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The Buffalo News from Buffalo, New York • Page 21
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The Buffalo News from Buffalo, New York • Page 21

The Buffalo Newsi
Buffalo, New York
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Classified Advs Finance Buffalo Evening News Second Section Late Local News I BUFFALO FRIDAY APRIL 21 1933 Kinks Being Ironed Out of Streets LOVE LETTER Bl Beer Board Office -Location Is Sought Duffy Inspects Accommodations In State Choice Awaits Conference I nnMxn Cleric Says All Educational Advantages Essential in Competitive World Kept in Room "Like Coffin" Youth Declares Ransom Not Paid 'James Duffy newly-named member of the State Alcoholic Bever-ege Control board came ben from Rochester Friday and in company with George Stanton of the Bute CHICAGO April 31 lP) once Office building staff inspected accom-agaMaumundedby theomfortfof nwdstton then for tr-Wntern New his own home after an 3-day expert-1 enee as the hostage of kidnapers 13-: JfS I vpBrftll Jerome Fag tor Friday said baaamant ana on int luta ETSSn' wTTbdlS noor but "looked a lot like a coffin" RTSS? Aside from that the Northwestern New Yor Monas Children must hive every possible advantage taeducation and training to enable them to get on in a highly competlUve world the Rev Archibald Adame putor of the Lafayette Avenue Baptist church told members of the Buffalo Torch club at their meeting Thursday evening in Buffalo Consistory "Only by control of contraception can such tragedies the unwanted child be prevented" Mr Adame mid 'Life is cruelly competitive To get on bi the world our children need the advantage of education and training To gtvs them little or none at all is to fell to play fab with them" Dr Chariee BortiUeri president and medical director of Columbus hospital who also discussed the general topic "The Significance of Birth Control to Our Civilisation" held that thy practice of contraceptive measures Is justifiable only In some specific cases to safeguard the life and health of mothers" "Birth control Is not only hero to stay but Is sure to Increase with each succeeding generation" Dr Bonillerl uld "It Is no longer a class but a mass Dnsblem" A al'ort talk on "The Patio Oardena of Spain and Europe" wu presented by William Qralalrk landscape architect Dr Alfred Noehren presided "At this meeting" he uld "It la ex- the stats will be divided into districts with a board member in charge of each Naturally lt is to be expected I will be assigned to the western section- At the ume meeting regulations will be drafted coming the tuuance of licenses and consideration given appointments to county boards throughout the state "No have no Idea who Chairman Edward Mulrooney hu in mind for Erie or any other county We expect however to have the neeeaury machinery set up and in amoothty working order by May AUTO DRIVER SOUGHT AFTER 4 ARE INJURED Buffalo Girl in Serious Condition Following Head-on Lancaster Crash A fft Joseph Geigand Anna Gcigaad HONOR IS PAID COUPLE ON 60TH ANNIVERSARY Fivg Children tnd Old Friends Mr end Mrs Joieph Geigand Visits from their five children end few old friends marked the 80th wedding anniversary of Mr and Mis Joseph Geigand of 3ST High street Friday Mr Geigand who Is S4 wu born in Waldmunchen Bavaria Germany Mrs Geigand is Ha came to America in 1S71 to build a home for the girl he had left in Germany But he wee a hat maker by trade and there was not much hat making in America and so it waa two yean before he had saved enough money to send for Anna Pongrats When ahe did come the couple wu married in St Boniface Catholic church in Mulberry street There were ten children five of whom still are living They are Mlu Margaret Geigand Frederick Geigand Mrs William Schuster Mis William Rauch and Mrs Howard Wenner Mr and Mrs Oelgand have 11 grard-ehUdren and three great grandchildren Piohl Accuser Oi Cop Fails to Pay wu so Fine and Is Jailed A closing chapter in the Motorcycle Patrolman George Slmpson-Ray-mond 8 Pfohl case now eight months old occurred Friday in City court when the latter