems to have been a prevalent supposition that the work of this commission was to codify existing statutes: that is, to classify, harmonize and simplify them. In fact tbe commission, besides its merely clerical work, has embodied many new legislative propositions in its report. Of course no body of law makers will assume responsibility for new laws without examination and discussion, and so the session will be a long and busy one, unless, as eeems quite probable, an extra session is liad. No legislator should hesitate to favoy an extra session if it is needed. The matter of expense is not to be too seriously considered. The one thing state cannot afford is ill consider* and harmful laws, is oniy one other argu ment offered in behalf of this measure and that has been regarded as a strong one by some of our contemporaries is that having passed the mulct law legalizing the sale of intoxicating liquors we must in consistency legalize their manufacture. There might be something in that if any real difficultj bad been experienced now or heretofore in getting the liquors required for the legal sale. The friends of the mulct law, however, insist that it does not increase the quantity actually sold, and whether that is so or not. no practical difficulty seems to exist. The promoters of the bill pretend to be worried about the matter of consistency, ai d to be driven against their will by a logical necessity. In truth the logical situation has not been changed one iota since the passage of the prohibitory law, which outlawed every brewery and distillery in Iowa. In making this point it is unnecessary to quote that incomprehensible,section of the mulct law which says that "nothing in this act contained shall be in any way construed to mean that the business of the sale ot intoxicating liquors is in any way legalized." It is sufficient to say that the prohibitory law itself legalized the sale for three or four purposes, and the mulct law, if it means anything, legalized the sale for another purpose, under certain conditions, and that is NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS. The Ft. Dodge Catholics-have organizes! a'strong temperance society. M: D. Connell, M. F. Healy and J. D. Flanagan, are among its officers. Rumors of the approaching marriage of J. G. Bawson; Fenton, F. L. ^^ rfi T _.. ays; German, GTstelsel; Greenwood, Wm. Heathershaw; Harrison,-B. B. Stockman^ Hebron, Wm. Goodrich; Irvington, D. A. Wallace; Lotts Creek, N. C..Taylor; LuVerne, Adam Marty; Ledyardj B. F. Smith: Plum Creek, -Thos. Kain; Portland, Milly Mann; Prairie,.M. Ma- moser; Biverdale, J.-Q Paxon; Seneca, A. Jacobson; Sherman, Phin. King; Sw'ea.V. S. Ellis; Springfield^S. T.. Dakin; Union, Herb. Bailey; Wesley, Frank Kernan; Whittemore, Wm. Greenfield; Lincoln, Frank Pierce. The matter of a farmers' institute was brought up, and it was decided to have one, and the executive.committee were to make arrangements for it. .It is'expected. that the meeting will be held early in March. The committee met last evening to discuss the project ahd make preliminary arrangements., Among tbe things decided .on" at Saturday's meeting was' a change of the rules whereby the entries Will hereafter close on the first day of the fair, in . _ n j_» ««.j An •» r»4- IA f\ 'nlri/Vlr: GOOD WHILE THEY LAST. The BBPUBLICAN, like most other enterprising county newspapers, has frequently offered premiums to subscribers paying in advance, and to a limited extent it will do so this year, but only so long as our present supply holds out. This premium is especially valuable to farmers, and the offer below is intended for their benefit. It is the FABMER'S LABOR-SAVING ACCOUNT BOOK. . The account book is gotten up with a view to the especial needs of farmers and is a very desirable thing to have n the house. It is of legal cap size, with stiff .manilla covers, has space 'or miscellaneous 'memoranda' and ias'ruled monthly expense account sheets, showing articles purchased and articles sold during the year. Itcon- J. L. BONAK. H. H. FELLOWS. Boiiar & Fellows, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Collections will recolve prompt attention.. Booms 8 and 0, Algona State Bank Bl'dg. Branch office at Wesley, Iowa. AtOONA, IOWA_ Dansoii & Butler, LAW, LOANS AMD LANDS. Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner- Oowles' new building. AI.GONA, IOWA. bains a great fund of information val uable to the' farmer and handy for reference, including tables, estimates, computations, blank forms, facts for builders, recipes, etc. It-is a '25 -cent book and no farmer can afford to be without it for four times that. It can be had by; farmers who pay in advance for 1896. Anyone wishing to see one of these books can do, so at this office. "" . , ;'.,•' Welt Miller, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT' LAW. Collections made, All business promptly attended to. WESLEY, - IOWA. CLUBBING OFFERS. REPUBLICAN AND REGISTER FOR $1.85. v " " Inter Ocean .•.VW.v'^lifiS V The legislature has an overwhelming , majority in. both branches.,- is alraust wholly republican, ana all positions of, responsibility ^ * n " fluence are Ijeld by repubUca,us, At same time tbe only party line seri? all. If any poor sou! is deluded with the notion that the Solons of this state are under some logical compulsion to do something in this matter which they do not want to do, they should dismiss that notion at once, There are some men, perhaps, so infatuated with the mulct law as to make it the criterion of all their reformatory labors, but we doubt if many men of that mental infirmity have made their way .into the legislature. W there are votes there' for this measure they will be cast by men who, for one reason or another, want to help along the brewers, tbe distillers and tbe saloon keepers, and. tap not.eojijtr9Ued'by.,awr Victor B. Dolliver and Miss'AugustaLar- rabee, daughter of Ex-Gov. Larrabee, are again afloat. The Em metsburg Democrat spent over 8800 on its elegant Christmas Souvenir. The farmers of Palo Alto county have risks in the county mutual insurance company amounting to §1,123,818. The losses last year were $3,165, and the assessment was two mills on the dollar. As an unfailing indication of the growth of the town's business, the Armstrong postofflcohas been made a presidential office. The yarn thai a rich uncle had presented Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Dolliver with thejr weight in gold has been going the .rounds for several weeks. The Ft. Dodge Messenger says there is no foundation for it. Judge Quarton says the Pocahontas: court house, since its recent improvement;^ is one of the best arranged r.ud most comfortable in this part of the state, Eagle Grove has adopted the curfew,, and children under 16 who are ou the street after 8 o'clock will be gathered in and kept in cells till morning. AN ELLSWORTH-LARRABEE RAILROAD. Forest City Summit: The Vindicator says it is the general belief among the farmers in tke north tier of townships of Emmet county that a new road will be built in their neighborhood next season. The belief gains currency from the fact that E. S, EUswortji, the Chicago millionaire, is dealing for the purchase of about all the land op T en for sale in Lincoln and Iowa Lake townships. It is the current belief that it is Mr. Ellsworth's intention to ex ; place of the second day at 10 o as heretofore/The meeting of the directors to make arrangements for the fall exhibition is to be held on the first Saturday in March. S. S. Sessions, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Loans and Insurance. Special' attention given to collections of all kinds. Over Ohrlschllles' Store. AI.GONA, IA. SESSION OF SAWBONES. It Is Held Yesterday in Algona— High Talks by the Doctors. The Kossuth County Medical Society convened at Dr. Garfielcl's office at 10:30 o'clock Tuesday, with the president, Dr. McCoy, in the chair. The members present were Doctors McCoy, Kenefick and Morse of Algona, Bliss and Lacy of LuVerne, and Walters and Paul of Bancroft. Dr. Kenefick read an interesting paper on tuberculosis which was fully, discussed. An interesting case of goitre in a child and one of ankylosis of the elbow joint, tbe result of a kick by a horse, were presented and discussed. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Pros., Dr. Hill, of Wesley; Vice Pres.,Dr. Morse, of Algona; Sec. and Treas., Dr, Bliss, of Lu Verne. The secretary was instructed to send a letter to Dr. Garfield expressing sympathy for him in bis accident. A committee of three was appointed to audit the bills of Dr. Lacy against the county, N. Y. Tribune...,, 2.30 Pioneer Press.'..... 2.30 Chicago Times..... 2.30 'New York World.. 