The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 15, 1896 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1896
Page 2
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y^ * ? }<- ,' E " J " *- "' 1 ^ ',>• ?U, „•• [( ^ ^ / v fl"" ^J 5 * »J^** t *V f " i* t L ,"*•.> ,, .. ,. r ' ..,*,! ^-, „„ .,...~.i^.j ^s^aLuUn^i*: An nit. n a .mm inn, iii iijiliituilli li hill iilfi illiMi Jff n YOUNG •E OWED A REMEDY WHICH "Mothers' Friend" KOB8 OONttNEMENt OF itS PAlM, HORROR AND RISK. 14 My wife used only two bottles. She was easily and quickly relieved; is now doing splendidly.— J. S. MORTON, Hat-low, N. C. Sfcntby express or mail, on receipt ot price, $1.00 |>er bottle. Bool: "TO MOTHERS" iaalled free. UtiBFIELD ItEUULATOK CO., ATLANTA, Gi. BOLD BY ALL FACTS ABOUT BONDS LETTER PROM CLEVELAND ING ACCUSATIONS. 6EEMS fd AN ALARMING DENt' WE ARE: MANUFACTURERS — OF — Desks and all kinds of Office Furniture. SE«0 FOR CIRCULAR. We want your Business. The Hamilton Mfg. Co. TWO RIVERS, WIS. MONEY. I have unlimited money to loan on tone or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. •BBS* &PHSO QUICKLY,—' - TMOROUCMLY, FOREVER CURED. QUICK NCRVE RESTORER OUT OF M GREATENGLI5HREMEDY $la fianher of Finftnel** Visited Wash* infctoh to Arrange ft toftfl—Admifitt* tiatlan From the Pint leaned *o& Popular issue. Jan. 10.—Hie debate the felkins resolution last JFrlday, in Which the adininistr aiion •Was accused by several senators of hating entered into an agreement with a syndicate to float the expected issue of bonds, is the Bttbiect of a letter written by President Cleveland to Senator Caffery of Louis* iana. tt is as follows: •Washington, Sep.* 6, !896.~-My Dear Senator: I hare *ead today in the Coa« greflsioqal Record the debate in the senate on Friday concerning the financial situation and bond issues. I am amazed at the intolerance that leads even excited partisanship to adopt as a bftsis of attack the unfounded ao« dusatlons and assertions of maliciously mendacious and sensational newspapers. No Banker or Financier or any oth.e? human being has been invited to visit Washington for the purpose of arranging in any way or manner for the disposition of bonds to meet the present or future needs of the gold reserve. No arrangement of any kind has been made for the disposition of such bonds to any syndicate or through the agency of any syndicate. No assurance of such a disposal of bonds has been, directly or indirectly, given to any person. In point of fact, a decided leaning towards a popular loan and advertising for bids has been plainly exhibited on the part of the administration at all times when the subject was under discussion. The secretary of the treasury from the first moment the necessity of another sale of bonds seemed to be approaching, desired to offer them, if issued to the people, By Public Advertisement, if they, could thus be successfully disposed of. After full consideration he came to the conclusion, to which I fully agree, that the amount of gold in the treasury reserve being now $20,000,000 more than it was in February last, when a sale of bonds was made to a syndicate, and other conditions differing from those then existing justify us in offering the bonds now about to be issued for sale by popular subscription. This is the entire matter and all those particulars could have been easily obtained by any member of the senate by simple inquiry. Not having had an opportunity to confer with you in person since the present session of congress began, and noticing your participation in the debate of last Friday, I have thought it not amiss to put you in possession of the facts and information herein contained. Yours very truly, GROVER CLEVELAND. preiniet & put., fttt, lO.-'-Pltemie* Sit Mackenzie BoWeli had & ct)ttfefenee oi «ver an hour's dttfatloii Witit Lord Aberdeen during the da?, Which eatiaed the oitctdatioti of feports that that gif Mackenzie had determined to fesign and that it was f of the purpose of com- inttnieatiiig this decision to the gqv* ernor general that he had sotignt the Conference with his excellency* ft is generally believed to be reasonably certain that Sir Mackenzie Will ttO longer endeavor to hold out against the fofee 30ts DAY in thircy days by a new perfected scientific method that cannot fail unless the case is beyond human aid You feel improved the first day; feel a benefit every day; soon know yourself a king among men In body, miud and heart. Drains and losses ended, every