received a ten-day penitentiary term from Judge Robert Summers Sentence wu imposed following Pfohl conviction on a charge of violating probation A warrant for arrest ot Piohl 143 Wends street wu sworn to report since March 1 The arrest wu made teat Aug IS following an argument over a traffic wmiSSs drtrtng out a license and placed on probation to pay $50 In turn -Ffttltt accused Slinpian of assaulting him with his fist a charge which wu dismissed later In court Drennan testified Pfohl had paid only 30 cents on the $50 fine since hie conviction NATIONAL OF POST Evening News aisff net Ironing the klnka out of Buffalo paved thoroughfarea began different part of the city The akin in use for the aecond conrsoutlva require tearing up pavement The guaranteed for cne year kowski Art Among 1 5 Returned by Body In a partial report to Justice Bernard Ackerman In Supreme court Friday the April grand jury returned five open Indictments' nine ball Indictments and one secret indictment Indictments sresgalnst Ju- Backing nls truck over the curb llan JL Bucskowaki 30 Persia street Thursday at the aide of the Cliy to branch' court building William Dler of tha Marine Trust company One Eagle atreet a maned to find upon lrt diriment charging second degree slighting that hla resr wheels were forgery and firat degree grand larceny about fert off the ground A te baaed on hte allegnj forgery of the street elrrator used to remove as'ica nime cf Leop Zwsllrskt 10 Wolts from the building had lifted the Friday in Niagara equare and patch method of street repair te year a method which dcea not entire program will coct 160000 and Kenmore Village Attorney Placed in Charge of Delinquen Assessment Collection Delinquent Us collection in Ken-moiw will ba placed In charge of Vll-tago Attorney Elton Dale it wae revealed Thursday evening at the Comoro Property Owners' Protective association in Masonic temple Ken mere' The Village board hae appropriated ISM for the legal department with which a 110 a week clerk will be hired to ait let Mr Dale the assocla tion wu told by David Murray member of the Public Affairs committee Wee containing back Us accounts have been moved from the office of Village TBs Receiver Thomas Dickson Mr Dale's office in Hotel taller Mr Murray said The board felt that delinquent Us bills would have more impression on creditors if they went out over the attorney! signature he declared Th association adopted a resolution registering its approval of the tenta- tlvs village budget after the financial schedule had been read by John Lane The tentative Us rate is 11411 Last year the rate wee $1490 A pub-lie bearing -will be held by the board -on the budget at Village hall Monday at 1:10 Zt also wu disclosed by Henry Holland chairman of the village insurance ''committee that a resurvey is being mads of all village property preparatory to adjusting present insurance policies A constitution amendment proposed by Edward Rogers which would hade eliminated public board members from active membership in the aaso-tion was unanimously voted down Mr Rogers -attempted submit another amendment of similar nature but the association refused to consider iL-y Cupid1 Arrow Hits Kindergarten Class Teachers in Kenmore Perhaps cupld's aim is truer in th! village i if Kenmore or the girls us handsomer but It ss a fact that most of the blushing school inarms in the kindergarten department have recently admitted their susceptibility to the ootency of love "Another good teacher ex-claims Mlsa Olivia Spaeth director of Xenmors kindergartens as she spots a new sparkler Mbs Pay Lelby at the Masonic -temple kindergarten Mlse Marjcri! Woods at Lincoln school and Mlsa 1 Ruth Meegmn at Washington school have succumbed Miss Marion Rosi went quietly the altar the weekend of April and became the bride of Mr Robert Kelsey of Lockpact How Mbs Bpeeth is fearful that other kindergarten teuhers may btcome victims of Eros Come all ye maidens who would dip your lily hands in dish water and breath the freshening sephers Kenmore THREE VETERAN FIREMEN ARE HONORED IN KENMORE Three veteran members of the Kenmore volunteer fire