2.30 New York Sun.. ..2.30 Homestead 2.40 Orange Judd Farmer. 2-25 Harper's Weekly.. 4.75 Harper's Bazar.... 4.75 Harper's Magazine 4.60 Cosmopolitan 2.60 Mc'Clures Magaz'n 2.60 N. Y. Independent 4.00 Chautauquan 8.6T Eeview of Reviews 4.CO Decorah Posten... 2.50 The Midland 2.5 r ScientiflcAmerican 4,1' Century 5.1 r St. Nicholas 4.10 Scribners .....4.10 Youth's Compan- • ion 3.40 " " Week's Current.... 2.65 Where more than two papers are desired, the amount to be remitted to this office for each paper is in every case found by deducting $1.50 from the combination price. Go to Patterson & Son for your holiday goods. Their line is complete, MONEY. ' I am loaning money on farm lauds at six per cent interest, Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have t,he privilege of paying off all or any part of bis mortgage at tbe time of pay*__ " «_i. A. • T T "D-vA-vT !•,.. K. Garfleld, M. D., PHYSICLAN,AN#,.SURGEON,^ : "• • •'«'.. --..:.-• •,:.' * • . IN':- ?sv'.;A<»'u rt '.il \. State street AI.GONA, IOWA- M. J. Kenefick, M. D., Over Taylor's Store. AtGONA, - - IOWA. Dr. H. C. McCoy, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa, Office with Dr. Garfleld, State street, Residence McGregor street. rl F. L. Triboii, HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN AND SVRGEON. Office and residence: Now Bgston Block. Algona, Iowa. Dr. L. A. Slieetz, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER, Prescriptions filled. Deals In Paints, Oils, Books, Perfumeries, Etc. Oor. State and Thorlngton. ALGOKA, IA. after which the meet in April. society adjourned ,tp ing interest j. j. BYAN, Office over the postofBce, Algona, la A, DENTIST. Bist, D. D, S,, T.ooal anaesthetic for deadening 1 pain in gum§ when extracting teeth, M8ly drawn is on the United State aenatorship, unless partisanship shall into tbe mapping of congression* other districts. Tbe respo.nsi* republicans., however, Both houses organized temporarily oji Monday. Tbe permanent orga.niza.Uon and the installation of Gov, Brake and tbe other state officers will probably take most Qf tWa week. tend his Alden road from that point northwest'through Wright, Hancock and Kossuth counties until it~ crosses tbe Armstrong branch somewhere near Buffalo Center or Gerraania, and turn it west through the northwest township of Kossutb county, and the two. northeast townships of Emmet, It is believed that Gov, Larrabee.» mm ated wittelfoWwtfbJB tfce -eqter ; K^W»W;P^^lgJ^- •* ij^gfteaEvwg? , wjll'do in case ' to THESE ARTISTS EXCEL, Miss Rebecca McKensie and Her Company of Renowned MueiciiRns, Tlie entertainment to be given at the Congregational pburcb tomorrow nigbt by' tbe Rebecca MoKenaie CJoncert Company will be one which no lover of the best music can afford'not to hear, 1 Following are some notices of, the press: Miss Bebecca MoKenzie has a m yelous vqic§, ! clear, true, of extraoroin- Jan, 30 opposite Z, Grove & Son. the postotBce, M. (First mortgages MONEY TO LOAN ON ] 2nd mortgages, (Collateral- GEO. C, CALL. J&, 8, Glasior, D, D. DENTAL fiOOMS. Over the,Algona FARM LOANS AT 8JX PER CENT. And tbe expenses of making, tbe loan can be paid at tbe option of tbe bor rower, Interest payable unless otherwise preferred can be paid in whole or in part at any ' • Spwial a#en«<m given to saytop the iwtwol Uetn, The best of mqflern ttimestbeMos used make operations HB painlegp as ppseipje,, What the to sbape legation for, the general good an.a the republican party will Iw 1 4 or MaisM for what is The contest oyer the speakershjp of the Iowa house was not very spirited place was easily wow by W, H, Byers, of coqnty, who, was accorded honor of a nomination seems in at the republican cauus,, The struggle in senate cftuous was fiyev the office of at the last session. This clever wirepuller was defeated by tbe publioft- of a, letter sbowlHg hiw up In tbe interest aate. pogitiveiy guarantee tq. W the our taking a"<39»ree Qt Hpujse-Grojer a wonder^ will win her ent indications it is th? opinion .of, ' . the Vindicator that tbe company in* tencte to extend the Armstrong branch to that eity next aeason in any event, A Jarge traot of land, Boufcb of tb " ' — , bejn p»r.obw4 Four new stalls are f P«,y £Bj»w» tHffjwa Bsy; ltb&lB»e l |ro4B M tbe new road &eemB c ialize in much speculated upon

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