The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 15, 1896 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1896
Page 3
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V ..Twice a Week JOIHtNAL ^^^^•^^^^^^^^j*^^^. ^i ^j ^r JL&. • i JLJL JLa Thes Best Exponent Oi .,*s«fe~___Westerh Ideas and Progress. Twice a Week— $1,00 Per JTertr— Four 1'ages Tuesday, sou. for Six Months. Sight Pages Friday. 3Sc ' f° r ^ <>rrcc <siniiv fittr OlOllX llty <siniiv OlOUX J* Is beyond (ill comparison the best ncWspitp- ef published tn the northwest, prints all the iiews. It Is a liberal money I spender for iicws. The best is none too good for Its readers. is alby edited. Live editorials, short stor-i ies. Illustrated fashions, scientific miscellany are some of the features, Journal i The Sioux City Journal Cirvn-i- Titir trmftnl is the paper for the farmer and shipper, llo- OlOllA. Lliy JUUIlldl liable murl<et reports) farm iiotcs, etc. And in circulation and influence leads all competitors. It costs little, ' I Subscribe/or it, A trial order solicited. Sample copies furnished on ( , application. Address, PERKINS BROS. CO., Publishers, I The Daily Journal. $6.00 tier year. I The Sunday Journal, $2.00 per year. 1 The Weekly Journal, $1,00 per year. The Daily Evening Times, $5.00 per year. SIOUX CITY, IOWA. | > Scribner's for Christmas Frank R. Stockton has a Christmas love story, which bear a characteristic title.—"The Staying Power of Sir Rohan." Its Illustrations are quaint and exactly suitable. „. A thrilling Detective story by C. E. Carryll, entitled "Tho River Syndicate," perhaps equalling Sherlock Holmes' best work. Illustrated. , Joel Chandler Harris'characteristic tale of a faithful slave—"Tho Colonel's Nigger-Dog." • ' ' ' Other Christmas stories are "A White Bolt." by Henry Van Dyke, a poetic and imaginative tale of a picture (Illustrated); "Heroism of Landers," by A. S. Pier (illustrated); and "Hopper's Old Man," by R. C. V. Meyers. Sentimental Tommy! By J. M. Barrie. Those who have read (and who has not?) "The Little Minister" and "A Window in Thrums" can anticipate ^yhat Mr. Barrio's "Sentimental Tommy" will be. : It is to be the chief serial in SCKIBNKB'S for 1896, beginning in the January number. Two Years for $4.5O. SOBIBNEB,S MAGAZINE costs $3.00 a year, but new. subscribers can have all the numbers for 1895 and a year's subscription for 1896 for $4.50. • "-•• • „ SOBIBNEB'S MAGAZINE is goinir to be better next year than ever. It is going'to have new features. Its publishers are not satisfied with past success. ,It purposes to more thoroughly deserve the confidence of the reading puolic. • The History Serial—"Last Quarter Century in the United States"— will'be continued. Just now it is approaching a period of absorbing interest to the present generation—the first administration of 'President Cleveland. SCBIBNEB'S MAGAZINE ought to get careful consideration as a Christmas gift. The $4.50'offer ought to get double consideration. CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS, 153 Fifth Avenue, New York, m fHi Rirufe^ Ml4» ft*M«ft to Stftft d£ AftWtffiAf*§ fftfftfe* if an. 11. -4t was lear&ed here during the da£ through Mi-. Eftgob Bogigian, ivho is prominently con* nected with the Armenian relief tnoVe* ment, that Miss Glafa Barton, secretary of the Red Cross society, will staf t for Turkey within two weeks on her mis* sion of relief to the suffering Armenians. This decision was reached at a conference held in New York at which Mr. Bogigian, Philip W. Moen of Worcester, Spencer Traske of New OP Wfiftft MISS CLARA BARTON. York, Miss Barton and Rev. Judson Bmi^h, D. D., of the American board were present. The gentlemen mentioned represent committees engaged in raising