obstacle to happy married life removed. Nerve force will, energy, brain power, when falline are restored. If neglected such troubles result Jatally. Medical advice free. Mailed everywhere, sealed for SI. Six boxes for $5. JACKSON MEDICAL OO. Chicago, III., or our agent, FliANK W. DING LEY, Algona. Iowa. THE SYNDICATE BREAKING .UP. Tho are the most Powerful, Sufe, Prompt anil Reliable oi this kipd in the market. The original and only genuine Woman's Salvation. Ask your dniftsist i£ lie don't keep them. "Write direct to us add we will send it direct npon receipt of price, SI, sealed by mail prepaid Medical ndviei! free. JAOKSON MKD- 1OAL CO., Chicago, FliANK W. DINGLBV. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS Chemical National of New York Withdraws From It. CHICAGO, Jan. 11.—A special from New York says the Morgan bond syndicate has at last been shaken by the withdrawal from it of the Chemical National bank. It is understood that the amount of the bank's subscription was $3,000,000. George G. Williams, the president of the bank said: "Our subscription simply represented those of our depositors and we do not want to tie them up in the uncertainties of the syndicate. We do not wish to stand in the way of any public desire for the success of a popular loan." The lead of the Chemical National is considered an indication that the selling of the bonds directly to the public will be a success. MOVEMENT FOR ARBITRATION. m BV ALL. DRUGGISTS ORO i JAGK50N MEDICAL CD. CHICABQ ILL: ^ j!j SCO 50. CLARK ST. IMPERIAL B'UD'G. 5 wN.B. Don't takeany substitute £ « with the same name but different j £ spelling on which your dru^ist o <fl makes twice as much ••••<• • ^ B&WAREOF IMITATIONS Frank W. Dingley. will do it'used as a wash according to directions : prevent transmission ot' blood diseases, skin dHc-ases. acute anil c.i.ronic ulcers, "tnct- nve, fissure of the imnds and tent, KU/.PIIIH. Tetter, fiali JJhinivimtlsin. liiliitimition uf the lilad- der, Diseuses of the honns, joints and muscles, 'Sypliilptlo Insanity, Buuivy. Bciofula in many forms. The above aii<l a hundred otlior forms «>f disease are traceable dlivcily or Indirectly to Syphilitic Hiood I'oisnn for which tlie Dr. Jackson's iiiiKUsli Safety Tablets is a suro pro- veniatlve, aim is a saiv (ierm Killer, rendering Wi'taglon hardly po«sil)lc, hnnce its value. If neglected such troubles result fatally. Mailed anywhere sealed, SI; six boxes tor 85. Medical advice free. JAOKSOX MEPIOAf, i'O., Chi- 111., or our agent, I'. W. IMNGLEY. Chronicle's Washington Correspondent Has Done Good Work. LONDON, Jan. 9.—A move is on foot among a number of prominent Americans and Britons in this city to bring about the formation of a permanent court of arbitration to settle all disputes between the two nations as proposed by Justice Harlan in 1893. It may be stated that there is little doubt that the Chronicle's Washington dispatches have had a very good effect here in showing that it is more than likely that Great Britain is wrong in the boundary disptite, and, following the Chronicle correspondent's suggestion that some means of arbitrating the matter should be promptly found. FHKMIER BOWELI* of the opposition to his leadership in the Conservative ranks. Should he decide to endeavor to continue his administration by attempting ,to fill the vacant seats in the cabinet, which is unlikely, it is not thought possible that he will be successful. So, in any event, dissolution seems to be not far off. WAS A VERY FIERCE BATTLE. Hundred! Killed In an Engagement at Gulara, Cuba. NEW YOBK, Jan. 11.—A special to a local paper from Key West gives additional details of the capture of Guiara, a city of 8,000 inhabitants, and the third in importance in the provinces,of Havana and Pinar del Bio. As already reported, Collazo, leading the vanguard, of the Gomez army, appeared at Guiara and demanded its surrender. The city was garrisoned by 1,200 Spanish troopers, who refused to surrender. Collazo, who had 1,000 men, promptly entered the citf and engaged the Spanish troops in the streets. Desperate fighting followed, much of it nand to hand, resulting in heavy loss on either side. Gomez to the Rescue. While the battle was raging, Gomez, with reinforcements, came to Collazo's aid, and the Spaniards took refuge in the cathedral, which is a great stone building and almost impregnable. Gomez made repeated assaults on the building, losing many men and gaining no advantage. Finally Gomez ordered fires kindled against the doors and/on the roof of the cathedral unless the Spaniards immediately surrendered.