department were honored Thursday evening when the department installed its new officers in' Kenmore Fire hall village Trustee Justin IX Trabert received an automobile emblem in recognition of 31 yearn of service Gold pins were presented to Victor Moreland and William Gaul who have completed 30 years in thd department Awards were made Village Clerk Walter Duckcr a former chief The new officers were installed by Mayor Edward Leinlnger Kenmore They are: Raymond Wt Carson chief Edwin Deuchler first assistant cl-'ef William Rosa second assistant: Oeargo Poraoff Jr treasurer Robert Wunsch secretary Raymond Kitsch drill instructor Chief Carson assistant Instructor Prank Schulta fire warden acted as master of ceremonies -Mm Arnold another warden presented a gold signet ring to retiring Chief Oarfleld Golding HEN PLAYS MOTHER TO 5 FOX TERRIERS MARSHALL VILLE Oa April 31 A hen deprived of her brood la mothering a litter of five fos tenter puppies at the home of Henry A Lee The chicks were hatched about the same time the puppies were born Lee took the chicks from the hen end only the pups responded when she clucked to get them back Bo the hen adopted the dogs and apparently intends to keep them he warms them under her wings and refuses to let anyone avenue- to a $S00 check Another' charging second degree grand larceny alleges that cn Stpt 31 1933 ha appropriated to hte own uae $26324 which had been deposited by a customer to her account in the bank The third charging grand larceny flnt degree te based on a charge Mrs Emma Deters registrar of the I'nlvenity of Euffalo returned Friday from Chicago when she attended the 21st annual convention of the American Association of Collegiate bcgtetrarc The executive office of 11m Untied Oirmat end French Roman Catholic C-meury aasoriatlon beginning Monday will be located a the Ml Calvary Office building Pine R'dge end Harlem route Pine Hill Otto Welker trcrrlsry announced Friday The of-tire In 607 Liberty bank building will be dtaeontlnued Alleged to have stolen a typewriter valued al C3S from an automobile park'd In hwer Main strret Donald Marnlng and Mlcbscl Murphy S3 both of Cleveland were sentenced to me erw year at Wendt latr Thun-day by Judge Frank Sian dart in City couit Tee will be eerved In th? 'parish house followmg the Barter verper service of the Russian Orthodoa Catholic pariah of BS Peter end Paul In the church 44 Bcnsingrr street Sunday at 4 Etete Civil Service Crmmleakmet Howard Tilth vril spek at tlM meeting of tha Greater Buffc-o Tvut C3 Order cf Maeubcm Mondey at 3 In hall 810 Mun street Commander Gregorio will preside Sidney Wcrtlme' Wcalem York manager of the Prudential Insurance eompeny will give rn illustrated lecture on ''A Recent Vtef to Europe" at the fatheMnd-Kn hi I lltv meeting of Boy Scout Troop 05 Fil- Central Pnrh Mcthcdtet P1 church 218 Brard avenue Havfy WmS8: never after saw cither the money ks argtag An Indictment on a charge of sec-! jun'h wlM be ond degree eaiault waa returned jn against Martin Otehockl 51 of 113 Gilhsrt atreet who te alleged to have hit Joe Snunskl 159 Gilbert street with a baseball bat March 39 James Gllbert Negro 35 of 154 Pratt street ri Wwlds tha business meeting who te alleged to hr ve stabbed Joseph I Dlgga 175 Trestle atreet with a knife he "rs Drre eM of Omra Mdrch 17 waa Indicted for assault wdgs I party and dance Thursday at 3 lea VvaiaenUi' he If AT 1 TaffearnM Rfnpf eceond degree In Fntcrnltv bell 871 Jeffarcen rt'eri WASHINGTON April 31 Speaking before an orgenlutlon that for years hu been adopting reeoln-tions railing for armies and navies for national defense Amelia Earhart told MAY CO TO BUFFALONIAN the Daughters of the American Revolution Friday that no organisation should advocate armaments unless the members were willing to beer arms themselves Um Wash Ins Cob Bursts tl tbs lurrsie Bv shims Kiwi WASHINGTON April Put the candidate representing IT Man Who Admits Abandoning Wife Gets Suspended Term Scinta Sent to Auburn You must deny youtadf the ecstasy of receiving burning love letters from other women" With this admonition Justice Bernard Ackerman in Supreme