the required ftmd,s for Miss Barton's work and, on the latter's consent to sail as soon as she received $50,000, they pledged that amount, feeling sure It can he raised immediately. Miss Barton will take 15 assistants, three or four of whom will be women, and will locate in Constantinople, and, after a survey of the field, will send her agents into the afflicted districts. Foundry and Machine Shop, . MULLICA& OHNSTEDT, Props. We do repairing of all kinds. Iron and brass castings and boiler work done on short notice, P MOWERS AND BINDERS OF ALL KINDS REPAIRED. We are here to stay. Shop east of Rutherford House, orders promptly attended. MULIdOA & OHNSTEDT, Algona, Iowa. BURLEIQH SOLE RECEIVER. Judge Gilbert Takes Action In the Northern Pacific Matter. HELENA, Mon., Jan. 11.—Judge Gilbert of Portland, in the United States district court, appointed Andrew F. Rurleigh of Seattle sole receiver for the Northern • Pacific road. No objection •was raised by any of the interests represented. ' Court convened shortly after 10:80, and Attorney James ;W. Ashton, representing Mr. • Burleign, asked that a more harmonious arrangement be made in the matter of the Northern Pacific receivership, by appointing a sole receiver. He was entirely willing to, leave the matter to the discretion of the court. No One Had Any Objections. Attorney W. F. Sanders, representing, the company, was asked if he had anything to say. He replied in the negative. W. E. Gullen addressed- the court-in behalf of his clients, telling how judiciously they had conducted the road, and requested that compensation be fixed for past duties. As regards new receivers, he left the matter entirely in the hands of the court. Attorney Bayburg, representing the Farmers Loan and Trust company, said he was disposed to let the court act without any suggestion from him. Change Not For Personal Reasons. Judge Gilbert then briefly stated the matter before the court and said a change was necessary, not for any personal reasons concerning present receivers, but for more harmonious management of the road. He said no imputations . had been cast upon the action of the present receivers and praised them highly. He did not coincide with Judge Knowles regarding the management of the road, and therefore would set aside the order appointing Messrs. Bonner and Mills, and in their stead a'ppoint Andrew F. Burleigh, fixing his bond at $100,000. THE MAGAZINES IN ONB," S '8ft' -*ft w®, ^REVIEW-REVIEWS Edited by ALBERT SHAW REVIEW REVIEWS, as Its name implies, gives in readable form ( the best ', th,at appears, in the other i ' ->--l ...l'— -'•-' 11 pygy FOB d, g?Wlly on the same tofc that they () jnarease'of worthy., these;. &£>»« *«rwwf,!wj«« w ww l#3 tif^ tlie 'subscriptipn-prjsf. -, •, /*.», *'• |f" H ! ^ ? ' ffi S WA««iM A !*rM SSI' J '&&. nnH rnntrihllted features df. itHe ' REVIEW OF R\ ANNWAV sse .«M} «§ptr|j?«te|^iws ^%Kiw p| ...... .d,.n._i*A-^^^^^^pdl^«prp|r^^C K| •^4; ^ JOINT Attorney TRAFFIC ASSOCIATION, GREAT SALE McFarlano Files a Bill of Complaint. YOBK, Jan. 11,-7-United States District Attorney MoFarlane filed a bill of complaint in. the United States oir. writ court, against the 3d railroad companies forming the joint traffic association, Mr. MoFarlfwie also gave notice that on Jan, 17, he would, move for an injunction restraining the agsopfation from operating vytov its agreement, Three of tye Four Fatally Hurt, MlDpwsgBcmo, J5y., Jfw,'j^-^IaWise ooonty, ^Virginia, WiJU?wn ''Wells ' and Chjfj! Qf3b<jjsn,e fought a hand, t tQ, hand fight'with knives, witb James QQJE and ,&enry r WttHwgWi over two woinfcn, q?he'8ghti lasted fpj? 80 minutes, 1 when VeUu and QB&QJW «eUde»a,'ftnd Cox waj m9?tftUy wowdftd, WiUiftms was B»t<Msir Party, «fh9 Tc6lflft.v, Jftrt. 