The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 1, 1966 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1966
Page 16
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6-Algane (la.) Upper fat Maine* Thursday, September 1, 1966 DURING THE WEEK OF August 28 through September 3, people having birthdays include Lorraine Phillips, David Pratt, Katie Gotten, Myrtle Morck, Marlyn Struecker, Nadine Stillman, Lawrence Heiderscheidt, Clara Harig, Neil Anderson, Gail Sindslar, Robert Hutchins, Jeffrey McGinnls, Laurie Nan Bilsborough, Virginia Klein, Gary Horton, Mjrlon Baker, Howard Beardsley, Lois Dau, David Martin, Gregg Winkel, Margaret Heiderscheidt, Nancy Allen, John Andreasen, Clyde Bronson, Michael John Zender, Jo Hardy, Larry Knoll, Carrie Durant, Bud Morck, Blanche Phillips, John Will, clay Mowers, Mary Elbert, Mirk Teeter, Nava Johnson, George Miller, Dale Yungeberg, Kent A FEMININE FASHION, RECENTLY introduced as a novelty, may very well turn out to be the most revolutionary innovation since Eve sewed animal skins to replace her fig leaves. It is the paper dress. A Brooklyn department store introduced paper dresses and sold 1,800 in two weeks. A Sunday newspaper supplement advertised several styles of the dress at $1.98 each and had to call it quits with several thousand unfilled orders. - o - THERE'S JUST NO TELLING what the trend will unfold. The sack dress may take on new meaning for the paper dresses are cheap and virtually worry free. Although the dress can be worn several times before putting it into the waste-basket, women will never again have to wear the same dress twice. We can all be literally paper dolls I - o - ALTHOUGH THE PAPER DRESS MAY revolutionize the fashion industry, I predict that this will not be the only facet of the woman's world that will be changed. Think of what it will do to our closets. Dresses will no longer have to be stored on hangers and racks but on rollers and in dispensers. Or possibly in loose-leaf binders. Instead of consigning a gown to the washing machine or the dry cleaners when it gets dirty we can just take a match to it. - o SEWING AND MENDING KITS will contain some new items- cellophane tape, staples, paper clips and erasers for making even major repairs in seconds. When the hemline fluctuates as it is bound to do, we can just tear along the dotted lines to get the desired dress length. - o - IF DRESSES ARE TO BE PUBLISHED instead of manufactured, seamstresses will be turned into editors overnight. Men will read as never before. Designers could obtain carbon copies of any creation in the world and the new creations could be judged on the basis of legibility and neatness of margins. - o - FT COULD BE SUCH A THING that paper dress manufacturing will get to be an auxiliary business of the newspapers in much the same way job printing is now. Our old stand by, the print dress, could take on a literal meaning and become the height of fashion. Women could not only read the fashion news, they could also wear it. After enough~dresses have been published we won't need to go to Grandma's attic to dig out an outfit for a costume party, we can just take an old-time issue from the newspaper morgue. - o - PAPER DRESSES COULD CREATE some activity in the world of law, too. Dresses, as well as books, could be banned in places like Boston with resulting court cases. And if Mabel Glutz should show up at a party wearing the very same edition of a dress that Lucy Jones is wearing they could sue each other for plagarism. - o - ABOUT THE ONLY HAZARD that can be foreseen in this new trend is the probability that fashion designers will push on to cardboard dresses. Fashion and technology being what they are, if s almost inevitable. If that happens, the whole thing will undoubtedly fold. Former Wesley Girl A Grad At Colorado College DIANE NEWBROUGH Diane Newbrough, former Wesley resident, received her Bachelor of Science degree from Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado in August and has accepted a teaching position at Pacifica High School, Garden Grove, Calif. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Newbrough live in Durango. Honor Memories, Cancer Victims, With Memorials Memorial contributions to the American Cancer Society of Iowa have bsen made in behalf of a number of persons who in recent months have succumbed ' In North Kossuth.contributions have been received in memory of Peter L. Koppen, Maribel Mino, Mrs. Win. Batt, Karl F. Schwartz, Charles Eggerth, Mrs. Charles Eggerth, Amanda B. Pettit and J. C. Blome. In South Kossuth memorial in the memory of the following have been contributed: Andrew Krominga, Leona Macumber and Fred Pannkuk. The decision to discontinue printing the $2 bill will be regretted by some tho admittedly a small percent of the general population. Currency collectors will no longer have additional series to look forward to. Contrary to a statement made in another Algona publication, the $2 has been regularly printed with the current series being 1963A with the Fowler signature. This series was started but a few months ago. Many consider this bill to be the most attractive of the lower denom/nations due to the very fine reverse engraving of Jefferson's home. Banks will confirm that the $2 bill was always a popular item at Christmas time as, indeed, was the silver dollar. Actually, I have often made it a point to carry this denomination and have found it convenient but the banks never paid them out except by specific request. - o - The red seal $2 bill is the current legal descendant of the original first Federal paper currency issue of 1863. The official title is Legal Tender Issue or United States Note as stated on the bill. It represents in effect a non interest bearing note of the United States Government. If the government runs a deficit (a not entirely unusual situation), the debit portion could be financed by bonds or by increasing the number of these notes. There are those who have favored the latter method in lieu of the bond- bank credit type of finance. The v only remaining denomination of the Legal Tender series is the $5 with the red seal, a very small 'percent of the total. For some 30 years, the total value of outstanding United States notes has been about 330 m illion dol- PUBLIC AUCTION 240 ACRES Saturday. Sept. 10.1966 1:30 P.M. FARM IS LOCATED 1% MILES EAST OF BURT Grade "A" Iowa Land THIS IS A CHOICE 240 ACRES WITH OUTSTANDING CROPS PRODUCED THEREON AND IS WEBSTER AND CLARION SOIL. THE LAND WILL BE SOLD AS A 160 AND 80 AND AS A SINGLE UNIT AND TO THE HIGHEST ULTIMATE BIDDERS. THE 160 ACRES IS ALL TILLABLE AND THE 80 HAS 14 ACRES OF TIMBER-PASTURE. BLACKTOP ROAD ADJOINING FARM. Complete Set Of Farm Buildings DIAGRAM OF LAND TO BE SOLD AS SITUATED IN SECTION 30-97-28 1. Farm Building Site 2. Road Right Of Way Of 2 Acres For Access To 80 Acres. TERMS: 15% Down and Balance When Title Approved on or Before March 1,1967, Possession Date. ERMA Z. HARVEY «••"••» AUCTIONEER - VIRGIL SPENCER, ALGONA AGENT Tuttle, Fern Foster, T. H. Chrischilles, Rob Watson and Gail Cowan. Wedding anniversaries include those of Mr. and Mrs. Dean Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Zender, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Cowan, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sindelar, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gilbert, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bickert, Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Behr, Mr. and Mrs. John Cash, Mr. and Mrs . Ben Herbst, Mr. and Mrs. David Phillips, M". and Mrs. Webb Fowler, Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Studer and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Granzow. • o THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS for Elsie's Peach Dessert. I got it from my mother when I was in Algona and I suspect the Elsie from St. Paul to spend the week end with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lampe. Mary Jane works as a nurse in St. Paul. Tom Lampe, who is In service at Fort Sill Oklahoma came home Tuesday and will return September 7th. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Larson and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Christensen spent last Sunday at West Concord, Minnesota, visiting the Wilbur Christensen. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Steines and family of Cedar Rapids visied Friday in the Roger Scott home. Mr. Steines and Mr. Scott are cousins. Mrs. Virgie Smith was visited by her sister Mrs. Edna Harr of Algona from Sunday till Wednesday, Mrs. Virgie Smith received a card from Mrs. Dale Bixler, the former Sheryl Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bixler are vacationing in Hawaii. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hodgins of Algona were Sunday visitors in the Jay Steven home. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Steven visited Mrs. Steven's brother, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Pilcher, of East Chain,Minnesota, Monday. Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Marlow and Mr. and Mrs. Jay Steven went to Sidney for the Rodeo, leaving Friday afternoon and returning home Saturday night. On the way home they stopped at Carson. Iowa to visit Evelyn Hodges, a neice of Mrs. Steven. in the title is Elsie Oxley of Corwith. 2 cups flour 1 tsp. salt 1/4 tsp. baking powder 2 tbsp. sugar 1/2 cup butter Mis together and spread in the bottom of a loaf pan. Cover with fresh peach halves, cut side up and sprinkle with 11/2 cups sugar mixed with 'cinnamon. Bake for 10 minutes in a 400 degree oven. Then pour lover a mixture of 2 egg yolks mixed with 1 cup light cream. Bake; for about 35 minutes more. _ GRACE At Shenandoah, to see the Gar-~ den Plot of flowers at Earl Mays. HAIL STORM They said this was beautiful to see. "The surest steps to happiness are the church steps". -60 TH- Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lee of Bode observed their 60th wedding anniversary there on August 21. Early this month a storm in the Lake Mills area brought damaging hail as large as eggs and cut a path at times two to three miles wide. The hail stripped fields of corn of Its leaves as well as stripping soybean fields. lars or currently about 1% of the total money supply. It remains to be seen whether the government will reduce the total or print additional $5 notes to replace the $2 total. However, there will be a time lag before the bill entirely departs as no doubt existing