court Friday auapenued s-ntence on Sherwood Spencer 27 rf 19 Sterling avenue who admit ed abtrdoning hie wl'e Clara bePe Its? Nlatara etreet "OUier women evidently fall for you and you seem to ba a regular Don Jutn" the court commented "Will you foig-t other women ind taka rare of your famllyr "I w'll Spencer promised Jraeph Sclni 17 of 334 Whitney Place was sentenced to serve hum to six yean lu Auburn prison an a plea of guilty to second degree robbery Ho ask1 he assisted in the toy ptetol holdup Feb 14 of John Klein 12 Dewitt atreet employe of the Keller Brother meat market Sin Bailey avenue and theft of 1143353 Two Herein Leniency Sdnta trMlflrd against Bretsacher convicted of first defies robbery and serving 18 to 10 years -Two other toy pistol bandits facing mandatory 15-year prison terms received leniency with grand larceny guilty pleas reduced from robbery Became of a previous felony conviction Thomas oilee 31 of 131 Mein atreet waa cent to Auburn tar five years Hie companion Howard Trainer 31 ot 133 Main street waa sent to Elmira reformatory They held up Frederick Oibba druggist IS East Swan street' March 3 and state $1250 Other sentences Imposed by Judge Ackerman were: Frank Pracakajlo IS of 43 FI trier Id street admitted burglary of a tore at 125 Hamburg street Elmira reformatory Ale Berkely Negro 27 of 44 Frau street admitted blgxmous marriage penitentiary one year Michael Tallutio 27 cf 477 Rhone bland street admitted second degive assault on a girl suspended aratemv Other inlnwiw Kurt Habermtnn 44 Ebmeaer admitted abandonment of wife Elsie 93 Phyllis avenue suspended sentence Thomas Bdaer 30 217 Johnson street admitted attack on a girl penitentiary one year County Judge Bret Thom tra-following ranifnera: WHIIam Carter Negro 43 of 113 Michigan venue admitted burglary Involving fgg worth of foodstuffs fn-in Joseph Bcarpace grocery 353 Mien San avenue two to four years in Auburn prison Stanley Hopka 21 of 47 Mcaeile street Stanley Hoffman 33 of IS Briunarbwk street Stephen Junicti II of 1311 Sycamore street! Bmue reformatory They wars convicted of criminally attacking Mias Rose Wlat-anka 1 31 of 111 Lombard atreet Sept I 1133 Roseoa McDonald Negro 340 MsdL tan street convicted of second degree assault on Mike Biymarikt 437 North Division street March 38 two to four yean In Auburn prison Ignatius Msclcjcwskl 31 of 18 Per-on street and Chester Mariejewskl 30 of 31 Oberiln atreet admitted second degree robbery of Stanley Nakmkl lit Titus street In Vincent Xubsls fumltum etore 1349 Broadway and theft Cf II IS Elmira reformatory Rtiibrn OMteworth Luther ra'k'iw and Nelson Barrett weir r'rcd directors of the Equality club a meeting ta Central A fei: Mohawk street Friday noon Thry rnd the six holdover directors will elect offices next Thursday Wait Too Longl GET YOUR CHERRY TREES TODAY! 9 Get your chtrry trees and plant thorn right away Only a few days remain The sale will ba discontinued when the present limited supply ia exhausted The price- fs 12 cents each or two for 20 cents Many out-of-town Newg dealers are handling tha trees Bnffaloniana should stop in today at the Buffalo Rvekinq Newin Tree Sales Offices and Seneca Sts Not tract had been Installed la prerisoa esn tract "Cctuequently this second fas hae' been paid for by th county hut has not been supplied" Mr Cook slated explaining Dcchert had been paid 337800 in full far coo tract including S10C3 for the specified fan which had been installed previously On motion of Supervisor Arthur A Adler the committee Rf erred Mr Cook letter to the couny attorney to determine th legal Kneels Mr Adler said he wanted te knew shetber lb to-' Arraigned Bunkowskl Ctehockl and Ollbcrt pleaded not gullly as? iffi-r eroerti enee wasn't so bed got anything asked he mid "They bought mo magi Bines and newspapers and spent most of the time reading the stories about the kidnaping" -Young Factor mid he wu kidnaped about 10:45 o'clock a week ago Wednesday night when two men stepped out from behind two pillars he approached the entrance of the pertinent building in which he lived with his mother Mrs Leonard Marcus Taking