9. William T. Baker haa been, for the fourth consecutive time, elected president of the Chicago board of trade. The mercury dropped to 10 dega. below zero at Boston Monday, the lowest since 1886. At New York it was 8 below. East-bound shipments from Chicago Week -were !)i,499 tons against 75,881 for the preceding week and 82,686 for the same week last year. The president has appointed Francis E. Letipp, editor of Good Government, a member of the board of Indian commissioners, vice William E. Russell, declined. Lowry W. Humes, a leading Memphis lawyer, has been sentenced to two years' imprisonment and to pay a fine of $600 for exorbitant pension charges and other irregularities. According to reports received by the director of the mint the total gold production of the United States in 1895 amounted to $62,614,000, an increase of about $18,000,000 over 1894 Wednesday, Jan. 8. Phillip iteclain, the Leipsic publisher, is dead. Dean B. Mason, vice consul general of the United States at Vienna, is dead. Three white tramps were killed in a freight wreck on the Louisville and Nashville in Louisiana. Sir Julian Golsmid, the well known London Hebrew philanthropist, who has been ill for some time past, is dead. Jacob Schrist, mail carrier between Montrose, la., and Nuevo, His., and Miss Carrie Hoots were drowned in the Mississippi river Tuesday. J. P. Scott, ex-mayor of Akron, O., committed suicide by hanging. He had been suffering from grip for nearly a year and lately had an attack of nervous prostration. Mrs. W. K. Vanderbilt's marriage to Oliver Belmont will take place on jfan. 28. On the following day she and her husband will sail for Europe on the steamship Teutonic. State Treasurer Phillips of South D.akota has paid $120,000 of the $22d,- 000 funding warrants due at the time of the Taylor defalcation. Treasurer Phillips says state finances are in good shape and improving. Thursday, Jan. 9. Paul Verlaine, the French poet, is dead. Senator Pettigrew has introduced a bill for the construction of abridge across the Missouri river at or near Chamberlain, S. D. The municipal authorities of Little Bock have refused COlonel Robert G. Ingersoll permission to lecture in that city on Sunday evening. The nub- committee of the house appropriations committee having charge of the pension bill has decided to increase the amount for the next fiscal year from $188,000,000 to $140,000,000. , It is estimated that when South Dakota has disposed of all her school lands she will be the possessor of a permanent school fund of at least $80,000,000. The annual interest of the fund will be distributed. •-.. •;• ' ' Friday, Jan. iO, Great Britain claims Hunters island, Lake Superior, which has been considered United States territory. The British government denies the report that its troops had occupied disputed territory in Venezuela. Colonel Thomas Dunlop, for years warden of Ludlow street jail, New York, is dead. Lyman T. Slater, for 18 years cashier of the Vandever .bank at Taylorsville, Ills., committed suicide by shooting. Governor John E. Jones of Nevada is dangerously ill at a hotel in San Francisco, whether he had gone for medical treatment two months ago. A recent relapse has left him in a critical condition and his recovery is uncertain. Saturday, Jau. 11. A receiver has been asked for Hotel Windmere, near Jackson Park, Chi. cago. The fourth annual convention of the League of Commission Merchants is in session at St. Louis. Sir Henry Irvipg is to unveil the monument to Sarah Siddons on Paddington Green next spring. The ninth biennial convention of the Danish Brotherhood of America is in session at Minneapolis, Henry Thomas and Albert Stafford, two' Florida young men, f ought ft duel