stocks will be used rather than destroyed but this may be the last Christmas for crisp new Jeffersons under the tree. - o - Two other recent local press statements also bear comment. Many of the silver dollars now held by the Treasury were minted in Carson City during the last century. They have had a premium value to collectors for many years even prior to the end of the gold standard back in 1934. The current value interest has nothing to do with monetary-fiscal policy. The common date dollars have no particular interest to collectors at all. They are sought by speculators who hope that eventually the silver content will be worth more than the legal tender value, a fact that does not at this time exist. If the government were to suddenly announce that some packets of old currency, had been discovered, exactly the same situation except for the speculators in bullion would exist. The Treasury certainly has no fear relative to getting these silver dollars in the hands of the people. The problem is just how to go about doing exactly that. What the Treasury quite correctly doesn't want is to allow the dollars to get into the hands of a few dealers who would reap whatever collecting' profit would be involved. It is well to note that the market value of these Carson City dates would certainly drop sharply anyway with these new supplies. - o - The other comment concerns the statement that new stamps are issued merely for the benefit of stamp collectors. Certainly collectors have some influence and their purchases represent a profit to the government. However, the postage stamp has been a traditional device for national commemoration for over a century thruout the world. Many groups for various reasons seek this form of recognition and they aren't collectors. Indeed, collectors frequently deplore some of the events or individuals that are chosen for commemoration. A recent petition signed by thousands and started by students in Sioux City brought about a Serviceman Appreciation addition to an already contemplated stamp for the Saving Bond anniversary. It also brought about a first day of issue assignment for Sioux City. I will wager that less than 10% of those who signed the petition collect stamps. Stamps with any business-commsrcial theme have often been used for promotions by the first involved and, at times, additional printings of various issues have been made due to the popularity on the part of the general public or a portion thereof. The recent Polish Christain Millennium stamp is a case in point with an additional printing of at least 10 million. Stamp collectors do want special issues but so also does a surprisingly large percent of the general public. Portland Twp. Folks From A Northern Trip PORTLAND - Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sarchet returned home last Tuesday after a week's tour of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Mr. and Mrs. Romstad of Des Moines and Rochelle Sarchet accompanied them. They first went to Duluth and Lake Superior, stopping at Muskegan Michigan to visit Mr. and Mrs. Willard Puffetts coming back through the Wisconsin Dells and home. - o Mary Jane Lampe came home VOTE FOR V E. J. "JIGGS" ^ KOLLASCH DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY SUPERVISOR FIRST DISTRICT • Lifelong Resident of Kossuth County. • World War II Veteran. • 15 Years in Business for Myself. Your support and vote in the Primary Election September 6 will be appreciated. (65 & 67) STRONG CHURCHES.. Make Strong Communities Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. * — Ephesians 6:11 When it seems your will may be bent, stand straight and be constant. Find your strength by being faithful to your beliefs. Temptation is not always clearly marked and there is often a price to be paid for indifference. Never give up on God. God is with you. Find God's presence in the strength of your own faith. Let it be your armor, and wear it proudly. These Special Weekly you by the following ROY HUTZELL - DIST. Gulf Petroleum Products 295-2362 ESSER DRY CLEANERS FREE Pick-up and Delivery Phone 295-2827 - Algona, Iowa ZENDER'S Clothing for Men and Boys POST MOVING and STORAGE Local & Long Distance Phone 295-2275 - Algona, Iowa PIONEER HI-BRED CORN CO. Herb Hedlund, Production Manager Perry Collins, Experimental Mgr. METRONICS, INC. O. B. Harmes "Super Speed" Tools FARMERS SERVICE CENTER, Inc. Merton Ross, Mgr. COLONIAL MOTEL Junction 18 & Church Messages brought to PUBLIC-SPIRITED BUSINESSES: ERNIE WILLIAMS John Deere Farm Equipment Highway 18 East - Tel. 295-3561 ALGONA VAULT SERVICE Algona, Iowa JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT Oliver — Massey-Ferguson CMC Trucks - Firestone Tires - Algona KOSSUTH MUTUAL INS. ASSN. Your Friend - Before and After the Fire ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO. Your Friendly (H Dealer - 295-3501 IH Tractors - Trucks - Farm Equipment KLEIN'S FARM SUPPLY Wayne Feeds - We Buy Eggs and Poultry 216 West State Street, 295*5206 BENNIE B. WIBBEN, Bldg. Contractor 122 S. Heckart St. - Algona, Iowa JHHTS BROWNBILT SHOE STORI The Shoe Store That Takes Care of Your Feet" Algona Tel. 295-5371 Iowa VAN'S CAF6 Junction 18 & 169

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