him by each arm he uld they walked him to the curb where they threw a coat over his hud before shoving him into a big car Onre In the car he uld one of the men uld: "Wen kid going to find out how much your dad thinks of you After driving around he uld he wu carried into a building and up several flights of stairs and deposited in the "coffin" room The only furnish Inge -were a mattreu and pillow and no windows He declared hr slept soundly and wu awakened the following morning by one of his captors Inquiring what he'd like to have for breakfast After telling his story the youth wu hustled away by Capt Dan Gilbert of the State Attorney police and his father "I'm going to push this thing until it through" declared the elder Factor he left the apartment apparently bound for detective headquarters Some persons were inclined to be WHiv persona TnC UlClluCQ 10 DC" part of the $50000 ransom demanded wu paid but Factor hbn- self denied this never paid them a he uld "and see this thing through" Capt Daniel Oljbert head of the State Attorney police abo uld no ransom wu paid Thru suspects airesteu eeveral days ago continued to be held by police- A habeu corpus hearing for their ret lease wu scheduled for Friday armaments scored BY AMELIA EARHART Aviatrix Tells A R' Woman Should' Ba Drafted in Event of War The women trans-Atlantic filer uld equality with men wu essential in uferted that women should be drafted In event of war Mlu Earhart said at present there an but 309 licensed women pilots compared to 18000 men exclusive of army and navy She retold humorously the story of her historic rolo flight across the Atlantic li month! ago Mis Earheart paid high compliment to Mia Prankltn Roosevelt who flew with her Thursday night tfi Baltimore and back s-The example set by the first lady of the lend has done more to edvense aviation among women I think than any ether factor" che said EXPOSITION AWARDS DIPLOMA TO BINGHAM A special diploma hu been awarded to Robert Bingham director of the Buffalo Historical society by the French Colonial end Overseas exposition held In Peris in 1331 This diploma wu transmitted by the Department of State in Wishing ton Thun-day on receipt from the American embassy in Paris Mr Bingham prepared an exhibit illustrating the history of the French occupancy of the Niagara frontier gating tha report that a former WU' Uamsvllte woman who gave her name Charlotte Boyer had attempted suicide by Jumping Into Lake Erie at Bffe Pa Thursday The woman wts Prevented from throwing herself Into tiM water by an Erie motorcycle policeman who Intercepted her move Ha took her to a hospital Erie police said the women told them ah wu from Williams vtllr wu fears old had a husband In Blng-hamton and had hitch-hiked to Erie rpm Buffalo Amherst police report -3 that woman named Mrs Charlotte Boyer formerly lived in Pfohl Plxw WllltamsvtUe auto-: i SURPRISE PARTY GIVEN LAWYER 80 ON TRAIN and Chester Coffman Willard Tlcknor Hsmbutg an attorney In the Manufacturers 4k Trader Trust Company building was honored with a surprise party aboard a train on hte fOlh birthday anniversary Friday O-wald Adolf Cheldt Child- Hsrry Vackel William Frlfdl end are hi charg: of the smoker of the Men church Mondry In the church parkin! 114114 II Hl iwj CAMPAIGN TO BE PLANNED Amhent Democrats will mrormilly discuss plena for the fall campaign a sleek dinner to bo held In the Mansion House WlWamsville Saturday at 3:20 Town Chairman Leo Burgoyne will preside The dinner Is in lieu of the annual Jefferson day dinner which would have I been held on April 13 but for Holy Ward's Son Aiks $60000 State police Friday are searching for the driver of an automobile that collided with another at Transit road anc Pleaunt View drive Lancaster Thursday night injuring Jour per araia One a Buffalo girl is In serious condition The injured: MISS ELIZABETH HUDECKK 18 of 104 Wohlers avenue Buffalo broken left leg broken right- knee end Internal Injuries condition serl-out MISS RUTH KENYON 17 of Central avenue Lancaster: lacerations of the knees and face contusion of the chest FLOYD BASTIAN 31 of Park boulevard Lan cuter