over, a woman, Both were kjlled, Joseph ' Brown/ one pf the Kessler (Indp tiwi wj^kers and robbers, wa£, on ft; plea! 9$ guilty, sen|e»oe4 for 13 -OF- RAILROAD LANDS Southern Minnesota In tlin Fertile Minnesota Valley. Those rich prairie, lands are dark loam soil and arc very t>roduclivn. This partof Minnesota is well settlod and has school houses and churches. Those lands nre located near THE IOWA COLONY, nearTaun- ton, Minn., a bright, new town and first- class locations for all kinds of business. Blue Joint hay grows in abundance on the upland prairie, making it a fine stock country. We are selling these choice prairie, lands on vel'y easy terms at prices ranging from ?7.50 to $I3.r>0 per acre. One- fifth cash and 0 per cent interest, titles perfect and no payment the second year. Two years to. make second payment and the crops will pay for the land. We rebate round trip faro to purchasers of 100 acres over the Northwestern Line. 50,000 Acres of Fine Selected Lands At $ 10 to $ 1 3 Per Acre. 100 CHOICE IMPROVED FARMS for sale on easy terms at $14 to 817 per acre within 3K to r> miles of R. R. towns, also several section farms and 12 sections of wild land. We also have some finely improved farms near II. R. stations at from $10 to $18 per aero on easy terms. G. F. HOLLOWAY, Agt. BANCROFT, IOWA. THE INDEPENDENT. NEW YORK. A Religious, Literary and Family Newspaper. Undenominational, unbiased and impartial, A paper for clergymen, scholars, teachers, businessmen and families. It discusses every topic of the day—religious, theological, political, literary, social, artistic and scientific. Its contributed articles are by the most eminent writers of the Bug 11s h language. It employs specialists and distinguished writers as editors of its Twenty-one Departments, A paper particularly fitted for lawyers, doctors, clergymen, those engaged in business, young people of both sexes—men and women who read and think for themsleves. A paper especially valuable for those interested In line arts, Science, Music; A. paper for Sunday-School Workers those who have a Farm, Garden or House Plants. A paper for the family, old and young. IMPORTANT, THE INDEPENDENT announces to its subscribers, and to'-any who may become, so, that it is prepared to furnish any papers or magazines published in this country, England, France and Germany, at a very large reduction from publishers rates. This ov>' portunity is open only to subscribers of Tn< INDEPENDENT. Upon receiving list of papers or magazines fiom individuals or read ing rooms, an estimate will be given by re turn mail. ...... '-,•• /t*Sj/ear?,y subscription'to $3 00, or at that .rate for any part of a year. Clubs of five $8.00 each. "TRIALTRIP" one Month 25c. Specimen Copies Free. THE INDEPENDENT P. O. box 2787. 130 Fulton St., New York NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATOR, The undersigned, having been appointed administrators of the estate of J. J Wilson, deceased, will continue the business as heretofore. LENETTE W. BUTLEB. H, J. WILSON. «r..ifeH m m r ,P\i ^•v-4 >:>and . whofce . 'slaughtered, by order «f the" 8t'a,te ' * tfere,at the state es 1 - Yarns, German knitting, Spanisl and Saxony in a variety of colors a' jobbers prices, at the Grange Store. 'WAMTED. EXPJ5BIENCE NOT NECESSAKY. Perman ent positions guaranteed. Salary and Expenses or liberal commission (Pay weekly.; Special advantages to beginners Stock complete with fast-selling specialties We gua/ranlee wliat we advertise. Address, GJLENBROS,, Nuserymeii, Rochester, N Y. (This home is reliable.) 