-' Colonel Guiterrez, realizing that further resistance simply meant the cremation and slaughter of his men, agreed to surrender, and marched his command out of the cathedral. Out of the 1,200 Spaniards, Half Were Either Killed or Wounded, while the insurgent loss was 400. Gomez complimented Guiterrez on his bravery and released the Spaniards on parole. The city treasury was seized and the insurgents obtained about $8,000. The Cuban flag was raised over the city hall amid the cheers of the inhabitants. The Cuban army entered the Alquizar, nearer to Havana, which was garrisoned by 500 Spanish troops, and, after a brief skirmish in which 80 were killed, they laid down their arms. The Spaniards had a large quantity of mu L nitions stored in Alquizar, and these Gomez seized. CORPSES OF INSURGENTS, of We have contracted f 0 .r two. thousand 8100 ' ODD Cent Per Mile for Veterans, CHICAGO, Jan. 9,— At a meeting the Western Passenger association was decided that a rate of 1 cent mile should be allowed for the G. encampment at St. Paul, the roads have agreed to thja-^proposi tion as yet, but there isjio doubt that they will do so. ^ , - -jx — : - BeorganJsatlon^op the O. W, Sf N. POKTLANP. Orf, Jan. U.— The reor- A Hundre.l and Forty-Two Kald to Have Been Found in the Field. MADRID, Jan. 18. —An official dispatch received here from Havana says that after the defeat of the insurgents at Zerla (La Ceiba) under Maceo, and Mirra (Miro) 143 corpses were picked up on the field. A dispatch to the Associated Press from Havana announced that 128 wounded insurgents had been packed up on the battle field of La Ceib,a and are now in the Spanish military' hospi tal at San Antonio do los Preparation* Continue With fcfeat iltity At JPofUtnoatn and Ottlfi* ftfitfftt Stations—A Great frlefct fieing Afl- lembiedt LOiibO^i $m. ll.^i&teftt Britain Ifl lefiottsly and steadily pepariflg foi? Waf on a very large scale at sea and W land against Gefmatiy of agaitiSIt Gei-maily, fraiice aiid Russia skbttld they 06mbin8 against her. temperbi- WilliaM thfeW doWti the gatttttlet, it wfts pfomlJtiy picked ttp and enelgetie ate^s Were im» mediately taken by the British gdvefn* ment tc^baok ttp this action by a iridit imposing display of sea pdWef. trndef these circiimstatibes it isal* most uhli6cessary to add that the eXcit* ihg political events of the past Week eclipsed all other topics in the public mind and crowded the Venezuelan question almost out of recollection, This fact, however, is merely due to the better feeling prevailing here in favor of Gracefully Submitting the Whole Matte* to the arbitration of a perMandiit court of appeals to be established between Great Britain and the United States for the settlement of all such questions, or, if there is no other way out of it, allowing the United States to settle the matter in her own way. When Great Britain is arming for a struggle, possibly against Germany, France and Eussia, the question of the addition or subtraction of a few miles more of less of South American soil to the British empire is a matter decidedly not worth haggling over. Wonderful Activity Is Shown. The activity in the admiralty, war office and other offices called upon to take part in the war preparations is really remarkable and London is overrun with officers on the retired list or otherwise, who are desirous of drawing sword in defense of the empire. The rapidity with which the various naval stations are commissioning warships, large and small for active service is pointed to with great pride. Will Have a Great Fleet Beady. The Portsmouth authorities explain that the warships from that dockyard which are being promptly gotten 1 ready to join the flying squadron are but three out of a total of twenty-eight in the fleet reserve, which could be made ready for active service at short notice. The gravity of the situation may be estimated from the fact that it is asserted that never before in the history of nations has there been witnessed so powerful a naval armament as will be assembled in these waters shortly, ready for attack or defense, against Germany or against the combined powers of Europe. The fleet being made ready for battle will be composed exclusively of the very Fastest and Newest British Warships afloat, and will be ready for sea on Tuesday, It is expected the /entire channel squadron, commanded by Bear