driver of one of the autos lacerations of the face JAMES O'NEIL 31 of Highland ipark Lancaster lacerations of the gency hospital In Buffalo but Butian end O'Nlel were unt horns after receiving treatment The car deserted after the accident oy Its driver and a me la companion bore a license laxued to Anthony Olejnlcuk 55 Littlefield avenue Buf fata According to Lancaster police tbs autos collided head-on when Bastian attempted to turn Into Pleasant View drive Authority In Latshaw Case Now Questioned Echoes of the recent dispute between Polio Commissioner Roehe and County- Judge George Rowe were heard Friday when it wu reported there wu aome question of the legality In the sentencing of Harold Latshaw 32 of 17 Northampton atrrrt Accused i kicking Patrolman Henry Stelnwachs of the Washington street station Jut Erpt 5 Latshaw wee tried and convicted by Jury of second degree assault Judge Rowe sentenced him to serve five years in Auburn prison and fined him $1000 The prison sentence was suspended but tha fine stood with the order that Utahaw should work It out In the Erie county penitentiary if be could not rates tha cash Judge Rowe said Friday he had been notified by the district attorney office that then wu aome question whether the court had legal authority to suspend part of such a sentence "I have asked for additions! fact and court opinions If then arc ary on this quutlon" Judge Rowe uld If the law does not give me the authority to suspend part qf a sentence I believe It dcea Latshaw will be returned to the court for resentencing" Utahaw attorney hu filed notice of appeal from the conviction TEA AND FASHION SHOW IS SCHEDULED SATURDAY Mrs Frank Smith' 151 LrBrun road Eggertirille te chairmen of a bridge tea and fashion show for the benefit of SL Benedict church Eg-gerteville to be held In Hotel BteUer Saturday at 3 Assisting Mrs Smith are: Mrs George Rung Mrs John Henry' Mlu Isabelle lesson Mn Eugene Mitchell Mn John A Btremmer Mrs Howard Meyers Mrs Edward Kelly Mrs Laurence McCormick and Mrs Jsmu MeCaffery SOCIAL IS SPONSORED Tha EggertavlUa Parent-Teacher u-aoclatlon te sponsoring a hard time social for the benefit of Boy Scout Troop 61 in Egyert road school Friday at 7:30 tor more than 30 yesr Mr hu cemmutcd between Ilsmburg end Praia forward as transportation and communications tetereete' Thomas Hirrahan for- mer president of the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce Is receiving Increuing support for election to the National Chamber of Commerce The election will take place during the annual rating of the national chamber here May 3 to 5 Should Mr Hannhan be elected he will be the first Buffalo man to occupy a place on the board of the national body Hie backers In their literature asking for support list endorsements from Mayor Roesch and Nelaou Oraves president of the Buffalo chamber The candidate opposing Mr Henrahea to represent transportation and communications Interests i- '-'-n Hanna head of the Capital Traction company Washington 'MRS S1IOR TO BE HOSTESS Mamhera of tbs Amherst Oardea elub will be guests of Mrs Arthur Buor at her bone 4415 Main street Snyder Wednesday at 3:30 Tba flower show committee will meet one hour before the dub gathering The program win Include talks on "Harmonious Garden by Mrs Howard Long "Electrified Hot Beds" by Mia Charles William "Ithaca by Mrs James McConnell and "Better Homes and Gardena" by Mrs William Yule Brk Cyn It McCul-e Frerk Pw Odl-n Jd-lrn Vrn ffovdcrk rorian Wclbrr Michael A Meta end Jrkn Caccfr Mrs William A Softy rhelnrin of Um Oerdcn committee of the Women a Civic club cf South Buffalo will speak on "Annuals and Perennials for the Amateur Gardener" at a meeting BECOMES CAPTAIN M78SauUPFrk svmue Monday at IN MARINE CORPS RESERVE Shn Carlton A Fisher national com-! swan ftreh-rt-r chairman of the mandant cf the Marine Corps league Monroe Cctinfy icly for Control hea been notified of hla elevation to or Csnrer vlll ricsk captaincy ta the Marine Corps re- I TTk serve word comlnq from the national I Orsrnlratonof ih- rcmcu'l dvl-coRimendent ta Washtnqton He will tion of the 1 -3 -rint Cherlts