0-l« One Cent a Copy, The twice a week edition of the Sioux City Journal, issued on Tuesday and Fri day of each week, containing the verv latest telegraphic news and complet market reports fresh from the wires time of going to press, will be sent to any address at the following cash in advanc rates: One year.., ¥1,00 Six mouths 50 Three months.,.,.,,.,.,., rt ... ,35 Sample Copies, free, Address, Perkins ftros, Co,, Publishers, Sioux City, Iowa, Woman's modesty and ignorance of danger often catise her to endure pains and suffer lor* lure rather than consult a physician about important subjects. Pains in the head, neck, back, hips, limbs and lower bowels at monthly intervals, indicate alarming derangements^ is a harmless Bitter Wine without intoxicating qualities. Taken at the proper time it relieves pain, corrects derangements, quiets nervousness and cures Whites, Falling of the Womb and Suppressed or too Frequent Menses. Price $1. For Sale by Medicine Dealers. WELL BORING AND DRILLING. We have machinery of all sizes for boring, on drilling wells, Water guaranteed-or. no pay. Call on or address, GALLION BROS., Bancroft,.Ia». SALESMEN WANTED;. Pushing, trustworthy men to represent us- in the sale of our Choice Nursery Stock. Specialties controlled by us. Highest Salary or commission paid weekly. Steady-employment the year round. Outfit free; ex- rluslve territory; experience not necessary; big pay arsurea workers; special inducements to beginners. Write at once for pa&- tlculars to Allen Nursery Co. r . ROCHESTER, N. Y. Wanted Salesmen We waafr* one or 1 " t w o--« GOOD MEN in each'county to take orders foe a-Choice line of NURSERY STOCK or SEED • POTATOES. Stock and seed guaranteed. We can give you Steady Employment with Good Fay, It will cost you nothing to #lvev- it a trial. State when writing whioli you.*? prefer to sell. Address • , The Hawks N ursery Co.;,.-,, Milwaukee, W is. AGENTS Salary or Commission to good Men. Fast Belling Imported Specialties. Stock Failing to Live Replaced Free. W« sell only High Grade Stock and true to Name, > Also Pure Seed Potato Stock pur* Specialty Leader, Address fii Di LUTCHFORD & CO,.- NURSERYMEN, EOOHESTEE, N. F Letters promptly answered. ARRIVAL an0 f DEPARTURE of TRAIKS 1 OHIOAGO. MILWAUKEE AND ST f PAUL, LOOAL TRAIN HAST. No. 2 passenger .................. ....I0;22arn No, 4 passenger ................... ^-,6;04f»Bj • No, 76 freight carries passengers.,,. 8 ;20 p m , No, 94 freight carries passeugers,, . l :45 j» u> r GOING WBST. ,* 1 passenger ............. , ....... 9 ;08 a m > 9 pas»«nger ,,,..,,..,,, ......... 4:2ipta 71 frubbt carries passengers.... 6 ;4Q p m^ , 93 freight; carries prssepgers , . , . . Jl ;B5 a m-f No. No. No. No, Chicago & Northwestern K'y. QOINQ NORTH AND WHSST, ' { Passeuger., .., 8U3a Passenger., ,..,,.. , 3>86 p $900 GIVEN FOK SEALING A NEW JJOOK WX TA-kMAprEt In another part of our paper yon will notipe an advertisement of the R, H, Woodward Co,,,Baltimore, Md, They are Wia.Hlng a ro jst generous ofEer of ?2QO, and 'also other liberal inducements, to anyone who'wjll sell their new bookV'Gems pf R&~ Ijglous'ThoJight" by Talmage, This book, ha.8 jpgt recently been issuea, bu|> is hay« ing a great sale. Agents often sell from IP to 15 copies a 4*7.' ''' ' U ^ll^^^^^H^^'m^H' T<\'H to Qbi}droR about Jw?,i! This book has' been out several years,' and over' 359,000 •--'-•- £eeja§ol4,and IB ojieuif ^hft --' ' i jtsi{lnd' J 8vg| i - pu> ^j in4.tteei»oBte Q» ;agenta<ar*.r— GOING SOUTH AND BAST, -, Passenger. ,.,..,,, ,.,,,..,.,, 8',06'p Passenger..ft • ...,,.,. 5-58p grajgbt,, „.,.,, , %;$Height ,...., „., ?j4, , v Passeugers arrive in Chicago i a. ra, ; an(J a, m, AW!v« $n P«s Moine? j ;§o »nd< \\-3b 9 m, "j; WAIKBOBJTP tegjan.well cpntVflptQP., lie steam drilling raac top' made.. I emr X *A* i»i*»S ^mfeWfrl-^^^ •;»%5v in r a«ls3 WK' m fiVi p »;

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