Admiral Walter T. Kerr, with the flagship . Majestic, a &rst class battleship, of 14,900 tons, will assemble off Port- laud on January 17. The flying squadron, which is to be ready for sea next Tuesday,, also reinforced by six of the latest built torpedo boat destroyers, will assemble for final orders off Spit- head on January 1(5. The appointment of Bear Admiral Alfred T. Dale to command the flying squadron is generally approved. His flag captain, on the flagship Bevenge, a first class battleship of 14,150 tons, will be Captain the Honorable Ashton G. Curabn-Howe. In connection witn the prevailing war spirit here, it is stated that the queen has expressed the desire that the British army and navy officers in future should wear the uniforms only, putting away the civilian clothes for the present, liki^ the officers of the other European powers, who are rarely seen in civilian dress, even when on leave of absence. 'HAVE LAID DOWN THEIR ARMS. Monday, fte house wfti in 86891(56 & left — fates, but transacted fio business. Senate n6t in session. 'fueiday* Vest in a spereb. denounce^ decision' oi the sflpfime couf t deflating he income ta* unconstitutional^ Senator kodge asked, apropos of ?fince of Wales Inter vieWSi.tha.^ _ ^ulftge* of tidS World foe attested fof iomiftunidating Witfa foreign omfciaia reading git A^ton p^ Mr. Alien oi Utah tdoktnseath in the louse, the House Has adopted a resolution asking for inforfflfitlon regai-ding the lack of prosecution of trusts by tHe attorney gen* erai, :-, Wednesday! Jan. S. The fiepubUcan senatorial caucus decided to pass the house tariff measure without amendment. Mr, Bpalding of Michigan has introduced a a resolution in the house for the annexation of ttye Hawaiian Islands. The bill to increase the number of en* listed men in tho navy has been favorably reported in the senate. thuritdtty, Jan. 9. Mr. Baker of Kansas introduced a reed* lution in the senate considerably expand' ing the Monroe doctrine. Debate on the free coinage substitute was postponed in the senate because Stewart insisted on making a speech on the Elkins bond resolution. The pension appropriation bill, as reported to the house, carries $14l,8!i!6,830. Friday, Jail. 10. Senator Nelson introduced a bill for revision of banking laws. The house held a lively debate over some amendments to the rules. The discussion was not finished. The debate on the free coinage substitute was opened by Senator Jones of Arkansas, who supported it in a two turikrs speech. Saturday, Jan. 11. The senate committee on foreign relations decided to report favorably a resolution reaffirming the Monroe doctrine. The house continued discussion of the recommendations of the rules committee. SEVERE EARTHQUAKE SHOOK. Several Persian Villages Reduced to Ruins—Many Are Dead. TEHBBAN, Persia, Jan. 10. — Two earthquakes have occurred in the district of Khalkhal, the first on the night of Jan. 2. Upon that occasion the large village of Janjbad was destroyed and 800 persons were killed. The second earthquake occurred during the morning of Jan. 6, and was very severe. It was felt over an area of 100 miles. The town of Goi was wrecked and a thousand houses destroyed. In addition great damage was done to many villages. The loss of life was very .great. There were 800 persons killed in Goi alone, and large numbers of cattle and sheep also perished. The town of Goi or Khoi, which has thus been wiped out by earthquake, is one of the best laid out towns^of Persia in its modern quarter. The population numbers about 80,000. THE BOUNDARY OF ALASKA. 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CHICAGO, SALESMEN Energetic, In every township, to represent us In the sale of "John Sherman's Recollections of Forty'Years In the House, Senate and Cabinet";'the most remarkable history of the times ane the greatest work on finance ever published ; sale equals "Grant's Memoirs" ; intelligent agents cannot fail to reap a harvest. Apply at once. National Publishing Co., 1 3O East Adams St. Chlcaaro, 111 'Practically at HER FIFTIETH ; ANNIV^RSAY. ganization/committee of the Oregon Railway ,»»4 Navigation conipan/ has perfected a plan for the reorganization of the system. This information wa.s given out by W. W. Cotton, general counsel of the r,p ad, wljo has returned f roja New Tprte, where he has been in conference with Receiver Venezuelan WASHINGTON, Jau. 18.