srd visit the commandant Monday to re- i Community Fund can-paten whleh celve further orders regerding his new April nd ccntinuee until commlisloo May I will be effected In tha Twen- Cept Fisher will be the guest of Usth Century club Detawye avenM honor and speaker at the annual San- Friday afternoon Bp-e-srs wUl be quet end bill of the Hudaon-Mohewk Cranr general chalnpen of detachment of the Marine Coipg league the drive the Rrv Albert Butaer in Albany Saturday evening He u'of Westminster PrcrbytTrlan church attorney for the town of Chcckto-id Drnkl chalmin cf vraga and the village of Sloen tbs ktayai Committee on Inemploy- ImsnL truck Bridge and pedro will be played The eerr mines Ineludcv John Kalla Mil-tor Dee Lub'rk rih-rlraY Fvbrrt Chester Furk Martin Cain final rpring club of St Bartholomew it I 345 Grider gig I lUt I a rtrert AnirVjn are Albert Lorcna I ilobn Lwrs Kdvsrd Klaui eTohn Twenty members of the Buffalo Junior Chamber of Commrrre will ei to Albany Saturday April 31 to tike part ta orgsnieation of a suite junior chamber Rob Roy MacLeod president of tho local group will bud the perty The new slat! chamber formed by Courtland Otla New York city national president will comprise New York Brooklyn Albany Buffalo1 Ttoy aad Ft Waehtagyk f'orth Erd Flot Hold Worth $15000 highways committee of Hr Board of Supcrvleoro Friday voted to start rordemnation proceedings to acquire 65 of an acre of land needed for the proposed extension of Kenmore an-mie to Main atrrrt Just the Buffalo city 11m It Is a triangular plot 300 long and aould give til county in 7-foct ilght-cf-cray The hnd brlongi to ths evt't cl the Lite Hamilton Yard A wsi cubmittl HamlLon VsrJ Jr s'knj ICO 000 Suprrvl-or William Kollman Republican of the ward denm ne the price Hi held the hnd WKti' net iroT! than 115000 Federal Attorney Richard Tern- piston appearing aa an interested' taxpayer urged that the lend be taken by condemnation The commltt'9 vill stlp-il te tirt Improvement! should not be under-j taken if the Frire ft ex- The propac-d extention wovld go almost to the point where the I can make their rirole at the end Main i n' The eomxltte wj told that the I uira a email-portion ot the Ward pronerty which it pay 31539 annually to tie Ward estate The commit: re also voted to rre-emmend to the board that $303400 he rcteaeed from the total $1100090 budge appropriations of the Courly Highway department for mslntrnanre i of nunty rosda Tli eommftiee also refund to a fub-cemmittse plans for distributing Ichor Jibi In tho Highway equitably ameng aupeviaara LAUDEE BEMANDED Spsetal to tba Imss Evsmims Ksws RIDGEWAY Ont April Martin Lauder of Ft Erie member of the Buffalo international Hockey league team wu arraigned before Ms filtrate prealdent will preside John Mssslc In Police court Friday end remanded for trial in Welland on EX-WILLIAMSVILLE WOMAN a charge of criminal assault Date of i trial wu not set Lauder wu out on ATTEMPTS TO END LIFE 113000 ban blit will be held In the Amherst police Friday were Invratl- Welland Jail until new ball can be arranged Joseph Lewsndowiki rs Peek stmt TUI nnA-r John Wachowic 104 Schuirum street TWO PROTESTED JURORS and John Rrewt 1593 Broadway The two Jurors whose refusal to vote per convicted of third fcnw bur-for a eanvlctlon ta the flnt ttlal- of Ibry end second drgrre grand larceny Peter Ob-rbusher 34 no heme on a 1 hF Jury before' Juetir? Berne rd charge of third degree burglary Ackerman In Supreme court Friday brought a request for their removal They were aerwrd of brr-klrg Into from the criminal Jury list will Iie'U garage of Frank Hostcckl 1380 questioned next week by Judge Otto Broadway end stealing an autoiro- tlf n-l- kll mvfll Km will be Eskimo Greatest Highbrow World Study Indicates iic Volger eommlaricner of Juren Removal of the men waa asked by District Attorney Newcomb on the grounds they were not qualified as Measurements Deal Death Blow to Popular Belief in J'V-A' Sign of Intelligence Grobe Asked to Investigate County Hall Fan Installation I I bUe in February Srrtcncrs pronounced April 38 Reforms In the fdiG'nklrstlon ot SwSii gay i Tf tSSS rg7 cnerge Tliutr nocn by Robrrt Jarkon Jameiicsra attorney llr Jarkton waa New York state representative oa the Ccmm'rrion to In- rest lgxte and Rosommend Reform in 'the Administration cf Justice under President Hocver The SABegrny Pchnal cf Natural History will epen Its aeven'h ertsen July I Registration for the ierri Ivhish end Aug 34 is bring made ta the Euffalo Museum of Crience for out-of-door -study in AUraany State park' Courses are offered in field trolufT field botany field geolosy natural history of bird end nstuie study II sport Tint S1000 Vas-Pcid for Used Brings Request for Ptcbe" Item Un WaAtutaa Bunas 1 Of UN Idihh Ena IMS Hbwc WASHINGTON April The pop i alar belief that a high brow indicates I high intelUgenea wu dealt a duth blow by meuurementi reported to the American Philosophical aociety Friday by Dr Ales Hrdlicki curator of phya-leal anthropology of the Smithsonian Institution For more than 30 years Dr Brdllcka hu been uking measurements of fora-head heights choosing two specific points between which to make Um Nuaearement Flnt wu the nukm -f Poinf the root of the now iTSf? I gebrows Second wu a Ptint in the middle of the hair Una over tha forehead Among the groups measured wu a Jsrgs itandsrd group of "old Men whose ancestors on both tdei for at least three generation bed been born In the united Btitei Other groupa Included a sufficiently large group of Northeastern Tennessee mountaineers and members of the National Academy of Sciences proba bly tha moat Intellectual group in tha country Among racial groupa Dr Hrdllrka found that tba "old fairly representative of tha white rare hava a trace lower forehead than the American Indian whose forehead In turn to exceeded In height by that ot tha American Negro ana uperially the Alaskan Eskimo -If intellect wu actually corelated with height of brow Dr -Hrdllcba points out the Alaskan Eskimos would te tha world supreme Intellects Surprising differences were found among different national groupa of the white race the measurements being taken upon hnmlgncts The rating height of forehead bring considered relative to stature la fallows starting with the lowest: Armenians English Russians French Old Americana Greeks Croa tiara Hungarian Poles Germans North-1 era Italians Rumanians Irish Rui- meeting ot tan Jew Southern Italians In ab- xSJJSSS11 solute measurements regard leu oratiestat lwSffK stature the Armenians also rank low- Thmadsy atYSr a sat white tbs Uate ara highest tag wapVTto CHILD'S SKULlTrACTURED IN HERTEL AVENUE MISHAP Four-year -old Chester Demikl 129 street suffered a fractured Mtull and passible Internal Injuries y8 Ite- wu run over by an driven by William Lewke 43 "-v Henrietta avenue In front of Hwtel avenue at 1 Friday The chlld wu taken to Children hoe- pita made a statement to police the Austin street station in which oa declared the boy dashed from the Wb against the side of hla car and f3ht rear wheel Mwka wu not held peeibeeg will speak -S8' Sheriff Charles A Prelbrra ba the rpeaker at the monthly Buffalo Will Sink to Minor Port If Action Taken mm says Harrison Wheaton jv Buffalo has lost 47 million bushels of Canadian train ince the Kew Welland canal has been open The six cent custom preference on Canadian wheat also baa handicapped ua Will we stand by whlla Montreal's port la aided by St Lawrenee project at Buffalo's cxpeneeT Wheaton Demands in Saturday's Buffalo Evening News 4 County Attorney Ceorjs Grobe was- i eked FriBey ty tha Finance commutes of the Board of tupervlior to Investigate a rspxt that th! eoi nty paid 31030 ta William Cc chert Jt Sen Inc II River atrret for an cicstrlr ten which iu rririflcd in Dcchert rontrect Installed ta tite County hrl In lcr to the exnmIUee Harold Cook architect who supervised the remodeling of the County hall eawrt-M ihet he lud dlsoevmd thrra bed been duplication in speciflcitlon in i 1: iV Dechert contract which wu award-ed in 1331 and that sa oiectrie taslrotura the money for th? fan to ths which had been apoclflad ta that ooo- (county county could not force Deckert I.

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