— The Venezuelan boundary commission resumed its session at the state department at 10:80 a. in, It was an executive ineet< ing. Mr. Andrew Wtyte, who was absent at the last ineeftng, topk the oath pf office. There were a teyge nuww of applicants for places pn the pomnn> sjon, ........ Wisconsin to H^o »» Industrial Expo- x altion in 1808. MILWAUKEE, Jan. 1 3,--Between 400 and. BOd representative Wisconsin men ,wiH attend a conference in this city, beginning Wednesday afternoon, to discuss the question of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the admission of the state into the Union with a big industrial exposition in- 1W8, The list of delegates includes many commissioners elected by county boards, mayors of cities, presidents of state agricultural, industrial, commercial and educational associations, and of similar local organizations. _ ^___^ GOES TQ PARLIAMENT, view of the W|H PASO, Te«., Jan. if). -*4 letter re, here frcyij that he will he. $ the Jftft.. J8.-*& seiiw-offioial will be published statwg that tbe I3ritis}i ggverpment has deoWed to *Q pwtiawwt full i»f orwatiou Trswsvaal states will shQrtly bays aopeei to all the bo Crisis at Johannesburg an End. LONDON, Jan. 11.— The Times has a dispatch from Pretoria which says: The disarming at Johannesburg has been completed without mishap and the Boer police now pfttrol the town, The crisis is practically ended and orders have been issued for all Boer commanders to proceed to Pretoria. Thus ends this unique revolution, during which not even a policeman has been knocked on the head and not a single act of violence has been committed. President Kruger and the executive council haVe exhibited remarkable coolness throughout. CHARGED WITH HIGH TREASQN. Colonel Rhodes and » Score of Others Are Prisoner*, JOHANNESBURG, Jan, U,*-Twonty- two members of the reform committee, including Colonel Rhodes, brother o{ Cecil Rhodes, Sfr Drumjnond Punbar, jtlr, Lionel Phillips and Pr> Sftuer were arrested at their plub op the obavge of high treason, and cpnveyed undo? es» cpptto Pretpria. Perfect quiet prevails 'Jjere. The populace is indifferent and tfce Uitianders are disarming, • koNpoN, Jw- J.4.f*A special dispatch from JofcaBJjesburg say.s that wa*T»»ts are out fpr the arrest of 800 persons, 8 » nd pri» pf the Ptppte iKsohange, o| Jfee prof essjpuaJ elei»e,nt, the mercantile classes. Among arrested are & Senator Davis Says England Has No Foundation for Her Demands. WASHINGTON, Jan. 18.—Senator Davis, of the committee on foreign relations, has been giving considerable attention to the Alaskan boundary dispute. He.has found nothing in his investigations which would cause him to change the lines which have always been understood as the boundary, and upon what both countries have been proceeding for many years. He says that the only question in dispute is whether the 10 marine leagues from the ocean meant from the mainland or from the adjacent islands. Good Times Gone Forever. CHICAGO, Jan, 9.—At a meeting of members of the American Railway union, Eugene V. Debs ; declared that good times had left the country never ;o return. He said that nothing less than the total abolition of the wage system would answer the demands of the country, LATEST MARKET BEPORT& Minneapolis Grain, MINNEAPOLIS, Jan, }8,1808. WHEAT—January close, 54J^c; May, ?5>ic. On traok-^No. 1 hard, 55c; No, 1 Northern, 54>£o; No, a Northern, 5^o. DulutJi Grain, PULUTH, Jan, 18,1896. WHEAT-Cash No. 1 hard, 54#cj NQ. 1 Northern, 63#o; No. S Northern, 50}$c; No. 3 spring, 49>$@48>£a; rejected", ^@4U^c; to arrive,'No. 1 hard, No. 1 Northern, 55o; January, May No, 1 hard, 60%<j; No. I Northern, JAVA and MOCHA COFFEE. Finest Can Coffee on the Market. the when , to tl\e avbitTOtiow of Eelmog Blue Label. A combination of the finest Aden Mocha and Fancy Mark Java. Packed nvt and 2-pound air-tight'cans, thereby retaining all of the aroma and freshness lost In bnlkcolfee exposed to the elements. Keturnable if not satisfactory. Never sold in bulk or in paper, foil or pasteboard packages. LANGDON & HUDSON, Sole Distributors, St. f>a.ul Union StQQk ¥a.rd«, SOUTH ST. PATO, Jan. 18, 1806, HOGS-Mftrket &(310o lower, Quality better than yesterday, Range of prices, FOR OUR k '-M, '' - ' i- \V ' *' \ ? the finest we have yet published 1QO pages illustrated g. More cattle, wanted; demand for btopkers an4 ebeep and Jambs steady and in good Receipts; Hogs, i,Wj caUJf,15Q; 400; eaives, 19. " Chicago Union S.tpol? Jan. a§tj,Ye HOGS — opening Sates ^8 an^i fepderg

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